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    1. May 26, 2024 11:3? am

      by , Today at 10:57 AM
      Yesterday I pulled a muscle in my upper back and chest area after I was breathing and running while making an unexpected movement and now I can barely move my upper body area.

      idk how it relates to the dream but it's definitely limiting my movements in bed.

      Anyways in my dream I was married to someone who strangely looks an awful lot like a family friend, and we had a child. I had recently updated my MacBook (like I did in the wake world) and installed Adobe Photoshop on it and it was actually working. Meanwhile my wife and some other dude are fighting over some sleeping music to play for our baby. I put a Mega Man Star Force meme over their conversation and was searching for the option to export the file as a MOV in Photoshop so that I could post it to my meme page, but changed my mind. Meanwhile I play the sleeping music in question out of curiosity, at some point my wife storms into the room in lingerie, teasingly calling me out for putting on the sleeping music and gets in bed with me. For whatever reason the guy she was arguing with was there too in the room who found it amusing too that I was playing that music and told the longest freaking anecdote about him listening to the Brein/BAF disclaimer music and a bouncer of the club recognising the sound but the guy refused to say his name to which the bouncer charged him extra entry money for gatekeeping. The guy then started an argument with the bouncer and the people in the queue started getting pissed off as well. It then turned out that the guy from the disclaimer music in question was actually performing in the club.

      I then woke up.

      smh bruhhhh my wife and I were waiting for you to leave so we could've had sex! Yet the thing I was more disappointed about in my dream was when I woke up and realised my updated MacBook Pro doesn't have Photoshop or any Adobe software on it :')

      Dream was in Dutch.
    2. Dream Journal Day 50: Night of Tuesday 21.05.2024

      by , 05-24-2024 at 10:24 PM
      A fruitful night.


      I'm at school, wandering around, up and down stairs, through empty corridors. No-one is around. All the stairways and passages seem much longer than usual.

      I stop on a huge landing at the bottom of the stairs, at ground floor level. The wall to outside is a large expanse of glass, shimmering panes from floor to ceiling. Outside is a raised platform paved with gravel, walled in to the left by another glassy extension to the building while the other two sides face into the open air.

      A girl comes up the stairs from the basement and pauses when she sees me on the landing. She is in uniform - a younger girl - and has a ponytail of bushy, light brown hair. We talk although I can't remember what about. Then she turns to the windows and says, boldly, "I'm going to go out on to the balcony!". I gasp. The balcony is off-limits to students because it gives a clear view into the staff room (the other room on the left) and we are not supposed to see in there. She pushes open a door in the glass and purposefully walks out. I feel terrified that she'll be caught. Suddenly, my perspective shifts: I'm on the other side of the staff room, where there is no balcony, standing slightly below the ground floor level and looking in. I see, through blue glass, rows of desks with computers and chairs. I am shocked to see that the room is completely empty.

      Later, I am in a brightly lit hallway on the top floor. Although there are no windows I feel very high up. I walk with another girl, who says she wants to find a bathroom - I know her, she is somewhat tall and has long blonde hair. The bathrooms are along this hallway. She says she doesn't like those tiny narrow cubicles, and prefers the wide ones, so I direct her towards one bathroom which has a few larger cubicles. She ignores me and enters the one next door, only to find every cubicle occupied. Annoyed, she returns, and we go in. It is a very bright and spacious room with white tile up the walls. We pass the sinks and turn the corner to see a row of five large cubicles, and several smaller ones opposite. A few are occupied - I see curly hair over the top of a door - but some are open, and she enters one. I hang about outside, waiting, leaning against the wall.


      The sun beams down on us as I cycle, with a group of others, around a gorgeous flower field. Just as I become aware of myself, I see I am crossing a broad flat wooden bridge - though no water in sight - and I look up. We are cycling over a 'path' of slightly flattened and crushed grass, which runs all round at the edge of the huge oval-shaped field. Long grasses are waving and among them crowd pink, purple, blue, red and yellow wildflowers, small, tall, pretty. The air has a sweet grassy smell and the sun shines down warmly, making the whole field glimmer. I think how it's been so long since I last cycled, but it's true that you really don't forget - it feels so free and easy, flying over the grass on my bike. Another girl passes me, lightning-fast and scarily close, causing me to lose my balance and veer over to the fence around the wide edge of the path.

      I stop right by the fence and put one foot on the ground. Here is dark green, cool and shady, with climbing and overhanging foliage winding around and above the fence and the trees outside it. The fence is white and curvy, two running rails with periodic posts sticking into the ground. Ivy clambers over it and obscures much of the metalwork from view. I lean over and see a deep, muddy ditch on the other side. I'm taking a moment to rest when another cyclist - a boy this time - comes barreling up the path and almost crashes into me. He stops himself at the last minute and proceeds to angrily yell at me: "Stop by the fence, idiot!" I cry back indignantly, "This is the fence! Can't you see?". He flushes red and rapidly takes off again.

      I resume cycling, though stop regularly by the fence. At one point, I look over it and see rushing water. Its calming sound washes over me as I pan my gaze across the field.


      School again. I am in French class, in our little room at the top of the main building. We are all chatting and gossiping with the French teacher as we often do. I start telling her about when I saw into the staff room and it was empty - and I see her expression growing almost murderous...


      Leaving my house, on a rather grey day, I turn to see one of the neighborhood cats sitting in the street a little further up. He's a friendly black cat (and very fluffy) so I head over to say hello. I crouch down to stroke him, and he stands, turning his head towards me while raising his fluffy tail in the air - exactly like a picture of him my dad sent me last week.

      Really happy with these dreams - it's rare that I remember so many. And cat! I love dreaming about cats.

      It's starting to get really quiet around here so I hope all the people who haven't been online recently will be back soon. I'm missing having everyone's DJs to read
    3. RIP

      by , 05-24-2024 at 03:20 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I don't know if any old-school dreamviews members are still around. But, I regret to inform you all that former DV member: Cacophony (Chloe Rose) has passed away from stage 4 cancer. I used to interact with her a lot on DV maybe 2009'ish? She leaves behind a young daughter. Kind of hit me hard today for an hour or so... anyone younger than me or in my age group when they pass... I count myself lucky. We attempted to share dreams for a short stint. She did tell me I actually dreamed of something she did in waking life, she said hoped my strange skill takes me places.

      Also, Possible Jamie sighting again. I was in olds, had to take a detour and while turning caught a girl in a maroon car beaming at me. Hair tied back or in braids. Face: familiar. It was hard to tell because it was only a split second. Hard to tell because when it comes to Jamie, The universe likes to fuck me in the ass... literally.

      Anyway dreams.

      New girlfriend

      I'm with Jamie at a highschool. She somehow convinces me to get a new girlfriend or something. It's some slightly chubby girl. later we are "going out." I kiss her goodbye at the end of the school day. The kiss doesn't feel right at all... but I say as I'm walking away. "Goodbye my girlfriend!". She just stares at me dumbfounded or something. I walk away with Jamie and say, "She didn't even respond." Jamie said, "She's not the right one then."


      I'm going from a top floor of a large building to downstairs through a series of rooms set up like an obstacle course. I breeze through most of it pretty easy. On one floor the memorable part was running into two cheetahs. They were really friendly though.


      some dream about a new job or something. can't remember.

      Almost lucid

      I was with Jamie somewhere... had a False Awakening. I was in a bedroom that felt like it was mine. There was some obscure music playing. it sounded like Classic rock, but with grunge. I remember thinking the song was annoying. Then it stopped and I heard a radio guy talking. It sounded like Gibbrish and then it ended. Saw a weird panting on the wall. It kept changing shape. I was about to be lucid but woke up.


      Me and Jamie are walking in a white area, By a wall there's a 3 foot high troll... it's female with blond hair but a wierd face. Jamie says, "Hey, I think that might be your girlfriend." I stop and ask the troll, "Who is your boyfriend?" The troll I think is going to point at me but it points to the floor between my feet. I took it as a Yes and picked up the troll to give her a hug.

      FA, The troll is on top of my in my bed. I jump up in shock and it makes me wake up for real.

      Why is Jamie trying to get me a new, "Girlfriend." in dreams. I already have Asuka, and Jamie... Is she testing telepathy again trying to make me say a key phrase? Well STOP it. I'm not an experimaent... Kinda miss the affecionate dreams.
    4. Dream Journal Day 49: Night of Monday 20.05.2024

      by , 05-23-2024 at 12:55 PM
      From a station somewhat close to my house (about 20 mins on foot) I take a train to see my friend. The platform extends out from under a tunnel of square white arches, and it's bright with daylight, but everything seems to get darker and narrower once I step onto the train and the doors close.

      I get off at 'Westminster' after a half-hour ride*. Her house isn't far - next thing I'm there. It's much larger than her real house. She opens a huge black front door to let me in and we walk through a long, high hallway to the kitchen and dining room at the end. After a bit of chatter I open the fridge as if it's my house and rummage through to see what we could have for dinner. Chicken and chips, I suggest - and ice cream. 'Ice cream?' she repeats sceptically. 'Well,' I reply, a little embarrassed, 'I guess we don't need that.'

      We make dinner and proceed with plates down another long, white corridor, into a vast and bare living room. The ceiling is double height and the walls are panelled and painted white. There is a white sofa in the middle of the room and a TV against the opposite wall. (Seriously this is all - IRL her house is a MESS) We settle down to watch together, chatting meanwhile.

      I can't remember our conversation, though I recall it was interesting. Later, I leave, heading through yet another winding corridor through this maze of a house back to the front door (now, it's white). She unlatches the door and pulls it open for me as I step out into the dark chill night. I take the train home again - it's dark and eerily quiet - and finally shut my own front door behind me with a sigh.

      I remember, later on, my mum appearing to rant at me about how I can't just keep coming and going from my friend's house every week. I ignore her.

      *This is not where she lives, nor can you get there from the station where I was - besides, I always walk to her house.
    5. May 22, 2024 10:1? am

      by , 05-22-2024 at 09:53 AM
      I was watching this scene from the Belgian TV show Samson & Gert where the two meet in an apartment full of single beds and couches with Gert's girlfriend who looks like Mr Bean's date while she's studying. Her roommate walks in and strikes a conversation with Gert while she sneaks out of her own apartment. Gert is hinting at Samson to talk with the other dogs. Meanwhile I'm watching them interact while multiple people sit on the couch with me. This girl in particular borrows my phone charger and tries talking to me while I vaguely and shortly respond because I was focused on the Samson & Gert situation. She then leaves and passive aggressively points out my lack of enthusiasm of talking to her, expressing she was looking forward to getting to know me better. As I look at her, I start to realise she's pretty cute and tell her we can have a proper talk along with some drinks together, which she rejects before leaving. As I sit down, a girl from theatre school whom I did a magician act with once, comforts me. As I walk people home, I come across another theatre school classmate who asks me if I can return the backpack to the theatre school classmate who's student dorm I visited once. As I walk through the apartment complex, I hear about the student's campaign to raise funds and awareness for special "sleeve phones" that Spanish businessmen use apparently as they are shown talking to their jacket sleeves.

      It's late at night, I Google some bus rides to Utrecht as I'm around Southern Amsterdam and the classmate gives me a message while talking to me like it's therapy. I struggle to maintain proper balance as he keeps massaging me. He whispers something to me, "uncontrollable" or something and I wake up feeling a little seasick and nauseous.
    6. Bad recall

      by , 05-20-2024 at 04:16 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Had some issues sleeping the past few nights. But I had one fragment.

      Had a rough day with Jamie's ( voice) today...

      Forgot to mention last entry. I had two fragments of Jamie practicing hairstyles on a dummy or something.


      I was in a classroom or library with Jamie. There was a large white computer tower or something. It was really sleek, like a ps5 . Jamie went over to touch it.

      Last fragment was something about asuka and Jamie in my house.
      Tags: asuka, jamie
      non-lucid , side notes
    7. 24-05-19 Escape, Flying Away w. Soundtrack

      by , 05-19-2024 at 10:03 PM
      I was in a bizarre place. A series of rooms, hallways and stairways, but with an open ceiling so you could see the sky. I was with multiple other people, all trying to escape. I think we had to pass the same area multiple times, but in a different "cycle" so it would look slightly different every time, with traps in different places, obstacles moved slightly, etc. In the final cycle, entire parts of the floor turned to lava. I think one of the guys I was with was Ed Harris? We went up a stone spiral staircase, and reached the exit. By this point, I had gained a subconscious awareness that this was a dream, and that the plot had come to an end. But not full lucidity. I started flying, going straight up and looking down. From a respectable altitude, I could see all the landmarks we'd previously visited during our escape. There were strange, orb-shaped luminescent structures. I think it was a bit misty, too. There was a rousing, inspiring soundtrack playing as I ascended. I felt on a subconscious level that I was the one "generating" the music - again some degree of lucidity. I even caught myself marveling at the fact that this musical composition did not exist, and I completely made it up in real-time. I decided to go higher, into space, so I stretched out my arms to reach for the heavens, and with one extra burst of acceleration flew upwards until the sky got black and starry. While I did this, the soundtrack hammed it up even more, and got even more epic.
    8. 24-05-XX Showing Off, Weird Confidence

      by , 05-19-2024 at 09:47 PM
      I remember almost nothing. Maybe a road, and a bunch of people walking along this road to an unknown destination? During the dream, I figured out I could fly, so I did a bunch of stupid stunts and showing off. But the part that puzzled me the most in retrospect, is when I approached a girl I liked, and actually asked her on a date...? I felt such unbelievable confidence, it was unlike anything I've ever felt in the real world.
    9. Thoughts on what lucid dreaming means to me

      by , 05-17-2024 at 09:01 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Before bed I was reading a novel and when I went to sleep the story just continued on throughout the night in my dreams. I kept waking up with the characters and plot going through my head and I could hear the characters voices. There were no visuals, it felt like I just never stopped reading and the experience continued.

      I haven't been carrying on any dream related practices in quite a while now. It just takes so much effort for so little results for me. I'm just thinking about my motives for lucid dreaming in general right now.

      I've always been fascinated by various ways of exploring altered experiences. Gaming being a big one that dominated my life early on. I touched on some psychedelics a bit but never went too deep because I would rather have control over having an intense experience.

      I guess freedom and control are things I've been chasing in my life, two things I didn't have much of early on. Escaping the status quo has always been my default means of viewing my life. I couldn't accept things most people take as totally normal. Like spending 8 hours of my day working, couldn't stand it.

      Ever since my first accidental lucid dream at around ~8 or so years old, I've looked at the phenomenon as a sort of anchor point in a way. That there is a potential world inside of me that offers complete freedom and creativity, even if it is brief and difficult to achieve.

      Not sure where I'm going with this, I think it's just that I haven't been happy with the way this experience of life has been. It's just felt restrictive and plain and the potentials for it to be otherwise are just so high. With how technology is going the future generations may be having the kinds of experiences I wish I had in this time. I mean, even in the next 40 years things should get pretty interesting, so barring anything crazy happening I'll probably be able to experience that.

      I guess I'm just bored.
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    10. Some dreams

      by , 05-17-2024 at 01:18 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Was lucid finally

      Lucid 1

      Was walking along a white tile floor and started counting. The effect was funny so I was instantly lucid. Went into a staircase area and kept counting. Stopped at 40 and decided to jump to keep the dream from falling apart. Was following this old lady climbing the winding staircase. got bored of that so I decided to go outside. I was making my way through the building when the dream shifted.

      Lucid 2

      Was instantly lucid at night time by what I thought was my house. Wanted to find Jamie so I got into a car and started driving. I as in a big city or something and it didn't look right. I started to tilt the wheel up and the car started flying. I flew by a large building and decided to crash into it. I did but not much happened. I climbed in the air with my flaying car and kept seeing bigger buildings as big as mountains above the skyscrapers I was already near. I knew it was a perceptual illusion do decided to ignore it

      I thought to myself, "How to find Jamie?", "Just go left," a voice in my head responded. It was a male voice. I went left over some buildings a few blocks. And some residential houses felt right so I decided to land. i got out of the car and saw two characters in front of a house that looked like minecraft characters or something.

      "Robert, over here!" I hear Jamie's voice to my right. I look to my right and some girl is on top of some steps by the door to the house. She's beckoning me over with her hand. I see a brown haired girl with her hair tied back. doesn't quite look the same but the energy is Jamie's. i go up the steps and I feel her hug me. I say I want to talk to her or something. She takes me by the hand and leads me inside. We start going down in a basement. I try to speak, but feel that my physical jaw is frozen, I find it hard to speak. but I manage, "Are you really Jamie?" She looks back and finds the phrase familiar. (Sometimes the conversations with the head voice is like a broken record, and that's something I ask once in a while.) She nods and keeps walking. in the downstairs I aslk, "You're the one from Wal-Mart?" She slightly nods again. We sit down on a carpet or something. I hear her voice in my head say something but can't remember. I say :I just heard your voice in my head... is that really you? She doesn't answer just sits on the carpet and stares at me. Her form is changed again. I start asking about the voices I hear but can't say much because the dream ends.


      A dream where I'm not participating. I'm looking at the outside of a house. Jamie opens the door and another girl leaves the house. Jamie is escorting her out. I guess it's one of her nice friends. Theey then kis on the lips and the girl walks away and Jamie waves at her and smiles... Oh god. Not this again.

      Second night:


      I'm in a mall with a mcdonald's in it. A familiar girl with who I think looks like Olivia from coaldale walks up to me and we start talking. She is telling me she is moving away soon with her future husband. I'm like :Yeah okay whatever. I then get in line for the till. But olivia and some other girl who are holding hands cut in front of me whil I'm in line. I confront them about it, but olivia brushes me off. I gt mad and just leave an look for another restaurant in the food court.

      Third night:


      something about my dad and my dog.


      Me and Jamie are sitting in a car by my house. This isn't in the "Dream realm," but seems to be "Real," Me and Jamie seem to be discussing a serious relationship. Can't catch any details but it feels like this is something she is planning.


      I'm in a house with some people. Jamie looks like Zendaiya... Ok i'm still not seeing her correctly again. I'm sitting at a table and talking. She starts hanging off some other guy.


      I'm in a crowd of people at a house party. some chubby girl with pigtails starts talking to me. She claims she is Jamie's friend or something. We keep talking about Jamie. And this girl seems to confirm Jamie's intentions. Some drunk guys start interrupting us, and say something like :You gotta buy this for her, and that stuff blah blah blah.". I say: Drizzle Drizzle! I AM the table! (No, I see that stuff as satire but find it funny so many people get triggered by it.) The girl just laughs and seems to understand my sarcasm. the guys go ,"Ooooh," and walk away or something.
    11. Bleh

      by , 05-14-2024 at 03:23 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Still confusing stuff going on with the voice... Really hope it gets resolved soon. I've had it..

      Jamie dreams

      Only one night out of the 3 nights had Jamie.

      In one she is by a white pickup truck and jokingly giving me shit about something.

      In another fragment. She is next to me on a street in Didsbury and she seems happy with me.

      Last fragment is I'm seeing her sit by a window with a child sitting on her lap.

      Almost lucid.

      I'm walking with someone in a highschool. ( Might be Jamie) . I start floating but it seems normal. I cross my legs in mid air but still go walking level and speed. I float up to a landing above some office doors and walk along it. Some Filipina woman is sitting on top of a ladder leading to the landing. Forget what happened after.

      Last night. I sensed fragments. Don't recall Jamie.
      non-lucid , side notes
    12. Nap 6-6:25

      by , 05-13-2024 at 08:55 AM
      Im going to school.... i see one of the old high school jerseys I used to wear. or it at least feels like it except its short sleeved and i only had a long sleeved jersey. Juju is going back to bloem. We hire a V12 to drop off at the border. it seems like we are in the L but the road towards the borders feels like a SA road. We are at the border and i think he has stamped because we are talking about going back. I don't know whether to take the V12 or my dads car. Im confused as to why all the trouble of two cars.

      looks like the 6 am naps might be a good opportunity to get lucid during the week since i usually have good recall of those dreams....
    13. The Fight and then Im at work

      by , 05-12-2024 at 09:10 AM
      So... we continue reativating our recall. Im having more and more work related dreams these days. tThis could be a nice opportunity to use work as a reminder to RC

      now for last nights travels

      Im in maluti and some guys start attacking my brother and i. I hold of one of them so my brother can escape. a lot ensues but eventually i think wemake it and i end up telling this story to some dudes. i like having a story to tell.

      next scene;

      in maputsoe. we are doing a recruitment visit. the engineer speaks and gets some stuff wrong so i interject and correct him. the audience likes it when i speak
    14. Blindsided DILD

      by , 05-12-2024 at 01:42 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      My dream had ended and I got off my bed to go to my bathroom. I brush my teeth and began to put water on my face afterwards. When I came to my room I felt strange. I started having trouble seeing as if my eyes were being forced shut. I kept trying to open them but nothing I did work. I then began to think this must be a dream right now and I haven't truly woken up yet.

      Since my eyes were shut, I tried to use my hand to feel the walls of my room to eventually phase through my window. I wanted to see if that would cause my eyes to reopen. But as I kept trying to go through the window I lost lucidity.
    15. First Recall in a while

      by , 05-11-2024 at 09:53 AM
      I think the weekend will be the perfect time for me to really make attempts at LD because i seem to have more time to have actually long dreams now that ive started my internship. that being said, this week i dreamt i had a full time job and that gold would go long. gold went long.

      Now for last nights travels:

      I am walking at night by the junction that approaches the boarder. there a keyboardist and a girl doing a performance in the middle of the street. i say hi. their music is awesome. some old acquaintances show up and we want to get some smoke. i dont smoke in real life anymore so when i do or make an attempt to get some, it should be a dream sign. i go home and i forget what happens but i dont manage to get any smoke.

      Next scene:
      The football field of my old school. i dont usually play football but im there today. naturally do well for a while but i get self conscious and blunder.
      Tags: #non-lucid
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