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      Red face Last Night, first WILD(ish)

      Hi everyone,
      Last Thursday I had my first lucid experience, I was running up the hill below my house away from a man with a flamethrower, at the top of the hill was a soldier with a rifle. I noticed his rifle was bent at the end, almost made of liquid when I realized I was dreaming! unfortunately it ended very quickly as I found myself overcome by the notion

      I have had no success on the lucid front since then. I remember 2 - 4 dreams a night though so I figured I'd be in a good position to obtain one.

      Last night though, I tried a WILD. I didn't realize they wouldn't work at the beginning of the night so I'm wondering if that was the problem. It went like this... I lay flat relaxing for about 20 minutes, when I felt myself very relaxed I experienced the strange hallucinations, shapes and a warped view of the space in front of me. Then my whole body started to tingle and go numb. My heart was beating very fast as I was getting really excited but something about it made me stop. I was getting too nervous maybe. I opened my eyes and realized I had obtained sleep paralysis as I couldn't move after a while it wore off and fell to sleep.

      Was the problem that I woke myself up from it? or was it just the wrong time to do it?

      Sorry for such a long post,
      Thanks in advance,

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      Hi gradient - welcome to DV

      Congrats on achieving SP! It's pretty common for someone to get too excited or scared and 'wake up' from sleep paralysis, and don't feel too bad for doing so. You at least know now what the feeling is like and will be able to recognize it next time.

      When it happens again, this time really try and stay in that state - don't be afraid of anything that you hear or see as it is all just in your head. If you can manage to relax just a little, you will eventually slip into a dream. If you can keep your awareness up during this process (remain lucid), you will have successfully WILDed. Otherwise, you may go right into a non-lucid dream.


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