Hi everyone. Recently, during midday, I attempted the WILD technique. I used counting as my anchor but I didn't get anywhere with it. My mind got hazy after a while but it didn't feel seem like anything was going to happen.

Anyways, I decided to change the position I was lying in and sorta forgot that I was attempting the technique, and I started drifting off again. This time, some strong vibrations brought me back to consciousness. It started from my hands and spread to the rest of my body. As the vibrations got stronger, so did a ringing sound in my ear. The first time I heard it I was so frightened because it was unexpected (as I said, I forgot I was attempting WILD) and I moved my leg, which caused the sound to decrease in volume. Then I realised what was going on so I tried relaxing again; the vibrations and the ringing sound came back and a rumbling sound was slowly coming as well, but I got scared and moved again.

Would you say that I was close to being in a lucid dream? Do you have any tips?