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    1. Log 1058 - Vehicle Hazard Scraps

      by , Today at 03:16 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 23 March 2018

      Was kinda KO'd this time. I did try a few meditation attempts, but drifted each time off.

      Scrap Group 1

      Driving around the city. My brother, Deo, was there. We go through a tunnel to merge in the highway, only to find a pile up of rubble and vehicles blocking the way. We could somehow clear a decent portion of it, lifting whole vehicle frames without effort. We could even do the same with our own vehicle, which felt like foam. But then, an entire demoloshed car tumbles down, and smacks Deo on his head. He was still standing, but bleeding badly, and requested an ambulance.

      Driving around in a highway in a large van or minibus. Deo and several unknown people were there. Some lady in a coupe almost bumps into me. I likewise almost bumped into several people ahead of me.

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      dream fragment
    2. A dream about a video game.

      by , Today at 01:19 AM
      I notice there is a new online mode for Garryís Mod that is being sold as a limited physical release by, Dream Theater. I saw online that Jordan Rudess posted a video showing the disc and I see a product key on the video. I thought someone activated the key already, but I tried to figure out activating the product key on the video anyway. I couldn't find how to activate the online mode on Steam and I only find pirate videos on YouTube, I mean videos about sea pirates and a Rugrats video about mummies. I also tried buying a copy, but I end up not buying a copy. I donít know if it was the price, or the waiting period, or both. The end.

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    3. The Dark Tower Ė Witchblades, Insanity, and Spiders

      by , Yesterday at 11:29 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 03-23

      The Dark Tower Ė Witchblades, Insanity, and Spiders

      I am in a forest, it is night time out. I see the glow of a campfire not far off. I approach that glow, I am hoping to find out where I am and why I am here. As I reach the campfire I see that there is a man here with a gun pointed in my direction. This is not an attack, it is just Eddie. He is there with Susanna, and Roland. Roland doesnít seem to be paying any attention at all. I noticed that Susanna has no Witchblade. She needs to get a Witchblade that can form legs for her so she can walk. Eddie asks if I am looking to get myself shot? I tell him it wouldnít matter if I did. He asks me if I want to die? I tell him sometimes I do, but not right at the moment. I tell him it wouldnít matter because my real body is in another dimension sleeping right now. To me, this is a dream.

      Now I turn to Susanna and ask if she would like things to be a bit easier? I tell her I have something that can help her. With this, she will never need a wheelchair again. She looks at me as if she doesnít quite believe that. Roland has finally noticed my existence. I am not sure what wrong with him, but I am thinking it might be the madness that almost came up as a result of the paradox the man in black created. First I sit down beside Susanna and pull a Witchblade out of one of the pockets of my robe. I explained to her how it can help her. I tell her it might take a bit of getting used to, but the new legs would possibly work even better than her old ones. And the Witchblade can also produce armor or melee weapons. I tell her that I have one for everyone here if everyone wants one. Susanna accepts the Witchblade, but seems to have some doubts as to how well it will work. I also give a Witchblade to Eddie, who has been hearing me explain how itís used Susanna.

      Now I go over by Roland ask him how heís doing. He doesnít have to answer, I can see the answer in his eyes. I use the song My Last Breath by Evanescence to help Roland stabilize his mind. ďHold on to me, love, you know I canít stay long. All I wanted to say is I love you and Iím not afraid. Can you hear me? Can you feel me in your heart?Ē After the song is done, it appears that Roland is doing better. He says that the voices arenít gone, but they are much quieter. I take out another Witchblade and give it to Roland, explaining to him how it works. I am doing this when MoSh shows up. I noticed that Eddie is pointing a gun at him. He asked if both of us really want to die that badly? MoSh says he canít die here. He then looks over and sees me giving Roland a Witchblade. He asked how many of those things I have? He says it seems like I never run out. I tell him that since I know the person who makes them, no I donít ever run out. I also tell Roland that my technique wonít last, the only way to stop the voices for good to repair the paradox. They have to set things back on the proper course before the man in black fucked it up.

      MoSh and I are trying to explain how the paradox works to the others when I noticed something moving in the darkness just outside the range of fire. I canít see what it is, it looks like more darkness on top of darkness. It looks like the shadows have come to life. They seem to be moving closer, slowly but surely. Then one of them comes forward. It is a big black spider. It is about the size of a small dog, a Corgi. Eddie lets out a sound of the ocean before he manages to pull out a gun and shoot it. I am a bit surprised Roland doesnít shoot. I look back and realize that he doesnít even have any guns on him that I can see. I hear more gun fire right behind me and I turned around to see that MoSh has blasted more of the things that came into the light. There seem to be so many of them. My first thought is to create fireballs to burn the spiders, but then I think that might be a bad idea. I might end up starting a forest fire. So instead I focus on Enter Sandman and create a small whirlwind of energy that sucks the black spiders up and crushes them. I do that three times and there is much gunfire while I do that but finally the things stop coming. I hear MoSh asking what those things were, but no one seems to know, I only know they were made of dark energy. But I donít even get a chance to say this before I wake up.
    4. Dream Within a Dream!

      by , Yesterday at 10:55 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      I was driving a van, I can't remember why. In the van with me, was my sister and a good friend of mine (whom I've not spoken to in a while).

      We reached my childhood home. My mum was living there. (In waking life, my mum moved out of that house about 4 years ago)
      We were at my mum's house purely to make some sort of juice filled with fruit. My friend came in with me and she started making the juice. To be honest, it was more like some sort of chunky fruit soup, but we put it in travel mugs. I went upstairs to find my travel mug. It was really weird because I used what felt like waking-life memory to find the lid of the mug, but it was of course a false memory since I remembered it being in my old bedroom. Now that I wake up, I'm trying to remember where the lid actually is in my current home, but I can't for the life of me remember. It's lost.

      Anyway, I found the mug and the lid, filled it up with that weird fruit soup, then we went back to the van. But this time my friend took the wheel, not me.

      It felt like we were on some sort of adventure. But the scene somehow completely changed. I was now in a building with my family. My mum, 3 of my grandparents, and my little uncle (yeah, an uncle who's younger than me) were all there, and I think a few others from my family. The building was some sort of place filled with antiques on several floors. Each floor had a booth with a guy in it, and there were many people rushing up the levels to snatch an antique and take it to the booth to be cleared.

      So, we were all in this mad competition with all these people. Me and my mum and a couple of others ended up in competition with my little uncle. I remember getting angry at him and we all tried to run ahead of him up the levels, but he kept catching up with us and trying to take our antique from us.

      Then guitar plectrums got involved in the whole thing. The ground and the stairs were all covered in plectrums, and for some reason it felt advantageous to pick up a plectrum and strum some guitars that were sitting by, as we ran past them. I remember a few people from school appearing and shouting about the plectrums. While running, I remember giving a plectrum to one of those old schoolmates, and another schoolmate being confused as to why I would give up my advantage like that.

      We eventually lost my little uncle (after a lot of harsh fighting with him) and we made it out of the building, at the top. But somehow we were not like, on the roof, we were just, outside. It felt like we had won over my little uncle.

      Then I remember 2 of my grandparents (my dad's parents) being outside, they were just chilling as if on holiday.

      Then, next thing I remember is "waking up" and then being at a big table filled with my whole family. My little uncle was there, and I still had some left-over feelings of hatred towards him, but I questioned it. I was like "Hold on, Cammy, you were in my dream last night. So weird..." and in realizing the whole feud was just a dream, I let go of the feelings of hatred and competition and just enjoyed the time with my family.

      Then the scene changed again, I was back with the van. But my friend was gone. It was just me and my sister. But we were trying to find a spot where my friend could find us, because we knew that my friend was in her own car and would be trying to find us by now. So we parked down this little dirt path on a hill and walked about to find an ideal spot to stand and wait.

      Really weird. I had a dream within a dream.

      And yesterday, some repressed emotions about my family came to the surface, and I feel that this dream was reflecting that. But all my negative emotions towards my family got directed completely towards my little uncle. And I feel bad about that. The poor soul, he hasn't done me any wrong AT ALL in life. But I think my mind was using him as a way to mirror my unnecessarily harsh feelings towards my family, back to me. Basically showing me that I've been overthinking the whole thing with my family.

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    5. Day 5 Comp - Cause I hate you

      by , Yesterday at 04:42 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Wednesday March 21st 2018

      It was a short night, but still fun.

      Walking around a park, seems to be a day off? Become lucid midway and ask the kid why he is in a park, he seems to be super depressed about last night. He is sad that I was frustrated about his weakness and wants to become stronger, he also believes I hate him.

      Explain to him that I do not hate him and then ask him if he knows how to read. Take him to a library and he seems to be able to read just fine, so we choose something from there that can be read quickly since I will be waking up.

      He chooses a manga about vampires oddly similar to Noblesse and I find that super cute, so tell him I will give him something special today because I hate him.

      Back to sleep.

      Reading a manga, become lucid while flipping the pages due to the weight; once I am lucid tell the kid which character he liked the most and then we teleport inside of the manga using the power I stole from the guy at the lab the other day.

      Once inside, he gets hyper and does not realize that we are right now playing the role of a powerless creature so we end up going in circles and getting tired...

      Back to sleep.

      Going up some stairs, I feel super afraid for some reason and have to go back down. Become lucid once I'm at the bottom and then realize that the character is afraid of heights. The kid is still having fun.

      We get attacked by some people and we punch them, then move to another location and the kid starts explaining to me that in a few minutes a vampire will come and bite us, oh how fun! I in the meantime tell him will wake up and take off the alarm.

      Back to sleep.

      Looking at a pond, become lucid while standing up. The vampire does come and bites us, then he sends 3 dogs to attack us. We are supposed to wait for one of hte good vampires to come and save the day but I like fighting too much.

      Make a bow and arrow with magic and shot one dog, jump to the left and stab another with the bow then shot the last one with my bow again on the head and done, the other vampire is scared because the good guy arrived.

      In the meantime let the kid take control and use my new vampire powers to create another limb to stop the vampire blood from advancing further into their body so he now has two hearts. Everyone seems to be amazed by that and I just lay low and let the kid have fun, because I hate him.
    6. Day 4 Comp - I could do much better than this

      by , Yesterday at 04:33 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Tuesday 20th March 2018

      (Was meaning to journal more in detail, but it seems it won't do)

      Was checking something out in a weird neighbor and became lucid midway, the elven kid seems to have gotten used to the new place and was walking out, from what I have right now it is night time and we need some supplies. Go to the store and talk a bit with the store owner, get some food and go back home, the elven kid wants to learn how to cook... so wait, he does not know how to cook?

      Back to sleep.

      Reading something on a sofa, become lucid while changing the pages and... he is waiting for me. The kid asks me how it is that we cook something. Go with him to the kitchen and prepare to turn on the oven but then it isn't working, ask him if he already bought the gas but he is confused about it.

      The house also has electricity but he has nothing to make it work. Set up a fire on top of my head and then start to teach him the basics. Since I don't want to be bothered to go for gas tell him he needs to purchase it and install it and just start cooking using my own fire and then cool the food using wind magic.

      The kid also has some trouble sweeping and the room seems to be a mess, so teach him how to change the gravity of things and make them float around the room so that he can clean easily, he seems to be super happy.

      Back to sleep.

      Watching TV, get out and become lucid on the way, the kid wanted to watch more TV.... he also tells me about something the manager gave him that is giving him some trouble and we get back home, it seems he was given a cellphone and does not know how to use it.

      We have somewhere around 59 lost calls and 1 message that says that someone is coming to pursue us, apparently the difficult part of the job finally paid off! The kid had to be taught everything about the damn cellphone and I was there wasting my time, since there is someone coming for us I tell him that we better leave the house or it could be destroyed, we end up at the corner of the street but I wake up before anything can be done.

      Back to sleep.

      We are outside, become lucid while walking around in circles and ask the kid if anything happened. He says that no, the only weird thing is a band of thugs at the other side who don't move and someone already passed by several times.

      I send some rain the way of the thugs and they leave, the other person passes again and we jump at them, they quickly turn around and shot at us but we phase through him and his weapons.

      The person quickly turns around and starts crushing down on us with very strong TK. I use my Hypno in order to make it not affect us and then I make him lighter, shooting him up into the sky, he stops himself with TK.

      I believe this person feels similar to the guy I killed the other day? Oh well, when he gets himself back down tell the kiddo I will teach him something interesting. Cover ourselves in a shield made of TK and shot us with anti-gravity to the exosphere, where he can watch space. Then using TK and a gravity link between me and earth, try to pull down a meteor as big as the moon.

      We come back crashing onto earth and then a meteor follows. The other guy screams and when I look up I scream too... the meteor is so small! It is no bigger than a house! I keep using TK to bring it down and kill the guy but feel so dissapointed, I could bring down meteors the size of stars and this thing isn't even a house!? My TK is so weak...

      There is really no explosion since the other guy stops the meteor with his TK himself, but do manage to splat his body using the meteors natural force, gravity and my TK, still feel dissapointed as hell.
    7. 3/23/18 | Houses

      by , Yesterday at 03:43 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-A world where I switched houses every week. At the last house I remember, there was a cop car circling it on its property. When I followed it all the way around the house, I found that it had stopped next to an ambulance.
      -F-Something about Smash Bros. Melee
      Tags: car, house
    8. Flying; Mexico

      , Yesterday at 12:44 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm in a city. Talking to someone about flying. I see a commercial airplane high in the sky, so I tell the person I will fly to that. As I get closer, I reallize it's flying too fast and it will fly above me before I get to it. But I see more con trails and I can fly to those if I miss this airplane.

      Trying to fly to the highest building. Not much luck going fast. But trying. Hopping from one building to another. Trying to trick my dream around me by standing up on the building and pretending it's the tip of the tallest building. The dream changes and I'm standing very high up, looking down the city is far below me in the deep.


      turist attraction 3 places, long, round, long, whales are migrating swimming through them, people watching, taking pictures. I pull out my camera. Whales come through a canal into a smallish round room, they rest there, we watch them, then they fall down through a waterfall into another canal thats much lower than the room. I'm taking pictures, amazed at the majestic beauty of the animals.

      Trying to drive to north east tip of Mexico, where Caribbean waters on the left meet Pacific waters on the north. (Yes, I had the geography wrong). Talking to some locals about the drive. Then my vision zooms in and I can't believe how turbulent the waters are up north. Incredibly huge waves are crashing against each other, colors of brownish and white. It's spectacular.
    9. Elephant Eggs

      by , Yesterday at 10:21 AM
      It all started normal, just a random dream where elephant eggs (looked like big frog eggs) were the best thing to eat, it was some chinese food but amazing. So after a while the eggs were gone, I went home to my computer and did some stuff. And all of a sudden an add opened, not a normal add because I got sucked in. And I was in the totally different world all fucking weird so I closed the tab and it opened another one, I got sucked in and now Im playing a role in a movie but were doing everything wrong. After a while of this it got a bit scary and I closed all the "ads". I went outside, to the chinese bar. This time a different one and they didnt have the elephant eggs either. Went back home and opened another "ad" this time it was called metal. I was there with some friend very high in a skyscraper but it was under construction so it was from top to bottom all the way these metal constructs for the workers to stand on. Then ofcoard the bars broke down and we fell kept falling and landed on a still steady bar. One of the workers said fuck this and broke another bar, we fell flattened to the ground, not dead tho. Stood up, went to the chinese restaurant and it was allngone, not gone but an explosion happened(gewijzigd)
      I went upstairs to see survivors then to the roof still nothing. I wanted to go back but then I heard a noise, an elephant was stuck inside, we helped it and got it to the sea and dropped it in. The shore wasnt really a shore, it was this stone platform like 15 square meters. When we dropped the elephant in I went in with it. (Normally Im quite afraid of shallow waters). I went ib with it to the depths and then I went back up with a harpoon. That I shot to go at immens speeds.when I got back on the platform I asked the elephant for some eggs. It said "no... please dont.." so I didnt and went back home. I opened another ad and I was back at the construction skyscraper so this time I took everyone who was there and held them tight to a rope where we did a "deathride" till the platform again. I closed the tab and did it again. This time with firearms and there were sort of zombies everywere so I said to everyone, WE CAN DO THIS. Me and my friends were all in but our "vip" wasnt. I convinced him and we went. Shooting down and bombing all these zombies. When we came at the platform we threw some c4 and blew them all up. One of the guys was hurt so i took him behind some sort of crates but black and gave him some of my candy to cheer him up. After a bunch of fighting it was all over, on the way back home I realised I was in a dream but things went crazy. Everything went black and I got in sleep paralysis I think. All of a sudden I was back in the dream without knowing Im in one anymore. And whilz walking back home I remembered that I was sucked in these ads so I closed them all which took me a while. The end.
    10. 22-03-18 Elevator Escape, Escort Mission

      by , Yesterday at 07:16 AM
      I was leaving a scene with two others. We got into a small, industrial elevator. I pressed the button (in a hurry, a guy with swords was chasing us I think) but nothing happened. I found a kind of power switch, and set the power from '1' to '2'. The elevator started moving when I tried the button again. I went like "ooooh, yeah!" and high fived the guy next to me.

      Once down to the parking lot, I started collecting guns. Everything was third-person video game style. I picked up a ton of guns, but the people I was supposed to escort had already left without me.

      I went after them, and discovered their pursuers had crashed their car. It was upside down. I thrust my sword through the window, killing everyone inside with one stab. My sword was badly damaged, but whatever. I walked toward the car of my allies, who were swooning over my awesomeness. I was wearing a suit at this point.
    11. Lucid Dream Spring Competition 2018 Olive Garden

      by , Yesterday at 06:30 AM
      I donít remember much, but I try again to do the week 1 intermediate challenge. Again, a lucid dream that isnít so vivid. I go inside a building with a mini olive garden restaurant inside in a wooden area. I try teleporting to a rainbow and slide down it, but that doesnít work. I opened a door worried about a nightmare, but I thought I should use it to teleport, but it didnít work. It was a empty closet. Laying in bed, I can remember more of the dream. I tried flying outside my house while it was dark. I try to fly to the rainbow, but I cannot reach it. Not very vivid. I was again trying to avoid a nightmare. Back to the Olive Garden area of the dream. I find a mirror and swirl it with my hand, but when I try teleporting, and go in the mirror, I wake up. I need to stablize the dream make it vivid then teleport. I also need to expect things to work.

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    12. Day 36: Victim of Circumstance

      by , Yesterday at 04:34 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Day 36:

      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 3:30/6:30 AM

      Dream 44:

      Barely got any sleep last night...Had to cram for homework late into the night, accompanied with my brother screaming his lungs off during the middle of the night. He had a cramp, and I could hear it from the other room. I think my brain was just too mentally exhausted formulate a dream, or I had just broken into the REM cycles before being jolted awake. I DID attempt a MILD technique before bed, but I got even more exhausted so I decided to call it quits.

      This is not turning out well...
    13. short dream

      by , Yesterday at 04:09 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      trying to log more every day. I had a tough time getting to sleep only remember one frag.


      This dream was abstract it was like I was in several places at once. In one dream i can hear Jamie all around me but I can't see her, actually it's like she's just outside the dream looking in but still in communication with me. In the dream I am looking at a girl I used to work with at McDonald's C who I can't tell if she's talking to me or someone else. She seems happy about something or me being there? I can't tell. But I can hear Jamie outside of the dream saying, "WHO IS THIS GIRL?" I try to re assure Jamie that there's nothing to worry about since I don't work with this girl. At the same time I can't take my eyes of C who happens to be very good looking.
      Tags: jamie
      dream fragment
    14. Log 1057 - World-Wind and Other Assorted Stories

      by , Yesterday at 03:38 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 22 March 2018

      Dream 1 - Eddie's Got My Back

      Scene 1 - Family Party What Stuff Just Happens
      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was at the lot near my home during twilight. There was a birthday party going, of which close and distant relatives were guests. Later on, I go into a neighbor's house, where I float around for a bit. Inside, I find my cousin Elliot playing video games in the basement (as if there's basements here...). There's some talk of various media. Unknown transition.

      Scene 2 - Forbidden Beast at School
      The visuals were dim. I was seated in a poorly lit classroom. Must've gone in too early, as there wasn't many people around. As I waited, I summoned the Forbidden Beast Eddie, where I had him transform into a drill, then a buzzsaw. An Indian guy got curious, too curious, as he repeatedly put himself in harm's way, despite my warnings. Unknown transition.

      Scene 3 - Kong Arcade
      The visuals were brighter. I was at an arcade. There were various Donkey Kong games there. For some reason, I thought this was a trigger for an RC, though I still ignored as much. Anyway, one of these was a multiplayer arena game, where a team of Kongs were to climb a giant coconut tree as high as possible before Mario chopped the tree down. Unknown transition.

      Scene 4 - Forbidden Doctor Intrigue
      The visuals were clear. I was at a hospital, waiting in a lobby, no doubt visiting an infirm relative. While going through a hallway, I spot mom. I blurted of being hungry, prompting mom to go out of her way to go through some "food scheduling service" in the hospital. She was highly misinformed. Turned out, I got registered to a room. Before I could say anything, a stretcher had already been prepared for me. I tried clearing this up with a doctor, a balding guy with glasses. The man got furious, and refused to take no for an answer.

      We took our conversation to a darkened recovery room. Inside, several other doctors were waiting, one an Indian man, and the other a middle aged woman with auburn hair, both of which were reclining on beds. We argued for minutes without arriving at a consensus.

      At the end of it, the doctors exposed a bit of intrigue. Apparently, the three were mass-booking patients at their hospital for government funding, all so that they could afford some fancy vacation. They then mentioned having access to, and being the recipients of, the latest in bionics and gene therapy, saying as such with uncanny coordination. Figured there was no way they'd let me go now. Suddenly, the three twisted into nightmarish, hulking forms. As they morphed, I silently called Eddie via finger gestures. Light steadily escaped the room. At my command, the Forbidden Beast sprung out as a row of long spikes, instantly tearing the monstrous doctors to shreds.

      I then immediately woke up. There were lingering thoughts of my being lucid at some point...

      Scrap Group 1
      WBTB to write down notes and meditate. It took a while to get back to sleep.

      Something of falsely waking up in an unknown home. Pretty sure this transitioned to below.

      Dream 1 - World-Wind

      The visuals started blurred, but became progressively clearer. I was flying out to the ocean during a clear dawn. Lucid from the start.

      I rocket past many different landscapes, neither of which seemed inhabited. Later, I try blasting off to the cosmos. As I left the stratosphere, space suddenly bended around me, and I found myself near the surface of the world (if not a different planet). This was an interesting experience, so I did so purposefully a few more times.

      After that, I stopped by a beachside hotel at a narrow peninsula, the only non-natural site in view. I try throwing the building. But, it felt insubstantial in my hands, and once in the air, it faded out of view. Things felt unstable. Took a moment to concentrate. I then tried smashing a crater in the sand, but that didn't happen. Next, I telekinetically lifted a large clay tile (at least several hundred pounds) from an empty lot, and launched it to the horizon.

      Then, I jumped into the shore, where I attempted to bring a tornado from each hand. Nothing seemed to occur, so I walked away. But soon, from the water's reflection, I saw dark clouds gathering above me. Sure enough, as I glanced back, a twister had suddenly formed. The winds pulled me in, and I got spun to the top of the funnel. Water droplets and dust sprayed on me at mach speed, stinging greatly. Despite any of that, I was completely unharmed. I rode the storm for half a minute, then let it go on its way.

      Things destabilized, and I woke up.

      Scrap Group 2
      False awakening to my sister and mom making some very nasty commentary. I was almost certain this wasn't real, but lingering doubts caused me to wake up, just in case.

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    15. Getting back on top of things EP5

      by , Yesterday at 03:28 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Had some lucid dreams last night, only two nights gap between the last ones, which is pretty motivating.

      Dream 1: I became lucid in some outdoor setting and attempted to fly but could not lift off.

      Dream 2: I became lucid in a very dark underground library setting. Manei was there and standing by my side. It was dark so I created a blue fireball and threw it into the distance. I didn't want it to impact anything so as it flew forward I ordered it to stop. I then ordered it to grow bigger and to follow just above me creating a light source. I recall the fireball had some very strange spinning rings and holographic runes around it.

      We walked around for a bit. The library was very large and full of old books written in an incomprehensible language. Manei picked a few of them out to study them but put them back on the shelf. We got to the end of the library and arrived in this bedroom/study. There was a large fur blanket on the ground. Manei crawled under it. I wanted her to stay in the dream but when I lifted the blanket she gone.

      Dream 3: I was in a large locker room/bathroom/shower room trying to hide from someone.

      Dream 4: Long and boring dream having to do with a school bus.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
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