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    1. Instant Lucid Dream when you whine

      by , 09-19-2012 at 07:56 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I whined about dry spells yesterday, then I had another brief lucid.
      The differences is that I didn't wake up right away and I already knew I was in a dream before I fully went lucid.
      The same is that I forgot to stabilize, goddamnit.

      I was on the Cave Story Tribute forum. I receive a message from one of the members saying that my signature is against the rule. For some reasons my signature have a Futurama picture. Have I mentioned that I am sitting in the room that I physically sleep while I had the dream? The only difference is that it is now on the middle of a city.

      Then my computer acted up, but I managed to close it down. I noticed the light was on for the first time. Then I saw my reflections on the screen and realized that the clothes didn't match up (I wore a Hawaiian shirt), so I became partially lucid. My roommate woke up, which meant a DC added to the equation. He asked me something and I intentionally allowed myself to say something very idiotic, which satisfied him and he went back to sleep. I realized I can't actually speak, and I tried to utter something until I could. Then I did the nose plug and it seemed weird, but I don't really know. I walked out the dorm and counted my fingers, and found out my left hand has extra fingers.

      There was another door in front of me, and when I opened it it lead to the outside. There are roads on the left and a power plant in front of me. I jumped down from the fire escape stairway I was standing on. I tried to jump over the fence but it was too tall. Then I tried to find a way around it but I woke up first. Then it dawned on me I forgot to stabilize. Argh.

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    2. I don't know. Moon base?

      by , 09-19-2012 at 06:36 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      For some reasons I am stuck having to live with some group of people in a shelter in a huge building that have no contact to the sun whatsoever, yet the people living here still seemed normal and not nocturnal at all. The host I got is a really mean guy who is sending me on errands and shits on the threat of kicking me out. He also doesn't give me enough food and when he does he only gave a quarter of a steamed fish with a handful of rices. He still had the nerves to pinch some fish off saying I would eat too much. I decided I'm not taking this shit. So I found a way to move out somehow and lived with a better host who is a woman. She got internet.

      Later after some shenanigans that probably involved using computer and internet I somehow found myself on the Moon (or is the shelter already on the moon? hmm)

      The Moon isn't a dark place that look black and white like all those pictures you see in the Moon Landing per se. It resembled more like those desert planets you keep seeing on movies like Riddick or that shit about Mar I can't remember the name of. That is to say it is a really white but not blinding desert with huge rocks with strange shapes. It also don't seem to be very windy nor sandy despite the sandy texture of the ground we (I was with some group of guys) are walking on. Some of the guys started pointing at some aliens (Moonusian? Moonmen? Moon is not an alien name-friendly place) which I cannot see due to perspective or probably because I just simply don't notice them. I am a bit miffed by this and then I woke up.

      Spoiler for Extra details I recalled later:

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