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    Pervert, sled, Lain...

    by , 01-28-2012 at 07:17 PM (585 Views)
    Windhover's Dream

    dream 1 - I'm Yerin.(due to doodling her last night) I go into a house. I meet a middle-aged man who's going to sleep(wtf?!!?!!) with me. He's really short, maybe below 150cm, his head is bald and he's kinda fat... he's wearing ordinary suit. I'm kinda scared so I think of escaping. When the man is gone, I look inside of the house. I open the door and walk into a hallway. The house is pretty huge. It has wooden walls. I return to where I came and I see my mom. She tries to help me escape... there's a small window high on the wall; mom lifts me up and I open it. I stick my head in but I'm found by that bald man. He says "where do you think you're going?"
    He comes inside the house. I gestured him behind my mom that we can't sleep together, how about we just hug? and he gives me a face that he agreeds. He comes closer to me and covers my waist with his hands.(where's my mom?) and he strikes my body.(FFFFFUUUUUUUU-- I got really scared Dx) and then he tries to kiss me. I get really frightened and run away, opening the door......
    This was such a disgusting dream.

    dream 2 - Maybe scene jumped, or I got outside of the house... There's huge blue-green sea infront of me at the beach. I try to escape from something...maybe still from that bald man. I run into the sea and swim away. Suddenly the wave hits me and I fall backward. I rise up on the surface of water, but then the enormous wave (it was really big, I got scared) falls on my head again. I get sucked in, and float away to the beach. I try to give up escaping.

    Dream 3 - I'm snowboarding on sloppy hills. I climb up some kind of tower. When I get to the top, Lain from Serial Experiment Lain is sitting on snow. Suddenly I feel that she's like having a little sister and I want to hang out with her. She says "wanna hang out with me?" so I say "I was going to!" and she smiled. She has a long sled to ride with me. I sit back and she sits in front of me. I push the sled and we slide straight thru very sloppy hill.
    Then we see huge sliding are up the hill. I'm kinda semi lucid here. I give Lain a piggy back ride and try to 'fly' up the hill so we can go reach there fast. But it doesn't work. (I can feel Lain's weight) So we just walked over and get on the sled and slide away.....

    Dream 4 - I'm in comic class... kids are painting a cover of some kind of picture book. My friend asks me what the character in the picture doing. I look closer to the picture. There are 2 white dogs with black spots doing something...

    Dream 5 - FA. I see 5 colorful cereal boxes on a counter in the kitchen. I wash my face in the bathroom...

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    1. juroara's Avatar
      Old man pervert attack! Ewww! But its cool that you were nice and tried to compromise with a hug
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