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    1. Ice Skating/Inside A Dinosaur Movie

      by , Today at 09:03 PM (A Peek Inside My Twisted Mind)
      starting to remember more dreams!

      I was ice skating on this huge outdoor rink. I was having a blast doing all kinda of spins and tricks. I was even doing flips. It felt effortless. I was out there for about an hour and then went back to my car. It was super windy, and the wind had blown over a trash can and there was trash everywhere. When I started driving my car, it started smoking and making weird noises. I remembered that it was broken and wondered why I had picked that car to drive(it had just broken down in RL). I picked up Niki and we were going to go to Taco Bell but we never made it there.

      I was dropped off at this building with a bunch of people my age. I realized that I forgot my shoes so I was walking in bare feet. I didn't have my phone to call my parents so I asked a girl if I could borrow hers. She looked at me weird and was kind of nervous and told me no. I wasn't sure what we were there for, just that it was something important. We entered this huge outdoor theater. We were sitting down when I saw this massive bird, that I thought was an eagle, land on a tree branch. I got my phone out(somehow I had it now) and took a picture of it. I was going to try to send it to someone but I didn't want anyone to see I was using my phone in the theater because that is rude. So I guess we were supposed to be reviewing this new movie, although there was no screen in the room, just movie theater chairs ourdoors in a jungle. Then I realized that this "eagle" was actually a Pterodactyl. It took off flying towards me and I freaked out, but it just soared over my head. Then a bigger dinosaur appeared, a land one(not sure which kind). This was no movie.. this was a dino death trap! The dinosaur was stomping around chasing people. Me and Ali snuck off to this little bathroom to get away. She was feeling scared and sick. I was sitting on the edge of a bathtub with my feet in cold water and asked if she wanted to join me since it might help her feel better. She declined. We did not go back out.

      -Fragment about up north with TPLSG
      -Fragment about trying to catch the bus to high school(really, still having high school dreams 3 and 1/2 years later!?). Paula was the bus driver.
      I feel like I always have this dream.
      Tags: dinosaurs
    2. 2014-12-19 medium length multi-scene

      by , Today at 09:00 PM
      Yay, a coherent multi-scene nicely recalled dream:

      + czech orchestra & many conductors; Missouri conservatives; football; old dog & young kid, dog enters neighbor's yard, go get him, talk about kids schooling; high school outdoors hot dog lunch

      Czech orchestra:
      I'm walking through an atrium-like open indoor space. I hear an orchestra playing. I hear them making some mistakes, they're perhaps a student or an amateur orchestra. As I walk through the crowd of white people standing around (most are women/girls), I notice that a bunch of them are moving their arms like they're conductors to the orchestra, just standing there in the crowd, however. One of them is a small girl. They are speaking a slavic language, but it's not Russian. It turns out they're Czech.

      Missouri conservatives:
      I'm standing at a table near a (glass) wall/window (dream sign) with a group of men. I know that we're in Missouri. I see their faces, they look normal. One has a sweater on. I think they're pretty conservative. We're standing around for a while. The talk moves to football and the TV show. They're astonished that in some places, there is only one broadcast of a football game, they're used to multiple broadcasts where each team's fans can watch the broadcast focused on "their" team.

      Football game:
      kickoff, the kickoff comes down and actually goes out the end zone. Wait, it's a field goal, the kickoff actually scored a field goal! Replay, watch it again, yup the refs hands to up signaling a score. Switch to playing football with a group of small black boys in street clothes, we're pushing a football around and I'm encouraging a small boy to take it and run.

      Old dog:
      I'm holding my old (deceased) dog L in my arms, I'm looking at him and think he doesn't look good: old, sick, he has a large discolored spot on his back. I put him down at his water bowl, I think he's been without water for a long time, I look into the cabinet where he was sleeping and think no water was put there. I think about him trying to drink the water, he's weak but seems to be able to do it. The water is not clean and has bits of food floating in it, I pick up the bowl to empty and refill it in the sink.

      Then my son S1 is there as a small boy and makes a funny non-sense rhyme, and I rhyme back to him in nonsense words.

      I notice through the dining room glass window (real memory of old home) that dog L has just trotted out the front door. I move to follow him, I notice that there are a lot of piles of leaves around the porch but that a large, regular rectangular area covering most of the porch has had the leaves cleaned off.

      I follow dog L and think how much I'd love to walk with him like this one more time, just him and me (semi-lucid thought?)

      Dog L enters a gate into a neighbor's yard (false memory), I follow, at the gate I see the woman owner is there, I make a hand gesture movement indicating "can I come in?" I apologize for the dog coming in, I pick him up. There is a teen girl in the yard at a well(?)

      Start walking down a flight of steps and am talking with (neighbor man?) about schools, he says "your boys probably go to <such and such> school?" I say "no we had them in school but then homeschooled them, but when they were in school (we made sure they had a flexible schedule?). Then "when you're 16 and 18 you've got it made in the shade."

      Walking along a concrete division, the other guy is a high school student. We're walking in the wide-open court of the high school, it's lunch time, in the distance I see a high school boy sitting at a table with a large plate mostly empty but with a few scraps of hot dog/sausage on it.

      Approaching the hot dog stand the cook is serving up hot dogs, at first I see what look like chili dogs, as I step up to the table I see there are chili dogs and a giant corn dog, a deep-fried hot dog about 2 feet long, 3x in diameter fof a normal hot dog. The cook starts slicing the hot dog in half along its long axis, I wake up.
    3. Acting Lucidly When You’re Not

      by , Today at 08:35 PM
      In this dream I stopped a tsunami by simply running up to the wall of water and debris, and touching it with my point finger. The tsunami instantly stopped, froze in position, and didn’t move, until it finally it disappeared. The strange thing is, I wasn’t lucid when I did this, so why did I act this way? I’m became lucid shortly thereafter, because I was questioning how this could all be possible. There were also some interesting dream figure comments. Here’s what happened:

      I was in a large, heavily treed valley, standing in dry, gravel river washout. Rough cut lumber was piled everywhere, and there were random piles of sand dug from the riverbed, scattered here and there. A couple of men were standing close to me talking, when suddenly, a roaring wall of water, approximately 30 feet high, came rushing down the valley. Trees, debris, and rough cut lumber were mixed in and tumbling. It's a tsunami! It looked similar to what happened in Japan. There was no place to hide! I then decide to stop the tsunami by simply touching it. This is what I would normally do when I'm lucid, but I wasn’t lucid. I quickly ran right at the wall of water and debris, and touched it, before it mowed us down. The tsunami froze in its tracks. I turned to face the two men to see if they were okay. They looked at me with in a casual manner, and one said to the other, “The hammer’s broken.” The other fellow replied, “I told you this would happen.”

      The tsunami disappeared and the rough cut lumber was all neatly stacked again. I walked away from the men trying to comprehend what just happened. Then, Utopia, I realized this must be a dream. How else could this be possible! A feeling of excitement and adrenaline rushed through my body. The dream became very vivid, as I hopped and bounced across the washout, and landed on top of a gravel pile. One of the men said, “Hey, what’s he doing now?” They stood back about 50 yards and watched.

      I wanted to visit with my daughter, but I’ve had lots of trouble with this recently, because dream figures keep appearing and chase after her, and ruin the dream. I decided to ask for backup first to keep my daughter safe during our dream visit. I asked for a Defender Angel to appear and protect my daughter from the hooligans. I waited patiently, and waited, and then nothing. I asked again for a Defender Angel to appear. This was odd, no Defender Angel? Dream figures usually appear when I ask, so I found this very odd. I then felt like I was being held in position, and I couldn’t move. I struggled, wiggled, and zaggled, but no luck, then I got frustrated and woke up.
    4. Plane Crash, Legalization and a Kitty Cat

      by , Today at 07:46 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      A massive airplane sits awaiting takeoff for a trans Atlantic flight. I watch from above as it is hoisted up a few thousand feet onto a tower where it will be launched off of to kickstart its journey. The pilot sits inside, while random people get tours of the plane, and take turns sitting in the co-pilot's cockpit. Then without warning, the tower collapses, and the plane begins falling toward the ground with just the pilot and a random person as co-pilot.

      The pilot is really good, and manages to start the engine, and begin to recover before hitting the ground. But as he does so, the other person ejects saying, "sorry, but I'm ejecting now". The pilot yells, "Nooo! don't do it, you don't have to!". The ejection tears loose some essential flight components, and forces the pilot to land immediately. I walk around it, and notice how it is wedged around and on top of a stone public restroom facility. One that is in use too. I take a break and use it as well (very unfriendly people inside, glaring at me), then walk around the building again to look at how stuck the plane is.

      I notice a TV monitor where the president is giving a speech about the recent national legalization of marijuana. He says something about everyone getting really high now. Going inside a nearby building, I quote the speech to them, and they laugh. One of my friends tells everyone I'm going crazy and to watch out for what I do next.

      A cat walks up to me purring, so I pet it. It walks back and forth, rubbing up against me, continuing to purr as I pet its back and let it sniff my hand. I'm not sure what they are expecting me to do...
    5. Somehow we got on the subject of Unicorn Ponies...

      by , Today at 07:34 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am a floating awareness, following a young buy as he runs from a man and woman. They are chasing him through the exterior stairways on a large ship. As he runs from them, he turns a corner and gets the attention of an officer on the ship who hides him underneath his coat. Quite well hidden actually. His pursuers catch up to the officer, who directs them on their way up the stairs.

      I float up to the top, and see through the man's eyes as he looks through thermal imaging goggles at the officer, and sees the boy underneath the coat. They yell out, and begin to run down to get him. The officer quickly puts the boy down and tells him to run.

      Now I am in physical form again and there has been a large conflict started between an apparent good force against an apparent evil force. They are using telekinetic weapons, superhuman strength, and guns to kill one another. I don't feel nearly powerful enough to do anything but die in this fight, so I run for my life as I hear some people approaching, and bullets ricochet off a nearby wall.

      The ship is now an old Victorian house as I sprint down the hallways and down to the main entrance. Seeing an older woman standing there, I tell her it's not safe - that there are people chasing me and they will probably ask her questions under duress if they find her. I turn to run out the front door, but see many thousands of police officers with guns out front, all standing in a massive array facing the door.

      I open the door, and drop my sweater I'm holding onto the ground and immediately put my hands up. They seem uninterested in me, as if they know I'm not a threat to anyone. So I pick up my sweater and walk through their formation to the back, where I look for a spot to sit down and get my bearings. There is not much room with so many police, but I manage to find a small spot up against the fence behind a hill.

      As I sit down, my sweater turns into a giant inflatable boat / mattress with 3x 20 ft long air chambers. Other people lean up against it and rummage through my supplies. The closest one to me hold up several boxes of cereal and asks me where my things are. I only have a single box of life cereal and I show it to him.

      Behind us is a large hill, and we watch as large Mac trucks drive up and down it, going off jumps, doing flips and 360s. A jeep is with them, and they crash into each other, sending the jeep flying through the air, doing stunts, and landing back on its wheels - neither of the vehicles are damaged at all. I think it's really strange how that can be, and am suddenly driving the jeep!

      I am low on gas, so I pull up next to the Mac truck and get out. I have a few spare gas tanks, and think that other guy is probably low on gas too, his bigger truck surely uses more gas than my jeep does. So I begin fueling his truck instead of mine. Then I consider that it might take diesel instead of gas, so I stop. Walking back to my jeep, it is now parked further away, at a gas station pump. Some friends walk with me through the crowd of tall gas station attendants - all dancing and looking very intimidating, but acting harmless. There are 4 of us, so I get into the back of the jeep.

      The back of the jeep transforms completely and I am floating above a field. My friend Rob has created a type of emblem for himself out of 4 cubes, and I am told to create my own emblem. It is described to me how the system works, and how by changing the adjacent cubes, others change to match it on the edges. It already makes sense to me, but through their explanations of how to use the system, and what to watch out for, I am confused and end up making a lame little unicorn pony.

      Everyone watching me do this starts laughing. No one is even sure how I made a unicorn pony, but that aside, it's the lamest thing they've ever heard of. A little frustrated, I poke at it, making random finger gestures, and manage to add armor to it, and laser cannons, rocket launchers, and a disposable tail like a lizard. I continue to poke at it, and the armor gets upgraded each time until it is quite a badass unicorn pony. A pony even Satan himself would think twice before messing with him. That silenced the critics!

      The pony stands there, covered in thick spiky armor - charred black, and with no gaps between it. Most parts of the armor are actually on fire, and give the pony a frightening aura of flames and smoke. Protruding from each of the shoulders are some sort of laser cannon that looks like its from 3000 years in the future. The unicorn horn has been modified into a serrated spike of death, coated in metal and adorned with extra spikes. On its back is some sort of rocket launcher or mortar with a laser guidance system.
    6. First Entry- Watch Out!

      by , Today at 06:58 PM
      I dream that I'm working in this warehouse type setting. I have to watch my step as there is a wide open space in the middle of the floor that leads to a large body of water. Things keep falling from the ceiling and I have to keep dodging. I lose several personal possessions to the water one of them being a small green plastic crate box. I can't remember the other item.
      The dream sort of transforms here to a more personal work setting and I'm with some previous co-workers. I had never been excepted by this group of people because I was unable to small talk of sports. I voice my opinion to one of them that had it in for me. Then I'm on my way home and I'm practically crippled for some reason. I'm wearing vagabond clothing and feeling lower than low. I wake feeling anxious. Grateful to know just where the feelings have come from. I meditate.
    7. No dreams remembered

      by , Today at 04:04 PM
    8. KonchogTashi's workbook

      by , Today at 03:21 PM
      Progress update nights of 12/17-18

      keeping up with the state testing and intention setting. I have been doing more tests involving digital clocks and text. Text is never a big component in my dreams, but I think the more I use the test, the more text will appear in dreamland. Getting in 10-15 tests for each of these two days.

      Wednesday night was a bust. I had a later than normal bedtime which gave me only 5 hours total sleep. I woke in the middle of it with no recall. I woke in the morning for the final time and struggled, but came up with nothing. This was a bit frustrating honestly.

      Thursday went better. I had some difficulty falling asleep so I probably only got 6 hours total sleep. I woke in the middle of the night for recall but had nothing. I got frustrated by this, but looking back it was needless as typically I don't have any recall in the middle of the night. I think this was just "sleep confusion" playing dirty tricks on my rational mind. It was difficult to fall back asleep, but I managed to and had a weird short lucid which kind of straddled the line between WILD and DILD.

      I am aware, but there is just blackness. I "look" down and see my hands, they are pale and translucent, and my arms vanish just before the elbows. I instantly know that I am now dreaming. I clap my hands together and vigirously rub them, feeling the "friction." I do this for a few seconds, then pat down my dream body, waiting for visual elements to develop. I start to move around, feeling the motion of my dream body, but still without visual elements developing. Lucidity fades and a detailed dream develops (I think).

      I think the dream I recalled (it was long and recall was very good with many clear details and dialogue). arose immediately after this brief lucidity as I was only asleep for about an hour. I am not counting as as an LD, but still is is encouraging!

      I will probably update somewhat sporadically over the next two weeks as I will be off work and finding time to sit down at a computer will be more of a challenge. Don't think I've thrown in the towel though as I will be practicing carefully each night with WBTB and MILD as I will have the ability to sleep in and rack up 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Many LDs await!!
    9. Jogging

      by , Today at 02:05 PM
      In the city

      I recall jogging in a big city. It was early morning, and it was still dark. There wre lots of DC's. Whenever I get close to one of them I shouted I'm going to hav a lucid dream tonight!

      Run for fun

      It was early evening. I got out of home, and started to run. I was running through my backyard, to the city and ending in the forest valley. Everything had that bright, warm feeling caused by glow of the sundown. In the valley, I met my old pals. They seemed to don't care about my presence here.
    10. Serpents of the Black Pyramid

      by , Today at 12:59 PM (The Virus in the Matrix: Tales of a Psyhacker)
      I had smoked some Mugwort through my double honeycomb perc ice piece to make my dreams more lucid. Next thing I remember after lying in bed, is doing pushups. What? Where am I? In dreams? 49... 50! I look at my hands, looks solid. I look down at my chaos star tattoo on my hand, and laugh about how me and Nomad said it's our gang tattoo. It's glowing. I'm dreaming. I am in a Japanese house near Mount Fuji. I am a ninja, and I work for the ronin, Nomad.
      I want to change the scenario. I sit down, and focus on The Black Pyramid. I am suddenly there, in a desert somewhere in Antarctica? But, then, there's jungle, and a great black pyramid with a golden 23 on it. I teleport inside, and my comrades are there, all ov us in our magickal assassin robes, armed with magickal staffs and daggers. We are priests, the Serpents of the Black Pyramid. We are in a great temple chamber, and they prepare a magickal transport vessel of pure gold for me to astral project out of. We do a slow long ritual chanting to the gods of darkness and death. We walk around the transport vessel to swirl our energy. I take a drink from a bowl which is passed to me of some hallucinogen. It tastes like dirt. I climb into the transport vessel, and close my eyes. They close the lid, and I open my eyes. Pure darkness, but air is flowing in and out. The begin to fill it with very salty water, and I begin to float up. I float through the Pyramid, and to the Land of Chaos, to the Temple of Chaos. Everything is green and beautiful. I climb strange winding white steps to a Greek style Temple of Eris. Eris is sitting at front smiling at me knowingly. I wake up.
    11. Party at My House

      by , Today at 12:35 PM (One Up Seeker)
      1. I was inside of my house and almost all of the guys that I was friends with from school were there. At first, I was upstairs in my room getting dressed. I looked for an outfit in my closet and put it on. For some reason, I remember getting naked while I was here and banging a hot chick, but I don't remember more than that. After I finished banging the chick I walked up to my dresser and looked for my phone. I found it, but it looked alot different. My phone was no black and had completely new software. Then I "remembered" that I had gotten a new phone so it all made sense. I actually became semi-lucid for a short time because of that too.
      Finally I decided to go downstairs and chill with everyone. As I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen I could hear alot of the guys playing football outside. Some guys were playing football, others were chilling in my backyard, and the rest were all kicking back in my house. I walked out my backdoor and out of my gate and saw all the guys playing football. What caught me by surprise was that my friend Tyler was playing quarterback, and I'd never seen him play that position before. He looked really sweaty and was wearing a green shirt I think.
      I then turned around, went through my gate, and walked into my backyard. The first thing I noticed was that there was a chef in a white chefs jacket cooking some meat up on a grill. I went up to his grill and there were already a few guys eyeballing the meat he was cooking. The meat looked like turkey. As I watched I could smell the meat cooking, it smelled like it was ready. Suddenly the chef flipped all of the meat over on the grill. As he did so grease started flying at me and all of the other guys who were watching. The flying grease was extremely hot and it burnt me pretty bad.
      I finally backed up and realized how close I was standing to the chef. Suddenly my mom and dad show up, but they don't really care about whats going on.

      There was alot more to this dream, but all I remember right now is images that I can't really form into words as alot of the mental images are just flashes of the dream in one point.
    12. Just a few deam fragments

      by , Today at 11:39 AM
      All I had were a few fragments again.
    13. Better Off 12/15/14

      by , Today at 07:41 AM
      I suppose this is the only way my subconscious knows how to tell a love story, making it painful and reluctant. There were also moments where we heard each others thoughts.

      My character was not defined. My love interest came in the form of actor Matt Ryan wearing the guise of John Constantine from the TV series. He wore his trademark white button-up, loosened tie and black slacks. I feel like there was more before this point and I just don't remember. Anyway. Constantine is prone on a flat, elevated surface in a barren living room with one large window and dull beige carpet. There are two other people in the house, a man and a woman. We are holed up here and while they don't have anything against me, they don't like me because of my association with John. The man comes into the room and hovers over John who is unconscious. At first he only mutters insults under his breath, but soon this abuse escalates to pinches and prods. I rush to his aid, yelling at the man to stop. I hastily drop to my knees beside Constantine's head as he stirs restlessly, raising his head and shoulders. I cradle his head on my knees with one hand and grab the man's wrist with the other to stop him, but he proves too strong for me and wrests himself from my grip. He lands several blows to John's rib cage, growling at him.
      John's eyes snap open suddenly, confused but enraged by the intrusion. I know that if he lashes out at the man he'll just regret it, he could do some real damage, I try turning his attention to me by speaking his name. At first he doesn't notice, and just smacks weakly at his assailant telling him to bugger off. Jesus, he has the accent and everything. The man wanders away, still muttering.
      "Hey, I'm sorry okay?" The apology finally makes me his focus. "I tried to stop him, but he was too strong." I need him to know I wasn't just hanging out here while someone hurt him. My hair falls in a dark curtain past my shoulder as I lean over him, my hand palm to his cheek, fingers along his jaw. His expression is unusually...soft, like he's still dreaming. It startles me because I'm not used to seeing him without his sardonic armor. I realize he has said something to me and I was too busy staring at him to answer. "What?"
      Why are you looking at me like that? he thinks, saying "Is everything alright?"
      I notice also that one of his eyes is half green and half brown, split vertically. It looks extraordinary. "Yes." I say, thinking I've never noticed your eye before...I brush my thumb across his cheekbone, he closes his eyes briefly. I know he would like me to believe that this attraction is one-sided. So I withdraw my hand.

      The second part has a little WoW mixed in. There's a complicated building, it's a mansion but parts of it look like a warehouse. It is a dark warren of rooms and narrow halls. One of our group, a young woman was turned by someone we thought was an ally and brought to this place to become a cult member, doing a spell to support the Rising Dark. I slip into the hallway from the courtyard. The door at the other end of the hall is open and I see one black-robed cultist raising her arms and chanting. In the first room to my left is an Ogre boss. I know I'll have to kill it before I go into the final room, so I turn to fight. It shakes its weapon overhead, enraged at the sight of me. I want to say I miscalculated and died and had to run back to my corpse like in the game, because by the time I got there it was all over. The house suddenly feels busy, Constantine comes into the Ogre room from a broken window, others pour in after him. The daylight shines white behind him, outlining his frame in a glowing nimbus. His face is what strikes me though. There's a thin sheen of sweat, his features grimly worried and exhausted. His eyes glitter darkly, and I hear his thought clearly. You're better off without me, love.
      But I'm not. I think.
      This has never happened to me before, it is not a sensation I'm familiar with even when awake so this was particularly striking as well. The front of my body, my arms, my chest began to ache. I have never been so consumed with the need to embrace a person, I wasn't sure what was worse: the way he was looking at me or the physical distance between us. I walk to him and whisper a word, because I can't articulate past the sudden knot in my throat. When did longing become such an expected reaction to any time spent together. When did it turn into this?
      I knew he had been about to leave without telling me and had instead came here to rescue me. Fluidly, our arms went around each other. I could feel where his wrists crossed between my shoulders, he was solid. Real. I could feel the weight of them, the texture of his shirt against my cheek and ear where they pressed hard against his chest, and the fine tremor that shook throughout him. Because this hurt too, in a different way. I feel one of his hands move up, clenching into a fist in my hair then on the back of my neck. I wasn't better off at all.

      There's a lapse and I'm most definitely myself, in my kitchen, talking to my dad on the phone. This was a couple days after my first student showcase where I've been learning guitar, and I didn't invite my dad because he can be overly critical. He has heard about the showcase and called to ask why he didn't know about it until after. He has somehow seen a recording of it and starts in on my performance. I get really angry and start yelling at him, saying "THIS IS WHY YOU WEREN'T INVITED." I drop the phone, and people in the other room can hear my argument. Constantine thinks I've hung up and mentions loudly to someone nearby that he can't believe someone would treat their daughter this way and calls my dad an asshole. Because I'm actually still on the phone, I start talking loudly hoping my dad didn't hear any of that....and then I woke up.

      Apparently I like anti-heroes. *eye-roll*
    14. Reincarnation 12/05/2014

      by , Today at 07:13 AM
      The setting was damned confusing. It constantly shifted from one type to another. I saw some familiar DCs, but they also melded with other DCs to create new personalities. Anyway. Sometimes this place looked like a house, sometimes it was a beach, sometimes it was a warehouse or school hallway.
      I begin at the middle of a scene. I'm watching Wolf on the beach, he looks like a pirate captain. He knows he has very little time to complete his task, there's a boat close to shore with ghosts on it. He leaps from the beach to the boat, to disperse the ghosts with a kind of purple fire wrapped around his body, but he isn't quick enough and they escape. By escape, I mean disappear, because his window to 'disperse' them has closed. The deck's brittle surface collapses under his weight and I am suddenly him. I'm plunged underwater, fighting my way back to the shore. The water is thick, filled with sand. There's a man, Rook, trying to guide me back to the surface. I can hear him telling me I have to swim 'up' but I keep going at an angle, before I feel his hands under my arms, pulling me out.
      I separate from Wolf as Rook rolls him onto his back. The fire courses over his skin before flickering out. There's a thin wooden frame around his chest and abdomen.
      "What's wrong with him?" I asked, crawling to his side.
      "He's fighting it. I'm trying to help, but it's really up to him." Rook says. He has a hand on Wolf's chest, who looks distinctly unwell.
      I rest my hand on Wolf's side but he tenses and his skin breaks out in gooseflesh.
      "No, not you. It's better if you don't." Rook says, as I withdraw my hand. I already knew I couldn't help.

      There's a lapse. The beach has become a sort of dining hall with a concrete floor. It feels like an old house. The walls are white and worn thin, there's a double french door leading out. It all becomes confusing here. Toward the back of the hall there are what looks like an aisle from work at times, and at others it looks like lockers in a school. This is all jumbled now.

      I see a young woman with incredibly long, wavy, dirty blond hair, she's kneeling on the floor with her hands lifted in supplication. She's wearing a jean dress with a pink sweater underneath.

      I see another young woman, a version of the girl with long dirty blond hair. I mean that this is her current incarnation, where the other girl was her past life. She rises from the floor a different person, and goes to a three tiered rack at the end of the 'aisle' on the far side of the dining hall. She arranges identical 1 foot lengths of copper wire on the shelves, preparing them for the ritual.

      The room is dark. Rook stands in front of the woman. I know my purpose is to keep him distracted while she weaves the copper into his hair and prepares him for the Dance he will take with her...they are meant for each other. He looks like Cisco from The Flash. He is wearing a dangerous expression. I draw his attention to me, inserting my arm between them and gripping his shoulder. I pull him around so his back is to her. I just want to keep her safe, and she knows this, but his focus is turned to me and we dance. It's a tense, hard-handed dance. His grip on my hip and hand hurt, and I know that mine on his shoulder isn't pleasant. I see the girl over his shoulder, still twisting copper into his dark hair and the flashes of jealousy in her eyes. I feel like I've done her a disservice by interrupting, but I can't stop now.

      There's a lapse. I wake on the floor. It is daylight. Rook is gone and so is the girl. I know her name now, it's Kate. I wander down the hallway now filled with lockers, calling her name. There's a threatening presence behind me. I find her inside one of the lockers, she's been turned into a vampire. She won't talk to me, and won't accept my apology.

      There's a hierarchy within the building. Those that remember more of their past lives are part of the inner circle and have more power. The pinnacle of the hierarchy is a woman who claims to remember all her past lives. She has at her disposal three brothers, I witness a conversation where she berates them. She tells them that they mean nothing, and never have. Their mother in a past live gave this woman her three sons to pay off a debt, consigning them to her meant that they would never remember who they were before. It seems cruel.

      I find Kate by the door that goes out. She is hanging a sign by the door, it looks old. It has an Italian last name on it...Fantinelli or Ferrantelli, the faded white paint is cracked and mossy. The border is intricately carved vines, the middle is wooden.
      "This is beautiful." I say, touching the face of the sign.
      "Yes, I found it for him...but he went Out last night and I'm afraid he won't come back." she pauses, "It was from one of his other lives. I thought it would help him remember."
      "Don't worry. He'll come back..."

      Fragment 12/07/2014
      Disturbing fragments arranged like a tv show trailer. I see flashes of Will Graham from Hannibal, all the other characters are trying to figure out what happened to Will and where he went. He apparently went mad and began his own killing spree, and he was even more terrifying than Hannibal. The end of the trailer said: Now they'll see first hand what's become of Will.

      Fragment 12/08/2014
      My best friend who is a bisexual woman is in bed with me, she tells me it was a lie that she wasn't even a little attracted to me. It startles me, because I'm straight and don't know what to do with that information. She then turned into a man.
    15. It's The Beard

      by , Today at 04:14 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Dec 17th 2014, 4:38AM

      I am in a version of my old high school in Texas. I realize that I have 3 books from the previous year in my locker. I take them out and see Christy from work what to do. She says to just take them to the front desk. I drop them off without saying anything and think I want to go find Jason B. and tell him about my girlfriend. As I walk into a random area I realize that I haven't talked to her all summer. I'm not even sure she is my girlfriend. Ah, I better wait. I turn around and walk back to the first area where Christy was. I scratch my beard. Hmm. I'm the only guy in high school with a beard. How old am I? Hell, Im a 34 year old high schooler. Why am I still here? As I walk I slowly become lucid. Ah this is a dream. I have this one a lot. Elements of the dream quickly drop away until I am in the void and I wake up.
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