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    by , 03-23-2011 at 12:09 AM (980 Views)

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    1. FallenAwake's Avatar
      That dream sounds wonderful! Just the length in itself is inspiring. The multiple meditations as well. And the beauty being the most inspiring part to read; that free blissful feeling. Congrats!

      The lucid formless-type meditation is intriguing to me. I think I accomplished it to an extent while lucid in a dream I had recently. However, I had other goals and the meditation didn't last long. It was a dark blankness instead of white, but if I'm remembering correctly there was a sense of breathing that was more like wind. (Perhaps because when I meditate in waking life in this way I focus on my breathing.)
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    2. RebelSeven's Avatar
      It was definitely difficult. I was afraid to try to fade to black because that is what happens when I lose control and wake up. But the freedom was amazing ^_^ it reminded me of why I started lucid dreaming in the first place.
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