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    1. DJ Entry #12: 8/25/16 (Tornado)

      by , Today at 02:40 PM (Sleep Land)

      I was at school, I remember interacting with my friend Adnan. I leave class and goto some waiting lobby.
      I sit there for minutes, I hear a siren. People start to come in the room ask me "You heard the siren?"
      I start to piss myself,
      didn't in real life thankfully. I look around, I see my brother on a scooter he gets in to the lobby.
      Suddenly I'm in a bus, he turns it around and we go in circles around the school.
      He tries to grab a handle of a door (I don't know why) I open the emergency door and try to help. The bus driver says "Don't do this kid."
      Later in the dream, we go to a cubfoods thinking it is safer than the High School for shelter.

      Sorry, I had some dreams past few days but they were either private or kind of sexual. Still haven't had any lucid's, I tried FILD but I just can't do it, sometimes I'm either lazy or don't have alarm clock: I have people sleeping next to my rooms.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. 16-08-25 Falling off Mountain, Living in Lake

      by , Today at 02:21 PM
      I recall accidentally falling all the way down from an incredibly steep icy mountain (possibly with a fortress on top), all the down down to a lake.

      Down in a lake with a bunch of other people. Possibly living in the water? There was another lake right next to it, but it wasn't connected to ours, so we couldn't reach it (we couldn't move on land?). A group of other people was stranded in that other lake, but I didn't care, as the water in our lake was warm an their was cold.

      I vaguely recall a sex scene, or rather: an attempt at sex. It didn't go very easily.

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    3. 2016-08-25 fragmented night

      by , Today at 12:33 PM
      +(f) (with NM?) outside, dealing with chunks of concrete that must be made to align

      +(f) it's raining on the work area, we're pulling a huge tarp over the entire area

      + a man is reading a newspaper on my CH stairway. I admire the newspaper, it is large and colorful and I say what a great printer they're using. I get up close and look at the quality of the type and it gets a bit pixelated but I'm still impressed. I go into my room and the man comes upstairs and heads to my parents bedroom and I think my mother is changing in there so he shouldn't go in.

      + in a gym locker room I'm locking my locker, there are people around, I put the key on my keychain?
    4. LD 80 - Cave of monsters

      by , Today at 09:14 AM
      In the first scene that I can recall I'm staring at an artwork I made. It's from first person perspective, my perspective. It's way better than any of my drawings in waking life. In the artwork I'm flying in a vast cavern. The jagged cave floor looks like a copy of the cave ceiling. Looks like we are between two planets that are close together. The cavern is foggy and there are three monsters flying in front of me. They seem to be my friends, since they are flying in the same direction. Part of them is not visible due to the fog. They are green and insect-like. Like Cell from DBZ. I want to add more color to the cave and think about opening photoshop.

      Suddenly I'm at the top of a staircase and the cave opens up in front of me. It's dark. I make a flashlight appear and shine it into the darkness. I see monsters. They run away from the light. Most of them do anyway. One of these humanoid beings comes towards me regardless. He looks like a baby that just learned to walk. I am slightly scared, so I raise my hand and try to make the baby disappear. I fail, but become lucid. The baby asks what I was trying to do. I try to make him disappear again, but nothing happens. I remember my goal, but not how I was planning to reach it. The baby keeps bugging me. I'm looking down at my clothes to keep my focus on the dream. I'm wearing a white and green ski jacket. More specifically, it looked like a white jacket with tiny green leaves in a neat pattern. I grab the left sleeve with my right hand to focus on how it feels.

      I look up and the flashlight is still shining into the cave. A man with short black hair teleports into the light and stands 20 meters away from me. He is wearing a light brown flight jacket. We stare at each other and then he just walks away and teleports. I enter the cave and sit down. The baby is still right next to me. I start spinning and focus on the frozen planet. I visualize the ground turning into snow and the walls flying away from me as they are replaced with distant mountains and starry night sky. While I'm spinning, the baby asks if I'm taking him there as well. I finally answer him, saying pretty indifferently "I guess." All this spinning and visualizing does is take my focus away from the dream and I wake up.

      Sigh...Well it's a lucid dream. It's progress.
    5. Second lucid dream with SSILD

      by , Today at 08:59 AM (Journey to the middle of my subconscious)
      After completing my SSILD cycles I go to sleep. After some time I am vibrating. I focus on my mind think of where I want to be. I imagine a sport hall full of people.
      I am in the corner behind some huge baby blocks(Those cubes that have letters on every side).
      There is like a party or something. I hear EDM it is so beautiful.
      I start to stabilize my dream. I stay calm, focus on my dream, rub hands, do reality check, do some math.
      I try to get over one of the blocks. I cannot. I go by them to see the people. There are some girls from my school and stuff.
      I jump around the hall like crazy. Then I see my english teacher. I sit down next to her and ask if I can ask her a question.
      I don't make it, I wake up!
    6. 25-08-2016]

      by , Today at 08:54 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in some big city. I was wearing a black jacket and black trousers. It was a grim and dark evening, I was chased by someone. I stolen a black car and drove as quick as I can. I slammed through trash cans and bus stops, then hit one of buildings. I left a car and took out a sub machinegun and started a shootout with people that chased me.

      Second dream

      I was in my house, watching some movie, which I can't quite recall. When I finished I thought that ending was a best part of it. Then I went to meet my pal in my kitchen.
    7. August 23, 2016

      by , Today at 06:46 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)

      It's the middle of the night and I'm in my bedroom. I hear Dad in the kitchen and I assume he's making himself some two minute noodles (as he does sometimes when he wakes up in the middle of the night). I roll over in my bed and check PokeFast, a live Pokemon tracking map for Android for nearby Pokemon in my area and spot things out of the ordinary - dinosaur-looking Pokemon!
      I had certainly never seen those 'Pokemon' nor caught them before. I start to dress to go out hunting for them. My brother walks in to the room with a drink bottle in hand and asks me what I'm doing. I picture him in the passenger seat of my car spinning Pokestops and catching Pokemon for me while I drive us around. I ask if he wants to come catch Pokemon with me.

      Japanese Magazines

      I'm in Japan and there is some sort of craze going around. Like, literal craze. People's minds turning into Zombie-mush craze. I'm suddenly running in to one of the street convenience stores with a big group and stop at the magazine sections. Stopping to look around, I think about how bizarre this is.
      I'm on a rooftop looking down to the street at a swarm of crazed people about to flock in on a girl. Poor girl.. She's a goner.

      Running with a bunch of people behind me, ninja jumping from rooftop to rooftop. My legs are pumping, trying to maximise each crouch for explosiveness There's a sense of urgency, as if we're being chased.
      I'm suddenly standing in a doorway, waving my group inside. We've been caught. We bundle in the corner, huddling together, trying as to magically shrink ourselves so we wouldn't be seen.
      Slowly, they converge on us. It was as if what we were running from was an army. The lower ranking soldiers filed in first, with their commanders trailing behind. They didn't seem to be able to detect us until they got extremely close - almost touching distance. One of the low-ranking pawns was getting close to a child... This was extremely bad for us.
      I make eye contact with one of the commanders. How could he see me when none of the others could? In the brief moment of which our eyes made contact, there was some sort of... acknowledgement and respect. I turn my attention back at the pawn and reach out, waving my hand as to perform a jedi mind trick :gun: He looks confused and walks around to the other side of the room.

      But This Is Your Crib

      I'm in the passenger seat of the car, driving around a neighbourhood with a few friends. The shops which we're driving past look nice, up class and new. They were styled like 1960s shops with very bright colours. We're trying to find our way back to our rented house in this neighbourhood, the same neighbourhood which one of the guys in the car apparently lives in.
      "I think this was your neighbourhood," I joked with him.
      He grumbles something incoherent at me.
      We'd finally made our way back and it had gotten dark. Walking in the streets under the streetlights with no purpose in particular, other than to explore and enjoy the company of our friends. We pass a man playing guitar on the side of the street, singing his heart out to a large company of dogs. They were his children and he loved them all dearly.
    8. Lucid dreams, False instability, stubborn lights and wafer walls.

      by , Today at 04:03 AM

      I was in high school and most of the teachers were either characters from Naruto (My teacher was Kakashi) or characters from Overwatch. We were being taught how to make a philosopher's stone. I put my finger through my palm and immediately went to stabilize it since most of my lucid dreams recently struggle to be stable. I felt everything around me until I was teleported upstairs in my home. There was a dim light in my room but the stairs were unlit. I wanted to go downstairs but with no light I knew it would rapidly destabilize the dream. (False memory). I knew that after a lucid dream destabilizes you start losing control of muscles in the dream and I struggled to move my legs. (False memory).

      I flipped the light switch and the light worked. Three of one of my pets were in the kitchen. It was creepy seeing three of the exact same pet. I thought how it may be that he loves sleeping in different positions in the kitchen. I went to the TV room which also had lights off and the light switch didn't work. I wanted to say ďLights on!Ē but they only flickered. Strangely I didnít actually open my mouth or use my vocal cords. It felt like an inner voice from in me spoke. (It wasnít my voice IWL either). I felt like stabilizing more so I licked the wall and remembered people saying how delicious walls were.

      I ripped some brown pieces of the wall off like they were paper and then started eating them. It was the most delicious wafer I had ever had, flawlessly and absolutely perfect. It had enough sugar to complement the taste, but with no over sweetness drawback after taste. The chocolate was extremely high quality and similarly had no bad aftertaste. Eating it though only slightly sated my hunger in the dream though. (Right after I woke up from the dream I was pretty hungry). The dream ended after I indulged myself in more wall after wall.

      I've been having tons of lucid dreams recently that lasted only a few seconds because of rapid destabilization. Almost instantly after I become lucid the world's light completely dies off leaving me usually in dark rooms in the middle of nowhere. I also notice that in my dreams whenever I'm outside its almost always night. Even in the rare lucid dreams where that's not the case the scene before me usually disappears and I'm left in a void for several minutes until I lose lucidity. (By void I mean an area where I can not sense anything whatsoever, and am left only to usually semi-lucid thought). The problem is this happens so quickly after I gain even a small amount of lucidity I can very rarely actually bring myself to the next level of lucidity, resulting in these very unsatisfying and quick ending lucids. Does anyone have any advice for what I should do? I actually had two lucids last night, but the same thing happened to the first one.
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. #198: Supermarket

      by , Today at 03:29 AM
      I have bought an AH supermarket together with one of my best friends. Man what a foolish idea. Itís our very first day of running it. As soon as the customers start dropping in, I already feel overwhelmed. We have too many customers for just the two of us to handle. Throughout the dream, suddenly new employees start popping up. I guess my friend hired them. This thing might actually work.

      For the largest part of the dream, Iím behind the register. At one point Iíve squeezed myself behind a very tiny register. Iím working alongside two teenage looking girls. After a while I notice that my friend is the only white employee.

      One of the last things to happen is a teenage boy employee ask me some questions about sweeping the floor. I actually have to give this kid an explanation of how to sweep a floor..!

      Ľ Iím moving out of some place. Together with a few friends, Iím packing all of my stuff. The place is quite big and littered with the belongings of my former housemate.

      Ľ Iím living together with 1 - 3 friends.
    10. Burning up w/ a fever

      by , Today at 01:14 AM
      Burning up w/ a fever. Didn't get very much quality sleep. I had some non-lucids but my head is pounding & my husband & I are both playing sitting time on the toilet roulette, lol. Our noses are both running & stopped up during crazy intervals. My a/c decided to act up again today which was very inconvenient. I didn't write anything down because my head is so foggy which is sad due to the dreams I had were actually worth writing down. So this is all I can do today is to write this. I had to postpone a trip to see my mother-n-law today due to all of this. I'll check other ppls stuff tomorrow. Today I need to get back to bed. Shopping day is tomorrow so I need to rest up.
    11. Yard Ruckus

      by , Yesterday at 10:22 PM
      My dad is working at some hole-in-the-wall dessert place. I am working there and remember seeing some assorted foods. Then I take a ride with some slightly bitter co-worker with a red sports car. He drops me off seemingly 30 feet from the place and starts complaining about how he's next to leave. But I'm then somehow in my dad's backyard near the (slightly modified) outdoor shower (abstract space). They are horsing around and I decide to join them. the rest is a blur. I remember many people being in the yard at one point and the outdoor shower getting a door and becoming bigger.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Magic Lesson Two: Sword Fighting

      by , Yesterday at 08:55 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I woke up naturally for my WBTB and ate some breakfast and took some galantamine and alpha gpc. I did some SSILD and when it felt right started WILD.

      09:00 AM
      Vividness Potion (SSILD WILD)

      I find myself standing in my room. I was doing WILD so this must be a dream! I do a nose plug and confirm it. I look at my hand and it does have five fingers even though the dream isn't very vivid. I take some time trying to get the dream more vivid but it just won't get to where I need it to have fun.

      I wake up and wait for a false awakening to form. I get out of bed and it is still not very vivid. I summon a vividness potion. It is a small cylindrical bottle with red liquid. I drink some of it and it is strawberry flavored. The dream gets a bit more vivid and I read the bottle. The first words that form are "he he ha ha". Another lable says "Suck this down. This is a dream." Or something like that. Things are more vivid but it doesnt really feel realistic at all. I summon a stability potion. It is green and triangular like before. I drink it but its a lost cause.
      I wake up and my nose itches so much I can't DEILD.

      10:30 AM
      Magic Lesson Two: Sword Fighting (DILD)

      I can't completely remember the begging. It is prohibition still or maybe the early 1940s. My father is a prominent person in the sale of alcohol. The first thing I remember is being on a train with him and my fictional family going through Italy. We are going to meet Benito Mussolini. At some point my perspective changes to that of my father. There is a broken part in the track ahead and we have to stop. We are close to the palace though so we get off the train to walk. I see a group of men on the hill next to the track taking a break and drinking. I walk over and become lucid. I realize there is not much I can do for my goals here and I would rather follow the plot. I feel like I will have a chance to be fully lucid later so I go along with it. I talk to them for a bit and ask if I can have some of their drinks. The assistant that is suppose to bring me says we will be meeting Mussolini in minutes and I say I will just have a sip. I drink half a shot follow the assistant. We get a room in the palace and Mussolini is going to meet us here. I split of from my dad somehow and become lucid again. I explain that Mussolini is going to be on the wrong side in the coming war and we should stop him. Out of muscle memory I summon Juliana. I think it's her at least. Mussolini comes in and is mad that I am here. My dad hides in the bathroom. Juliana and I beat the crap out of him. I point my fingers at him and do some sort of entanglement spell that wraps his hands in vines. Juliana sits down on the bed. He trips and falls and I try to throw a dresser on him but it hits the bed instead o him. The vines fade away and I feel I did a crappy job on the spell. I tell Juliana to knock him out and she does a spell that knocks him out. I ask what now and she shrugs. I say let's mess with him and tell her to give him diarrhea with a spell. I sort of loose track of what is going on. Juliana says,"You really need to work on your sword fighting." My dad comes back out and I try to calm him down and I loose lucidity and my memory skips for a while.

      I am walking through a street in a town and see a fancy looking McDonald's. I go in and the guy I had the drink with is there. There is a second story with a balcony for outside dinning. I go out there and become lucid. Wow, this is a perfect time to do my second magic lesson! I stick my hand back and feel a hand I look to quick and it is my girlfriend Chiara! Yay that is not a bad way to mess up. I hug her and tell her I have to summon Juliana but I am glad she is here and can meet her and watch my lesson. Chiara takes a few steps back and I stick my hand back and feel another hand. I ask Chiara if it is Juliana and she says she can't see anything yet. I say, "It should be a tall sexy lady in a witch outfit." Suddenly her eyes light up and say it is her and she is pretty. I look over and Juliana is there! She has pink hair this time and her witch hat this time. She walks over and says hi to Chiara. I walk over and compare our heights. Based on how I compared our heights with our fingers she is 6 feet tall although that is with heels. I loose some vividness so I feel her sides and then her boobs to restabilize. I look at Chiara and I raise my eyebrows as if to say wow look at the size of these things. I look at Juliana and realize what I am doing is not very polite at all! Her face does not look happy. I say, "Sorry I am just trying to make sure I remember what you look like." She takes her hat off and walks away a bit. I ask,"Hey Juliana. How are you doing. What have you been up to? She still looks a bit down and says,"I havn't been so great. I am still recovering from some side effects from a potion I took yesterday." I say,"Oh, sorry, well, I guess we should start with the less. What will the lesson be this time?"

      She thinks and then says something but I somehow can't hear or remember what it is. It doesn't seem very magical. I say,"What about fireballs!" I try to summon a fireball to show her but realize I still don't know how yet. She says,"Fine. Give it a try." I say,"I don't know how. Could you show me?" Chiara walks behind us to stay out of the way and I can't quite see what Juliana does. She throws a little spark and a couple second later it crackels into a blue sparkly firework. "Wow, cool. Could you do it again though? Chiaras head was in the way?" They both look annoyed at me and I wonder why everything I am saying is coming across so rude. Juliana cups her right hand for a moment and then throws another spark that bursts into a firework over the balcony. "Swirl the energy in your hand to build it up and then throw it.", she says. I do so and then throw. I get a tiny spark but it fizzles out. "Do I have to think about it exploding." I ask and she nodes. I think about what it is going to do a few seconds after I throw it while I am swirling the energy in my hand. I toss the spark and it bounces of the wall and back at us! I guide it with my mind the other direction and it makes a blue firework!

      I look over and Juliana'a hair has changed and now it fades from white at the top to red at the bottom. I make several more firecrackers until I have the hang of it and then try it with both a hands! I look over and now Juliana's hair is short and blue. I ask, "Juliana, your hair keeps changing. Are you okay?" She says,"No I'm not okay. I'll be happier when you treat me like a person instead of just some dream element." Her hair turns all sorts of different colors. I apologize and explain I didn't mean any disrespect. "You keep dismissing the things that I teach you as not magical enough but you aren't even ready for fireballs. I told you right now you should learn sword fighting." "Oh, sword fighting! I remember that now from the previous dream. That actually sounds awesome!" I notice there is now a box full of foam weapons next to us. "Juliana, I am sorry. You need to trust me that I trust you too." She looks a bit happier and I notice her hair is purple and shoulder length now. She pulls out a sword and says,"On guard." I pull out a sword too and we get into stances. Chiara looks through the weapons and plays with a shield. Juliana and I start sword fighting and I realize this is hard even in dreams. I have experience with martial arts but no real experience with swords other than what I saw in youtube videos. I can't seem to hit Juliana. She easily blocks everything. She manages to break through my guard and land an attack to my chest. We start over and I think about the strategies I heard online. I have to hit her sword out of the way, get leverage over her sword, or get in behind her range. I pary one of her attacks with the lower part of my sword and realize that gives me the control. I slide my sword down hers and rotate it to boop her head. She says,"Good job!" and we continue. She is making it harder now and I think I see an opening. I strike at her head but she slices at my stomach before mine hits her head. Dang I thought I had that. We continue for a while and I still can't get past her but I am learning. We take a break.

      I am talking to the worker from the earlier dream. Juliana talks to Chiara. He shows me a tiny rubiks cube and I say even though it's cool its really hard to turn smoothly. He asks why I never added him on facebook and I say, "Well, I think your a dream character so I don't really know how to add you. Would I even be able to find you when I wake up?" I realize I am about to wake up and turn to say,"Thanks for the lesson." to Juliana but wake up and find myself saying it in my own head.
    13. nothing butt frags really

      by , Yesterday at 08:13 PM
      I really have frags from last night, probably as quite a bit was very abstract and so difficult to remember as it doesn't make much sense to my waking rational mind.

      F1 - Some woman in jeans with long brownish hair is following me down into the sink (its not a waste disposal! I hope lol)
      F2 - There are a large number of butts on some kind of board (nuff said Oo) all very abstract and I don't mean art.
      F3 - My brother is filling up elegant crystal glasses with red wine

      D4 - There is an office half way up some stairs , recurring dream of not having sent an invoice to collect some money.
      I travel up the stairs to a room of woman who are all pleased to see me and happy.
      Tags: office
    14. AndresLD Rematch

      by , Yesterday at 08:01 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I went to Las Vegas for a few days so my recall has been pretty bad. haha I forgot a lot of this dream but I do remember the good parts! I didn't have a chance to upload this yesterday but I am sure AndresLD will want to read it.

      09:30 AM
      AndresLD Rematch (MILD)

      I don't remember how the dream starts but I am at a school and sit down at a table where some people are talking. I notice one of them looks like AndresLD and become semi lucid. I say hi and that I am MadMonkey. I say we should fly to the city that is over those mountains so we do. We get to the city and it is on the coast. At the time I remember it being the same as in an earlier dream but I don't remember the dream now. We fly over the water and there are a bunch of boats floating around. One boat has a gun looking thing that shoots fireworks. We land and talk to some DCs. One says, "To bad it's so dark out." I say,"If only someone could do something about that." and I look at AndresLD. We use our powers combined to raise the sun in the sky and make it really bright. We keep going and make a second sun come out! I couldn't have done that on my own.

      I don't remember a section or possible the dream skips to a different section.

      I am part of a super hero team. AndresLD is on the team too and is in his Fierce Deity Link form. I think SnowStrider's Dusk form might be there too. There is also a guy who can use water and fire, an Australian guy with unknown powers, and a guy who can sense people telepathically. We are on a small island with an abandoned factory on it. We go inside and find the super villain there. We tell him to surrender but then a second bad guy comes out. He is similar to purple man in that he can make people do his will. He tells one of us to tell him the code for the super weapon and they do. We start fighting them and water/fire guy and I fight the first villain. We knock him into a vat of acid but he says that only makes him stronger because that is how he got his powers. I don't remember much else but we win.

      We are outside and I am saying good buy to some of the heroes. There is a Nick Fury -esque character there overseeing things and some guys carrying the superweapon out of the factory. It is a laser cannon turret thing. Suddenly, AndresLD runs up, nocks the guys away, and takes control of the lasser. "No!" I yell and he fires the laser at the moon which is visible in the sky even though the sun is still out. The moon blows up completely and leaves a cloud of debris in orbit. I get very mad because AndresLD always seems to destroy the moon. Another perfectly good dreamworld wasted.

      I realize I am not actually mad at him and that this is a dream. I remember that one of my goals is to fight him so this is a good opportunity. I punch him and he flies into the wall of the factory and makes a dent. He runs back at me and we both punch. Our fists connect and stop for a second. I push harder and he flies several rooms deep into the factory. I guess I am stronger than him, probably because of my anger fueling me! He runs back out and I punch him into the ground, making a AndresLD shaped hole. I whale on him but he gets some control and is better at wrestling than me. I realize I will loose if we stay on the ground so I use my better position to get some leverage and throw him back into the hole in the factory. I chase after him and grabs some pillars from the broken walls and throw them at him. He runs deeper into the factory so I fly after him. He end up going outside the other side of the factory and I fly out. I see he is hiding in the pipes. He sends a energy blast at me so I dodge it. I find a chain and whip it around his legs. He almost breaks free of the chains but I use telekinesis to wrap them tighter. I swing him over my head and slam him into the ground several times. He breaks free and gets flung into some pallets of boxes in front of the factory. I fly after him but he shrinks down and hides in the boxes. I throw the boxes around with telekinesis but it's no use. The hero who can sense people runs up and says I should have let him help and that AndresLD has escaped. That's okay it was a great fight and I wake up.
    15. D.C. & Marvel Team Up?!

      by , Yesterday at 06:41 PM
      (First Person Point of view)
      I remember waking up on the couch of Bruce Wayne's library, I looked around and notice Alfred carrying tea and about to go through the clock to the Batcave. I checked my self in a nearby mirror and I was in my uniform and looked the way I always make myself look in the dream. I caught up with Alfred and he looked at me happy. "Miss Cross, your awake." He Said. "Alfred, I told you before, jut call me Alma. Anywhoo, what are you doing? Where's Bruce?" I asked. "He's in the Batcave with some guests." He said while pressing buttons on the elevator. I was kinda confused and thought to myself, 'Bruce has guests? In the Batcave? Who would he possibly have?' Then it hit me, the Justice League! Alfred and I went down the clock elevator, we came to the Batcave and I rushed out and started to run down the stairs yelling, "Guuuyyss!" They all looked at me with smiling faces(except Batman, but that's normal with his in uniform) I ran face first into Superman's chest. "I missed you guys, y'all never visit" I said as I hugged Superman. "Alma! Good to see you!" he said as I hugged the other Justice League members. Barry picked me up and skinned me around, fast. "How's my niece?" He asked while laughing. "I'm good uncle Barry! Now put me down, I'm getting dizzy!" I yelled. I heard Batman grumble, "When did she become your niece?" "Well your like her guardian so I made her my niece." Barry said. "Same here." said Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern. "Fine." Batman Said. I smiled, "So why are y'all here?" I asked. "We got a warning, something about a Doomsday." Superman Said. I stopped to think, I've heard that somewhere before. Then I remembered about the creature Doomsday that was stronger then Superman and ended up killing him. "Oh no no no no no." I mumbled. Batman put a hand on my shoulder, "Alma, what's wrong?" He asked. "Doomsday!" I yelled. They all gave me confused faces. I rolled my eyes, "Doomsday is a huge creature/person that is far more stronger then Superman, he was created to kill Superman!" I Continued. "Even with all of y'all together, you won't be able to stop him." Batman looked at me, "Alma, how do you know all of this?" he asked. "I-I don't know, I just do! I saw all of y'alls deaths!" I said. They started to talk amongst them selfs. I needed a plan, they couldn't stop Doomsday, I needed to get help. Not just anyone, hero's who are sting as batman, who are quick and tough. Then I got an idea. If Superman is the strongest in this dimension, I can go to another. "Okay, I got it!" I yelled. They all looked at me. "Okay before you freak out, and I'm talking to you Batman, y'all can't take on Doomsday by y'alls self so what if I go and get more hero's who are as strong as y'all? Y'all can team up and beat Doomsday and no one will die!" I finished. "where are you going to get more people?" Batman said folding his arms. "In another dimension." I said frankly. "What?" They all said at the same time. "I have the powers to travel to different dimensions, its not weird. Uncle Barry can travel through time!" I said. "And I'm friends with some powerful heros." I continued. "Yeah right, like there's hero's more powerful then us." Green Lantern said while scoffing. "Well... yeah, they could be." I mumbled. The next thing i know im in some city leading Spiderman, Thor, The Hulk, Black Panther, Vision, and Iron Man(Even though i said no) Into my portal that went back to the DC universe. Then i remember introducing the Avengers to the Justice league, then even though i said we had two weeks until Doomsday came, he was already here, so we all fought him(even though Batman told me to stay out of it) It was a hard battle but we beat him, with no casualties. ^-^ Everyone said their goodbyes and thanks and such and i took back the Avengers to their universe and went back to the DC universe. The last thing i remember before i woke up was Green Lantern saying "Alright, they could probably kick my ass if they wanted too."

      I really liked this dream because i saw DC and Marvel characters together and i was even fangirling in my dream. It was funny to see them interact with each other. Well until next dream. Bye~
      P.s.-Pictures are me in my dream world, I have finally perfected the way I want to look in my world, so yea that's how I usually look in my dreams.(I know cause I look at my self in the mirror, in the dream)
      lucid , memorable
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