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    1. cclxxxv. Visiting MoonageDaydream for a donation

      by , Today at 08:35 AM
      17th June 2021

      Mostly going from end to start.

      Dream (DFLN):

      I'm in a city, I'm walking outside with MoonageDaydream, HumbleDreamer and another woman that I don't recognise or recall anymore.

      The dream ends when we are walking down a hill on a paved bit. It's cobbles and it mostly follows the hill but becomes stairs at some points where there's too much incline. Just before, I'm thinking out loud about how it reminds me of my native country, thinking that it looks to have more buildings however. I am beside the unknown woman, possibly slightly from behind and touching her shoulders, "It's funny, I don't remember getting here" and then I look at my right hand and begin counting the fingers from the back. The count seems normal at a glance but I feel self-conscious trying this RC in public. I think about M/M themes in this city but nothing manifests or changes.

      It's about near sunset and there's a sea visible from this hill. I start thinking about an airport and the name of the town, feeling dumb for not remembering and then I wake up.

      Just before this part, the four of us were crossing a road. It's a busy place and there are loads of people (or so it feels). We're somewhere in the USA supposedly and people are generally amused by my presence, seeming to think I'm British despite having no such accent. We have just come out of a store and as we cross this road with crossing island, I think about how there's Covid but nobody is wearing any face coverings. I also think to myself about how I've had my first jab, on my right art. (In reality I haven't yet)

      HumbleDreamer seems moody or perhaps overly serious for most of the walking around, but he doesn't really act that way. I am afraid that I have done something to upset him. At one point he says he got here from France and there's a segment where he's making a video for YouTube in a mostly white room, I forget what about.

      Back to the store, it's like an airport shop come to think of it. It's very generic and enclosed, at the end of a corridor. People interact with me and the group and this is the main reason I end up thinking about Covid. The person behind the till, a white middle-aged American woman, with short hair, kisses my hand or something and another woman offers a bite of a pizza slice to the group but we decline politely. Just before we get to the till, I'm talking to the unknown woman about snacks and such and how they're much cheaper here, because we saw a vending machine in the corridor leading to the shop. It's dark in the corridor except for some strong hue lights, reds and greens mostly. The drinks are like little cartons of apple juice and so on and cost about thirty cents, making me think I could buy about three or four versus the cost that I'm used to. The snacks are mostly potato stuff.

      We talk about how there's not a lot of importing around here, for some reason.

      Before the corridor and some dark halls, we are in a church yard of some kind. It's all mostly paved, gritty or gravel. There's a dry fountain in the middle, made of stone? It's MoonageDaydream's school workplace apparently. We came all the way here from wherever we came from to give her a donation, but I'd forgotten my hundred and twenty five dollars that I was to give her. I fear the group is disappointed with me but suspect MoonageDaydream is fine with it. I decide to give it to her as soon as I can.

      The church/school building itself is very grey and looks a bit like Gaudi's style, very bulbous and round shapes and some mini spires. I remark on this and comment on how it must be Spanish in origin, therefore. The outside of the building has a render made up with large smooth stones that can fit in a hand's palm. I talk about the building style with the group but I don't recall their comments.

      There was more recall but I felt too tired writing my initial notes.


      - When I woke up, I thought about how some of my conclusions during the dream were a bit hasty and I thought about how I could have become lucid at the end.
      -- In a way, it's unusual that I thought about how I got there, I just found myself trying to think of the trip there and the airport and finding I couldn't remember, partly attributing it to tiredness from the trip.

      - Unlike the other dream where I'd only heard MoonageDaydream, in this dream I could see her and HumbleDreamer clearly. Their details as characters seemed accurate to how I remember their profile pictures here.
    2. Super cool embedded party barge

      by , Today at 02:27 AM
      This dream begins at college. It's somewhat like the college I went to for a brief time. I am studying computer science (which is what I did in real life). It's the first day and people are getting orientated. There is some confusion amongst the staff with my application. Apparently I had been there before and was re-entering at a level above. The confusion is eventually sorted out. I see a girl there that I kind of like.

      I later find myself in the computer lab next to the girl. She's one of the very few girls in class. I slowly become more and more impressed with her. We are all supposed to use some really obscure form of Linux and she seems to know her way around it better than anyone in class. She's entering some stuff in the terminal that I don't fully understand and finishes the assignment pretty quickly. I partly learned what to do by watching her, so I finish not too long after. It was not very complicated, it's just that the teacher was terrible and not making it clear what commands we were meant to enter. Just knowing them made it easier.

      Anyway, I leave class thinking this girl is pretty amazing. She was really cute too. She didn't look like the typical nerdy computer science girl, nor did she look "hot"; just a short normal looking blonde girl.

      We fast forward some time later (maybe a week). There is a college party going on, but it's not your typical party. It takes place at a huge lake with a marina. Everybody is swimming in the lake and having fun. There are a couple boats out in the lake, but not many. A super long dock spans across the entire lake. It's not straight; it has many turns in it. It's very narrow; only wide enough for one person to walk unless you squeeze by. Everybody is walking up and down it, trying to find the best place to dive in. It bobs up and down because it's supported by floats. Some people are just sitting on it and chilling.

      Now the strange thing about this situation is there is some type of project going on in the water. It's like people are having to re-direct the water somewhere because of a problem. I don't fully understand what it is, but a lot of people are putting things in the water to fix it. It's a fun problem though, nothing serious. There is a very tall diving board attached to the floating dock. It sways back and forth. I see the girl climb up onto it and jump off. It was very high up and not something I would ever do cause I'm afraid of heights and deep waters. I was impressed. She acted like it was nothing; didn't hesitate at all. Like it was just a fun thing to do. This further raised my appreciation towards her.

      Before jumping, she took off her shoes and left them on the dock. After diving, she started swimming away to the far end of the dock and disappeared in the other people over there (it was very far away). Me and my friend were talking there and decided to start walking to the end. I decided to pick up her shoes and bring them along just incase she forgot them. We slowly made our way to the end of the dock. Squeezing past people and trying to maintain our balance because it was swaying so much. Along the way, for some reason I decide to put her shoes on (I wouldn't do that IRL). When we make it near the end, I take the shoes off and leave them because I see her there. She's working with some others to divert the water with some boards or something. Even though I put her shoes down right there and tell her something, she's super focused on what she's doing and doesn't notice. So we ignore it and walk off the dock onto the mainland.

      Some time goes by as I'm talking to the others on the shore. I get tired of talking and start wandering around the shore. I get to an outcropping (like a small peninsula). There is a big hill of grass that goes down to the water and the edges are lined with that corrugated rusted steel to keep the dirt from falling into the water. As I walk closer to the edge, I notice there is something odd about it. One part of it looks like it has some buoys attached. There's also some metal patches under parts of the grass. There are two goth people working down there. I approach them and ask what they're doing. They say, "we're trying to get this unstuck." I don't even have to ask what, cause at that moment it becomes clear to me what this is. It's a huge old barge that was docked so long that the terrain started to grow on top of it. The dirt must have slid down the hill and covered it and then grass and flowers started growing on top.

      I immediately knew I wanted to help them. I wasn't goth, but they didn't care and seemed friendly. Another goth showed up. Now there were two guys and a girl helping us. We eventually got it unstuck and one of the goths found a hatch partially hidden under the grass. He lifted it up and climbed down into what I think was the engine room. In a matter of no time, the boat started up. We all got super excited. So the four of us got on and the one guy started driving. It separated from the land without too much effort and we were on the water. It had a large canopy across the top - it just appeared there on it's own. It was automatically a little house inside now. I don't remember the details of what it looked like though.

      We felt like (were) the coolest people on the lake. Everybody turned and watched and we all waved at them. We saw some other small boats as well, but ours was taking up a huge part of the lake. We just kept waving to everybody and feeling great.

      Nothing happened with the girl. The End.
    3. Manison, Dad's sister, chair tied up

      by , Today at 02:18 AM
      I had this dream. Which had a very weird twist on kidnapping. I was in a mansion's basement it was a white house. I think I was for some reason trying to sneak in (I think I was trying to get inside, because my mom and I were visting the said aunt. But Mom send me back to the house early). But the manison belionged to my Dad's younger full-blood sister. I'm not excatly sure how far I got up.. at the most I got to maybe the servant's area of the basement. No I got to at least the front hall. It doesn't mater where I was.. the point was, when I got there, a person who looked like a maid from like Downton Abbey or Gwyneth from the Unquiet Dead from Season 1 of New Doctor Who. She demanded what I was doing there. I said I was "one of Aunt's nieces" but for some reason she didn't believe me. She likes takes me back down to the basement puts me on a white chair and ties me up. Then in the next scene Mom and (aunt) come home. For some reason someone else comes downstairs and finds me and untiles me after they heard Mom asking where I was. End of dreram
    4. Nice character died and disastrous tree portal | [17.06.2021]

      by , Today at 12:56 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Nice character died
      There was an adventure beforehand. While I and a group of other people were fleeing from monsters that shoot some form of projectile, he was hit and immediately killed. I sort of got sad as if he was a character from a movie that died, thinking that it's sad that they didn't continue on with his story. The character might not have been human.

      Disastrous tree portal
      There was something about entering a portal through a tree. It's sort of like a certain tree, where you do a certain thing with the bark and it opens, letting you go in and freefall into a different world of some sort.

      It appears it is like a trap, as I end up in a weird abandoned building, with strange lighting. It's like it's always dusk outside, the yellow light leading up the ghostly and dark hallways. It feels like the home of somebody who has died. All lights are off, and it seems like somebody just abruptly left. Everything seems like a still-life painting, with things laying around as if they were just about to be used. It's totally silent. I walk through the corridor, which is located on the second floor and on the east side of the building and is pretty narrow. On the right side are the aforementioned windows, and to the left are several doors. Suddenly, some sort of woman appears.

      Cut to some sort of video clip, showing several catastrophes, such as a rollercoaster accident. In the end, it always zooms into the face of the first person who dies, just a second before it happens, showing their scared, screaming faces.

      At some point, I am in a sort of white void, with a single patch of forest as a representation of the tree portal and the area around it. There is some sort of large person about it, about 4 meters in height. He is male, and I seem to trust and know him. He gives me advice on how to get back into the normal world.

      Cut back to the corridor. There is a woman there, I know she is a demon, presumably from the advice I got. I hide in a cupboard of sorts, or maybe behind a door that was set down in the corridor, but she finds me. Quickly, I think about the weak points of the human body, but I don't remember. Then, shortly after, I see a knife right of me on a window sill. I quickly grab it and ram it into the heart of the woman, but she just laughs, so I ram it into her stomach and then, finally, I slit her throat and then I ram it in her throat. Then, she is dead.
    5. Fever dream | [16.06.2021]

      by , Yesterday at 12:11 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Fever dream
      Something like having forgotten something, along with some sort of pain associated with it.

      Right before I went to sleep I had taken a medication against allergy symptoms which made me horribly tired as a side effect.
    6. Friday, May 14

      by , 06-16-2021 at 09:36 PM
      Melissa has had a baby. I’m looking at it in her arms, obviously newborn, and realize that it’s happened all of a sudden. There seems to have been no idea of it happening and even no gestation. After a little while I realize that it is mine too, and think about what this will entail in regards to my life.
      Tags: baby
    7. Saturday, May 1

      by , 06-16-2021 at 09:36 PM
      I am in some unfamiliar town with Jackie Greene. I think the town may be in Arizona or Colorado (I had been looking at a digital map of the US and zooming in around that area, surprised by how much of it was forested). It sort of feels like a mountain town, small, isolated, buildings with large wood exteriors, yet not high in elevation. We’re walking through the town and it is very pleasant out. We’re talking about his music and/or me seeing him. I tell him the first time I saw him was at Strawberry and then add ‘2007’ or ‘2017’ to be more specific. I hope I’m not being too annoying about anything, but don’t think I am.
      Tags: music
    8. Friday, April 23

      by , 06-16-2021 at 09:27 PM
      I’m at work (I’m not sure where, but it feels like some kind of retail store). I notice a quiet Asian girl wandering around and, as I perceive it, ‘scoping out the place’. I make a mental note of it but don’t do anything else. Now, I see her in a small garage (right outside of but still part of the store?), crouching down by a car. She’s taken off its license plate and is measuring it. I think this is too suspicious, so we go out and stop/talk to her.

      I’m with Melissa and Brooke in what seems like downtown. We’re by the river and a large bridge. To the side of the bridge is a large tree or tree trunk protruding out almost parallelly over the water. I think this tree is some sort of monument (911?). We walk out onto it to have our picture taken, but end up breaking it, which feels very serious.
      Tags: bridge, car, river, tree, water, work
    9. Thursday, April 22

      by , 06-16-2021 at 09:26 PM
      I am with Makayla in what looks like Dad’s neighborhood. It looks very similar except that it’s on a fairly steep hill. We’re walking around an exposed bend and through a red truck’s window I see the silhouette of a female figure. She appears to be putting on clothes, or at least that’s what it looks like from my brief glimpse. We get closer and I see that it’s a young girl and boy (~10?) in the truck, and after a moment I wonder how that could be. Now, we are past the neighborhood. This area looks like open Nevada desert with slight ravines here and there. Down in one of the larger ones I notice a house. It looks like the past’s idea of something futuristic - sleek and vertical pipes/tubes, slightly sprawling and complex. I think this one is all a dull red. There is really nothing on or around it that would designate it a house. The whole feeling of and around it is lifeless. I think we pass a few more odd structures that I label ‘house’. I think or say something like ‘oh Nevada, you’re so weird.’ There is now a large rock pile visible at the top of a slight incline. It looks like red rock and/or granite and is maybe 30 feet tall. They’re arranged so there is an open space beneath them. I briefly see someone passing through this space, overriding the thought of being completely alone out here. We approach it and see that there are a few ornamentations on it, one being a series of steel rungs to form a ladder. I climb up a few, turn around and hang from one arm, lifting my shirt to just above the nipple, telling Makayla to take a picture. I think I’m making fun of Ziah? A few people, a type I definitely wouldn’t associate with, arrive, and Makayla is instantly preoccupied with them. This kind of annoys me. I’m in the open space beneath the rocks now, and it is filled with different stickers, posters, pictures, writing, etc. It is strange and I really like it. I am alternately wearing a mask, wearing it below my chin, and holding it at my side. I notice a man without a mask walks in with a baby stroller. He’s now with a woman in the corner of the ‘room.’ There is a window above them and a man tapping at the outside of it, apparently to get their attention. I look at the man and point to the couple (*though this makes no sense, as he’s already seen them).
      Tags: house, mask, truck
    10. Getting chased lucid | [12.06.2021

      by , 06-16-2021 at 03:06 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Getting chased lucid
      I am with multiple people in a sort of changing room with many lockers. I do the nose plug RC and realize that I am dreaming. Since this dream is a nightmare, I am a bit worried, and try to get out of the situation first. I end up on a high mountain.

      I didn't have motivation to write down this dream for many days, which is why it's not really detailed.
    11. Gough Whitlam ..

      by , 06-16-2021 at 11:23 AM
      Dream From Oct 25 '14:
      the setting or location is that of a room in a conference centre or perhaps an RSL.
      its a function room, for people to gather in for, a function.
      the folding doors for this room, are to my left, and the windows are at back of room, to my right.
      in the middle of the room are some tables, which are circular, and can sit up to about 6 people.
      the function could be a reunion, or something similar to that.
      sitting at one table, with his back to the windows, i see a man, (front view and left side), who looks like or is that of Gough Whitlam.
      he passed away earlier this week.
      i can see his face, so i know its him.
      he is clean shaven, and looks about 50 years of age.
      initially i see him by himself.
      then, to his left, sitting next to him, is his twin or his replica double.
      "he's beside himself".
      this twin or double is also a "good" version of him.
      there is a white square plate in front of him, with some pasta on it.
      the top few strands seem to have pink on the top side of them.
      every other strand is white.
      then i see sitting opposite him, and facing him, is that woman in the mental health admin, who sits next to that Stephanie woman.
      this woman is tall, slim, wears glassed and has long black hair.
      she turns around to her right, looks at me, and smiles.
      i can see her facial features.
      not sure of her relationship to Gough Whitlam.
      she is that Daya woman from the mental health admin.
      does she represent a daughter figure, a girlfriend figure, a niece, a carer, or something else?
      the lights seem to be on inside, even though i can see sunshine through the windows.
      there could be some grass outside, regardless of any driveway, or any recreational facilities outside.
      the wall colour inside, is a plain colour, such as white.
      as for what the woman, and what Gough is wearing, not sure.
      she could be wearing her work clothes.
      are they in an rsl, or are they in an aged care facility?
      the tables are a creamy colour, are stable, and designed for such a room.

      any comments or questions ?
    12. June 15, 2021

      by , 06-16-2021 at 01:39 AM
      Another nap dream

      I was at a hotel where we were filming, kind of resembled the Hilton Hotel in the south of Amsterdam, I can't recall exactly what I did in the dream again but for some reason, the security guards stationed in the small building across the hotel couldn't stop laughing at me after something I did. The film crew had finished the scene and got on the bus to move locations, they left without me. So I walked all the way to the next location.

      The street I was running at resembled the busy street behind the neighbourhood I was born, as I kept running the location randomly went from that street into an alleyway from what seemed to be some sort of theme park castle. In the castle, there was an Elvis Presley impersonator working who was annoyed with me as I had to go down the stairs next to him, but he started jamming on his guitar and a large crowd of people slowly went down the stairs step by step while bumping on the rhythm of the guitar. I lost my patience and slid down the stairs via the railing where I exited through a window. I tried getting back into the building through other windows, but they were all too narrow for me to fit in. When I was finally able to enter one of the windows, I ended up in a storage space for a theme park. It had a bunch of decorations and animatronics stored on there behind security bars.

      As I was walking through the storage space, I was completely visible to the outside public of the theme park, so I tried running back to the window but made the grave mistake of looking back if anybody saw me, and suddenly I hear police sirens and notice on a large monitor that there was a news report playing that showed live camera footage describing me as a "fugitive without a face mask" and I was so scared that I pretty much forced myself to wake up as I was hoping this was all a dream, and relieved when I did wake up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. A Revelation ..

      by , 06-15-2021 at 01:44 PM
      Dream From Aug 26 '14:
      it is daytime.
      the location could be an industrial area, or an out of town area.
      it reminds me of Carrington, being Cowper Street, towards Bourke Street.
      the road is straight, and is smooth bitumen.
      im standing on the south side, which is kerbless.
      all of Cowper is kerbed, but in this, its kerbless on the south side, which doesn't surprised me.
      im facing south, so, where i am standing, i look to my left, which is east - see drawing.
      there are two side streets, the first one, being a few metres away from me.
      the other street, is further still.
      on my side of the road, is a police 4wd.
      it ends up in the furtherest street from me.
      the odd part, is that i don't see the 4wd do any turn, from my side, to the side street.
      it just, ends up in that side street.
      i see the left side of the 4wd, where its parked near the corner.
      it has the alternating blue and white pattern.
      then this repeats, but this time, the 4wd is in the side street, which is closest to me.
      what is that about?
      there could be, or is, a bullbar on the front of the 4wd.
      and, it could be a Toyota, or other "make".
      when i see it the second time, i think or know that the police are gonna wanna know what im doing.
      next thing i know, a policeman is talking to me.
      he is the copper, from nowhere boys.
      and im with the boys from that same tv show.
      the policeman doesn't interrogate us, he just asks what we are doing, and then he leaves.
      so, there i am with the boys from that show.
      we are discussing or trying to figure out what we are doing there and the how what when and why of this situation.
      it takes us awhile but i think we reach an agreeable conclusion.
      what i see is this:
      along the side of this straight road, in the grass or ground, is an abandoned rail line.
      although i don't quite see their faces of the boys, i know its them.
      about where i am standing, under the rail line and in the ground, is a section of grey fine pieces of gravel.
      to my left, there is a wooden cover over the rail line; its like that wooden section in the rectangular rock things along the foreshore - see drawing.
      this cover is either over the rail line or its part of the rail line, causing the rail line to be raised up off the ground.
      what i don't see, is the train track to my right.
      as we discuss this situation, i seem to have a flashback in regards to what happened prior to us being here.
      so in this flashback, its daytime.
      im in the backyard of the Belmore Street Salvos premises and facing the back of the house.
      on the ground, is a small soccer goal frame, which is about one foot high and one foot wide.
      it looks odd.
      and there is a goal keeper in front of it.
      im sure i see two rectangular boxes, joined together at one end.
      they are on the grass to my right.
      although i dont see it happen, i kick a soccer ball into the goal.
      and thats because i have the opportunity to do so.
      other than that kick, the score isn't known, til later in the dream.
      not really sure what the boxes are on the ground for.
      as for the goal keeper, he looks dressed like a hockey goalie.
      and he is wearing green trousers.
      and then back to the rail line.
      so, i look down into the gravel section.
      are there some piece of glass in there, or are some of the gravel pieces reflecting the sun?
      somehow, that goal scene makes it into our explanation.
      not that i see, but those two cardboard boxes could be in the gravel section.
      one of the boys says that his team lost to my team 20 - 19.
      really ?
      this is the first i knew of that.
      there was only myself and the other guy, in my team.
      well, whoever was in the team, with that goal keeper in the team, i dont know.
      the guys are standing on both sides of the track.
      then i look up to my left, past this train track to a roadside boundary fence.
      its flyscreen material.
      as i look at fence i see the girlfriend of the asian guy from the the show.
      her friend or both her and her friend, are nearby.
      then i look at flyscreen fence.
      on the other side of the fence, on the inside boundary of the property, is the woman from go girls, on nitv.
      she is the slim one.
      despite not seeing her face clearly, i know which actress she is.
      she maybe wearing denim jeans, not that i see down that far on her, a black singlet, and blonde hair.
      her upper arms are up, inline with her shoulders and her hands are on the fence, like that of grabbing or holding onto a chainlink fence.
      although standing straight, i see her at an angle across her.
      she is talking to someone on my side of the fence, but i don't know who the person is, that she is talking to.
      one of her legs is straight, and supporting her, whereas the other is relaxed.
      she is saying something as she has her face against the flyscreen mesh.
      apparently she can get through the fence, by morphing, without cutting herself, damaging her body, or without dying from doing so.
      then she leans back, and as though dared, she then morphs through the fence from her side to my side.
      she starts to do it.
      i don't wince, but i have to look away.
      does she complete it?
      how would a person morph through a mesh fence like that, without being breaking it, or without causing damage, or death, to ones own body?
      i look back at train line, and continue to listen to any plausible explanation for us being there.
      then i look at the wooden cover.
      then, without any warning, i see a young woman step up from gravel and onto wooden cover.
      she steps from the section of train track to my right, but i look and don't see where she came from.
      as she steps up from gravel to the cover, i have a revelation, a flashback, or an epiphany.
      the woman is 20 something. shorter than me, and slim.
      she is wearing denim jeans, a white short sleeved tee.
      i only see the back of her, and have no idea who she is.
      as i get the revelation, i see behind her a round thing of rainbow colours - see drawing.
      amazed by this, i put my hands to my head.
      i think the revelation, albeit a split second, is that of how we got there but its not as i thought it had happened.
      in the revelation, its shown differently and makes sense.
      it was brief enough that i got it.
      the dream ends after that.

      any comments or questions ?


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    14. Woman At Waratah Platform ..

      by , 06-15-2021 at 01:40 PM
      Dream From Aug 4 '14:
      its daytime.
      the location is chemist/pharmacy, possibly like the one in Cardiff, at the corner of Harrison and Thomas Street.
      the lights are on, but i don't see myself enter it.
      while im lookin supposedly looking for some medication, be it as a bottle or as tablets, i see a woman who i once liked.
      whether she was Rach McC, or another woman, i don't know for sure.
      and there is another woman as well; i see both briefly.
      while looking for the medicine, i hear a song from the ceiling speakers.
      its Dive, Jesus freak, Supernatural, or another DC Talk song.
      its not loud, but i can hear it.
      just inside the entrance, near an aisle, is a white square wooden box thing, on wheels.
      it could be one of those bargain bins, with medicines and other health stuff in it.
      the woman is standing on the other side of the box from me, and facing me.
      she is singing along with the song.
      she is wearing a pair of brownish coloured trousers, like the black ones that i have, which are microfibre.
      i can see the outer hem as well.
      she is slim, about my stature.
      and also wearing a white tee shirt, without a collar.
      her top is covered by a brown or fawn coloured jacket thing, which is unbuttoned, so that the white tee can be seen.
      she is brunette.
      her face is a little clear to me.
      the other woman, related to her, or is a friend of hers.
      because the woman is singing, i ask her does she write songs.
      she nods.
      i think to sign her, so i leave the chemist/pharmacy.
      then i see that im at Waratah train platform on the Newcastle bound side.
      it is daytime.
      im on the path near the overpass bridge, and step onto the platform.
      to do that would actually be illegal.
      i walk along the platform towards the walk bridge.
      that same woman from the chemist, is sitting on a bench seat, to my right.
      that bench seat is close to the steps of the foot bridge, but close to that small brick building, which is used for something.
      upon seeing her, i turn to my right, bend my knee slightly, and excitedly give her the signal, for a goal in afl.
      she is smiling and happy.
      she is sitting on the middle of the bench seat, because two other females are to her left, and to her right.
      one female could be or is her mother.
      the other female is a girl.
      giving her the AFL signal gets her attention, because the other two were vying for her attention.
      so i keep walking towards the foot bridge.
      i don't get close enough to it, to step up it.
      and i don't know where else i would go.
      so, i walk back along the platform.
      now that woman is to my left.
      as i get to the end of the seat, at the foot bridge end, the girl is standing, trying to get on the seat.
      so i nervously give her a right hand wave to my left at about elbow level.
      and turn my head slightly to my left to see her.
      she is still happy to see me, and only smiles.
      there is no reciprocation of the AFL signal, or hand wave.
      i head for that overpass bridge, and step off to where i started.
      and i wait.
      i want to go back and talk to her or at least give her my phone number.
      and im about where the footpath of overpass is, where i can see the train tracks.
      i look along the track to the walk bridge.
      an oscar train is slowly arriving to the platform.
      its on the west side of the walk bridge.
      the train is red and yellow.
      before i go back to her, i keep waiting.
      and probably wait a tad too long before i go back.
      and apparently i have a backpack on me, which i look in.
      in it, is a red front cover exercise book, which i use to write my notes in, from gencity.
      and, there is a white booklet, like the one novacare has.
      then i go back to her.
      im back on the platform.
      upon getting to her, with the bench seat to my right, i get on my knees.
      and i can't get any paper out fast enough, to write something for her.
      the train is getting closer.
      so i get a page of paper out of the exercise book.
      and write my phone number for her.
      i do it twice, because there is a red 3d box at top of the page, and, because of writing on the other side of page, opposite of where i write my number.
      i rip the paper from the book, and give it to her, just as she gets up and boards the train.
      but i don't look up at her, as she boards the train.
      did i ask her for her number, because i look in my notebook for it.
      or did she give me a piece of paper with her number on it, that she dropped in my possession as she boarded ?
      does she say her mother approves of me, as a boyfriend?
      the page that i find, is set out as follows:
      her name (sarah?)
      28/occupation, not given.
      text here.
      text here/gluten free.
      text here.
      text here.
      text here.
      text here.
      unfortunately, i don't see all thats written; or lose it from memory upon waking.
      some of the text is different colour, such as red or pink.
      and then the dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?

      Can we travel in time also?-img_20170113_102703.jpg

      Can we travel in time also?-img_20170113_103440-she-seated-one.jpg

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    15. Hedge, And Pattern On Truck ..

      by , 06-15-2021 at 01:35 PM
      Dream From July 29 '14:
      it is daytime.
      im standing, with back to screen.
      im standing in front of a row of screen shrub hedge, which goes across the screen.
      there are green, and red leaves.
      im sure pop had some plants like it.
      i can see a bit of the hedge, because it is short in stature.
      and i see that my name is written at the bottom right of screen, in white, like that of when another program is advertised during a current program.
      but i don't hear my name.
      why my name is there, i don't know.
      my name is there, its visible, but not obvious.
      then i look up to about the middle of the screen.
      there is more of the hedge.
      it appears to be an outline or a boundary line.
      the rest of it, is like the #.
      i see that, up the screen, from middle to the top of screen, but as though im looking down at it, from above.
      i see it, like that of driving a car, and scanning the road.
      so, the hedging thing, is like a maze.
      it looks fairly easy to get through, which could be intentional, so that its not complicated.
      there is a young man and woman in the maze, near the left side boundary.
      she is to his left, and closer to that hedge, than what he is.
      he is closer to the middle part of the # than what she is.
      he is taller than her.
      his clothes are a pair of denim jeans and that of a shirt, or a top, of some colour.
      she is wearing a red top.
      im sure they are boyfriend and girlfriend; there is no indication from them, to suggest otherwise.
      see drawing for inside of maze design.
      the maze and boundary hedge would be square in shape and about the size in width and length of a family home.
      the couple are between the left hedge boundary, and one of the long horizontal edges. when looking down at them.
      next, or dream 2?
      it is daytime.
      the location is that of a vineyard.
      initially i am standing and holding onto the left side door of a truck, like the milk truck that delivered milk to the Westdale house.
      im not holding on for dear life, but i am holding on.
      and i briefly see the left side external wall of the truck.
      its plain, white, no words or logos.
      and i don't see the ground.
      mu current focus is the back door.
      on the top left corner of this door, is some pattern or design.
      i see it appear, like that of the Luc Longley basketball cup i have.
      see drawing for pattern.
      the top left of the pattern appears, as though its a revelation.
      it could be red, and appears by itself.
      then i breathe on the one below it, like that of breathing onto a window, in winter.
      this second one, in the pattern, appears.
      the colour appears to be yellow.
      im sure there are no words, logos or other stuff that shows.
      for some reason, i try to get the rest of the pattern.
      and to do so, before time runs out.
      there is no timer, but even so.
      im not aware of any comp, or being in a comp, for this to happen.
      i don't get to the third one in the pattern, when i get off the door and see that im standing on a track.
      it seems the pattern on the truck, relates to the vineyard.
      was the pattern a clue.
      was i meant to stay on the truck?
      could i have gotten more of the pattern, before it was supposedly too late?
      should it matter what didn't happen?
      what about what did happen?
      as i stand on the ground, i see the grey paved path the truck is on.
      just in front of me, the track is raised up, like a mound, for the truck to drive up and over.
      and i watch as the truck drives away, and around a corner, to my right.
      not sure i was on the truck at the time, or whether i see it as i stand on the track, but looking to my right, i see a section of the vineyard.
      it could be a row of hedging with a track parallel to it.
      its about driveway width.
      is it bitumen?
      in the background, there is a boundary fence, which could be or would be vineyard like.
      there is a vine like plant growing up it.
      am i to look around the vineyard, because i don't.
      as i stand there, the dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?
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