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    LunaLovegood's Gestapo Dream
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    Why Lucid Dream?
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    Lucid Dreaming is The DEVIL?!
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    Lucid Dreaming #8 - False Reme...
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    Lucid Dreaming: Dream or Reality? (Part One)

    Added by: lawlini
        Beyond Dreaming

    Virtual out-of-body experience
    Paranormal and Astral meet Science - Read more: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn17564 A technique that allows people to physically identify with a virtual body could help bring avatars to life.
    Added by: ExoByte
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    Slash112 On Sleep Paralysis (Informational Video)
    This is just a little informational video on Sleep Paralysis, sorting out all the misguided people who believe Sleep Paralysis is a bad thing.
    Added by: slash112
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    Dream Control For Beginners Tutorial
    Tutorial for those of you who are finding Dream Control hard in a lucid dream.
    Added by: slash112


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