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      Super glad you're getting so many lucids
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      You could try making stabilization your primary goal every time once becoming lucid. That has helped me with the problem, as I usually struggle with it as well.
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      Haha. A person with the same picture and context of LDing, I knew it couldn't be anyone else ^^ Nice LD count btw, looks like you're prepping for the next competition like you said!
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      Hi! I think I just randomly found you?
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      Slowly. Haven't been doing RCs as much as I'd like to admit until I made it a New Years resolution for 2016 to focus more on it. How about you?
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      Just found out it wasn't those posts. So to answer your question since I'm banned... The dream was relatively short. I had a clear awareness and knew exactly what I wanted to do, so I stabilized the dream and set out to do it. So I'd say about three minutes.
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      Did you see my new replies in your lucid dreaming post on Miiverse? I got banned again, was it because of them?! Damn... Lol
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      Lucid? Man you get to see what Pokemon look like if they were real too I bet.
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      So what are your methods for LDing? Do you keep a dream journal?
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      Yup, but at least you've done it!
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    About Jacob46719

    Basic Information

    About Jacob46719
    LD Count:
    Avatar by Arainmorn on deviantart.
    Lucid Dreaming General Background:

    The most major problem for years was forming a solid, consistent strategy. First, there was this long period where I would use one, maybe two basic stabilization tactics if I remembered them, and then went for my shapeshifting-related goals. Sometimes I could get a couple minutes of lucidity. The majority of the time, they lasted less than 30 seconds. Despite this, I continued striving for only my goals for around 18 months.

    After that period of time, I got sick for 10 days, which set me back. It is my biggest drop-off in LD frequency up to the present day--46 LDs one month, and 7 the next. So, this suddenly became the biggest problem. Over the following 12 or so months, I switched my priority from in-dream goals to getting my rates back up to the 20-40/month range. My efforts were unsuccessful. Over the course of 2016, I continued to experiment with induction techniques, trying to find something that produced consistent results. As for in-dream stuff, I had the idea to use certain phrases to increase lucidity once I became lucid. Again, unsuccessful.

    >Problem: Cannot find consistent strategy for either induction, nor lucidity increase. Forgot stabilization techs.

    At this point, I shifted my priorities to this: Achieve minimum specifications for a lucid dream before doing my in-dream objectives. (Those minimum specs are lucidity Layer 3, and the surroundings feel real/look solid.)

    In September 2016, I thought, 'Hey, all these different phrases I've using haven't worked. What if I combine them into one scripted routine?' On September 27, I performed this new routine (that I dubbed simply, "The Procedure", later "Procedure M1") in a dream that I became lucid in via RC. BAM. Suddenly, I was at Layer 3. Variations of the Procedure have often produced desired results since. Stability was still an issue, however.

    >Problem: Cannot find consistent strategy for induction. Forgot stabilization techs.

    During the following months, I used the Procedure as much as I could whenever I became lucid. I experimented, but didn't put much thought to stability. Despite this, I've had a number of lucid dreams that have lasted over 10 minutes due to the Procedure; before, I wasn't getting anywhere near that.

    Then comes June 10, 2017. Coming off a long dry spell (according to my standards) of 17 days, I figured, 'Hey, what about WBTB? I had a very success rate with it the few times I used it in the past...what if I use it every other night?' Next morning, BAM, LD from WBTB. 3 days later, another with WBTB, and another 2 days after that. Then, on June 27, I reinstated DEILD as a primary tech, used to fill the gaps between nights in which I use WBTB. The following weeks were incredibly dense with LDs, both minor and major, and I spent around 3-4 hours in lucid dreams during the following July. Fun fact: The DEILDs didn't really work much; it just helped to have a backup strat.

    >Problem: Unreliable stabilization method.

    Now, I have incorporated basic stabilization techs, including but not limited to rubbing hands and spinning, into my Procedure M6(as in the 6th revision). I have tested it, and it seems to work.

    Now it comes to this:

    I have shifted my quality standards up again, and am going for the whole enchilada: Layer 4 Lucidity with a totally solid environment.

    I have added on some more stabilization prior to the Procedure, which I have dubbed "Initialization". This strategy has worked, and allows for me to perform the following Procedure in a relatively stable environment.

    I have developed the "Plan", which includes Initialization, 1st Procedure, 2nd Stabilization, 2nd Procedure, and 3rd Stabilization. In theory, the plan will result in reaching Layer 4 and well solidifying the environment, as long as those goals are remembered. I have yet to test this.

    I have developed the "Observing State," which involves observing sight, sound, and touch at the same time, with sight as the dominant sense. It is a WILD strategy that currently works best in non-WBTBs--and I am improving its efficiency (so I can properly relax) to include WBTBs. As a result of this effort towards WILD, DEILDs occasionally happen.

    I'm working towards being versatile enough to consistently have a high number of top-quality LDs when a good or regular sleep schedule isn't available. I'm balls-to-the-wall motivated, and several other major roadblocks(many not listed here) seem to have been overcome.

    I'd call that a great beginning. Hopefully I can put it all together before the start of the next lucid dreaming competition.
    Country Flag:
    I'm from the moon.
    Lucid Dreaming, Video Games, My Little Pony, Severe Weather


    LDs this month: 25
    Highest: 48
    Current Estimated Lucidity Rate: 17.3 LDs per month (since 9/16/12)
    Active Lucid Dreaming Time: 61 months
    Lucid Time this month: 32-52 minutes


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    Recent Entries

    August 25, 2015 (L) | Wiimote, Alien, Explosives

    by Jacob46719 on 02-05-2018 at 12:32 AM
    -1-The first thing I remember is hearing Todd Howard say, “This…is Fallout 5.” I was at a friend's old house facing the main TV, playing this game with a Wiimote. The HUD had a larger circle and a small circle(for aiming). I thought about the “fact” that the developers had to find the center of the screen using debugging tools, and suddenly, I found myself doing just that, but without any tools.
    “Ok…where’s the center of the screen?”
    I pointed the wiimote at it. Next, I decided to just move up, because I was under the impression that the 2 people standing and watching to the left of me didn’t care about the center. I somehow pressed the run button and my character sprinted. Shortly after, an event took place and I grabbed a nunchuck after I tapped my pocket for one. Then, Lakitu showed up in the game. It appeared to take place in a sandy area by a sizeable body of water. I was always facing in the direction of the water. The apparent corridor was surrounded to the left and right by hills of sand that I could not see over. I ran towards the water. The weather was sunny.
    -2(L)-It was a false awakening. A lot of things didn’t look right, so I did a reality check and became lucid. Next, I looked up, threw a piece of sand or gravel at the fan, and caused it to fall on my bed and break. Instead of going for lucidity first like I should have done, I decided to break the fan some more. (This included using a long, skinny object (comparable to a bat) to break the wings off, as well as to destroy the lightbulb.) Unfortunately, this meant forfeiting the LD, because I spent too much time on the fan without stabilizing nor increasing lucidity.
    -3-I was in a large store with white floors, walls, ceiling. It probably had aliens in it. One of them was disguised as old Bill Nye. When he showed up, a DC and I followed him out of curiosity. Eventually, he stopped by explosive materials and lit a match. The instant we saw this, we sprinted away. Well, the DC sprinted. It was hard to run normally for me, so I was using objects to boost my speed. However, I kept coming across more of the same flammable/explosive material, which was labeled “ACME.” I continued to run for about 30 seconds. Nothing ever caught fire or exploded.
    Lucid Time: 20-40 seconds
    lucid , non-lucid

    August 18, 2015 (L)x2 | PKSparkxx, House, Red Car, Explosion

    by Jacob46719 on 01-31-2018 at 02:50 AM
    -1-Earth had to evacuate and find a new planet. Whatever the first found was, we got it. This was symbolized: My family and I were walking in a covered parking lot at night. My family represented the ship with a bunch of people on it, and a car represented a toxic, class-18 world. I was talking with my younger sister about how certain extreme planets would send us back to the stone age.
    [New Scene]
    I was playing Mario Kart online with PKSparkxx. I acknowledged this and opted to remain in the lobby. Next, I was in the same house as him, and apparently was my older sister's house. After streaming was done, I went to find our cats sleeping on a bunk bed: Snickers on the top, Blizzard on the bottom.
    -2(L)-I was in a merge between my old house and my grandparents' house. For example, there was no wall between the main kitchen and the computer room. There was also a chimney in the computer room. There was also a bed that I slept in. I decided to go back to “bed” to get an LD. I performed an I-WILD(WILD in a dream)—I materialized my phone non-lucid it was so easy. Suddenly, after I tried a few times to open them with my hands, but I could only see blurry things. Eventually, it stopped, and I could see again. No DCs were around this time. When I got out of bed and looked at my phone, it was already on a page containing a list of LD topics that it could provide help on. I saw shapeshifting on the list. Then, I put the phone away and looked outside to the W. The clouds over the hill looked pretty dark, and shortly after I noticed that, a funnel cloud appeared. [Skip] The non-rotating funnel-shape was over a neighbor's house. I didn’t hear much, so I broke the window. Nothing changed much. Next, I decided to roll along with the story to just enjoy being lucid after so long. A red supercar materialized around me. For some reason, I was driving on the right side of that uncomfortable thing. Anyway, I flew into the sky past some tall trees and forgot what happened right after that. [Skip] The car told me that I could drop and explode, causing me damage. I first said “Never mind.” But then I said, “You know what, do it. I’m invincible anyway.” I was thinking that it wouldn’t hurt one bit, and it didn’t. The car just exploded, throwing me onto the carpet. There was also a scene where I was writing in my dream journal.
    Lucid Time: 2-4 minutes
    lucid , non-lucid

    August 13, 2015 | Gardevoir used Charm, TARDIS, Pluto

    by Jacob46719 on 01-29-2018 at 03:09 AM
    -1-Dad went to bed before finishing a crucial project required for a trip the next day. He was doing a parody of my sister and I because we were lazy and were “getting it done” by doing nothing. Also, the garage lights inside were all warm instead of white.
    -2-Ok, so I was in the woods on a trail. It was daytime in the woods, which had an unrealistic color to them—they looked like they had sunlight or something shining on them—there were no shadows anywhere. The woods themselves were covered in brush. There was a clean, blue pond about 30ft ahead on other trail. I ‘saw’ a Gardevoir. It looked nothing like one, but that didn’t matter, because my mind thought it was a Gardevoir, which it was. After I walk up to her, I kiss her right on the mouth. I had not intended to do this before seeing her, so there I was, seduced by a Pokemon.
    [New Scene]
    I was back at the old house again, doing unimportant stuff on a couch. Mom was on the computer and said, “[…]for baby Melissa!” At first, I was thinking, (Who) the f*** is Melissa? Suddenly, I realized that I had mated with that Gardevoir. Wat.
    -3-Mom and I, at an old house, watched the trailer for the Doctor Who series 9 finale. I don’t remember the single-word name. This coming episode was a take on Little Red Riding Hood. The TARDIS had a cushioned wall next to the front door. The Doctor pressed four buttons in this way: [E->S->W->N] Once the last (top) button was pressed, the neon EXIT sign lit up, and the TARDIS door opened. Once he was outside, the camera views him from a low angle to his right. The Doctor here had a wolf costume on. He then sighed and had a ‘gotta do this’ look on his face.
    -4-I was on this space ship with my sister and someone from the future. Every panel was lightly colored, and mostly white. This guy showed us ugly aliens that looked like humans. He said that they were from Uranus. I went *badum tss*. The guy was like, “Huh?” and I said that I thought it was funny because they were from Uranus and they were ugly.
    [New Scene]
    Apparently Grandpa was counting the number of people around—23. Suddenly, my sister and I were teleported to Pluto, which had snow on it. The landscape and the ground had a blue tint. There was zero atmosphere, even though we were breathing it. With the temperature quickly dropping, we were desperate to get on the tiny ship nearby. First, I tried what looked like a small vent that I couldn’t fit through. Then, I found the rock pit, enclosed with zipped plastic. My sister and I quickly unzipped it, jumped in and zipped it back up. I said, “Good, we’ll cool down slower in here. Make sure you zip both layers up.”

    August 9, 2015 | Roofed Forest, Feline, Lucario, Webs

    by Jacob46719 on 01-18-2018 at 03:55 AM
    I was in a biome that was a cross between Minecraft’s Roofed Forest and the Twilight Forest mod. The sky and the atmosphere were black, as it was totally night, as opposed to twilight. It was also impossible to see farther than 100ft in some directions. I followed a humanoid, feline creature to a small, ground-based clearing—the clearing had a much higher ceiling. In this clearing, I found that the humanoid I was following went all feline and was larger than I expected in a dreamy way. The creature, who lay motionless on the grass for a few seconds, appeared to be 2.5 feet long from head to toes, and had light coffee-colored fur with darker-colored stripes. Suddenly, [3sec Skip] the feline went away and left me with the realization that the clearing TF’d anyone who went there, including me, into a similar feline creature. The scene didn’t remain long enough for me to witness the transformation.
    [New Scene]
    I was in an unknown location(I forgot it), reading something, when the chest spike of a Lucario started forming on me. Thinking it was real life, I was like, “Is this really happening? … IT REALLY IS!” I was overjoyed about the fact that I was transforming into a Lucario.
    [New Scene]
    I spawned, crawled, or walked into a dark, all-wooden room with webs attached to the ceiling above. I think I crawled into the adjacent room to the left, which likely contained stairs. The room reset several times, each time making the webs a little taller and lower. At least one formed most of a fully-formed cobweb that was pulled into an unrealistic shape. The final time, I stood up and walked into the very dusty adjacent room to the left and saw clothes. Upon the sight of them, along with a lot of dust bunnies clinging to them(all the same size and shape), I said, “Clothes, of course!” *cough x times* “Why is it so dusty in here?” Soon after that, I woke up.

    August 3, 2015 | Japan, Gameboy logo, Store, Furball Creature

    by Jacob46719 on 01-12-2018 at 03:48 AM
    A scene in in my home town with very frequent, close lightning.
    [New Scene]
    Suddenly, I was in Japan, except the buildings were covered in only English words. Mom was driving, and we passed a building with the Gameboy logo on it. (There was not only a small building that was contiguous to adjacent buildings, but also a tall, rectangular tower with the Gameboy logo near the top.) Next, I found a sign that listed stores from top to bottom based on popularity. Walmart was at the top. It was nighttime when we parked in the lot. I requested something while trying to think of it, and it failed. Mom acted like she heard one, so she left into the store. We parked in an apparent southeast direction, while the front of Walmart faced west. There was short |skip| between seeing the sign and parking. Time change was included. Also, there weren’t very many other cars in the parking lot.
    [New Scene]
    Still in Japan, I was in a house with a magic ability that allows anyone who is inside to find anything they wanted. The house, viewed from outside, had the look of a business with a large waiting room for a 1st floor. From inside, it looked like a normal one-story house with 2 living rooms, a kitchen, and the usual hallway, [separated by a 6-inch wall] but anything in the hall was unknown. The outside walls I saw were the west and south walls. The interior lights had a warm glow. There was a much taller building adjacent and to the right of the house. There was this tribble-shaped, weird creature (with blue fur and a large, round nose) that was seeking an escape from a spider-like creature 15x his size. He got his wish granted and ran outside. However, the “spider” was still in the magic house. He wanted to find the furball to eat it, so he did. I stood nearby and watched. I thought that was interesting. Outside were some trees and some clearing. The trees were sparse at first, with most of them to the right of me. It was also night. Wanting to became a wolf again, I started acting like one, and ran on all fours toward whatever was in the woods. As time went on, I felt more and more wolf-like, but I still felt too human. Something wasn't right here.