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    Infractions log your history of offenses on DreamViews and can translate into a temporary/permanent ban if and when enough points accrue. Infractions may result in restricted access until they expire. Serious infractions will never expire. You are expected to understand and follow the rules currently in place. Failure to abide by them will result in an infraction and/or ban.

    Please find our DREAM VIEWS FORUM RULES here.

    Please find our DREAM VIEWS CHAT RULES here.

    The following is a list of what will earn a user infraction points should they choose to break the rules.
    Note: Infraction point values are dependent upon the severity of the offense.
    • Posting of Inappropriate Image(s)
      This includes pornographic, drug glorifying, snuff, overtly large, and shock images.

    • Lewd Behavior
      Includes all text/verbal sexually explicit content. Does not apply to dream journals.

    • Inappropriate Language
      Excessive swearing. What is considered excessive will be left to the discretion of the moderators and administrators.

    • Insults/Harassment
      This includes all personal attacks/insults and anything that can be construed as the harassment of an individual or group of people.

    • Minor Chat Violation
      Spamming, inappropriate channel names.

    • Advertising
      Applies to unauthorized advertisements posted on our forums. Spamming of advertisements will earn the user a permanent ban.

    • Drug Policy Violation
      Discussion of drugs is permitted except: directly endorsing or recommending drugs of questionable legal status, or legally questionable uses of drugs; posting realistic photographs of illegal/questionable drugs or tools used to take/make these drugs; and instruction on how to take/make these drugs.

    • Trolling
      Trolling is defined as any deliberate attempt to disrupt a thread.

    • Creating Alternate Account(s)
      The creation of "alt" accounts is against forum policy. Violation of this rule is accompanied by a temporary ban at least.
      If there are multiple members of the family registered on DV that use the same computer/network (IP address) then you may be asked to verify the existence of each member that any additional user-names were created for.

    • Arguing With Staff
      Arguing with staff decisions in open threads is not permitted. If you disagree with a staff decision (whether directed at you or someone else) post a thread in the Talk To Staff section or send a Private Message to either the staff-member you disagree with or the forum administrator.


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