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    Thread: Attempts contradict falling asleep

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      Attempts contradict falling asleep

      In the past few weeks, I have tried WILD several times. I tried it after my consistent wake-up time from a deep sleep around 4.30 am and during naps. I have tried many approaches: taking deep breaths, counting up each breath out, counting down, repeating 'here, now', repeating 'i'm aware' or 'dreaming.' In all cases, my mind rejects falling asleep and attempting WILD simultaneously.

      I notice that there is a sharp contradiction between these attempts and how my body falls asleep. In order for me to sleep, I have to not pay attention to thoughts in my head and completely prepare my mind for sleep. Whereas, when I attempt to WILD, it's as if I'm trying to ride a unicycle and juggle at the same time. In all my recent attempts, it caused me to not be able to sleep for over two hours (I would even stop the attempt after 15-20 minutes).

      I also try to meditate every day to increase mindfulness. Let me know if there are other techniques to get over this.
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      I couldn't have said it better myself, your words ring so true. I'm in a very similar boat to you.

      All i can give you is a few tips, tip 1, body comfort must be very high and that is set by your posture that you have in bed and your temperature and how much pain you feel.

      Tip 2, be present and wakeful, which is controlled by getting out of bed to reset your grogginess and having strong will power and patience to stay present.

      Hope it helps, I search for answers same as you.

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