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    This is just a quick list of some of the stones that can help (or hinder) rest and dreaming.* If you have any questions, or want to know the properties of a particular stone that isnít on the list, please feel free to PM me. - A Lost Soul

    Placed beneath the pillow or worn to bed, amethyst drives away insomnia and nightmares. It produces a peaceful sleep and pleasant, healing, even sometimes prophetic dreams. It will also ensure that the wearer does not oversleep. Itís one of the few stones with absolutely no negative side effects or association with violence, anger, or passion.

    Because it is such a spiritual stone, amethyst is wonderful in meditative rituals. A piece of amethyst set before a white candle and a censer burning a soothing, high-vibration incense (such as sandalwood) is very beneficial to meditation and relaxation. I frequently keep an amethyst on hand and there is a sizeable one in my room. Itís a wonderful stone with purifying energies.

    Azurite is a beautiful, deep blue stone that has long been used in magic to enhance psychic powers. Place the stone beneath your pillow for prophetic dreams. Hold or wear azurite when divining the future.

    Dreaming of rubies indicates success in business or money matters. If dreamt of by a farmer, it denotes a good harvest. Placed beneath your pillow, the ruby will chase away nightmares and ensure a restful sleep.

    The moonstone has long been closely bound with the powers of the moon (hence the name) and quite a few witches wear it fashioned with silver. I have a nice supply of moonstone and I keep them empowered. To empower a moonstone, simply place it on a window sill (or outside if itís large enough) for the three nights that the moon is full. Because of itís association with the moon, itís one of the best stones to put beneath your pillow for a restful and safe sleep.

    Kunzite comes in all colors and combinations of colors. It is held or worn to induce relaxation. It releases tensions and soothes the muscles that retain the stress of daily life. When passed over tension areas, the stone will unknot muscles. I havenít had any experience with kunzite, being that itís extremely expensive and my grandfather didnít have any in the basement (a quarter-sized piece can be anywhere from $9 or more).

    Anglesite crystallizes as tabular crystals or as crystal masses and the colors can rang from white, colorless, pale green, pale yellow, or pale blue. It supposedly facilitates contact with entities beyond this waking realm of earth. It helps stabilize dreams and keeps one grounded when lucid. Itís a loving stone and it also allows for open communication with the spirit realm, bringing dreams forth.

    Bloodstone is so named because of the flecks of red on its deep green surface. While a wonderful stone to use in the healing of blood-related issue, ease of childbirth, and bolstering courage and strength, itís a stone that I would strongly recommend against wearing to bed or putting under your pillow. Bloodstoneís energies are temperamental and fiery, and in my experience it attracts very nasty nightmares.

    Originally posted by Daeraug
    Amethyst is a great stone to sleep with under your pillow. I used to have a chunk about the size of my fist. Unfortunately, I lost in when I was moving back into the barracks.

    When I had that under my pillow, I did not have nightmares and I slept more soundly. It seemed to me that I also remembered my dreams better as well, but I have no idea if that was associated with the stone.

    I am going to looking for my smaller, cut amethyst because my nightmares are coming back. Though, even without the stone I am lucid. I just can never control them.
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    * Administrator Note: This guide has not been scientifically proven and requires the belief that gemstones do affect dreams.


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