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    1. A curse in a pot

      by , Yesterday at 06:25 PM
      From a disembodied perspective, I'm watching my IRL self. He's looking for something in this room, currently looking at an illustration of Loki hanging on a wall. The disembodied version of me is curious about the IRL version of me, and I've set up this space in order to observe his reactions. There'd been some previous incident where he'd taken on a sort of ritualized trickster role and unintentionally drawn my interest; he's not aware of me. (Though trickster's not the word I would have used in the dream and it kind of irritates me to use it now, but it's the best way to put it - a sense of something in common between the Loki illustration, the devil statue, my disembodied perspective, and the role my IRL self had played.) I've just now come to the conclusion that the thing that originally grabbed my interest had to do with taking on different roles rather than something inherent to him. This doesn't make me any less curious, but it alters the situation. He's now looking at a small black and white sculpture of the devil, and I switch to his perspective while he's holding it.

      As my IRL self, I'm interrupted by the arrival of several IRL people. Eventually I wind up standing over a large pot with one of the women, and she's stirring whatever's in it. She calls me by the wrong name, and I correct her, annoyed. She repeats my real name, and makes a promise involving it, talking about dire consequences for anyone who violates this promise. Afterwards she describes the pot as holding the curse she's just spoken.

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    2. Notes on dream awareness

      by , Yesterday at 05:58 PM
      Now that my extensive travels (Paris, Rome, Montreal, Montana) of this month have ended, and I'm back home and gradually returning to my normal sleep patterns, I find that dream awareness is stirring again, though so far it falls short of full lucidity. I had no trace of it while on my journeys, and I didn't even have any dreams I judged worth writing down. This was not overly disappointing because I was not actively engaged in any kind of dream practice and too busy to spend an hour updating my dream journal every day, so it felt okay to take a break.

      A couple days ago I had a dream that was atmospheric but not very interesting plotwise, so I didn't write it down at the time. However, one detail is notable: there was a giant white USB cord on the ground, at least twenty feet long, and arbitrarily I found myself wondering if I could bring it to life. I focused my attention on it and sure enough, it raised its "head" (the USB plug) and began to slither and writhe like a snake. This gave me an eerie sensation, because I found myself thinking, "This better not be happening in real life!" I decided I'd better check to see if I was dreaming. I levitated and was relieved to conclude that yes, indeed I was. However, true lucidity did not emerge because even though I now knew that I was dreaming, I did not stop and think what I could do with the dream state but unreflectively continued to go along with the dream events, which largely involved trying to take a good photograph of a distant landscape. It was a classic case of awareness without agency.

      Last night's dreaming included one of my classic dream signs, a public restroom of questionable functionality. Although I did not recognize the dream sign, I did find myself wondering if the facilities would be clean enough to use. Then I remembered, "I can keep them clean and functional by maintaining the right mental attitude." Though I fell short of actual dream awareness, I still recognized the causal link between my will and the surrounding environment.

      I find it interesting that, though I have still not done any sort of LD practice since early in the month when I left on my travels, simply returning home and restoring my ordinary sleep schedule has been enough to reawaken the potential for dream awareness that felt very distant while I was on the road.
    3. One Last Mission

      by , Yesterday at 02:38 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #2??: One Last Mission

      I’m heading upstairs to change my lightbulbs, but arrive to find that we’ve got tons of people upstairs visiting while my father-in-law changes them for me. I feel embarrassed, as if it looks like I never take care of anything around the house. He even somehow installed light bulbs with little solar panels attached to them, which I’ve never even heard of!

      I head downstairs, feeling inadequate. I see that we have a big video screen that greets people at the front door. I see that it’s programmed to show a big story about turncoat spies within some US government agency. It’s some kind of huge story and these traitors are all over the news. As I’m heading into the kitchen, thinking about this fancy video monitor and the fancy lightbulbs
      , I realize that this feels a whole lot like a dream.

      My father-in-law joins me downstairs and I say, “Hey, [Father-in-law], I’ve got an even cooler way to change lightbulbs!” I gesture at one of the recess lights in the kitchen ceiling and with a couple quick hand gestures, pull it out, summon a new one, and place it into the socket. It lights up!

      He looks amazed and asks me how I did that. “This is actually a lucid dream,” I admit. “You can really do anything here.” He nods in acknowledgement, still looking impressed.

      I recall my conversation yesterday with Iokheira where we were talking about cool dream ideas that people had never, ever done. I chose one of the ones we had decided was awesome enough that we were going to try: werewolf skydiving! I phase through an external, curtained door out onto a back patio.

      There’s a long row of side-by-side deck chairs here, with lots of people lounging around and relaxing. I look at the woman closest to the wall, but no, this isn’t Iokheira . One chair over, though is a group of three women sitting together, and on the left is Iokheira ! She hops out of the chair and we hug.

      “It’s great to see you!” I say.

      “Great to see you too!” she says and then starts nodding as I’m about to say, “Do you remember what we’d planned to try in this dream?” I can tell that she already knows the plan is werewolf skydiving.

      Iokheira throws on a pair of aviator sunglasses, grabs my hand, and strides forward. We walk through a large yard into some suburban streets. She says, “Dylan (??) and Romero tried to tell me that this is my last mission. We’ll see about that...” I get the idea that she’s some kind of spy or secret agent. “The agency’s in [turmoil? chaos?] right now.”

      I’m strongly sensing a backstory where she’s an agent in some kind of secret government agency. I wonder if it’s some kind of special division for werewolves. We go past a bus stop to a grassy field, while she continues to explain some more of the backstory. I wonder whether there will be a cliff at the end of this field for a possible BASE jump! Before we get to anything like that, though,
      the dream ends.
    4. Loading the Delivery Truck

      by , Yesterday at 02:08 PM
      This dream occurred at a place I worked during my college years. The job involved delivering fruits and donuts overnight to gas stations. The location of the dream was the dock where we would load the box trucks before starting the route.

      I come in through the truck bay door. I know I have not been on the job in a few years, but I am eager to prove that I'm still the best driver around. I go looking for my clipboard of route papers, but instead find a black binder which seems to be in really nice condition. I think this is an improvement over the old system, and I toss the binder on top of my "store cart". *note: this is the cart I would use to wheel trays of donuts into the gas stations from the truck. We each had our own with our name on the top.*

      I look at the pallet of banana boxes and I'm about to start picking the ones I take with me. Some of the boxes are open and only partially full with yellow, splotchy bananas. I knew these were left over from the night before. Other newer boxes were full with semi-green bananas. These are the ideal ones for sales because they last longer in the stores, but before I start picking my boxes, I see the head driver. He never liked me much because I worked to hard, but I somehow knew that he had covered my route the night before. Since he has a history of doing a poor job on my route, and loading only old bananas, I knew that I would need extra boxes to account for a lot of replacement tonight. I asked him how the bananas went last night and he just blew me off saying it was fine.

      One of the other drivers shows up, and he's panicked. He's goes around asking everyone "Have you seen my black, 3-inch binder?" He comes to me and I say I haven't seen it. Then he points to the top of my store cart and asks, "What's that?" I pull down the binder and suddenly realize that his name is printed on the front. Embarrassed, I hand it to him. It occurs to me that we don't all have binders. He bought this one just to help on his route.

      I'm ready to start loading my truck, but the head driver is already grumbling that I'm working too fast. Meanwhile, others are waiting on me to back my truck in since we can only load one at a time. I walk out to where the trucks are, but another truck is in the way so I know I won't be able to position mine. I walk back inside feeling the pressure of the others waiting on me.

      All of a sudden I am in the rafters of the ceiling, peeking down at the others working. I know that they are talking about me and I am trying to eavesdrop. I hear the head driver griping about me going too fast and making him look bad. I specifically remember him saying "I don't get a 55 dollar salary to put up with this!"
      The alarm goes off and I wake up.

      Much of this dream is very similar to how the job actually went. The head driver in the dream was the same one from my job. When I worked, I focused on efficiency. The head driver was the only salaried employee and would stick around to help the bakery boss after his route, so he was never in a hurry. The rest of us were paid for 8 hours per day, regardless of finishing the route early or late. It was in our best interest to finish early. By hustling in the stores and at the dock (but never on the road! ) I typically finished my route in 5 hours. The head driver, who didn't have a route of his own and covered us on our days off, took at least 8 hours on every route. Over time he started to resent me and he didn't hide it very well.

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    5. Home Repair

      by , Yesterday at 12:35 PM
      I was in a house (my house?) and it's in bad need of repair. I can't remember any furniture on the main floor. I was sweeping up some debris on the floor and then I thought to myself, why is my floor concrete and not hardwood? There are cracks in the concrete and a big hole of rubble. I felt like something wasn't right. Then I wound up in the kitchen where the cabinets were all white. I had a can of paint on the floor, so I grabbed a brush and started painting the faces of the cabinets under the sink. It was the faintest green with a gold sheen (omg like the new pen that Megan at work got me!) and you could only really tell they were painted if you looked at them in a certain direction. I leave the kitchen and come back and my parents are there. I look around and all the cabinets are all brown wood now. I said "so what, I just go to sleep and wake up and now all the cabinets are different?!" (I think that my alarm had gone off and I snoozed it, so technically I woke up, then went back to sleep and then the cabinets were all different haha) All the cabinets were different except the ones I painted. My dad looked at them and I can't tell if he liked them or not.

      Then I went upstairs and there was a little boy in a bedroom, and I told him he was lucky that his bedroom is so big. I looked in his closet and it looked like a clothing store with tons of shirts folded up all nice and neat, but multiples of the same one. I told him I wanted to try on some of his polos and he said no. Something else happened that I don't remember.
    6. Chocolate Chip Moon Cookies! MMMMMMMmmm

      by , Yesterday at 09:54 AM
      I had taken galantamine and I was going on a WILD spree, but I also had to pee really badly. I eventually gave up the struggle against peeing and got up to use the toilet. I saw Jenkees in the kitchen and then walked out to the backyard. We were right on the beach and there were these beautiful green and blue trees that were waving about in the wind. I realized I was still dreaming and so I took off flying. It felt especially easy to fly in this dream and I was really excited about that. I started looking for the moon to fly towards it, but I could only see light that was obscured by clouds. I flew towards that light until the moon appeared.

      I began to move at super speed and the moon got bigger and bigger, but at the same time my perspective of the earth didn't change at all. I resolved this conflict by imagining that the moon was crashing into the earth. When they collided, the surface of the moon was kind of like a moon-wall. I flew down and picked up some moon rocks. I remarked at how stable I was and how wonderful it felt to not have to worry about waking up.

      The moon rocks were incredibly light and airy like meringues. I bit into one and it crumbled in my mouth and tasted just like extremely delicious chocolate chip cookies, but with the light texture of a meringue. YUMMMM.

      B-Dog started barking and woke me up.

      I was lucid and talking to my sister's old boyfriend that used to haunt my dreams. She was afraid that he was going to try to kill me when she broke up with him and she kind of passed that fear onto me. We were in a restaurant and he was pointing a gun at my chest, but I wasn't worried because I knew it was only a dream. I calmly walked over to him and told him just how much I appreciated who he was as a person and how much I respected him. I told him how grateful I was that he taught me some things about lucid dreaming and got me interested in it. I told him that I didn't judge him at all what happened in the past. I felt love and compassion swell in my chest and he seemed shocked and I think that he started to cry. I went over to a counter where a lady was cooking food and she handed me a burrito - it tasted amazing, cheesy, and delicious. I told her that the next one needs to have green chili in it.

      I walked back to my sister's old boyfriend and talked to him a little bit more. He said that he also taught me about sexuality, I was confused. I asked him what he meant and he said some weird DC nonsense about him and my sister having a pregnancy scare that I didn't know about. I had finished my burrito at that point so I walked over to get my green chili one. On the way there I ate some invisible crunchy, chocolate candy. The lady handed me a green chili burrito, it was so realistic and I was excited to eat it. I walked back to talk more but my sister's boyfriend was gone now. However, my sister was there so I asked her about the pregnancy thing and she said to me, "This is only a dream you know, why even bother asking me?"

      I told her, "I don't care, just tell me, I want to know!"

      She said some more weird DC nonsense about leaving something in one of my cupboards when I was little but that she never had a pregnancy scare. I wanted to go look for other stuff to do.

      I walked outside, into a parking lot, and then into a corner store. Another one of my sister's old boyfriends was working there. He turned into Tony Curtis and then I saw a short dream plot take place where this Tony Curtis character was being a corner store clerk by day and a cross dressing diva by night.

      I decided that I should do a task before I wake up, so I summoned a black hole in the middle of the parking lot and it started sucking stuff in all around it. I got sucked in really quickly and then I was engulfed in darkness. I could still feel the dream world around me; It was like I was experiencing being the parking lot and the cars and the air that moved around as cars zoomed by, very strange. But I couldn't experience the dream with any of my normal waking life senses like vision, touch, hearing, smell, or taste. I felt a bit frustrated and trapped in this dark place, so I woke myself up.
    7. Recall problems

      by , Yesterday at 07:56 AM
      I couldn't recall anything this time.
      side notes
    8. First time someone in my dream had to tell me I was still dreaming.

      by , Yesterday at 04:44 AM
      Ever been dreaming, thought you woke up, but someone in your dream had to break the news to you? I felt a little overwhelmed after I was told in last night's dream, and I was very hesitant to record this one, but here it goes.

      It starts out with me in school, as a lot of my dreams do. Each person in my class had an ID number, and for an activity, had to get each classmate's ID number, describe that person in a mean way, then say "yes, that's how i actually feel about that person" or "no, that's not how i feel." I met up with one of my classmates outside a bar where they were meeting what I assumed to be her husband. This girl didn't know we were meeting up, I just had to get her ID number and be on my way. She was slightly frustrated to see me when I walked up to her, so quickly got her ID on the towel I handed her, and she handed it back. She and her husband left. I knew this person from gradeschool in reality.

      I don't remember this middle bit, but I do remember being at 'home' and playing video games. One was a shooter, military-type game, one was an open - world driver, and I remember specifically that the text in this game was very clear, as in it's not regular dream text that changes as you're reading it, and the final game, I assume was an LSD dream emulator look-a-like. It didn't have any gameplay, there was just an odd animation of a 2D face from the side which resembled the art on generic playing cards, and there were 2 different face sprites, and it looked similar to a Cyriak YouTube video. At one point I was walking around this house, and I couldn't help but notice how vibrant the colors were in my dream. At this point I knew I was dreaming in the back of my mind, but I was also going with it. On the floor in a room (assumed my bedroom) were a pair of pants that looked like they had 3 legs, and in that same room at one point there were 2 Doberman dogs sleeping on the ground. I knew if I interacted with them they would probably wake up and attack me or something. It was around this time I heard my dad downstairs. I started heading downstairs from a different room upstairs when the downstairs lights and TV turned off. As I got to the bottom, he jumped out from around the wall as a jump scare and I thought it scared me awake. I was completely thinking I was awake. I went back to the room with the pants and pointed them out to a guy with me, "in my dream these looked like they had 3 legs," I kicked them a little to look at them when the person with me did an inhaling "S" sound (Don't know what it's called) and said he said "I hate to break it to you..." I looked around for a moment. "I'm still dreaming," and for a moment my heart dropped slightly and I wanted out of this dream. I wanted to wake up. It wasn't a scary dream, I just didn't want to deal with it anymore. I ended up pushing the person I was with to the ground in the living room. It was light outside. I punched him in the face but it behaved like rubber. This has happened before. He looks out the window and says, "Ahhh, purple rain." I said "I'm pretty sure you've seen purple rain before," assuming he exists in the dream world. I looked out the window and noticed the rain. The sky was a medium blue, and the horizon was purple. I then felt the moment of waking up, and a second afterwords felt like I woke up again, as if I was in a double sleep or something. I was satisfied to feel my arms under the pillow, and to be in my bed. I didn't like feeling trapped in that dream.
    9. Blanket lady

      by , Yesterday at 12:48 AM
      A series of FAs where I am trying to fall asleep while a DC keeps distracting me so I can't seem to transition. After a few more FAs, I realize the previous ones were actually dreams so should have already acted there.

      Scene change, some on and off lucidity scenario with family members at grandma.

      Inanimate object - blanket lady

      A bit later, I get a wave of really strong awareness and remember thanks to reading other people's reports the inanimate object task. There is a blanket so I lift it up with some sort of thought control and say hello. I begin to laugh and it answers me with a creepy echo laughter. Moreover, it turns and twists and becomes the upper part of an 18th century woman. In the dream I try to memorize the shape to eventually draw it later on.


      After this I take quite a while trying to remember any other tasks. I am even overly concerned that all this strain will certainly end the dream, but luckily it doesn't and I recall the clone task. I try to think about myself while turning around but nothing happens. I decide to half close my eyes, risking the dream disappearing while thinking of an image of myself but again nothing happens. Finally, I decide to open the door and expect to see her/me there. This seems to work and I finally meet her. We go into the corridor where there are a number of somewhat harassing DCs and then into the kitchen. I have no idea what to do with my clone though, so we just walk around from room to room until her features change.

      Then I spot Gordon Ramsay who looks very tired and I try to talk to him. Fluctuations in lucidity, rises up again while I speak to him. He asks if I can hear him well. There are distortions in the direction of the sound for a moment.
      The alarm wakes me up.
    10. My Crispy Cat

      by , 07-29-2015 at 06:28 PM
      I'm in a different unknown house from the previous dream. Somehow I know that this is my mother's house. It's very large and ornate - like a mansion. It is night time and everything is quiet in the house. A door is shut upstairs and I know that it's Mom's room and she's in bed. I start walking around the house downstairs to make sure that everything is locked up and the lights are off. As I walk by a big window, I hear noises outside. When I look through, I see that there is a pool out there and the lights are on around it. People are swimming in it. I start yelling at them from inside that they need to get out of the pool, it's not theirs. One of them gets out and I realize it's my sister. She says the others are her friends and its okay. Unfortunately, I woke my mom up. She is telling me the same thing, that it's okay for them to swim.

      Suddenly we're all outside and it's midday. I can't remember what all we were doing, but it was a festive atmosphere and really really hot out. After that, I'm back at the house at night again. A cat I had during childhood comes walking by and I pick her up. Her fur is soft, but her skin is flaky and crackles like tissue paper. It freaks me out because her skin should not be like that. I set her down and she runs off, but I'm still really concerned. Finally I realize that she was outside during the party and that she just happens to be the type of breed that can get sunburned through her fur. Now I'm afraid I was hurting when I petted her earlier. I realize she is very burnt and that her skin is peeling so badly that you can hear the dry flakes cracking as the layers separate. I start going upstairs to inform my mom of the cat's injury, and then I wake up.

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    11. Expensive Restaurant

      by , 07-29-2015 at 06:01 PM
      9 July Backlog

      10 min wbtb with couple of snoozes before that


      I fall asleep and find myself on the street, looking at these flowing dots, reminding me of the rain/snow and energy. I marvel them for a while and then they turn into really large snowflakes and the snow covers the street. As this is an immediate dream entry I am not fully grounded, notice that can move my hands almost ok now so I grab a bit of snow and form a snowball, throw it at a DC ahead - this requires some effort. The scene soon ends.

      Restaurant attempt

      A semi lucid scene follows where I am in this weird building, running away from a huge snake-like creature. I know it's a dream, but I like messing around with the scenario. I escape through the highest window.

      A moment later, I find myself outside in a kitchen and think about the restaurant task. Could this theme be used for a restaurant? There are enough bottles and plates and food around, but no DCs. It doesn't look expensive though (5 star required by the task). I go outside and it turns to the yard of our place in the past. Our parents are sitting on this outdoors drinks arrangement. I wonder again if this could be used for the task, there is a table and chairs. It could well be an outdoors restaurant. The dream soon loses stability and I wake up.

      Clone attempt

      I find myself in a car going somewhere with a familiar DC with me on the backseat. I remember the clone task and try to summon one on the front seat. The car actually drives by itself. A DC appears on the seat but instead of me is someone that looks like S, then another guy in his 50ies or so with a beard. Overall not very attractive DCs. I still have hopes that he will be able to change so I decide to kiss him, close my eyes and imagine the DC transform. I follow the plan and as I approach to kiss him, I am surprised by the distinct feel of his beard on my lips, which I wasn't thinking is there at all. But he has a beard and there it is. I try to manipulate him into transforming while he does most of the kissing obviously enjoying himself. It's not pleasant at all but I get all the details of his lips seeming independently controlled movements. He doesn't change so I pull away and whine a few times for him to transform then the dream ends.

      wake up, very brief review

      Expensive restaurant

      A non-ld scenario goes on for a while, then towards the end I come to my senses and remember the restaurant task. I walk around looking for something that will do. This task starts to get really difficult, I am thinking. I'm now outside facing a swimming pool which reminds me of the one in front of the hotel. I know there is a restaurant there that should offer fancy food. However, I'm slightly concerned about my ability to reach it as I feel uncontrollable dream instability all around. As a result, I carefully sway forward like a drunken person till I cross over the swimming pool and get to the side where the restaurant is.

      There are already people sitting near a large table with tons of champagne bottles here and there. Champagne, that is good, it means the restaurant is expensive, I think to myself due to the 5* requirement of the task. There is a plate of oysters and other fish canapés so I head towards it and eat the special mixture there. It tastes similar to a freshly made salmon spread. I'm feeling pretty satisfied with the task up to this point, though there could have been more food. My mom comes to distract me with something she apparently cooked, trying to convince me to taste it. I do and then shortly after lose lucidity.
      The dessert comes - a chocolatey profiteroles sundae but the dream ends.

      Clone girl - frag

      I end up in the room, lucid again, remember the clone task, close the door, try to summon a clone. This girl comes in, she is not quite me, but will do. I try to remember what I wanted for us to do. Can't remember after that.

      Flying - frag

      I remember flying and getting higher out of the sudden and then recall our recent conversation with Ginsan about finding something to zoom in to. So, I just keep looking down, trying to find something awesome and as I do, I find myself flying over fantastic valleys with green grass and orange colored trees. The entire scene is very color saturated. Then, I zoom in towards the ground and pick up a poppy flower. I find this so amazing. Nothing's more awesome than picking up a flower.
    12. Week 21 - The Power of Testosterone!!!

      by , 07-29-2015 at 05:58 PM (MasterMind's Weekly Journal)
      I have lots of hobbies and practises and what that have done to me, is that I have constantly been seing patterns of success.

      And to make a long story short, I have identified two factors that produce AUTOMATIC success.

      Don't ask me why it works, I don't know it just is something that I have seen happen.

      I have written about this before but I somehow seem to forget the seriousness of it.

      Factor 1: Presence

      If I meditate daily I become so carefree that nothing worries me. And because I lose all my fears I can easily take right action.
      Over-thinking is a big hidden forgotten disease.

      Factor 2: No PMO (Porn, Masturbation or Orgasm).

      Sounds silly, and I used to believe it was placebo effects. And maybe it is... But I have seen it prove itself over and over.
      For example... I was on day 8 and if you read my DJ I wrote about having vivid experiences each night and wrote lengthy walls of texts and read alot of books. Then when I realized that my girlfriend(s) wouldn't be available a sneaky thought "I deserve to feel good, right now!) And I lost my streak.

      And along it my vivid dreams, present state of mind and swag with girls.

      I shouldn't be dependent on it, however, I want to make this a big priority for me. So I probably fail unconsciously with everything I do, because I want leverage to keep doing this.

      I just read an article that said that testosterone spikes when we sleep and guess at what time it was the highest.

      REM freaking sleep!

      I don't know much about the body, but I do now that (naturally) increased testosterone make me perform better, so I would not be surprised if it was the same for my lucid dreaming practise.

      You can read the article here:


      I think alot about the right way to go through the long-term and short-term process of success based on action.

      However, I realize now that there is one other important process and that is the indirect process.

      That is, actions not done to improve at a specific thing, but to improve generally at everything.

      I am not present and clear thinking now (less testosterone and meditation) so this post might make no sense at all.

      But I am not here to prove that this is truth to you, I am here to test it for myself.

      I am however, writing this to make myself accountable, No PMO for 30 days and Daily Meditation for 30 days in a row.

      Small goal, but consistent action is more difficult than one might think.

      To recap what meditation and no fap does to me:

      hi I am new here!!!!-limitless-b-.jpg

      I read books easily and find it enjoyable, I barely have to talk to girls (the eyes do all the work), my dreams become vivid and stable and I barely need sleep, but if I decide to go to sleep I get good sleep, I am more productive, I get faster gains when I workout and I don't need any boosters like caffeine etc. I am much more alert and generally happier.

      There is probably more, but that will have to do for now.


      I'll keep you updated!

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    13. Too much of everything!

      by , 07-29-2015 at 05:46 PM
      This is my first ever dream journal entry. The dream described occurred two nights ago. Due to similarities between that dream and the one I had last night (which I also intend to record), I figured it would be best to record the older one first to make sure I am talking about the right dream.

      Up to this point, I have had 2 lucid experiences, each lasting for a matter of seconds. In both cases I did the nose-pinch RC, and then woke up almost immediately due to excitement.

      Now for the dream:

      I start off in an unknown house, but somehow I know it belongs to my brother. My brother, sister, and parents are there. I am told of the good news that my brother now has a baby. When I go into the other room to check it out, there are babies everywhere! I know that they are all his and I feel somewhat judgmental toward him as I know that this is too much for him to handle. Beyond that, he isn't even home at the moment. I go out the back door of the house onto a raised (15 feet or so) patio and I see my brother's 20 or so dogs and cats running around near a stream. Again I feel judgmental.

      In the next scene I am leaving a school building and decide to ride the bus home. I am carrying notebooks and papers and a bunch of other stuff in my arms and can barely keep it all together. Once I'm on the bus, start talking with some of my old elementary school friends and showing them things on the iPad that is also in my collection of stuff. The bus makes its rounds until there are only about 5 of us left. I look under the seat in front of me and see two really large octopus tentacles. I thought it was strange, but think nothing more of it. I start wondering when I can finally get off. At that point the bus stops and the driver tells us that the route is done and we all need to get off. I get off and I'm right back at the school. I realize that this bus drove a route on the opposite side of town from where I live. Carrying all my things, I call my wife and tell her that I've decided to walk home. I'm afraid she is going to be mad at me for wasting so much time.

      Suddenly I'm back at that unknown house again. The babies are now kids around 3 years old. I am surrounded by kids and pets. I go to the back door again and step out on the patio. I see another patio, beside me, but it is rickety and planks are falling off. One of the little girls is standing on. I tell her to go back inside because the stairs are dangerous. She just looks at me. I tell that she could die. She replies that she doesn't really care if she dies or not. I try telling her that she's too young to think like that and too young to die. I know that I'm not getting through to her, but I keep trying to explain.
      As I'm talking, I wake up.

      It is worth noting that I am 30 years old and have not ridden a bus in over a decade. My family all lives in a different city and my brother has one daughter about 5 years old. I have been dreaming about my family a lot lately. I reflected shortly after waking up that the underlying theme was that there was too much of everything. Too many babies and kids, too many pets, to much clutter that had to carry on the bus.

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    14. Cute flowers

      by , 07-29-2015 at 05:07 PM
      01 July Backlog

      Recall is rather poor. I end up doing an in-dream wild from a bathroom that looks like ours.Scene change and awareness rises as I look around the new room with couple of DC near me. After a bit, I recall the plant seed totm and notice there are a flower pots at the end of the room. To summon the seed, I place my hands on the soil and randomly grab whatever is there, then examine my hand. In the palm of my hand, from the soil emerges a large seed which I then place back in the flower pot and allow to grow. It quickly transforms into several really cute small plants with pink flowers. I fear forgetting the details so repeat to myself several times the description of the flowers. Then I walk around the room for a while longer, while noticing some visual issues - you can say it was the classic dream instability - but the scene felt rather liquid? After a struggle it finally dissolves.
    15. Goodbye for now.

      by , 07-29-2015 at 04:21 PM
      This is Day 15 into my LD experience, and as you can read in my Day 11 update I will be traveling to Ecuador for a month, where I hope to have my first LD. Today and yesterday I didn't post because I didn't remember any dreams or perhaps didn't make the proper effort to do so. I may post some entries as I will have limited access to the internet there. I will be instead keeping my dreams hand-written in my dream journal.
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