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    1. 2016-07-25 mansion; opel/chess/sleeping bag; scouts in park; lego/mom; tennis; train; ice/bomb;

      by , Today at 06:14 AM
      details later
    2. 16-07-24 Zombies, Again

      by , Today at 02:15 AM
      I was in a barn (?) with some other people, hiding from zombies outside. I had a pistol, and I think I was planning on making a run for a nearby building where I had more ammunition stashed. At some point I somehow "damaged" the ammo I had, deformed the bullets so they would no longer fit into the gun. Some of the rounds looked like chess pieces or toy soldiers?
      Tags: pistol, zombies
    3. #183: Failed RC

      by , Today at 02:10 AM
      I'm in a RV camper. It's supposed to be my student home, which I share with some others. There's at least 1 girl and then there's the Turkish guy I used to live with in reality. I don't see them, but I have the knowledge that they also live here. I rummage around in the kitchen for a tiny bit, discovering a stash of guitar picks. Are these my friend's? He used to live here. At firs I think the girl has stolen them or something. Then I consider the option that she is also just a guitar player. I start rummaging around in the glove compartment, which is somewhere off to the left side, instead of in the front. My stuff is in here, mostly toiletries. I then notice another person's toothbrush and what not. Damnit. This is my compartment. First I think that it is the Turkish guy. Then I consider that I live on the 1st floor and he lives on the 2nd floor. Why would he stash his stuff down here? Then I consider that it's the new tenant's stuff, who needs to learn who has which space. I get out my toothbrush and my toothpaste (there's about 3 tubes in there now). I have to get an ant off my toothbrush. The camper is driving autonomously. I consider that I should just park it somewhere. I'm not going anywhere specific, so by just driving around it's wasting gas. Mere seconds later, on its own, the camper pulls up to an outdoor rest area where I can shower and brush my teeth. No way! It knew it had to do that? It can do that? I consider that I might be in a dream. I quickly try to insert a finger on my right hand into my left palm. It doesn't go through. Hmm..

      This is the first time in quite a long time that this check has failed me.
    4. Went back to my hometown. And hiring under false pretenses.

      by , Today at 01:26 AM
      Dream 1 non-lucid: I found myself in a non-lucid dream in my hometown. They seemed to be under a form of martial law. I had to help deliver a baby which was odd. And the fact that a childhood friend I haven't talked to in quite some time was by my side all along the way. None of the places were actual places in my tiny small hometown, lol. The soldiers were invading an event at the high school & I was being ushered around like I had been beckoned to help everyone. Apparently I got there in time & we ran them off. There were celebrations at this point.

      Dream 2-Non-lucid: Oh & this was the dream I couldn't remember yesterday but did recall today. Non-lucid but very bright & vivid. I was in this city with hotels, casinos, eccentric themed shows. Anyway, I was being approached by different kinds of people who wanted me to move there & work. It had a connection to a glamorous casino/hotel I dreamed about before. So I was walking & talking quite a bit in this dream, in restaurants & those other places I mentioned. I noticed a theme going though & didn't want to move there to work. There were many con artists in this dream who were working with other people to make me just another "mark" for these jobs. See, if you took the job you'd have to move there & it was just a vicious cycle of the landlords wanting people who lived basically hand to mouth in the end. You'd make just enough to pay for rent & do your job with a little extra after that but basically you could never move away & are surrounded by people you don't know & can't rely on.

      That first dream I think came from listening to stuff about the elections. Someone had mentioned martial law being a possibility if the "elite powers that be" don't think Hillary will win they could invoke martial law after they create something that would allow them to do so.

      The second was about my husbands job. They sent out legal documents to all employees by law because they are going to do a mass firing of at least 100 people starting very soon. Just FYI, I used to work there too so I know a lot about how government likes their private businesses run. They make the batteries that goes into the space shuttle, all kinds of weapons, including TOP SECRET ones. The list is extensive & the new buyout was unprecedented. Some one bought all of the plants, not just 1 which happens sometimes. They have already fired a crazy amount of ppl including very smart people. It's a scary scenario.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    5. MOON Sex!

      by , Yesterday at 11:05 PM
      I woke up at 3am for a WBTB but had significant trouble falling back to sleep. My iphone app (pillow) shows me awake from 3-7am.

      I took 200 5-htp, 1mg melatonin, 1000mg valerian root, 300mg b6, and 900mg of st. John's Wort

      Very long lucid dream, tho a little less vivid. My dream faded in and out since I was able to stabilize it a few times from ending. Occasionally I would feel myself in bed but was able to visualize my dream and reenter (DEILD??).

      It started with 3-5 short LDs, all starting in my bed, where I couldn't get my sleep mask off and had limited control of my body—Couldn't open my left eye or move my legs.

      I ended up in my house and lucid. The house I am in isn't my real house, it's just a random house (possibly a combo of all the places I have lived?) though it started as my room. I walk though the house and everyone is trying to talk to me. I know that if I get distracted I will loose lucidity, so I make up an excuse and go outside. I run and try to fly but again I have issues at first. I feel my body and start to focus on the world around me and how real it is.

      I am in a town walking down the street. I pull my phone out and open it. Inside the phone is a photo with a picture of me. I close the photo and it results in another photo of me. I get to a photo with Joey, David, and me. I try to look closely at their faces to see if it is actually them. It looks like it is. I realize that the part of town I am going into has a bunch of cool stuff. I run my hand through a water fountain and think that it would be nice if there was a place where I could swim. I walk around the corner and there is a beach! There are street venders up and down the beach. I remember that I want to eat in a dream so I look for food. I don't have any money so I can't buy any food. I think about taking it but decide not to since I don't want to make the DCs hostile. I look to the ocean and see large waves. I run out to the water and see a DC dive into the water I follow suit but it is just sand now and I land painfully on my head. I start to jump into the water and remember I should be able to breath underwater. I swim under water deep while breathing and then let a wave bring me back. As I get out of the water I imagine a beautiful bikini model behind me and turn around. There she is! I start to make out with her but my dream fades so I stabilize it.

      I am at my house's back yard. I try to fly but it doesn't work. I try climbing to the top of a building and falling off yet it still doesn't work and I slam into the ground. Eventually I try flying Backward and it works well.I am soaring above the ground! I see a girl and she starts to fly with me and we fly up, up, up and land on the moon where we start to have sex . My dream begins to destabilize.

      I am now on the grass with a sex doll...? I get up and go inside the house. Kristen (co-worker) and Gen (sister) are there and I think "I wonder if Kristen has ever been kissed." I kiss her and for some reason it feels like I am kissing a chair. She is shocked when I stop and says "I'm sure you can get some, if you try". I leave and go outside looking at the flowers. They are very vibrant and realistic but my dream has started to destabilize. I sit down and pull the grass between my fingers to stabilize. It works!

      I go inside and walk to the fridge, still remembering to eat while in a dream, I look inside and ask my dad for snacks. He says, "here!" And points to plain yogurt. There is also strawberry sour cream. I grab one of the yogurts but my mom stops me and says, "no! You can't have that!". I put it back and hurry to find something else to eat before I wake up! The dream is getting unstable! I grab a yogurt stick and open it even tho my mom is warning me of something... It explodes in my face and I wake up.

      Longest LD yet and came after extreme inability to sleep.

      Updated Yesterday at 11:09 PM by 91115

    6. First DJ post: Getting punched in the balls

      by , Yesterday at 10:32 PM
      This is my first DJ post and I am planning on only storing my lucid dreams on here, since I have so many non lucids/dream fragments.

      Before this dream I attempted a WBTB WILD unsuccessfully.


      I have a false awakening. I walk over to my computer and turn off music which is playing and lay back down in bed. I begin to visualize a wall and I jump through the wall and all of a sudden I felt my body and my dream body disconnect. I pull my dream body painfully out of my sleeping body. My body feels weird (heavy and slow) at first but it gets progressively easier.

      I look at my phone screen and it actually turns on which it normally doesn't. I walk out of my room and have an idea, I go back to my room and see myself sleeping. This is very bizarre and I decide to leave before I become to excited/freaked out and wake up. I walk to my living room and Maria (my sisters friend) is there. She tries to talk to me but i ignore her because I want to attempt flying! I go outside and levitate a bit but realize that I have a backpack on and that having a backpack is pointless in a LD. I go inside to drop the stuff off (I know Im an idiot lol)

      Maria follows me outside but I continue to ignore her, starting to run I vault over my moms silver van. I start running super speed. Everything slows down as I begin to pass buildings extremely fast. I try flying again, but it doesn't work (I cant stay in the air) I turn around backward and begin to float. Maria says something like "your flying, aren't you happy now?". I ignore her. I start to be able to move my arms and adjust my flight. I get excited. I look over and Ashly F (a girl I made out with at a party once) is floating beside me. I laugh and tell her to come here. She floats over and wraps her legs around me. We are flying fast together now, but I can't see where I am going, since I am on my back. She says look out! But we crash into the ocean. It hurts a bit feels kinda like a stinging sensation... but we start laughing.

      We start to make out and but her BF appears and says "so your the one who stole her away". I say yes and grab her back. He starts to fight with me over her and I am periodically pushed under the water while still making out with her(?). He pushes me off and knees me in the crotch. I am in tons of pain and float there under the water. Nick (close friend) is over me now asking if I am alright. I realize that I am now in my room. I attempt to renter my dream, but It doesn't work. I open my eyes.

      I took 200 5-htp, 1mg melatonin, 1000mg valerian root, b6 (not sure how much) and 450mg of st. John's Wort,

      Updated Yesterday at 10:35 PM by 91115

      lucid , false awakening , memorable
    7. The creation

      by , Yesterday at 08:39 PM
      Chris and I were on the verge of something. I had found a material in my adventures that I knew had incredible potential, and I gave it to him. For a while we split paths, he studying and myself finding out more about the world around us. We were in some massive complex, a place had had a lot of inside and a lot of people. I met a lot of guys and girls, and my dad was in there working on something as well. Eventually Chris started hitting breakthroughs. We realized the substance was capable of materializing a small, new life form from another dimension or place, we did not know where/what yet. We knew we needed money and peace to finish this out so we did the only rational thing: we joined the games. This was like the hunger games, where men entered and fought with machine guns until the last stood, who would recieve money and a place to conduct their business. Chris and I found a black room with two doors and held it down, killing many. At the end we had won, and everyone congratulated us. Chris went back to his work, and I went to drum us up some fame. I met a girl who blew me away with her beauty, and she was working for my mother on some side project of hers. I went around a lot to hang out with different characters, but this girl would always be there, hanging out or working, at the place that I would go. Just a gift from god. I had lucid sex, which was nice.

      Then I returned to the place of the tournament. Some guys who lost had found me and were furious, they wanted to settle the score in person. Instead I took control and beat them into the ground in front of everybody after taking a few blows myself.

      I had a second dream later but it has been forgotten.

      Dream Signs
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Sleep Notes 5 + De ja vu Kind of

      by , Yesterday at 08:00 PM (DawnEye's Dreams)
      I've been falling asleep at 10pm lately and I became lucid last night and yesterday. However, somehow my lucidity was lost after recalling the dhl mission. I was like "Ok. Im lucid. I have time to do the dhl mission. Snakes and bat." than just as im going somewhere the lucidity vanishes. Also, I had a deja vu moment today. When I fell asleep at night,just as I was about to wake up I had a false awakening where I woke up and someone had messaged me on youtube about a give away.Than I went back to sleep in the dream and saw myself sleeping and hearing a voice of someone breathing. I was drawing a picture using my imagination to keep calm. After waking up and a few hours passed I got on my youtube channel and saw the message was the same as the dream. My mind replicated the same message I didn't remember seeing in real life. Wow.
      lucid , non-lucid , side notes
    9. Walking Dead-esque and Tattoo Shop connected to a grocery store

      by , Yesterday at 07:31 PM
      *Gonna use a question mark(?) for a things that are hard to remember*

      I remember being apart of a group(?) and we were in this sort of camping environment, we were close to an interstate because I remember driving there to escape(?) from something. I also remember going to this dark part of the woods, it had this roof type thing made of leaves and trees , and the ground dipped down into this small puddle. The puddle had leaches or something, but their was a way to get around it. In front of this little forest place, their was this door to a home attached right smackdab in the middle of all this heavy foliage. I remember being in the host but their was a group who was already in their(?) and they were bandits, and killed some of our own(?).

      I also remember, very extremely faintly, being in a lucid where I smoked weed. That was it.

      I also remember that I was apart of a group (could be attached to the first dream) and we were in a RV now, but me and this one guy was disconnected from the group, but it was okay since we were in this city area now. He went into the tattoo shop I guess for a tattoo(?) and I remember him walking out and the tattoo guy yelling at us for some reason(?). My mom and her friends met up with us and she made me go grocery shopping with her. All I remember.
    10. Mission Accomplished!

      by , Yesterday at 04:16 PM
      Do you know of a such thing called a lucid nightmare? I am having a dream where I am lost on my first day to high school. I am running around town asking if people know a place called....well I can't tell people the name because in the dream I had a terrible time remembering what the school name was. All I knew that it was a private school for smart children.

      Anyway, after many mishaps in the dream-scape I find myself sitting in a classroom of the wrong school. I look at this girl named Naomi and we both realize that have made a huge mistake. We leave the classroom and ask this man to take us to front desk and he does. I know something is going terribly wrong because as we are walking through the hallway I am getting this strong SILENT HILL vibe from the lighting.

      We make it to the front desk and after some conversation with the secretary, she gives Naomi and I a paper to sign. I throw it down on the ground because I don't want to sign anything, I just want to find out where the super-secret private school is! Gosh I know I am ranting now but I JUST WOKE UP from all this.

      The lady takes out peanuts and starts throwing it and Naomi and I. I throw some back and this is where the SILENT HILL vibe really took off. At this point, I knew I was dreaming because I realized that I am a 22 year old man who already graduated high school, got a bachelor's degree and is a working a full time job. So why the hell I am worried about trying to get to school again?

      The woman started vomit violently all over the place; her eyes started to turn red and she was screaming like a banshee. The entire office area was getting dark and crazy and I knew it was time to get out of there even though I was lucid. I wasn't confident enough to fight some crazy monster in my dream yet.

      I ran away....the dream ended.

      But it was a false awakening. I was in my kitchen walking toward the stove but everything wasn't feeling alright so I did a nose-pinch reality check and determined that I was still dreaming. I went out my side-kitchen-door and climbed over the fence found myself on the street in front of my house.

      I was fully lucid at this time and I wanted to accomplish something that I had set out to do the night before.

      I jogged down my neighborhood street as fast as I could while STAYING TO PRESENT TO THE MOMENT TO ANCHOR MYSELF. I got the end of the street and made a left to get to the park entrance by my home! I continued down the park path until I came across some branches that were getting the way. I used my lucid-powers to move the branches and keep pushing on and on till I could get to the center of the park field.

      Once I got to the center of the field, it was morning time there. I looked up into the sky and screamed because this signaled the turning point in my lucid dream ability. I had done exactly what I had planned to do the night before so the possibilities are limitless.

      I woke up of course from the screaming.

      This was all achieved using SSILD during a morning WBTB/nap.
      So I was still pretty tired and in the REM cycle.

      Forgive me for any grammatical errors. The excitement/drowsiness is the reason!
    11. Light and dark

      by , Yesterday at 01:18 PM
      D1 - I am looking at a third person view of a youth with long dark hair and sunglasses is leant against a wall in the dark, it is a split screen view of the same youth sitting in the blinding sunlight.
      On one side the youth has made good choices and has good intentions on the other the opposite.
      I am trying to choose between the two as they continually add choices.

      D2 - In a large wharehouse style Art gallery/ exhibition centre.
      The walls are all painted black and the lighting is diffuse from the high ceilings. I am talking with a group of artists but I feel they do not have proper motives and are trying to deceive others. They see me as a threat and I am chased through corridors of the exhibition. Running through the ground floor with windows onto a courtyard, in heavy sun. I run between their artwork, which is being resprayed from nozzles on the ceiling. The artwork is everchanging to create a moving painting, sprayed in a circular fashion.

      D3 - At college a student is trying to cash in a credit payment. But is having trouble. I inspect the note and see that it is in fact an record form showing that they infact are not enrolled and owe fees. Everyone else is oivious to qhat the problem is.
      I go into a dark room with lots of big old computer screens.
      Tags: art, dark, deception, light
    12. [24-07-2016]

      by , Yesterday at 11:06 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was vampire, wandering around a town during night. I was involved with something big, vampire hunters and police were on the hunt. I entered a club of some kind, spoke with someone and escaped using backdoor. Then I climbed high up using a pipe and escaped to nearby school. All the people inside were strange zombies with completely red eyes. I sneaked past some of them and ran when detected. I escaped from the school and got to a city, to a hideout in friends house. I met my sister inside, she had facial hair and asked me to help her shave.
    13. RPG Quiz machine

      by , Yesterday at 09:16 AM
      I am driving through a city and see to be getting lost all of the time. I have to do two or three u-turns to by back on the correct path. It dawns on me drink on of these u-turns that I do not actually know where I am going.

      During one u-turn in which I reverse up an alley way, I come across a large vending machine at the end. I reverse up to it, as it is on the driver's side (UK), and read the inscriptions on it. "Patented RPG quiz machine, test your RPG knowledge against your compadres." It looks like there are a few different levels of difficulty, signified by different colours.

      On the right side of the machine there is a stack of square tubs. In the large top one there are yellow plastic tokens, and a large number seem to have been removed. Below that are blue tokens, only a few have be taken. Below that red, which is full. I think ther may have been black ones under that but I am not sure.

      Inspecting the machine a little closer, there is a section of text that talks directly to me. I do not read the text, it just pops into my head as speech. It describes how the different colour tokens are the different levels of difficulty in he quiz, and how I should be careful of choosing a higher level Bfore I am ready. I am supremely confident, but opt to go for the Yellow token.
    14. I'm an idiot!

      by , Yesterday at 12:33 AM
      Had to get up extra early today to get my grandkids around & gather everything & feed everyone so I told my husband about my dream which was a non-lucid cuz he has a great memory instead of writing a few lines for me to help my recall but I'm exhausted & drawing a blank but I know it wasn't a lucid. Sigh. My own fault.
    15. Red Cat, Ginger Creep, Untrustworthy Friend

      by , 07-23-2016 at 09:05 PM
      I knew a very friendly cat with reddish/orange fur. I think she lived in a shelter, other cats were around too, and maybe other animals. I can’t remember. Some people around me were trying to do something with cotton balls, some kind of kickstarter project. They were inspired by cat to make red fur from cotton balls. The process was to comb through a cotton ball until it was strands and then dye it red and sell it by the bag. We all thought it was a brilliant idea, although can’t remember what we thought people would want with w bag full of red cotton.

      More red: A red-haired guy gave me a ride home. He seemed creepy, in a pushy way. He wanted to come in to my place for some reason, and i think I let him, maybe to go to the toilet or something. Then wanted to stay longer and I told him to leave. I remember he had a weird smile on his face as I basically forced him out of my front door.

      I was at my mom’s house (random made-up dream home) My uncle was there and we were talking. I saw a crow, wanted to feed it peanuts. I told my uncle to hold on while I went inside to get some nuts. I grabbed some, and I was holding them up in my hand so I could show the crow that I had some nuts to feed it. My uncle was laughing at me, and he took a nut and said, ‘Here’s how you do it!’ and threw it at the crow. I was angry because I thought he scared the bird and was being rude.

      I had a friend– sometimes her hair was red, sometimes she was a blonde. She was a newish friend, and I felt I didn’t trust her completely although we were spending a lot of time together. At one point, I was in the back of a cab, she was on my right and my husband on my left. They seemed to be getting along well. I was considering the fact that I don’t drink anymore, and they both do. I felt that my husband probably thinks this friend is more exciting than me.

      I was going to move back in with my mom for some reason, work related I think. My husband was now some guy I had only been dating for about a month. Up until now we both lived in a house we shared with other people. I wasn’t sure this guy even really liked me that much, the relationship was new, and I think the guy had a reputation for dating lots of women before me. This friend was moving in to this house when I left, I was not happy about this. I was trying to have a discussion with this friend about how I felt about her moving in. Friend was polyamorous and acting like I was being unreasonable and prudish. Right before I woke up I was deciding that I just needed to break things off guy because none of this was worth it.

      I was in car with my mother— she was driving and we were on freeway. She was driving erratically, and I asked her if she could slow down. She said she drives slow.
      I told her i felt afraid, and said I always have dreams with her driving and we wreck. [Good chance to be lucid here, but did not. I think we actually wrecked.]

      I was eating a salad from a white cardboard to go box, and I saw what I had thought was black pepper move and realized that they were little bugs. I discreetly chewed the last bite and closed the box so no one would know I had been eating bugs.
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