• Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

    --For General Use--

    (Computer Light) - Illuminate - Star Trek
    (Lumos Maxima) - Light
    (Accio) - Summon Wand or Firebolt, etc.
    (Resolve) - Vivid Clarity
    (Ennervate!) - full awareness, use in darkness or beginning of dream
    (I call on all the forces of love) - "Cupid, Bes, Aphrodite, Dogoda, Eros, Venus" use to have sex
    (I Summon ...)
    (Peairtohtum Locomotor) - Animates objects
    (Wingaurdium Leviosa) - Lifts your target into the air
    (Accendio) - Shoot yourself into the air
    (Reparo) - Repair object
    (Point me) - use your wand as a compass to your destination
    (Gliseoh) - Casts smooth gemlike surfaces
    (Deletrius) - Delete - Remove
    (Dissendium!) - Open Hidden Passageway
    (Colloportus) - is a spell that seals a door so that it cannot be opened
    (Cheering Charm) - is a spell which makes another person happy.
    (Bewitched sleep) - is a spell that puts the victim to sleep.
    (Annihilare) - is a door-unlocking charm.
    (Aresto Momentum) - Used to slow down an object or being that is moving. (cars)
    (Aparecium) - Makes the invisable appear.
    (Finite Incantatem) - Stop Spell
    (Episkey) - Heal
    (Sonorus) - Booming Voice
    (Scourgify) - purge, clean
    (Reparoh) - Repairs target


    (Deprimo!) - Cast a powerful wind during flight
    (Aguamenti) (Aqua Eructo) - Produces a jet of water. Rain.
    (Confringo) - Blasting Curse
    (Insendeo) - Sets fire to target
    (Laticio Turos) - Projects a controled pillar of earth
    (Maxima) - Unleash, example fans the fire
    (Glisamour) - Casts vivid hues of nature along your path
    (Levitrus Sun) - Sun Rise
    (Luna Accendio!) - Moon Rise
    (I Summon a Great Storm) - storm weather
    (Atmospheric Charm) - a spell that modifies or creates weather conditions.

    --Advanced Support Spells--

    (Levitrus) - Lift, Summon into sky
    (Portus) - Make Portal
    (Apparate!) - Spin to make things blur then teleport, destination and determination
    (Protean) - Morph into any form rapidly
    (Inanimahtus ConjUrus) - Conjure Summons
    (Soul) - Call your soul body
    (Gaia) - Connect clearly with your silver cord from the center of the Earth for astral projection
    (Akasha Portal) - Cast light objects (shoot holograms from the ground)
    (Aura) - full bubble of aura around you
    (Invisibility Charm) - a spell used to render a target area invisible.
    (Engorgeeoh) - Grow target in size (go giant)
    (Redoseoh) - Shrink

    --Dueling Defence and Nightmare Protection--

    (I call on the Seven Archangels for Protection) - Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sealtiel, Jegudiel, Raziel - (use for protection from evil)
    (Axelo) - Shield charm against curses.
    (Protego Horribilis) - is type of Shield Charm which protects an area against highly Dark Magic.
    (Impervius) - Repel Charm (Casts an impenatrable shield)
    (Protego) - Cast a shield of invisablity and illusion around caster
    (Salvio Hexia) - Protect Against Hexes
    (Expulso!) - Drive out - Force Out - Expel - Banish
    (Shadowcloak) - For walking around
    (Expelliarmus!) - Disarm - Deflects Spell (jet of scarlet light)
    (Expecto Patronum) - Summon Animal Gaurdian Spirit
    (Riddikulus) - Take Amusing Form
    (Homenum Revelio) - Reveal Person - Entity
    (Homorphus) - Revert to Normal Form
    (Obscuro) - Blocks target's vision
    (Confundoh) - Causes confusion
    (Immobulus) - Immobilize
    (Impedimenta) - Hinder Progress Toward Caster
    (Petrificus Totalus) - Petrify - Hold Stiff
    (Specialis Revelio) - Reveal Secrets - Magical Properties
    (Silencio) - Silence Immediatley
    (MufleeAHto) - Deaden a sound, making it more difficult to hear
    (Langlock) - A jinx that glues the target's tongue to the roof of his or her mouth

    --Offensive Attack Spells--

    (Sectumsempra) - equivalent of an invisible sword, slashing the target repeatedly
    (DehFundeeoh) - Causes deep gauges or hollows to appear in target area
    (Stupefy!) - Strike Senseless - Renders the target of the spell unconscious; (this spell is hurled in a bolt of red light)
    (Fiendfyre) - Cursed fire made of abormal size and heat, (Fire takes the shapes of gigantic fiery beasts)
    (Avada Kedavra) - Causes a bright green flash and a rushing noise; the curse causes instant death to the victim. (ah-VAH-dah keh-DAV-rah)
    (Reductoh) - Blasts solid objects out of the caster's path
    (Exivo) - Shoots arrows from wand
    (Rictusempra) - Splitting spell
    (Nymphus) - Casts lightning bolts
    (EvanESko" - Makes target vanish into nothing
    (Confundus) - Confound, confuse
    (Ohpugnoh) - Casts summons
    (Legilimens) - Delve's into target's mind allowing you to read their memories
    (Bedazzling Hex) - Dazzles target
    (Jelly Legs, Arms, Brain Jinx)
    (Conjunctivis) - Hurts the eyes and vision of the target
    (Dihfindoe) - Spell that cuts something open
    (Petrificus Totahlus) - Turns the victim's entire body stiff and rigid
    (Incarsirus) - Imprisons target in vines
    (Immobulus) - Renders target immobol
    (Furnunkyoolus) - Curse, causes boils to break out all over opponent's face
    (Lehvicorpus) - Dangles the target person upside-down by the ankle in mid-air.


    "Pensieve" - removes and contains memories to be seen (Sort your sub-conscious)
    Charm With Flight"
    Supersensory Charm"
    Feather Light Charm"
    Dragonhide Glove Charm"
    Gripping Charm" - For broome
    Gripping Charm" - Cast when you psychokenetically throw your opponant
    Permanent Sticking Charm"
    Undetectable Extension Charm" - Increase Inner Spatial Volume

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