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    NST - Named Subconscious Technique

    Named Subconscious Technique (NST)

    This is a totally original technique for LDing developed by myself off the back of a waking life technique as such I expect there are certain optimizations that can be applied to make it work better. I will give you the vanilla method and you might/will need to tweak it a bit for the best results.

    How many times have you thought about something and said to yourself something like
    "Who was that person I met last Saturday" then 5 minutes later when you had forgot all about it the thought pops into your head? This technique is based off that idea and tweaked slightly with some suggestion.

    Now 'you' is a more powerful suggestion than 'I' but using someone's name creates the most powerful suggestion phrase. For this technique you must give your subconscious a name...it sounds crazy but it works!

    Setting up:
    First a warning if you are at all schizophrenic or pone to it I would advise you not to undertake this technique for obvious reasons. Note using this technique will not cause you to become schizophrenic but I feel that it's probably safer not to if your prone to it.

    Step 1: Name subconscious. ex Sarah Welford9

    Okay first what you will need to do is give your subconscious a name. The name can be anything but its best if it's unusual and you're not likely to hear it in every day life. For safety reasons keep it to yourself unlikely, as suggestions using your subconscious name are to effect you for my peace of mind keep it to you're self!

    Step 2: Fix name. ex "subconscious your name is 'Sarah Welford9' from now on"

    Next you will need to fix the name to your subconscious this can be done in the day by repeating a phrase similar to the above. Saying it 3 times at 3 periods during the day should be enough to fix it. You can tell when it's fixed as if you think what is my subconscious name it should come to you fairly quickly.


    Step 3: Pick your induction method

    This technique can be used with any induction method that has mnemonic elements to it where you replace 'you' or 'I' with your subconscious name. Try MILD or the WBTB version on MILD

    Step 4: Affirmations and Phrases

    This is where you will need to do some tweaking finding the phrase that works best for you. If you already have a favorite phrase it should be easily adaptable to this method for some ideas see below for phrases that worked for other people:

    " x is lucid dreaming, x has self control" -from ironlung
    "x and I will have a lucid dream" or "x will be lucid." -from Scwigglie
    "x is lucid dreaming,YOU are lucid dreaming" over and over till sleep -from The Guardians

    The affirmations used can also be short term for doing things in dreaming such as flying. Experiment and find out what works best for you.

    You could also try developing a 'working relationship' with your subconscious:

    Quote Originally Posted by gameover
    My strategy is talking to my subconscious all the time. Not just one request. I'm trying to have a relationship with my subconscious so we can work together. When I'm reading something on the forum I say, "Hey Noodles, we should do that". And well, I have Noodles to thank for having a Matrix style dream. I was "talking" with him about it and my dream started out with me proving matrix concepts were true and it didn't take me long to become lucid when I could do shit like that (see Matrix Style LD thread for details).

    So instead of ordering my subconscious around or asking for random favors I'm trying to develop a relationship with him.
    Step 5: Reality check (optional)

    I found that in my dreams this technique seemed to cause me to be shown more situations in which I could identify that I was dreaming so for step 5 I recommend you reality check. In one of my dreams I found that I carried out a reality check subconsciously then I realized it was an RC and became lucid.

    Fringe benefits:
    Due to the fact that this is basically a waking technique adapted I will briefly explain the waking methodology:
    Using this technique you should be able to recall information or remember events more accurately using your subconscious name. Think of it like an internal PDA or something. You should be able to access it by saying to yourself "X I want to remember what's happening at the moment" then remember by saying something like "X what is it I wanted to remember" Experiment, I find it quite useful :-)

    If you don't like having an named subconscious you can un remember it by trying something like "my subconscious no longer has a name as I try to remember the thing it was I tried to forget it will become harder and harder to remember what it was I was actually trying to forget in the first place"

    Comments and further info:
    You can see other peoples experiences and can discuss this tutorial on the original thread here

    Finally big thanks to everyone who tried out this tech in the first place couldn't have done it without you lot.

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