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    Thread: What happened? Post Your WILD Attempts, Good or Bad, Here

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      Quote Originally Posted by Sageous View Post
      All in all a pretty good attempt, Lifeinsteps; thanks for sharing!
      Thanks for reading, and for the advice! I re-read some of your classes again (particularly dream formation, but also the first one on the RRCs and such) yesterday morning, and gave it another try last night while trying to incorporate everything you mentioned. The full dream journal is here, but here are the relevant bits:

      Spoiler for WILD details:

      I think partially what is wrong is this: I just don't sleep on my back-- and if I laid there doing nothing trying to sleep for an hour I probably wouldn't succeed right now. But I fall asleep so quickly in other positions I'm not sure I should change it. I think as I keep making attempts, the process itself (the WILD attempt) will once again become un-foreign to me (causing greater comfort with everything, and less distraction), and I'll also become more comfortable lying on my back, both of which will contribute to an eventual success! I definitely felt closer to the cusp of success (closer to sleep and not totally awake, just lying there) multiple times during this attempt than yesterday.

      Quote Originally Posted by Sageous View Post
      Oh, and in closing I always like to mention that if your WILD attempt fails but results in a DILD, then did the attempt really fail? After all, lucidity is lucidity, no matter how you get there!
      I totally agree, and thanks for the reminder. Of course a lucid dream is a lucid dream; I guess I particularly am invested in getting the WILD working frequently for me because I simply enjoy the process of falling asleep while conscious. I do want to make sure I'm not distracted by the noise as per your course writings, however I have to say the first time (and 2nd, 3rd) I got a WILD years ago, the experience of being lifted from my bed and hurled/spun through the air was so incredibly fun(!) to experience that it made me just want to WILD more. I had found it wasn't a distraction for me because I enjoyed it so much that I was eager to let it happen when it began, and catch the ride again into the dream, haha.

      I just have to be careful of the HI because it does distract me, and at this current point in time, often to the detriment of the WILD. Maybe as I get more comfortable with it, I'll be able to just quietly notice it without focusing on it and waking myself up.
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