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    1. Elephants

      by , Yesterday at 10:18 PM
      -I'm at Alvin's with family, when I see the drop off some baby elephants in a gated off enclosure. My mother can barely contain herself, and runs over to play with them. I go over too, but before I can get to the elephants, I'm surrounded by puppies!. Is I pet and play with them, I notice there is animal shit all over the ground, and carefully step around it on my way to the elephants.

      -I go in a portable shower that looks like an outhouse to get changed in order to look good for some girl. The water from the shower is running, and as I worry about getting my clothes wet, my clothes get wet. My jeans in particular are soaked.

      -Walking through the field behind my house, looking at some notes I'd written on paper. I ball up the redundant notes and throw them into the tall grass, which almost looks like corn. As I walk I run into several school kids dressed in costumes. Then I noticed they have a big circle cleared in the grass with a central totem or statue. Obviously performing something, so I ask the kids if they're doing it now. They tell me no, this is just practice, but they'll be performing there most of next week. They ask if I'm going to watch, but I say I'll come back later in the week, since I live so close.

      [color=green][Really had to fight to remember these ones. My mother is always watching Nat Geo whenever I see her lately./color]
      dream fragment
    2. Obama's Secret Meeting with Muslim Leaders in my Living Room

      by , Yesterday at 08:22 PM
      Sometimes it's almost painful (and, by this, I mean very very painful) to wake up from a dream where you missed such obvious dream signs. One of my most common dream signs is trying to take a picture and finding the camera won't work. And yesterday I read through the Tasks of the Month and read about the one to hand President Obama a baby. That wasn't one I was planning on trying first. I was going to go with looking at the sky and walking through a wall. But my mind must have remembered the Pres Obama task because it put Obama right there in my dream. It was trying to hand lucidity to me on a golden platter. And I blew it.


      I was in the place I used to live. Seems like a few family members were there but I can't really remember who.

      And all of a sudden President Obama walks in the door. With him are two older Muslim men that looked to be leaders of other countries. One was especially old and wrinkly but still very tall. Obama made himself comfortable on the couch while the two men stood right behind him.

      I was surprised to see Obama there in my living room without having any advanced notice (but obviously not surprised enough to do a reality check). I pulled out my phone and asked him if I could take a picture of him because I knew no one would believe me if I told them Obama had come to my house. He didn't seem to care. I tried to take a picture, but I couldn't find the right buttons on my phone. It was as if my phone were completely foreign to me. I fiddled around a little hoping that I would figure it out.

      Obama and the men start talking together in another language that I couldn't understand. I decided I wanted to text Jeff and tell him to come and see Obama, not because he particularly liked him, but it's not every day the POTUS is in your house conducting what appeared to be a very private meeting. Again, I can't get my phone to work. Nothing looked right or familiar.

      The meeting goes on and on, and I am starting to stress because I want to get a picture or contact Jeff before the meeting is over. But my camera/phone is not cooperating.

      At this point I should have gone lucid. I really should have. I practice this dream sign during my waking hours. This is my most common dream sign. It happens all the time in dreams. Most of the time I recognize it now.

      But not this time.

      The only thing that could have made this dream worse is if I had been holding a baby....or if there was an obvious portal there on the wall.

      Finally Obama and the men get up and go outside. I follow them, still messing with my phone.

      There are a couple black limos parked out on the road. I watched them all climb in and drive away.

      I then woke up.

      After kicking myself multiple times I tried to re-enter the dream. But it was too late.

    3. DJ of 2/5/2016

      by , Yesterday at 08:12 PM
      2/5/2016 Slightly edited for privacy and understandability Each paragraph is a different dream in one night.

      I was fighting someone (physically with fists and all), but I do not know who exactly … They were losing and I was winning. Maybe it was in the room next to the main office. It was in school and was dimly lit. It ends.

      A classmate was getting aggressive in the commons in school. Someone was pulling her away and I realised that she had my backpack. I went to get it but I had to rip it out of her hands for me to get it back. She seemed scared of me and was apologetic to me as she said I might have “beat her ass.” It ends.

      I was in the “reception” area of my school and I noticed a black man with grey hair that was wearing dark clothing sitting in one of the two chairs that were in the room. It occurred to me that he was an inspector for the school. Then we were in the front office with the dean and the school administrator was missing. We were looking at her desk with orange colour paper scraps and that is all, that dean was behind us looking somewhat worried about something, I do not know. Then it transitioned into the Social Studies room and I was walking into it when my friend was joking with me about the 11th and 12th grades were combined in one classroom. I said “Back to the good ole’ days” (I am technically in 11th but taking 12th classes and I kinda miss my 11th-grade friends) and I sat in the back corner and we were watching some video and taking notes while the lights were on and the in the room. The inspector I presumed was writing about how to class was going on the board and my SS teacher was off to the side watching. It ends.

      No LD’s tonight.
    4. [ZADMOS][WILD] Early LD's - Yellow doors

      by , Yesterday at 06:58 PM (The Book of Indestructible Dreams)
      A slow transition in the darkness. I find myself in a dark apartment and I'm moving in the air towards a bathroom door against my will. The Grudge appears ( Shes been present quite often when I'm either paralyzed or in the phase of entering a dream.) For a second I'm startled but I calm down immediately, because seeing her is a good sign and she has even helped me to become lucid a few times. I see that she is still the embodiment of my fear of the situation. So I do what it takes to calm my subconsciousness down, and I kiss her. She turn 20ish. We kiss for a few seconds and then she says : " I will always be in the shower." She probably means that I will always be scared for a brief moment when becoming aware of the transition phase, which is only natural I guess. I reply : " I know." The dream becomes bright and it's day time. My father enters our apartment and I leave to the stairway. My father insists that he'd come with me to my adventure, no way. I try to push the door close with physical strength as he tries to join me, and finally succeed. I always fear that either my father or brother keep following in my lucids, I want to have my adventures alone. So I'm now in my stairway thinking of what to do next now that I got rid of my follower. I first start with stabilizing the dream by touching the surfaces and doing the nose reality check. Everything is life like now, good. I begin thinking a door that would appear behind my back, and as I turn around there's a yellow wooden door standing still in the middle of the corridor. I prepare to fulfill one of my main goals, to get to my own dream house to a beautiful tropical island with a beach and all things that make up a paradise. I say clearly and loud : " Cubiculum." That's what I named it, it means "a room" but what ever I like how it sounds. "This is what Iv been waiting for." I say to myself. I'm perfectly anchored into lucidity and the dream is stabilized. I think of a beach and enter, without intention...
      I appear into a gloomy and stale beach. There are coniferous trees further into the island and a boring field, and then there's what is supposed to be my perfect Cubiculum house. But it's just off, it's like a recently abandoned cabin. I try to make it bigger at least by turning my face down and then looking back up again. I do this twice, and both times the cabin just grows smaller. I laugh. Suddenly there are tourists arriving into the area. I look up to the forested hill next to the cabin and briefly think of some forest creature war I could have to compensate my failure. I drop the idea and create another yellow door to behind my back. I decide I'll go sit to the Lincoln Statue that Iv seen frequently in movies. I again forget to exploit intention. But I make it this time, I open the door and I'm here, at the Statue. The hall is quite big and somewhat beautiful. There are three openings, front, left and right. There is no roof however. I let Lincoln sit in peace and so I sit down as well to the highest step by the front opening. I'm not in Washington ( if that is where the statue is supposed to be located I dont know.) but at the end of some sand road. The view is simple but extremely sharp, I guess it's more realistic than reality. The statue was normal in the beginning, but now that I go look at it again it's head is halfway merged into the rest of the statue. I go sit to the steps again. I say to the dream : " You have five seconds to introduce me an interesting character." Nothing happens, there are only bats flying on the orange colored sky. I'm starting to go back to the statue when I see a figure nearby on the street. I run up to it. It's a woman, but she's a bit... disturbing. She's overweight and dressed in a black robe. She has her teeth tightly pressed against her lower lip and she doesn't speak. She looks straight into my eyes, as if she had no soul. I see that she also has eyelashes on her elbows and on the tips of her fingers. I feel disturbed enough so I swing my hand at her and she disappears. The dream turns into a setting of what seems to be like Half-life 2. The street's of City 17 I'd think. It's night time now. I see a dementor from the Harry Potter universe approaching me and I shout : " Expecto, patronum!" at it with my hand pointed forward. A great mist of light consumes the dementor. I lose a little bit of lucidity. I then proceed to fly around, killing more dementors with the same spell around the street. I see Harry and his friends and I tell them to go do something nice instead of being out here on the street. I once again create a door and it's yellow. (My lucidity goes up and down from now on.) I go through it and I'm in a hallway made out of metal-looking material. It's pretty future like. I decide to "go with the flow" and see what the dream does. There are people and semi humanoid-looking people walking around. The doors of the hallway open by themselves when people walk towards them. I'm accompanied by some people and they begin to lead me somewhere. I can hear some Eurovision music playing nearby. After walking for ten seconds we're suddenly at the back stage of a big warehouse and there's some 10,000 people cheering for a band that is playing on the stage. A sudden impulse leads me to go to the stage and sing along with the band in front of the huge audience. I know the lyrics by heart but I don't really know what I'm saying. I suddenly sounds like a real singer. I go and fly over the audience but they soon disappear and I fly to the wall and into the darkness.

      I'm eating at my high-school with my friends when some boy comes and sits besides me. I suddenly have a WILD "within the dream" and first I reluctantly rise in tothe air and towards the light, but then completely surrender myself. I try to reach for the light, it's so amazing. I can see some red text and I try to read it without success.

    5. DJ#76: Shock Killed the Recall Star

      by , Yesterday at 06:47 PM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      I am pretty sure I did have a dream to recall but I woke up very suddenly, moved about and shocked myself, causing it to slip away :/
    6. [Dream #18 - 2/6/2016] Sex With Headless Shadow

      by , Yesterday at 06:03 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)
      [Warning] - The following contains body horror and a sexual act.


      Sex With Headless Shadow

      This was a very odd dream as well, and like the title states, I had sex, more so fingered Shadow the Hedgehog but he was literally headless. I chuckled when I woke up after having the dream.

      This took place, I'm assuming in my room -- The surrounding was hard to map out. I was laying down and I could feel my 'soul' or 'something' extract from my 'physical' body and was then visibly on-top of me. For a minute, I began to think it was a replica of myself but I ended up seeing a patch of white chest fur just like Shadow the Hedgehog's and the noticeable shortness in height compared to mine in perspective. He did not have a mouth to speak with nor could he speak through telepathy, but he could understand what I said to him. I did not freak out and I was extremely pleased. I remember taking Shadow's hand and placing his index finger into my vagina.

      I could feel it enter me as he began to toy with the inside. It felt good and I told him to do it faster and harder which he proceeded to do on command. But then I woke up.

      Dream Goal For February

      Spoiler for February 2016 Goal:
      Goal: Have a lucid dream about Shadow the Hedgehog and have sex with him. (I doubt this dream would actually be considered a goal completed -- lol)

      Extended Information

      Spoiler for Extended Information:
      Date — 2/6/2015

      Went to bed — 2:00 AM

      Woke up — 9:00 AM

      Total sleep — 7 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day — Fine


      *Daytime — 2 rounds of reality checks (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon whilst being at Walmart), DDA (Daydream Awareness) about Shadow the Hedgehog and I having discussions.

      *Bedtime — 1 round of reality checks, since it seems relevant on how my dream has formed. I did look at a bit of Shadow the Hedgehog porn before I slept ;>_> Probably placing a visual imprint in my mind.

      *Recall — Not really a mantra but I made a joke to myself after I had sex with Shadow, in the waking world, about having a dream about it.


      *Time logged — 12:03 PM

      *Vividness (1-5) — 2=hazy, only some sensory dream elements were discernible.

      *Awareness —
      I could tell that I was aware of where I was. It felt familiar as if I was truly laying upon my bed in my current, waking life, room. Though, I wasn't aware enough to state I was dreaming.

      *Perceived Length — 10 Minutes

      *Emotions — Horny, Lustful and Excited

      *Dream Signs — Shadow the Hedgehog, my room, body horror -- Shadow being headless, haziness


      Spoiler for Notes/Summary:
      Notes/Summary — Right before I headed off to sleep for the night I had sex with Shadow the Hedgehog (please do not ask me how). This was right after we watched a couple episodes of Diabolik Lovers: More, Blood which is already a sadistic and sexual related show to begin with (No it's not that kind of show as it doesn't get anywhere that far with the kinds of acts they do). I guess it's what fueled Shadow in wanting to have sex with me in that moment, so we did just that. I was exhausted afterwords and it was around 2AM. I was going to pass out so I told my friend on Skype goodnight, closed the laptop and cuddled with my Shadow plush drifting off whilst thinking of how I would probably have a dream about what had just happened.

      Shadow the Hedgehog being headless and being extracted from my body in my dream makes me think of two things: An incomplete tulpa and the current progress of achieving my Feburary 2016 goal. I do not consider Shadow a tulpa but I've had people ask me if he was one. With all the tulpa talk I been involved in lately could of filtered into my dreams, going off the fact of a tulpa being one of the many things that is an extraction of one's mind and the headless portion of the dream could refer to a tulpa being incomplete. It could also mean that I still have some ways to go before I can truly have a lucid dream about Shadow the Hedgehog where I have sex with him.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    7. 06 feb 2016

      by , Yesterday at 11:41 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • I'm in a local women's cosmetics shop in the local mall that I recognize. Time is moving strangely slowly. I wonder to myself, "this shouldn't be that odd, it's just a cosmetics store, I've even been in here before."
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Conditioning Over! Let's Go!

      by , Yesterday at 11:28 AM (MasterMind's Life)
      The biggest difference between a dream and reality is that reality changes slowly and a dream changes FAST.

      If I give to my mind it gives back, but the moment I stop, it stops too.

      Why? Because I am both my mind and the self that is experiencing the mind.

      This night I didn't follow my principles fully because I had to prioritize things in the real world, really dramatic stuff.

      But here is the video for today:

      My writing has functioned as training wheels for building this habit.

      Now I'll remove them because what would benefit me the most is not analyzation but cultivation.

      So my aim will be to just increase in my dreaming power and simply share a video everyday.

      Nothing more and nothing less.

    9. The great schema of things

      by , Yesterday at 10:35 AM
      Winter in the Uk now means wet and windy, and I hate that, so I'm not going out much. So it's maybe no surprise that I'm not getting LD's at the moment (although I'm still remembering, and logging a reasonable amount of dreams)

      I'm now in a regular routine of 40minutes+ of meditation/nearly falling asleep. I'm not as bad as the lad in the first video link but you get the idea So it's bad for meditation but better for my dream research.

      It means I can get the brain to show me how it works. There's a brilliant BBC documentary series, “The Brain” with David Eagleman, and he demonstrates how our brain usually controls us, and tells us what to see and do. (The second video link shows proof of that) I believe that kind of knowledge about the brain is important for dream research. He mentions schemas (templates) that the brain uses to “free up” neurons for other essential work.

      So, when we pass a house, the brain pulls a schema from its template rack and merely adds details to it. Well, when I reach the hypnagogic stage I can get my brain to actually show a few schemas by thinking things like “show me a house” and I got the outline of a house. The schemas are tastefully presented in white outline and surrounded by a white border. I'm not saying that's necessarily how the brain stores them, but that's how it shows me.

      So far I've got geometric shapes, a house (and when I asked for “a house” recently I got the outline of a key!) Fascinating stuff. Of course, the question is, can I use that to advance my LD ambitions? Knowing how the brain works could be the way in. Anyone who lives in a foreign country and doesn't learn the language is a fool. Presumably a DILD is just a person “creating a dream image” and the brain responds by popping up a schema , then embellishing it (i.e. a dream forming)

      So, my “house” schema maybe needs to be pushed, so it becomes second-nature for my brain to create it on demand. Then the Polish building neurons turn up and give it a nice frontage, plant a few bushes and away we go into dreamland. It's a thought.

      Brain trivia
      Apparently the unconscious is the big brother and the conscious is the runt. Who knew that? He likens the conscious, to a CEO of a large corporation, who steps in when there's a crisis. The trick for us is to get our CEO to make LD'ing one of its priorities.

      The brain's insistence on showing its pre-determined schema's (despite them sometimes being illogical) presumably explains why we are tricked by magicians. Well, not any more matey! You just have to shout “it's a bloody schema” and some big guy will probably throw you out...


    10. #87: Mirror, mirror on the wall

      by , Yesterday at 09:50 AM
      Had quite some dreams, but since I overslept I'll stick to describing the lucid.

      ​Mirror, mirror on the wall
      I'm standing in front of a mirror. I don't recall there being much as but this mirror in a very small square room, perhaps the size of a toilet. For no apparent reason at all, I become aware that I'm dreaming, though my mind wasn't that clear and I didn't have control over my actions. My first thought is to make something levitate to win my lucid challenge with werty52. There's nothing in this room that I can levitate though. I consider making a small red box appear out of nowhere on the ground in front of me. I'm sort of half doing it, while half telling myself that that's too challenging. I'm not sure if the box appeared. I decide to stick my right hand through the mirror, to stabilise the dream by ascertaining that this is a dream. My hand goes right through. Mere seconds later my phone starts to ring and it throws me off my balance. I lose the dream. I think it might've lasted for maybe 20 seconds.
      Tags: mirror
    11. [06-02-2016]

      by , Yesterday at 09:25 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school, on polish lesson. O felt really ill. Teacher called me for an exam, I was coughing badly. She asked me about main protagonist of Nałkowska's "Border". I said I don't know anything about that, but instead of getting a bad grade, she said that I'm ill and she'll ask me another time. She left a note that the grade would be delayed due to a stomachache. I left the school and met my younger sister with her group of friends. There was a huge swing, I swung on it almost hitting my sister with legs. She was mad due to it. I left the swing be, and coughed hard.

      Suddenly I found myself in a government building, talking with a high ranking official. We were talking about a plague that quickly spreads around the world.
    12. FA into lucid

      by , Yesterday at 08:20 AM (Events in Lala Land)
      today i started the nose plug rc whenever i wake up and while journaling. since i get so many false awakenings, this is a great way to get lucid.

      i did the nose plug and i think i couldnt breathe. text on my phone looked weird and i got up and tried levitating and it worked, so i knew i was dreaming. i opened the rolluik and flew outside, it was dark. my roomw as even darker. i saw the night sky and was scared i might go really high so i landed. there were 2 black kids and the boy wasnt there when i landed. the girl had a yellow skirt and i didnt interact with her. while flying down from the window i said i am dreaming, i live in this city, my name is atilla, i am 21 years old. and then i remember thinking i wanted to find a hot girl and soon after that it ended. my voice was weird, like a double voice. like a monster or robot. this lucid dream was under 1 minute i think.
      false awakening , lucid
    13. Whatever

      by , Yesterday at 04:55 AM (The I No Longer Have Hands Theory)
      Doing a workshift and stumble upon the thought that I could be dreaming since it seem too early to be doing this.
      Tags: work
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. False LD

      by , Yesterday at 03:39 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am at the library, but also partially at Goodwill. The library is rearranged, so I ask one of the people there where the "double swim meets" are. The person who answers tells me, and talks A LOT. I want to ask her where the books on hold are, but she keeps talking (very annoying.)
      We are still in the library, same dream. This time there is someone, a lady talking about someone else. A boy tries to guess who she is talking about, but he doesn't know. I all of a sudden am on the deck at my house. I am smoking and I throw the cigarette into the woods. When I walk back in, I say who the person was the lady was talking about; Carly Fiorina.
      I am sitting on the staircase rail and my sister tells me that it looks like fun and she wants to try. I get off and let her try it.
      I am at a friend's birthday party, brushing out my hair with my friend's brush. Then me and my friend are taking a walk outside, walking a dog wearing sandals. We are walking through the grass, and it is very wet and squishy. My dad is there and he tells us that we should have walked on the sidewalks. We are walking under a tree and I see a box of rats floating in the air. I try to pet one, and it growls at me. "I hate rats!" I scream. A nearby lady starts yelling at me for hating rats. I try to shut her up and tell her that I really do like rats, but she just won't be quiet. I end up punching her really hard on her back and walking away. My dad gives me a horrified look and I shrug and say "don't worry, I don't do that often." We walk into a building, and I let my thoughts wander. I think about LDing, so I decide to do an RC. I do 2+2, and it equals 5. I push my fingers through my hand, and it worked. I wonder what I should do. I decide to walk around a corner so I can be alone and decide what to do there. It leads me to an elevator. (Definitely not lucid at this point.) I press the button and I can see the elevator moving upwards. I wonder what floor I should press, so I ask a lady nearby. She tells me she doesn't know and we should just go out to eat. There is a cafe nearby , so I get a yogurt parfait, and we sit down to eat. Then there are teachers and students there. The teachers are telling us about all the homework we have to turn in the next day.
      I thought it was weird that I had two dreams last night about people talking and talking and being annoying. It was weird because it didn't seem to have any connection to my waking life whatsoever. I'll have to look into that osome more.

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    15. 2/4/16

      by , Yesterday at 03:00 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I only remembered my dreams from later in the night.
      I remember a fragment about Gov. Bobby Jindal dropping out of the run for presidency. I know there was more to the dream but I can't remember it.
      I am in my church basement playing volleyball in my gym class. One of my friends walks up to me and tells me the results of the Iowa caucuses. I take my friend by the shoulders and say to her, "I knew what the results were about two seconds after they came out. Ok, probably more like five minutes."
      I'm at Hogwarts in one of the classes. Harry asks Dumbledore a question and Dumbledore answers, "whatever you say will be your punishment." Then we are outside near Hogwarts and the Forbidden forest. There is a giant crow laying on the ground next to us. (Harry Ron, Hermione.) Then Dumbledore says something about Voldemort never seeing death before, and someone lights a match and throws it on the crow. We are all very horrified at this.
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