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    1. January 7th 6 fragments

      by , 01-10-2011 at 02:01 AM
      1st: I'm in India ( I think) I'm in a building that has tiny thread-like pieces of wood tied together as a carpet of some sort. there was a pillar on the left side of the room (the way i was facing). a few Indian men standing in white shirts, and have no shoes on. the two men drop to the ground in a low pushup position facing the Tarantulas that appeared on the ground before they dropped down. I worried for them.

      2nd: at my dads side of the families get together, the room looks like my parents living room (red carpet, tv, 3 couches 2 white one red) I was in one of my gaming rocking chairs(that is black), and I was facing the back of the house, they had a rotweiler apparently(which we don't have never had), it didnt seem like a happy rotweiler at all. I dont know what I did, but I pissed it off and it came at me trying to maul my face, think I closed my eyes and fought back pushing it away, eventually it got to me eventually i dont remember taking damage too much though, I was just shocked. I then walked toward another room (located where the kitchen of my parents home).

      3rd: I'm in a pure white room, and I feel how intensly the white is. I was at a white round table on a cushiony pillow, the whole room was white, as in everything in it too. My dad walked in and told me they cant put the dog down, it had only so much longer to live. I felt disappointment.

      4th: I crossed a dam at night in storm there were woods on my left and behind the house located on the right side of the dam, but it was located a little lower than the top of the dam. I then went into the wooden house and talked to two really kind parents, but I realized they had their kids swimming in the dam water in the storm. I thought that was nuts, but they said that it was the only time they could go swimming recently. The kids were a young boy and girl either 8 or younger, there was a speed boat in the water too.

      5th:Stormy Forest Night same as the last phase sort of. I was looking for fireworks.

      6th: didnt remember setting, but i questioned if I was dreaming, but then said "nah" and didnt do a reality check.

      January 8: no recall.
    2. forest dream and psychic september 23

      by , 01-04-2011 at 04:32 AM
      dreamed i was in an area by a forest and after a gathering i sped off to the forest down a long path. I decided to come back very quick and i used my ipod flash lightat a person wearing an orange t shirt, he was bald. I then got to a crossing point and jumped to a broken bridge(glass) that didnt cross and was blocked by a fence a light was behind it facing me flashing light down upon the mini river. went on an island under me. bridge to my right covered in overgrowth that crosses all the way but too far away. i was either too stressed to jump back or i didnt want to swim or jump with my backpack on.

      phase2: at moms store(she doesnt own one). she is a modern psychic and utilizes wrist bracelets with beads clip on and forsee the future. she would hang them on a pole infront of the door after use. I asked her about going to cross country and she said she didnt want me to go to practice because one of our sheets said some vulgar words on it.
    3. September 16 2010 I got a lot of writing to do.

      by , 10-11-2010 at 10:50 PM
      phase1: (possible semi-lucid)I was at a pool flying about 15 or 20 feet above, stephanie meyer (who is apparently a life guard) and matt cortese are talking to eachother in the pool. I kept pouring buckets of dilluted/dirty water on her while flying in a lounging position as if i were just floating on air. The pool was amidst a forest that surronded circularly then there were Highways past the forest range. there was more to this dream but i forgot.

      phase 2:Then I was in a school (which i've never been to) and i was conversing with a guy then over came four girls 2 were allison e and kate l (from highschool) the girls talked to the other dude but shrugged my prescence off. after they walked away kate l stood there as if she felt sorry that i was ignored.

      phase 3: Then i'm in the same school but its a different phase. Erin Mcloraine needed me to text something and she asked me to text the number 25 so at first i stumble upon the blackberry-esque phone keys then i type 25 and it was underlined then the dream faded.
    4. bringing back my dream journal

      by , 08-05-2010 at 04:20 PM
      Ohhh great my original Dream journal got trashed. I cant post on it any more.

      June 2nd 2009: Conditions ate small chocolates 1 hour before hand, attempted: WILD=fail because of a disturbance in my process, dark atmosphere, little backround noise, performed reality checks:repeating 5 times for each one.

      I dreamed that I was at a neighbors house and I was watching over it with my brother, we sat on a green blue couch, and looked at a tv that was turned off. I told my brother to put in mortal kombat into the gamecube. as i said this i walked to the bathroom, then back, didnt look at the TV then walked the other way to a change in scene which was a field i walked on a path to my mom and the persons house we were watching, my house was behind them, My Mom told me that American Idol Awaits you(note: no one in my family watches American Idol.) Then my Dream went on to the next phase, I was in a Gears of War level, a mix of clocktower and Jacinto, and the COG and locust were performing glitches in which they grew wings and levitated after one point I said this is getting annoying "WAKE UP!" I had woke myself up and realized just then that I could have been lucid all that time! but i didnt do anything! Oh well maybe next time

      June 3rd 2009

      conditions: quiet, dark, motivated.

      I attemped a WILD failed because i went to bed late and had messed up my first try. so i fell asleep..... I began in a desert/beach/urban area(hard to describe because of all that surronded me) i technically was lucid i had control of movement but my mind was treating this as if it were real life...so all i did was walk around for a little then I saw my friends car along the side of the road I called him up and started driving into a way more urban/populous area, and later night draped over without me noticing, he called and his mom and him wanted to get back in so i stoped where i started picked them up and hopped into the back seat then soon enough i woke up. im so close to getting my control. just need more concentration/sleep?

      June 8th 2009:

      Conditions: to bed late, tired, WILD attempt (fail decided to get to sleep), few RCs during the day dealing with Shifts RC experiment with all the 0's

      Dream: I was claiming to myself I was at my house all though the house I was at had a squiggle form and was two stories high. I was outside it was raining very hard and there was a computer inside, i ignored that and went towards a computer and table further outside (in the back there is forest) before i move the rain (yes it was raining) starts pouring down harder and i head towards the computer which is off. and soon as i near it, three wolves appear to the left side of the computer and table 2 being normal one being a white wolf with red markings(its my friends avatar) the wolf bites onto both my wrists and plans to take me away, but as soon as that wolf bit I felt no pain... I BECAME LUCID and as i realized what had happened I kicked the wolf with my right foot as hard as I could. and i woke up finishing off the rest of my kick and shouting..... I just had my first lucid nightmare.....interesting

      June 9th 2009:

      conditions: quiet, tired, attempting WILD late at night(gave up)

      Dream: I was at some gathering with friends and family and obama and some of his family were in our group and talking with us. seemed a little normal so i did not become lucid.

      June 12 2009: no attempts

      dreamed i was underground and there was battles going on where i was amongst natives and at the end a godess came down and stopped the fighting immediately.

      August 5 2010: lazy attempt at a WILD.

      I dreamed that I was in a room with my friends josh and lou they were sitting on an L shape couch taking up most the room. we were on what appeared to be a slightly fluffy carpet that was white. there was also a glass and wood counter in front of me. I randomly got a message on my phone and instead of it showing a view from my eyes distance it showed a video I had received but magnified so it was like I was there. The video took place in a ballroom the first noticiable figure was Liz Gorey a girl I dont know really ( I dont even like her) she lifts up her normal grey t-shirt at a moderate speed and flashes the camera. then the camera moves right and shows other DCs I do not find familiar so I look away and go back to where I was with my friends. then out of curiousity at all that just happened I want to see if im dreaming so I look at my phone but the dream begins fading and i eventually wake up.

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