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    Is the 24-hour clock utilized within the body. Circadian rhythm allows our body to anticipate and prepare for precise and regular environmental changes.

    Circadian rhythm plays a large role in sleep patterns. It determines when we should fall asleep, when we should wake up and most importantly when we should enter a dream. Understanding the circadian rhythm, a lucid-dreamer can accurately predict when they will enter REM sleep, and hence have a higher likelihood of lucid dreaming. However, to accurately determine when you will enter a dream your circadian rhythm must be functioning properly. Factors such as:
    • What time you go to bed
    • What time you eat your dinner
    • The light intensity of your room

    play a large role in keeping the circadian rhythm on time. By varying these factors too much (e.g. by going to bed at irregular times or eating too much before sleep) you can potentially alter the schedule at which your circadian rhythm operates, thus making it harder to predict when you will be dreaming.

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