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    1. Breakroom

      by , Today at 02:01 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #479 - DILD - 7:38AM

      I've had a little bit of a dry spell lately with work being so crazy so it was nice to get to sleep in today and get a solid LD. Dry spells suck! It's weird that my old bathroom dream sign brings me lucidity once again.

      I notice that peeing doesn't relieve my need to go so I lucidly try to make my son fly then I play with breaking glass.
      A have a somewhat vague memory of a DEILD or in-dream-WILD. I feel my body is dream-like and I relax, letting myself merge into that familiar other. I have a hard time separating then spend a few moments wondering around the house I am in. My memory fades....

      I am wandering around work with my son worried about some prophecy that I am "TO DO GREAT THINGS". I worry that I am not up to the task and that I am just a regular guy. I walk along the walkway and move into the bathroom. I have to pee really bad, but when I pee at the urinal my need doesn't go away. I try again and pee just as much. I recall having a non lucid dream earlier in the night about weird pee situations (truth) and think this must be the same type of dream. I am already lucid now, but I do a nose plug just to be sure. Yep. I leave the bathroom and rejoin my son.

      There is a catwalk about the main production area with offices and cubical that open to the area. I toss my son up there hoping he will start flying around the shop. As I toss him up I shout, "HEY YOU CAN FLY!" He just lands on the up level. I rush up stairs and find him just sitting there. I say, "Common. You can fly. Just do it." I trow him up again, but he just lands hard and seems like he is in some vegetative state. The sight of him like that is disturbing so I move on.

      I quickly recall my goal to make glass break control the shards with mind power. I rush to the break-room where I know there is a large glass window. I am happy to be at work because this is actually how I got the idea for this task. I stare at the window and it cracks all over but doesn't fall out. I make hand motions and point for the shards to fly out but the don't. I stand more directly in front of the broken glass and force it to fly out. I see a million tiny shards of glass float all around me like snow. It's all I can see for a moment then it fades away to the window still intact, but still shattered. I don't get annoyed, but play with it another way by forcing my face into it. The glass resists and stretches way out until I phase through. Instead of being in the break-room I am now in some small area with a door leading outside. I heard a voice and knocking. I say, "Who's there?"
      The voice replies, "Steve, Mary, Sam, I mean, Samantha."
      The voice seems to be a liar and I don't trust it. I sense something ominous there. I say, "Well, you're not coming it. You're never coming in." I turn away and begin walking when I wake up.

    2. 11/24/15: Found a Girl on the Road...? (Random/Love-ish)

      by , Today at 12:15 AM
      - Sadly, I couldn't really remember much of this dream once I woke up.

      [Dream begins]:
      I'm on this highway northeast of my house in a trashy white sedan from the 70's. Every quarter mile or so, there's a woman walking on the shoulder of the road. My dad makes some comment about wanting to get a girl, and when we get to the next one, I look her in the face. She had an interesting face... in my dream I described it as the most basic face, devoid of features. She was Asian. I talk to her for a little bit, and obviously she doesn't talk much but it wasn't really awkward. I go to a party at her place where 12 pack boxes of soda are stacked to the ceiling everywhere. I weave between a wall of Coke and a wall of some other soda. We pose for a picture next to a bunch of "tropical" beer packs.

      [Dream ends...]
    3. #165 - Courtyard / Plane pilot / Pillow fight

      by , Yesterday at 11:48 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Day 1 of fixing my awful recall managed to get 3 dream snippets which I forced myself to try and remember (trying to get 3 per night). I slept in this morning to make sure I got another dream in the bag too. I couldn't help but go to sleep late last night (11:30ish) because my dad had been trying to set up his watch gadget thing with me.

      Dream 1 - Courtyard
      I remember vaguely walking around and talking to some people in the courtyard of a town (like something out of an RPG game) and it was a nice sunny day.

      Dream 2 - Plane pilot
      I was the pilot of a plane (a big plane) and I literally can't remember anything else

      Dream 3 - Pillow fight
      Me, a hot girl and another guy were in a house, I think we were in the lounge. I had a pillow and blanket, they had a pillow each and either a blanket or a small mattress. We were rolling around on the ground pillow fighting which was really fun. Me and the other guy both seemed to be flirting with the girl, I remember rolling and landing a good pillow strike at her and then whipping my blanket over her which was cool.
    4. Still Being a Dick

      by , Yesterday at 11:13 PM (Kali)
      There's a young girl I'm watching from afar, ensuring her safety in her foster home. Her biological dad, someone I have no recognition of beyond his gene investment, arrives at the home and this bothers me enough to intervene.

      I float down into the scene, not lucid, and begin knocking on the door. The foster mom, an elderly homely woman, answers and invites me in. After exchanging pleasantries I make my way to the girl to find her with her dad. I slowly work toward the goal of separating the two but each time either of us get a fair distance from one another, the other interrupts.

      As I'm listening to him speak with her, he's explaining he wants to take her with him. While this is generally a good solution to these situations, I can't identify why this is a bad idea; but it is. I worst against him and eventually reunite her with her brother. This satisfies the need for family involvement without increasing the risk for her safety.
    5. 261115:Vague as shit, something about being in a Amusement Park and a Secret Ninja?!?!

      by , Yesterday at 10:18 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a place like a giant Chuck-e-Cheese's, there are multiple floors of cushioned walls and nets. I am walking around and meet a dreadlocked guy I know from school. I show him a green, poorly done, tattoo on my wrist that identifies me as part of the same ninja secret society he is a part of. We climb up to a higher floor where we look down and look out for trouble, some group is doing shady stuff in the park, we have to keep an eye out.

      Vaguely remember playing with a small arcade cabinet.

      Go to a kiosk nearby my house to load my bus card, hear a guy welding to repair a magazine stand. The welding pistol is a screwdriver. I go up and ask if he needs help.
    6. Adam and the desert

      by , Yesterday at 08:55 PM
      Earlier, was just lucid enough to deliberately fly upward with the intent of getting a wider view, instead lost visuals and wound up in a completely different scene, losing lucidity.

      Standing on a ladder outside a suburban home, the wind shifts, hot and dry, a sense of the desert that's going to claim this place and incorporate it into my people's territory. I'm the one who led them to this place, but I feel conflicted now. I excuse myself to the man who'd been holding the ladder, and go inside to take care of some loose ends. There are too many signs of how personal an interest I've taken in this world, learning their language, getting much too attached; I should dispose of that evidence.

      Elsewhere, among the troops, I'm speaking to one of them on behalf of a man in this world, Adam, trying to make sure they take care when they process him. I say I've never seen a dreamer with power like his before. Which is true, but I'm also being careful to phrase it in practical terms, downplaying any personal attachment. I have to stress the importance of him as a resource not to be wasted. The man I'm speaking to agrees that they'll be careful, but I don't think he's really paying attention, just brushing me off. I end the scene flying back to that suburban house, desperately searching for Adam.

      The following scene focuses on a brother figure chiding me for hanging onto a ghost.
    7. Tequila sunrise

      by , Yesterday at 06:16 PM (Here be dragons)
      Not much on the dream recall front (I've only clocked 3h of sleep) but a very vivid hypnalogic image of the setting/rising sun through a deep orange, slightly bubbly liquid.
    8. Repairing laptop, exercises

      by , Yesterday at 04:46 PM (A journey through dreamlands)
      I was in my house. With my pal we opened up my laptop, to see what's broken inside. After checking that everything is right, I tried to close it, but I've got one part left, and I didn't knew where it was. We decided to leave it for now and go somewhere. I opened the door to my room, and saw that there was a city on the other side. Streets were crowded, and there was a weird restaurant without a wall. I saw that my teacher is sitting there. She said "I wonder what he's doing there." when she saw me. I started to make random exercises, just so she won't disturb me.
    9. Firework viewing from a Castle

      by , Yesterday at 01:59 PM
      another senseless banter :D-warwick-fireworks.jpg

      I am making my way towards a 'light show' where there will be fireworks. To get there I go to a local shopping centre. I can't find where the show is and I'm getting panicked because it is starting soon and I'm also supposed to be meeting D.
      Then I notice a tiny little sticker saying "light show this way" with a picture of fireworks. I enter a door and inside is a hidden windy staircase that spirals up the inside of the tower. From the outside it looks just like part of the shopping centre, but from the inside it looks so completely different that I get the feeling most people don't know about this place.

      Inside is cold, damp stone, as I climb with anticipation, higher and higher until I come to the top of this medieval style tower. It is a warm summer night, but a little bit cool because of the wind so high up. There is a huge full moon, and as the firework starts, D is there and a bunch of other happy people and it is perfect and beautiful, as if the height has managed to create a bubble away from the real world where you can just be part of the colours and sounds and sensations.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. The dream wanted to show me something but i woke up. LD

      by , Yesterday at 11:01 AM (Come on, let's go for great nightlife adventures)
      Last night I went to sleep at 3 o’clock in the morning. I lay down on the bed without even turning the light off because I was so tired. Then I felt asleep.

      Suddenly my door open, I thought it was my dad, I said "oh my god my dad saw my light still turn on" I wake up so quickly from the bed and said "yes I know", but nobody was at the door. Then I said to myself: "wait this looks like a dream" and I became lucid. I get out of my room, and the dream was fading. I lay down on the floor and I was moving backward by a force pulling me down stairs. I said to myself "maybe the dream want to shows me something". I was now in the diner room then I woke up.
    11. #40: Stations / Sales

      by , Yesterday at 09:55 AM
      It's daytime and I'm sitting in a train. I'm on my way to my hometown. The train stops at a train station with the name of my hometown on it. Heh.. no way. This station doesn't like it at all. It's a tiny station almost in the middle of nowhere. I think an elderly couple gets off. I'm still a bit confused over the situation. It's one thing to get the wrong info from the on board announcements, but to have the wrong namesign up on a train station... Suddenly I see the area from an aerial perspective. Ow I get it now. They've added 2 new train stations in this city, to increase accessibility. Apparently they all have the same name.

      At the next station now. I clearly see a shop on the other platform. The building is very rectangular. I'm standing on a different platform. I look at the announcement board and see that the next train will go to my hometown. I start walking towards the correct platform. I will have to check out and check in again.

      » I'm with my cousin. She takes a look at my dreads. She gets all excited and sort of states that I've fixed them. I tell her that my mom fixed them up a bit, but not entirely. Somehow I feel a bit embarrassed with the attention.

      » I'm with my mom, grandma and aunt. My aunt is blind.* We were walking around the house and my aunt had no problem moving about with the same speed as a non-blind person. We're then all seated at a table and I'm playing chess against my blind aunt. Instead of black-white, the board is black - light blue. The position of the pieces changes ever so slightly during one of my turns, causing me to take a very long time to think about what move I want to do. At some point one of the pieces is a squished little tomato with some other stuff mixed into it. It's quite messy.

      *My aunt's not really blind.

      » I'm walking along a trail in the hills or on a mountain. I'm hiking with a group.

      » Not sure if it's the same group, but we're in a cave with a lot of people. We're playing a type of infected tag game. If you get tagged, you become one of the growing group of taggers. The purpose is to make it to the other side. I think I get tagged at some point, but somehow have a retry. It's easy to tell who is infected as they have a certain light around them. I think I dive to make it out of the cave on the other side, but I'm a bit too late. I finish in 3rd position, which I can clearly see displayed as if I'm playing a video game.

      » I'm talking with my ex girlfriend on whatsapp. It's about a mountain and a volcano I've been to in Indonesia. There are pictures. Our replies are somewhat normal, but at the same time it feels like there's a sub-meaning as the situation feels a bit hostile. Did I go to these places with Christina?

      » Writing Christina's name triggered the memory of a plane, though I'm not sure if I dreamt about one.

      » I'm scrolling through LinkedIn. I've added one of my lecturers. I think I see her scrolling to hers and her ignoring my invitation. I reason that she probably doesn't know who I am, as I've omitted some information from my profile.

      I'm standing inside a small shop. It's supposed to be an office for a street sales company at which I will start working. I know it will be different than the last time, because this time I have my housemate Quint with me who will also work here.* We're standing in front of a type of post-mix machine with the manager, who is our age. He offers us some cola. I'm not really into cola because it's unhealthy, but I don't want to be rude. We get it in a big cup. Quint prefers dr. pepper, but the manager is not allowed to pour the same quantity of dr. pepper as cola. A rule from his uncle, who is the owner. We watch the television which is mounted a bit above our heads. It's an event in a stadium. There's a group of perhaps 100 people in the middle of the field. It has to do with mourning for a terrorist attack. I see an old friend of mine, Tris. Wauw.. it looks like he hasn't slept for days. Then the whole thing turns into a performance, with riot police and such. At some point it turns into a form of rehearsal, as one thing is done again and again to get it right.

      *We don't live together. He used to work at the previous street sales company.
    12. 2015-11-26 medium recall, ending good, middle forgotten, LDing discussed in dream

      by , Yesterday at 09:15 AM

      + (f) on the coast line, I notice the water line receding, think this is the precursor for a tsunami, start running away, tell my friend to run

      + in apartment I share with ex-gf SB. I notice a large storage area built into the floor, it's about 8 feet deep and 1 square meter in cross section. Hey, that's a great place to store all of our junk I think. I notice it's not packed well. It's loosely filled with skinny, tall lamps and random things. I think if we worked a little bit every day, we could free up all the junk in the apartment and pack it efficiently into boxes and store it in this space. I briefly see and think about the little items all over the place that need to be dealt with before I move out.

      There is a container with little bars of chocolate, I open some and eat them. I present them to SB and her female friend. They say they can only eat the little triangular ones (some name), and ask me if I ate them all? I can't remember but I don't answer because maybe I did. They also say they can only eat the long skinny ones (that also had a name), and I think I may have eaten those, too.

      + (impressions…fleeting…just can't grasp them…lots of content)

      + (finally recovered another one!) (f?) crocodiles at childhood home:
      I'm down in the back yard, in the neighbor's yard down the hill from the property line are attack/guard crocodiles. One of them in particular is very nasty and aggressive, and quite fat. I know this one can lunge up to our level and grab someone, so we run away from the edge.


      + homestead, bears, "community chamber pot", saw, tree blocking road, sewage/water/reclamation system in large sunken cellar
      I've arrived at a remote spot in nature where my friends are building a homestead. The land is slightly rolling with some trees (near a river?). Bears are around, I see some. The homestead guy (DaGr?) says as long as you startle them they stay away.

      A tree has fallen across the road where the buggy carrying the household items will come from. DG is chopping at it with an axe? I think that will take a really long time. I see a collection of old saws with different styles (some fat, long, short, sharp, skinny, etc.) of teeth. I'm looking for a large two-man saw to make short work of the large tree trunk blocking the road. I see several but not just what I'm looking for. Then DG shows me his new two-man saw. He says it's sharp (?) but I don't see any teeth on it at all. I'm looking at it trying to figure it out for a while.

      DG hops down into the open cellar pit and punches an electronic button that starts up his invention: waste/sewage/water reclamation system that is the foundation of his company with his partner [false], it runs in pipes around the perimeter of the cellar pit. I notice that this pit is much larger than I noticed previously. He's telling about how the system works: people and animals contribute organic material with many different minerals and other substances that are extracted by his system. I eventually figure out what he means is that everybody pees and poops in a big "community chamber pot" and animals come and eat stuff from here and also poop in it, producing a mixture of material for the system to process. I ask him if he's going to build a holding wall for all the poop-mixture down here in the cellar.

      DG is presenting a scoring system for lucid dreaming on a board for us. Fully lucid dreams get 3 points, semi-lucid dreams 2 points, non-lucid dreams 1 point, there are finer distinctions of scoring also available.

      + shopping for jeans in a big 'n tall store, hanging around a long time waiting for a salesman. Dual colored front/back pink/brown pants, don't have my size, arrive on motorized seat, sales clerk jokingly calls it "the lawnmower", can't see the size on any of the jeans. Light/white colored walls and cubbies, upscale feeling, woman in dressing room changing hey close the door, men's dressing room across the way, waiting for sales guy, eventually several of them come back (must be coming back from break I think) and I raise my hand, first one doesn't come, then I "recognize" my guy (large and with black beard?), I mention my size is right on the border, small for big ' n tall, large for regular stores, he says yeah that's there smallest size. He shows me the pants with the strange multi-color. I suppose I can try something other than blue jeans.
      Just hanging around waiting and browsing for a long time.
    13. Venomous Snake Run

      by , Yesterday at 07:37 AM
      Morning of November 26, 2015. Thursday.

      This begins as a typical “snake in the house” dream (of which I probably have had several a year of since earliest memory). Recently though, I had some sort of “communication” with whatever has been in the background with me since before birth and it has revealed one of the ultimate meanings of the snake in dreams. There are still cases where it directly relates to the human intestine (from the evidence and validation I have seen) and other connections, though I had been wrong in a few interpretations (even after working closely with dreams since about five years old). It turns out that a snake is sometimes symbolic of the umbilical cord (though in some cases, concern over electricity or electric cords) - and the metaphorical “cord” bringing one back into the realm of infinity or death (though it is probably difficult to visualize the “opposite of the umbilical cord” for some people - it may also relate to so-called astral projection and “the silver cord”). Once I realized this (for example, in light of dreams such as “The Snake that Followed Me Home”, which seems to represent trying to evade immaturity or to be “less childish” in my responsibilities in growing up - though still seemingly has stomach ache associations on one level), I felt a bit dumb. I cannot believe I had missed the clues (especially in “War of the Serpents”, a heavily documented childhood dream, where I actually carry a pink snake like a baby), but there is time for editing later.

      In my dream, I am living with my family as we are now, though over time, it becomes like a variant of Cubitis (though the hallway is replaced by our present living room, it seems - another new and unique composite as always).

      As usual, the snake situation is very vivid and its approach is somewhat worrisome. I know that this snake is very venomous but I do not know the name of the species. Still, I am somehow able to avoid being bitten by the snake even though I am lying on the floor at times. I seem to be yelling at some sort of unseen presence to kill it, even calling the presence rude names. There is one point where my oldest son comes out and makes an attempt to catch it. There is another point where it crawls over the extension cord on the floor.

      I manage to cut it at the back of its head (with a hoe, I think). It somehow ends up higher, crawling from the top of our refrigerator and hanging down on the right side where I perceive it is wounded to where it is no longer a major threat (though still potentially dangerous if the head is close enough to bite - though it moves slower here). It seems to be tangled in the vertical electric cord (which is over a nail just above and right of our refrigerator to resolve slack) for a short time to where it is difficult to safely tell where the cord ends and the snake begins. (At this point, it seems obvious the snake symbol has an association with a concern over the danger of frayed electric cords or electricity itself - and this also seems to be the case with other “snake in the house” dreams.)

      Finally, the snake is beheaded and its body does not move much. However, its head moves around the house like a toy racing car, still posing a threat and now moving faster than ever without its body. I manage to catch up with it and slice its head across in segments into about five sections (now seeming to be in my father’s room from childhood but only vaguely), almost giving it the appearance of a small cake. It still seems to be somewhat alive for a short time, including the section with its two eyes bulging slightly, moving only a little.

      It is “only” a snake, but there seem to be multiple layers of associations and potential meaning. My recent revelation of the umbilical cord association seems only partially relevant, as one does cut the umbilical cord, but it seems more likely to be an association with the dangers of electric cords because of the direct ambiguity of snake and cord (including the most dangerous part, the metal “fangs” depending on the design of the plugin). There is no evidence that relates it to stomach trouble (or the human intestine) in this case. The cake-like nature may be relevant as it is my youngest daughter’s third birthday today and may be a reminder to be cautious of where extension cords are located.

      Eventually, I will do a booklet on meticulously analyzing the evidence relating to how the snake represents different things at different times depending on how it is presented in a dream.
    14. Energy Breath Recall

      by , Yesterday at 07:01 AM (MasterMind's EGO)

      Yesterday while on the bus I listened to David Deida's book "The Way of the Superior Man" and I practised something called "An Energy Breath". He guided me to breathe and he said "breathe in and feel the same feeling as if you had sex" kind of weird I know, but what he means is to feel a pleasuring sensation. I didn't expect anything but on NO FAP deep belly breaths actually are energizing and I felt a pleasant tingling in my stomach, groin and legs. I told myself to use this breath before going to bed and imagine that it made me more present to the moment and see what would happen.

      My first dream was about me doing calisthenics but with my old taekwondo friends, we then left our training spot to go to a party. I remember being hesitant to drink alcohol though but I got a free beer from some dude before we entered the party. I sat down next to some group of three girls and chatted for a bit. I remember that an old lady joined as well and she started to talk about Halloween in Paris and she said "Oh you are too young to know about that stuff." A woman with a guitar from a famous band awkwardly went up and said "Hey... Uh would you like my autograph?" I then flipped through a magazine and saw lots of hot women that was about to kiss each other on each picture, and then I started to talk about who these girls were and I remember some of the people around me mentioning the name "Tilde Magnusson".
      I then had to leave the group and one girl that I seemed to know well said "No don't leave you are alwayss so funny and it's always a cool party when you hang around." and I said "No I have to go, I'll be back later.". I remember leaving with a friend and we avoided traps like we were in an Indianda Jones movie and then we were standing in front of a valuable that wass being watched by robot guards, but the guards had a limited sense of vision and couldn't see us. So if we were standing completely still they didn't detected us. I jumped up on my friends shoulders and froze each time the robot vision scanned us, then I remember seeing people gathering around to see us completing this heist. I saw the girl that validated me before and she was videotaping it all yelling "Finally someone does it!" Then we grabbed the object and ran.

      *I woke up with a ringing in my ears jotted some notes of the dream down and fell back to sleep.

      I was with a girl named Lisa and I was only with her because I was going to help her our in her badminton competition, but for some reason we still slept in the same bed. I remember thinking "no need to leave out the lights, we can't help being attractive". But "we" had agreed to not have sex because it would weaken my performance and she didn't wanted to risk it. The dream then changed scene like a show on TV and I heard myself like a narrator's voice saying "One second was all that was needed to realize that it wasn't worth it..." and I saw the sex in third person as I prematurely finsihed and her face was like: : |

      *I woke up again with a ringing and I also had a soft erection of desire

      I fell back to sleep and I had a dream where I was driving a car and as I was crossing an intersection it changed into me being on a bike and I fell hard in the middle of it all.

      *I woke up and fell back to sleep.

      I dreamt that I was in my actual bed but with a girlfriend. We connected on such a deep level I felt an emotional connection and sexual connection at the same time and I started to caress her on the thigh and then her pussy. It was so beautiful but then...

      My alarm wakes me up...

      *Still had ringing in my ears.

      What these dreams wanted to show me is so obvious to me, but I am amazed that I had such detailed and cohesive experiences. My intent to recall dreams is set, but as this desire become more and more cultivated I can start to intend more awareness as well. I'll keep using the energy breath whenever I need to have a surge of awareness and presence through out the day but also before going to sleep and upon my awakenings. Also.. a note to myself:
      Suffer through sexual temptation today to rejoice the awareness of your dreams tonight!


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    15. Living in paper DILD

      by , Yesterday at 06:57 AM (The Whatever Title Theory)
      I am in a game known as uncharted with a couple of different twist. There were three players left including myself that were still in the game. I manage to team up with one of them to take the last player that was hiding. After we did that we went against each other. I eventually won and was back inside the house. Once back I went in to the living room where I see my mother and brother talking.

      It look like it was the afternoon as the sun is setting. I told my brother had started playing uncharted again and that I did pretty good. He seems surprise, I tell him my character is male and that he looks a lot like the character Dragunov from tekken. This person has been standing in the kitchen so I assume that must be brother character. I notice my mother seeing next to me on my right. She look worried so I turn my direction to where she had been looking to hear music playing.

      It was familiar to me, since I listen to that music sometimes through the week. I then turn my direction to the opposite side and notice that through the window I could see the outside. It look like it was a drawing with vibrate colors. An odd combination for what the outside is suppose to look like. I then realize I am dreaming and woke up. Lucidity Time: 3 seconds.
      lucid , non-lucid
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