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    Yesterday 07:19 PM
     Generating Messages and Numerical Word-Values
    Opinions formed on very narrow fields of observation Acknowledging the evidence is where the tributaries converge Infinite regress/progress in every direction, is a thing Though the Serpent rules... (19,335 views, 281 replies)
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    Yesterday 07:09 PM
     Silene Capensis question
    Yuschak and Stride did some very nice work. Yuschak was a bit of an enigma. I did some research years ago with Scott. Very insightful guy. And his job was way cooler than mine (he designs stuff for... (290 views, 8 replies)
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    Yesterday 05:44 PM
     Rant and Rave, Cry and Complain
    From their Facebook Page: My favorite place on Earth (Cayo Costa Island) took the direct hit from hurricane Ian last week at an almost cat 5 storm level. (1,061,961 views, 20,409 replies)
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    Yesterday 12:36 PM
     Accidental lucid dream during recurrent nightmare? Also, Hello! :)
    Based on what you’ve described I would call it “semi-lucid” as well. There was a part of you that acknowledged what you were experiencing wasn’t real and you knew you could escape it, but you didn’t... (368 views, 8 replies)