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    One Totally Revolutionary Dream Journal Tech for the clinically lazy

    Does the thought of breaking out a clumsy, old, paper dream journal and putting on some warm, ambient lighting sound too much like "work" to you? How about booting up your computer or mobile device and fumbling around with a crusty, unresponsive keyboard in a pseudo-drunken state?

    Personally, I always found those things a bit of a hassle. So, one bone-chilling, sun-bleached day in early February, I thought to myself, "What would make writing notes for my DJ super easy?" Mind you, it couldn't just be "easy," it had to be "move-my-arm-a-bit-and-be-done-with-this-shit easy." Then, as I was walking in public, it hit me: "Well, it'd be great if I could just write on the wall next to my bed--also, why am I talki--holy balls on a toasted wheat sandwich! I've got it!"

    #1 Whiteboards are perfect for writing down DJ notes:

    Insanity aside, who needs light, or paper, when you've got a fucking whiteboard next to your head?

    These things are all about quickly fleshing out transient ideas or notes you don't mind erasing after they've served their purpose. There's a reason whiteboards are frequently used during brainstorming session or when fleshing out complex systems.

    Even better, there's no lines to stay inside or even think about (especially if you get a really large whiteboard). And you can write the letters big, if you're so inclined, which makes scribbly-handed translation easy as pie.

    Hot, delicious, pie.

    Hell, now that my bed-side wall is pimpin' a whiteboard, I don't even have to take off my sleep mask to write down keywords every post-REM awakening. Just a clumsy wave of the arm, followed by some finger twitching, and BAM, instant recall at a later date.

    So far, this simple tech has been working so well that I plan to buy some of that fancy whiteboard paint and apply it to all the things. Once I get my own place, obviously.

    Yeah, you're welcome.

    I don't know if you can tell, but Mzzkc has been reading a lot of Cracked lately. He thought about fleshing this out into a full-on parody, complete with links to source material, and even more pictures with silly captions, but quickly realized that would be harder than simply reading more Cracked articles.

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