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    1. Designer Beet, Halloween Dog, Dirt Water

      by , 10-31-2015 at 01:17 PM
      First entry, yay! Explanation of foreign words and background info in blue.
      My female roommate has a redecorating fit and decides to pretty up the flat (which is, as is often the case in my dreams, more narrow than in waking life and has a somewhat weird layout) with dozens of plants. I'm pissed off because she woke me up in the process. Back in waking life, this had happened directly before that dream, only it was my male roommate preparing for work.
      Aside from having more narrow rooms (one of my dream signs), our flat has some very warm and pretty lighting and feels cozy, especially with all the new plants. I walk into the kitchen and notice that the oven is on. I look inside and see some rolls and pastries, along with Donauwelle (a chocolate covered cake with cream and cherries) that my roommate put there. I think about telling her that Donauwelle is supposed to be eaten cold, but decide against it because I really can't be bothered.
      I turn to the refrigerator. There's a little potted tree on the ground below and I can barely open the door without knocking it over. Inside, I look for something that needs to be eaten soon before it spoils (which I also do in waking life when I open the refrigerator). There are two plastic packs of pork loin. The surface of the meat looks spongy and has been painted with red ink. This is a reference to my day job, where I assist a pathologist cutting anatomical specimens. Ink is often used to mark the different sides of the specimen so you can reconstruct where exactly it sat in the body. Then I look in the upper right corner and see a plastic cube of about 8 inches (20cm) filled three fourths with clear water illuminated by the fridge's warm light. There is no sign of condensed water on the cube's walls. Floating on the water, there is something that looks like a beet, with a circle of small brown eggs around it. I don't realize that eggs that float are inedible. Overall, this arrangement looks very fresh and tasty to me. I remember that the beet is a kind of designer food that is supposed to taste fantastic and provide a lot of important nutrients. Before my inner eye, I see a cross section of the beet that shows its several layers, all labeled. The innermost layer is a very dark, moist red and consists of ground berries.
      From another room, I hear someone speaking Chinese. I look who it is and realize that my roommate is having an entire Chinese family over, so I decide to take a walk.
      I find myself walking on a tarred path between patches of neat lawn. It's fall, and everything looks a bit foggy. Two men in loden overcoats walk toward me. One of them has a wolf-like dog's head with very long and fluffy fur. While they pass me, I think that the dog shouldn't be walking on two legs, and that this must be a dream. But before I can gain any measure of lucidity, I look back and the dog-man has transformed into a dwarf with a dog mask he wears as a Halloween costume. Since it's Halloween (and it really is, oddly enough), that seems quite OK, and I'm lulled back into gullibility. Walking uphill toward a college campus, I see students wearing more Halloween costumes and doing a ritual that in this dream is typical of Halloween, chasing each other around to slap a Speckmaus (a white, chewy and sweet treat shaped like a mouse) on someone's forehead. A guy with a cardboard mask and a red and black lumberjack shirt runs up to me to slap one on my forehead, but since I'm still pissed off I grab his wrist in mid-air and squeeze it as tightly as I can, trying to inflict pain. He isn't all that impressed, gives me a disappointed look and asks me what I'm doing here, I'm not even a student, and I shouldn't spoil their fun.
      I ignore him and walk into one of the college buildings, an ugly 60s red brick bungalow. From the corner of my eye I see a tall professor dressed up as a wizard in white felt clothes lecture three underage students half his height dressed in similar costumes. A female student of about my age with dark blonde, shoulder length, faintly wavy hair walks toward me. Looking at each other, we immediately feel a strong connection. She invites me to her room. While we walk there, she explains that it's in the quarters of the rowing club, which she has sort of stumbled into because all her friends really wanted to row with her.
      We arrive at the room, which is about 375ft (35m). She has just moved here for a short vacation, so it's cluttered with randomly unpacked clothes and hygiene products. One wall is just a long sheet of glass that directly faces a pool without a walkway to separate the two. The pool is a system of winding "streets" that flow into several larger "squares". It is framed by the same neat lawn from before, but now it's a pleasant summer evening outside, and the sun is just beginning to set. 50 yards off, I can see a few dozen people having a pool party with tiki torches.
      The student asks me to come to the party with her. I'm a bit disappointed because I thought she'd let me nap in her room, but I also want to get to know her better, so I say she should go ahead, I'd only need to put on swimming trunks. What follows is much less vivid and deals with me being confused about what constitutes being clothed and what doesn't and being ashamed of my nakedness when I realize I've taken off all my clothes except for the T-shirt (an olive green heavy duty cotton shirt) although there's no one around to witness it. Finally, I manage to put on my swimming trunks, and the dream becomes more vivid again.
      I look around and notice that the student has a lot of interesting books, but also a lot of things that look like hipster crap, and I think that she must be the well-educated child of rich parents. In the middle of the room there is a heavy wooden desk, covered in the aforementioned clothes and hygiene products. Inlaid into the desk there is a white porcelain washbasin with a silver faucet. The faucet is not connected to the water supply, but to a plastic bottle.
      The label on the bottle looks like the one on Gordon's Dry Gin, only with a calligraphic font, and reads "Dirt Water". I turn the bottle over to read the back label. It features Art Dco illustrations showing the history of the product. There's a picture of Queen Victoria and one of a woman in a linen dress and apron stirring something in a copper boiler (the kind they brew beer in) with a large wooden pole. The text explains that Dirt Water was invented in Victorian London to promote public health. Below are illustrations of historical groups of people who used Dirt Water. The only one I remember shows a man from the neck down sitting at a table. He wears a grubby industrial worker's coat and polishes an old Luger with a red rag. The caption reads "Anarchists".
      I turn on the faucet and use the water to brush my teeth and rinse out my mouth afterward, being careful not to swallow any. It tastes faintly earthy and I feel very small grains of the eponymous dirt on my tongue. Then I turn to go to the party, and wake up.

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