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    Have you ever run out of things to try in a lucid dream? Are your adventures becoming a little boring?

    We are making a MASSIVE list of dream scenarios....
    I would like to encourage dreamviews members to add their ideas.

    If you want to create a new category, just ask. The more categories the better, it helps to think up new ideas.

    Reality Testing Techniques:

    • Flying
    • Turning on Lights
    • Creating Objects (works best if created outside your field of vision)

    Lighthearted Action/Adventure

    • Flying
    o into outer space
    o inbetween skyscrapers
    o alongside ‘balls of light’
    • Climb Mt. Everest
    • Swing from tree to tree in a rainforest (like a monkey or flying squirrel would)
    • You're Lassie, and you really just don't give a damn anymore
    • Cross the Great Wall of China in a brand new Viper
    • You are one of the terrorsits that hijacked a plane on 9/11, but instead you have a change of heart and bring your hostages to the Carribean for a holiday.

    Dark Action/Adventure

    • Encountering aliens
    • Fighting w/ cool weapons (ninja style maybe)
    • Become evil Superman
    • Kill a munchkin.
    • You're the skipper on Gilligan's Island. The women are tied naked to trees, and Gilligan is chained like a pet next to your Throne.

    Comedy/Things that might be funny

    • Do some stand-up comedy
    • Terrorize a Mascot at a large sporting event
    • Slap President Bush
    • Slap a mime.
    • Read ‘the funniest comic strip that has ever been written’ . Let your mind fill in the details.
    • Kill a munchkin.
    • You're the lead singer of the Village People, and your costume is the Orkin Man.
    • You're an astronaut, performing laxative experiments on the ISS.
    • You're the lead singer of a hard rock group, and you step up to the mic at a huge concert and sing "I've got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts"
    • You are the 14th person at ‘The Last Supper’, drunk/stoned out of your tree.

    This one I’m pretty sure we can just leave to each individuals imagination. I wanted to offer only one idea.

    • Sex in zero gravity

    Special Abilities:

    • Elastic limbs.
    • Night Vision
    • Your finger is an orgasm gun

    Misc. (could be put into new catagories if we think of more)

    • creating scenes from your favorite book/movie and acting them out
    • walking through a mirror to the other side
    • summoning a dream guide
    • extending time
    • Eat a MASSIVE amount of LSD.
    • Visiting other worlds via "scout" technique
    • Unlocking dreaming emissary

    Become something else:

    • Change your physical attributes
    • Change your sex
    • Change your species
    • Grow wings
    • You are a sperm racing for the egg
    • You are Hugh Hefner’s glasses.

    Exploring Relationships

    • Manifesting a telephone and calling a friend (listen attentively to what they say)

    Exploring Yourself:

    • Manifest your subconscious to become your dream guide.
    • Manifest a telephone and call yourself.
    • Barganing with subconscious mind
    Questions to ask/things to say

    o Things will be better for both of us if we have more lucid dreams, lets work together to make it happen.
    o What is conciousness?
    o Is there something you’ve been trying to tell me?

    Shared Dreams:
    It is a lot easier to share dreams with someone if you know them, or at least know their dream journals.
    Be open-minded about having a shared dream, or it won't happen.
    • Picture someone in a mirror, step through the mirror into the other person's dream.
    • Fly to the moon. You may find some people there.
    • Step through a portal into another's dream.
    • Step through a door into someone elses dream.
      Make sure you ask before you enter another's dream, or you can get into a fight.

    These are ones that your mind has to ‘create’ its own interpretation on what might happen. Avoid reading other people experiences with the following ideas until AFTER you have successfully attempted it.

    • Watch a crop circle being formed
    • How do they get the Caramilk into a Caramilk bar?
    • Go hang out in Heaven.
    • Watch a star implode on itself

    Involving Famous People

    • You're in the Wild West, enagaged in a Poker game with Stephen Hawking.
    The stakes: the entire space time continuum!
    • Have dinner with Larry King
    • Appear on your favorite TV talk show

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