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    1. 1/22/17-Create Love in the World with Energy

      by , Today at 01:44 PM
      I was sitting on a rock at the top of a cliff looking over a city that had a river running near it. It wasn't familiar to me. I was enjoying the view and just enjoying the peacefulness. Suddenly this feeling of doom was looming over me as the thought of how this world seems so angry and frustrated. It felt very dark and scary. Then this huge black storm was rolling in and heading toward the city. It was like a big black wall that never seemed to end. I could see lightning bolts throughout it, like it was angry. I decided to play around a little bit and thought it would be fun to remove the storm, then I thought that won't make the world a better place because it is just over this city. I need to send love to the world. All I could figure was to start with my little energy ball lol. Normally it is at the size of a basketball at it's largest. I know I need this energy to be on a huge scale. I try with everything within me to create an energy of love and compassion. I get up and I start to do my energy dance and moving my arms in and out and do my thing lol. (glad nobody was watching me). I see my energy ball appear but it is so tiny like the size of a golf ball. I continue giving it all that I have and concentrating hard, and I get this feeling of power in me, I can feel it growing rapidly and I look and the ball has engulfed me now, I am a part of it. I keep going when the sun starts to shine in a circle between the clouds and suddenly I see this bolt of lightning hit my energy ball and now the ball seems to cover the horizon. Boom I hear a sound like a sonic boom as it bursts. I could feel my hair blow back as if it turned to wind. I stood there and the clouds were still over the city but I was impressed by my energy ball :-) and had a little hope maybe that love and compassion would find someone out there.
    2. [22-01-2017: 9th competition night

      by , Today at 11:16 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I saw some underground cavern with small, blue glowing crystals. There was a whole society of intelligent chinchilas. They have gathered in the middle of the cavern. Chinchilla elder had some sack with glowing crystals, all of them were arguing until he made them quiet and said about prophecised end of the world. Suddenly water started gathering in the cavern. I turned into that elder chincilla with crystals. Everyone was escaping, but I decided that it would be for the better if I dive deeper and drown.

      Suddenly I found myself in my home, barricaded. Looking through windows I saw legions of zombies smashing everything on their way and going towards my house. I tried to move from bathroom to kitchen, but there were two zombies in the hallway. I ran past them, but doors to kitchen were barricaded too. Suddenly my sister with grandma opened them and helped me close them so zombies won't get us.
    3. Just had first Lucid Dream!

      by , Today at 11:06 AM
      Saturday January 21, 2017 0110

      I was riding in the back of a long car like a station wagon with several rows of seats. There were a lot of male passengers in the car and we were all jammed in tight trying to get comfortable and get some rest. I remember being concerned about my wallet because we were jammed in so tightly. I looked out the front window. We were driving through some big city. I noticed two children riding on extra tall pogo sticks off to the right on the sidewalk. I thought, If Im dreaming then I should be able to affect those pogo sticks. Instantly, one of the pogo sticks bended like it was made of rubber and then snapped back to being straight again. This excited me! I thought, Im dreaming! Then I thought, If Im really dreaming then I should be able to just fly out of this car. I shot right through the windshield and flew up to about 30 feet above the car. I looked down at the car and the men were looking at me with amazed expressions. I willed the car to bounce up and down a couple feet off the ground just for fun. Then I flew around a little bit shouting, Im lucid! Im lucid! Then I thought. Maybe I should wake myself up immediately so that I have a better chance of remembering the dream. I landed on the ground on a wider section of sidewalk, sort of a walking mall area with benches. I thought, I should try to do something fun. I thought that it would be fun to try to have sex. But there was no privacy in this busy city. I looked around and saw an attractive, tanned, red haired woman sitting on a bench and I approached her. There was a muscular man sitting next to her and he seemed like he was her boyfriend. He looked at me like, Who are you and why are you approaching my girlfriend. Since I knew this was a dream, I just looked at him and said, Youre not going to do anything. And I turned my attention back to the woman. She smiled and said something like, No, he wont. She was wearing a leather top with no sides to it, just a hole for her head and a flap covering the front and back. I sat next to her and put my left arm around her under the front flap and sort of hugged her. But then I felt like I was sure to forget the lucid dream if I did not wake myself up immediately and I woke up in my bed.
    4. Flashbacks with a million meanings

      by , Today at 06:45 AM
      I'm inside a mall and I'm seeing Ein. He's getting outside a store and now he's walking on the escalator. I'm seeing a tall guy wearing an Americana which I perceived to be me in 3rd pov.
      Now I'm walking and I realized that I was just falling asleep a while ago. I did a nose plug RC and got lucid. It was hard to control the dream but I remembered to dream spin. I'm now dream spinning. After 3 seconds,it's getting harder to spin. I'm seeing now a kind of distorting picture of what I am seeing. The color is yellowish. I'm now underwater and I'm seeing shadows. When I got up,I'm seeing my classmates in my last school and I think it was years ago. All of this made me think of what my mind was trying to tell me. The scene was very vivid. I'm not sure but I think I was back st the water and when I barely got up I shouted "Show me Marika!" The dream did not respond that well. I'm coming out and when I stepped my foot,I felt that it was soft and sticky. Everything was bright by the way. I made my way and ran into this two people. The woman from the left introduced herself. With their reaction,they knew I was looking for Marika. The one from the right,which was a fat hideous lady introduced herself. "My name is Mari.." I shot her before she could even say it. I was filled with anger by this. She's holding her head and she's getting mad. Before she could attack me,I used the expectation effect and shot her with my finger. The gun sign. She's falling heavily on the ground. It looks like she's dead. The other woman dared to attack me but I'm warning her. "I am the one with the power of expectation." She got mad and she slammed the huge round steal door. I'm stepping back and forming a ball of fire. I'm shouting a mantra while doing it but it was not so effective. I am now summoning my green lantern ring to surely use my powers. I said ring on and ready to fight as she got out. I did not see a ring on my hand though. Suddenly everything turns 3 point of view and I'm at the left. Everything gets distorted in a bright yellowish color. I slowly woke up..
    5. Ice Surfing

      by , Today at 05:15 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      01/21/2017 WILD I had a lot of trouble being motivated to do a formal WILD with all the tricks. I tried normal wbtb WILDs and by morning had 3 fails. Wonderful H.I. like being a rainbow energy angel flying through a tunnel. They honestly were H.I. more than a true dream. Final attempt I decided to do all the stuff in my formal routine and finally hit one. I was suddenly standing in a park down town in a city with tall buildings. My goal: Fly out into space and then into a black hole. I took off flying like Superman. Bam, I go from ground to sky scraper top in a flat second. Now my control failed me a bit. Up, up and away, out into space. No, the scenery just keeps adding in taller sky scrapers. Eventually I stop and look around. I am not that high off the ground, perhaps 400'. Time for new tactics. I will teleport out into space and then fly from there. I tell myself that there is a space station up there, and it has a subway restaurant on the promenade. I picture being in front of that subway on the space station. The visuals shift and I am over the antarctic ocean. There are icebergs and huge cartoon penguin. I decide to earn some quick points. I summon a surfboard made of ice. I fly down to it very very fast and hit the board with my feet. I shoot off across the ocean on basically a jet powered ice surfboard. I decide to do some elemental control. I look back knowing a huge wave will be shooting off the wake of the board. There it is, a beautiful spray of sea water. I decide to freeze it. The wave stops moving and turns white. I decide I am not impressed, and focus more on it. It turns into a beautiful ice wave complete with the shine and wet look. Time to teleport out to the Space Station. Visuals blur and reform. I am in front of a subway restaurant in what looks like a very modern shiny city. Cars are going by. I refuse to accept this is not the space station. I know that if I cross the street and look over that guard rail I will see space. I cross the street. Dream becomes unstable and I try to save it. No, I am largely awake now. I have slept too many hours to sleep more.
    6. The justice of the sword and the yellow wii

      by , Today at 02:22 AM
      I'm currently with someone finding guy named that holds the sword that we need to defeat the enemy. We're able to meet him in a classic ship like plates that pirates use. He gives us this brown sword. It is said to be very strong! Our goal was to kill and defeat a very strong enemy and his force. Now I find myself in a 3rd point of view watching Izayoi slay the flying creatures. I almost can't believe it because the enemy's very strong and he only hit them once. Now I suddenly took control of Izayoi and I'm the one slashing the creatures. From what I know, we were successful.

      Now I find myself in a room. Maybe this was my current room. It slightly resembles it. I foun my white wii and what surprise me was yellow wii. I presume that all my items in province have been put here. I thought a yellow wii was what was missing an it turned out it was found. Yes! Almost everything I'm seeing are things that gone missing from when I was younger. This yelllow Nintendo wii has my nintendo gamecube memory inserted in it and another memory. I dont' remember having another memory but I thought it might be a lost one. There's also controllers here. Lots of 'em. I'm going to the front and I saw my white wii an it has the my controller which my friend gave me. It's weird cause I don't remember having this much controllers...
    7. Thieves for music and son of OD

      by , Today at 01:59 AM
      I'm inside chapel's office like place. I'm with EJ. We're seeing money in front of us in a popcorn like movie case. It's opened. We're hearing a good music so we decided to make one ourselves. How to do it? Well we'll steal the money. EJ's a bit hesitant to get the 1k because it might attract attention since it's big money. I think he gave me the 100 pesos. While this is happening, I noticed that a nun or two came in and was looking at us. I wanted to get out of here so I did some funny dancing motions. I'm standing up and doing some weir motions which the nuns found amusing. I stepped forward and continued the cycle til I got out. I'm now outside but I'm just standing near an establishment. Now I find myself meeting up with a classmate and the OD. The girl ismy current classmate and she's in her usual smiling expression. They got down the tricycle when I met them. Now I find myself with the tricycle with them. I noticed that we're in Dambana when I got out. When they went away with the tricycle,it made me think. She's my sister and the OD's my father?
    8. A man walking on a pool - non-lucid Spellbee's Splendid Comp Night #9, 2017 DJ #18

      by , Yesterday at 11:33 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      Fragment about fighting a man in a world with no shading and no colour, only outlines


      I am sitting outside a large blue pool. Julius Caesar is also sitting outside the pool. A man jumps on the pool, and walks on it! I warn him he may be locked up, but he continues. Eventually, I take his arm and run with him to escape.
    9. January basic ii TOTM fail

      by , Yesterday at 11:31 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I woke up and I could see my room through my closed eyelids. I got up and tried to jump through the floor into a void, but my body felt heavy and I was only able to jump halfway through the floor. A dog I live with, a Chihuahua mix, came into the room and dragged me out of the floor. I asked her to give me a massage and she asked me what that was. I said it was where rubbed my body to relax me. The dog took three long strokes with her head against my stomach and I woke up.
    10. 1/21/17-Forest with a Space Portal

      by , Yesterday at 10:40 PM
      I was jogging down a path through a forest and listening to the birds and listening to the leaves and sticks crunch beneath my feet. The sun was shining bright and as I was running it reminded me of a strobe light because the sun was flashing through the thick trees. I felt such a sense of freedom. Then up ahead on a very wide path that reminded me of the tank trails near where I grew up and I saw a strange cylinder shaped dark spot that appeared to have stars inside it. Best I can describe is that it was a portal that connected to space but it actually was space inside the cylinder shape. I walked around it very aware. Curious to what this was. I put my hand inside and it was very cool and damp. I decided to step inside and as I put one foot in I felt nothing unusual but as I completely got my body inside it immediately pulled me up. I was not flying, it was more like I was in a huge glass tube elevator that was dark inside and I could see light outside. It was extremely fast and it is exactly as you can imagine if you were taking an elevator to space. You see the tops of the trees, the landscape, the aerial and then darkness of space with earth below. I was not flying but being sucked up then I was floating in deep space outside of the tube. Just a sense of peacefulness.
    11. DJ#336: Cricket & Yugioh

      by , Yesterday at 09:14 PM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Fragment: Something about hair

      Dream 1: I was watching pakistan and australia play cricket, pakistan started well but a series of terrible mistakes means australia wins.

      Dream 2: I was buying some yugioh cards with my mum for my cousins birthday present. On the way to the party I am in charge of doors for the tram for some reason, I accidentally shut it twice on people. I go into hiding from all the angry people because of that. People know my online names as well, so when I try to hide in a minecraft server I can't talk to anyone. I then find out something I did meant yugioh cards were now worhless and everyone hated me. I then drive circles around mcdonalds listening to the radio.
      Tags: non - lucid
    12. DJ#335: Big Tree

      by , Yesterday at 09:11 PM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Dream 1: I was catching some people poaching in Africa, trying to rescue some big cats from them.

      Dream 2: I was on the train with my family, mum points out a giant tree she want to buy for a few hundred thousand dollars, to sell off later for a profit

      Dream 3: At school, in the library, milo yiannopolous talking, a lot of protestors

      Fragment: I was playing dishonored, assassinating some people

      Dream 4: Some people were talking about two different kinds of people with beards, macho men and people that were self conscious about it.
      Tags: non - lucid
    13. 2017-01-21 11:29 -- Map, meteors, wake-up, pink triangles, back in apartment

      by , Yesterday at 09:09 PM
      I'm looking at a map of the earth. We're planning out something. (I think this came from similarity to strategy games like Axis and Allies)

      At some point, there's an announcement on TV I think, saying there are 5 large meteors coming to earth. I look outside the window, and see one of them approaching!

      I realize I'm dreaming. However, I'm still in the situation, so watch to see whether they will hit us. One, two, three, four, five--I see them come into view at various angles.

      I watch as they all come close but pass overhead, except one which instead veers to the left and hits into the apartment building just one over. ("slightly bad luck, those people had", I think)

      However, this is where it gets more concerning because I think of the possibility of them containing aliens. (dream theme anyone?) I see the meteor begin to crumble, and gesture to my dad that we should maybe find a better room to hide in.

      He agrees, and brings us to a questionable room with four large windows at the top. I sort of object, but notice that at least we're hidden if right by the wall, due to the angle, so give in.

      We wait there a while, as we here something exit the meteor outside. At some point, I look over to see how the others are doing, and see that the room has now changed to have the wall be a glass panel in that area. "Oh come on...", I think to my dream, and tell my dad. He gets shocked, and begins to move away, but then we see a large shadow creep up from outside the window.

      "Okay, exit time", I think. However, I don't like leaving "friend" dc's completely point blank in situations like that, so speak as though they're just dreaming themselves, and give them instructions on how to exit. "Defocus your eyes, tense up your body, and vibrate yourself while sending occasional movement shockwaves through your body."

      After a few seconds of this, I find myself back in bed. I do a nose-plus rc, and am still dreaming. I'm about to get up, when I notice some visuals at the top of my field of vision. I focus on this, and it becomes a full-screen effect, and I'm able to explore the field with my will. I will to zoom in continually to areas of interest, and it unwraps like an unending fractal. I will to move to the side, and continue doing so until I start seeing what look like letters! Indeed, they are letters. I try to make out the words, and see the following (one small part at the top of a page):

      TEH BEH TI

      I notice the "Sensei is" part, but that's all that seems recoverable with likelihood.

      Anyway, I find this really cool, because my memory is faulty and I believe this to be part of a message I'd written on my tablet earlier, with this being an access to "subconscious memory". So I get up and wake my tablet, and open the text file to compare. Indeedm it really was the same! Well, the top part was, but a couple paragraphs toward the bottom were missing.

      Anyway, I run to show my dad (not realizing the house layout is different), but find dad not in his bedroom. Instead, my younger brother is there alone. He seems scared, so I comfort him, and dad comes back shortly.

      At this point I realize I'm still in dream, so walk back out into the hallway. I then try to decide what to do. On the one hand, I (apparently) want to wake up so I don't forget what's already happened, on the other hand, it's a nice opportunity to do more. I end up deciding to just end it (perhaps because I'm still nervous from alien theme).

      I open another door, and see the neutral figure of someone in the kitchen area. I then decide on whether to end it gradually by mental focus, or by doing something reckless to end it with a bang. I decide (surprisingly) to end it with a bang, so I open the door and run excitedly toward the frozen figure. As I get closer, it seems to subtly get more menacing, but I keep going, and finally turn around the corner and look straight where it would be.

      However, I now seem to be back in bed. I half except to see something menacing above me, but open my eyes and see nothing. I do a nose-plug rc, and find I'm still dreaming, though. So I then proceed with a quick mental wakeup procedure, and feel a shift in ~8 seconds. Do a nose-plug rc, and am now awake for real.
    14. DJ#334: Driving and Drawing

      by , Yesterday at 09:08 PM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Dream 1: Playing a card game with my brother

      Dream 2: Driving in the country, run over and endangered joey, go to get help from vet

      Dream 3: Drawing a detailed house in the night, dad comes along and starts talking to me and trying to give me advice.

      Dream 4: Armoured skeptic discussing pros and cons of sex life in a video
      Tags: non - lucid
    15. S and E, Professor Snape and FA chain

      by , Yesterday at 08:17 PM
      1. S and E
      I am talking to my cousin's children about their father. The are sad. S has tears in her eyes.

      2. Professor Snape
      I need some secret information and have somehow gained knowledge of the whereabouts of Professor Snape (who is not dead, but in hiding). The Professor is pretending to be a homeless person living behind a seedy bar. I go to him on a dark night. His cheeks flush red in anger when he sees me. "You shouldn't seek me out so openly!" he scolds me, "you could at least have pretended to be homeless for at couple of months first!"

      3. FA chain
      Just a long chain, at least five, FAs, talking to different people in between waking up in beds a lot.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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