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    Welcome to my WILDing guide " class="inlineimg" />

    There's three different tutorials in this one topic, the way this works is that you read through the post just like normal until you come the method selection section, you can either go with the "concentration induced WILD" , "The Third Eye Technique", or go all freestyle on my ass and use the "Make your own method- method".
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    WILDs are very strange things... sometimes you'll fall directly into the dreamstate like 10-20 minutes after starting, and other times it can take a good 2 hours to begin to actually enter a dream. Keep in mind that very rarely will two WILDs be exactly the same.

    Yes you can go to bed a couple minutes after you wake up, the important thing is to have been asleep 5-7 hrs before getting up to WILD, everyone's different with WILDing, thus what you have to do is adjust the WILD to fit with your bodies needs, ill try and make out a step by step list of things I do before, during, and after I WILD. Ill also mark the parts that can be changed for your special needs.

    I'll label these in steps.

    1. Try to have had a steady sleep schedule for the past couple of days (ex: going to bed at 8 PM and getting up at 6 AM for the past three days)
    2. Now go to sleep at the time you've been going to sleep at for the past three days and set an alarm to wake you after you've slept for 5 1/2-7 hrs (I usually go to bed at 8 PM and set my alarm for 3 AM on WILDing days)
    3. Wake up at the set time (remember you MUST have slept for at least 5 1/2-7 hrs or else it will be extremely hard to WILD, also I find it helpful to have at least another 2 hrs of darkness outside when you wake up after your 5 1/2-7 hrs, but its not necessary) at this time you'll most likely feel outright like a pile of shit ( yeah I tried) but seriously even if you don't feel you need to, you should use the restroom and get some water. Just don't drink a glass or something for obvious reasons.
    4. Commence The WILDing method you've chosen,
    Now you need to activate the "find" function on your browser (on Windows/firefox: hold down the "ctrl" key and press "f") now copy/paste one of these into it:

    8365 <--for the breathing method


    6952 <--for the third eye method


    8245 <--for the make your own method- method


    When your LD ends wake up, and DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP, no matter what. Even if you feel that you could WILD again just DON'T, because all that dream imagery you just saw and heard would be deleted, you should also remember to do a reality check or two right after you wake to catch any pesky false awakenings
    Write down your LD and have a good time reminiscing about it all day long (again, don't go back to sleep no matter what. when you get up the next morning [even if you only sleep for 20 minutes] that amazing LD you just had will feel like it was just a normal dream, foggy and broken.


    These are things I might not have put into that huge lump of text.
    • Have a regular sleep schedule; this helps LDing in every method
    • Reality check all the time, any time you see something that's either "wrong", just slightly odd, or unexpected... do reality checks, and really test your reality, think about what could happen if it were a dream (think happy things not nightmarish scenarios) do a nose reality check and then look at the back of your hand a few times to see if you have six fingers
    • The days before you WILD work out a scenario for what your going to do, what I used to do (and still occasionally do) is the day before WILDing I think about exactly what I'm going to do in the LD such as: "get out of my dream-bed, do a reality check to see I'm dreaming, focus on hand, focus on sound, jump out of window and fly to work, tell boss off, punch boss, attack co-workers, etc.". (This isn't at all necessary but it gets you fired up for the WILD). go through exactly what your going to do over and over the day and night before you WILD until you have it totally set in your mind, when you wake up to WILD go through it in your head maybe once, but don't think about it too much or you'll have problems focusing when your WILDing.
    • Do reality checks a lot during the 5-70 mins before your WILD
    • Don't eat during the 5-70 minutes your up before WILDing. If you do, The WILD will likely be harder (not sure why, I think it has to do with their being a taste in your mouth as your WILDing, thus drawing your attention to this world, which in affect makes it harder for your subconscious to create a fake world. or maybe its just a mental handicap I've put on myself, I've never been able to WILD after eating.)
    • If you feel an itch or start to feel super uncomfortable during your WILD, DO NOT MOVE, it will go away very quickly if you just focus more on doing to the WILD (ie. breathing in and relaxing further) In the event that you were to move then just go ahead and roll over and hope you get a DILD
    • In the middle of WILDing some people say that they suddenly feel their pulse rising exponentially, don't get freaked out. Keep in mind that anything you experience is totally natural and happens EVERY TIME you go to sleep at night, it's just when your WILDing you get to consciously spectate

    Ok I'm gonna put some common questions that almost every noob asks in here, and ill try to into depth about the answers.

    Q) How do I know when I should begin WILDing after my 5-7 hrs of sleep?
    A) This is one of those questions that everyone asks and almost no one knows the answer to. The truth is, you don't know when to go back to your bed for WILDing, this alone is the reason why so many noobs have trouble with the WILD method.
    Finding your target amount of time to stay awake before WILDing can take quite a few nights worth of failures (its worth it though, because once you find it you can use it indefinitely). Anyway, here's how I first found my target wake time; it took me about a week:
    • I went to bed at a set time every night and got up to WILD at a set time (went to bed at 8 PM and got up at 3 AM) this will change for everyone so just set a time where when you get up for your WILD in the night you still have 2 hrs of total darkness (i.e. if the sun is rising at 6 AM get up at 4 AM). Now that you've been going to bed for the past 3 nights at say, 8 PM and getting up at exactly 6 AM every morning (without the WILD in-between) you can begin to find your target WILDing time. Go to bed at 8PM at get up at 3 AM (again your hours will likely be different just be sure that you have 5-7 hrs of sleep before you get up to WILD [excluding an added 30 mins of relaxation after you get in bed] ). Now when you wake up to WILD, stay up for 30 minutes without cola or any substances to wake you up, then go to bed and WILD. If you find that you almost instantly become incapacitated and fall asleep then up your time to an hour, but if you find that you're TOO awake to WILD (you lay there doing your technique until its time to get up in the morning) then you should down your time by up to 10 minutes. Keep adding and taking away minutes in 10-minute increments until you find a time where you can lay doing the technique for at least an hour and by then you should have had a WILD anyway.
    Q) Is it possible to WILD before sleep?

    A) This all depends on the person. Some people have reported only being able to WILD before sleep, some only after sleep. Others say they can WILD at will- that there's no difference in WILDing before or after sleep.
    Personally I've WILDed both before and after sleeping. It was just a little harder to do before I slept (not impossible). Still I only do it after sleeping. The WILDs themselves are much longer, more vivid, and more coherent.

    Ok that's about it, hope I helped

    PS. feel free to PM me.

    <8365> Method number 1:Concentration Induced WILD

    For starters, you absolutely should NOT be waiting for HI or any other thing that people say they see, I myself rarely feel SP or see HI, I don't "see" anything because I'm so focused on my breathing.

    Lay on your back in a comfortable position, make sure there's no pressure points on your body that are going to interfere with your relaxation (ie. a pillow that's making a slight dull ache on the back of your head or something like that). now that your in a comfortable position make sure your arms aren't laying on your
    body and begin to breathe deeply through your mouth (by deeply I don't mean try and suck in as much air as you can, but rather as much as feels comfortable. Also, you want to stimulate a slight {note the use of the word slight} noise when you breathe in {don't try to be totally silent as your sucking in}) as you breathe in say in your head "one", then as you breathe out say "I'm dreaming". As you breathe in and say the number your at, its helpful (for me) to see the number scrolling into my view with the numbers before and after it on the top and bottom of it (try to see all this as your saying the number) also try and see the words "I'm dreaming" appear and fade out in your head as you say them.
    you only have to see them until you get to about number 100-150, then you'll find that its much easier to concentrate and not have random thoughts pop into your head by just listening to yourself say the words
    You will have trouble concentrating at first, if you ever find your mind wondering off thinking about what you watched on TV last night or something random just put more force into saying the number and sentence, If ever you feel that nothings happening just keep in mind that your body hasn't moved for X amount of time.
    Keep doing this until your in the LD. Don't get discouraged if you count to like 400 or something, that just means the WILDs 400 breaths closer

    Look at the entire WILD like this:
    your mind doesn't get any stimulus from you saying stuff like: "move my eyes" or "reposition my left arm". your mind doesn't get any commands to move your body for so long that it says: "wtf he must have fallen asleep or something."
    Also, (just so you know) the reason your focusing on your breathing is to keep your mind awake and aware (If you didn't have something you were concentrating on you would begin to think about random meaningless thoughts that would lead to you losing consciousness)

    Eventually you will find yourself experiencing one of the following, this will tell you that your entering a dream:
    • falling through your mattress and landing on your dream-bed.
    • suddenly finding yourself standing up in the middle of some random dream location fully aware of your lucid state (a massive eternal field of flowers for example).
    • seeing a light in your vision and suddenly being pulled towards it at what feels like an extremely fast speed.
    • Suddenly you find that your eyes are open and your sleep mask gone
    • You feel a single wave of energy pulse through your body, suddenly you feel revived and like you just cant WILD any more
    • You don't feel anything at all, you just have to risk all and do a reality check (this is very uncommon, remember that if you do a reality check then your giving up all chances of having a successful WILD after that. {in the event that it says your not asleep})
    (those are just a few, the experience varies with the person)

    <6952> Method number 2:The Third Eye WILD

    Lay on your back in a comfortable position, once you get good and ready tell yourself "I will not move until I make it into a dream"
    This promise is important, if ever you move after saying this, you pretty much void all the time you've spent relaxing your body.

    Now that your laying down on your back in a comfortable position, its time to begin the method.
    I've outlined it in two easy to read steps :

    Step One:

    Bring your body into a state of total relaxation and freedom from your inner voice, you can do this many ways but the one that I've found to be most efficient is as follows:
    (note: your not trying for vibrations, or magical balls of light to be floating around your vision, your merely trying to relax as much (and more than) the amount your body is capable of relaxing)

    My Relaxing Method: Begin to clear your mind, do this by counting off your breaths (ie. "breathe in, breathe out- one" "breathe in, breathe out- two" etc) every time you notice your mind is wandering focus harder on the numbers your counting off.
    Keep doing this until your mind is free from crazy thoughts and rampant worries (it usually takes me about 10- 20 minutes, or about when I reach my 300th breath out, this may vary for everyone, but its best to at least count to 300 (I've been doing it every other night for 13 months and it takes me to 300 before I'm "there")

    Step Two:

    Now your body and mind are in a tranquil state of awareness. your mind is calm, your body numbing, at this point all there is in this world is your body, your not thinking about whats going on around you or anything other than that. DON'T TRY TO BECOME MORE AWARE If you did what I just told you to do in step one, then your mind should be free of thoughts, the serenity of it will be amazing. you wont be thinking verbally, but in thought packets, that you can't hear (sounds odd now, but its totally natural when its happening, if you don't experience this then go back to counting off your breaths until your mind is free of thoughts. then continue this step).
    Anyway here's your task, do it, and you'll be thrown into an LD:

    Task: continue to only think about relaxing your body, your no longer counting your breaths, but your still noticing them. every time you breathe out make your body more numb/relaxed than it was before.
    Do this for a little while (not being too excited about what's happening, but still relaxing with every breath out) eventually you'll start seeing vivid images in your head, these go on for a little while (you've stopped focusing on your body but your still trying to relax when you breathe out) eventually these HI will be extremely vivid (I can't give you a time-frame because this state of mind is timeless, your breaths blend into one another and you lose all perception of time and space), you'll see a random object, maybe it'll be a cup, or a lollipop. suddenly that cup/ Lolly will be setting on a table or on the ground or something (it'll be more than seeing it in your head, its more of your looking at it with your eyes) This is when you have to start thinking a little bit.

    The cup is now sitting on the ground, notice what type of ground its one (ie. "oh the cup's on cement") the trick is to not say "the cup will be sitting on grass" or something like that. Your not making the scene, the scene is being built in front of you. you just have to stay conscious while this is happening.
    This all happens in an instant. you'll see a cup, then the cups sitting on the ground, then you suddenly (without conscious action) look up and see a bouncing highway, then you realize your legs are moving, and finally your fully in, it turns out that the scene you just watched being created was you taking an afternoon jog down the sidewalk in front of your house. your now in a lucid dream, you can do anything your heart desires

    <8245> Method number 3:Make your own method- method
    (use this only if the other two don't work, it's basically a last resort.)

    This isn't so much a method as a way of making your own method. It's the simple rules that lay at the core of every WILDing technique.
    Here's the rules for you, I'll explain them as I state them:

    Find a way to relax your body to a point where it can no longer relax further.
    There's a lot of ways to do this.
    This is the first thing you do as you WILD, relax totally, then start your technique

    Don't move during your WILD
    basically you can't move at all after you lay down and say "I'm starting my WILD right now".

    Don't be thinking about What your going to do when you get into the dream as your WILDing. (or about anything else)
    Thoughts about what happens when you enter the dream, or about what Jimbob's doing right now break the concentration that you must have to WILD, you can't be thinking "I can't wait to get into the dream" or anything like that at all.

    Find one thing to concentrate on.
    This can be your breathing, a vivid mental image, a tactile sensation, basically anything that's either very repetitive (ex. your breathing), very unchanging (ex. a mental image of a lighter sitting on a table), or both.
    The key to this is that you have to really concentrate on this one thing non-stop throughout your entire WILD. never changing it (in other words don't go from seeing a lighter on a table to focusing to your breathing halfway through the WILD).

    So there you have it, the base of all WILDs.


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