I finally made my first WILD happen this afternoon.. I went into sleep paralysis and felt enormous vibrations.. I then tried to paint the scenery out cause it was black.. but it didn't work, so i used my dream hands to pry open my dream eyes.. I walked down stairs but it was all so blurry.. so I started to make it more clear by rubbing my hands.. I rubbed my hands and nothing happened, so I decided to spin.. This clarified my dream.. but only temporarily... As I flew up I saw two of my classmates in mid air.. and everything went black again.. I had to repull my dream eyes open.. but everything wasn't vivid... It was all so blurry, and I continued to fly. but everyhting went black AGAIN! and I tried to pry open my eyes, but this time the only thing i was prying open was my real eyes.... Anybody wanna tell me what is going on?> How do I prevent this? How do I have an HD quality dream..?