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    Dream signs are signals that you can pick up on that you are dreaming. The dream world is very different from the real world, but most of the time we take what we see as real without question.

    Someone who looks for and picks out dream signs has a much higher chance of becoming lucid.

    Identifying dream signs:

    The most common way to identify dream signs is by reading old dream journal entries and searching for reoccurring themes.

    Another method requires the use of the DreamViews dream journal tab. Users can enter possible dream signs as tags. The more often a tag is used the higher up in their tag cloud it will appear. The highest tags are most likely dream signs.

    Types of dream signs:

    There are some dream signs that are universal to almost everyone, but many more dream signs that are specific for each person. Ability to recognize both will give you more awareness of your surroundings and what reality you are in.

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