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    1. I was somebody else for the first time

      by , 08-04-2011 at 10:13 PM
      I have been remembered my dream very clearly since I was very very young (may be I was three or four). Most of my dream are some kind of stories.

      Sometime I dreamt about the same place I went in the other dream and knew that I already been to this place in another.

      Sometime I can do realities check on the dream and the trend of the dream is changed based upon how it is in real life. Like example, if I am flying than I said to myself it is not possible and then I lost the ability to fly or if I met someone who is already passed away and as soon as I remember that someone disappeared in the dream.

      The dream from last night was kind of strange. This is the first time I dreamt as I was somebody else. But I knew I am dreaming but I don't have control over like the other dream.

      I was a 30 something male who is in love with a single mother. She has three children, two boys and a girl. A girl is middle child and the oldest one is about 8 or 9 years old and the youngest is 3 or 4 years old. The lady I was in love was headmistress of the girl-only school. The whole family has blond hair.

      The family were living in the back of the school compound (btw the school compound is very large). It seems like the school is boarding school. I wasn't living with them. The children were looking after by her aunt (who is never been married before). It seems like I get along with the family and everyone likes me (even loves me).

      I don't know how I look like. I felt every time I look at her, I knew that I am deeply in love with her and love the kids to bits. Very strange feeling.

      One day sunny day, we were doing gardening with the girls from the school. There was the wild grass at the corner of the school compound. And somehow because of the digging the earth or cutting the grass(I don't know that for sure as I was planting the seeds somewhere else), we were surrounded by the white features or pollen.

      All of the sudden, some of the girls start to die. So we run as fast as we can. And at some point, we had to pass the very large garage which has doors on both end. As soon as we were inside, both doors were starting to close slowly.

      I was about to reach the door at the other end, the door was almost close, tiny space left to get through. The someone push me to through the door and I knew that someone was her.

      All of them die. About 70 or 80 of them were dead. The school decided the buried all of them in the school compound. I went to funeral. I was very sad and the children were confuse. Then we went back to the house (her house). The youngest one said he saw his mummy.

      As soon as we reach the steps to the house, we knew that her soul was trapped under the stair along with 70 something girls.

      At that time I thought to myself (felt like Horror movie ending) "oh that's part II". Then I wake up.