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    Thread: was that a wild

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      was that a wild

      i am not sure if that was a wild , i woke 5:30 minuites after sleep and i woke up didnt expect something special , tried wild on my room on back but my neck wasnt relaxed so couldnt fall to sleep but then i woke up for a bit went to a more comfortable bed in my house not mine tried wild on my back (failed of course ) then i tried on my side and ifelt sleepier i felt i can try and make a dream scene like in world of lucid dreaming .com tutorial i started making a star and i could see it i then tried triangle and square but then i started losing consiousness next thing i realize is i am watching a sheep not cow it was in a balcony now i had so little consiousness i thought that i wass still performing wild and i tried to replicate the sheep in hypnogogia although i was already in a dream i was so dumb , then the sheep became phosphoric now and i felt a vortex swallowing me i never wanted to be swallowed more than that i was so happy and excited i think the dream made showed me what i believe cause i read some one say he enterd by imagining a vortex , then i open my eyes and unfortunatley no dream well it was a false awakening a clone of my room in a dream but i didnt realize that i was so sad in the dream then i find myself floating in a park from the very above i then dont know how i did this i was so dumb i have been trying wild for a year now i did it but instead of enjoy it i did something stupid . forming the dream scene with my hypngogia stuck in my mind i closed my eye in the dream and tried to add a tree and change the scenery i dont know why i did that , then i find my self at my house another false awakening but as always i thought i realy woke up i complete d my normal lfe in there for 5 minuites and then woke up in reality so WAS THAT A WILD sorry for the long message but i am soooooo happy and excited
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      ^^ Looks like a WILD to me...

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