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    Astral Body (Astral Vehicle)

    The astral body or astral vehicle is the astral counterpart of every being on the physical plane. When we attempt to astral project, we transfer our consciousness from the physical body to the astral body. Our physical body is our physical plane vehicle. The astral body is our astral plane vehicle.

    The astral vehicle will gather all our experience on the astral plane and bring them into our physical body, enriching our waking lives.

    The astral body or vehicle is attached to the physical body or vehicle through a 'silver cord'. The silver cord will ensure that both the physical and astral body will remain attached. The silver cord will only be severed at the time of death, and never prematurely.

    This is not officially recognized by the Dreamviews staff, due to its questionable scientific nature, but is a common area of discussion and many people have a fair interest in the topic.

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