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    1. August 6th 2015 - Life Hacker

      by , Today at 09:43 AM
      Sleeping: August 6th 2015, 11:30 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: August 7th 2015, 5:40 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      I couldn't remember when did this start, but I was in a my school's canteen. Everything was normal and loud around me. I was sitting on a table with someone else at opposite side, nobody else. It was quite serious conversation on what he had been doing. This included mentioning of his guilt and such also, until I noticed something weird. I slid my index finger from left to right, in front of him. Called out a window which included information that he had 4,294,967,295 HP. Maximum of UInt32 variable. I acknowledged that and continued the serious conversation with him. He continued speaking on his guilty topic, including how and why he 'hacked' his life.

      Not sooner than that, he started trying to punch me. I quickly jumped out of table and mentioned how it wasn't possible for me to fight. He came out and continued. Most of punches came in slow rate as there were always another sentences after it. Of course, I did talk too, and tried fighting back. It went on until we found what we were doing was complete nonsense. We got back to our table and sat down. Continued this gruesome conversation. He also said he wanted me to tell this to police for some reason. I kept asking him why, but I never understood why he would even. It was unreasonable. It continued to the point where he decided to leave, telling me that I couldn't help him feel any emotionally better. I struggled to say anything, but told him I'll think about this favor. He walked out, thanked me for at least talking with him.

      I decided to go back to home, and I was then there. However, I walked into door at side of my home instead. I unlocked the door and walked in. Everything looked like a mixture of my usual house and my cousins' house somewhere far away. I walked into the bedroom and lied down to the bed. Stretching my arms out above my head and kept thinking about what happened. Until then, I heard someone's car parking at my house, then came in my home. They, which I assumed it was my family member/cousin, walked in and warned me about how suspicious I was. "They suspected you being able to teleport around places since that case." I just nodded then continued feeling strange in my bed. He/she walked out and did their things as they would do in daily life.

      Soon afterwards, I woke up. Recalled this and related "suspected teleport" to one of my other dreams. Actually, two. I still struggle to remember what that guy said and what I said to that guy. Who was that guy, also? That wasn't friend, wasn't stranger either. Name that popped up in my head when I was wondering was only "Reflection of myself"/"Cloned Reflection". I can only relate them to something I have yet to interpret. All those quotes from my other dreams.

      I'm leaving note of "something along these lines" type of messages I might have said to that dream character. Included what he might have said to me.
      • Why would you even do this?
      • I know, I won't be matching against you anyways.
      • What's the point? There's no point doing this.
      • YOU are crazy. Stop thinking too much.
      • I don't understand what you're even trying to tell me right now.
      • Stop your attempt to help me. You're not making me feel any better. In fact, WORSE.
      • This is my darkest secret, but please tell them. At least make some signs, please.
      • I'll think about it.
      • Thanks, that's enough.
      • etc.

      There are much more than this, and these are just something I could thought of. I didn't remember who said which also.

      Related dreams
      • Unknown Date - Home of success
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Looping dream, attic, school

      by , Today at 09:38 AM (A journey through dreamlands)
      First dream

      With my friends we were breaking into some kind of government offices. We were going to the archives, to take some information we needed. We were wandering the building, and then we were in a corridor leading to the archives. There was an office to our left - there was no one inside. The only thing that have drawn my attention was an aquarium. Then there was an intersecting corridor, also to the left, and directors office, also on the left side. The only room to the right were the archives.

      The dimmensions might have been different, and the aquarium office could've been closer to the corridor. The way down from the aquarium office could've been closed by door without ways to open it.

      First time, we moved into the aquarium office. I looked at random fishes swimming in jelly-like substance. Then we got into the intersection with another corridor. The guards were going that way, and they shot us as soon as they saw us.

      Then the dream repeated. We moved into aquarium office, and went to the intersection. There were no guards this time, but as we moved closer to directors office a woman went out of it - she was a tall brunette woman with brown eyes. She was wearing a long, dark blue dress. When my friends saw her, they have immediately died for some unknown reason.

      And the dream repeated again. We moved out of aquarium office (each time random fishes were swimming in jelly-like substance), head for the directors office and entered it. There was an elderly woman inside. She was friendly for us, and told us to have a seat, while she'll make some coffee.

      Again repeat. We moved out of aquarium office, and head for directors office. On the way we saw that brunette woman, she had some weapon, and killed the elderly woman with it. Then we found some guns, and show her down. We finally reached the archives, and looked for information we needed.

      First dream fragment

      With my younger sister we were tidying the attic, to make ourselves bedrooms up there. Each time I walked close to the ladder, I almost fallen down.

      Second dream fragmend

      I was entering my classroom, found a good place to sit, and sat down.
    3. 2015-08-29 comp night #12

      by , Today at 07:27 AM
      Early alarms, wine before bed = bad recall. Dreams were longer, but just tiny fragments remembered.

      +(f) in a busy office, pushing tons of paperwork around, a lawsuit?

      +(f) one (or two?) of my ex-GFs as younger girls on TV shows, faces distorted & wrong, SB was not accepted

      +(f) the guy was jamming on the improvised guitar in the boy scouts(?), I hear another patrol call my name they need my help

      +(f) young boy (midget?) grocery store checkout clerk helps be with my items
    4. [sensei comp - night 11] nld

      by , Today at 03:51 AM (The X Chronicles)
      - I was in a bathroom, except the bathroom was mostly empty space and didn't have what you'd usually see in one (toilet, bathtub). My little brother was sleeping on the floor, socks littered all around him. I tried maneuvering around, but it was was really messy.

      - I was thinking about the sampler I would be releasing soon. I'd already gotten some "good" clips (one was a C7 double). I was thinking about doing a C9 triple since I'd already gotten dbl down. It was going to be difficult getting clips from now on (for whatever reason); I'd probably only be able to get one per session.

      - I was messaging a girl that felt like Usagi. Her name was Bree (same name as athegirl from my semi-lucid ... hmm ...) and she had a profile picture of a girl with bunny ears. I asked her what the secret behind her ears was, but for no response back. Apparently, she was a spammer.

      - There are three people in a car: a man, and a woman with her child. The car's windows are a bright white, such that I can't see beyond them. Apparently the man and woman are getting married against their will. The man is a bit hesitant; he feels sorry about what's happening. The woman re-assures him that it's fine, and that she wouldn't be able to make it through (something) without his help.

      Haven't had much luck with getting lucid these past couple of weeks. Though, I've managed 3-4 lucids this month already so I'm fine with it.

      - 1 NLD (1pt)
      - WBTB (2pt)

      COMP TOTAL: 85
    5. Killed by my own Mother! And What Happens After Death.

      by , Today at 01:14 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Driving down the highway with my mom in the driver's seat, we're talking about things. You know, the usual update stuff that doesn't change much from week to week. My girlfriend comes up in the conversation at some point and my mom get's really jealous. I can tell she's really upset over something. She stops talking and just steps on the gas. Okay, so she's upset, that's fine I think as I watch the scenery whip by faster and faster.

      I look over at her and she's practically in tears now as we pass 100 mph. I start to feel uncomfortable as she drives faster and faster. She and I are pretty well connected, and without saying a word, I just know that she's thinking, "If I can't have him, no one will" and that she's going to crash the car and kill us both. At this point we're going over 120 mph and I don't know what to do about this situation. I consider taking the wheel and spinning the car out of control to a stop, but since we're going so fast, that could be just as deadly as whatever she has planned. That's actually the only thing I think to do other than ride it out.

      Maybe if I just sit here peacefully she'll have a change of heart before it's too late... I quietly hope as the situation gets super tense for me. I see a turn in the road with no guard rail, and a huge cliff over the edge. This must be where she's headed. That's okay though, we still have a few seconds for her to change her mind. No sooner do I think that than the car careens off the road and over the cliff. My stomach sinks, my hair stands on end, and I look out the window. Several hundred feet below I can hardly see the ground it's so far away. This is it, this is how my end finally comes I think as it dawns on me that there's no way out of this one.

      Despite the distance, in a matter of seconds the car smashes into rocks below. The dash smashes my head and everything goes black after a brief white flash.

      Gradually, some color starts to fade into my awareness and I find myself standing amidst massive crystals of every color, all arranged immaculately and beautifully. The most amazing sight I've ever seen! It all feels so peaceful as well.

      I walk through the crystals as I sense some purpose for me. I don't know precisely what I am supposed to do, but I do know that I can't just stay put and kick off my shoes just yet. So I walk through a breathtaking crystal maze with glowing lights coming from just about every crystal. I don't know what I'm looking for, but I'm looking for something.

      I reach a huge palace and dozens of really nice people greet me. They're all strangely familiar, yet I can't quite place how I know them. Also, they all seem so peaceful and happy, like everything is perfect, and they have no worries. They call out to me and we exchange small talk for a bit. It comes up that I can really do anything I want now. I think about this for a second and decide that the best thing I can do is show the example of someone attaining enlightenment, and refocus my mind on the spiritual path.

      Everything starts to blur for a bit, and I reappear clearly firing a rocket at someone who is trying to steal a huge diamond from a bank. As I fire the rocket, I realize it's my mom! Somehow I manage to stop it from killing her and run over. She looks at me hesitantly, as I do the same to her. I don't know if I can let my guard down around her anymore after she just killed me. She apologizes for killing me and we talk about what happened after I died. She tells me that she survived the crash, but I didn't. It was deemed an accident, but she was really distraught over it for a long time. I tell her that it's okay, I forgive her. But it still might take me some time before I get in the car with her again.

      She's okay with that.
    6. Playing around with my refelection (#246)

      by , Yesterday at 11:30 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My recall has been slack but I feel like I've been LDing left and right.

      I recall being in what felt like my grandparents' house. (Man, I am sick of dreaming of this place.) But at the same time it was like some post apocolyptic setting with destroyed concrete and bent rebar everywhere.

      There also seemed to be a lot of water. Seeping through the cracks in the fractured concrete pavement. Puddles of water. A mist and/or a light rain occurring. Everything was blue. I recall I was flying above the rubble and debris and I landed in the area that felt like my grandparents house. I found I was unable to take off agian.

      I figured it was because I fly using fire jets and maybe the humidity was preventing them from working. I thought about how this was a dream so the logic of water-beats-fire didn't have to apply and I should be able to fly anywhere.

      I recall an old lady was there. She wasn't my mom, or my grandmother. She said that she was a photographer and she wanted to take my portrait. She told me to go into the bathroom and get fixed up first. I walked into the bathroom. The mirror was cracked and the entire bathroom was tipped on a 10-15 degree angle.

      I looked in the mirror and saw that I was my waking life self. Hmm... odd... Usually the dream makes me look totally different. I figured it was a dream portrait and therefore I should change into my dream self. I made myself vanish and re-appear.

      I was hideous. I had these grayish brown blobs hanging down from my forehead and my nose was five times its normal size and oozing snot. My body was ribcage thin, but I had a round circular belly and really skinny legs. I was making some kind of wheezing sound involuntarily.

      Oops. I hate it when dreams do that. I get that it some kind of message about how I view myself. It's not one that I like, but it's a message that I need to acknowledge nonetheless.

      I then managed to change over to my dream self properly. I almost had it but I was really short and out of proportion. I think my face was very tall as well. My head was two or three feet high without being any wider than a standard human head. I began stretching and squeezing various parts of my body and forming it into a recognizable human form. (Complete with cartoonish stretch and squish sounds).

      After some tinkering I got myself to look right. I remember blinking repeatedly and my eye color kept alternating from side to side. Usually the right eye is the blue one, or at least that's the way i remember it. At one point I even got both eyes to be brown. That was weird. I was never able to do that before...

      I then began thinking about how ugly my default appearance is sometimes, and how beautiful it is others. I was worried that my DCs see me as some kind of freak. I then remembered how Manei and Marcus make appearance mistakes. Like at least the dozen times Manei has had a mustache...

      I lost the dream when the lady came in and asked me to take my picture.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. N20: Sorry I haven't been on in so long!

      by , Yesterday at 09:45 PM
      Okay, so first I was in a zombie apocalypse, and I realized there was a good zombie. I realized I was safe from him. Then I somehow found a witch's house and drove the witch away. I remember that there was a sock that if I put it on my right foot, it would signal someone or something. I had a false memory that I had been there before, and looked under a rug to see a trapdoor to the basement. I wanted to go down there, but I didn't wanna fall. I looked to the right to see a little play area. There were a lot of rooms and to get to the next room, you had to complete a task. When I got to the room, I realized the room was now at Disneyworld. At some point I became lucid, but I don't remember when.. The rooms vaguely reminded me of the horror movie Cube. I saw my friend Irie, who's a lot shorter than me, but I made her taller than me (idk why). I made it to the top room (after some science experiments XD) and tried to imagine there was a nice penthouse on top of the rooms. I tried to break the ceiling Minecraft style but I got an error saying I couldn't. I decided to go on a couple of rides. Then I had a couple of false awakenings and did a reality check with both of them, but didn't have any control. but then I woke up for real.
    8. 3 Lucids Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday days 7,8,9 of competition

      by , Yesterday at 09:40 PM
      The first lucid was interesting. Starrts out with me on a bus talking to my friend and his dad. I'm flipping through my DJ on the bus about to fall asleep, go to bed wake up in my basement and wonder if im dreaming, RC but I have 5 fingers, so I go back to sleep in my dream. I wake up in a new dream and am immediately lucid, I talk to three girls around me asking them to become my teachers, but it doesn;t work and I wake up.

      Will post rest later needt o go or now.
    9. Wild about WILD

      by , Yesterday at 07:50 PM
      Keep trying WILD hoping to get acclimatised to sensations.

      Tryed resting in heart chakra as noticed sensation of jumping back to head area on returning to wakefulness.
    10. comp night 11

      by , Yesterday at 07:16 PM (Dolphin's Dreams)
      DILD #1-I woke up and tried to get out of bed, but couldn't move. I continued to try to move and a force flew me out of bed. I phased through the wall into a void before I woke up.

      DILD #2-I woke up and got out of bed, but something seemed off. I made my way to the backyard and everything seemed fine, except the backyard itself, which wasn't very accurate. I flew up into the air, looking for something to do. I saw a beach very close by with realistic looking waves from the ocean. I tried to fly that direction, but my body was heavy and I couldn't fly very fast. About half way to the ocean, I woke up.

      DILD # 3-I woke up, and found I was in a different room. I gathered my thoughts, trying to remember what was the next of my 3 step tasks. I decided it was time control. I found a group of a dozen or so DCs talking in a room next to mine. I tried to pause time by putting my hands up and saying stop. The DCs stopped talking and all looked at me, but I still detected movement. I found this wasn't working, so I quickly rotated my forefinger counter-clockwise in an attempt to rewind time. All of the Dcs started talking backwards very fast in a high pitch voice, as if a video was rewinding. This continued for a bit, before I woke up.
      lucid , false awakening
    11. Nuclear Bomb, With Added Sharks.

      by , Yesterday at 07:04 PM

      Brilliant Lucid!

      I'm sitting on my bed (non Lucid) looking at my iPad, it's not working properly and I think I might have damaged it.
      I then think "I might be Dreaming", pinch my nose and can breath.

      I get up and walk over to my window, push myself up onto the ledge but it hurts my stomach a little for some reason so I stop.
      I try again but imagine myself lighter and it works, I go through the window and as my head pops through I see and then feel it's raining heavily.
      This is the first Lucid I've ever had where it's naturally raining and I haven't made it so.
      It feels great, I haven't made it rain in a while and forgot just how good it is, it sounds great also hearing it fall all around me.
      My hair gets all wet, I look up at the sky and can feel the rain hitting my face, the clouds are very stormy looking and very dramatic.
      I imagine lightning striking and flick out my right arm towards a part of the sky towards the top of the street and don't see any lightning but hear a crack of thunder.
      I shout out lightning as I flick my arm again and this time get fork lightning shoot down from the sky in a slim forked streak.
      I do it quite a few more times and it's brilliant!
      They are all quickly followed by loud cracks of thunder like the storm is right above me and sometimes instead of just one streak I see lots fall from the sky.

      The rain slows and abruptly stops so I decide to go behind the flats, not for the Stargate this time but to look across the open field and attempt this new goal I've been thinking of, just as I get a few feet though the Dream fades.

      I come back round in the same place and I'm still Lucid so carry on towards the flats and instead of walking I try a quick fly using Jetpack and it works.
      I only fly a few feet from the ground as I'm very nearly there, then land and look out over the field.
      The field is all wet with big puddles all over it which is pretty cool I thought as it had just been heavily raining in my Lucid.
      I put my hands out in front of me with clenched fists and imagine a detonation of a nuclear bomb in the distance, I then smash my fists together.
      I see a little reaction towards the horizon and a small dust blast rolls across the field towards me but nothing very big so it's not very successful.

      The Dream starts to fade and I lose it but then come back round in the same place.
      Well I think it's the same place but as it forms I see where the wet, soggy field was is now a beautiful crystal clear, deep blue, flat calm sea!
      In the distance there is Ancient Greek looking architecture and it all looks so beautiful!
      The sun is shining in a clear blue sky with no clouds in sight, it's so vivid and colourful and I just start to laugh with joy, then run straight into the water and feel its warmth all over me.

      I swim and splash around, then go under water which makes my eyes go blurry at first so I come back up as I don't want to lose the Dream.
      I go back under again and can see fine, I breath in a lung full of water on purpose and can feel it all go into my lungs which feels strange but not bad.
      I think about trying to see some turtles or exotic sea creatures as there's nothing in the water with me at all but then hear what sounds like someone's shouting, it's muffled by the water so I surface.
      There's a guy on the bank where I was standing before but he's not shouting anything.
      I get the impression a Shark might be in the water with me and someone was shouting because of that so look around but see nothing.
      I then think that it would be great to see and swim with a shark so imagine one in the water with me and as I look around, see two big Sharks swimming together away from me!

      I go underwater and swim over to them, I come up behind one of them and hold onto its tail and I slowly pull myself up its body, I know it can't hurt me but I'm still cautious of it snapping its head back and grabbing me.
      I pull myself right up over it and it doesn't care at all, just keeps slowly swimming so I surface and they both surface with me.
      They look really great! They're very colourful, more so than WL I think.
      I run my hands along its skin and it feels like a wet wetsuit, which I suppose they might do in WL and it's another great experience, they look so real!

      I want to see the ferocity of them so place my hand in the water by my side and imagine pulling out a fish, as I lift my hand I have a pretty good size one by the tail so throw it in the water next to them, hoping they'll go mad over it and start splashing around.
      They go to it and eat it but they don't go mad, they just eat it casually.

      I swim back to the bank and get out of the water, I look over towards the architecture in the distance and see there is also a high cliff over to my left, very high about 300 feet or so.
      As things I've been trying have been working with the Sharks and fish I try my goal again.
      I hold out my clenched fists in front of me and imagine a nuclear detonation, then smash my fists together and BANG!
      This time I hear a huge explosion in the distance, followed by an intense bright white light.
      Straight after that I see a massive dust cloud shock wave heading for me and can see it shooting out in a big arc from the centre of the explosion, it looks very cool!
      It hits me and it's hard to see anything so I wait for it to pass to see if there's a big mushroom cloud, but as the dust settles there's only a hint of one.

      I want to go up to the top of the cliff to get a better view and there's another guy here now.
      I see there are ladders all the way up that look very old and dangerous so I think "ok let's go up them rather than try to fly" (because in WL I have a pretty big fear of heights and wouldn't go anywhere near these ladders and I often have trouble flying up high for some reason).
      The guy wants to go as well and we walk to the bottom of the first ladder, it's not very wide at all, only about the width of one foot and I can see where the clips clipping it to the wall are starting to come lose.
      The guy goes up first and I start climbing after him and as we start getting high it's still a little scary as it's so vivid, I know I can't die though so the fear makes it more fun and we continue up.

      The guy gets his foot stuck and it freaks him out so he wants to go back down.
      I'm just about to try and float from the ladder to let him pass but lose the Dream and wake up.

      Excellent Lucid!
      Got in usual way.
      WL vivid with complete waking memory.
      Pretty long, lasting about 15 minutes or so.
      Woken up feeling great!
      lucid , memorable
    12. Sexy Competition Night 11

      by , Yesterday at 04:26 PM (Zödra)
      Spoiler for tags:
      Wild. X 3
      I become small, teleport into an island area (not the right one) and then I can't find wife.

      I releport. Think I am there again. Look around. Enjoy the scene. Def wrong scene.

      I teleport. Shrink. Turn into aquaman and explore my insides. Swimming through all sorts of things. Having to phase through veins and things to get into organs. Being almost crushed by the heart and lungs, using strength to fight off white blood cells.

      Having another dream that I wrote all these down and Saw them all scored and written out. Talking to wife about it and she reads a few dreams that weren't there.

      Video games in an RV. Finding a guy. He is crazy. Driving hundred miles an hour and off a cliff for fun.

      Taking off siding for some people. Really rich. It is some people I don't recognize. Climbing trees. Almost lucid

      At my parents house. Hear that something is going to try and kill Mr tonight. I put down my video games and grab a huge knife. Realize I am dreaming, need to dpractice my non dreaming fighting anyways. A couple bad guys. One bad girl. Then I hear the next one is a vampire I get a stake (make it out of a broom) see someone hiding. Threaten. Turns out to be a friend. I see another person in the same place seconds later. I jump up there. Fly for a bit and use super speed when I land. I bury the knife into her and pin her to the ground. I fly back down grab the stake. Fly up. Aim for heart. Stab. She tries to bite me, jam it in deep. Get heart. TK other stake fast. Jam it in. She is in a coffin of sorts and she turns to liquid and then some blood. Then it mixes and bubbles and dissipates. There is a small chest she'll trying to get up. I jam it even further and see what gave it life. I takeeout the stakes and flip it over. There is a coin similar to a 5 Ľ piece, but made out of something shiny and cursed. I drop it out. Grab it and summon a string for necklace..talk to sister pasy
      Found out this was all recorded. Start watching. The person that recorded is the gal I am dating. She reminds me now of my wife quite a bit. She shows me to her dad (she was adopted) and her dad is Japanese. He tells me that I am an emperor.I look at his sound stage. I remember that me and the girl are at the very very beginning stages and I can barely get her attention. In the past she had to beat the two witches. The light witch and the dark vampire witch. I want to talk to her, but her dad is setting stuff up and she is helping. She jumps on something and sideflips off. I tell her I want to talk and she comes up and doesn't know what to do, we both smile and I give her a hug. We walk away and her dad comes up and tells us more about me being an emperor. I don't have a shirt on. I think it is funny because he is talking about people like me never wearing shirts. I don't really care since it is a dream. I kind of want to see where this goes, but I also want to just take the girl away and talk to her and learn about her because she seems awesome.

      Dream 4
      Talking about dreams, even realized that I had written down dreams that hadn't happened and wondering why that was.
      Dream 5
      The car floated for way too long, the guy looked just like Chevy Chase, really should have noticed.
      Dream 6
      I was at a place that resembled my parents house, even had the forest next door, but it was all messed up. When I started climbing a tree I knew something was wrong, was about to realize I was dreaming, but then woke to alarm.

      WILD 1
      I realize that I am in a dream now and I decide that I should try and get to the island cove. I shrink and then I teleport (don't know why). It isn't right. I fly around the island trying to find the cove or at least my wife. I fly under the water find some cool places. Wake up after a long time of this.

      WILD 2
      I teleport again and look around. I think I am in the right place, but can't find my wife. It is the same place as last time. I can't find her. I fly around closer to the island and look at the scene.

      WILD 3
      I notice that it is a dream again. I don't remember any goals. I teleport and shrink at the same time and end up in the same place as I was and decide to fly into myself (I don't know how this happened). I jump into the arm and power through the skin. It breaks and I swim through the blood. I turn into aquaman in order to swim better. I can also see better. I go through all the arteries and go back to the heart. It seems to be a little slower (about 1 beat per every 2 or 3 seconds), but it crushes me as I am in there. I don't get hurt. It happens a few more times and then I phase through the wall to get into the lungs. Very strange in here. I phase through again and it seems to have turned into a cartoon. Nothing in here makes sense anymore. It is all just kind of red and white blood cells (animated) come at me. I have to fight them off. each punch makes them fly super far away.

      DILD 1

      At my parents house. My sister tells me that something is going to try and kill me tonight. I put down my video games and grab a huge knife. Realize I am dreaming, need to practice my non dreaming fighting anyways. I go around my parents house with the big knife. There seems to be a Halloween Party going on. People are all dressed up. I don't want to kill any of them, so when I see someone that looks like he is going to fight me I yell!
      'I have a knife and will kill you if you attack." The guy is wearing all black and jumps at me. I think there is a bounty on my head or a curse or something. I grab his arm and flip it behind his back. I then stab him in the head and he drops.
      I go towards the party and get something to drink. Some Root Beer tastes really good. (wish I would have looked for some cotton candy cupcakes).
      Another guy jumps out and I yell the same thing at him. He dashes at me and he has a sword. I knock it to the side with my boot and slam it to the ground. He lets go and jumps at me with a knife. I throw the knife into his head and dodge to the side. He drops dead. I grab my knife. Lots of blood comes out. He dissipates. Don't remember the last guy doing that. I go back to the party and hang with some people. There is a girl that starts talking to me like I know her. I act like I do and she mentions that we are in Zödra. Ah crap, I need to take these fights more seriously. I could have died in the last one not using powers. A girl pops out across the way. I tell the girl next to me to leave because I need to fight this witch.
      "Goddess" She corrects.
      I look at her "You know these? you are like me?"
      "We talked about this before. take care of the goddess." I head towards the goddess and the goddess tries to catch me in a stare. This must be what starts her shield. I close my eyes and speed behind her and use my big knife to chop her head off. She recovers real fast and I enchant my weapon real fast. She unleashes a huge wave of something at me and I block it with the new enchantment. I attack her and chop her arm off. There is actually blood and the goddess yells as loud as she can. a screech that pierces into the ears. I protect them with a barrier and speed at her again. She is actually pretty slow. I hit her with the knife in the chest and she drops and dissipates.
      "There is only one more." The girl walks beside me and says. She is short with brown hair. Reminds me a little of Amanda at the time, but there is something there between us, so I don't think it is her "The next one will be a bit more like a vampire goddess. She has the same abilities as other goddesses, but you have to kill her like a vampire."
      I grab a 2X4 and sharpen it into two stakes. I then see a hooded person on top of the stairs. I use the same threat I did before and it turns out that it was just a friend of mine getting ready to prank the next person that walked in. He gets down and walks away. I see another person in the same place seconds later. I jump up there. Fly for a bit and use super speed when I land. I bury the knife into her and pin her to the ground. I fly back down grab the stake. Fly up. Aim for heart. Stab. She tries to bite me with her vampire teeth, jam it in deep and make sure she doesn't get me. I got heart. TK other stake fast. Jam it in. She is in a coffin of sorts and she turns into some dark liquid and then some blood appears from the wound. Then it mixes and bubbles, it seems like it should be burning, but I keep my hands in it feels really strange, on the edge of something really bad happening to me, but my hands seem to fight it off, because I feel like if I let go she will revive. The liquid dissipates and there is a small chest (her chest, like... hollowed outish) it is trying to get up. I jam it even further and see what gave it life when I hear something rattling around. I take out the stakes and flip it over. There is a coin similar to a 5 Ľ piece, but made out of something shiny and it has a powerful enchantment on it (the kind that you can't just make onto a knife). I drop it out. Grab it and summon a string for necklace. I put it on.

      I talk to my sister and find out this was all recorded. I start watching, and it actually starts with the video games. The person that recorded is the gal I am dating (this thought pops into my head). She reminds me now of my wife quite a bit, but more like her if she hadn't met me when she was so young and became a woman without me there. She shows me to her dad (she was adopted) and her dad is Japanese and lives next door. He tells me that I am an emperor (Title works by accomplishments, doesn't mean I am ruling). He explains that I need to marry his daughter the princess. She blushes."
      "How do you know I am an emperor?" I ask.
      "You like curry and peanut butter." he replies.
      "What?" I ask I thought this DC was a better DC than this.
      "Just kidding. Look." He points to his door and it shows the two goddesses I just killed "One of darkness, one of light, both evil. They have come every Halloween for a while, but thanks to that amulet you wear, they won't come again."
      "Who killed them before?" I step up to his door and see that it is made of wood and carved. The picture of the goddesses shows them in flowing robes.
      "No one killed them, but my daughter fended them off of the house until the day was over."
      He walks away to a concert he is setting up.
      I look at his sound stage. I remember that me and the girl are at the very very beginning stages and I can barely get her attention. I want to talk to her, but her dad is setting stuff up and she is helping. She jumps on something and side flips off. I tell her I want to talk and she comes up and doesn't know what to do, we both smile and I give her a hug. We walk away and her dad comes up and tells us more about me being an emperor. I don't have a shirt on.I think it is funny because he is talking about people like me never wearing shirts. I don't really care since it is a dream. I kind of want to see where this goes, but I also want to just take the girl away and talk to her and learn about her because she seems awesome

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    13. Month #1 Summary

      by , Yesterday at 03:50 PM
      Range: July 25th 2015 - August 24th 2015

      It has been a month since my attempts to LD already. So, I guess I should summarize my progress for the my lovely first month. This way, I can finally drop my dream notes from my phone to my PC; clearing out space to start better formatted notes. I can also keep track of missed dream journals here to work on it. Let's get straight into it, I guess.

      It all started on July 25th 2015, around 7 PM while I was researching Five Nights at Freddy's 4's game data, mechanics and theories. Things went well until I stumbled upon this post on Reddit. That was interesting evidence piece to support theory that player you're playing is dreaming. I quickly went on and started googling dream clocks to make sure it was right. There I got it! I stumbled upon a blog about LD, read over them on how clocks can be used to induce a lucid dream. I thought I was about to end there, but all the spared reading spirits came. I middle-clicked (open in new tab) every single linked keyword as I read through, and I got into all of them. This became a chain, as each page led me to more. That was it. As much as how I would be addicted to reading wikis, I couldn't help myself out in this case also. I finally got interested in it, and there went my first night!

      First night went as a mixture of technique. I decided to go for WILD when I was drifting to sleep, and if it failed I would do DILD instead. Of course, I was RCing like crazy throughout the day (not really, it was night) as fail safe. However, with my lack of detailed knowledge, it just failed. I was actually awake in my bed longer than usual (as far as I could remember; I might be dreaming already, who knows?) with thoughts about lucid dreaming. That eventually led me into a scene I visualized up for my unique attempt of WILD. It just felt like walking into darkness with some weird, hypnagogic lights. It was long until there, I fell asleep unconsciously. (yay! failure!) I woke up with a fragment stuck in my mind. I didn't usually have good recall rate before that. It was... erm... a dream per month or something that came up from long 12 hours sleep. They weren't fragments also. This night was different, that got me interested even more. I woke up at 5:50 AM, much earlier than usual, as it was weekend. I continued my sleep at 6 AM, awake at 8 AM with no dream recalled.

      I noticed changes in my personality for the next day. At least, I felt better than usual. Couldn't explain, but it was euphoric-like state. My family did mention that I somehow sleep-talked, couldn't understand scrambled speech though. Quite something for me to freak out. Actually, I had been thinking about possibility of sleep-talk during the nights as I did, many times. For the second night, I just slept as usual with mild obsession to LD. Recalled a fragment which I wasn't sure if it was my visualization or actually dream fragment; it came up with other random thoughts before I drifted off. Same went for another nights. Except that I did WILD (probably I just did it without actual intention) on my nap in July 31st 2015 , probably due to some shaky environment that kept me a bit awake. I wasn't sure if it was actual dream or it was just all the visualization held in my mind, just like my lucidity on August 21st. It was quite random though, and I did some (possible) dream controls. I woke up in same, euphoric-like state, of course. Still, I didn't feel to fine calling this a lucid dream yet as I couldn't confirm it on how I felt.

      I registered my account on Dreamviews in July 31st 2015, late night of that nap day. Finally being able to step in community and such the next day. I eventually decided going on intro class and DILD class of this great place; finally having a place to share whatever I was trying. Dreams do have to stick together as fogelbise said.

      Since August 6th 2015, my dream recall started being a great thing (at least for me). It was a long dream each night, or even more due to natural awakenings noticed. Though, there were suddenly huge downfalls whenever I had to sleep like... 2 AM or something. It ruined my dream recalls for a day or two, before regaining them over nights. Sad news is it happened quite often with my works. Anyways, it wasn't too much of a problem since I could always try.

      After almost a month of attempts, my works finally paid off. August 21st 2015, I finally have a lucid dream. At least I could be surer than that random day nap mentioned above. Tried some dream controls on dream characters summoning, and it went well. Probably because how it felt like just a visualization, I could feel it happening instantly. Anything could be read on my dream journals, intro workbook and DILD workbook. Down here would be short list to link to dream journals and such. Actually, I'm going to use this to keep track on dreams I haven't written down.

      • July 25th 2015 - A fragment
      • July 26th 2015 - A fragment
      • July 27th 2015 - False awakening
      • July 28th 2015 - A fragment
      • July 29th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • July 30th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • July 31st 2015
        - Worthwhile Nap
        - No dreams recalled
      • August 1st 2015 - A dream recalled
      • August 2nd 2015 - A dream recalled
      • August 3rd 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • August 4th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • August 5th 2015 - A fragment
      • August 6th 2015 - Life Hacker
      • August 7th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • August 8th 2015 - Fabricated World
      • August 9th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • August 10th 2015
        - A fragment (one sentence dream thread)
        - False awakening (DILD workbook)
      • August 11th 2015 - A fragment
      • August 12th 2015 - Let the system go nuts! (1 +1f)
      • August 13th 2015 - How to risk your life for nothing
      • August 14th 2015 - A fragment (DILD workbook thread)
      • August 15th 2015 - #Procrastinate4Life
      • August 16th 2015 - No dreams recalled (Slept at 3:30 AM of August 17th 2015)
      • August 17th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • August 18th 2015 - Two fragments
      • August 19th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • August 20th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • August 21st 2015 - Lovely School
      • August 22nd 2015 - Another boring day for games
      • August 23rd 2015 - Nonsensical Question
      • August 24th 2015 - School. Again (2)

      That's all. Long summary for myself to write and read on. I'll compile all the dream fragments I noted here whenever I'm able to. Whether ways, happy dreaming, oneironauts!

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    14. Short History 1

      by , Yesterday at 03:17 PM
      I will try, and it may make for some LONG reads lol but....

      This will take a bit of thought and looking through some old dream journals (which are probably packed away in the attic somewhere lol), but I will try to summarize. Not ALL of my LDs are part of this, but many of them are.

      The earliest I can remember being able to realize I was dreaming and then act on my own within those dreams, is probably around age 7 or so. I just thought it was a normal part of dreaming. When I was about 17, I kept having a recurring dream about a place my little brother and I used to hang out, he was 12. It was an old abandoned mechanic's garage...very cool place to just hang out in and spend time with my brother, we did this in real life (waking life?), the dreams were just about this place. In the dream I was always being chased, and just before I was caught, I would wake up. The dream wasn't about me, it was a younger boy, but I was seeing everything through his point of view. Once I recognized that it was a dream, I chose not to deviate from the "scenario" or "path" of the dream, but instead i was able to look around and pay much closer attention to what was happening, and then try not to wake up at the point of capture.........this went on for weeks and weeks. LOOONG story short. Because of the dream, I went their one day in real life and looked all around the area that the dream took place. I found a backpack with a notepad and disposable camera in it. I turned this in to the Sheriff's Department; it had belonged to a boy that had been missing for quite some time. I don't know if that ever helped solve anything or not, but it kind of shook me up a little bit

      That story doesn't play into the dreams I have been having, but it was a turning point in how I have approached dreams since then. While my dreams might not always have a specific meaning, I often attempt to observe as many details as possible and write them down when I wake up. I remember them much better when they are lucid.

      With all of that being said, the next bit I will have to summarize some, as there are many many details over the course of at least 15 years, that go together. They are not always lucid to begin with, sometimes they are recurring until I recognize it is a dream and become lucid and interact in some way:

      There are 2 common characters that are in just about every single LD, I only know them by Lucy and Rebecca. They have no ties to anyone or anything outside of dreams, but they sort of have their own personalities and have taught me things.....this probably sounds weird, but this is why I don't talk about it much. I met Rebecca first, probably mid 2000, and Lucy in late 2000 early 2001.

      When this specific "set" of dreams started, the era in the dream was around the 1400-1500s. This took place at a castle, somewhere in Europe. I've woke up and drawn some of this a few times. There was a This is a bit foggy as most of this was taking place in 2000 and I don't have all of my notes handy. There was some type of conflict taking place and some guy that was part of it. I just remember him being....dominant, for lack of better terms. When I was able to act on my own within the dream, he became very angry ( I've read others experiencing people getting angry at them when they became lucid and changed something...).

      Around 2001 the time frame became somewhere in the late 1800s - early 1900s. There wasn't a whole lot going on, just lucid dreams and nothing overly critical. I would keep notes from time to time. It was a lot of fun, and many small adventures. During this time, Lucy explained to me how to dream like this with out going to sleep. And I was able to... I think the term used on the forums is WILD. I used to have a candle I would watch for about 3-5 minutes. I would then close my eyes and visualize that candle as if my eyes were still open. When I could see the candle lit on the shelf, and I could make the flame flicker in the direction I wanted or change color.... I knew I was dreaming. Once I was dreaming... it was awesome! It was like time stood still and felt like I was dreaming for hours and hours but would only be maybe 45mins to an hourish. During this time, there were a lot more adventures and the guy from the first set of dreams was there. He's dark, and I don't really know the word for it but even though he was humanish, he feels like a giant black wolf. He is the kind of thing or person you would avoid at all cost. I can remember clashing head to head with him a few times here and he eventually left everyone alone. I am not typically the kind of person to glorify myself....but I will be honest, it was pretty awesome when I would go into these dreams because I was seen as a protector or guardian by the people in the dreams. WILDs lasted about 8 months, and I decided to stop. Between WILD and DILD, it was almost exhausting at times.

      The next few years would be an LD every couple of months or so.

      About 2009 it jumped again to current time. In 2010 I had a dream, both Lucy & Rebecca were there, along with the guy from the very first sets of dreams, my wife and my children as well. This dream was teetering on lucid and just a dream I guess.... maybe some sleep paralysis or something, I really don't know because these terms are all new to me. Basically a guy and his buddies came into the apartment we were living in. I resisted, my wife and kids hid behind the bed. I was shoved down on the bed and this is when I couldn't move. I can remember being shot in the head. I didn't die, but to this day, as morbid or odd as it may sound I can still remember the sensation of the bullet entering my head and lodging in my brain. I had headaches for days afterward. In the dream, from when I was pushed down on to the bed, until I was able to wake myself up, I could not move, or talk, but I could see and hear. I have this all written down in a journal, again I will have to dig them out.

      The next few years would be somewhat casual again, nothing major, a few LDs here and there but nothing overly significant. It is always current time. Either Lucy or Rebecca are always there or....of the same dream world, if that makes sense. Kind of like family, you know they are there, even if they are not right next to you, you can call them, etc.

      About a few months ago, I started having a recurring dream with a girl in it, I think it is Lucy. Like in the beginning, being out of practice, it will take having the same dream a few times before I realize I am dreaming and can turn it into an LD. Once I do, I will observe the first few times before interacting with anything. This recurring dream has been progressing in a very odd way.....

      I will let you get through all of this and make any comments before I write the rest lol..... I hope you guys like reading, because I do try to bring as much clarity as I can when I am explaining these things.
    15. Back To High School

      by , Yesterday at 03:03 PM
      Met a friend from high school in real life, so it must have been on my mind.

      I first remember being at my summer job, which recently ended. I worked at a thrift store, and one of my jobs was pricing items. Today was no different, but the pricing software was driving me crazy. Nothing seemed to be where it should.

      Soon the dream changed and I believed myself to be at my old high school. My explanation for this was that after transferring colleges I was granted a strange opportunity to make up credits by retaking high school courses. I also realized I didn't have my schedule, but was able to navigate to my college email on my phone to find my first class. It was a teacher I used to have.

      The school looked completely different from what I remembered, and I didn't have a map. Confused, I stumbled around looking for the course. It was weird walking around high school now. I was at least 4 years older than every student and now anyone who wasn't a senior looked like a kid. It probably helped that my dream has seemingly substituted middle schoolers for many of the students. Sometimes I'd catch a glimpse of someone I thought I recognized, but reminded myself this was unlikely because even the freshman from my senior year had already graduated.

      The bell rang and I still hadn't found my class. I ran into a group of three kids who looked like they were ditching. Asked them if they knew where my class was, but they had no clue. I joined them in walking down the stairs, and for whatever illogical reason they walked to the main office. This was convenient, because now I had a chance to ask for a map.

      I was given a bag I figured must contain the map, and also the advice, "remember to study." I laughed because I knew this class would be a joke after college and explained my situation, which was accepted as a very normal one.

      I walked out with the bag and began searching for the map, but it contained nothing of use. I was getting annoyed now, because it was rather ridiculous for a school to not have a map. So I kept wandering around. At one point I found myself in some room. I didn't care at this point so I snooped around looking for a map in the office, even moving some stuff around in my search. They didn't have one either.

      Went out and kept walking. I found myself in an interesting part of the school. To my left was the school, at least 15 stories high. It was made of white marble, and was boxy yet very pretty. I was standing on a network of staircases that were positioned outside the building, and which seemed to lead to several of the lower floors. They also bridged the gap to another, smaller and less beautiful building.

      On the staircases I saw an old college teacher, but was convinced he was a high school one I used to have. He seemed to remember me.

      His eyes lit up as he began to talk about seemingly nonsensical things. Albino skin and an adaptation of the liver resulting from the lack of pigment. But he was so passionate it was gripping. The sun had set without me realizing. The sky was a hazy purple, and the stars had come out. My old teacher turned toward the sky, still rambling about something I didn't quite understand, and I was struck by the beauty of the scene. I felt really connected to the teacher, as though his crazy rambling was something I would think of on a strange lonely night. He turned to me, and I noticed that he had a collar with plastic diamonds, which glimmered against the backdrop of stars.

      He started doing strange things now, like leaning just a bit too far over the staircase. I was getting very worried he would fall. His acrobatics grew more intense, and it wasn't long before he plummeted off the stairs. My heart sank as I watched him hit the ground with a sickly thud. I was about to run down to check on him when I saw him still on the stairs, spirits high. A magic trick.

      I was stunned. I had never seen such a convincing trick. He refused to say how he had done it. Hypnosis? He told me it wasn't an impressive trick, and that once he had staged an illusion where he had destroyed the entire school with lasers. We ended up at the bottom of the stairs, which was hard wood floor. I looked at my professors face, but his face was now my own. He claimed I had his face. I told him to keep doing the trick, as I stared into my own eyes. It was so odd seeing myself like anybody else would, albeit with a middle aged man's physique.

      A cat came in, and soon my cat also followed. The professor blended each one into halves of one and other, so that each one had the other's end. Then he removed friction, and somehow made it possible for me to slide around by willpower. The whole time I was freaking out, wondering how anything happening was even possible.

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