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    1. 29/9/2016

      by , Today at 07:34 AM
      1) Flying - very fast and good visual detail. I had some sort of superpowers. I flew down into a roon and there was a film being shown outside, the sound was very loud, a man walked into the room. He was impatient and I though "can't he see who I am, I'm floating above the ground?". Then I was outside and there was a disturbance, and a fight, I saw someone's leg being ripped off and he was killed, there was no blood. The killer ran off. I examined the body parts, they had writing on and were plastic he was obviously a robot.
      A policeman appeared I put my hands up I was the obvious suspect in a murder. The policeman smiled at me, looked me in the eye and shot me at point blank range.
      I woke into a hypnopompic state, I could feel pain in my chest where I had been shot and I knew I was in the afterlife, and thought that it is just like a dream and thought if I can just control it then I can escape. I couldn't think what to do, maybe try rubbing my hands together. Instead I felt large wooden sticks in my hands and banged them together, then thought I might wake my wife up (I was half awake, aware I was in my bed), they were very noisy.
      Then I woke up properly.

      2) I was watching in a third party way myself and a girl in a large white plastic bag floating down a fast river. There was some reason for this, we were on a journey.
      The girl got out and we were in a building. She dries out her possessions which were in plastic wallets but had still got wet. There were a few rooms around, and some other people. There was a TV on in a room that we could see but we were told that we couldn't watch it. it was some sort of prison.

      3) Walking down 8 flights of stairs (in a department store?). Hard marble stairs.

      4) In a chemist shop looking for throat sweets. I couldn't find any but looked through all sorts of other stuff on the shelf. My wife was stood at the door I told her I was going somewhere else to find some throat sweets.
    2. DJ#311: Romance

      by , Today at 05:00 AM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Fragment: Some sort of romantic incident

      Fragment: Maybe something about basketball
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. DJ#310: Battling Gods

      by , Today at 04:59 AM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Dream 1: Multiplayer game, fighting against Greek gods maybe, three stage dungeon, complete first two but dream ends before the third one

      Dream 2: Discussing conspiracy theories over tv and presidential debates with somebody.
    4. DJ#309: Vampite Hunting

      by , Today at 04:58 AM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Dream 1: Playing in a grand final, only half the team shows up though

      Dream 2: Part of a vampire hunting team or something, go in a tower and fight a group of them. We struggle initially and leave to try and find some reinforcements before coming back. The tower was at one end of a long street, with semi-gothic houses along each side and a mine entrance at the opposite end.
    5. DJ#308: Video Game Expo

      by , Today at 04:56 AM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Dream 1: I was at a sort of video game conference thingy playing a game with someone

      Fragment: In a trailer/caravan, talking about stuff
    6. bad dream recall

      by , Today at 02:14 AM
      My dream was so complicated that I couldn't hold on to it. But that's okay.
      side notes
    7. Asylum Up High

      by , Today at 01:41 AM
      (This may seem exaggerated, but most of this is actually true from what I recall)

      I was on my computer, playing a videogame, presumably Overwatch by the characters. I was regularly playing as Winston until I faded into a classroom. Confused, I looked around to see it had a 1800 type setting, with girls in bonnets and boys with fancy hair. My teacher wore moccasins and a Mozart wig. He was teaching us math when he looked at me and said, "Jack, please tell me what I just said, because it seems you weren't listening." I literally confusingly replied "52." He disagreed and nodded his head to the side in disappointment as he pulled out a rusty radio and pushed a button, when the radio said "53 is the correct answer to this question." Unfortunately, my curiosity on why he had such technology in a classic era lead to me appearing in an asylum-like setting. From my memories, I was a janitor sweeping blood off of the marble floor. I started hearing odd noises, giggles and whines, as I looked to my side to see a hallway. I slowly walked up to it when a doll popped out and looked me dead in the eyes. It screamed and jiggled its body rapidly and I just stood there petrified. I couldn't take anymore of it, as I commited suicide in the dream by jumping off of the balcony of the mental asylum. One last memory I have is standing in the middle of a war; an intergalactic one. UFOs, Star Destroyers, and spaceships flew around shooting at each other. I had a gun in my hand, and at this point, I completely realized that this was all a dream. However, I was too lazy to just continue the dream, since I was still kind of traumitized from the segment before. So I did what I could and shot a couple of people, until I put the rifle to my head and shot myself. My dream ended abruptly and I woke up confused, but just went back to sleep.
    8. A Black Hole is Just A Mechanical Ball?

      by , Yesterday at 09:54 PM
      I am a scientist; short, and dressed in a white lab coat.
      My basement is a concrete laboratory in which I am testing wormholes. The black hole is generated. I throw a penny into it in order to see if it works, my eyes fixated on the camera I had set up at a location in the desert. A wormhole appears, just as I suspected, and consumes all the sand in the area, and I notice a single penny come out of the wormhole. All of a sudden, sand fills my basement; the black hole dissipated into some weird black mechanical ball with buttons. I barely manage to escape with the strange device without being suffocated. After splitting the ball, a massive, complex, and utterly green wireframe is revealed.
      "I... I solved all of humanity's problems!" I shouted, laughing.
      An unspecified many years later, there is a space station with the words, "<my name that you probably don't know> memorial: a History of Faster Than Light Travel," engraved on a sign attached to the top(according to my perspective) of the space station. After that, it's a rather slow fade back into reality
      I'm glad I had this dream; it taught me a lot about the desire I had apparently hidden deep in my subconscious, away from even myself. Specifically, the thirst that I only knew about after having this dream, the deep, utterly human desire to be recognized with respect from doing something that I love to do. I don't generally like any attention, but this dream made me realize that, even I , the silent little weirdo who would always distance myself from others, wanted to be recognized, no matter how much I believe otherwise.
    9. A train ride

      by , Yesterday at 09:18 PM
      I'm walking through a party full of sleeping people on couches, looking for a free space to lie down. This place belongs to my family, but at the moment I'm a guest like any other. One of my sisters notices me and gets up from her space, leaving it to me; the man she'd been sleeping with gradually curls up around me in her place. It's comfortable. The part of me that's aware this is a dream appreciates how realistic he feels.

      Outside a window, the scenery is moving. I decide this is because we're on a train, but I'm aware of the rationalization. I become semi-lucid and enjoy the scenery for a while. There's a great cloud funnel something like a tornado, but rolling along the ground like a great wheel stretching between heaven and earth. It's very beautiful. But now that I've thought of it as a tornado, it stops behaving like a wheel and behaves like a tornado instead - which is less interesting, but still very beautiful.

      I watch one tornado after another moving in the distance, growing closer, passing in front of the train, until it starts to feel like a danger, and I'm aware this could become a nightmare. I speak a prayer to a goddess until it stops feeling like a nightmare. This causes the man who'd been sleeping to take notice of me; he's aware I don't belong in his dream.

      He starts talking, asking me questions which I don't answer. He's pleasant to listen to, and I'm a little annoyed because I know I'm not going to remember anything he's saying to me once I wake up. I make the effort to focus on his words to try to memorize something, but I only end up hearing the sounds instead of the meaning behind them. Eventually he stops speaking. He's left; his body's still here, but nobody's home, and I believe the dream will get rid of it at the next opportunity. The train passes through a tunnel, going dark, and when the room lights up again his body is gone.
      I leave the train and continue with non-lucid dreams.
    10. Strange Nightmare

      by , Yesterday at 05:58 PM
      This is a nightmare that is really just an extremely complex dream. It all began at Tommy's house. We were hanging out in his kitchen when Tracy said to come check something out that they wanted me to see. Next to the breadbox was a picture of a little kid in a frame.

      Tracy walked up to it and said, "Hey, how are you doing today?"
      It responded. Not with clear words at first, but with the slightest mumbling, as if the noise came not from a speaker built into the frame but from the child himself, weak due to his tiny size and having to speak through the glass. We took the picture out of the frame and he started talking, his body animated like a Harry Potter painting. The photo was clearly not printed on paper but was in some old 90s media card. Tracy took the media card from the frame and inserted it into a 90s black PDA. It had a camera and an LCD screen and the kid popped up on that. It was not a normal program however, it made no sense. Sometimes it looked like me as a kid, sometimes it would be someone else.

      Later on my momand I were talking to him when suddenly the image changed. The child was now a baby. The baby was walking with a cane in a church, extremely slowly. The church was full of old people, and there was something extremely off about them. Suddenly as the boy walked up to a new pew there was a man with his organs spilling out, and the people in the church all looked up right at us and stared. My mom burned the thing immediately. We feared for a long time if we had released this kid into the world not to haunt us, but slowly Tom and I debunked it and figured out the technology behind it. By the end it was no longer a nightmare, but a study in self treachery.
    11. Weird Eyes DILD

      by , Yesterday at 05:09 PM (The I No Longer Have Hands Theory)
      I am in the bathroom trying to grab something that I can no longer recall. When I finally faced the direction of the mirror I became stunned. I notice I had blue eyes and one that was glowing white around it. This quickly made me realize something was not right and then out of no where some goblin witch looking elf little monster appear at the side of the door. I knew Iat this point I am dreaming but the awareness wasn't strong. I tried to change the dream scene in to something more comfortable. But it didn't work and the little monster started nibbling at my neck. It felt a little painful but more as tickle bites than anything else. I just kept looking at it while it took mini bites of my neck. I've never been eaten before so I felt kind of strange. And didn't really know what to do. I lost lucidity not far after.
    12. [28-09-2016]

      by , Yesterday at 02:37 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my house, the cellar was extended and took space from where it was to borders of our possession. The wall of cellar was smashed down, there was hole in the floor opening up to some ruins and wall of old sewage cistern could be seen. With family we had to drill through that wall for some reason, I warned them about old sewage but they didn't listened. Using a drill we made a round hole and then father turned on water and crystal clear water started flowing rapidly. I climbed up to cellar and with family we started barricading.

      Second dream

      It was an evening, I was atop an enormous hill with a ruined gothic mansion. I ran around ruins, it was getting darker and darker, I heard ominous whispers. I was about to find someone in there, but I was alone. I thought that running away from ruins, into darkness would change dreams. I ran into darkness and everything became black.

      Third dream

      Blackness faded out and I found myself in that mansion during a summer day. I was there with group of classmates, on a second floor. It was open to a beautiful ravine overgrown with beautiful vegetation. We were wandering around the place, girls were with us but they had to change clothes without coming back to rooms, so we all had to turn back when they did.
    13. Galaxy God (LD # I don't know anymore.)

      by , Yesterday at 02:04 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I've been experimenting with a written Dream Journal, but I had to drive to college in a hurry, and left the journal at home, so I wasn't able to write these down like I normally would. Figured since I haven't done a DV DJ in forever and I had a lucid last night, I'd drop this here.

      My cat was perpetually throwing up. No real reason to go into further detail about that dream.

      I was playing SC4. (Oh, hello video game I haven't played in months.) I was in my main region mentally planning some new cities. I wanted to make a row of three or four really big cities. I saw a triangle shaped city tile and decided to click on it. The game loaded for a long time and took me to a screen of a desert with a volcano in the background. A space shuttle with the orange fuel tank and SRBS flew by. (I think it actually had four SRBS, two on each side. I think it blew up and now I was now playing Kerbal Space Program. I clicked on one of the kerbals and made him go EVA from the cockpit.

      I was on my college campus, with my dad's sister and respective cousins. They were being generally obnoxious and complaining that they were bored. (Even my ~50year old aunt was complaining) I was supposed to drive them back to my house. I walked them across campus back to the car but the campus gave way to a collection of stores and office buildings. I thought I had gotten lost so I retraced my steps. (Family who had to follow me were not very pleased with this fact.)

      I walked back to the familiar part of campus and tried walking to the parking lot another way but it again gave way to stores and office buildings (and a video arcade) My annoyed cousins and aunt were at their breaking point and started yelling at me for my incompetence but I ignored them and I stopped and thought about the situation.
      I was pretty quick to come to the conclusion that I was dreaming.

      I took off flying, (generally family member DCs when they get like this are beyond salvaging.) I flew down the avenue and pulled up high into the sky. I saw a huge futuristic city off in the distance and decided to investigate. There were huge dark blue angular glass buildings at least a mile or two tall and flying cars, all surrounded by a more normal looking city. I decided I wanted to investigate the inside of the huge building so I would do the logical thing and land on the roof.

      I re-affirmed to myself that this was a dream and that everything that happened was just something that I was thinking of. I had some difficulty landing, flying was troublesome and I kept shooting off to the side, but I was eventually able to get myself to hover the roof of one of the buildings and kill my flying jets to fall the last few hundred feet.

      I fell through the roof and started falling through all the floors of the building. Curiously the whole building was like an empty glass shell with nothing on the inside. I kept falling and colors and shapes started to distort. I felt like I was sliding down a metal tube that went in all different direction. I didn't really care, it seemed like the dream was going to do something interesting so I just let it happen. I popped out the other end and I was in outer space. A huge golden spiral galaxy in front of me.

      Galaxy: (with a big booming voice like god) I have attained the highest spiritual status and the largest physical form. I am a galaxy! But you may call me... uhh...

      Me: Your name could be... bob?

      Bob: I AM BOB! Now tell me, why is your hair so long?

      Me: I don't know... I just kind of think it looks cooler that way...

      Bob: What would you do... If I were to cut it short?

      Me: My dream body is just a construct of my consciousness, allowing to have me a human experience in the dreamworld. Such damage could very easily be undone.

      Bob: F*CK!
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. 9-28-16

      by , Yesterday at 12:42 PM
      Dream 1
      I am in my school gym but the gym is actually my parent's bedroom in the dream. So the setting is in my house but it is supposed to be school. In gym, we are playing some dodgeball game with a grey wall dividing both sides, so the game is somehow different and weird. I see some younger kids sitting on the floor having no idea what they're doing here. My friend, Ethan is also on my team playing. Soon, I am not playing anymore but am in my bedroom sitting at my study table. A girl in my class named Alyda, is also sitting next to me at my table. She looks at me while talking and questions something. She is asking where Ethan is. I tell her that Ethan is still in the gym playing the game, and I will go get him. So I head out my room to the gym to get Ethan. Dream fades.

      Dream 2
      I am in the cafeteria at lunch in school. When lunch was over I get up with my friends and walk out of lunch. I see the normal same people in the crowded lunch. As I'm walking out of the cafeteria, I notice how my backpack seems really light and isn't packed like usual. I see Ethan who is waiting for me, and I tell him something.
    15. 9-27-16

      by , Yesterday at 12:23 PM
      Dream 1
      In my backyard, I see a giant pool set up and some guy was lying on his back floating on the pool. So I decide to do the same

      Dream 2
      I am peeking through my dining room window and I see something going on to the right in my neighborhood. On the right side of the neighborhood, there are fireworks going on, so I assume that it is 4th of July. I also noticed something else. That there are people crowded in that area and food was being served, so I guess it was some celebration or party with fireworks going on. I wanted to get some food so I head out my house and go to that area. There was a lady in charge of the food and it seems like everyone already ate the food and she was pretty much done serving. I see that she placed the left over food on the left side of the tables. I go over there and ask the lady if I can have some. She nods and I get the food. It was some eggrolls and some other fried foods.
      Tags: non-lucid
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