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    1. Waterbending #2

      by , Today at 03:17 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #372 - DILD - 1:32AM

      I was happy to have an early night DILD with minimal effort. I had set my intention at bedtime but used no actual technique other than really wanting to get lucid. It was a close one because I almost forgot the first half. It was the intent on an actual goal that raised my lucidity up another level otherwise I am afraid I would have completely forgot this one; I am convinced it happens for that I realize.

      Some things that may have influenced dreaming... A glass of wine early in the evening, (though I felt back to baseline at bed time), 3mg Melatonin.

      I am with my wife and we need more space to sleep. We enter an abandoned trailer in the country owned by my ex FIL that is acting like my wife's father. The entire floor was a mattress and I lay down with her. There is some dialog between the DCs and I notice part of the wall is missing. There are some water stains but I don't mind as long as I don't get wet. I drift off to sleep as they are talking.

      I am now on a moving boxcar at night. For some reason I am trying to summon Jean-Luc Picard but I am having a hard time. I use dream control methods as if I am lucid by pretending and expecting him to show up. Though I do catch a few thin visuals, I am mostly talking to the air and acting very much like Q. I forget most of this but I recall making some grand gesture and saying, "Now do you want to see some real magic, Jean-Luc Picard?" I stand on the opposite end and use TK to draw a gate between us then quickly phase out of the boxcar.

      As I float in the night watching the boxcar speed away, I become fully lucid. I really want to met Picard so I rush back to the boxcar but it is way too fast. I see it's coming around a corner and I try to cut it off. Unfortunately, I phase clear through it and it leaves me behind.

      I become mindlessly obsessed with catching Picard. I realize now that I am on foot chasing a car. The tail lights disappear around a bend. I run at super speed but I just can't catch it. I tell myself that I should be able to do this because it's a dream. The environment switches from night to day and I see some water past the trees in the distance. I almost leave it behind to follow the road but I recall my actual goal. Waterbending!

      I stand at the bank and reach out to the water. Some mist sprays up and turns to ice then settles back down on my obscuring my vision like thick wet sleet. I almost fall to the void but focus on visuals to quickly get back in the dream. I step into the water now touching it with my hands. There is a mild sensation of cold and wet on my legs. A ball of water starts to rise up but quickly falls. I switch methods and shoot a long jet of water from my hands. I pause and then do it again for a longer period of time.

      Now I try pushing back the water to form a wall but I quickly find myself on some artificial beach. Which each swell of the waves I am able to hold the water back for just a few seconds. During this I begin to see small cartoon-like Killer whales and Sperm Whales jumping out of the water in front of me. I note this much I am too focused on the water to care much. After a bit, I notice a male DC to my left helping me hold the water back. With our combined effort we manage to create large flat wall of water about 10-15 feet tall and half as wide. I become very pleased with myself but realize I am not doing it alone. This breaks my concentration and the water crashes on me. I am tossed around some until I wake up. I nose plug right away. Yep, this time its real.

      Other non lucid dreams

      I enter some psychedelic retro musical as I dance around odd visuals and colors with my son. I try to take a selfie.

      I am in the same time era on a building top with some boys. One falls. A helicopter comes to take him. I almost stay behind but I really want a free ride on a chopper.

      I thought I was fried and went on a huge ranting rampage only to realize that I was mistaken. I wasn't really fired after all.
    2. Sonic Boom while Flying

      by , Today at 03:07 AM
      I knew the dream was about to start (using WILD technique), so I flew hard and fast right into the dream, unsure of what was ahead of me. The first part of the dream was very blurry, but I was flying as fast as I could. I thought ‘increase lucidity’, and then suddenly the clarity was perfect. I was flying over a city at supersonic speeds, just above the buildings. There were buildings everywhere in complete detail, as far as I could see. This was a massive city. Off in the distance, in the center of my view, I could see a temple, complete with a golden dome, and a large opening at the entrance. Light was shining through the entrance, so I figured I could fly right through the center, and out the other side. I challenged myself to fly through the opening at high speed without crashing. I was flying at the speed of sound, and I was going so fast, I could hear the shock waves bouncing back at me off the buildings. There was a sonic boom! The vibrations shook me.

      As I neared the temple, I could see wide stone steps going up to the arched entrance. I tried to fly right through the opening, but some strange force sucked me down and I landed on the steps perfectly. There were 100's of people standing on the steps and inside the temple’s entrance. They were all dressed in beige and white robes. The temple had amazing stonework. Some people were clapping and cheering (I guess from the sonic boom?), and some were looking at me like what the #%@* are you doing? I tried to fly again, but couldn't, so I walked into the temple. There was a large pool in the middle, with people everywhere, and I headed to back where it was less crowded. In the corner was a beautiful garden with a fig tree. There was no roof in this area and over the pool, and the sun was shining brightly. I could feel clarity fading. I bent down and picked up a hand full of soil from the garden, and rubbed the soil in my hands observing the fine grains of dirt. The clarity greatly improved. I turned around still rubbing the soil, and then I walked down steps into the pool. The water was cold and refreshing. I kept rubbing the dirt in my hands. I waded through the pool up to this guy, who was standing behind what looked like a pool bar. I asked him if he could announce something for me. I said, “Please wish my daughter Happy Birthday over the PA.” He looked at me and said no. I asked him again, but I could tell in his eyes it was no! I then started to feel upset, and then I woke up.
    3. Lucid #4

      by , Today at 01:36 AM
      I'm inside staring at kids throwing stuff at me. I go outside and realize it's a dream and stabilize it. I see a dog and a rat. The rat is all white and has white glowing eyes biting the dog. The dog is just sitting there taking it. I ask what they represent and the rat says everything bad and I can't remember what that dog said. There's a semi-fat guy and I ask what he represents and he just says he's lives there. I ask who were the dog and rat and he said those were kinda like dream gods and they are very wise. He says the only problem is that they like to drink. I try flying but only get about 20 feet in the air before I fall down to the ground. I fly over a fence and can't get back over. J walks out of a door and tells me my alarm went off and I need to wake up so I do... I had 5 more minutes.
    4. High Waves and the Orange Cliff

      by , Yesterday at 11:46 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      (dreamed this in the afternoon)

      I was lining up for a ticket. I saw Nimz with a few others I'm not familiar with. People lined up (facing in my direction), not sure for what but I was thinking it's for buying a ticket for a ride. It reminds me of the line in train stations. At first, there was only one line, and then there were two. Nimz and his companions tried to start a third one between the two lines, but his companions decided to line at the back of one of the two other lines, leaving him alone in the center. Eventually, he decided to line up behind.

      I went ahead. I already had my ticket. I rode the boat. I'm not sure if I was supposed to wait for Nimz. I don't have any memory of us talking. I remember having to put down my ticket at the entrance box. I think my number was 438, close to ticket 420. I sat on the right side of the boat/ship looking at the port, wondering why I didn't wait for Nimz.

      One of our high school teachers was a "guide" in the boat. Ms. Barcelona. She started a prayer and I recited along but forgot the words. It's a familiar prayer. After the prayer, the boat started to move. I saw us back away from the port and move towards open waters.

      I saw then that the boat was small, probably only about three to four meters high, no more. I was wondering how it will survive the open waters. Then I saw I was headed east or west, but not north. I was aiming for north. I also saw the tall waves, higher than our boat was long, but nobody in the boat was panicking, except for me.

      I saw an orange cliff in the middle of the waters, the waves breaking into it, constantly almost-hiding it under the choppy waters but not completely. I asked Ms. Barcelona where we're headed. I expected "Iloilo", but she said "Cebu", which is even farther than I thought. I told her I took the wrong boat: I was heading for Manila.

      We were facing another wave, which carried us very close to the cliff, almost hitting it. I told them I had to go down, although I doubted they would go back to port for my sake alone. Fortunately, we moved to a nearby island. As soon as I was near the shore, I jumped down on the sand. I climbed something like a wall or cliff. When I reached about two meters up, I saw there were others on the shore. I'm not sure if they got off the boat like myself or if they were already there.

      I went down "the other side" of the wall/cliff and ran on the shore to where I thought some people would be. The surrounding "cliffs" turned to walls and ruins. I was thinking I was in a forest and talking to someone about hunting wild boar, if I'm ready for it. I kept running.


      - This was a very vivid dream. At one point, I became lucid, but cannot control anything. It was very quick lucidity.
      - I think this one is rather easy to interpret in light with my recent concerns.
      - I haven't had dreams this vivid in a while. I've been forgetting to write my dreams.
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    5. My Most Recent Dreams

      by , Yesterday at 10:31 PM
      Dream 1:
      My biology and drama classes were combined. I went up to the biology classroom with all of the kids in my drama class. A frog was strapped down to the table. My biology teacher told us that we had to scare the frog. If we scared the frog, it would scream in a froggy-like way and we would get an A. But if the frog just stared and didn't scream, that meant that it wasn't scared and we got an F. One of the girls in my drama class named Annaka screamed at the top of her lungs; the frog screamed as well. Next, it was my turn. I took a deep breath, and- AAAHHHH!!!!!!! I screamed at the frog. It just stared at me. I tried again, even louder. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed so loud and I woke up to realize that I was actually screaming in real life. Then, I just started cracking up.

      Dream 2: Once, I had a dream that I was in the Hunger Games at my high school (I'm a freshman) and my evil swim coach was Clove and she was killing me with a knife.

      Dream 3: I dreamt that I was on a boat with my marching band. We were out in the middle of the ocean and I kept telling this drumline captain named Gene Hayes that a storm was coming but he didn't listen to me and we all had to ride on these baby sharks even though we were on the boat.

      Dream 4: Once, I had a dream that my swim team was riding in an old-fashioned wooden train and we were watching Catching Fire (my favorite movie) on a flat-screen TV. My coach kept whacking the train conductor with a baseball bat until he was knocked out, and she drove our train off of a cliff and this guy on my swim team named Reed was singing "Sweet Escape" by Gwen Stefani and a giant floating carrot showed up in the middle of the tracks, so another guy named Drew got out and ate it right out of the air
    6. Sowing My Stomach, Trying To Escape On A Mini Car?

      by , Yesterday at 10:24 PM

      1st Dream

      In the darkness of my room I was laying down and someone was sowing a needle in my stomach. I found this annoying and pushed the thing back but it just kept sowing and like two false awakenings happened before it stopped.After it was gone I got off the bed and saw tall anime guys who were mixed with animals. There was also a alarm that turned on and some one said a country was not going to follow the law that the U.S. wrote for them so we had to escape. The orange haired cat guy grabbed me and said he wanted me to be his fighting partner. We fought some bad guys after that and I asked what move should I do next. He said to try my pink bubble barrier and I did. Sadly I woke up after that...

      2nd Dream

      Walking outside with my mom I was looking for a building to go to. Somehow we ended up in a yoga room and a lady told me her son, the yoga instructor, was looking for a wife and that I should stay for the yoga class so that in the future we can have gorgeous babies together....I wasn't fond of that idea though and moved to see my younger brother was in the room. He wanted to use me as a surface so he could achieve a back flip. I told him no at first but since he insisted I let him. After that I somehow angered a few DCs so I imagined a small car and drove down and around multiple times down the mountain. When I jumped into a forest a DC caught up to me though but I didn't feel threatened by him. Unexpectedly though there was a fairy with red hair in my hand. I thought she was a barbie fairy doll so I threw her in a bush. She grew though and ran off.
      The next thing I recall is something yugioh related, than showing my brother a anime video I thought was going to be sugar rune but ended being a totally different anime. In the video a girl was playing a guitar and her clothes kept changing. I was confused and my brother said and wrote on the video that the girl's neck looks like it has cancer.(He was making a joke) Than I woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Some Short dreams

      by , Yesterday at 10:07 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Dream 1
      I am writing in my DJ and I reach my arm over a girl who is in my bed. I assume she is my wife. (I am definitely not married) I am watching it like it's a movie, so in third person kind of. She got annoyed because I never do that and it woke her up.

      Dream 2
      I found a game on YouTube that was called something Beach Island. It was rated 19 and up. I was looking for a game with some sexy ladies in it. In the game, you had to survive on the island and a side goal was to bang chicks along the way (which was totally different from surviving on an island ) I wanted to play it but my mom didn't want me to because she had heard it was REALLY bad. I ended up getting it and I hid that I was playing it from her. She walked in when I was playing and almost caught me.

      Dream 3
      I am in a restaurant/store and I am talking with a friend about the carnival we are at. I ask him when we have to go back to school and he says whenever we want. Apparently, you can miss school for the carnival. My friend said that obviously he was going to stay all day.

      Dream 4
      I am in the parking lot of a park with my Cross Country team.

      Dream 5
      I was watching a video and some girls in my grade were at a party having "fun"
    8. Weird way of Travel

      by , Yesterday at 09:57 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      this is from the morning of 10-21-14

      Dream 1
      I am trying to make it to a basketball camp. I have to get there using a tree house as my car. I go to my elementary school first and C is there. He asks me why I didn't just walk because my tree house was acting funny. I go into the school, it is open house. J is there. I then leave the school for Basketball and L isn't going to the camp but he leaves anyways. The staff is a little annoyed by him leaving. We walked over to where my tree house was parked and he asked how I got into it. I grabbed a long rope and started climbing up. I was then at home and my mom was there, along with another girl. I'd been calling my mom for a while because I needed help, but she wouldn't answer. The tree house wasn't working. My mom told me to wait but the other lady said she'd help me right away. We had to take the house off the tree and move it, because it was stuck in the garage.

      Dream 2
      I am in a hotel room. Aragorn is there and he has a partner who is a speaker or something. They are looking at a map and telling me something. The speaker starts speaking and a narrator's voice comes on and says, "And is voice was heard from" (then he listed several places in Middle Earth and my view was just a map and lines flowed from the places listed until every city had a line connecting it showing that Aragorn ruled everything). Someone else wanted the speaker's job but I told them that sadly they couldn't get the position because the speaker had died. (I think)

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    9. Pokemon investigation, I'm a cop, end of the world, basketball and girls

      by , Yesterday at 09:47 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      these dreams are form the morning of 10-19-14
      Dream 1
      I am with my family on an island type thing. There are different sections of the island. (like water, fire, grassy etc.) Me and someone else have to figure out where these pokemon type things are going. Gollum follows us around. We take a boat out in a lake and figure out that a pokemon thing disappeared because it was just a really small thing in a costume of a fish and a dark pokemon thing had eaten it along with the other pokemon things. Te dark pokemon was sixteen years old and the others were 15 and apparently from 15 to 16 there is a massive change in their size. There were other pokemon who posed as the dark pokemon that we had to stop. We also learned that my grandpas cancer went away. (He passed away a few years ago and he never had cancer)

      Dream 2
      I am at Cross Country practice and these end of the world things start happening like meteors and earthquakes. We all start running around to stay alive.

      Dream 3
      I am a cop and am sitting in the car. I was at a park on the outside of a track and my partner and I see a guy we were tracking down. We rush over to him and I pick up a glass that was on the ground. It has liquid drugs in it and we are arresting the guy because of this. I start drinking it and I can't stop. I know I should stop but it tastes really good. I know I'm getting addicted and finally I stop. Then my partner and I are on boats chasing criminals in the same environment as the pokemon dream.

      Dream 4
      I am at school waiting in the lunch line, though the line is the size of a really popular roller coaster. Gandalf and Legolas help me get towards the front. When I get up to the food area, W is talking to R. R is a really hot girl and I keep staring at her. K kept saying a certain greeting that for some reason no one else could say but her. Then I went to the gym and started shooting hoops but I couldn't make a shot. I left the gym and my dad was outside and he asked me something. A little kid told me to move in the hallway and I thought bout beating him up. I went into my science class and the tables were totally rearranged ad there were people in there that aren't IWL. I even asked why the tables were changed in the dream.
    10. 10/6/14, 10/8, 10/18, 10/21, 10/22 Super brief notes

      by , Yesterday at 08:01 PM
      10/22/14 Multiple FA's caught and a-ha moments but not sure how many LD's to count, so just count 2.

      *Ironing, water pooling on stairs, Son gets out of bed and starts frantically brushing teeth-weird...wait he's not home.

      Started 3rd person, Threesome negotiated between husband, wife and another woman, I come into the scene as the husband, 1st person.

      Memory of a first a-ha moment in this last series of lucidity in the late morning but not able to retrace the memory back far enough to recall, probably due to a series of FA's. Parts remembered:

      FA: laying in bed holding a large round stick about waist level and twirling it around in the air realizing I am dreaming and how real it feels. Like guitar the other night.

      FA to WILD like transition with various HH's, one scene forms with a little boy who I think looks maybe like a girl and I try to morph her into Girl Friday.

      FA Apartment/Motel-like -
      I "wake up" and at first think something along the lines of ok this is my apartment, this is normal/IWL (even though I don't live in an apartment...FA's can be tricky!) I hear water the sound of a shower running and walk that way. Door to shower room is closed. Sink outside is running/filling, water is orangish. Weird...hmm I'm dreaming again, look at mirror and confirmed by feeling sleep mask but not showing in mirror image. Decide Girl Friday will be in shower but dream fades when opening door.

      Spin out of fading dream into outdoor courtyard and restaurant and waiter that looks familiar
      before fading to bed for good. 218 & 219 Night time intention seems more important than ever.

      Using memory list tool to remember dreams during night. Did not list them all here. Daniel Love's peg system.

      (okay that took too long, need to find quicker way to document LD's. Maybe one picture images.)

      10/21/14 FA thinking about previous dream, caught, stunning Angelina Jolie look-alike, romance, sex, nice butt, most awesome dream breasts ever!(nice size, awesome shape, the size and color of areola, vivid), vivid close up of her"ahem". Wowzers! 217

      10/18/14 lucid at seeing a baby or toddlers arm in a position in which it would be propping up his head, but only the arm is visible. Aha. <memory gap> Find a dream guitar and start playing it like I am an awesome guitarist. Three notes using lower strings, three notes using upper strings and then slide my other finger up the guitar (sorry I don't know the terminology...no musician...yet!). Was able to remember the basic sound/rhythm IWL. Feel myself back in bed with my fingers grasping the edge of the bed and I can still almost feel the guitar but it is fading. 216

      <gap in lucid nights: late nights, travelling, even a 0 recall night in here with only a memory that I was just dreaming something but can't remember what on that night; other nights varying degrees of recall but most notably low during late late to bed nights and during travel>

      10/8/14 Seeing a ghost sitting at the foot of my bed with his head bowed down in shame. I think about my big goal question mentally: "What is the biggest thing holding me back in life?" and start verbalizing by asking the ghost/dc what his name is several times. The name Eric pops into my head. This brings up conflict which I assume is pointing to an inner conflict within myself and this comes in the form of a struggle with the "ghost." This struggle claws at my lucidity until I wake into an FA not caught. Same house, my grandmother's or somewhere visiting her. 215

      10/6/14 ja han ska liva; In car and decide with turmoil around the best place to park is just above the ground - okay...I'm dreaming. Get out girl named Becky, about 15, keep going and get onto a bus, mooning people as they get on and go to a dark haired Hispanic? woman and she gives me a bj. I even think for a moment, what if she were to take a bite but I suppressed it well and went on in pleasure! 214
    11. Uncreatively named higher powers and an iron fence

      by , Yesterday at 07:00 PM
      There's a war going on between two factions working for two different higher powers - one called the Authority, the other called the Dark Ones. At the moment, I and two other people are untying a woman from a chair, she's been held captive. She's dressed like a candy striper. One of the people helping to untie her is a woman dressed in an old nurse's uniform; the other one is a man I've been working with. I'm explaining something that this man and I recently discovered - the Authority and the Dark Ones are the same entities. They're not divided at all, it's the exact same entities appearing to us under different names, playing us against each other. It's my intention to end the war by eliminating their influence over us.

      The woman in the nurse's uniform has this look of hate as I'm talking about all this. In the end she says, "I hope you win," but it sounds like a curse. She runs out into the street and throws herself backward onto a spiked iron fence, impaling herself. The woman we'd been untying screams "Laura!", the nurse's name. People come rushing out of the building next door, calling emergency services.
    12. First Post - Last night's dream

      by , Yesterday at 06:38 PM
      Dream last night:

      All I remember was walking during the day in a nice neighborhood (familiar from another dream I think) during the day and going (unannounced/uninvited) into one house that in the dream I knew was the M’s house (though it wasn’t like their real life one), and E.M. (a girl I knew in high school, whose dad is the pastor at the church that hosted/sponsored our school) was on the couch I saw when I walked in the foyer (the living room was in front of me, with the back of the couch close by and a television facing me on the other side of the room)… E was watching TV, reclined across the couch biting her nails or something and looked over and saw me and asked what’s up (not shocked at my showing up at random) and let me sit there and hang out for a bit. I think her parents showed up and started accepting guests (members of their church… people E’s & my age that are pretty religious) and they lined up outside – which was dark/nighttime already – on a porch area off to the right side of the room, outside a door… I think it was mostly guys and they were lined up waiting for E & me to go down the line hugging them (just the lean-forward, partial hug) and kissing their cheeks (I’m not European and we live in the US, but I guess since E’s family is somewhat European, that was less odd to her) and making introductions before I hang out with that group (and I’m under the impression the guys were interested in being our suitors, and were smiling quite big and being very cordial)… I felt underprepared and excused myself, halfway down the line of kisses, to pop into the restroom. Apparently I had my purse and some overnight stuff there. And I think in the dream I realized I wasn’t wearing a bra under my shirt, and tried to find one to put on (in my overnight bag in the bathroom, or maybe lying around somewhere in the room) and ended up touching up my makeup instead… I don’t remember anything else. I woke up feeling odd about being bra-less.
    13. Failed WILD/Good Dreams

      by , Yesterday at 04:50 PM
      Lucid: Green
      Semi-Lucid: Orange
      Other: Black

      I woke up at about 3:20 this morning, after my first long dream cycle. (I wake up at 4:45, go to bed at 8:45. My subconscious had rewarded me with an abundance of dreams, and it took me about 20 minutes to write them all down. Since I had been up for about 20 minutes, I decided to do attempt a WILD. I got into position, and relaxed. The hypnagogic imagery started immediately, and a dream scene started to drag me in, but whenever I reminded myself that I was dreaming, it would pull me back out. Eventually my mind fell asleep, and I had a non-lucid dream.

      The Weird Customers
      My family and I are sitting at a table in a restaurant that looks like my local Burger King, eating food. The restaurant is empty, and I think we own/run the restaurant. I look out the window to my left, and see a line of cars in the drive through. The one at the window is a large green SUV with a lot of adults in it, at least 5. I say something to my family, most likely a complaint, then I go to the window to collect the customers money. I tell him (a tall looking dark haired man) his total, and apologize for his wait. When he hands me the money, it is bundled up in a rubber band. As I take his money, he says to me: "Aren't you gonna say thank you?" I grumble a thanks, and hand him his food. He drives away. I look out the window and see a long line of cars coming. I shout to my Mom that i don't want to do so many cars. She tells me I can take care of the money from the other man later. I go over to the money and look at the wrapped up bundle. Inside is an American Express credit card. I look at the man's name on the credit card so that i can return it to him. I can't remember what the name was. When the next car pulls up, inside is a plumpish man, mostly bald with a scruffy beard. I tell him his total, and he starts to rummage around in his car. As he does so, I look around out side. The sky is blue, with a few wispy clouds. In the distance, I can see a line of spectacularly beautiful mountains. They are a tannish color on the bottom, purple and white on top. I come to the conclusion that I must be in Utah. The man in the car hands me a box full of toys, trinkets, and stuffed monkeys. He asks if that will work as payment. Humoring him, I ask my Mom. She tells me that each trinket/toy/monkey is worth 1.80$. I am astounded, but I give him his change in toys. The dream ends.

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    14. Sergei Dragunov and the Towering Scrap-Amoured Alien of the Colosseum

      by , Yesterday at 04:43 PM
      22nd October 2014:

      Not an awful lot of recollection tonight, but some. At some point I think I was in a sushi restaurant, one of those ones with the tanks where you can pick the fish out that you want to eat. The place was dingy and indistinct, and I couldn't really make out an awful lot of the place, but the arches and general architecture of the place reminded me of a seafood restaurant I had been in during a dream that I had last month.

      The next bit of dream that I remember took place in a towering, circular Roman colosseum; it was taller than it was wide, and its thick Ionic pillars were stacked on top of one another in ascending arches. The sun beat down from a blue sky above, and I don't remember seeing many clouds. The dream camera focused on a view of Sergei Dragunov (you can see him in my profile picture; I play a lot of Tekken and use him a lot, hence his presence); he was lying on the ground looking up at a tall, looming figure, crawling backwards as if in terror. His gas mask was missing (I have him customised in the game so that he usually wears one), and his hair was slightly longer, wild and unkempt, as if he'd been in a scuffle. The dream then focused on a view of the figure that was looming over him; he wasn't entirely discernible as he was cloaked in shadow; he was so large that he blocked out the sunlight streaming into the colosseum. He was incredibly muscular, with broad shoulders and arms as thick as tree trunks; from what I could see, he was wearing some kind of angular bucket-helm that showed only his eyes; I can't remember their colour, only that he had a disdainful expression behind his helmet. His arms and torso were covered in banded iron, and he had a short cloak with vertical purple and white stripes cast over his left shoulder. Something about his jumbled and disorganised-looking set of armour told me it had been assembled from a scrap heap or something, but its thrown-together look made him no less intimidating. He may have spoken, but I don't quite remember. He turned, his cloak billowing, and walked away slowly with large footsteps, towards a waiting flying saucer that was parked a short way away within the colosseum. The ship was made of grey metal, with a domed glass top. Very stereotypical, really.

      The colosseum briefly shimmered, and seemed to transition into one of the early maps from Half Life 2 where you are beset by Combine with machine gun turrets in a water-clogged junkyard, with the dream camera position at the right hand-side of the map, giving a sideways view. The helmeted figure continued walking towards his flying saucer, giving a look back, before ascending the ramp into it. It was at this point that I woke up.

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    15. You're in a room...

      by , Yesterday at 04:32 PM
      Couple of non lucids

      At a beach. There was an Oystercatcher to my right. I looked in the water to see what it was eating. Couldn't see anything tasty. I put my hand in my pocket, it was full of wee screws, I started throwing them into the water. I turned and made my way towards a wee play park.

      I followed my auld man into a shop where he bought a packet of fags, we started talking aboot going on holiday and then we stepped outside and met my mither.

      Working at the shop. A middle aged woman with short grey hair came in, followed by a man dressed in womans clothes wit exactly the same hair style. It didn't seem to be a joke or anything , so I treated them normally and they bought something (cant mind what) and as they left I looked out the shop window and watched them get into a car.

      Thrilling stuff again!
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