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    1. Laughing Old Man

      by , Today at 12:39 AM
      I was staying at a hostel run by nuns. This nun came up to me and offered clean sheets for my bunk bed. The nun had eyes full of expression and life, and the whitest skin. I went back to my bunk to make my bed, only to find this old man sleeping there with the sheets over his head. He had my sleeping bag all bunched up around his feet. I didn't mind that he took my bunk, but I wanted my sleeping bag back, so I grabbed onto it and started to tug. The old man woke up! I then backed up a couple of steps. He said to me in a deep Italian accent, "You're dreaming." I looked at him and said, "What?" He said, "You're dreaming!" I thought I was hearing things, and I must have earplugs in. I reached up into my ear and pulled an earplug out. It felt like I had another earplug in there, so I pulled out a second earplug from the same ear, and then a third, etc., until there was small pile of earplugs on the ground. I then realized, he's right, I am dreaming! I'm Lucid! I immediately pointed my finger at him and said, "I caught you!" (telling me I'm dreaming). He looked shocked and back away from me in his bed. I then realized just how hilarious the situation was, staring down at the pile of earplugs, and I started to laugh uncontrollably. I jumped up on the bed and sat beside him. He too started to laugh uncontrollably in his deep voice. He then sat up in bed, while we continued to laugh uncontrollably. His body started to glow, and light was bursting out all around him. I then woke up from my Lucid dream. I sat up in bed and continued to laugh.
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    2. Cosmic Disaster

      by , Today at 12:15 AM
      It was a dark night, and I had the "blindness" nightmare trend. There were a lot of worried voices and worried-looking people. They all seemed to be filing into a doorway guarded by two soldiers (they were medieval guards, kind of Egyptian looking with spears). I was going with them but then I remembered that I needed something from my tent, either glasses or a flashlight I think. The doorway was carved into stone and it seemed to go underground. I went to my tent, which was right next to the long line of people, but I heard a horrible noise. It was like a dog whistle, and for some reason I knew it was not only coming from the sky but also the cause of people hiding inside this underground bunker or whatever it was. I looked up, and saw all the planets (jupiter was about 1/2 - 3/4 the size of the moon) in alignment in the sky. It may sound cool, but it seemed extremely ominous like there was some evil cosmic disaster going on. I went inside my tent and started searching for whatever the object was. I couldn't see a thing, so I pulled out my flashlight and turned it on but it didn't help at all. I still couldn't find it, so I went up to the doorway and the guards let me go in front of everyone else for some reason. Inside was not a bunker, but a mineshaft going into the darkness. I got on the mine cart and launched off. Let's just say when I came out everything turned really fucking weird... there was something involving a red flying squirrel who spoke english with a mexican accent and a few other weird fragments but the mine cart basically transported me into a different dream.
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    3. Tyrannosaurus Hide and Seek

      by , Today at 12:04 AM
      In this dream there was a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex somewhere between 50-150 feet tall hunting me and some other people at some place that looked like a research outpost in the jungle. I know a T-Rex hat big couldn't actually hurt anyone due to sheer unwieldiness but in this dream it definitely could rip people apart as easily as you can walk, and it wanted to. It was kind of like hide and seek in that it was seeking, and we had to hide. It moved so quickly on its massive legs that I knew once it found me there would be no escape. It even came close enough that it could have killed me but then started off in another direction. There was a building that was like the "safe zone" because for some reason it couldn't find people in there even though it had a glass ceiling. Only like 6 people could go there at once though or else it would detect the concentration of people and attack. We had to take turns, because for some reason it seemed like it was hunting in "rounds". Kind of like hide and seek.

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    4. Nightmare Trends

      by , Today at 12:00 AM
      I noticed I have several nightmare trends that are very common in nightmares (although I don't frequently have nightmares). A lot of times there will be several of these all at once.
      1. Thick Air -
      For some reason it is very hard to move. This is usually due to air that seems thick, but I can't actually feel it. I just need to apply more force to get through it. However, I can move at normal speeds, sometimes faster (if I am running than something) once I gather momentum. Almost every time, though, some obstacle ends up in my way and since I have only forward momentum I crash into it or can't avoid it. Imagine running really fast on REALLY slippery ice and trying to navigate around an obstacle. I don't slip or anything, the ice is just an illustration of the feeling, but I can't turn for my life.

      2. Clumsiness -
      With this type I am very clumsy, falling over constantly. Like I will fall over, get up, and fall over again before I can even fully stand up. Or anything regarding being psychotically clumsy.

      3. Blindness -
      I kind of blind. It isn't like looking into the darkness, it is extremely stressful and tiring. It is kind of like squinting constantly, or having a thick shade over your vision. A lot of times I won't be able to see even if I have a very bright light right in front of me. That or I just... can't see things.. I just can't. Not in a way that they seem invisible, but like text that is too small to read.

      4. Left Behind -
      There will be a monster or some reason for everyone to get away really fast and I am not fast enough. I am left alone to face the problem. This more commonly is combined with other ones.

      5. Giants -
      Giant creatures coming after me. The scary part isn't that they are so strong or dangerous, it is that they seem inescapable. It feels like no matter how far you run or where you hide, their long legs and sweeping vision will overtake you. I got a rush when I saw the first Attack on Titan episode because the part where they break into the city gave me this feeling and I felt genuine dread. Unfortunately it was a one-time thing and I can't get that feeling again, which sucks because it was really cool.

      I will update this if I remember/find others.
      nightmare , side notes
    5. 015:

      by , Yesterday at 10:44 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      Notes: I've been having lucid dreams very frequently since eating shit on bike this summer and concussing myself. These almost always occur just after falling asleep and usually end with the sensation of choking, resulting in waking up. I also almost always drool during these events.


      I appeared, quite suddenly, in a long metallic looking hallway glowing with a strange red tint. I perceived that this was representative of some distant war fire.

      In reality, I had just sent my friend a Facebook message before suddenly falling asleep. Instead of focusing on the still empty hallway I thought about that for a minute, then turned my attention to my physical body, which felt numb. I could feel myself drooling. Realizing I was lucid dreaming, I decided to stop wasting my time focusing on external factors and focus on the dream.

      My first thought was to dream about fighting off a horde of baddies. A bunch of grunts wearing steel helmets and lamellar armor appeared. An axe appeared in my hand. I started to fight.

      At first, I couldn't move quickly. Something in my mind was holding me back from fully controlling the dream. I thought "no, move faster" repeatedly until eventually, my dream self could move full speed.

      My brain continued to try and derail my lucidity. At one point I conjured some fat dude in office attire to grab me and pull me away from the action. After thinking, very purposefully, "fuck off" a few times, he did so. Almost immediately after that, the part of my brain that wants to confound me conjured my dad and tried to turn my lucid dream into a nightmare.

      He was being attacked by several grunts, his hand reaching out to me from between a door crack. I knew my dream was going to have him killed. I threw my axe and stayed one grunt, the other disappeared. My dad lay bent over unnaturally over a couch, I could tell part of my brain was waiting for me to interpret his figure as dead.

      "Nope, he's fine," I thought. Dad sprung back up, totally untouched.

      At this point, I started to feel the choking sensation and knew I wasn't going to be able to remain asleep. I felt like I couldn't breathe. The dream swirled out of focus. I began to hear my physical body making a choking noise. I woke up and breathed. My pillow was covered in drool.
    6. Weird coding and hitting a jackpot

      by , Yesterday at 09:52 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Weird coding and hitting a jackpot (Non-lucid)


      I was at my computer programming but it was some weird language instea of what I used to program (Yes, I do dedicate my life as a Psychic Medium, but I also enjoy coding in various languages such as C++, Java, HTML and CSS)

      As I was coding, it suddenly started to transform and my code editor looked weird. I was able to recall something like this:

      <title id="#ti38">Luc 1110111 01</title>
      The code was unfinished (those who know how to code will find that body tag is not closed and the html tags as well as the doctype is missing. Also, the 1s and 0s were random, I did not recall the exact order but an approximate.

      The I was in sort sort of class and we were rolling dice for prices and my team mates got 1-4 pts. We were sitting in a large table and we were bummed because of low rolls. One other team mate rolled a 43 and we got excited, as it was worth 43 pts. Then, suddenly, a panel from wheel of fortune appeared:

      Someone told me, "It is your turn." So I went ahead to roll the dice, and as I did, a lady flipped a tile from the panel and it said, "Jackpot." All my team mates were jumping out of emotion and they were cheering on me. I felt good.

      I had a female friend in this dream.
    7. The rose garden, aiming and missing

      by , Yesterday at 08:51 PM
      After going lucid and abandoning the storyline I'd been in, I'm walking to a simple full-length mirror leaning against a wall. I focus on my intended destination - the rose garden, a meeting place. As I place my hands through the glass, I lose all visuals. My hands sink into the glass as far as my wrists, but no further. The 'hole' beyond the surface of the mirror that acts as a portal isn't open enough. I can feel jagged edges against my right wrist, as opposed to the heavy liquid-like feeling of the portal. It's like I've broken open a hole in a frozen lake. I stay focused on the destination and mentally dig at those edges until they give.

      I can feel a wall of thorns all around me so that I can't move. I still have no visuals, I think of this as between scenes. I'm annoyed at myself - this is the barrier around the garden, I shouldn't have had to deal with this at all. It was an error in focus, thinking about roses and sharp edges. I try to correct my focus but find myself waking up.
      (Though it wound up being a false awakening. Visuals returned when I 'woke up.')
    8. Ripples in Time

      by , Yesterday at 06:02 PM
      Morning of September 30, 2014. Tuesday.

      This was a very long and epic dream, but with only a few clearer coherent parts left over.

      I am traveling through time somehow for whatever reason. I am with my wife and several unknown people, seemingly from different time periods, both from the past and the supposed future. It almost seems like some sort of "wagon train through time", but also like a tourist excursion in some ways. In a way, this is literal for the time being as we actually are part of a large wagon train moving through the west, possibly in the 1860s.

      There are about four or five wagons and several people walking or riding horses. At one point, a group of soldiers approaches us. They want some of our food to feed their own. (This scene seems partly borrowed from "The Desperate Mission", a 1969 television movie with Ricardo Montalbán - but it has not been that recently that I had seen it).

      We are somewhat hesitant to share our food but decide to do so to avoid trouble with the soldiers. The mood remains cheerful for the most part. At one point, I become aware of a large storage area which first looks like an outdoor "cellar" of some sort. I go down into it on my own and look around. There is one opening near one wall of this featureless underground room. I think that this might be a good place to stay for awhile as well as store our food and belongings for a time.

      From this point, the dream takes on a very strange vividness and perspective. Under the underground room I am in (which is mostly concrete or stone) is a huge structure supposedly built in the more distant past, possibly the late 1700s, and is apparently some sort of gigantic underground utility building (though I am uncertain if it was ever above ground) - perhaps once used for storing wheat or some such. It is like a huge three-dimensional mandala (facing upwards) of a fairly simple design. It is made out of thousands of thin boards and dowels as well as other lumber and seems mostly intact and creates the impression of a greatly enlarged wicker-like structure. I am able to look between parts of it, through a few different sections, and get the impression of an almost bottomless depth under it, into the darkness. The sight continues to fill me with awe and I wonder how people could have built this structure, especially underground and with apparently no stronger support (or places to stand on or be secured to while building) - even more-so, the fact there does not seem to be a foundation or "bottom" to it to hold up the rest over what otherwise seems a "bottomless pit" to possibly the core of the planet.

      Eventually, it seems to be related to a portal into another time period and we are eventually in the 1950s. My two youngest sons are there and playing a cheap handheld game, apparently from the 2030s that I think is able to project a holographic gaming environment around the player, rendered at various levels of opacity and translucence. People from the 1950s, mostly younger people, do not seem to take notice to the anachronistic presence of other things from elsewhere including the wagon train outside the school-like building we are in. I am aware of a red Cadillac outside, which may be our new form of time travel somehow, with all the members of our "team" having one.

      The dream eventually decays into completely bizarre imagery. It relates to having watched the second movie in a series of three with the third supposedly being the strangest and the least-liked by the public. I seem to be watching part of it on the wall of the Cubitis living room to the right of the entry point into the hallway.

      It is the image of an (unknown) male's face (which actually appears in a row with at least five or six others above another row which shows the upper halves of bodies) except that his mouth is from an emoticon or more like a composite of a real mouth and that of an emoticon. It rotates clockwise (as if through a software process) from being a smile but stops before making a complete frown so that the mouth is then sideways. It is almost like a malfunctioning "slot machine" but of radial symmetry relative to the "mouth section". During this time I contemplate why I am watching such an absurd movie with my youngest sons and probably will not watch the third in the series.
      Tags: time travel
    9. Doctor Who-Themed Dream Fragment

      by , Yesterday at 05:03 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary written while awake]

      I'm in an episode of Doctor Who that takes place in a big, artificial, vertical column that connects the center of the earth with outer space. I am the current companion, but I'm still me. The conflict in the episode centers around whether or not to set off a bomb at the bottom of the shaft that will blow up the Earth. Different characters present convincing arguments for both setting it off and not setting it off. The Doctor and I, of course, are trying to stop it from being set off. Also, there's a time loop, so we get to go back to earlier in time and get a second chance at stopping it from being set off. At some point [I think during the second loop], I become lucid and enjoy the experience. At the top of the shaft, which is in space, I have to jump through empty space and through a small, circular hole to get into an enclosed space that has air. It's a little scary, but I make it.

      [This was a pretty cool dream, and I wish I could remember it in more detail.]
    10. Awkward Night

      by , Yesterday at 04:40 PM (Kali)
      I'm in a mall where I find myself in the lingerie section of a store. I decide I like the Victoria Secret panties in front of me and decide to buy them. Time skips and I'm instantly wearing said panties and a night shirt. I'm walking through the store with somebody (can't recall who) when I notice my new panties have LED lights on the front and they're blinking. I can see the flashing lights through my shirt. I hadn't realized these would have lights....and I really don't like them all that much now that they do. I debate about tossing them but that doesn't seem practical.

      Bank scene where I'm running around at first, searching. Then I'm in a wheelchair; not necessary but convenient for some reason. A woman holds the elevator door open for me. I decline, now lost in the middle of a parking garage. The building is turned around and I can't seem to make heads or tails of how to leave. The woman grabs my attention once more and smiles patiently before instructing me to enter the elevator with her. This time I do.

      Soon after I'm with a ex-coworker. We arrive at the movies and he says he's hungry. He orders six full size meals at the movies. I order one and help him carry his. He's always been a pretty hefty man. I have the impression this is a date. Thing is, I don't date. If I did, I wouldn't date him; the most important reason is he was in a relationship with my close friend. Nobody is in the box office, I'm relieved. Can't buy the tickets. Suddenly show times begin appearing and a person finally starts selling tickets. I'm not excited about this; funny thing is, time speeds up. Suddenly we're too late for ALL the movies. Works for me.

      I walk over to another area. A woman I recognize (character from an unpublished book) is cooking something in a large pot and offers me some. It's food from home. In the book she's a spiritual elder, something along the lines of a voodoo priestess. I go over and make a small plate. As I'm dishing myself food she speaks to me.

      "Why don't you fall in love?"

      "I can't love."

      I spoon some bacon looking bits onto my plate.

      "Of course you can fall in love. Everybody can."

      "Let me rephrase. I won't."

      "And why is this?"

      "This isn't the lifetime for it. Romantic love is selfish."

      I place a spoonful of meat mixture on my plate and walk off before she asks more questions.

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    11. Fish/Underwater Maze, Roger/My Old House, and Wanting Coffee At the Mall

      by , Yesterday at 02:08 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in some maze-type thing with some other people, I think my husband was one of them. It was like an underwater/fish theme. When you'd go down a new passageway, it would change the "story" or whatever was going on. If you went back, the story would change back.

      I was then sleeping on the ground somewhere. I had fallen asleep with the TV on (which took up an entire wall; it was like a projector) showing colorful fish and underwater stuff. It was some kind of documentary or something. I woke up and it was still on. I thought about how Dallas had left it on, but I actually liked that he did; I seemed to sleep well with it on.


      I was with a lot of people, many were guys. We were outside. We were about to star going back to high school. I was really focused on one in particular named Roger (no one I know IWL). He was tall and thin with light brown hair that came about his shoulders. I was watching him interacting with someone else. He then came up to me and we started to talk. I felt an intense connection with him. I wouldn't say I had a crush on him, but the feeling was similar, only it was a deep friendship kind of feeling. We would hold hands and stuff, but it was just because we were so close to one another. He did tell me that he had had a crush on me before. I don't remember my response. I remember us interlocking our pinkies. I think we even pinky promised something.

      I then was walking with him in the courtyard from my high school. We were holding hands and I was telling him that I was supposed to start my senior year, but I didn't have to because I'd already been a senior once before so I probably wasn't going to. He was supposed to be a senior as well.

      Then, I was somewhere else. I believe Roger was still there with me. There were many people around. Connie, a lady I used to work with was also there. I was seeing what was happening from an angled above view. Connie said she felt like she was going to throw up, and then walked a little towards her right and out of my line of sight. I heard her vomiting. She then was saying she liked her brand, new empty salon. As I was thinking "All except for the puke", someone else said the same thing.

      I was then in a house that I lived in when I was 4-5 years old. It was a huge wooden house. We, for some reason, still had some of our furniture in there. In the foyer, there was a huge, elegant dresser with a huge mirror. It was mine, but we had had no place to move it because it was so big, so we left it. I made a comment about it and looked in the mirror at myself. The mirror was so big it was like a full length, and I could see my whole body in it.

      I was then sitting at a table with my dad and a few people in the family that now owned the house. The people who owned it now were Indian. One, a man, was trying to tell my dad that they were going to charge him this HUGE amount of money, I'm talking thousands, to keep the things in the house.
      "Like always," he said, referring to the fact that that price was normal.
      I then chimed in, because I knew that wasn't right.
      "We used to LIVE here!!" I said in argument; we knew that the price was too high because we ourselves had lived there, and it wasn't that high then.
      The man who had been speaking fell silent. I looked in an entryway in front of me and saw one of their sons, who was a teenager. He was standing in the doorway.


      I was doing something for these two little girls, one older (about 7) and one younger (about 5). Their mother was there. I don't remember what exactly, but I want to say I was decorating a cake. I finished, and then I gave each of them a pair of black panty hose to put on. My fingernail caught on one pair, but I didn't see any damage. They put them on right there (they were wearing short skirts). The older one said hers had a run. I looked and saw a long run behind one of her knees.

      I then was in the mall. Dallas was there, and someone else I believe. I wanted to get a coffee, a particular kind that was unique to the place I wanted to go, and remembered the coffee shop that had been there (that I worked at IWL; a different one than the one I usually am referring to), but it had closed. I then "remembered" that they had reopened it briefly (this is in reference to another dream I had a few years ago about them reopening). But then, I also "remembered" that they had to close again, and now there was an eyebrow waxing place there (true IWL). I made a comment about wanting the coffee drink to Dallas and asked if there were any other coffee places in the mall. I was trying to remember if there were any, but alas, I knew there weren't. Dallas then said that the coffee shop I was thinking about earlier had reopened. I asked him if he was sure it was still there. He said he thought so. I then said I didn't think it was; it was "BrowArt" now.
    12. Trains in China

      by , Yesterday at 12:35 PM (The Quest for Nightly Lucidity)
      I can recall I am with a large group of people, including family, vacationing in China. We are in a large, developed city that is testing this new elevated rail system. The elevated rail, at some points goes very far above ground level and connects near the top of some of the skyscrapers.
      I can recall getting on it. There is a violent storm rolling in and my run is the last run before they are closing down the rail for the storm. It is already starting to rain, and there are violent lightning strikes and howling winds blowing.
      The train comes to one of the places where the track goes very high off of the ground. It stops, and then a portion of the track begins moving up, like an elevator, carrying the train with it. We are lifted high above the city, and we see that the high up rail runs across the rooftops of some of the buildings in the area.
      There was some aspect to the dream, like somebody had taken the wrong train and we were trying to find them in this vast city. I found myself to be annoyed by this, because I just wanted to ride the train, and not have to worry about tracking down others.
      Being on the train is strangely very relaxing. There was a heater that made it warm and comfortable.

      There was some other part of the dream, where I was in the same city. I was driving and my dad and some Chinese man were sitting in the back. I was supposed to be taking them out to dinner or something but I didn't know how to navigate, all of the road signs were in Chinese.
      There was also some aspect to it, like I had to find a restaurant that had a good view of the ocean. I saw that some skyscrapers had missing windows due to the storm that had rolled in.
      I think I ended up getting into a bad car accident and waking myself up.
    13. Beginning to Dream Journal Again

      by , Yesterday at 11:22 AM (One Up Seeker)
      1. I was in some kind of building. It had white polished tile on the ground and white walls. I remember being in an operation room in an operation chair, just sitting down. This operation room that I was in was darker than the rest of the building. The lights were off in this room and the only visible light was that from other rooms. My 3 really close friends came into the room and stood next to me, and we talked for a little bit.
      I remember leaving the operation room sometime later. As I exited the room and walked down the hallway I saw Isabelle, a friend from school. I went up to her and talked to her. After a minute or so of talking she asked me, "Hey Cory, do you want to maybe hang out later?". I could tell that she way basically asking me out, and she was very nervous when asked me. I said, "Sure, like a chill sesh or what?", and she replied "Yeah".
      I thought this a little weird, but I didn't tell her that I wasn't interested in her for some reason.
    14. The Party Ark in Venice

      by , Yesterday at 09:45 AM
      Monday, 29th September 2014

      Moon Cycle: 30% illuminated waxing crescent in Sagittarius
      Tarot card: 9 of Pentacles
      Mayan Calender: White Resonant Wizard


      I appeared to be in the shallow dock yards of Venice. The long and wide megalithic canal walls where lined with many open topped boats and people sat and enjoyed their sundowners. Our boat was old, unpainted and wooden resembling a small version of Noah's Ark.

      My friends steered on deck as I jumped off and pushed the boat outward, a little journey was in order. As the ark began to move I noticed my friends where fooling around and not controling the rudder to steer. The Ark now headed toward some other expensive looking yachts. Luckily the people on the other yacht soon realised danger and swiftly moved just in time.
      "Idiots!" I think to myself about my friends.

      The crew from the yacht that we almost just hit into shot us disapproving death stares, and signalled to the coast guard security closeby, who had seen everything anyway.

      They signalled us to come over immediately.
      "Uh-oh...now we're in shit",I exclaimed out loud. My mind immediatly asked if we had any illegal substances on the boat...its wasn't our boat and who knows what could have been stowed away.
      I sat in the front of the ark,legs hanging of each side, steering toward the coast guard.

      As we got closer a short man tanned with a mustauche climed down the ladder from the watch tower to receive us.
      Beaming my most sincere smile, I greeted with a "how are you sir" as if the previous events didnt occour.
      Strangely, the guard was cheerily friendly and we began a conversation consisting of unrelated small talk.

      After observing his body language and facial expressions for a while I soon realised that he was intoxicated and merely was looking for another drink from any unsuspecting citizen.
    15. If I Was High

      by , Yesterday at 04:09 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #367 - DILD - 2:15AM

      My memory is bad on this one but its a dry spell breaker.

      I am laying in bed trying sleep and I have some strange thoughts thinking about when I was in high school I would get high and eat something and then sleep like a baby. I wish I could do that now. I sigh and roll over. I notice my body feels very light causing me to recognize that I am in a dream. I become lucid and think I have entered SP very early in the night. I struggle to move and exit but I think I lose lucidity or just have an FA.

      I don't recall much here but I know I was chatting on Skype with OpheliaBlue, CanisLucidus, and Dreamer about lucid dreaming. Maybe it was more of a memory, but I regain lucidity because of and enter some more SP sensations. I am really close to getting the past this, but something smacks into my back and I think someone has woken me up, ruining my "WILD".

      I am at a very strange version of work and I think that I have only been asleep for an hour. The dream ends.
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