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    The Astral Plane or Emotional Plane, is the second plane from the 7 Planes of Existence. The Astral Plane is located between the Physical and the Casual or Dream plane. Under deep meditation, this Plane can be visited altering one's own state of conscious. Through Astral Projection we transfer our conscious from our Physical Body to our Astral Body. With our Astral Body or Astral Vehicle, we are able to visit the Astral Plane.

    The Astral Plane is populated by Astra beings such as Angels, Demons, Deceased People, Spirit Guides and other Astral Entities. Encounter with any of this entities is possible but not random. The Astral or Emotional plane's main source of energy is the energy of feelings. The traveler can increase or decrease his own Astral Body vibrations to be able to encounter different Astral Beings.

    One of the major goals for people who practice Astral Projection, is to visit their own Akashic Records for enrichment of their own Physical Life. Other possible goals are to visit deceased people, learn about future or past lifes and visit other worlds and realms.

    This is not officially recognized by the Dreamviews staff, due to its questionable scientific nature, but is a common area of discussion and many people have a fair interest in the topic.

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