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    1. Happy Adventure Fun Time!

      by , Today at 03:30 PM (Kali)
      A crazed man tells me to jump on his back, he'd like to carry me to this spot where the rest of a crowd of people are heading. I oblige him. We reach a shoreline and he enters the water. The water deepens and it turns out he can't swim. He begins to flounder. I tighten my legs around him and wind up carrying him to the other side. I lose my purse in the process but think little of it. We enter a realm where they have an elaborate underground transit station. A stranger approaches me and wants a kiss. I notice he has an octopus growing in the back of his throat. I decline. I arrive in a hospital setting where I can hear nurses treating patients, one is explaining that the patient has a virus, there's an octopus disease going around. I'm relieved I dodged that bullet.

      Instantly I'm sucked from this dream and enter a new dream where I find myself in the middle of giving my high school sweetheart a prostate massage. Takes only a moment to become fully immersed in my high school mentality and soon enough I've fallen in love with him in the same manner we fell in love the first around. I find the vulnerability of it all quite refreshing and his technique of defying the laws of physics interesting. By the end of our day, after we've reconnected, our time is almost over. It's promising, to say the least. Until of course he shows me his engagement ring. It's Lord of the Rings themed and I find myself jealous of such a unique approach to an engagement.

      My waking mind begins seeping into my dreaming mind and I find the entire situation sad. He tells me it's just a week until they're married. I almost tell him of a special day for me that's also coinciding with the day of his marriage. He seems to already be aware of the coincidence. Given the circumstances, I decide the most selfless thing I can do is let him go. I go with that. I ditch him on a mountain then bury my disappointment at a strip club. I have a seat in a booth against the wall, have the mamasan bring me an appetizer, and I sit there and wallow for a fair bit. Another reminder that I shan't try my hand at romance ever again.

      Well. That was fun!
    2. Learning about Space through someone creating a Solar System

      by , Today at 12:59 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in space with some presence who is teaching me about space and solar systems. They say that they want to build a solar system and are going to teach me things about space. They create a star; a yellow star like our sun and place it in the 'middle'.
      They then create two planets, a large rocky planet, bigger than earth orbiting very close to the star and a green gas planet orbiting a little farther out. After that, they say that they are going to create an ice ring around the sun, and they do that. Though it's more like a snow ring, as it looks like a cloud of snowflakes orbiting the sun.
      The ice ring then turns from white to light blue and the presence says that this was because of how close it was to the star; it melted and became a ring of water vapor. The green gas planet began pulling on the vapor ring and absorbing it, increasing its atmosphere.
      Then the presence introduced a bunch of moons orbiting both planets. It said that because the rocky planet was so close to the sun, it could only have four stable orbits around it. It places dark moons of various sizes in these orbits.
      It then places a dozen moons in orbit around the gas planet. Some of them collide and end up creating a ring like Saturn. I take note of how foggy the gas planet is becoming because of all the water vapor that it is absorbing.
      Something to do with adding more planets further out. The presence was trying to make a planet that could support life. There were a lot of asteroids involved for some reason.
      There was also something to do with adding a second smaller sun that orbited the star like a planet.
    3. Making out with a Giant and traveling inside her brain.

      by , Today at 11:52 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Making out with a Giant and traveling inside her brain (DILD)


      I was in my old house, when I used to live with my parents. The room looked different though. I had barely just a bed and a wooden table, said table was clear and pretty much empty (I believe it just had a lamp and that's all.) The light in the room was very dim and the door was closed. The door had a metallic door knob that looked like this:

      Suddenly, the door know started to grow and it had an evil looking face, it would grow larger and approach at me.
      I immediately realized I was dreaming as this was a classic nightmare I used to have when I was a small kid, which I found funny to dream that out of nowhere. As I was lucid, the door knob said, "Lucid Nightmare, yes?" I told the knob that screw that and just jumped out of the window and started to fly.

      It was night and there was little to no lightning at the street. I saw a female DC that was on the street and I approached her but she freak out, started to scream and ran away. I took a nice stroll (this time I did not fly for some reason, weird for me) and I was gazing at a sky full of stars. I suddenly saw in front of me a very hot DC, but she was huge, like eight feet tall. I felt like lucid sex and realized that this was an actual dare, as I remember I needed to stare for over one minute, so I pulled her pants and panties down and stared into her privates for a while, in addition of playing with them (I won't be graphic) but it was for over a minute. I also recalled that the exact wording was to look into her eyes, so I also looked into her eyes and made out for a while, over a minute without waking up
      (So I guess I have to say, FryingMan, you were right and Stephen LaBerge was wrong with this... first time I focus on staring and I did not wake up, as the dream continues...)

      After a while making out, I recalled my last dare to go, to go inside a DC's brain and find a DC within representing an emotion. I did not find any hardships on this as I would think in real life. I asked her, "Can I go inside of your brain now?" She accepted and she hugged me. I felt like pulled inside her body and suddenly, the dream went blank. I felt I was going to wake up but I started to spin to bring stability. I saw a giant brain in front of me, or most likely, I shrunk to a tiny size:

      I started to fly towards it to enter it. As I approached the brain, I felt how the imaginary changed. I was flying like through a sea of neurons, that looked pretty much like space. I landed on one of the connectors that interwined one neuron with another and I could see around a lot of energy, and even like stars:

      After a while, I kept flying until I entered, I believe, a neuron. I landed and there was a DC dressed in a business professional attire. I asked him what emotion he did represent, and he replied, "Feeling of happiness." I kind of felt it was a bit of weird form to represent happiness but... oh well, that is what came out from this dare and it was now completed.

      As I kept exploring the brain, I tried to recall more dares, realizing that I had no personal dares to do and I was not able to recall any of the anyone dares. I believed there was something to do with an armor and being a knight
      (which there is none) but I could not recall more so I figured it was not a dare.

      Suddenly, I felt like if I was in some sort of forest, but I believe I was still inside the brain because I saw neurons. However, I could see the sky with millions of stars, but instead of blackness, it had a faded reddish color, which I found to be pretty amazing. I felt like flying there and check it out, but I woke up.
    4. Bomb, Car, Zombies, Haunted House, Commercial, Huge Bike, Walking Through a Ditch, Driving, and more

      by , Today at 11:27 AM (One Up Seeker)
      1. I was watching a dream occur in a movie like state, and I wasn't in it. There was a man dressed in a suit, and he walked into a car selling store. His suit is gray and underneath it he has a white shirt, his hair is a dark brown that is spiked up. As he continues on into the store a lady that works there greets him. He asks the lady, "What can I get for 100,00 dollars?". The lady replies, "Well we have the car for you!". A whole song starts and its as though I'm watching a play. The man and lady walk through an assembly room and then come out on the other side.
      Now they are at a desk and the lady is ringing up the bill for the new car that she just suggested to the man based on the price he wanted. "Ok sir, that will be 118,000 dollars". "What?! You're supposed to save me money, not go over my price limit!" But hey payed the bill anyways because he had no choice. "You saved a total of 5% sir", the lady told the man. She then gave him back 5 dollars. Now I become the man and am now holding 5, one dollar bills in my right hand. I walk out of the store and saw my friend Dylan filling up his car with gas.
      Not sure why there was a full-on gas station in front of a Car selling commercial shoot. I walked up to the car Dylan was filling up, it was a small four door gray sedan. I opened up the passenger seat and got inside. Suddenly some guy who was working at the gas station comes in the car from the driver seat and puts something in the glove compartment. I didn't care what it was at the time because when he did it I was looking out of my window on my side. While he put something in my glove compartment I saw a group of Arabs release some sort of small bomb into someones car.
      I knew at that moment that we needed to get out of here, now. I told Dylan to get in the car and to drive us out of here. He got in quick and we drove off. On our way out we ran over a bomb, but it didnt go off because it was a timed bomb. I looked at the bomb as we passed it and saw that it looked like a small gray canister that had some sort of air chemical spraying out of its side. I told Dylan to speed up and get out of the general area, so once he got on the street he floored it and we passed alot of people.
      Once we got a safe distance away from the bomb we started slowing down. For some reason Dylan decided to open up the glove compartment. Its a good thing that he did, because inside of it there was another one of those bombs that was fully set and timed to go off in around 2 minutes. The bomb fell to the floor. Dylan then picked it up and hurled it far out the window on my side. I looked to where the bomb landed, and I became a little worried because it landed near some electrical plant. An Icon popped up in my field of view and it showed the lethality of the bomb and how much time it had left until detonation. We had about a minute left to get out of the area and our safe distance away from the bomb was at "1.67", which wasn't that good.
      I told Dylan to floor it again and we passed everyone up again. We passed so many cars, and I was surprised we hadnt crashed. Suddenly as Dylan passed a certain car, I told him to slow down to normal speed. For some reason there were now zombies on the side of the road and they were walking into the street. Dylan ran into one of the zombies by accident and the zombie flew straight into our windshield. Words then popped up into my field of vision saying, "YOU"RE DEAD". I got out of the car and noticed that I too was now a zombie.
      I looked ahead of me and saw a zombie whose head was literally just cut in half diagonally, and his brain fell out. I turned around and walked the other way, and I noticed that Dylan had disappeared. Not far from me I saw a haunted house-like structure. It was colored in orange, red, and black. I walked over to it. Suddenly some weird lady in a Halloween costume appeared next to me saying, "This is Stacy's haunted house, you can walk in." I walked up a ramp, which was the first part of the house and a green hand popped out of the wall and touched me, and it felt weird too. I kept on walking forward and yet another green hand popped out and touched me somewhere.
      At this point I didn't want to be touched by a small, slimy, green hand anymore, so I climbed up onto the side wall of this open structured haunted house, and walked along it. Not long after I did this, the same lady that met me at the entrance appeared next to me again and told me that I was cheating and that I couldn't walk on the walls. I didn't care, I was going to do it anyways. Just then I heard Dylan's voice, and I saw his hand pop up into the air. He was farther down into the house than I was, so I decided to go get him.

      (Will finish the rest later.)
    5. Getting Annoyed, Working With the Joker, and Being Hunted by Vampires

      by , Today at 04:57 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Dream 1
      I was in my bathroom and two other kids from my school who I know were there. I got into the shower and they kept on messing around and I was getting really annoyed with them, because they were keeping me from showering. I was then in the courtyard of my high school and I was talking to a girl trying to get her to do something again.

      Dream 2
      I was like the arrow, but I wasn't him. I went to the Jokerís office and had my assistant schedule an appointment. We purposely set off an alarm so we knew exactly where all of the security stuff was. The guard at the front checked us over and when we got through my assistant looked at a computer to see where things were. I was in the Jokerís office and it was like any other plain office. There was a plant on the table. I was trying to get him to help me or something. Then I was on Hawaii on vacation. I was out boating and we came up next to a very large island. The island had a cliff that dropped straight down, so you couldn't get onto it, and it was lush with tropical forest. There had been a boat that crashed and people were stranded in the sea. Our boat crashed and I had to swim to an island out a ways to stay alive. It was barely out of the water and pure black. There were other people on it. Then A plain flew over us and shot some bullets. I saw on the side of the plain it said F.I.E.N.D, which stood for something about America and tax. Then I was riding a four-wheeler in a construction type area and there are lots of jumps to go off. The four-wheeler is too tiny for me though. I call the Joker up while going through a dark alley and ask him for help, and I think he finally agrees. I hang up and do one last circle before heading back to the highway. I look at the ground and the dirt is moving by itself. I think an animal is under it. I canít go on the highway because cars keep on coming. Finally, one stops for me but it gets hit. When I pull out onto the highway, the ambulance and police come and I have to stop too. I see a few people get out of the car involved in the crash, and I know it was their job to keep me from getting away so they got into a crash on purpose. I see Insisidus written on the side of the car. (Lik Insidious but spelled wrong) Then they suddenly have an RV and are staying on the side of the road. They are vampires and the guyís daughter wants blood but since I was around she drank what normal people drink. I then look up something on the internet, what I think the movie was called. And lots of scary pictures show up.
    6. After long dry spell: rows of teeth to use as needed?

      by , Today at 04:18 AM
      I've had a long dry spell and have been neither paying attention to dreams nor recall.

      Last night I dreamed I had several rows of teeth in my mouth. They had grown that way instead of in one row around my mouth, they were more in the middle of my mouth in several rows. And I could take them out to use "as needed" though I do not know what that meant: use for what? Needed when? I remember being concerned whether these were permanent teeth or baby teeth, and I knew there was something wrong with this, but I was fuzzy about what.
    7. First WILD?! (LD #128)

      by , Today at 03:40 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Kind of a funny story behind this one. I was very tired/bored today and at around 6:30 I got in bed and a few minutes later I was out cold. I slept for about three hours until my roommate came in with this random girl and woke me up.
      Then the random girl left and my roomate got into bed as well, I went back to sleep and for the first time ever, I WILDed. And completely by accident.
      I began seeing wispy images, that I was in the water. It was third-person at first, and I was dreaming more about the big waves crashing down on me trying to drown me. Got some good views of my dream-self though. Gonna draw him soon, along with Manei.
      The waves were not as big as they have been in the past, but big nonetheless. I flew in and in the strangest feeling ever I gained control of my body. I was standing in knee-deep water and the big wave was coming down on me, about a foot higher than my head. I used Waterbending to split it, like I had done before. For some reason the Waterbending made like a box cut out of the wave.
      I got out of the water and onto the beach. I was nowhere familiar. Just one of the billions of tropical/beach island locations that my dreams manifest. This island was small and had a comparitively very steep rocky mountain on it.
      I realized how wispy the dream felt, like I could wake up at any moment. I began laying down some aggressive dream stabilization, shouting "I'm dreaming" and clapping and rubbing my hands together to get a better feel for the dream.
      There was no way this dream was going to last for any considerable amount of time, but I should still enjoy it while it lasts. I began walking up the side of the island with the most gentle slope and somehow found myself in the parking lot of my high school, only the high school had been replaced with this huge ornate white building. It was mostly low-laying, but there was this massive clock tower that had to be at least 20 stories high. Quite an epic construction.
      For some reason, I decide that I want to fly to the top of the clock tower. Jets on, I start hovering. For some reason, I find myself hovering just a few feet off the ground. I try to give myself more power to rise higher but it causes me to fly sideways and smash into somebody's car.
      "No! I want to go up!"
      I look back and the building looks completely different; now looking more like my actual high school. When I managed to get a good look from above, I saw that there was this huge wooden boardwalk on the back. It was going out over this lake that isn't there IWL. I wanted to go inside the building and see what I could find, but the main entrance had this huge line of DCs going out of it. There is no way I'm waiting in that. So the only logical thing to do was to try and land on the platform and go in the back door.
      I for some reason, my flying cuts out on me at the absolute worst time; just as I am getting up and over the building. I am flying much faster than I usually do and then my jets just cut out.
      I 'fly' on a trajectory over the building and land on the boardwalk structure. I then proceed to tumble and bounce across it several times, breaking the floorboards of the boardwalk before hitting the railing and breaking that too. This hitting this thing gives me a strange sensation, it's not really pain, but just more of hard impacts with the boards. (I suppose a tumble like this would kill most mortals though.) I try to focus in on the sensation and use it as dream stabilization.
      I sit up, and look back at the path of damage along the boardwalk. A couple of dream characters look at me with looks of shock and confusion. I lose the dream and FA.

      Something to do with my roommate installing a tiny urinal inside our dorm room. (About 6" by 10") There is this little step in the floor that hides the plumbing, and it is this little urinal. I have many a question for him; like how we're supposed to get any privacy and how we're supposed to pee in this tiny thing in the first place, and why we even need it. The dream dragged on for a few minutes before I woke up for real.

      It is now 10:40 where I am. I'm gonna try and go back to bed and see if I can get another lucid. Glad I'm LDing again. Hopefully I can still catch some of my momentum from before. Having only half of my lucid barrier still standing probably helps.
    8. Crazy girls/ Max trying to escape

      by , Today at 01:40 AM

      This dream was pretty weird. I don't recall everything though. I remember being at house though with some girls I don't know and I was walking around or looking for something. Some how, maybe because of that dream I read from JadeGreen or because of the many anime episodes I saw yesterday I was on a huge ship with different people. My younger and older brother were there too and were supposedly babysitting babies. There were a whole bunch of people around though doing their own thing. For some reason I feel that in the dream we were supposed to follow a rule so that we would unlock our true self or so that we wouldn't get kicked off. Either way when it came time for bed I couldn't fall asleep, I think my brother tried kicking me off the ship in my sleep so I left and started walking around where I saw a baby all by itself. I thought about how irresponsible the people and my brothers were for leaving the babies alone and picked one up to take him/her somewhere but as I was walking I somehow was on the roof of the ship or somewhere where these random girls were dancing. They told me I needed to have fun and one of them told me to dance as she pushed me into the crowd. I told her I would try dancing just for once but than all of a sudden the girl pulled my pants down. I was like "what the heck!?" and noticed the other girls butts were showing now. The girl who pulled my pants down said if I don't dance with my pants down I will never find a guy but I ignored her,pulled my pants up and ran off somewhere. I think something made me trip though...I'm guessing it was cause the ship speeded up and someone came up to me asking me why I was on the floor. Than I woke up.

      My next dream started off with me talking to my mom and the rest of my family.We were getting ready to leave because we had to escape from someone who wanted to hurt us. But I also recall my dog Max trying to leave the house. I got him to go back inside though and rode on his back like I was riding him like a horse. XD I found it relaxing for some reason and kind of funny. Than me and my mom brought him to the backyard where we talked about something. Than I woke up.

    9. Uninteresting Fragments

      by , Today at 12:41 AM
      They were...mildly unpleasant fragments.

      The first two felt very real. One about the windowsill parting from the wall, and how one end was dark and wet and rotted where it used to sit against the wall.
      The second was about waking my boyfriend who had fallen asleep at his computer. I turn to the bed, and find that there are a few thick piles of unopened mail. They spill onto the floor, much to my annoyance, but we sweep them off the bed and shake out the blanket.

      Then there was one about a weird bathroom. There were two right next to each other, both with small white tiles on the floors and walls, but the stalls were plaster painted a matte dusty white. The men's bathroom had no toilet paper, they justified it by saying that usually men went in there to pee...and didn't need it? In the other one, there was a 'toilet' on the floor. It was just a round bowl, about 10 inches across that no one had bothered to flush, so the water was yellow. For some reason it started to overflow. I had set the satchel I keep my dream journal in on the floor. I kept making annoyed exclamations, with many negations as I tried to haul the bag out of the path of the water. I realized the bottom was already wet, and hoped that the contents would not be damaged. A girl appears in the doorway, telling me that it's not good for me to know that they plan to assassinate the Leader.
    10. A Drive Into Shadow

      by , Yesterday at 09:12 PM
      There we were, my brother Andy and me.
      He was driving and I was looking out the front window from the passenger side.
      The road was rolling underneath us fast and smooth, like perpetual microfiche.

      As I looked onto the road ahead, things started to get interesting.
      Flowers of the deepest blues and reds and violets were in bloom along the side of the road.
      Tall city structures and buildings passed us by on both sides.
      It was dawn and dusk.
      The world was dreamy and surreal.

      We were going so fast and so slow at the same time.
      I knew we were driving fast because the road told me so.
      But, I could see everything passing slow - an exaggerated replica of how it feels when you drive your car.

      Isn't it peculiar how you're going seventy miles per hour, yet objects appear to be moving slow?
      You see a tree off in the distance, and even though you're moving at this very fast pace, the tree crawls to your car, slowly and methodically.
      Until, it finally reaches you and swooshes out of your existence forever.

      I bring my hand to my nose, and clench the nostrils shut.
      I try to take in a breath, fully expecting no air to enter my body.

      Amazingly, I am greeted with a cool, invigorating, and satisfying breath in my lungs through my clenched nose.
      I snap into a new reality.
      I am dreaming.
      I am aware.

      At that point, I am so excited that I have gained lucidity.
      I look down at my hands and they're not really there.
      There are shadows around them and they're hard to see.

      In fact, my entire dream is beginning to fade.
      I rub my hands together - I read that can help maintain focus on the dream.
      But, things continue to get darker.
      I must've imagined my sleeping physical body on the couch, because that's where I found myself - in a dark room and in a hazy half awake state of being.

      I plug my nose again.
      I take another breath, fully expecting to be unable to breathe.

      But, I get another fresh breath of air!
      I must still be dreaming.
      I get excited again.
      A false awakening?
      I look down at my hands again, and they're even more distorted than before.
      They look like wisps of shadow and falling ash.

      This is such a wonderfully transformational experience, and I feel so privileged to be able to induce this feeling.
      But, it is fading; and it is fading fast.
      Everything is dark and shadowy - distant and vague.

      Eventually I am wakened into what I am sure is my physical reality.
      I plug my nose again and I can't breathe through my nose.

      I am awake.

      Andy drove off without me... this time.

      City drive.jpg

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    11. Fragment

      by , Yesterday at 08:51 PM (The realm of Oddium.)
      Non-Dream Dream Lucid

      My dream recall last night was horrible.

      Restaurant Fragment
      I'm in a restaurant, and I do something that makes the staff mad. Also something to do with silverware.

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    12. The Huge Kayak

      by , Yesterday at 07:54 PM
      The start off to this dream is weird. I woke up at about 3:00 for a WBTB. I did a puzzle game, on an electronic (probably should have gone on an electronic, never doing that again on a WBTB). After about 1/2 hour, I went back to bed. I could not fall asleep, no matter what I tried. Eventually as I was watching my HI (but I couldn't fall asleep?) A scene appeared. It was a river sort of thing, like a lazy river at a water park. My brain puts somethings into the river for me. Remember, at this point, I am still awake, just imagining all this. Around this point, I drifted off to sleep, still sort of aware that I was dreaming. Like it was in the back of my mind and I didn't really care. I didn't go to sleep with the intention of having a lucid dream, just of being able to actually fall asleep. In the dream, I go over to a bend in the lazy river. There is a small alcove behind the wall. Inside of the alcove, is a small underwater sand castle. With me is a small hermit crab. He jumps into the alcove, but latches onto my finger so that I don't lose track of him. There are a lot of hermit crabs that look just like him at the bottom. I go back out into the lazy river. I ride the giant kayak that my brothers have alway to a huge wave pool/bay. The waves are too large so I take over the kayak from my brothers. My mom keeps telling me to stay on the lake. (She is on a different boat with my dad)I almost hit some other people that are on another kayak. I am sitting at the back of the kayak. Whenever a wave would come, the kayak would almost tip. The front end has purple on it. Eventually, I fall off. As the waves push me back to shore, I see my sister and my little brother in the water near the shore. Floating in the water near my brother are his glasses. He yells to me to pick them up as I go past. I try, but miss them. He starts getting mad at me. The dream ends.
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    13. Mirrors

      by , Yesterday at 07:43 PM
      All I can remember is waking up in a large house. My mom who passed away recently was there, along with my siblings. For some reason she had all of us move into this new house and live together. There were mirrors everywhere and we were busy doing a lot of cleaning
    14. The Gestapo are Coming; This Kid Will Help Me!

      by , Yesterday at 06:35 PM
      29th October 2014

      Not a particularly exciting one, but I figured I'd plonk it down for posterity, as it's the first entry in which I've began writing "Dream Notes" at the end, in accordance with a Dream Journal Tutorial I read a while back:

      A few recollections from tonight, patchy though they may be. In the first scene, I had gone for a dinner with an old couple; something told me that the older man was either a close family friend or well-known distant relative. He had a gaunt face, was exceptionally skinny with ribbed, wrinkled hands, and was bald but for a few tufts of white hair sprouting up from above his ears; his wife was a large-apron wearing type, and I don't remember seeing her face. Their house was a pleasant place, with an old-time French country feel about it, with rustic wooden counters and floors. We sat down for a meal, though I don't remember what was said.

      There was a drive back somewhere in a black Volkswagen Beetle. I sat in the back with the old man, a third person dream camera focused on us, I was on the left and he was on the right (according to the camera's point of view; it would've been the other way 'round for us). He looked very weak, and leaned into my ear to say something ominous in a croaked voice, something about knowing something or someone was coming for me. All I knew was that I ought to be scared, and I was.

      We returned to a caravan site where I'd been staying; it was typical fare, a few grassy patches, an ugly square toilet block with wheelie bins put out in front of it, not very many trees. As I observed the toilet-block, a horrible thought dawned on me about what the old man meant; the Gestapo were coming, I knew. This was an alternate realty in which the Nazis won WWII! (I've been reading a book called Fatherland by Robert Harris recently, set in such a world, which would explain this). I ran, getting a first person view through my then-caravan, which was pretty messy, with wooden floors and pans lying all over the cooker; oddly dim and long for a caravan, but I thought nothing of it. That scene (rummaging through the caravan) was probably briefly after the scene I had about to write, come to think of it: Through what few trees there were, a little kid came in a light blue T-shirt; he had short-cropped blonde hair. He said something to me, and before I knew it, the scene suddenly jumped:

      We were now on a grassy bank, a large Omega Elite parked on the edge of the hill, and a thick mist ahead, with a vaguely discernible mesh fence only just piercing the gloom. The kid was sitting in the driver's seat, and I was trying to discourage him from starting the car, but he was having none of it; he turned the key in the ignition. I grabbed the key and turned it back, I felt irritated, but no overtly angry.Something told me he was intending to help me against the Gestapo. There was a scene where he was standing outside my caravan on a slightly brighter morning, which looked smaller on the outside, and had a cream tarpaulin canopy over the door; I was standing in cream clothing, the same colour as the canopy, with a mug of coffee, the dream camera in third person; the kid was telling me something, and we had apparently teamed up despite our altercation over the car, but I don't remember what was said, or what happened next, as it was at this point that I woke up. That's all I can recall of tonight's dreams.

      Dream Notes: Slept for about 7.5 hours considering awakenings/margins of error. The dream didn't feel particularly long, maybe 40 or 50 minutes, stretched over all scenes, even though there seemed to be time-skips and jump-cuts. I fell asleep at about 3:20 a.m, dreamed briefly of something I don't remember, waking an hour later at about 4:31 a.m, then fell asleep again until about 11:30 a.m. I would put the dream's vividness about 5/10, and my awareness at about 2/10. Emotions felt: Anxiety, fear, irritation, protectiveness (during the car scene). There weren't anything I've yet recorded as a dream sign, but I think I should start to consider caravans as such, as I realise they've appeared in a number of my dreams thus far. I didn't really bother using my MILD technique tonight, I just told myself that I wanted to at least recall my dream unlike the previous night, which I did successfully. I had to lay still for a while to recall everything.

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    15. One point twenty one gigawatts!

      by , Yesterday at 06:23 PM
      Just the one non lucid dream this time.

      In the stairwell of a big house. There was a youngish man and lassie with me. We were ghosthunting - cool! The ghost was a few inches long and was semi transparent and otherwise featureless. We got sepearted but communicated by walkie talkies I think. I told them the ghost was beside me and then it shot off. Next thing I kent the man had caught it. It now looked like a ball with a cloak hanging off it. I whipped the cloak away and the ball part vanished.

      That's it
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