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    1. Underground Slavery

      by , Yesterday at 07:51 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 10-17

      Underground Slavery

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am playing Skyrim VR. I am in a cage. There is a Dunmer outside the cage gazing in at me. He is wearing green robes and has some mechanical device over his left eye that makes it look like he has been assimilated by the Borg. I ask who he is and he says he is Shanath Selthri, we are now in Sadrith Kegran, and I am his property. I say no, I belong to no one. He says he bought and paid for me so I am his. I tell him I’ve heard enough of that bullshit, I’m out of here. He says not until he lets me out, I can’t even get out of that cage unless he lets me out. I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and cut through the cage bars, creating an easy exit. Shanath steps back and stares at this and repeats that I am his slave and I must obey him. I find myself speaking in Disturbed lyrics. “I’m no slave, are you feeling brave? Or have you gone out of your mind?” I am thinking to cut him in two but then I stop… he’s no threat to me so there’s no need to kill. Instead I cut my blade through the air just centimeters from his chest. I’m rewarded with a look of fear and smell of urine. He has wet himself. Good enough. I unform my blade and walk out the door.

      I exit Shanath’s house into a city with huge glowing mushrooms. Graceful bridges span streams of phosphorescent water and strange crab creatures have glowing things on their backs. It is as bright as noon, but when I look up I see I’m not outside, I’m are in a huge underground cavern. Everything glows a different color, the result is beautiful. I wander through the town looking at the sights. The town is filled with mostly Dunmer, though there are some other people around. I notice the other people are all wearing rags while the Dunmer are wearing brightly colored robes like Shanath had been. I approach a woman in rags and speak to her. She looks at me but doesn’t answer. I try again. A Dunmer in dark pink robes comes over and tells me to leave her slave alone. I tell her she just lost her slave. And unless she wants to lose more than that she will walk away. I am feeling angry as I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and fix the Dunmer woman with what I hope is an intimidating glare. She starts responding with, “How dare you…” but then thinks better of it and hurries off.

      I turn my attention back to the woman. She looks scared. I tell her she’s safe with me now and will soon be free. I ask her if she can respond to me. She shakes her head and opens her mouth to reveal she has no tongue. I ask if these foul slave traders did that to her and she nods. I am even angrier now. I focus healing energy on the woman and it is able to regenerate her tongue. Her speech is a bit slurred as if she’s forgotten how to talk properly. She then points behind me. I look and see the woman from earlier along with a Dunmer man in green robes and several guards. The Dunmer woman points at me and says I’m the one who was so arrogant as to think I can take her slave. I glare at both of them and say true arrogance is thinking you have the right to abduct innocent people and bring them into an existence of forced labor and imprisonment. I tell her that ends now. I am taking the slaves with me. I will heal them and set them free. I brandish my Alex Mercer blade and add that if anyone interferes they will find themselves minus more than just a couple slaves.

      I keep the slave woman close to me as I go to look for more. The guards block my way. I still have hope of getting out without killing so I fus the group of five guards. FUS-RO-DAH! The guards fly backwards and land in a pile. I tell them that is the last non-lethal method I will use, so do not interfere! The Dunmer man says I can’t leave so I might as well give up. I ignore him and go off to find more slaves. I find more and heal their tongues. I have a dozen slaves with me when we head for the exit. When I go to pass through I feel my energy getting drained. I see I have an amulet on that is doing it. I pull the amulet off and throw it on the ground. I see they are all wearing the amulets so I take all of the amulets off and leave them in a pile on the ground. We all walk out of a cave and into the sunlight. Everyone seems to be unsure of what to do. I figure they need money to start a new life. I pull a purse full of gold from my robes. I have tons of it! I give each person 10,000 gold to start with and I still have tons left. What do I want to spend it on? I’ll hang on to it for now. I wake up here.
    2. Dream Vehicles, Bumping and Phasing Dream Resource, 1

      by , 10-16-2019 at 04:34 PM
      Sunday, 13 October 2019

      Reading time (optimized): 4 min.

      In this informative dream journal series, I will clarify how vehicles appear and function in the ways they do in my dreams based on over 50 years of experience and validation in my life as both an instinctual dreamer and natural lucid dreamer.

      First and foremost, the isolated (with the exception of enigmatic space and quantum entanglement) and illusory mental model of the dream self (that also lacks the viable memory of conscious identity because of its disconnection from the unconscious mind, chiefly in non-lucidity, to prevent false memory building) does not have the potential to control the physical body during sleep (though sleepwalking seems to be an exception, but that is not a subject of which I have experience). Even so, that factor does not stop my dream self (by way of preconscious monitoring and accommodation) from creating the imaginary dynamics of physical movement and virtual travel.

      Since early childhood, there have only been a few basic practices and variations in the modulation of vehicles that I will explain in this series. When it comes to the drop (vestibular correlation experienced as an imaginary fall, typically during the natural waking process), dream modulation often varies as analogical to controlling a potential sneeze, which is possible, though somewhat unpredictable (depending on the depth of sleep).

      I typically experience two types of short dreams at the start of each sleep cycle (before entering longer hypnagogic sessions). One is the right leg kick (usually correlating with the same dream content, that is, walking and falling, more intense when I had done more walking earlier that day, which proves it is a result of physical causes stemming from muscle dynamics and not personal reasons by way of the popular but asinine notion of “interpretation”) and the other is the spasm in my back, like a jab, that is extraordinarily intense, though the foundation of its dynamics specifically stems from liminality (that is, being between dreaming and wakefulness with separation of conscious identity from viable physicality) and the extent of cortical arousal. As such, dream content varies, though with the same types of autosymbolism that represent stages of dreaming.

      I will review various dream features and events from my 50 years of dreaming history. Vehicle renderings mainly stem from my dream self’s desire to subliminally, liminally, or supraliminally enhance the potential of imaginary physicality and the illusion of movement. The kind of vehicle (for example, car, train, bus, truck, boat, airplane, helicopter, flying saucer, and so on) establishes co-occurrence with the dreaming stage and specific dynamics of vestibular arousal, degree of expectation of the drop, and extent of physical dynamics and muscularity in sleep as well as the residual level of melatonin.

      It needs to be understood that not all vehicles in my dreams exhibit co-occurrence solely with my imaginary dream state physicality and its status as I instinctually or lucidly anticipate and match induction, dreaming, and waking stages (including the drop). In some cases, associations with the bed I am sleeping in become part of the vehicle-rendering process, either directly or ambiguously, and then it becomes a signification that the vehicle is more representative, in an imaginary sense, of the bed (and my contact with it) than my physicality is. It also depends on incidental shifts that match shifts in consciousness, particularly preconscious processing. There are also cases where a vehicle correlates with legitimate physicality, including in a premonitory context.

      I will now elaborate on the specific causes of dream content and variations of the fundamental processes, the main focus on imaginary vestibular dynamics, and their control (whether instinctually or lucidly).

      I will reveal an interesting note on how a vehicle bumping or rubbing against another one was rare in my dreams until after being with Zsuzsanna and sharing a bed with her. This occurrence stems from the anticipation of our bodies bumping together during our sleep. It does not mean my dream is demonstrating literal co-occurrence with such monitoring (other than when there is physical contact), as it mainly stems from anticipation as with the drop.

      Now, I will go into the specifics with dream content and comparing and contrasting processing factors.

      In “Overpass Mishap” (September 22, 1974), I instinctually phased out of my imaginary physicality (and my dream) by passing through the roof of a taxi as I anticipated the drop. As the overpass collapsed, I was simultaneously in flight. The car, being an illusion of my fictitious dream body as I looked down, became like a Matchbox car in this case, the setting becoming like a model of the town. Lucidity is not required to control dreams. All one needs is an understanding of what dreaming processes are. The instinctual essence already exists, as it is not biologically possible to be unaware of being asleep while dreaming.

      I could easily compare this with “The Suitcase and the Stolen Sweepstakes Entries” (September 20, 2019). In that case, rather than anticipation of the drop bringing about waking, I instinctually used it to vivify and sustain my dream, which eventually shifted into cognitive arousal processes. (The drop rarely occurs more than once in the latter half of the sleep cycle and usually only once at the beginning.) When the driver (a teenage girl) deliberately drove off the edge of a second-level parking lot, I had no concern as I felt the movement of the bus falling to the perpendicular street below.

      I should emphasize how dreams preconsciously distort reality to prevent waking life associations and false impressions. For example, in my first dream above, although the situation came from a recent real event, the taxi was heading south into town rather than taking me north to my home in Cubitis, and in the last scene, transformed into a downscale model. In my second dream above, the parking lot was an altered version of a ground-level parking lot. (There were no elevated parking areas at the front of the shopping mall in real life, revealing how dreams distort settings based on the drop or waking process anticipation.)

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      side notes
    3. lucid ex, ap practice

      by , 10-16-2019 at 04:18 AM

      wc dream


      Lucid staircase ex

      I was at the top of a stairscase to the left or it rather. There was some metal bars that stopped you from falling off the sides. I saw my ex and someone else to the right. We were laying on our stomach and looking down the stairs or at that direction. I become lucid and tell my ex that this is a dream, shows me a sad face. I tell the person to my right that this is a dream. They appeared to be sad that it was a dream. I give a kiss to the cheek or get a kiss to the cheek.

      The sad face told me it was sad that they weren't the real version that could give me love, they wanted to be the real one instead of a dream one. Perhaps I should have let the dream play out. But what is real or dream anyways, it was real in that moment- maybe I was kind of a jerk to point it out.


      Some dream about earlier in the day


      Nightmare Cult, family

      I was in the big city. Downtown of BC or somewhere nice. Being chased by a cult. Perhaps same cult as the cult dream. I was with my family and we were escaping them. They were trying to find us and we escaped on a car.

      We headed into a mall, it had some small restaurants and a supermarket. Somebody there is a cult member and notices us and calls the HQ. We escape and I'm with my mom. We call a cab outside the mall to escape. It was dark outside.

      The cab driver had a mustache -> ( like that with a dark skin and drove us. He knew that we were in an urgent situation and drove really fast. Super fast, ignoring some traffic laws but that's ok.

      He drove us to building #36 and I thought it was the house #36, but it was rather apartment #36. We entered the apartment lobby and towards the elevator. Feeling somewhat safe. I saw an old man who looked at us suspiciously. He was a cult member and called out forhelp. I told my mom to run away by myself as I proceeded to gain their attention. Another old man began to come after me. I tried to tell him that the other guy was part of a evil cult but he did not listen and they surroudned me.


      Trying to AP/WILD in dream

      I didn't know I was dreaming at the time. There was the kid with glasses. I forget his name but he was a little jerk with glasses that's all I remember.

      Anyways I forget earlier part of the dream but we are in the bedroom and each of us had a bed or a futon of sort and slept there.

      I began to get vibrations after sleeping and proceeded to leave the body a little but went back in. Vib, leave, back in. This repeated perhaps 10 times. Good practice I guess.

      I asked the kid if he had any similar experience, he said he had 1.


      WW2 RUS vs GER

      I was in an army. There was a war going on between germany and russia. I forget which side I was on but it felt and looked kind of like ww2.

      I underwent some training and what not for a while until we were headed for battle.

      I had my rifle in hand and rushed into the enemy buildling. It went alright at first but I ran out of ammo. I was caught in the room to the left. They cut off my limbs and proceeded to torture me. I saw the scene in 3rd person and it was an older man with a chubby face being tortured.

      I wanted another chance and the time turns back.

      Battle again. There's also demons and monster now too.


      Claustrophobic supermarket

      I don't really remember the earlier part of the dream. I was like a super hero or something and just doing super hero stuff. It was near a supermarket.

      I headed into the supermarket from the back and people behind me kept rushing in. People also rushed in from the front of the store and I was stuck in the middle of the store. People just would not leave.

      I felt claustrophobic really. It was a tortured and I was tortured by my thoughts and fears regarding the situation. I begin to think of a way out maybe I'd have to blast or kill all the people in the front or something. And the people in front of me began to clear and make way. Someone told them to leave and I was so glad.

      Something happens as I reach the cashier.



      Didn't really do much DJ but recalled a little Just replayed the dreams in my head a couple of times.

      I really couldn't tell that the AP/Wild dream was a dream. The sensations and vibrations were exactly the same. I did wonder in the middle, and felt like maybe something was a bit off. I do think it was a good practice regardless.

      It's also interesting to think about how many AP like experiences could just be FA or dreams.

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    4. The Forgetful Analysand

      by , 10-15-2019 at 06:16 AM
      I see Carl Gustav Jung. He is very tall and skinny, but his head is that of Jung. I become lucid and get in his face and say, "Tell me something!" He stares at me. I repeat, "Tell me something!" So he speaks to me in the second-person number. I wake up but am too lazy to write down his analysis and by morning (several sleep cycles later) have forgotten what he said.
    5. Recall still bad.

      by , 10-15-2019 at 02:49 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Work dream

      Working with C, not THAT one but a girl who moved to greece. In this dream she is trying to hook me up with a girl. I say the girl is not single and C looks disappointed and unhappy for me.


      Dream of running into C,(yes that one). In this dream I was going in my house and she was close by. she managed a weak smile, but she looked really rough, like cracked out or something.

      Jamie dreams

      *sigh* In one dream she is in a car with my brother and i am in the backseat, feels like i suddenly don't belong on the same level as her... another dream where she is unhappy and not talking to me.

      honestly, I'm just the same as I always am. Still don't know what the problem is here.
    6. Thursday, October 10

      by , 10-14-2019 at 07:25 PM
      I am with Melissa, in her room. It seems like it is night time, though not super late - probably a little after everyone’s started to go to bed. I hear what sounds like her dad getting home and coming into the house. Inside now, I hear him calling for me specifically. I’m a little taken aback at him calling me directly, and I look to Melissa. She shakes her head no. I think we’re both undressed, probably post-coital. I decide to go out anyway, putting on a shirt and pajama pants. I don’t think I’ve put underwear on, and I look down to see if there’s a noticeable bulge. I go out to the kitchen or the hallway right before it. He has brought back chocolate and wants me to try it. The ‘chocolate’ looks like a plate of rice and beans, and if it’s really chocolate it looks pretty convincing. I try it and can’t tell which it tastes like. As I raise a spoonful to my mouth, I see something on my hand catch Carlos’s attention. He asks if I had a bloody nose. Using this perfect excuse, I say yes, I must’ve missed a spot cleaning up after it.

      I’m in the backseat of a taxi with Melissa, Brittney, and Katie. on the back of the seats there is a screen for gambling, along with buttons to press and a place to insert money. I watch Katie try it and lose $20 right away. For some reason, I try it out too. At first, I think I’ve lost $20 also, but then I see I have a $60 payout. I take the money, but then Brittney starts using some of it to play. I think she loses some of it. I’m kind of irritated, but I still come out with more than I started with. I think the taxi has been in some drive through this whole time?
    7. Wednesday, October 9

      by , 10-14-2019 at 07:22 PM
      I am at work with Laynie. It looks mostly the same, but slightly different, like there might be a different floor plan. We’ve got someone stealing in Sephora. Zooming in, I see she has shorter, dark hair and a striped shirt (red and white, small stripes). She is pretty made up and actually looks like she’d be nice, which we comment about. Laynie and I decide that I’ll go out on the floor while she watches on video so we can be ready in case she leaves quickly. I tell Laynie I’ll be by dresses so I can be by both doors she’s likely to go out. I wander the floor a bit, trying to keep an eye in Sephora. I can’t find her, so I think she may be at the counter, paying for one thing so it doesn’t look like she’s stealing. At times, I end up close to Sephora, so I try to keep my radio hidden, stay against walls, and stay behind racks of clothes. I also pass two different security guards. I wonder if they know who I am or if they’re thinking it’s odd that I’m a guy walking through these racks of clothes. I now go out a door (I’m referring to it as Door 5 in my head, a door we don’t really have. It’s about where Door 4 is, though there’s also Door 4 here). Laynie now informs me the girl is heading for this door. I wait, but she never shows up and I never hear from Laynie. I take out my phone to just call Laynie, thinking it might help if I’m on my phone while stopping her (like Charmi said). Laynie finally answers, casually telling me that the girl went out a different door instead. A little confused at why she didn’t bother to tell me, I head back.
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    8. Princess of Desert

      by , 10-14-2019 at 02:20 PM
      Somewhere deep in the desert in a small camp of 19 men under the ridge of red rock..

      just a reminder-desert.jpg

      The sun is burning and not moving, on the top of the ridge an unfamiliar rider appeared. "Soldiers!" He screamed and in few seconds we saw silhouettes of another hundred riders of cavalry on the edge of the hill. I pulled out my repeating rifle with an old scope and aimed for the officers, got four of them down. They shot at us and then the whole cavalry rode down the hill. Few of our man who also had horses confronted their first lines to give us enough time to escape. I jumped on my horse and left the battlefield in a fast pace finding myself alone in desert after a while.

      I wander thru barren sandbanks. I see a small wooden house in the middle of nothing. When I got inside there was this weapon looking more like a rolled carpet. I hear shouting from outside and when I get out of the house I see a group of mongols on horses heading my direction. I again jump on the horse galloping away. This gun has a rope on it with two knocks that I pulled and released. I turned that against them and shot them all down in last second. There were Arabs watching me from a distance, they were camping among the old ruins. They came to me and invited me to join them. There was a beautiful woman with them, we talked for a while and I fell in love with her. I remember only her name. At night we all sat around a fire and she dissappeared in the dark between two sand pillars of the ruin. The chief of Arabs, her father said that they are heading to Iran for his daughter to marry Prince of Iran.

      When everyone went to sleep I jumped on my horse and quietly got inside the ruin and there she stood. „Let´s escape together to Europe.“ I said, she really wanted to but had to stay, because of the importance of the marriage.

      I only remember that I was rescuing this princess somewhere else and taking her to safety, then I woke up again and went back to sleep.. I am at the beggining of the dream, the cavalery is riding down the hill but this time I don´t run because I knew these guys were responsible for her imprisonment. I killed their commanders and the last one didn´t die even after two shots and shot back at me. I believe I dodged the shot.. I am lying down, but cannot move I have a sleep paralysis in a dream.

      In reality I googled her name and it is real persian feminine name but I have never heard it before.. also the picture attached.. it is from persian desert and looks almost identical.. do you have any experience with such a „glitch“?

      Lmk and have great dreams


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    9. Buddha statue guidance

      by , 10-14-2019 at 04:33 AM
      Had many long dreams. I'll jot or write a little

      Story of a wizard. The was a mage from a noble family going after him romantically. And a stud going after her. Location was like a farm. Eloping.

      I also remember going into a store looking at weapons to fight againt someone.

      Giving up flying away.

      Charles was there attacking. He was disgusting.


      **Buda guidance

      I was in somewhere forest like. Like Amazon forest in warm place. I was with a group of monks or something. They were all waiting for their turn to get guidance from a Buddha statue. They'd sit in from off it one by one and get some advice. My turn came up and I sat down in front of it. I just started to meditate. It was a while. I saw kids playing around me and people going about. Meditating with eyes half open as I watched the previous events in a sped up manner. Time was going fast around me.

      I was then transported to another world. Pretty primitive tribe. I wondered who I was in this dream. I wanted to look for a mirror but people wanted me to take a bath. I went in the bath outdoor, made of some metallic material that was an open rectangular box. I saw my reflection in the bath. I looked like the guy who played the lord of the rings character. Was his name aragon? Longer hair and younger though, very buff.

      May have been lucid or almost.


      Fighting hunting demons

      Began in highschool area. Hunting for demons. I also walked out the school towards the kindergarten. The playground was the same location as the previous ld.

      Some demons attacked me. I just took them and sent them into a pocket dimension where my demon fox familiar resided. I fed them to my fox. This made some ppl angry, I forget who.


      Came back to the same dream? Girl wearing black cloak. Tell her about something...

      Demon /android hunting

      It was similar to previous one. We were in the city now and taking the subways. Our mission was to hunt down demons. I was with my team apparently.

      I remember we almost died at the train station where we found a stronger demon hot away though.

      Went down into the station. Met some really strong ones. I forget. They were more android than demons. I think I was about to die. Everyone else perished already. I survived?
    10. Sweet snacks

      by , 10-13-2019 at 10:37 AM
      Was busy just gonna write the notes. I didn't sleep much.

      There was a sad sage. I forget why he was sad. I was at mr din's house the big Steven was there.

      I remember I was sleepy inside the dream so I went to sleep in the dream.

      Ppl were singing. Jacks house his dad was there too.

      There was a sort of snack served by the host. Like ice cream favored milk also chocolate. But not chocolate milk. The texture was like latte, no coffee flavor. But very airy and disappeared with a few sip.

      Were also given rock candy too. It was blue like big sapphire, but dissipated very fast once in mouth.
    11. 12 Oct: Asian stranger, flowers blossoming from my body, celestial palace

      by , 10-12-2019 at 09:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      It's night, the light in my garage turns on and I take a peak through the window. I see a guy inside my fence, by the gate near the pine tree. I can tell he is Asian and is wearing sunglasses, which is bizarre. I knock on the window and make a face like " hey, what are you doing here?" and he runs away, exiting through the gate. I get out and go after him. As soon as I turn on the road after my house to follow him, there is a building and he goes up a central staircase, many stories high. I look up to spot him but soon I lose him because there are many other people going up and down.

      At my mom's. She is in the bathroom and I am in my old bedroom. I feel an itch on my legs and realize I have a few infected pores. As I watch it closely, more and more pores are getting weird, purplish, engorging, becoming furuncules. They grow so large, they become like mushrooms. I pop some of them. It is disgusting.
      [COLOR="#FF0000"]But I realize I am dreaming. So just for fun, I turn the mushroom furuncules into flowers. At first it is not so easy to do it, but once I get the gist, I enjoy a wave of all types of flowers in all the colors of the rainbow, sprouting through my skin and blossoming and then giving way to other flowers. It is ticklish, I really feel them bursting out and growing, it is a strange and wonderful sensation. Also it is so incredibly beautiful to watch. As a final touch, I look to the palms of my hands and visualize a lotus flower blossoming in each of them. They do appear, one white lotus in each hand, first the leafs, then the flowers opening. Then I feel so light and glowy and I naturally start floating. I want to cross the wall and fly away but my mom calls for me and I turn back, because I don't want to scare her, even if it's in a dream. On the hallway I find my friend Belchior instead of my mom. He smiles at me, doesn't say a word and I realize there is nothing keeping me here. I keep floating on air and I feel like I am expanding in size. The ceiling can't contain me. I cross through the wall and ceiling and I am floating outside. Not like flying with effort or conscientiously, just standing weightless in the air. I can see my feet. Then I see a golden throne set up in the middle of the street in front of my mom's building. I float towards it and notice a golden Buddha statue which I touch and then I am inside four walls. It is an all white and gold room, marble floors and walls, rich golden curtains and sofas and beautiful big Buddha statues everywhere, in gold or white stone, in Tibetan, Thai and other styles. There is a panoramic window to a garden outside and passageways to other rooms. An Asian man comes in in servants clothing and welcomes me. Then a few ladies also appear, with foods to serve or just offering their services. I am a bit overwhelmed and then two beautiful cats come strutting in my direction. This feels like heave and I feel that I could stay here forever and just be pampered. But why and for what? Then I wonder where this servants come from? Do they have a life and a family? Why do they work for me? Do they suffer? I can't accept having servants. I could not enjoy paradise.
      I go outside to the garden. There is a glass wall separating it from some corridors that go around it and where normal people are circulating and going somewhere. I spot a girl I seem to know and I have a dejá vu. I feel like I have been here before and have seen that girl before in that exact place, but in a somewhat different situation, one in which I was her equal. But now I am separated by a wall, in a garden with waterfalls and she looks lonely and sad. I do something that breaks the separation and now they all can see me and come inside the garden. I try to talk to the girl, but it becomes quite chaotic with people talking in groups, mingling and hanging out. There is one one dude going around imitating a cow mooing.

      At some nice Portuguese town, on a break from some professional training I am attending but which I do not care about at all. The lady that usually assists me at the parish council, sees me and comes talk to me about how good this training is and professional opportunities that might arise from it and I'm like "oh c'mon, I dont give a shit about it and I am not even staying 'till the end". She is a bit shocked.
      I go to the next door, which is a clinic of sorts and check their vending machine at the entrance for some snacks. Also at the entrance are a few patients freaking out because the electronic system that registers the patients is down and they can't get to their appointment. I calm them down and I feel compassion for them and somehow I create the conditions for the system to be fixed.

      Then outside again I see Rinpoche coming down the street with the usual entourage and I bow down as he passes by. He enters the next door and some people enter after him and close it behind, while others stay outside guarding the entrance. I feel bold and uninhibited and I say to them I'd like to go in. They say definitely no and then they also go inside and shut the door again. So I put my hand through the door and I hear them freaking out. They still don't open. So I just cut out a hole on the door with my fingers so I can look inside. Rinpoche is in another room deeper inside. I finally manage to go inside so they let me sit at a desk alongside other people waiting for a chance to meet Rinpoche.
    12. Milk protein powder

      by , 10-12-2019 at 07:46 AM
      I'm pretty mad. Phone refreshed the whole entry right after i typed it all.

      Deilds, many Deilds. One failed ap.


      How to heal. Empty mind rich 5 sec.


      School DJ, vr projector movie students.


      Joe Rogan mountain hideout. Prince almost fall the climb.


      Almost ap, vibrations only.



      Bedroom x2, trying to stablise

      School yard, holding cup in vision for stabilizing.

      Back to bed go downstairs. Protein powder milk. Drink milk. Another full jug. Curdled stuck throat.


      Back to room, milk protein powder. Time passed.


      Warehouse counter, trying to summon dc by looking away from counter.
    13. Castle

      by , 10-11-2019 at 05:49 AM
      I didn't sleep much from ebay bidding wars.

      During wbtb I saw an european style castle. It was surrounded by like a moat. I thought about it being a mansion and it transformed more mansion like. More square. I wanted the castle back and it got bigger and more castle like again.

      It ended though. I could have probably tried rolling eyes or engaging senses to make it into a longer ld.

      I'm noticing something. It's hard to describe. I'm becoming more aware of the process of ld.

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    14. planning

      by , 10-10-2019 at 05:03 AM
      Yesterdays dreams

      I forgot the content of the first dream, did not jot down while it was fresh.

      amazon warehouse

      I was in the states I think. I was inside a large building that looked like customs office. It was much larger though and as I explored it, I enter an elevator to the lowest level. When I left the elevator I found myself in an underground facility that was storing stuff. Stuff like products and this to me was an warehouse for storing merchandise. It gave me the impression that it was the warehouse of amazon. I do recall being with some friends here, we were here on a field trip or some sort of setting like that. I was in a room with boxes of what appeared to be opened merchandises. Basically returned items or damaged goods. A lady there sells me one of the things there for 22 dollars. I buy it but what do you know it was pretty damaged.

      I went to the bathroom at the end of the dream, or had a desire to do so within the dream.

      blinking in univ building

      This was like a continuation of the last dream but not exactly the same location. I was in a massively rectangular building that was made up of brown bricks on the outside. It gave an impression that it was built a long ago. The building was to me what seemed to be like an education related place. I think it was probably an university or a scientific research center.

      I am the warden. I think I am warden because I played warcraft the previous night. I was exploring the building and something happens. I forgot exactly what, but I eventually get to a some sort of conference room or something. It was like a meetup of the professors and the star students. I felt out of place as they were dressed in formal attire but I was suited for battle haha. I leave the place. I feel like I'm being tailed by someone from behind to I decided to teleport.

      I teleport short distances this time. By looking at somewhere in the distance I pinpoint somewhere I want to teleport to then I blink, close my eyes then I am there immediately. I repeat this process about 10-12 times.

      I keep exploring the building and end up in a narrower section of the building. It's a single narrow hall/corridor with the left side that gave sight the outdoors via the large connected windows.

      I feel like I wanted to go bathroom around here so I do. It was a massive bathroom really. I think from what I could see, ther were enough stalls for 100-200 people to poop at the same time. I looked for an empty stall in somewhere quiet but there were people everywhere. So I decided to head deeper into the bathroom and it was like a maze. There's like a hoard of kids assembled like a train going through the bathroom. I can't get past them so I head towards the direction they were going, in front of them. I see someone and a kid, I forget maybe the adult here was his mom or something. But this child is blocking the way and I'm almost about to give up going through this path when he leaves. I go past the narrow space he was blocking. At this point I gave up on pooing.

      I am outside the bathroom and keep walking down the hall. I meet some chubby girl who was a fan. I hanged out with her for a bit as I kept forward the direction I was heading. I was getting close to the other side of the building when her friends show up. They were kind of mean to her so I help her out. In a moment a buff sweaty black guy shows up. I forget why he showed up but apparently he was an enemy. I didn't feel like dealing with him because he was so sweaty but he came at me regardless. I decided to stop him before he landed his attack and I decided to do this with an ice magic. He becomes white with ice outside in, and becomes frozen solid. We leave him be.

      We finally left the building. I think the total walking distance was maybe 2km? 4km? maybe even 8? I'm not really sure, but it was pretty long regardless. Outside of the building there's a small building far into the distance. It's like a souvenir shop and I decided to go with the people- the girl and her friends from earlier. I look around and there's some pretty interesting clothes there. I'm not sure exactly what it's called but it's that thing Wim Hof wares that's like a thick sheet with a hole in the middle for your head; like that old fashioned thing that you wrap around and you wear in the old west movies or old fashioned mexican cape that goes all around you.

      But anyways this cape was dark green and dark blue. It looked very cool. 22$ they said. I decided to get it and I wear it.


      Forgotten dream, did not write

      game overheating phone

      I was playing a game on the phone. It was in 3d? But the phone was overheating and stuff like it was real. I thought maybe it would look better projected on a VR headset or something. So it was projected on a monitor/TV.


      failed/short ap

      I was awake on the bed and I had an uneasy feeling. I thought I'd deal with the uneasy feeling rather than letting the feeling take control. I just told myself that "you like this" feeling and tried to play it positively. I did so and just relax and I start to get the vibrations. It gets stronger and I wasn't really prepared but thought about rolling while I focused on the vibe.

      I rolled out and my vision was black fuzz and static, like TV static but all black/grey without the white dots. I managed to roll out but of the bed but I was pulled back.


      I helped a stranger out and they randomly decided to give me some pot today. Legal here so I thought why not. Still recalled dreams. Perhaps slightly harder to focus but that was overcome with meditation. Did help me relax and sleep I guess. Thought about goals in life.




      I was trying out WILD counting technique. I was getting hypnogogics after a bit and went up to around 330. Around 330 or so I began to enter into a dream. I saw my right arm reaching out and there was like a snake that tried to go for my arm. It startled me and I moved my arm upwards and this moved my arm and I awoke.


      I was a kind of undercover in what felt like a story about an undercover/killer movie. There were some questioning going on just like a mystery movie.

      dinner party

      I went to a dinner party or sort just to eat. Perhaps this dream is initiated by thoughts regarding it.


      perhaps continueing the previous dream, I am in that menu area of superhot VR. I see two floppy disks and I read one of them labelled "endless"

      Sleeping Inosuke

      I was inside a classroom. We were studying a sort of advanced mathematics and I recall that I didn't enjoy the class. I think perhaps this is a residual memory of geometry. I remember that I excelled in calculus and algebra but geometry was my weakness. I leave the classroom to play hooky.

      I head into the classroom to the right. Now that I visualize the scene back then it does indeed feel like it's structured like the japanese school, so maybe it's there. I think it's the second floor, near the stairs to the right side. The classroom here is empty and it's like a science room here but it's mostly empty and cleared out in the middle. I find a cartoon character Inosuke and a girl there, not sure who she was though.

      So the 3 of us decided to nap in this room since it was empty. I tell the other 2 to grab the sheets and cuddle up to we can be warmer. We do that and just sleep together on the ground all huddled up.

      -I think I was tired so I also wanted to sleep inside the dream too.

      We slept, awoke and slept a few more times. Until some students began to swarm inside the building. My 2 sleep-friends leave immediately but I had some stuff I needed to pack up into my backpack. This gives me a feeling of frustration, likely bled out from previous memory. The class is about to begin and they began chemistry class. The teacher there looked like my mom. I think she looked slightly different?


      treasure quiz

      It was a quiz show where you'd answer questions it would reveal a location to a secret treasure. Aye matey!

      I recall there being divination and fortune telling being used to locate treasures.



      Things I think are important:

      -shadow work
      -Nutrition (2eggs+olive oil)

      I did not WBTB today. I awoke but I just felt like I wanted to get some good rest. Maybe could have focused on DEILD here.

      I do think that the counting would have continued into a WILD if I didn't get startled by the snake. I felt like it was going to coil around my arm, kind of like the wheel armlet from before, a living lucid accesory - LLA!

      I wrote down some goals and actions I could take. I just wrote stuff for a bit. One of the goals, omnilucid, after exploring my thoughts, narrowed down to the 5 stuff above as what I felt as most critical I guess.
    15. Success!

      by , 10-09-2019 at 04:33 PM
      After about a long dry spell, I had a lucid dream this morning AND I found my dream character. We embraced because I just couldn't believe it actually worked after so long a dry spell. I used MILD. The key to it that there needs to be a strong link between the mnemonic and the thing I want to remember. In this case, I noticed that school is recurring setting in my dreams. Thus, I spent a good portion of yesterday creating a very strong link between school and my intention to find my dream character. It's not the mantra or visualization that causes a lucid dream. It's the prospective memory and the link between the intention and the mnemonic. Visualization + mantra is only to strengthen that link such that it will even work while in unconscious REM sleep.
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