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    1. 4,915 words... "Peak" LD in bold

      by , Today at 03:06 PM
      Getting off comp at 7:24pm..


      12:28 AM: I must have been asleep by 8-830 and slept until 12 so thats 3-4 hours so far.

      I am sure there was stuff even earlier that I forgot. Maybe even cool stuff!

      The earliest I could remember was a scene of driving with my sister in the back seat and a woman in the passenger seat. I don't know who the woman was. In a convertible, on kind of a busy road place.

      We were passing around an mp3 player, trying to figure out how it worked. There were little buttons and the one in the middle made it into an mp3. It had the same digital quality as an old school Tamagatchi or Gameboy (first gen). There was a headset jack adapter, wire thing, and an actual headset. The woman kept trying to throw it out the window. I would stop her, like, "What are you doing?!" And kept the mp3 player, I think.

      Then I pulled over on the shoulder, but on the left side of the road, near one store. I wanted to pull up this one way steep sloped driveway but I was on the exit side. I decided to pull through anyway, hoping no police officers were nearby. But it was such a busy place, it was likely there would be. I pulled up anyway, hoping for the best. "Don't! You'll damage the road!" Said my sister. 'Damage the road?' I thought to myself. 'If people don't damage the road going down it, I won't damage it going up it. And, doesn't she mean damage the car?' But I didn't say that.

      I pulled up the steep slope and all the spots to my right were full anyway. Slanted a certain way, I think mainly head-in. I don't know if it would have lined up. There was a guy with a cigarette hanging out his window so I rolled my windows up before any second hand smoke got in. It wasn't a convertible at this point.

      I had to keep pulling through because there were no spots. However I ended up using a bathroom. My sister was worried that I would get in trouble. Sure enough, a police officer came. There was something in my mind about how I would stay in the bathroom stall a moment, and that would help me not get in trouble.

      Standing over the toilet, trying to go, I heard the police officer come in. My sister was in there too, just not in the stall. I thought the police officer's name was P but I was thinking of S. Then I saw my sister looking at me through a gap in the wall. I don't think she meant to look at my private area, just meant to talk to me, but I was like, "Go away!" which I thought sounded mean right after. I was surprised there was such a gap in the wall too.

      I think I talked to the police officer a little. Not sure what else happened in that part. But then, I was in a restaurant accross the road. I forgot how that transition happened. Standing at the bar. I forgot originally why, since I don't drink. I remember thinking of Tom Cruise but he had a totally different face. And Kate something, but I don't think her appearance corresponded to any actual actress, either.

      I knew the bartender from a previous job (or some place). We talked. I said I worked at a restaurant accross the road, DRF's new place. He was surprised. He asked me something about where I lived. "What?" I asked, unable to hear. 'Oh, it must be my earplugs,' I thought, and felt bad.

      We talked some more and another waiter there also arrived, someone I seemed to know from a previous restaurant job. We talked some more and then the waiter held up a dirty napkin. He asked me to bring his table a new napkin or to bus his table, or something like that. I decided I would as a favor even though I didn't work there.

      I walked around the long way and found no way through the room, due to so many tables. I saw one heavy set fellow eating a plate of tomato slices and egg salad. It actually looked pretty good. I think F was his dad? And a woman was there, maybe his mother.

      Next thing I saw was some of my Dad's friends at a table. They had their food in a giant pile on the floor that I was supposed to clean up. I got ready to start working on it with a wheel barrow.

      Some other things happened. Somehow I made it through and saw a table of older ladies who needed their whole table replaced, due to a spill. During the dream scene, I remembered the spill happening earlier. I had one napkin to offer. The waiter of the table was saying sorry about everything. A glass of water had spilled but it had lemon so it made everything smell sour. The old women had forgotten what it was and the waiter had to explain how they were going to bring fresh water.

      I remember writing "fancy bread, fancy water" on a line of text beneath some other text I had written. I forgot if there was anything else. Pretty good first-round dream recall. I might have remembered another thing or two if I kept recalling but it would have ended in RBTS and likely forgetting, so I went to write a little sooner. Alot more dreams still to come tonight!


      4:09 AM - Now its 4:09 AM. I must have been unable to sleep until 3, so I'm at 4-5 hours of sleep now. It was really tough. I tried my LD/sleep meditation 3 times. Tried to do some physical activity. Talked out loud. It just took a while. It turned out to be a really cool REM rebound LD though, so I was glad I made it through the tough time. My dream director must have been putting in alot of overtime preparing all of these scenes, and the cast of dream figures, so he just needed a little extra time to get it all ready.

      My earliest memory was of being in my bed. My friend C was mad at me for how I was sleeping on his phone. I felt really embarrassed and bad about it. He didn't understand it was accidental.

      I wasn't lucid yet. When I got lucid was a little later. I saw my Dad but he looked sleepy or something. Forgot what happened there. Eventually I did a finger palm test and was so relieved it had all been just a dream. Because I felt so bad about the thing with C.

      Then the dream took me through this experience twice, identically. The first time it had other parts interspersed, or more at the end. The second time, it was just the one sequence of things. Unfortunately I couldn't remember all the details of the experience, even though it happened twice, identically. As it happened, I remember thinking, 'This is the exact same dream, twice. I'll definitely remember it when I wake up.' But did not. Now that I think of it, I think I remember a Blastoise.

      I remember that both times it ended, there was a kind of credits screen or something like that. Dark or black backgrounds. One had gold letters saying something like, "I'm not done yet" in big gold block letters. And other words I couldn't get. Some were written in mirror writing. One of the end-game screens said "Durza: 79" and I wondered why it didn't show my score. It said "____: 0" Where ____ was another name but I'm not sure whose.

      There was also a part of it that ended with me asking two dream figures (MD being one) how to put on clothes. There were all these clothing racks. I remembered that I had always wanted to change my clothes in a dream, so I tried it. I thought of asking "How do you change clothes in a dream" but kept it to just "How do you change clothes?" They found me a pair of tan shorts and a blue button down shirt thing and a belt that looked pretty nice. I think a nearby woman scoffed at it. I remember there were lots of other clothes.

      Speaking had not been easy in the dream thus far and it remained difficult until much later. Every time I tried to speak, it was like being in sleep paralysis. Couldn't really get much out. I tried to push it a little bit just kind of accepted it. I wonder why this happened. It came more into play later when I wanted to try "dream commands" and could barely talk.

      Couches in a couch and bed and furniture store accross the mall caught my attention before I could change clothes. Having laid low until now in terms of dream abilities, I decided to fly. I flew accross the hall of the mall, which had that part that opens to the ground floor, like the big hole in the floor, that they have in malls.

      Flying accross with ease, I was feeling pretty good. However, I became aware of a woman behind me, in white, glaring at me. Her face showed lots of scolding and shaming expressions. She was a bit older, maybe 50, with blonde hair and a white shirt thing. I decided to just keep flying, and enjoy rolling around on the luxurious couches.

      Fear set in. Fear that she would chase me through the store anyway, so I may as well surrender. I flew back accross to her due to this gravitational pull. She began to scold me. Again, I could barely talk. What did she say? I forgot.

      Emotionally, I became very distraught by her faces, which were just very glaring, harsh and judgmental to me. (When I woke up I realized that if I could have stayed calm as I did at the end of the dream, that would have helped. there was alot of progress in regulating emotions.)

      Woke up from that and began to recall it, thinking it was over. However, it was only just beginning. I was in my room this time and it was dark. Somehow I knew it was a dream still. Also I remember between dreams, the ringing in my ears would get really intense. It overwhelmed my focus on dream recall of the previous one and took me into a new dream.

      Through all these, I told myself at least once, 'Just experience the dream while you're in it. You'll wake up and remember what you remember. You may very well forget some of this, but it's okay. Just stay here as long as you can, and when you wake up, you'll be able to remember some parts.' And I just let go and stayed in the moment of the dream. It was kinda cool but unfortunately I forgot some beginning parts.

      Experiencing those parts of the dream was like experiencing a first person video game. Actually now I remember. I could control some characters with my eyes. It was like a video game and I could use my eyes to control the characters from a top-down view. I remember being afraid to move my hands in case they would move my physical hands, but they didn't. I eventually tried using my hands more to control the game play. I remember one Link type of character in white. Maybe more will come back.

      Laying on my back, I began to see another scene. More aware now that it was a game or screen I was watching within a larger dream world. Continuing to watch, I was transported to fly above light blue water. A black form was shown beneath the water, maybe some kind of dragon, snake or other monster. It showed ripples as it got near the surface but then went back under a little deeper.

      Fear began to build again. 'Just hang in there,' Said one part of my mind. 'No! It's gonna show a really, really scary face! Bail!' said another part. I ended up trying to get up from that "dream screen" and go somewhere else.

      Maybe it ended and I had the ringing in the phase and re-appeared in my room. Not sure. I remember trying to make some "dream commands" work. One was to put the lights on. I tried a bunch of times to put the lights on using a command, but none worked. I used a light switch later on and that was the only way that worked. Other than that, it was fairly dim.

      Manifesting what I wanted didn't work. I think it had to do with my inner feeling at the time. Maybe too eager or too worked up. Not calm and confident enough. So I will mind that next time.

      One thing I tried to increase brightness was rubbing my eyes. I also tried blinking rapidly like my Blinking LD but it didn't do anything immediate. Fear set in that I might cause my physical eyes to move, and I stopped.

      Downstairs, it was brighter. I flew down there. I remember thinking of doing something like job applications for some reason. Just to try something that might help in waking life. But didn't. As I flew through the downstairs I saw tons of couches and furniture. Instead of 2 by 2 the downstairs was 3 by 2. Like an extra room in between the normal rooms, kitchens, etc.

      'Drinking something might help me find my voice,' I thought. So I began searching for a fridge. In the back left room, there were some couches with at least one present on them. And a fridge underneath something. It was left open a little. A white square fridge like 2 feet by 2 feet.

      Cans of beer were inside the fridge. I don't drink in waking life. But I knew it was a dream and it would probably just be like a fizzy sweet drink. The can was white and gold and some other colors. I got ready to drink it then the dream ended.

      Seeing nothing, I laid there in the void. I imagined drinking the drink, but realized I was clearly not drinking it or seeing it, I was just imagining it. I worried that it might be waking life and that would be terrible to go back to day 0 on sobriety. But I told myself, no, its definitely a dream. If I see it again, I will know that its a dream because of the downstairs being different, etc.

      I'm getting too tired to finish writing now so I will just write tags for the rest. Then convert them later.

      Had another dream where I re-appeared in my room, after some ringing. A lot of times it was easy for me to fly in these dreams. I could jump up and then just fly to where I had my back to the ceiling with no effort. However, I couldn't phase through things. My sense of limitations of physical boundaries was persistent. However my flying was very very easy and under control.

      This time I flew up, thinking of other times I had flown up through my ceiling and roof and into the sky. However I got scared part way through that I'd get stuck in the attic. Anyway I ended up in a similar room with a similar slanted ceiling, only a bit whiter. My windows were slightly open with navy blue curtains. My voice came back a little more and I tried to command the lights to come on. No luck. I went over and flicked the light switch, and it worked.

      Writing appeared on the walls. It seemed very profound. The words weren't the same as English but looked like English words with re-arranged letters. I read them aloud to myself in the dream but didn't remember many of them now, except one that said the toilet was dirty, or the dirty toilet smelled. Even though it was just a dream, I decided I could go and clean the dream toilet.

      I was also still trying to manifest something I wanted without much success. Then I heard the yelling and crying from outside. It reminded me of the neighbors who live behind me. Sometimes they yell at their kids, and it always triggers me. Or the kids will be crying, and they just ignore them. I finally gave in, went to look out the back, and it was worse than I thought!

      They were doing "circumcision" rituals on two people. I remember looking, like, "Really? Why?" And pulling back into the room to think of what I should do. One of my dream goals had been to rescue infants from un-necesary, non-therapeutic, forced genital cutting. So in this dream I had the chance!

      Trees were growing in the back yard which reached higher than the house. My plan was to fly from tree to tree, and then hide there, out of sight. Also, there was a ceiling above my back yard, and walls that went almost all the way up to it. there were like 2 feet of space that I could pass through if I wanted to get out of there.

      I flew again from the evergreen tree to the top of a bigger oak kind of tree. There was a noose up there which I just brushed to the side. It seemed kind of random. There was also a stick that was almost more of a log. pretty big.

      They were putting an Asian kid in one of the torture chairs. His Dad was kneeling and praying over a regular chair. It made me sick. he must have been praying to some evil entity to accept this human sacrifice. Vile, and disgusting.

      Just then, two women from the tent of evil walked around my tree. They looked up at me! Oh, no. My cover was blown. I threw the stick down at them as a weapon. "I'm human rights!" Shouted the woman, unaffected by the stick, even though it went straight at her. "I'm an intactivist!" I yelled back, thinking maybe we would be able to help each other. "I'm pro-cutting!" She yelled back up to me. 'What?!' I thought. 'Pro-cutting and human rights are not compatible. Cutting children is a human rights violation.'

      She began to point a gun at me. Some fear came up but I flew to the other side of the house. I noticed that walls had gone all the way up to the ceiling now, so there was no way out. (Theoretically, I could phase through any wall, with enough dream powers.)

      She fired a gun up at me as I flew. The bullet, a small black thing, seemed to go in slow motion. I easily deflected it with force from my hand. She seemed impressed. She was blonde, wearing a blue uniform, like a nurse would wear. I wonder if she was the same woman who tried to stop me flying earlier?

      Although I deflected one bullet, I became fearful, and bolted in flight to the side of the house to try to get out. I got a sinking feeling when I saw that a 30-40 foot tall pile of books and shoeboxes was blocking the exit. I began to hurriedly dig my way through the books and shoeboxes, tossing them onto the ground far below. 'This is going to make her even more mad!' I thought, as I tried to dig my way out. I guess I was afraid that, at the worst case scenario, I would be put through a torture ritual. My body stores the memory of the pain, so they could re-activate it. Or she could just shoot me, and I'd have to feel the pain of that.

      Stacks of books went on and on after the ones I had dug out, and I gave up on getting through them. I had also tried initally to phase through them, but it didn't work. I hadn't expected it to. I hope to increase that skill as time goes on.

      'If she shoots me, I might feel pain, but it won't hurt me physically,' I thought, and decided to land and face her. She was like 5 feet away from me, and pointed the pistol at me. It had a silver barrel with a black hole. She fired it, and nothing happened. She seemed surprised, as if she expected it to actually hit me. I think she was really impressed.

      The woman and I interacted a bit. I was beginning to be distracted. The grey door with a diagonal crash bar appeared on the wall to my right. I headed towards it to go out and woke up. I had been speaking something in the dream when it ended. So I woke up feeling like I was still speaking. I think I was saying, "Wait, still gotta save these kids."

      It's interesting with dream chains like this because I wake up between them but I think I'm in the phase still. Because when I finally wake up physically, it feels way different. However, at the time, I don't notice the difference because I'm in the same position, in my same bed, it's dark, etc.


      Now its 8:46 am. I got 2-3 more hours of sleep putting me at 7-8. It takes me 12 hours to get 7-8 hours of sleep!

      Had a handful of dreams. RBTS over and over but re-remembered them all as I went.

      First one I remembered was of me being in my back yard on a recliner chair. My mom was talking to another guy (not my dad) and I became suspicious. A plant was leaning over my spot in the recliner chair. I remember rotating it.

      Inside, there was a lamp on by a window. I looked out a small hole in the curtain to discreetly spy on my mom and the guy. It seemed like they had some kind of affair going on.

      Angry, mom came in and asked, "Who was spying on me through the hole in the door?" I thought, 'It wasn't the hole in the door but it was a hole in the window.' And, 'She must have seen my silhouette in the curtain due to the lamp behind me.'

      The guy ended up having difficulties with a graphic design program. He was doing everything pixel by pixel instead of using and programs that would help do it more professionally. I didn't know how to use the program either but I tried to help somehow. I kind of remember the graphics, but not perfectly.

      Something with store shelves comes to mind.

      Second part, involved a few different humanoid species. Pigs, wolves and something else, I think. Two characters, one of each species, were going up a hill to get to the other two characters, who were of the third species (wolves I think). The wolves had vats of acid that they poured on the antagonistic species. Then, they could eat them. There was a little more to this but I guess I didn't remember it.

      Third, I was on an escalator at the mall, thinking of some kind of advice for everyone. Maybe it involved drinking water.

      Fourth, I was in a high school cafeteria. Well first the high school one but then they moved us to the middle school one. Laid out like the ones in the school building I went to. The food wasn't ready yet. We had to wait but they said some food was ready. KF went up first. I went up. It turned out to be nachos and cheese type of thing. I wasn't able to eat it though due to dietary restrictions so I gave it back. The woman from the kitchen was talking to the person on the line behind me about how good the chips were, and eating some. She was a bit heavier and had dark hair. (Not saying it judgmentally, just noting the detail.)

      Fifth, I was on an internet forum. I got to a section where people were posting music. I had several poems or sets of song lyrics to post, but not actual songs. Each thread had a number for how much data it contained in files. Most threads were just one file but I wanted to make an ongoing thread, with all my files.

      One thread contained a 4-panel wide display of GIFs of a fish monster that grew bigger and meaner and more monstrous. Then the GIF would end, and it repeated. I was like, 'Why am I staring at this?' It was really monstrous. The teeth were sharp triangles toward the top of the GIF. Also, the forum background was dark grey while the text was white.

      Another thread contained a video game. The game was a mix of Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and Shining soul, maybe other things. Anything with that top-down view. I remember exploring it by going around the regular doors. But then found there was a part with a wall I could walk right through. The wall led to a corridor.

      Blue orbs and other things I forgot were all up and down the corridor. I remember noticing the music but can't think of it now.

      Sixth? I remember going to a meeting. I had a paper and pen for writing stuff. But didn't want to bother people by writing while they spoke, so I decided to put it under my chair. (Face-down with the pen clipped over it. Black pilot g2 style pen.) I had noticed another woman in the parking lot doing something. She sat on the side of the room and had a side conversation while the meeting went on. I was kind of annoyed.

      Then in my room at the old house, I was trying to stuff this black case on a hanger in my armoir. There was something about needing to hold on to it but then there not being room. And wondering if it was really necessary.

      Seventh... I don't think there was a seventh. So, that's a lot. I feel fairly rested now. I'd like to build my dream powers and use them to rescue more children.

    2. Alfred Hitchcock’s Bus Mishap

      by , Today at 02:01 PM
      Morning of May 24, 2018. Thursday.

      My dream self becomes aware of being on a bus in late afternoon.

      I look around and see a number of unfamiliar people. They seem to be waiting for something. There is an ambiguous sense of being outdoors on a public street and inside a large building at the same time. The bus is not moving at first. I am sitting in about the middle of the row on the right-hand side.

      Alfred Hitchcock makes an appearance (walking from left to right) as if he is presently involved in directing a movie. He has an illogical black-and-white essence unlike the rest of the setting, which is in color (though my dream self does not regard this as impossible or unusual). I consider that I might have somehow gotten on the wrong bus, and that I am on a movie set. If this is the case, I know I will not be going where I had intended even though there is no backstory with any awareness of my implied destination (though I do not even focus on any implied destination at any time, which is the usual case with dreams of this nature).

      The bus eventually starts moving inexplicably, that is, no driver is in view, though there does not even seem to be a place for a driver, just the front open area of the bus and a clear view through the front windows. Alfred turns around and briefly looks surprised. The bus may have run over him, as he remains unseen. I remain in my seat, but there is no drama after this. It is quietness.

      This dream is easy to resolve. Firstly, the bus, because it is a vehicle, is an autosymbolic extension of my liminal awareness of my physical body in sleep. Alfred Hitchcock is a typical rendering of RAS mediation, which allows me liminal control of the dream state over his “direction” in this case, even more so as he is associated with having made mystery and suspense movies (associated with the enigma of being between dreaming and waking).

    3. Scary OBE experience. LD

      by , Today at 08:04 AM (Come on, let's go for great nightlife adventures)
      I went to bed and close my eyes:

      I start feeling my body floating(going up but not too far from the bed), I open my eyes but I couldn't move, I was so scare that I might see an old witch or a shadow figure standing in the dark. I try very strong to move my body but it’s pretty hard, so I try to look away. Finally my body turn upside down (my face is facing the bed), I say to myself that it’s just a dream, so I try to fly to the window but my body is still stuck.

      I woke up after.
    4. vague dreams

      by , Today at 01:29 AM
      last night i dreamnt a few dreams that i can now vaguely remember

      -i was at my grandparents old farm house with my aunt for a few days i cant remember why. my dogs were running around and we kept trying to keep them on the property. some of my friends were there and at one point i had the chance to leave with them but i decided to stay.

      -another part i remember having a hose that wa connected to nitrous oxide and i kept sucking it up and feeling weird like i was on laughing gas,, but a friend told me to quit bc it wasnt a clean source.
    5. 3,667 words - got lucid twice

      by , Yesterday at 02:02 PM
      Went to bed around 7:45, Probably asleep by 8:30.


      Woke up at one point with a few dreams in mind. The first one was being at the local food store. I was buying cheese and some other food items. The older military veteran guy from town was also there. I had parmesan cheese. He took some of it and got it all stuck in his mustache.

      I remember waiting on the checkout line, then needing to use the bathrom before I left.

      I wrote one more dream note on a little piece of paper in the dark that I will have to add later. Yeah, it said "pza delivery". I know there was some kind of pizza delivery but not the detail. Something about it being anticlimactic. Some writing involved. But the short note there didn't bring up what I initially rememberd. Sometimes they do sometimes they don't.

      Then I woke up, and recalled those. I laid back down and it was an RBTS, other than the tiny notes I made on the paper in the dark.

      As I fell asleep, I noticed that I was looking at a chat room screen. It was reflecting different people chatting from various websites. There was a dark grey back-ground, and white text.

      I noticed it was a dream appearing before my eyes because I had just been thinking of dream recall when it appeared. When I looked closer, and realized that it was becoming its own thing, kind of separate from my mind in a way, I knew I was dreaming it. Then a loud ringing happened in my ears which seemed to me like a transition into WILD. However, I think I lost consciousness, and a regular dream began. Still kind of cool I think.

      There were a few subsequent dream scenes, but they ended up as RBTS, seemingly forgotten. The weird part was, when I woke up from the next round of sleep, I remembered the end of these dreams. But then after I recalled the next round of dreams more fully, I tried to go back to the end of round 2, but couldn't. Maybe it will come to mind as I write round 3.

      So, here were the dreams from when I got to sleep again. I remember something with a lemon. I had an open lemon and wondered if I should eat it and drink the juice. Maybe I had a reason in mind. I also worried about the sugar content.

      I just remembered a part where I was in a kitchen. Making a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Or about to start making one.

      I remember a brief memory of a Sonic the Hedgehog level. Like a side scroller. I don't think I remember getting the coins knocked out of me or any robot bad guys but I remember jumping along a level like that.

      There was also something with Y and he had a frozen melon. It was a cantaloupe. The orange part was not thawed yet around the sides, and that represented Y's not being ready to change his behavior yet. I think the behavior was some habit. There were other people from school there, too.

      I remember I was making the peanut butter and banana sandwich to go to a class room. When I got there someone had called their name. Two people like it was on the phone meeting today, when two people dialed in from the same phone. I think the name was David though.

      B was in the back row and I went to join him. Then we were in an adjacent room at a row of computers at a desk. There was some music he couldn't listen to. M E may have been there.

      Then there was a scene of this smaller, thin character having done something to offend this big, tough character. They were humanoid in shape but had different attributes than humans I forgot. The big tough character ended up pulverizing the little guy into a wall. It became like DBZ, where the wall got smashed in like 10 feet behind where the big guy pulverized the little guy.

      Then the little guy (LG) managed to get out of the debris and retailiate against the big guy. He poked the big guy (BG's) eyes out, and a bandage appeared, over BG's eyes. Then LG tackled BG over the edge of a cliff thing from where the village was and down into a resevoir below it. The tackling was so powerful it made a hole in the ground of the reservoir that all the water drained into. I thought LG was going to drive BG straight to the core of the Earth and make him go into lava. It was kind of violent but I was glad to see LG winning since he seemed to be the good guy, and BG the bad guy.

      All the water from the village came draining down into the reservoir. I figured this was because the lack of water in the reservoir was now creating a vaccuum but in waking life that wouldn't work that way. There was a blue waterfall coming down from the cliff face. I was also glad that the water was being drained from the village due to LG's heroic action. That must have meant the village was corrupted.

      But then we were swimming in water again so I guess it got replenished. This time I was with them, but last time, I saw from outside. BG's eye was still bandaged. This was a relief. We were able to keep BG at bay by poking him with a metal rod, which kept him at a distance. LG and I kept doing this.

      I remember swimming underwater a little to avoid some of BG's arm swings. Then poking him from there. It was pretty involved. I'm not sure what the next part of the plan was going to be.

      Then some other guys came along in the water, and began to poke us with little sharp things. They wanted to play a game. They might have been characters from earlier but I'll explain that later.

      I told them that I would be glad to play their game any time. but not at this time. At the time I was doing something really important (fighting BG) and so it wasn't a good time. I explained that I was a "man of my word" and would keep my promise. I said this with a lot of anger, mainly. However, I said it like, "I'm a man of my word... Except when it comes to football season!" Meaning that I had quit football season earlier in the dream, or it was just implanted context. I thought to myself that this was okay to change my mind on football season, and didn't make me not a "man of my word" per say because it was a longer term decision.

      (I just had a dream flashback of weight lifting but I'm not sure when.)

      Then the part with BG kind of ended. We went in a locker room and I opened my locker. It was something like 18, 28, 38, and worked perfectly. I am surprised I remembered those numbers. I remember dialing the pad lock and everything. Silver pad lock with a black dial and white lines. I think 18, 28, 38 was like my combo from high school.

      I asked MC if he would want to play a game, I think something in the water, some time. But he had lacrosse season going. So that wasn't going to work. He asked me if I was playing, and I said no.

      However, I opened my locker and found two lacrosse sticks. One said STX. I explained that I didn't play now, but must have had these from last season I played, which was (and I tried to remember if it was 7, 8, 9 or 10th grade, but it was really 8th) some time in high school.

      Then MK came by and told me that he could show me his lacrosse skills. I figured he would do some catch with a lacrosse ball against a wall which would be fast and showy and impressive. But I think I needed to get going.

      Then the coach came by and notified me that I'd have to change my bedding. Or put my bedding in the hampers next time. I felt embarrassed for not having changed it all week. I guess I thought the staff would do it automatically. He noticed a drool stain on my bed or something, which was now right near the locker.

      I was relieved that I had had a shower from being in the water. And now I was going to go home overnight. This way I wouldn't be sleeping in a dirty bed and I wouldn't smell from that. I would be able to smell clean.

      That reminds me that there must have been something with a class room, and that coach, earlier in the dream. But I can't remember it now. Only this part. I think the coach was African American.

      So then I started to head out of the locker room. I think I did put my bedding in the hamper. I remember going into another row of lockers and there was something soft and furry there. People were asking me, "What, did you think they would just walk into the laundry themselves?" And I explained how I expected the staff to do it.

      Further on the way out, I got near Mr. H's class room. He had my car key. I'm not sure why. It was on this stack of two block things with a pumpkin picture on each. Now I'm remembering walking around high school hallways but not sure exactly what.

      I accidentally knocked his blocks over and went to pick them up. There was something with a woman named J and a toy car thing that's kind of vague to me now. I left the building without getting my car keys from Mr. H. Walking around the parking lot, I looked for my car. Then I realized I hadn't gotten the keys!

      I panicked a little because it was night, and everyone had left. I remember a bright light in my eyes against the night sky, and wondering why I didn't have my orange glasses. And if this would make it hard to fall asleep. As I headed back for the building.

      My plan was to bang on the door and yell, "MR. H!!!" until he heard me. They were glass doors. But luckily one opened right up. I went down the stairs and got my key. What a relief.

      Then 2 people were going to be in my car with me. Mr. H explained how beneath the space where the keys go is a mirror so he could see the underside of the keys. That made sense to me in the dream.

      Then there was a self help book that someone wanted to read as a group in the car ride home. He got very excited that we could read and discuss it together. I wondered how I would read it while I drove. Maybe they would read it out loud so I could hear.

      Then I woke up, and recalled those. Now I've come to record them. I'm kinda sad about the RBTS on round 2, causing me that loss. I guess its good that I slept but I thought I really had a chance to salvage those dreams. However if I had tried to salvage those, I might have lost the chance to recall round 3 at all. Well, there will be more dreams next time.

      Its 3:11 now so I probably woke up around 2:30. If I went to sleep by approx. 8:30 then I got 4.5-5.5 hours of sleep so far, if I make sure to not count the times I was up recalling dreams. Hopefully I'll fall back asleep this time without trouble.


      I got back to sleep with help from a meditation I made within 25 minutes. My mind started racing and I think without the meditation reminders I would have gone way off into that.

      I remember dreaming about being a science class. There was a female teacher. I remember we had to put stuff in a bag, maybe a big brown paper bag. I'm not sure if this was where I got lucid or if I did later.

      I remember getting lucid at some point. How? Not sure. But I found myself in a bed. I got up and saw that I was wearing blue jeans. Explored a few rooms of the house I was in.

      I remember that I was actually walking around on my knee caps in the beginning. And eventually, I stood up. I remember putting my one foot out and pressing up to a full standing position. So there was some dream body coordination.

      I don't remember much of the dream. or as much as I think there was. I felt like I had good control and it was a fairly stable dream, but without much stabilization techniques even needed. I think I did some hand rubbing at one point.

      I remember being in a room, near a TV. Thinking that the dream was going by so fast, but it was a longer lucid dream, and that I'd probably remember it all very easily. But I was aware that I hadn't even thought "Let me make sure I remember this" the whole time, untl then.

      I wondered what dream goals to try to accomplish after feeling like I hadn't really got the most out of it. There were some pullups and dip bars. I did wide-grip, overhand pull ups for a while, then pulled myself up and did push-ups on the bar. Then rotated to do dips. I rotated between the hanging push-ups, dips facing one way, back, dips facing other way, etc. Then back to pull-ups. I remember feeling my arms and upper body muscles actually working which was kinda cool. Also I think I did it with my eyes closed, seeing no visuals, just feeling the work out.

      I guess I fought the ending of the dream a little bit, but surrendered that it was over.
      There was one last false awakening in which I appeared in my bed, with lights on in the room. I grabbed a mirror at the foot of my bed, and tried to dream journal by talking into it.

      When I woke up physically, I was in such a daze. Not really able to think clearly. Those moments when I couldn't think yet were probably when alot of it slipped away.

      Well, now it's 4:36 AM. I must have only slept 30-45 minutes putting me at about 6 hours of sleep.


      I think I got 1 or 2 more total hours of sleep, so I'm at 7-8 again. I had some dreams way in the beginning that were forgotten via RBTS.

      I remember playing sports in the high school field. It was windy. A woman was smoking two cigars at once. I kept yelling from a distance for her to stop and she did. I was pretty sure there was no smoking allowed on that high school field. I vaguely remember some heiroglyphics or something like that.

      We got up to the locker room which was accessible through the front of the school building, and walked in. Same as waking life. I put a joke on the mirror involving someone wanting to eat an onion. Then after showing one person, I think C, I decided to take it down. It was a woman saying something about wanting an onion. Also there was something with the word trauma. I didn't want to leave it because it was making fun of her. She had reddish brown hair.

      Then there was something about how I was wearing gym shorts, but instead of change back to my clothes now, I would go home, change into different gym shorts, come back to school, and then change from gym shorts back to my regular clothes.

      I think TR was there.

      Then we were in a different field and there was something about a guy saying how if a guy got a woman pregnant, he should be with her. So he was staying with a woman who I guess he had got pregnant. Then we were supposed to rotate positions. I ended up being tricked into rotating to a position without a good view of anything. TL laughed. I was in a corner but behind a TV. So then TL pushed me into the corner some more and I kinda fought him off. I didn't want to stay in that spot.

      Then I remember being in the woods. I tripped and stumbled trying to get under some hanging vines. The trails were narrow. Someone had a thrown a whole bag of Heineken beer cans out there. There was some other litter. I wanted to clean it but it was hard to get my cleaning tools through the narrow passages of vines. I remember looking down a snowy slope that I'd have to wait until it was dry, so as not to slide.

      I thought of Wingull from Pokemon, maybe one that Ash had. I think I imagined it flying by.

      I'm not sure what else happened. I think there was a part when I was going to buy cigarettes, but then return them immediately, as a way to make people quit some how. I shudder to even say that sentence. And I also woke up laying on my right side, but opened my eyes and saw vines. When I looked closer they became blue, like my bed might be. But I still think it was a false awakening, because my eye cover would have made that not possible in waking life.

      I guess I don't remember the rest. It's kinda vague. Tonight my brain was a bit foggy when going for recall.

      I was really surprised (sp?) that this came out to 3667, it seemed like less!
    6. Dream - Cantankerous Cat

      by , Yesterday at 11:50 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 23 MAY - 2018

      Dream No. 340 - Cantankerous Cat

      There was a first scene playing in the dream but I forgot what happened. It is from the second scene that I can recall the events of this dream. It was right at midnight and I was standing in my grandma's room. In real life, her room is plain pine flooring and the bed is on the left as you walk in. In the dream, there was no bed and there was a carpet in the middle of the room. Nothing was happening but after a few seconds, the cat walked in.

      At first, the cat was passive but eventually, she become wild and aggressive. I appeared to be holding this yellow wrapped chocolate behind my back. The cat hissed and then jumped up at me, I could feel her sharp claws digging through me, trying to go for the chocolate. Each time the cat would jump at me and dig her claws into me, I would throw her off, chucking her further and further after each attempt. At the same time, she got nastier and nastier, and more ferocious with each attempt.

      Now her eyes were all black and beady and she was going absolutely crazy. Now I was really scared, especially because nothing I did was working. I decided to call for “Miss T!”, frequently doing so, but there was no response. My mum appeared and started talking to me but she didn't do much to get rid of the cat. I did tell my mum what I was trying to do and that I wasn't getting a response. My mum suggested me to try another method.

      So when my mum disappeared again, I called out repetitively, “Dreamy WB!”. It actually worked this time. She appeared and her appearance was that of the frizzy pigtail and she was wearing a casual black jumper with black sports leggings and black canvas shoes with a white border. She walked through the open door into the bedroom and gave me a quick rub on the back. The cat was still at me though and so Dreamy WB proceeded by actually taking matters into her own hands, literally.

      She took the cat into her own hands. While the cat's claws were still dug into my arm, Dreamy WB gently removed her and cradled the cat in her arms. The cat was relaxed now, in-fact she was sleeping! Being extremely quiet and slow, Dreamy WB walked the cat out of the room, bobbing around in a magical, mysterious sort of motion. When Dreamy WB was completely out of the room, the scene changed.

      The next scene took place at Chadstone shopping centre with my mum, my mum's friend AV and my grandma being there. My mum told me that they wanted to do some shopping on their own and so I was to take the car and wait for them at AV's house. On my drive there, I come across this white van and it goes in front of me to stop me. I get out my mum's car and look through the window of the van, it's my diploma friends but they look really wild and nasty in this dream. One of the guys, AM, had sharp teeth and saliva was actually dripping from his mouth.

      There was another guy that I recognised, T. He didn't have any distorted looks about him and he didn't act wild, but he wasn't himself either. He asked me to help RV with her teeth (which I saw her sitting still inside at the back of the van) but as I was looking at AM, I thought that he was the one that actually needed help with his teeth. I didn't know what to do and so I got into the car and drove it to the nearby parking lot.

      When I got out of the car, AM came but I forgot what he said to me. I went to the boot and had a look at the car's registration plate; in the dream, it was “831 601”. I then opened the boot and there were all these latches on the border of it. The more I tightened one, the more water came out of these nozzles and filled the bottom of the boot. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Tasks
      - Re-stabilize in-dream performance from Dreamy WB; she hasn't been appearing lately (Achieved? YES)
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? No)
      - Investigate where my SML postage has gone (Achieved? No)
      - Reach the Gyeongbokgung Palace (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - Get the bottom of the cause of dream guide hindrance (Achieved? No)
      - In accordance to the "shared dreaming experiment" proceed on locating the moon (Achieved? No)

      Dream 340: Results (Competition #3)
      Competition Night: 22
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry:
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Summon Dream Guide (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 126.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 128.0

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    7. Octopus Woman

      by , Yesterday at 10:06 AM
      Afternoon of May 22, 2018. Tuesday.

      I am hovering above a scene of Ursula (from the “Little Mermaid” movie, though she appears as a “real” person instead of a cartoon). She seems to have been enslaved to work in a factory (on land and owned by humans), which looks like it involves capping bottles in a circular system of levers and a rotating mechanism she is strapped within (as she rotates horizontally as well). Even though she seems to be at the mercy of whoever runs the factory, she laughs weirdly, “Huh huh HA ha…,” and seems cheerful, and continues to work.

      This short surreal dream was influenced by seeing a “robot fail” video with a robot hand failing at its task of picking up bottles. An additional influence was from the typical water induction (though no water body occurs here) as a fictitious sea denizen as an octopus woman, which also has an association with our youngest daughter’s sticker books and coloring books as such.

      Tags: factory, octopus
    8. Everybody happy lalalala laaa laar

      by , Yesterday at 07:18 AM
      After a music concert an ex girlfriend of mine finds a nice guy and is happy. I am also happy for her.

      I note this dream as I havent had a none violent dream for a long while.
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. The UFO and its Leave-taking

      by , Yesterday at 07:17 AM
      Morning of May 23, 2018. Wednesday.

      My dream’s setting is unfamiliar and unique (not correlating with any previous dream), yet it is accepted by my dream self as our present home as is usually the case. It seems to be late morning. The sky is bright blue and has an essence of beauty and peace. I focus on what I eventually realize is a silver 1960s style “flying saucer”. I consider that it is that of aliens of whom just happen to be in the area, yet the implication of this presence does not even create the full realization with what the word “alien” is associated. Instead, I see it as something rare and beautiful, with even a cheerful shiny newness, with no sense of threat. The “flying saucer” hovers in one location for several minutes. There is a curious sort of soft humming sound, which creates a sense of amusement and somehow, perfection. I tell Zsuzsanna that I will have to get our oldest son to see it and I go off to get him. (My dream self’s memory is incomplete as usual, as we have five children, but, other than Zsuzsanna, there is only an awareness and focus on our oldest son here. This subconscious self’s lack of viable memory and intelligence is unique from dream to dream, never being the same error in more than one dream. For example, in other dreams I would be aware of my youngest son and not Zsuzsanna, aware of Zsuzsanna but not our youngest son, having a ficticious daughter or son, and so on, always as the simple result of the subconscious self not having viable access to either the unconscious mind or the curent conscious self identity as in waking life.)

      When he comes out to see it, I notice a jet approaching the “flying saucer” from the right (though it is moving too slowly to be a real jet, but my dream self does not regard this). Suddenly, the flying saucer is gone. I am somewhat annoyed, but not very emotional about it.

      The scene shifts into the waking space, which is mostly undefined, though I am aware of our son on my left. We are looking at an A4-size photograph that shows the movement of the UFO. It looks somewhat like a linear series of cirrus clouds. The flight of the UFO is implied to be from the top to the bottom of the photograph even though it is also implied that it had been in the center before the image was captured, so the implications are ambiguous. I consider that the path of the jet may also be defined in this image by a different sequence of fuzzy narrow cloud-like strokes that curve down to the bottom right (now implied to be going in a different direction than the UFO even though it had originally been flying slowly towards it). Looking more closely, I am unable to work out the three trails of patterns (as the trail going to the top might be implied to be additional to the one going to the bottom from the center). I consider that there had been two “flying saucers” in the same location (though I only saw the one, so this is a change from what had actually been rendered earlier in my dream), which flew off very quickly. I feel slightly puzzled in missing out on the opportunity to have actually seen what had happened.

      This dream is an autosymbolic form of vestibular system correlation, which is a result of being in the dream state and of which has been present in at least one dream per sleep cycle (often more) for over fifty years. It also includes the factor of looking at a two-dimensional image in the autosymbolic waking space (in this case, a semi-dark featureless room with one other dream character while I am liminally attempting to sustain and vivify my dream, an event I have experienced thousands of times since childhood). Another example is a dream where I was studying an upside-down silhouette of a helicopter in the sky in a magazine photograph. Another is where I was in an unfamiliar motel room and standing in front of the foot of a bed and I gaze at news footage on television, which shows a “flying saucer” in flight, but more resembles a dynamic sideways x-ray of a pocket watch, with all the gears moving (ultradian rhythm factor mixed with the usual vestibular system correlation).

    10. I'm Getting My Money Out Of My Wallet

      by , Yesterday at 02:43 AM
      Went to bed at 11:30 PM, ended up doing a short 15 minute WBTB, experimented with playing a game of 2048 on my phone to wake up the logical centers of the brain a little, but not too much, as I needed to get back to bed.


      The dream began with me in the bedroom of my apartment, I assumed that I had just awoken, I had checked my front door to see that it was open.. I'm typically a freak about locking my doors, so this wouldn't happen normally. I then checked my back door by the den and noticed that the door was partly open... weird. One other detail I noticed was that the doors were seemingly doubled in thickness.. as if there were 2 doors.. as 1 door. I walked back to my front door to confirm that detail when I decided to do the phone time reality check, and sure enough I didn't even have to look away and look back, the text was all jumbled to hell. the excitement rushed in as I realized I was dreaming, great fucking deductions I thought, my lucid dreaming practice in RL in paying off, and this reality check is proving to be pretty solid.

      Shortly after I finished boasting to myself, I closed my eyes on accident... and panicked a little at the possibility of squandering this lucid dream I earned, I appeared at the front of a long line inside of some coffee shop. It seemed as if I had already ordered??? I then remembered something that Daniel Love had mentioned in his book for dream stability, which was to vocalize everything you are doing to ground yourself in your dream reality. So I pulled my wallet out - "I'm pulling my wallet out" (saying all of this like an idiot in front of the big line and the cashier), then I started taking money out of my wallet - "I'm getting my money out of my wallet", it seemed to sort of help extend me further than my last short lucid, then she took my money
      and the dream completely collapsed.


      Lucid Streak - 2

      It seems the vocalizing of the actions is a valid technique, but I think I need to focus first on my other senses and perhaps feel my hands or touch stuff, after the fact, it almost feels like it was a non lucid dream. Maybe I am just getting a crazy impulsive tunnel vision, instead of just looking at things and observing detail but rather just filtering a lot of things out and essentially just riding the excitement until I hit an overflow and just wake up. It also feels like this occurred closer to the end of REM phase, not sure though.

      Dream Incubation -

      For my next lucid dream I want to recreate the floor of the hotel I was in with my project manager, and also recreate the scene of me and her walking back from the elevators to our rooms and where she expressed her griefs about the project we were out for.

      The goal is to make a move on her in a very controlled and aware manner (so I can enjoy it), after completing this, as a wish list action item, I will attempt to fly out of her window and explore the city.

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    11. Log 1119 - Sick Dad, Office Friend, and Magic Cyborg Underworld Collusion Scrap

      by , Yesterday at 02:18 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Only got fragments today.

      Scrap Group 1
      Dad was sick in a hospital.

      Doing paperwork in a government office. Something about Stewie Griffin being friends with the clerk there?

      In an unknown building. My brother, Raul, was there. We were in a some kind of fledgeling ragtag superhero team. Our group was assaulted by this overtly edgy magician, and got our butts handed to us. A few of us figured this enemy's cloak was a powerful artifact. I guessed it was some D&D-specific item, which the wizard got from colluding with a powerful underworld goddess (a gigantic female, faceless humanoid made of spiky earth). The latter was disputabe, for it was known that deity was opposed to the living. Cut to a short clip of said deity gathering an army of rock spirits. Cut again. Raul and I are infiltrating a robot base. We re-fight enemies that we've vanquished off-screen. This even included the wizard, who was now a cyborg. After defeating him, the robo-magician cackled on about reviving Sigma from Megaman X.

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    12. Returning to lucidity : Strange little rock friend

      by , Yesterday at 01:49 AM
      There I found myself, outside of my mom's house, whom I no longer live with. Guided by irrational thought, I went ahead with it and broke into my mom's house through the window aside the front door.

      Then I seemed to skip forward in time and was sitting inside a version of the living room, watching TV all lazily on the couch. I remember feeling like someone was there with me, but then my eye was caught by a small moving object on the floor, it was what looked like a small rock that had a leaf on top and I justified to myself that the leaf was it's hair, and that it was living. But after seeing it move more.. I decided to use my reality check that I'd been incorporating into my daily life(phone time check / text check) and upon glancing at my phone's screen, the numbers were all jumbled with no proper formatting and in that moment I knew I was dreaming

      I immediately got up from my seat, walked up to the TV, then everything got extremely blurry and I got overwhelmed, I then woke up.


      Looks like I need to work on my stabilization, I got quickly overwhelmed and it seemed to just spiral me out of the dream..

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    13. Where dreams are born DILD

      by , 05-22-2018 at 07:31 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was in walmart and had a recent altercation with another customer there. As I am about to walk out of the store a employee stop me and said I needed to come inside for a talk. I thought to myself, maybe I should just leave and not waste my time. But instead upon seeing I had no car park outside in the middle of the night. I thought it was best to give time to the situation.

      He leads me to the room to where I can see the customer that I assaulted. He ask me questions with the idea that he thought I'd be going for the path of lies. But instead I disrupt his speech and explained the truth. He understands and we begin to speak about other things that I possess no memory of now. After the confrontation, I leave the store and now return outside. I still have no car in my environment and the desire to move became stronger.

      The dream scene went in to a state of constant change, to where there would be a one way road among a large field, then a one way road to a rocky mountain, many new things continue to change in till I could no longer drive to the end of the road and the scene would change to another. It was in till the dream scene had change to a place I was familiar with. It was an island named Dominica. I got off the vehicle that I could not see which had the power to change environments.

      Once I got off and took my bags I felt lucidity hit me. I was aware and amaze with the environment and how it look. I went towards the pink house that seemed to float perfectly balance on the ocean of no where. I could see the island not far from where I was. I then see another me hanged up on top of the roof. When I look closer it was like a toy version of me. The toy me was shirtless and attach to the roof. I examined it further and then woke up.
    14. 569 Words--Sick Sandwhiches and Gallons of Ice-cream

      by , 05-22-2018 at 03:08 PM
      Dream 1: All I can remember is bumping into somone and apologizing.

      Dream 2: I am in the basement of the log house, but my room, (the garage) is in the basement. Several of my siblings are down there, and we have my dwares of containers filled with little plastic parts and are somehow using it for a war. I tell Saxon we need everyone to get their good guy out of the parts, and then the bad guys, who are trying to find that one good guy in the parts will be dead, because we will bomb the whole thing, even though it will destroy our parts, because then it will make us win. Then, I am in the woodroom, and I spread jelly and penut butter on a sandwhich, then put cheese, and plastic parts in it, and put it on a red plastic plate, and put it on a stove in the woodroom to melt. Then the dream kinda jumps...I am running past a bunch of people until I get to the front of a line, and I see this guy getting read to get some icecream out. I ask if I could buy some, and he says how much. I tell him I'll give him five bucks, and so he opens the fridge, motions with his hand to a two foot in size block of ice cream and says, "This much for five bucks?" I say yes, and so he kinda scoops it out, (the fridge is filled with frozen icecream from top to bottom, no shelves, nothing else, just icecream. He holds it out in his arms to me, and I take it, but it has split into two chunks. I consider putting one of the chunks back becuase I know that is about twice as much as cream as five bucks would really cost, but decide not to. I then notice that the people are actually getting ready for a dance and are lining up, so I quickly get outta there with my ice-cream...then the dream jumps back again...I am staring at a sandwhich on a green plate in my room, and look inside. The edge is kind of black, and there is only a slightly stickysubstance where the plastic, penut butter, and jelly used to be. I decide I can't really eat it, as the plastic wreaked it, when I see the sanwhich I made on the red plate. Then I notice that my room is a mess and start to clean it up. However, the room gradually evolves to where it is in a parking lot, and there are some mini cars, maybe 3 feet tall for where my tubs and stack of dwarers used to be. I push a black sedan looking car into place for where my blue tub used to be and push an orange/brown jeep like car into the middle of the parking lot, but then notice it is only like 2 feet tall, and am afraid it will get runover, so I put it on a parking space on the edge. I then come back, and my room is fixed and Canyon is about to go to M&D who are in the west room, but I throw out an arm to stop her, and just stand there, blocking the way, while she futily tries to push past me.

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    15. Dream - The Bell Curve & Humans Versus Hippo

      by , 05-22-2018 at 01:19 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 22 MAY - 2018

      Dream No. 339 - Separated Sections

      Dream 339 A - The Bell Curve
      I don't remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was in my brother's bedroom of the old house. I was making a big card out of this yellow coloured cardboard. It was decorated with all these random bits of paper with all different kinds of textures; I clearly remember corrugated cardboard and glittered paper. Then I picked up a pencil and drew a normal distribution bell curve on it.

      My statistics teacher came up behind me and asked me what I was going to do with that normal distribution curve. Although he was constantly going “reject”, I stopped him in his tracks and said that I was going to accept it. He became really impressed and told me that he was amazed and that my answer was right. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 339 B - Humans Versus Hippo
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at a distorted version of my current house but I forgot what I was specifically doing at the time. I had walked into my bedroom and put this lining material in my pants. I then walked around the house for a while but I wasn't particularly doing anything.

      The dream then moved to me being in this unknown outdoor area and as I was walking around the streets, my deceased grandfather appeared and started verbally bullying me. I walked with my head held low in shame as he continued to ridicule me. Eventually, I came across this building in the distance, across from a large oval, that resembled the outdoor area of the sports complex at Monash University in real life.

      I walked along the outdoor railed walkway and all along the path, middle-aged strangers were standing there; a parade of them, all verbally bullying me as I walked past them. The verbal bullying was starting to get to me now. I felt like I wanted to say something to these people but I felt so belittled and so I couldn't. I decided that I would call for Murray. After my first attempt, I continue walking but nothing changes, they're still all calling out at me and there is no sign of Murray. For the first time ever in a dream, rather than using a distressed tone, I use a frustrated tone, even though not lucid, conscientiously knowing that the dream will not give me easy access to a dream guide.

      In annoyed and frustrated tone, I say, “Murray... Please come...”. For a moment, nothing happens and the ridiculing starts again. As I look out onto the oval though, there is this pink/magenta visible energy starting to condense on the hill at the top of the oval. Murray ends up appearing as a giant holograph, his features are from Sly 2/3. Slowly, he starts floating towards me. As he is doing so, I have this idea that he is going to take his anger out on all these people but I am surprised when Murray ends up hovering right in front of me, on the other side of the low rail. He spreads his arms out, putting his giant hands around my back; I lean on his large tummy, attempting to hug him in return. As we're hugging each other, I wake up.

      Dream Tasks
      - Re-stabilize in-dream performance from Dreamy WB; she hasn't been appearing lately (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? No)
      - Investigate where my SML postage has gone (Achieved? No)
      - Reach the Gyeongbokgung Palace (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - Get the bottom of the cause of dream guide hindrance (Achieved? No)
      - In accordance to the "shared dreaming experiment" proceed on locating the moon (Achieved? No)

      Dream 339: Results (Competition #3)

      339 A
      Competition Night: 21
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      339 B
      Competition Night: 21
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Murray
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 9.5
      Calculation Details:
      - 7-Day Recall Chain (7.0)
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Summon Dream Guide (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 116.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 126.0
      non-lucid , memorable
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