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    Thread: WILD seems a lot easier after a few years of knowing about LDing

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      WILD seems a lot easier after a few years of knowing about LDing

      Hello dreamviews,

      It has been a while, but I've revisited my interest in lucid dreaming, I stopped recording dreams for a year or two, had 1 or 2 lds randomly throughout then.

      But recently I was reading a post about someone who was overthinking WILD had just tried it by simply focusing on the black with their eyes closed and just letting their thoughts pull them here and there and how it is relatively simple. (After 5 or 6 ish hours of sleep).

      I decided I may as well give it a good few goes of WILD since it had been so long, might as well see what happens. That night I made the transition and had an amazing 3 Lucid dreams that morning. After first dream I just kept re-upping on dreams, it felt so easy. I tend to indulge in my dreams quite heavily so I end up having somewhat short dreams, so next to learn about is keeping the dream stable.

      But man I feel like I wasn't able to do WILD back when I started learning about LD because I was so damn excited. I still am, but I can control that excitement and not have it prevent attempts. Another amazing thing about WILD is that if you really give it a good go, I feel there is a pretty strong chance to DILD, that isn't new knowledge, but it's a sweet benefit! I had another LD yesterday, and just barely had one today.

      Anyways, just sharing my experience and hopefully this may motivate others to give the "big scary" WILD another fair shot and to LD in general!
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      It is always interesting to begin again !
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