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    One thing that is important to all lucid dreamers is to stay in the dream. Because really if you can't stay in a dream then you can't do anything in the dream. If you're having trouble do not worry I am here to help. :lol:

    How to solidify your lucidity.

    When I have a lucid dream the first thing I do is rub my hands together. It's about a 50/50 chance that it will make things more clear.

    The second thing that you need to do is think of a task. Once you have the task in mind try to complete it. Focus on that task. Do not think of anything but the task; whether your flying or doing the task of the month. When the task is over I recommend ending the dream so you can record it in your dream journal.

    Do a reality check every now and then. When I do reality checks in a dream it strengthens my lucidity and makes everything a bit more clear.

    Use your senses according to what your doing.

    If you're flying and feel an exhilarating feeling in your stomach focus on that. Don't let it take over but keep it in your mind. If your walking along side a building reach your arm out and touch it. Whatever the case may be.

    When waking up.

    If you feel that your waking up many things can be done.

    The quickest thing to do is look down at you feet. This has a way of keeping you to the dream.

    Touch, smell, and listen. Ground yourself anyway possible.

    If everything goes dark and you start to wake up don't do anything. Just start imagining a dream scene and you will probably end up in it.

    If you know that your going to wake up.

    Tell yourself not to move or open your eyes. When you wake up do not move and keep your eyes closed. Imagine a dream scene. You might feel like your moving and have slight vibrations and tingling. This will pass really fast and you should end up in another lucid dream.

    Things not to do in a lucid dream.

    1. Do not think of your physical body.

    2. Do not think about blinking or your eyes in general.

    3. If you're a beginner do not do anything exhilarating like fighting or jumping from high places.

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