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    1. College Professors: Nice or Not?

      by , Today at 01:14 PM ([DJ Title Goes Here])
      I was doing some exercise where I was supposed to send letters to my to-be college professors (in RL, I am going to college in the fall) and since I am an arts major, I am supposed to send samples of my work as well.
      Anyways, we are getting these letters back now, and for some reason they are posted all over the campus, organized by student. My letters are posted on the trunk of a large tree. I can see that letters from one professor are very kind to me, almost overly optimistic. This professor says they are looking foreword to me. Another one of my to-be professors has written that I am a 'Gay Ass Faggot' and that they hate all of my artwork, and that they are going to fail me no matter what I do.


      My dad is telling me about this dream that he had. I am surprised to learn that he became lucid in it as my dad was never very into the idea of me (or anyone) lucid dreaming.

      I woke up with Queen's 'Eye of the Tiger' stuck in my head.
    2. A Sad Breakup and Driving the Porch to Florida

      by , Today at 12:39 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was either at Kohl's or my new job. I'm pretty sure it was Kohl's. A girl I worked with there, Whitney, had just broken up with her girlfriend/fiance', Candace. I thought that was strange, because I had seen on Facebook that they had just gotten engaged. It had been Whitney's decision to break it off, and Candace was sad.

      I saw them walking around the store at different times. This happened for a good bit of the dream. I could sense Candace's sadness, and Whitney's sadness yet her sense of knowing that she did the right thing.

      I was then in I guess what was supposed to be the break room, when Matthew, my friend Rachel's brother, asked his manager if he could talk to him in private (was definitely at my new job now). I knew Matthew was in trouble for something, but he was going to stand up for himself. The room in which they went to speak in private resembled a study room from my old college's library; it had windows where you could see into it, and a long table with chairs. I heard the manager yelling from outside. I looked in and saw him yelling. He then requested that Matthew step outside. He did, and stood outside the door against the wall as the manager yelled at his coworkers. I guess Matthew was not included in getting in trouble.


      My mom and I, Andrew and Misty, and some other people whom I don't know IWL were all getting ready to go on a vacation to Florida. We were all in my family's garage, making final preparations. One of the people was on the phone, and hung up, saying that his wife and him just split up. Wow, they had just been fine, and now they were divorcing. In fact, she had been there with him. She had been standing there with a baseball cap on. The man was still there to go on vacation, though.

      Then, we were all in my family's porch, which was our vehicle. One of the people there, a woman, had just been diagnosed as being a carrier of "fungal meningitis". Some people walked in with flesh-colored surgical face masks on. I considered this, thinking that this is something that I should have done. Then, some of my friends walked in, Rachel being one of them, and they had these weird face masks on that looked like they were taped to their faces with masking tape. They had a red piece in the middle, which went into their mouths. They used it to breathe through. It must have been some sort of filter. I hoped that I did not contract this lady's fungal meningitis.

      Then, we were on the road in the porch. We hadn't gotten far when I realized I had forgotten my Kindle. I asked if we could go back for it, and we turned around.
      "At least we haven't gotten very far," I said.

      Then, I heard that Andrew and Misty got into a fight and may get a divorce, or something like that. At some point, I was thinking about their little girls. I then "remembered" someone, I think Misty, had had a miscarriage.

      I was then sitting on the love seat that my family has in the porch IWL. Andrew had gotten us pizza to eat for the trip, but we had to ration in, because that is all we were getting for the long drive. I got up and got two slices, and sat back down. I wondered if it was ok for me to take two. A teenage boy then sat next to me. We talked, but I don't remember what we talked about.
    3. Competition Entry # 2

      by , Today at 12:35 PM

      My recall is rather patchy, but I did have a small lucid dream!
      Somehow I had prepared myself only for becoming lucid and merrily ignored making any actual plans for if it works, though..
      After the lucid, which was early, I did a WBTB, but had no further one from that.
      I am astonished again about so much weirdness and bizarre happenings in my NLDs - I'm usually rather a boring dreamer - having to deal with all sorts of troubles, but rather mundane ones - not so at the moment, except the last one...

      #1 LD: I felt bouncy, been running in a forest, and then there came along a lake and seeing it, I knew, that I was dreaming - so I float over the lake. Concerning quality - my all time troubles - optics were very good, but I didn't check for small details - just took in the beautiful landscape, which didn't disappear or change from getting lucid, like it often does. Because of the hovering, I didn't try haptics - maybe that's a reason for lack of realism in my dreams - that I almost always start hovering or flying right from the start. Could have touched myself of course, didn't think of it - but I have been running into complications with that in the past and wanted to steer clear of this anyway...

      I wasn't very lucid, very low and patchy real-life memory access - I hovered there, and the comp came to my mind, but the only thing I knew, was that I am supposed to do something with my hand (first three-stepper - hand through solid object).
      No RC - I usually don't RC, and it didn't come to my mind, but since I took a good look around and at my arm and all was stable, and usually it's not so nice - I would say, I stabilized this dream.

      And what did I do? I tried to partially transform - my right arm and hand into the neck and head of a swan. Why I thought, this would be a good idea - I really couldn't say... This worked up to a degree - not sure, if it counts, but I grew myself some white fur/feather mix and my hand was in one piece, fingers melted together and approximately looking like a head with beak.
      This took a lot of concentration, and I must have lost lucidity in the process, because trying to manifest eyes into it was the last I have a clear memory of...
      Shame - would I have had four eyes to see with, if it had worked just a bit further?!
      At least it was a bit more impressive than my last attempt at transformation - back then the goal was an Arctic wolf and all I had was a bit of white fur back then - this was way better, even if it sounds similarly weak...

      #1 Dream: I was on a balcony in former East Berlin, but nowadays, with a woman and we were intently trying to understand what Kim Jong-Il (the dead one) was preaching with an old radio-receiver - Germany had been invaded by North Korea and the reason, we could get news at all was that there was a communist radio station left over from the formerly UDSSR held East Germany times. We knew that the rest of Germany like Bavaria had no clue, no "historic radio" there, and we thought about how we could inform all the public.
      But then Jong-Il manifested on our balcony - an irate small wiry man shouting all the time, and starting to shout down from our balcony in person. German, I think, but I can't remember a thing of it.

      #2 Dream: This surely comes from watching the HBO series "The Wire" from DVD at the moment - highly recommended! Anyway - lots of junkies of various flavours came to dwell in this dream of mine, one even an actual one from the series...
      It was so - I had a new flat, just moved in - dream-sign - but it wasn't completely separated from the rest of the house - there were lots of aisles and doors and connections and the house was squatted with maybe 20 junkies as I found out later.
      First there was a little boy, who wanted to hide at my place from two guys, of whom he had stolen their weed - I'm not exactly sure, how it came about, but I befriended these two, and they introduced me to the rest of the pack, of whom I hadn't been aware, when moving in. In the end I helped them going undetected by the police and tried to generally help with health and stuff... Quite some misery in that dream - but some beautiful camaraderie, too.

      #3 Dream: I make this a dream, since I have at least two fragments of it. The other dreams have loads of stuff in between and around of what I wrote - this one is just that and silly to boot. I was back in school and for sports we had a project to practice for some sort of ballet-like performance - when I showed up, wearing a swim-suit, like we had to, the teacher took out a measuring-tape and measured my lower leg's circumference and lauded me for having lost weight! Before going there, I was with somebody in my room, searching for a suitable bag where I could put in all that I needed, or thought, I might need, and still put it over my head and shoulder, if you know what I mean. This took a while and for one thing - I had the most beautiful bags there - and secondly it was a real hassle, my stuff was all over the place, in different bags, needed to get collected together. Another big dream-sign - packing/repacking/schlepping stuff around the place with bags/rucksacks...

      #1 Fragment: My mother hadn't sold all of our real estate and house, like she did irl, but there was a little bit of meadow left, and I was planning to build myself a small hut or something on it. Another dream-sign - this house and real estate - I miss it a lot. Funny thing is, that I caught it as a dream-sign several times to get lucid - but my unconscious mind seems to have found to the insight, that it doesn't exist any more, and it's ever retreating now...

      Soo - now for this night there's going to be a lucid plan of action!!

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    4. 29 jul 2014

      by , Today at 11:05 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • Some kind of liquid is dissolving the driveway that I'm on and it is burning like hell. I can feel it on my feet. I'm wearing boots and gloves. I'm yelling in pain and trying to wave off the other people nearby. Some people can hear me, and others can't. The people who can't hear me seem not to be affected. Visible effects on hands after gloves are removed. Familiar neighborhood.
      • Empty O'Charley's parking lot by my apartment which normally contains lots of cars, but for some reason it's completely empty. Which direction should I go around the restaurant, left or right? A police car slowly rolls by.
    5. Cinema

      by , Today at 10:01 AM
      An interesting dream, where I and a bunch of people from my school went on a trip to the cinema, where we ha the choice of two films. We eventually decided, though I can't remember what we saw. Over the cause of the film, one of my friends fell off the benches we were sat on. There was also a scene where some friends from college joined us and we struggled to make enough room.
    6. Dracula (starring Christian Bale, myself and a friend)

      by , Today at 08:34 AM
      I dreamt that I was working for Christian Bale who was Dracula and thought I wasn't aware. I invited a girl friend over and I was telling her about Bale and how odd he was. We went to the wine cellar room and I read her some of his poetry then bam! We see him hiding in the dark, coming out from the shadows. I walked over to him and scolded him for being a sneaky bastard. Then we all went up to the balcony and sat at this small round table. We had some wine and I told him that I wouldn't be able to work for him in the the summer. He was cool with it(or so I thought) and then asked if we wanted pizza. The next thing I know, I was in bed with him and my friend (it was honestly like that scene in American Psycho where he wanted those two girls to make out) and I knew I was done for. I thought he was going to kill me but he decided to turn me into a vampire instead. I remember feeling really angry because I didn't want the power of immortality.

    7. Zombies and Phone Weapons

      by , Today at 05:54 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      We were in a place that looks like a school field, with buildings around. It could very well be Legazpi Active Park. We were fighting zombies, or something like them.

      We were using weapons that require a touch phone to activate. I verbally gave the visual positions of enemies to allies, i.e. one at 8 o'clock and one at 10 o'clock. They were moving around. The others used their weapons but mine is taking time to activate. One enemy sneered at me (imagine a zombie sneering). I tried one last time but nothing.

      I found out (later?) that we can actually "change" our weapon. Mine was a scythe of some sort. I decided to change it (via the touch phone) to something else. I found, as we were escaping, that a passive shield would be more useful. Somehow though, I had someone else use it and just include me in the shield. It was a young girl. We all ran to escape.

      Talking to allies about the "abominations". Turned out they can think (residue of watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2?). One ally strongly defended one (looks like the Bernardo Carpio giant in Skyworld) when another questioned its motives. Something about the color (blue and white?) of its exterior showing its true nature (heroic?). It seems that these creatures were once humans.

      I saw a scene where some women asked human-like creatures (male to androgynous) for something like a drug that transforms them into powerful creatures. There were three women (I think). Two of them enjoyed the drug. The last one, long wavy hair, was grateful and kept the leaves (huge laurel leaves) in a sealed plastic and put it in her pocket, saying something like she's saving two for her two children. Something about surviving or escaping. The creatures/aliens didn't seem to care what they were used for.


      Slept 7 a.m. to 12 nn
      Meditated (didn't finish) before sleeping
      Was watching A Beautiful Mind, Gravity and Cloudy 2 earlier
    8. Backpacking vs. Outdoor Adventures // Wheely-Chairs // Bike Ride // Scary Not-Scary Sounds

      by , Today at 05:35 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 28, 2014

      Backpacking vs. Outdoor Adventures

      I was at the fall club recruiting day on campus. I was there for the backpacking club, with Zukin, Ivan and Stussy. We were working on the poster-board we would display, before people got there, and we were competing with the outdoor adventures club to see who would get more new members. I remember that our board was a three-fold board like you see at science fairs (most of the clubs do have these kinds of displays) and the adventure club had a single large board leaning up against something on their table.

      I was laughing at them because we were almost done with our board while they were still putting on the first few pieces.

      Then there was a sort of competition; we were all playing a game with a Frisbee; backpacking club vs. adventure club. We were on teams and there was a hill to the right of the field we played in; someone threw the Frisbee wrong and it went over the hill. The adventure club sent a child to go get it, because the child had way more energy than all of us and wasn't playing the game anyways.

      I think I might have been the one to throw it over the hill, because the next thing I remembered was one of my teammates coming up to me and shaking me by the shoulders, yelling "GET IN THE GAME."


      I was roaming a huge, old mansion on rolling-chairs with Zukin. We were sitting in them backward (with the back to our chests) and using our feet to propel us around the place. There was a lot more to the dream that I remembered when I woke up, but I forgot to write it down and a lot of it has faded. I remember a part where we had to get down some stairs, but the entrance had a really low ceiling. So we had to get off the chairs, tilt them sideways, and shove them down the stairs, then retrieve them at the bottom to continue our adventure. We broke some expensive shit.

      Bike Ride

      Again with Zukin, this time we were riding our bikes back from some event. We had decided to go two different paths so we wouldn't collide (given us two, it's a valid concern). We accidentally almost went the same way though, and almost ran into each other. But she swerved in time to dodge me and I apologized many times because I think it was my fault.

      Scary Not-Scary Sounds

      I was walking around a neighborhood I don't know, looking for a place to sit down and do my math homework. I had my notebook, a pen, and the textbook with me, but I needed to find a place to sit in the grass. It was starting to get dark, though...

      I crossed a street, and then heard someone say, "hey!" I turned around to see a college-age man walking toward me. My first instinct is to run, but he just asks for a cigarette, which I don't have because I don't smoke, and he leaves after that.

      I sit in the grass at that corner, after the guy has left. But only a few minutes into my homework, I hear a sound to my left. I look up but don't see anything, and really the sound was so mundane and shouldn't have scared me. But it did, and I was irrationally afraid of it, and so I stood up quickly and headed toward my house, because I realized I was now in the field behind it. But I thought I was forgetting something, and had to go back to where I'd been sitting. The road was nowhere to be seen now, it was just that field behind my house. I used to my phone's flashlight to see what I'd forgotten, and realize I did in fact have everything; I had thought I was missing my phone, because it wasn't in my pocket, but it was in my hand the whole time. I noticed that the phone's light wasn't shining as brightly or a broadly as it usually does, and stood there swinging it around, trying to get it to work better, but then I heard the sound again, and turned to leave. I never did find out what was making the sound, and still don't even know why I was so spooked by it.
    9. No Helmet, Hanging With Fame, Hailstones (29.7.14)

      by , Today at 12:54 AM (CHiLLEN's Whacky Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Record at 2:10am

      I'm at a road down linsell bull. I see a police officer and he catches me without a helmet while I'm on my go cart. He smiles and can't believe I'm not wearing a helmet. He walks over towards me and I think about making a run for it but expect that my go cart won't have quick enough acceleration. He sees that I've had a recent fine for the same thing and says that I only just for my license back as of today. I'm pretty pissed off as I knew the fine was going to be another $180. I start to think to myself that I hope this is a dream or I think that as I awaken.

      Dream 2
      Recorded at 8:10am

      It's night time and I'm at a stadium. There's a group of people who are the siblings of all sorts of famous people. They're all around my age in the mid 20's. They being led out of the stadium and I choose to follow and be apart of them. A small group goes one way and the other the other, I see that the small group is less famous and I follow them. I think they're related to the owner of tackle world.

      We reach a car and a group hops into the back of a wagon (the boot), which doesn't have seats, it's just a floor. We all cram into the car boot and head off to our destination. As we're driving, some asks me to search for something and I can't figure out how to spell it. I think I even try and write it and it's as if I have fat thumbs and keep pressing the wrong letters. We're all having a laugh about what's happening. I start to feel apart or the group and feel as if I can hang with them. I look look around the car and notice more famous siblings are crammed into the front seat. I think I can see Frasier but can only see the back of his head.

      Dream 3

      Im walking down Blaxland with Dad because we heard off my brother that Jamie Lonen was moving just down the road from us. We look at the house from the outside and seem to think it's alright. We go in for a closer look and see the owner of the house talking to someone at his front door. Dad walks up the drive way and tells the owner he's just having a quick look up the drive way. The owner seems to look as if he thinks Dad is being rude by what he's doing and I somewhat agree.

      We're back home and it starts to hail pretty heavy, to the point of where it is hailing inside the house which is crazy considering the small size of the hail stones. I see Dad on the couch but he doesn't freak out about the hail stones coming inside.

      We get a knock on the door and I think I expect it to be Jamie but it ends up being Luke Brey. He's got a pram with him with a child in it. The child looks too old to be still in a pram. Luke looks to be wearing clothes that are fashionable.

      Dream Fragment:
      Daryl mentions about a fruit that combats against fat. I think that he's probably seen an advertise on a website and thought it was legit.

      Side Notes:
      Very rarely I remember a dream within only an hour or two of sleep.
    10. Misinformation

      by , Yesterday at 10:01 PM (Zödra)
      I am hanging with some friends of mine after a fireworks show. Wife has gone missing. I start searching everywhere for her and realize that it is a dream. RC/stabilize. curses, I had a specific goal. I text my wife to tell me what the goal is and I go back to hanging with friends (don't slow down enough to gain much awareness). I get a text back saying:
      "competition! Your goal is to eat!" Over and over again.

      I look at the table and there is tons of food. Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, cookies, cheese puffs, etc. I ask my friends if it is ok for me to eat, and they say that it is there for the competition. I eat for like 20 minutes and I get another:/ text:
      "Competition is about to start, are you ready to.start eating?" I immediately lose what lucidity I have and spend the rest of the dream asking DCs about the rules to the competition.

    11. Sensei's Comp, Day 1 (Lucid!)

      by , Yesterday at 09:29 PM
      Red: DV members
      Blue: Lucid

      2:10 AM: Fragment. In an enchanted garden at night. All of the creatures here (mainly butterflies) are constructs, and are designed to "find out" thing about people (listening at the proper moment, or asking particular questions). This has something to do with sleep and dreaming but C/R (can't remember).

      5:43 AM: (FA) I attempt WILD, which initiates missed FA. gab sees me trying to WILD and decides to help. She explains her method of WILDing: she visualizes Naruto in meditative posture (yeah right) before a big battle. She says the moment Naruto gets into meditative posture, he begins telling her he is ready to WILD. "I can see people fighting," he says. "The closest fight is the best one!" and "I'm ready right now," and "I'm still ready" and finally, if gab misses these cues, "I've woken up!" I marvel at how easy it is for gab to WILD!

      The dream transitions to a false WBTB (lol) where I am ordering pizza with Sensei and a coworker. I have to walk down a long dirt road to get to my room, but am excited about having pizza. I explain to my coworker and Sensei that I will probably not have any soda because I need to return to bed for the competition. I also look at myself in the mirror at some point. Nothing weird; I just look tired. I contemplate taking Galantamine, then remember that it was hard to fall back asleep after a lucid dream. I reassure myself by remembering that we've just purchased some blackout curtains and I can sleep as late as I need to. I then take the Galantamine (?) but cannot remember a moment later if I took it or not. I ask my coworker if I took it. He says he thinks so. I tell him this is important, and is he sure? He assures me he is certain, and says, "You took something from that bottle." I am satisfied. I ask him if he wants one and he declines, saying he has heard it is ineffective. I assure him it has worked for me in the past, though he chalks this up to my "good recall." He admits his recall is very bad. I say mine has not been so great either lately.

      (WBTB, WILD attempt 2)

      7:24 AM: Meeting a Tibetan medicine student in a grocery store. We have an argument about how best to induce lucid dreams. He is trying to sell me some junk medicine. He then says that "half of the mind is dark" when travelling in different countries, which is why I am not remembering dreams. I tell him this is ridiculous and that the mind is never "dark." He becomes angry and says he cannot teach me anything. I try to calm him down. "Can't we have a discussion?" I ask. "Is homeopathy always right?"

      "Yes," he says. He storms off. He then returns and says he is going to inform my "carlo" (no idea what that is) and my lama as to my rudeness. He also says he is going to find "all of the people that love me" and inform them too. I begin to get angry now to the point of violence. I implore him not to contact my friends and family, and get involved in my affairs. I also explain to him that our relationship is business, so do not make it personal. "Tell me you are understanding reality right now," I say.

      A child I know wants to get past me to the drink cooler. I move out of the way. I am conscious now of making a scene, and decide to walk away. I head over to the freezer section, thinking I will preemptively call my lama and inform him of some lunatic who will be calling soon. I doubt he'll be mad at all. I meet a little old lady in the freezer section, and she asks for help finding the "orange juice with sugar." I begin digging through the freezer trying to find it. She tells me she completed "three years" of something "in three days." I politely ask how this is possible, because I feel she may have dementia. She explains how her personal business fell apart due to internal conflict. Dream (mercifully) ends.

      8:58 AM: At a lake with a high school friend. He sees me and asks me to come over. I do. He then ignores me to talk to someone else (rather typical of him, I'm afraid). He sees an overweight girl walk past. Apparently she looks at him, because he says to the other guy, "Do you see this girl looking at me?" They then make fun of her. The other guy says, "Tell her to go inside, turn on the AC, and press the button that says 'food.'" They laugh then. I am disgusted, because they chose to make fun of her because maybe she found my friend attractive for a moment. I wonder why I am sitting her being ignored and then it hits me: Oh yes. This is a dream. I nose pinch to RC. I am about to set off to take care of my tasks, but I cannot pass up this opportunity.

      I truly look at my friend for the first time, and his eyes bug out and seems a bit cartoony. I look away and he stabilizes into himself. He tells me we are going somewhere else now. While he is talking, I am listening, and start to lose lucidity. I mentally repeat, "This is a dream" to stabilize. Lucidity returns. I tell him I'm not going. He asks why not. I say, "Because you're supposed to be my friend, but being around you is neither friendly nor fun." I then walk away. He tries to follow me, but I start running (quite elated actually) and jump high over a 9ft fence or so and easily land on the other side. Escaped!

      I then set to the tasks. I attempt the basic flying task. I leap into the air, high again, and yank branches down off of a pine tree. I swim my arms a bit, but don't see any real flying. For some reason, in dream, I become convinced that I have satisfied the basic flying task, but C/R when I wake up. Oh well.

      I then attempt advanced flying. I peer up at the sky. It is very far away, blue, with white clouds. It seems impossible. I tell myself, "This is just your mind. You can fly right up into those clouds." I remember StephL saying that advanced flying seemed kind of scary, and I empathize with that thought. I jump into the air, staring straight up, and fall right back down. I try a couple more times. Nope. I decide to do the basic dream control task and set off.

      I run down to my school building where I went to school as a child, and see a bolt in the wall (at this point I attempt advanced flying again, but still no success). I begin to shape the bolt with my hands, expanding it, and willing it to change into something else. It transforms into a combination lock. The lock looks more like a paperweight than a real lock, but it certainly is no longer a bolt. I am satisfied. I turn to find something else to mess around with and the dream ends.

      So I tallied my points and it's actually 18.5:

      2 NLD: 2
      1 frag: 1/2
      1 lucid: 5

      RC/Stabilize: 1
      Interact w/ DC: 2
      Basic Object changing: 4

      WBTB: 2
      WILD: 1

      If anyone has any advice on flying and advanced flying, I would love to learn. It's one of the things I want to do more than anything, and one of the things I have been least successful at in the past. Sometimes I am OK at basic flying, but most often it has been challenging. I am much more adept at manipulating the environment.
    12. External interruption [28/07/14]

      by , Yesterday at 09:03 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      Hi guys, it seems like life just won't give me a good chance of doing SSILD or anything really in my WBTB-time. This morning the loud alarm of the dryer across the hall pounded through my door and because I was alone I had no choice but to get up and clean the filters. IT HURTS!

      1. Make it stop!

      I'm watching some film about a university somewhere in the middle east I guess and there's a student standing in an alleyway. He's moving around a bit like he's trying to dance but then suddenly he get's shot down and he blood just flies out. All that's left is a small puddle of blood. Then I'm home with my family and we're watching TV, I think we just watched the guy get shot on TV. Anyway we're talking for a while and then I hear the alarm of the dryer quiet loud, I go upstairs and clean the filters but it keeps alarming. I walk around the house thinking the sound would go away but it seemed to follow me, I thought I had tinnitus and started panicking.
      Then I woke up and noticed the alarm, I was so tired and in the right mood for FILD but I had no choice. Getting up hurts a lot!

      I go back to sleep but my motivation for lucidity is quiet bad at this point.

      2. Atlantis

      I'm with a team and we're searching for the legendary city of Atlantis, the ships look like they came straight from 15th century Spain. We sail in a large cave somewhere under the ocean, it's very dark but we can see lights on the horizon. When we get there the city is deserted, it's very large with Farmland around it and everything a city needs. Large holes in ceiling of the cavern let light reach the city but large parts of the city are still dark. Suddenly I'm playing some RTS and I have a large army of spearmen to fight an oponent. At first I like the look of it but then I see you can make buildings for upgrades and stuff which makes me loose interest. I play on anyway and launch a first assault with roughly 1000 spearman, I feel like I will win this first engagement but my units get defeated quiet quickly and then the game advices me to upgrade the units. Now the enemy is charging me, I get a menu where I can choose the upgrades, I have a lot of points so I take all the upgrades.
    13. Stimuli Deprivation - Presence!

      by , Yesterday at 07:45 PM (Chasing Presence!)
      I am going to increase the presence in my life by stopping the widespread addiction of external stimuli.

      And for that reason I am going to minimize the time I use my computer, because most of the time it's just useless browsing.

      So I will not share my dreams daily here anymore, instead I will keep a physical journal and update here at every end of the week.

      It will be interesting to see what impact this new lifestyle will have on my life.

      If you want to test your addiction to stimuli, the most simple way is to see how much time you spend on the computer browsing facebook, 9gag or god forbid, porn...

      Or you can just watch this video (which was my wake up call):

      side notes
    14. LD Competition Night #1: Mini-Stargate and other things

      by , Yesterday at 06:11 PM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)

      WILD. Am doing SSILD when I feel several waves of vibrations, and I picture a room with a Stargate. I end up in my bedroom, which looks similar but a bit different. It's really dark. I RC and I can breathe through my nose, and I look at my hand and my fingers look strange, like multiplied and stuck together. I look at the room and see a mini-Stargate on the floor. I look for the power plug and it looks like it's plugged in already, and I see the lights around the ring flicker. I try adjusting the size by pulling the circle so it's bigger. It has this black film in the center of the ring. It doesn't get big enough for me to go through. I look up for the power button and then look down and the mini-Stargate is replaced with the black fan in my real bedroom. I shrug and decide to give up on that for now.

      I stand up, feel the dream fade a bit, and repeat in my mind, "I'm dreaming," to keep the dream stabilized. I walk through the glass doors of my balcony (which aren't covered by curtains in this dream) like they're nothing, which is awesome because I've had trouble with that in the past. I jump down to street level and decide to try flying really fast. I take off and try flying superman style, but even though I can fly okay, I can't aim upwards for some reason. I look around for rocket boots to help me with that and see my brother's red shoes scattered around the neighborhood (which is also, by the way, reaaaally dark and it's also snowing a bit). I try one on but it's too small. I dispense with the shoes and look around.
      The neighborhood looks like a generic mash up of the neighborhood I live in in real life. I remember the "eat something" task on the points page and look around for anything I can eat. I see a bunch of pink roses (?) nearby and pick off a bit of the petals, but it crumbles between my fingers, and I don't eat it for some reason (there goes 4 pts...). I look at the nearby house and decide to enter.

      The door is unlocked and opens smoothly under my hand. I step into a darkened living room that vaguely resembles my own (?), or so I thought at the time. I look to the right and go into the dining room, which has a bit of light and voices coming from it.

      The room is empty. I can still hear the voices and see some light, but there is no one here. "Hello?" I call out. The voices continue on. I turn around and see one of my mom's friends sitting at the dining room table. I hadn't noticed her before. Finally a DC I can talk to, I think, and sit down next to her. She says something in Mandarin, and Cantonese, and I reply in kind (I think I say "I don't know") and finally she starts speaking in English. She says something about my high school and grades, and I generally agree with her (seriously, why am I talking to her about this in my dreams? When there's an infinite amount of other things I can be doing)
      and the dream abruptly fades. I close my eyes and try to DEILD back in to no avail.
    15. Intelligent Bug, School again, Race on the Track, Nightmare, some fragments

      by , Yesterday at 04:58 PM
      1. I was in my school Oak Ridge, and Im often here in dreams it seems. I had been talking to this girl named Christin. She was in my Drivers Ed. class at the Woodlands but didnt go to Oak Ridge. We were both walking to class together. She told me, "You know, you look better without your hat." I replied, "really? I always thought I looked better with it." She continued, "Yea, and I also really like it when you wear those button up shirts." I told her that she hasnt even seen my best ones and that Id start wearing them more. "You look beautiful today, but hey you always do", I said. She blushed and thanked me and we continued walking to class. Once we got to my chemistry class, Christin had to leave to go to her class. I told her Id see her later and she said ok. As she walked away she turned into a completely different person. This new girl was more heavy set(no offense to her or anyone) and had short black hair. The real Christin originally was short, petite, had long brown hair with blonde highlights, and brown eyes. Anyways, I was happy that I would get to see her again later. I walked into class and it had already started. The teacher asked if we were ready for the test. What?! I had no idea what we were doing or what the test was over. The class voted however to put the test off until the 2nd half of class. I was cool with that. As I relaxed in my seat I looked at the clothes I was wearing and noticed I had on my orange kool-aid shirt, black slim jeans, and my green snapback. "Thats wierd, I never wear my snapback in school", I thought. I proceeded with focusing on the test and decided to study while I could. I looked at this log the teacher had given us. Its purpose was to help us spread out the reading time that we had to read in the book. As I looked at it more I found out that I was supposed to have read 1 chapter everyday for the past 2 weeks. I did none of that, so I filled out the log with fake information. I went to my friend Darius and asked him what this was all about, he said he didnt really know either and told me about the log. I only had 20 minutes left, so I decided to hurry and read as much of the book as I could. (Also I forgot to mention that I had went to school twice in this dream, each time was a different day. This part was the second day. Basically I went to the same class the day before as well, but I had another conversation with Christen.)

      2. I was in my room, but walking from my room to the spare bedroom next to mine. I walked into the spare bed room and found a little plastic mini city on the ground. I started hearing someone's voice talking to me telling me, "He wont go into the city, but inside of it." Then out of the blue as I turned on the light, a small bug came crawling out of the depths. He was intelligent and had that attitude of, "I knew what I came here to do". The lights went off and I grabbed my flashlight out of the air and shined it on him. I was going to kill this little dude. He quickly sprinted into the plastic city. I went down and looked for him, I pulled out a cabinet door on the side of the city(I dont know why it was there) and looked for the small insect dude. He was not there. I remembered what that random voice had told me, but I couldnt do anything because there was no way I was going to be able to get inside that small mini-city. I was a giant compared to it. Just then it occured to me that this insect could be crawling around the city and tricking me. I looked around but he was no where to be seen. Some guy showed up out of no where and helped me out. We never killed the bug.

      3. I was at school. A race was about to start in Track. I got on the track and go ready. I held my position and then sprung forward when the guy signaled the start. I started sprinting. It surprised me, I was running basically effortless. "And its all because of the running I do at home" I thought to myself. But, I could only run so fast on the track, and other dudes started passing me. I couldnt run any faster(thanks dream physics). I looked down at my outfit and noticed I was wearing the exact same thing I was wearing from school, but yet this dream took place before that one. I wasnt even sweating at all, nor was I getting tired. Just then I got neck to neck with this dude besides me. We were going to tie if it stayed this way. I gave it my all as we got closer to the finish line. I noticed as I did though, that the track disappeared and the ground had turned into a hilly pasture with lots of mud and bumps. But the race was still on. The guy that was tied with me had fell back and lost speed because of the hill. I started slowing down, but I wasnt trying to at all. I gave my legs a push and returned to my slow top speed. I passed the finish line, happy that I had beat the dude that was directly behind me, but unsatisfied that I had only made it to 14th place. There was only like 8 dudes racing, so I have no idea why I thought that.

      4. This is what I remember of a pretty weird nightmare:
      I was in my house. It was completely dark, no lights on anywhere whatsoever. I only had a small LED lantern that was pretty strong. I started walking around my house trying to figure out what was going on. As I left my room and entered my hallway upstairs, I heard a noise that sounded like it belonged to a demon. I looked into my parents room and in the doorway saw a ghost. I ran downstairs and went into my kitchen. I was terrified, but I kept on going. Everything from here on is unclear and really fragmented. The last solid thing I remember was seeing a demon looking thing and running.

      5. I was in some place congregating with these old wise dudes. They kept saying how something wasn't enough for the "full threshold" and that they couldn't even get to "half threshold"(No idea btw what the hell either of those mean). The rest of the dream was them trying to get that and I was helping I guess(not sure what I was doing).

      6. All I remember of this dream is that I was near some sort of huge ditch/natural drainage path that led excess water in some bayou. I have these in my neighborhood so I assume thats where I was.

      7. I was in my room on my bed. My mom was next to me staring out of my window. After I looked to see what she was doing I returned to go back to bed but saw a dude lying down next to me. He said he wanted to f***.(WTF, just to let everyone know who is reading this: I am NOT homosexual, or bisexual; not that there is anything wrong with those who are, just wanted to make my sexual preference clear, I am heterosexual. I have no secret desires for men or anything. I am all for women). Anyways something happened to where I transitioned into another dream and in this next dream I was in my room again and I walked in to find my cousin giving anal to some random dude. My cousin is a guy. I would say this was a nightmare as well.
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