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    The Focus Attention Technique (FAT)

    Hey guys! This is a guide to my researched, patented technique, the FAT technique.
    No, it is not a weight gaining diet or anything of the sort, but rather is abbreviated for Focus Attention Technique.
    In this guide, I will include how to use this technique to induce lucid dreams, incubate dreams, induct WILDs and probably a couple of other things I haven’t found out about yet.
    The guide is written by Damascus, and has been tested by some friends. Note that there are many techniques out there, and each person seems to be more affiliated towards different styles of methods.
    The technique uses visualization and concentration to help you remember a certain thought or keep a thought in the back of your mind.
    On to the actual technique.

    How To
    First off you will need a small object. This will be the very center of your attention for the whole of the technique. Ideally you should want a wedding band, or object of similar size. A few ideal objects would be something either lucid related, such as a small stone with the letters 'LD' painted on it, or something dear to you with sentimental value (mind, not something easily breakable in case it falls off the bed during sleep) such as, as previously mentioned, a wedding band. Sentimental value will help you to concentrate more. Personally I use a small tigers eye gemstone.

    Now then you’ve got your object, its time to learn what to do with it.
    The whole point of FAT is to focus your attention very finely on the chosen object, preferably after a WBTB session. It is carried out, like most techniques, when trying to go to sleep.
    When you are trying to sleep you should hold the object in your hand and concentrate hard on it. Make it so that this object is a physical anchor to the waking world, its feel and weight helping you to pinpoint your concentration.
    Now when in the state where all other thoughts are purged from your head, leaving only the objects feel and weight in your mind, you are very prone to autosuggestion. Now these are the steps to follow for different effects.

    Thought preservation
    This is, as the name suggests, preserving a thought that will be remembered after sleep incurs. It is to serve as a trigger for lucidity, such as if your thought was 'lucidity' or similar, you can preserve this thought into entering the dream world with you. When you arrive in a dream you will hopefully still have this thought preserved, much like MILD. Of course when you hear something about lucidity you are mentally prompted to follow up on the thought and question your reality therefore achieving lucidity. The thought can be a phrase, but longer words or phrases are more prone to get lost during the transition of wakefulness and sleeping
    So anyway here’s the step by step visualization.

    1) Ok so you have concentrated on your object, whittle your thoughts down to contain only this object and your self-awareness.
    2) Now I need you to imagine that your object is porous, any thoughts you imagine will flow into this object and be stored like a sponge stores water.
    3) Imagine these thoughts will be released when you fall asleep
    4) imagine that each time you think this phrase or word, a small amount of energy flows from your hand down your arm and gets absorbed by the object, remember to not think of anything else but the task at hand.
    5) Finally, after doing this for a while (10 min. or until sufficiently drowsy) stop thinking of the word and go back to thinking about your object solely, only this time when you imagine it, link it with your phrase, or imagine the word/phrase is imprinted upon the object.

    And the thought should transit successfully! Note that when thinking of the phrase, you should be imagining a voice telling you this, maybe of a close friend, not imagining text in your head since this will never be able to transit between states of consciousness where text is unreadable. This may also result in your friend popping up in your dreams to tell you personally your thought.

    Dream Incubation Using FAT
    FAT can also be used for Dream Incubation, which-if you didn’t already know-is making yourself dream about a chosen thing. For instance you can say 'tonight I wish to dream about deep sea diving' perform the technique and have a highly increased chance of having dreams about this subject.
    The method is similar to Thought Preservation usage of FAT but with slight differences.
    To get straight to the point, here is the step by step.

    1) Focus your attention on your object so that all that remains in you mind is you, and the feel and weight of the object.
    2) Now imagine a picture of your object to build up in your mind, concentrate on that picture and make it as lifelike as possible. All little imperfections and identifying marks that make up the object should be considered.
    3) There should be a focus point on your object, something like a jewel on a ring, or similar. If it is a simple band or polished stone with no outstanding points then imagine one part is transparent, see-through. If you do happen to have a jewel or focus point on your object then imagine that part is see-through.
    4) You get that? I hope. Because now you’re going to mentally look through this transparent part and on the other side should be your dream scene. Include all characters you wish to be in, the scenery, any plot-specific objects etc. make sure this is the only thing you think of, view it casually and neutrally as it is easy to get lost in the scene and lose concentration.
    5) Now you can either try one of two things. Continue viewing this scene mentally which will require mental discipline in order to not get lost in the scene, thus making you fall asleep with this image in your head and entering you into it immediately (possibility of a WILD) or you can retract your thoughts from the scene and go back to picturing the object (recommended for those who cant discipline themselves mentally that well). If the second option is chosen then just continue picturing your scene through the see-through window of your object until you fall asleep, or you can pick the second option and continue to step 6.
    6) After viewing this scene, imagine the window closing and the thoughts being shut inside the object. Keep in mind that they will release when you fall asleep. Imagine the mental picture of your object is glowing faintly green with the knowledge inside.
    7) Continue mentally viewing your glowing object until you fall asleep.

    Note; remember to always keep a tab in your mind of the feel and weight of your object. This is vital in FAT.

    Using FAT For WILDs
    FAT can also be used to induce WILDs, but this should only be attempted in conjunction with a WBTB session.
    Straight to the point as a step by step...

    1) ok so you have concentrated on your object, whittle your thoughts down to contain only this object and your self-awareness.
    2) Like in dream incubation using FAT, build up a mental image of your object.
    3) Using your focus point if you have one on this particular object, imagine a mirror-like texture and silvery appearance on it, or if you have no focus point due to the object being the same all round, just imagine one spot on your object on which this texture is placed.
    4) In this mirror-like spot you should imagine that how conscious you are is reflected upon this mirror in your object by a changing of colours. When you get close to sleep the mirror turns blue, and when you are more awake it turns blacker.
    5) Keep watching this, do not attempt to control it, instead just passively view it and not become involved, keeping all thoughts purged from your head at all times.
    6) The trick is to be fiercer in your concentrating in the sense that you are forcing yourself to think of the object, not encouraging yourself to as in the other FAT sub techniques. Hopefully this will keep you aware as you enter sleep.

    Note, the ideal object here is a LD related one because it helps keep your mind upon lucid dreaming. A garden rock with the initials LD painted on it should be fine. Also, I’ve not had much luck with this one but I’ve never had a WILD so maybe I just don’t have an affinity to WILDs?

    Notes And Ramblings
    Well as you can see, FAT is more of a flexible agent or catalyst to lucid dreams rather than a direct technique.
    I started researching this since is started up in Dream Views and this is my nearly finished product. I say nearly because I need your feedback on tweaks and add-ons, ideas and experiences. If this technique doesn’t work for you, please let me know and include exactly what method DOES work for you, I will be most interested to hear. If it works, I’d like to know the experience and report, so I can make this guide better, if you have questions or anything, please ask them in a PM, I’ll probably end up writing a FAQ if all goes well.

    Thanks for taking the time to read; this is my little contribution to a community that has given me much.

    Good luck guys, and thanks to Icedawg for hosting a wonderful site. Anyone who can host a site with a good a community as this, without any personal gain out of it is a great person. We all love ya!

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