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      rolling out of bed?

      hey guys, so ive had a few dilds now and i want to get into wilding. so basically i lay down, get some HI, some hypnotic jerks. im aware one moment and then watching HI unconsciously the next moment. then i reach a state where i am completely awake, i can feel my body being heavy, i get a few other sensations, like chills in random parts of my body(head, shoulders). now at this point im awake and today i even felt like i can't feel my jaw and mouth and my breath was completely perfect, like shallow perfect breaths and like i couldnt feel it as i normally feel my breathing. now my qs is what do i do from here? sometimes i also feel a little dizzy, like my heads spinning but then it stops. and i dont feel the waves of electricity, sadly. so yeah, what should i do from here? ive heard of rolling out your body and getting up, but i dont really understand what it means. like how do i do it? and most importantly what should i do from hereon.

      thanks as always

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      If you suspect you might be dreaming, do a reality check. If you don't suspect you might be dreaming, wait until you suspect you might be dreaming.

      Rolling out of your body and getting up is a type of reality check. To do this, imagine that you have two twin bodies, a mobile body inside an immobile body, and imagine your mobile body phasing through your immobile body with a rolling motion.

      When you're dreaming you don't have to move your physical muscles in order to move your dream body. You can potentially move your dream body by just imagining it moving.

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      All the things you mentioned indicate youíre in the right place to attempt a WILD but you donít want to pay attention to these things or they will keep you awake. What you need to do is fall asleep but keep a hint of awareness. This is when to use an anchor.

      Fall asleep whilst very lightly focusing on your anchor. I find breath a good one but you may prefer a visualised image, white noise or mantra. Whatever helps you fall asleep. Thereís a good chance youíll just fall asleep as normal but thatís better than staying awake as it could lead to a DILD. If the process goes just right you may notice the hypnogogia and sensations growing more intense but again donít focus too much on them and just keep doing what youíre doing and hopefully youíll have a successful WILD.

      The rolling out of bed (OBE style) is an imagined movement you perform to confirm youíre in the dream. If youíre in the dream it will feel very realistic and as if youíre rolling out of your body. Itís a good way to confirm as quite often youíll begin the dream laying in your bed thinking youíre still trying to WILD. Sometimes Iím fooled and think Iíve actually rolled out of bed in waking reality so a second RC is a good idea to avoid this.

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