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    1. Patience is a virtue [25/07/14]

      by , Today at 08:05 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      Last night everything went well, I did SSILD at bedtime and even though I know it doesn't work that way I thought it was a good idea to give it a chance and maybe have it wake me up naturally throughout the night. That morning my WBTB alarm went off and I felt in the right mood for FILD which I tried but I couldn't fall in a deep sleep, I stayed in a nice peacefull limbo till 09:00 at which time my normal alarm went of.

      Anyway, I feel like I have the basic foundation again to build on and hopefully archieve lucidity soon.
    2. The Mining Song

      by , Today at 03:24 PM ([DJ Title Goes Here])
      I am playing Minecraft. I load in a new world and instantly recognize it. It is one of the old worlds that I played perhaps two years ago. There was a large flat peninsula covered in trees. I built a castle on the end of it in my time playing. But the world is devoid of any man-made structure, as if I had just re-used the seed.
      So I punch a tree and craft wood tools. I then go to a cave entrance and upgrade to stone. I then (I do not recall this being part of the world.) Fell into a deep underground ravine. The fall was so far that I only had half a heart left on the bottom. I turn around, there is a zombie and a creeper approaching me. I fight both of them off without taking any damage.
      My health starts to regenerate and I notice that the creeper dropped a strange object. A gold coin with a clown face on the front of it. I walk over and pick it up. The game says "Minebucks Coin Added"
      Then I 'remembered' that these coins were part of the newest update in Minecraft. And they were a way of saying 'thank you' for playing our game. Every time you get a Minebucks coin, you earn a dollar in real life.
      I explore the cave for a bit, trying to find a way out. I come across another player skin, but he has the clown face from the coin as his face. I kill him and get a second coin. This appears to be some new type of hostile mob in the game. I kill four or five of these guys and get a coin from each one.
      Then this musical beat kicks in. I lose control of the character and watch as somebody else plays. They start mining. The song is one of those where there are two singers almost having a conversation with one another. One singer is the kid's mom, and the other singer is the kid playing.
      I can't recall the lyrics but the mom was singing about how her child should play Minecraft all day every day and make the family rich through these coins. The kid starts singing about how he wants to do other things as well.

      I wake up.
    3. (July 25, 2014) Dark Theater

      by , Today at 02:43 PM
      July 25, 2014

      7:56 final wake

      Rating: 4/5

      3mg melatonin at 11:00PM before sleeping around 11:30-12:00-ish

      + I cant really remember my first dream well but it was at night and involved driving around. Thats about all i can give for this

      + This dream was much better. It started with a racing theme. I was at a outdoor race track during the day . I started on the road outside of it and decided to walk the track to see what it was like so i could go to it one day and know it. So i go walking into the track area and see that it is in the woods, as there are trees growing everywhere. It is not thick though, there is no low bushes and thick brush. I look and see one way signs pointed to the right so i follow them. I walk along it to see that its not all that great, looks like it needs to be repaved bad. Each turn, you can go left or right but they all end up at the same spot. After a while of walking i see a mc Donald's and some kids trying to get on the roof. I ask them if they are trying to get on the roof and they tell me yes but start walking away. We walked separate ways to a school building to a stair case outside. It was big, and made of solid concrete. We went up to the highest level the stairs there was to a dead end, when i told them i could climb to the next level. So i climbed a little ledge next to the stairs and grabbed on to a tan colored metal frame that pivoted on a point and swung on it, and swung right over a gap in the wall onto the next floor. The guy climbing with my gets up too, but the girl is not able to yet. We get up there and notice its a old theater. Its a relatively small room, with theater style rows if seat folding chairs bolted to the ground. They have bright red cushion, the carpet here is red, the walls have striped wall paper with a tall beautiful dark wood trim. Like i said, the room is small so we walk past only about 15 rows of chairs to the doorway into another room. This room I have seen in my dreams before. It is a lobby area. This room is almost to dark to see in. There is a reception counter, and by the door there is a big chair on a raised platform. This room is not too big or too small but it is a theater lobby. There was an additional hallway in this room i started to go down when i heard that the girl found a way up but was lost on the floor looking for us. I headed back to the room between the lobby and the theater seating and went down a hallway that i needed a flashlight for. I heard her call and thought it was the door closest to me and i took the board holding it shut off when i heard her again, i looked farther and saw her in a to looking into a mirror. I go get her, put the board back on the door, and begin heading to the lobby. When i get there, there are two security guards waiting and they catch us hanging out on this floor, i ask them how they knew we were here and I believe they say they saw us go up. I try punching one in the face but for some reason they wont land. We walk back into the theater room but before we get there, one of the guards turns into the big psycho that monitors the insane asylum in "Outlast". I run down a hallway and hid behind a door. The room i just entered is about the size of a average bedroom, stuff is broken, knocked over, or thrown every where as if something really bad happened her. The only light comes from a fire in the fireplace. I slowly open the door enough to look out into the darkness of the hall way. Seeing nothing I open the door up and run to the theater room where the normal cop hands me a spell book. I read some, cup my hands and launch little fireballs at the advancing bad guard but he just stops and looks at me like its some sort of joke. The one guard whose normal says wanna just go? And the other one says yes and they leave. I sit in a classroom secretly cupping my hands and make fire balls by thinking of it in my mind. I am not lucid though it looks like a good idea for when I am.

      + this dream i start by driving yellow a 240sx and I pull into a lot to turn around. Its an over cast day and the roads are all wet. There is quite a bit of cars out driving and parked in the lot I am in. I get out for a bit and use a little 240 on the pavement to show myself how I want to drift it. I get back in my car and start going back onto the street when I am stopped by a crowd of people. Apparently we are all going to my grandmothers funeral we get into the seating room when i wake up.

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    4. Canary Wharf Bombings

      by , Today at 12:30 PM
      The dream was basically non-lucid for the entire way through until something special happened for one part. Enjoy.

      I was in this place outside of Canary Wharf, and lived in a little apartment with my family members, akin to the ones that travelled with me to Center Parcs, although not all of them. There was a little fake warsite outside our homes. There were two tunnels, one to led the lower part of the other tunnel that was next to it through the wall. As people would pass through manually through walking from the end of my tunnel to the beginning of the second tunnel, I saw the architect of the tunnel tinkering with something. I stood next to him and watched him. He told me I could pass through the tunnels from this secret way he built. but I should only go from the way that’s closest to my house or bad things would happen. He left and I began using, it to go through the tunnels to fight people.

      I returned to my house to see my cousins panting and desperately rushing in. They were almost attacked and were innocent. I told them of the secret way and it’s warnings. They heeded the warning and stayed in the apartment. After the fighting had stopped we all went to Canary Wharf.
      Suddenly, we heard a bomb go off and someone escaping. The whole place was thrown into Chaos, everyone wanted to go through the front doors of the Clifford Chance building but it was destroyed. My mother and all my family were with me. We decided to climb the building to get to the emergency stairway out. Everyone was in a state of panic as lights flashed on and off. We headed to the third floor, and people started screaming, scared that they wouldn’t be able to escape. I shouted I know the way through this floor, everyone follow me. But. Another bomb was set off and somehow it managed to get into this section of this 30 story building. I somehow managed to avoid the explosion, but when I turned around to ask my family if they were all okay, they were all dead. Everyone was dead but me. I got out of the building from that floor and managed to see a car racing back to a broken down, tiny little warehouse outside of the building.
      I found a gun on the ground and drove in a orange car towards it. I was going to avenge my family and everyone who died. I drove in behind the warehouse and got out my gun. I went in through the east side of the warehouse. There were goons planted near some stairs, but they weren’t the ones who planted the bombs. I tried to rush upstairs, not wanting to shoot them as they weren’t my target. They tackled me to the ground and called the one who set off the bomb. He was communicating with someone and he was upstairs. He came down, annoyed that I survived the explosion and shot me.

      But that wasn’t the end. I rewound time in order to fix my mistakes and avenge them properly. I rewound to the time we were all going to Canary Wharf and saw the car about to throw the first explosive. He threw it and quickly drove back to the warehouse. I chased him. And I was ast. I was on foot, I had adrenaline pumping through me and I was ready to save hundred’s of people’s lives. I got to the base and as he was climbing up the stairs I shot him in the chest. I then shot the rest quickly and effortlessly as if I was born to wield a gun. I felt no guilt as I brutally took the lives of these three criminals. I went upstairs to see someone else communicating with someone on a little computer. I shot him in the head and returned downstairs. I noticed, a toddler appeared. He was under the stairs and was playing with one of the phones that the bomb planter had. On the phone was the face of a man with black hair, shouting asking where everyone was. He saw my face and gasped. He said “Th-That’s Luke.. the agency’s biggest target how is this possible!” I quickly snatched the phone from the baby and took out the battery of the phone. I didn’t know what to do with the baby so, I took it back to my apartment. It was a boy I thought and children of this generation loved tablets. I brought out my tablet and gave it to him to play.
    5. Britain Nukes Us, and Finding a Secret Passage (aka isn't Kasey Kasem Dead?)

      by , Today at 12:07 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Something about a roller coaster.

      I told myself when I woke up from this one, I'd remember. I told myself to just remember "roller coaster". And now, that's literally all I can remember. -_-'


      I was with some other people, though I couldn't say for sure who they were. We were taking shelter somewhere, though; America had been bombed by Britain. They had dropped a nuke on us.

      Wherever it was that we were, there was a lot of radiation in an area of the room. Most of it was coming from this thing on the ceiling that we called a "generator". It had something to do with the bombings; it got moved during them, and absorbed a lot of radiation. It was this black and white metal thing that looked kind of like a moon rover. I remember getting close to it a few times, and being warned not to.

      I want to say the room we were in had some sort of anti-gravitational property in it; I feel like when we would get close to the generator on the ceiling, we were floating to it.

      Then, I was talking to my mom. She was telling me about something her and Windy, a woman I know from when I was in college, something about what they did during the bombing. I asked my mom about what Katie did.
      "I mean crazy Katie," I said. I was referring to my old roommate from college.
      I don't remember my mom's response.

      I remember thinking about the exact area that had been bombed and wondering if the people immediately died on impact.


      This dream took place post-bombing as well, but that was not the focus of the dream. It seemed that some time had passed after the initial bombing, maybe a few weeks.

      I was outside somewhere, and I wanted to go do something. It had to do with my brother. I went to go speak with my doctor about this. It had something to do with my right foot; I wanted to tell her that something was wrong with it.

      I put this giant black roller skate-type thing on my right foot. It was my brother's. I started to skate and walk to wherever it was that I was going. I entered a building, and into this room that looked like a lobby. It was spacious with lots of couches. I approached a lady sitting on one of the couches. She was my Doctor, Dr. B, but she looked kind of like a teacher I had in college, Dr. D. She was wearing a white lab coat over her clothing. She was also working on charts. I got her attention, and she looked up. I told her something about my right foot. She looked at me as I told her, but she seemed concerned, or like she thought that something else was wrong instead of the foot. I thought about how contradictory it was that I was telling her about a foot problem, and yet, I was wearing this giant roller skate on the affected foot. She then went on to tell me something.
      "They're bruised," she said.
      She was referring to the bottom of my rib cage on the right side. I "remembered" getting it x-rayed last time I was there. I guess the results were in.

      I then had two of the big black roller skates instead of just one. They were made for skating on carpet. I skated around on the carpet inside for awhile, feeling how easy and effortless it was. I hadn't skated in years, so I thought it would be more difficult to get back into it.

      I then was on the phone with someone, looking for this secret entrance to somewhere. It had been a place my brother liked and was very well-known at, but my brother was out of town with his fiance'. I feel like I was supposed to have a purpose for going to the secret place, like I was supposed to be trying to fix something that was wrong with me. The lady on the phone had asked me if such-and-such (can't remember what she asked me), and I said no. She had seemed slightly irritated, but hid it well, and continued to direct me.

      I got off the phone afterwards, and I found the entrance somewhere in this rocky area, I think there may have been water there too. I had been there a couple of times before, but it had been years. You had to be very precise upon entering it though, or you'd go the wrong way. I slid down this smooth rock slide, but ended up in the wrong place. I had to go all the way back around and start over.

      I remember being back where I started, and there were so many different ways you could go. The whole area was rocky, and it was like I was in the middle of a circle with my options all around me. The someone that I had been on the phone with then offered their help. It was a woman. I had to follow her. She was showing me a shortcut so I wouldn't have to go all the way back around. I followed her to the secret place. The shortcut she took should have seemed obvious to me, I thought. Duh. But I am not good with directions. -_-'

      Anyway, so I was there, in the secret place. It was the skating rink I used to frequent as a child. I was skating on the skate floor. There were a few others there, mostly people who worked there. I skated by them, as they were all standing in the same area, close to the benches on the side of the skate floor. I was then asked about my brother, about if he wanted something, or wanted me to have this something, I don't remember for sure, or what the something was. Not entirely sure I knew what the something was when I was in the dream either. I told them I didn't know. They were going to send Kasey Kasem to ask; they knew my brother loved Kasey Kasem. I told them that he was out of town with his fiance'. So they had Kasey call him instead. I heard him talking on the phone, but I did not see him.
      "Hi, this is Kasey Kasem," he started, as he so often did on the radio.
      He started to ask my brother what he wanted to ask him.

      I saw my brother sitting at a table at a restaurant with his fiance', talking on the phone.

      I then wondered if this was a different Kasey Kasem, since the real one died. I thought maybe there was someone that worked at the rink that went by that name.


      The Kasey Kasem thing could have easily been a lucid trigger. Gah. Oh well.

      I think I'm going to try getting back into meditation, if I can discipline myself enough to stick with it. That really seems to help my LDs, while also making me feel better all around. I'll see what I can do. I can easily take 30 minutes out of my day to do it. Just gotta stay focused.


      Just remembered a fragment.

      I was handling a few small birds. They looked like finches.


      As one jumped on my finger, I felt its small talons digging into my finger. I expected this. It was alright, though; I was caring for the birds.
    6. Car catapulted and ran over dog

      by , Today at 11:17 AM
      I was pushing a car down a street myself. It was attached to some sort of contraption that had a handle like a lawnmower's. I accidentally released the handle, and that caused the car to shoot down the street at high speed. It went up some steps and into a building, and then it started to rock back and forth, hitting a wall and bouncing off and them running over a dog and bouncing back, and then again and again, wall dog wall dog. I heard the dog's horrible pain sounds from a distance. Finally the car stopped. I felt so guilty over the dog. I wanted to go over and say how sorry I was, and that it was am accident, but I did not think "sorry" would be enough.
    7. 00:00 Friday 2014-07-25, LDs #45, #46, Gifts from the Subconscious

      by , Today at 11:12 AM
      Did "everything wrong" last night: ate a big meal late, had wine fairly late, went to bed late and really full, but had some excellent dreams. Thanked my SC ala gab many times during the day yesterday for my dreaming experiences and "put in my order" for the kinds of dreams I wanted. Started asking myself "what's odd about this?" during the day after reading Patricia Keelan's bio on LaBerge's Hawaii retreat web page.

      Things I did right: ate dream-friendly lunch (almonds, turkey, cheese, tart cherries, milk, flax seed powder), exercised, day practice, added back in some PM targets (hit some, missed some).

      02:00 bedtime (argh!)

      08:42 (wake time 08:23)

      + plane hijack/crash, they're trying to knock everyone unconscious on board by the G-forces of sudden turns. I feel the turns and every time one happens people on board say "whooooooa!", I feel the blackout coming close but it never overcomes me, I think middle-aged women have taken over the plane. The plane crash lands in Southern California and I think this is a joke because it's not really an abandoned location. I walked by the plane outside now looks more like a large ocean ship I pass it by on the left, I see ahead of me there's a mirage that looks like water, there's someone else with me experiencing the mirage, but I know it's a mirage that will change as we approach closer, we step forwards and the pools of "water" resolve into the large eyes of a big moose sitting on the ground. There's a tree nearby with a well of water inside it, and the moose allows us to drink from it.

      + I see old friend DD and her mother and infant "daughter" standing at a garden fence outside a garden, I feel strong affection towards them and go to join them and say hello. DD and her old mother (a crone with a large witch nose) are walking swiftly through the aisles in the garden which has rows of tall trees laid out in a rectangular pattern. D ignores me. I hear a voice narrating a story that the nearby house (two houses joined together sharing a wall) is haunted/cursed because people used to come there for affairs. I get close to D finally and say a hearty hello but she just says "yeah, hi" sarcastically and keeps moving. I'm really hurt and angry by this rejection, I leave the garden, walking over/slamming the "gate" which is a large colourful bunch of folded paper like Christmas wrapping paper and it falls over behind me on to the ground as I stomp away, I hear D say sarcastically "good job, <my name>". I feel a bit bad because I think this was D's daughter's toy. I hear my sister's voice behind me saying "where has this happened before?", she's trying to chastise me, I'm mad and shout at her over my shoulder
      Spoiler for profanity:
      "I don't give a mother-fucking shit!"

      I see an advertisement for quarters (the coins) being an important part of Thanksgiving dinner (!), the quarters are rolling around on dark streets, I have a close up view, some announcer talks of the important in choosing good quarters (so that the turkey will be good?)

      + My wife and I are talking in my childhood home garage (only realize location after waking), her eyes change from brown to blue and back several times and I'm frickin astonished by this and keep trying to manoeuvre her eyes into better light to see better (SC Gift #1! I missed this one! argh! LD on a silver platter!). She walks from my left to my right and back to my left, to stand by the door, where her eyes seem to settle back to brown, she says "yeah that happens sometimes."

      + (lucid) I'm seated in a very large (outdoor?) bright theatre. I have a friend seated next to me on my left. A few rows down and to the right on a landing, only about 10 feet away, I notice 2 guys have appeared (they weren't there before) and they're singing. These guys are goofy/geeky/weird looking, wearing a lot of odd jewelry/clothing, each one is holding a microphone and singing, they have good voices and harmony, I see them very vividly. I'm thinking about how goofy they look but they probably get girls because they're in a band. An aide(s) starts walking by us up the stairs in the aisle, they're holding prizes, one of them is a large drawing (1m by 2/3m about) colorful (crayon) drawing of something (ship/balloon?) with the word "Dream" or "Dreamer" clearly written (printed) on it (SC Gift #2!), some of the letters are reversed (the "d" and/or the "r"). I think "really? I've been seeing so many t-shirts recently with "dream" written on it, might as well RC," I do a nose pinch and some air leaks through but it seems mostly closed. Hmm, I'm a bit confused, I try pinching harder and breathe again, the air is mostly blocked but some still gets through. I decided to try gravity, I jump a bit into the air and float slowly down, Aha! Yes this is a dream! I run up the steps to the aides who are a few rows above us now, and tear off the poster from the easel and bring it back to my seat, I want to save it for later when I wake up . I then climb up some steps looking about the theatre (more of an amphitheatre), it's filled with people. I'm looking for a CG for a smooch. I settle on one and give her a quick kiss I do not want to engage for too long though. I keep walking, and see a CG blonde with a cream dress, maybe late 20's early 30's. I sit with her and put my hands up her shirt. There are multiple layers and I go under about 3 before I feel the skin of her back. I'm concerned my hands are cold and I don't want to shock her so I put my hands back on top of one layer of clothing. After a bit I put my hands back to the skin and move them around to the front. Her clothing is really tight on top of my hands.
      Spoiler for 18+:
      I double-grab her fairly substantial breasts and begin squeezing and kneading and pulling on them. This goes on for a while. The next time I pull on them a bit she objects, I think because it's too obvious to people around what I'm doing, but she says that doing so pulls her neck back and forth. She likes it when they're squeezed but not pulled. I'm then standing up and perhaps have lost lucidity a bit so I do another jump and I slowly float down, yep, solidly lucid again. Things seem stable so I decide to escalate and I say "OK, time for some <epithet for cat> f%^&ing!" She's on her hands and knees, knees on a chair and her hands on a table, I raise her cream colored skirt over her butt and I/she start to tear/remove her panty hose and

      I wake up. Argh! I'm sleeping on my stomach so I think that explains the unclear/partially blocked nose pinch. Try to relax and go back in but too excited/awake.

      Probably 2 hours awake at least, drifting/snoozing, doing counting breaths, SSILD, relaxation, trying to get back to sleep, get the "I WILL LD if I can fall asleep again" feeling, I think about getting up for the day but I don't give up, keep relaxing, and eventually sleep...


      + (lucid) Indoors in some random house, well-lit. I'm rubbing my left hand in circles on my son's right shoulder, he's intently watching a TV/microwave, I realize I'm dreaming but feel my awareness is at the bottom of a well, very unstable, just keep rubbing and rubbing his shoulder and eventually feel substantial enough to move, and start walking a bit into the scene. I find myself standing at a white square small ceramic sink with no faucet in a non-descript room , and I'm running my hands around the back corners of the sink (left hand on left side/corner, right hand on right/back corner) back and forth, to stabilize. I decide I will do sivason simultaneous focus and try to maintain focus on both my dream body and the dream environment and walk towards a door but immediately feel very dizzy/unstable. Stand still, more hand rubs. Things stabilize a bit. I start walking down the hallway, it is my current IWL home. I think about going out the front door, decide to jump out the kitchen window. Walk down the corridor, turn left into the kitchen, the window is there (wrong kind of window), through the lower panes I see the bright sunlit outside, I don't hesitate and immediately run towards the left window pane and dive headfirst through it, don't feel any glass, the world orientation sort of rotates and swirls a bit to simulate my dive then I'm on the ground outdoors, "COOL!" I think. The ground is made of the same floor / ceiling tiles as the kitchen, then things start fading, I think just a moment and the scene will clarify to a proper street scene, then I wake up.

      This was a notable LD because it probably was just a waking moment and I was able to hold on to it and turn it into a proper multiple-scene (if short) LD with a cool dive out the window.

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    8. Hazy Dream

      by , Today at 10:42 AM

      I don't remember so much as an introduction to this dream, but I recall having set up some sort of fleet in space. There was a red colored wormhole of sorts that lingered in the area, but no actions were taken. I hardly can recall anything occurring in this dream, as is to be expected, given that I am just now attempting to get back into the swing of things when it comes to lucid dreaming. Additionally, my current sleep schedule is unreliable as it stands, and steps must be taken to correct this. In short, changes are necessary; without a doubt though, I am looking forward to my return back into dreaming.
    9. Insomnia - In A Good Way :3

      by , Today at 09:37 AM (Mastering Consistency)
      Bedtime: 22:27

      I am on the process of completely letting go of my ego, by not thinking that I am awesome just because I can cold approach girls, lucid dream or meditate (I used to think like that!), I became aware of it when I heard my friend bragging about his cool life. When I am at the gym I am not using the heavier weights for an ego boost, I use the right ones for me and I do the exercises properly, it gives more result in the longrun. And I don't try to see myself as a smooth James Bond while talking to girls, I let my dorky dancing monkey side completely free and when I feel secure in my environment and interactions, the alpha side comes out and here I feel so good that I no longer think and I just enjoy myself.

      But I am on the No FAP challenge still, and a girl did hint to me that she wanted to have sex tonight, so my mind was racing and when I woke up in the middle of the night after a dream (exactly 03:00) I just couldn't fall asleep, I was so excited.
      Yea it's been a while since last time...

      Even though my mind was filled with sexual thoughts, I still did not fap, I guess my mind finally prioritize the correct things.

      But well since I couldn't fall asleep quickly, I didn't attempt to do any induction today.

      But here are my dreams before 03:00

      I was next to the agent Cassey from Chuck and we were drilling into a pipe and saw some pink bubbling oil and he asked me angrily "Who do you work for?" and I said NIV. I also remember something about illuminati watching us.

      In another dream I was late for school.

      And in one dream I was browsing porn, and I was even dissappointed inside the dream because I broke my NO PMO streak.

      When I woke up I was glad that I was still on the right track.

    10. Chicken Man and a Mouse?

      by , Today at 08:04 AM
      In the dream I was looking for a mouse that had gone missing (can't remember from where/what/who). I then went searching for it and someone told me to go talk to the chicken guy, who was a man with a chicken wing a head (but sometimes it was just part of his head, but that alternated during the dream). I then found him behind this fence and he dropped the mouse I was looking for that kind of floated to the ground like a leaf before scurrying off. I caught it and the chicken guy let me have it (even though it was originally his) and I ended up becoming friends with him.

      I was then searching through tubs, containers - anything I could keep the mouse in. He wa really tame and didn't run away if I set him on the ground. I then turned around and the chicken guy from before was running off with the mouse. I was angry at him stealing the mouse like that, soon I was in a bus and he was in one too, falling to the ground 'battling' next I was in a plane flying over the ocean.
    11. Dream Goals and Short Lucid 7/24/14

      by , Today at 06:07 AM
      From the thread: http://www.dreamviews.com/general-lu...ml#post2077014

      4972 fly from the top of the Eiffel Tower
      4973 fly to Jupiter
      4974 pose for a picture in front of the Mars rover
      4975 fly along the Western Coast of the US/Canada and across the Bering Straight to Russia and down their Eastern coast to Asia
      4976 fly along the Mediterranean coast
      4977 fly around the coasts of the North and South Islands of New Zealand
      4978 jump on stage at Moulin Rouge and give a big kiss to the prettiest ladies and impress all with my flying
      4979 enter the scene of my favorite paintings at the Louvre
      4980 animate some statues at the Louvre
      4981 fly into the Super Bowl pre-game as the jets fly over
      4982 fly and catch offending homophobes at the Russian Winter Olympics and drop them into places they can't easily get out of
      4983 go on a date with Scarlett Johansson
      4984 fly and grab Hitler during one of his speeches and drop him from hundreds of feet up
      4985 go back and live with a Native American tribe along a beautiful river
      4986 go back and visit my oldest known ancestors
      4987 go back and visit my grandparents and great grandparents on each side
      4988 go back to my first sexual experience and say move over young me and show her what I've learned
      4989 go back and tell my young self to keep up lucid dreaming "I come from the future"
      4990 go back and tell my young self to never compare a girl to another girl to their face
      4991 go to the year 4991
      4992 have a conversation with my great grandfather about his skills and ideas
      4993 visit Thoreau at Walden Pond and have a conversation
      4994 ask a DC "What is a dream character?"
      4995 ask a DC to take me to another person who is lucid dreaming
      4996 ask a DC what is the coolest thing you can do in a lucid dream
      4997 go back and watch the first episode of the Twilight Zone with my father and family
      4998 go back and meet Einstein
      4999 go through and play old records on an old phonograph
      5000 grab the 9-11 hijackers days before they board their planes and drop them one after the other from the top of the WTC
      5001 ask my subconscious to show me some dreams from childhood
      5002 fly along the fjords of Norway
      5003 frame the Enron-like executives of the world with a crime that will actually give them jail time
      5004 fly along side various roller coaster and see the riders reactions
      5005 go back and see myself as a newborn baby
      (some of these were not very inspired...just trying to get to #5000 idea)

      I was dealing with an intruder trying to follow me into my house I'm trying to lock him out I must have got rid of him. I was having trouble locking the door and turned around and I caught someone inside my house across in an adjoining room, perhaps the dining room. As I called out at him I noticed I could not speak and then my voice was coming out really slow like slow motion and I realized that I was dreaming. I tried to talk some more before the dream ended...probably the end of my REM cycle. 177
    12. Color Shift

      by , Today at 01:54 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      07/23/14 DILD I had a nice long one. High points involved practicing a lazy form of travel. I would just float a few inches above the ground and then push gently so that I started drifting. i can now travel down streets at a nice even pace while putting no thought or effort into it.
      In one sequence there was a toxic rain or something so I shifted into the past (actually became a younger version of me) but found it raining pink rain in the past too.
      I had a FA at this point where I could not breathe and felt as if my waking mouth and nose were covered with water. i made myself wake up in concern, but actually it was an FA. I was still in the past and accussed my sister of ruining my LD by pouring water on me. I then realized this was stupid and kept going with my LD.
      In one part I saw children playing in a huge tree that hung over the side walk on an embankment. I went up and checked out the tree and noticed I could not travel further in that direction, but did question it. I just walked a few dozen feet further up the sidewalk and found a way up. that lead to an area with people hanging out on a patio.
      At this point I noticed a huge brownish frog. I picked it up on the palm of my right hand. It was about as big as a dinner plate. I decided to practice fine visual control by making the frog color shift through all of the main colors using the trick I teach in the DVA class on visualization. I was able to use the same mental trick in the lesson to create the colors. I shifted the entire frog through colors including electric blue, viberent ruby red, and pumpkin orange. That was the most intersting portion of the LD as far as I am concerned. Dur~12-15 min

      Updated Today at 01:58 AM by 12783

    13. Crows and body paintings on the beach

      , Today at 01:40 AM (Hyu's Adventures)

      I'm at friends place in Cairo. He is preparing a huge feast.
      I am somewhat confused because we keep switching between English and French.
      Eventually I end up on the balcony and become lucid when I realize that I am far too comfortable speaking French.

      (After living in Germany for 7 years, I no longer am)
      I decide to jump off the balcony (3th or 4th floor I think) to change the scene.
      (I don't know why I've been doing this lately. It's not a very good means of changing scenes)

      I end up on the beach, which is a recurring dream scene.
      It is always dawn whenever I get here. The sky is a nice warm orange.
      Walking bare feet over the sand is very pleasant.
      I pick up some sand and play with it as I walk towards an area of interest.
      Usually the beach is empty, but occasionally I find something interesting.

      This time there is a rectangular black frame.
      Once I get closer I can see that the frame is not empty.
      It refracts light in an odd way, and taints everything purple.
      Almost as if there was a very thin layer of a purple liquid.

      I poke it with my right index finger. It buzzes me and ripples begin forming on the surface.
      The feeling is rather pleasant. It tingles a little.
      I drag my finger across it, creating complex patterns with the ripples.
      At least a minute goes by until I realize that I'm not being very productive.
      I step through the frame, which I assume is a portal to another place.

      I end up on another beach. It is similar to 'my beach', except that there are quite a few people here.
      There's also a few tents, and music! I try to engage more of my senses and make the music louder.
      I feel a familiar presence and move towards it.

      Close to the water I find some people dancing, a few others relaxing, having drinks that glow in the dark...
      and Crow. Sitting in a fucking Sofa, whereas everyone else is sitting in the sand.

      He's telling some grand story of his, and everyone seems quite captivated by it.
      Every single time... This bird really does know how to tell a story.
      Always surrounded by women, always a drink within reach. Dude knows how to have a good time.
      He senses me as I approach closer.

      "Hyu mate, how have you been?"

      I don't really have any time to answer before he starts bombarding me with more questions.

      "How's Yuya? And the other one? The cute one with horns and the tail?"
      "The one with the big boobs."
      "Really Crow? She's called Liv."
      "She is rather well endowed though."
      "How did you get here anyways?"
      "This place ain't exactly on the grid."

      "Walked through a purple portal on a beach created by my subconscious mind."
      "You dreamers, you're all a bit messed up in the head."
      "Subconscious here, Dream Guide there. Something something awareness and lucidity. I don't understand any of it."
      "That's okay Crow. Neither do we."

      We both laugh.

      Some naked lady with an absolutely amazing body painting brings drinks.
      They all glow in different colors. I take the blue/orange one.

      "Cheers mate."

      It is a rather strong alcoholic beverage. It's quite fruity, a little sweet.
      Judging by the amount of empty glasses, Crow has consumed an amount of alcohol that would easily be lethal to any human being.
      But he's Crow. I'm not even sure if he can get drunk.

      Crow resumes telling his story. It's about space ships and smuggling...

      I'm not really paying attention though. I look at the people dancing.
      They all have these really cool glowing body paintings.
      It's quite fascinating.

      Later I talked with Crow some more, but I can't remember what the conversation was about.
    14. Hired Trailer (25.7.14)

      by , Today at 01:11 AM (CHiLLEN's Whacky Dream Journal)
      Recorded at 9.00am

      I'm at old house with Dad, Jane and Tim. A TV infomercial is on TV. It's explaining about water distillers, but not getting into the proper benefits that'll catch your attention. Either Jane or Tim look as if they're intrigued on what they just saw on the infomercial and wanted and dialled some numbers on their phone. As they're dialling the number, they change the channel on the TV to horse racing. I then realise that they were calling up to put some bets on the horses.

      I'm with Dad and we're being chased my being with guns. I think I start to shoot back and forth with the enemies. I shoot someone near the stairs on the map with the tall wires above the map.

      Dad and myself are near the bottle-o near the settlement.

      We must have hired a trailer to transport something. It was a strange set up. Dad had to sign some documents for for trailer. I was after some water for my veggie shake and didn't really want to request distilled water in particular as not everyone drinks it. Dad speaks up for me and says that he only drinks distilled water. One of the men says he's we have rain water and goes off and fetches it for me. I'm stoked that he has some rain water but start to think about it's purity and how long it's been sitting there. There's also a huge tub of rain water sitting in the garden. It doesn't look the freshest as it looked to have a whiteness to the surface. The man hands me a small bucket of his freshest water which looked clear. My cut up veggies fall into the garden and I pick them out and put them back In my blender cup. I worry that the veggies would be extremely dirty but i put them in anyways. I pour the water into the cup and fill it up to much. I see the man come over and put a container of water back inside a container of water. I try to do the same as i finish doing what I was doing and feel a little confused and clumsy trying to do what he did.

      I walk over to the table and see that Dad who looks like I Sabrina from the talent show The Voice (Australia). I notice that he's done about half of the form. The form was like a rating system but was a little strange they way it was set out.

      Dad must have been upset when asked to come back down to the office to go over some final things to do with the trailer. He didn't do it and just wanted to go. The men were not happy about this and I think we started getting chased again like earlier (or what happened earlier with the gun fighting was actually this, not sure).

      Dream Fragment:
      A little girl shows me her phone and what she had just searched for on safari. I show her my phone browser, which has the exact same thing she searched for. She become a little upset thinking that I checked her phone without asking for her permission. I felt as if I had a 3rd eye moment.

      Side Notes:
      I need remember to take my time and think about the dream I just had for more then 10-15 seconds. I usually just fall back asleep expecting that I won't remember it.
    15. 24/07/14 - X Factor Audition, Plane Crash, Zombie Apocalypse

      by , Today at 12:24 AM (Covlad96's Road to Lucid Dreaming)
      Dream 1

      X Factor were holding these auditions, I would never go to something like this but it seemed everyone I knew was going to it, my friends, family, most people I know so I decided to go as well. I am in the plane and the plane is really dodgy, its a pretty average sized plane. I was sitting at the back with my mum and sister. It was a pretty scary ride there because there was a risk of being shot down due to lots of fighting happening across the world. I looked out the window and I seen a huge mushroom cloud which engulfed the evening sky, it clouded over this moon which didn't exist in real life. Then the next thing we know the plane had to emergency land, we were coming down and hit the ground safely. Everyone got out the plane and talked. They found the reason for this emergency landing was that there was too much weight on the plane and one person had to get off. Some guy said he thought I should to the whole group. I wasn't happy, I said my feet are way to cold to walk all the way there. So everyone got back in and tried taking off again, the plane got a little bit in the air but fell backwards. So we all got out again and I said I would walk. My mum and brother said they would they would walk as well, the reason was they thought it would be safer as we could get shot down from the fighting.

      We start walking and just round the corner was the entrance for the audition, a wired fence and security guards blocked you from going in. I looked to my right and a girl with a gun was pointing at me, I flinched backwards then realised she was just security. We walked up to the gates and had to sign a waiver to say we know the risks at the moment etc. I walked through security and Tyler the Creator greeted me, the then pushed me over and jumped on my face. This really damaged my front teeth for the rest of the dream. I got up he pushed me over and elbow dropped me. I understood it was a joke and I didn't care it was Tyler the Creator. I asked 'How much do I have to pay you?'
      'As much as you like, leave it there'. He pointed to a couch where people left money, most had given quite a bit. I was going to give £3 but decided on £4. I went and sat down, the chairs were metal chairs and the field was quite big, it was like a small festival, with one stage. I sat down and noticed my friends on the other side, I waved them to come over but they waved back at me to come over to them. Assuming they had a spare seat because it looked busy in their direction I went over. They did have a spare seat and I sat next to two of my friends. I then got a text from my tutor, who was organising the plane etc in this dream. The text read 'Someone has lost a bag on the plane, please text back whosoever bag it is'. I looked and I also had another text message from a friend saying 'I'm scared of flying back'. As I was sitting there I realised I actually have to go up on stage and preform. So I asked my friend what he was doing. I can't remember what it was but it was a boring song. Then I asked my other friend. Another boring song. They were taking it all serious and I really didn't care I was here for a laugh. 'You know what I'm gonna do, some raw hip hop!'
      'Yeah! Do it, it will be funny' said someone from my school who I didn't realise was next to me. I was thinking what song to do, should I do Work by A$AP Ferg, that's pretty hype but I wasn't feeling it. Then I realised, I'll do Danny Brown - DIP! Haha! I knew it was going to be crazy, a crazy song and I was going to put in crazy energy into the song not giving a shit about anything.

      Then I went up, I was on stage the instrumental dropped and I went HAM! I put on proper crazy performance and I was loving every second, the crowd were loving it too, I think they were glad to see something different. I remember preforming every word to every verse, my recall was pretty mad in this. I finished the performance and the lady who judged it said to the crowd and me 'I liked it, it was energetic and I especially liked the part in Portuguese'
      I'm thinking 'Portuguese whats this women on about?' I'm reciting the lyrics quietly trying to think of a Portuguese part. I couldn't so I just said 'Yeah, yeah the second verse'.
      She said rather hostile 'Usually songs have 4 verses'. I was thinking no, it definitely has 3. Then I seen her write my on a piece of paper 2.68! I looked at the other scored they varied the highest was 6.something. 2.68! 2.68! I couldn't believe it, that low! Why did she lie on stage then? Anyway I didn't care, I went out the curtains and into the crowd, I seen my Nan and Sister straight away my Nan loved it she said it was really good and funny. My sister agreed as well. I went walking to find my brother, I could feel people looking at me. He likes Hip Hop so I couldn't wait to tell him 'Did you see me do DIP?!'
      'No I missed it'
      'Look there's a zombie apocalypse'. I looked over the hill where this festival type audition was and it looked exactly like the scene from World War Z where the zombies climb over the wall. In fact I think it was an exact flashback to the movie.
      non-lucid , memorable
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