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    1. First WILD!

      by , Today at 08:33 PM
      Well, after my Black and WHite 1.5 post I went back to bed for a napand tried to WILD.

      Eventually I found my success. It's funny how clear the moment is that you will enter a dream, it feels like your whole body is ready to start travelling a hundred miles an hour, massive headrush, and you know. I started floating above my bed, and opened my eyes. The issue was that I was in such disbelief that I woke up. Chris walked in to my room. But Chris is visiting his folks! False awakening. I wake up and realize that Chris was influenced by Tyler's voice in reality. Except tyler is at work I saw him go. False awakening again!! I've never had one until now. I wake up again and it is once again a false awakening but this time I enter a normal dream. I go down to a pond and realize that I am dreaming as I stare at all the fantastic nature, but the detail fades and I slip out of lucidity so I can get it all back.

      What a beautiful nap. Both times I've lucid dreamed are from waking up in the morning and going back to bed after a little while. I think I'll try more WTBT, seems to be the best working method for me so far.
    2. Basic TOTM

      by , Today at 06:14 PM
      I made lunch for D and I. Meat, guacamole, sour cream, and strawberries. We packed it up and left. D filled up my car with gas and he was unhappy with the price. I went into the store and someone thought it was weird there was numbing gel in the infant section and I explained itís probably for teething. They didnít believe me and I told them that babies can teethe around year and I know because I went to school and learned that. Then I saw a bunch of celebrities hanging out in the store and the next thing I know Iím lucid. I see Donald Trump and want to talk to him for some reason but everyone thinks itís a bad idea. I get his attention and heís trying to get away from me and slip into another room. I donít know what to say to him. I ask him what he thinks about Hilary dropping out of the final debate with Sanders. I tell him not to give me side-stepping political answers. He basically says that one of them offended his sisters. I go outside and wonder what I should do next. I have a small group of dream characters encouraging me and reminding me of goals. I remember the totm and try to stretch my arms out but it doesnít work. I start walking up a hill and think of the taste thatís in my mouth. It tastes like a familiar herb. Itís the taste of the flower that Iím looking at on the ground and I know Iíve eaten it in fancy restaurants, but I canít quite name it. I see my mom and sister which confirms further that this is a dream. I kinda feel bad for not saying anything to them, though. I think of what to do next and exit the dream. I donít DEILD because I think Iím awake and begin a dream where I write down the LD and am really angry because itís the end of May and once again, I finished the totm when itís basically too late.
    3. 5-25-16

      by , Today at 04:52 PM
      DR 1
      I am on top of an apartment building and throw a paper airplane from the top. I when the paper airplane flies off, I hold onto it and fly with it! I am flying in the air with the airplane until I land. The feeling was amazing because it was first time I've flew in a dream (in a non lucid dream though but it was still cool)

      DR 2
      I am sitting in math class in the front row and turned around talking with my friend Xavier. I am playing with a rubik's cube (think it's his) and solving it and showing cool tricks also.
      Tags: flying
    4. 2016-05-25 goats, hairy girl, ice staking, car/table/photos

      by , Today at 04:17 PM
      super late to bed (2am), there were more dreams than this but forgotten

      +(f) some powerful person is going to cement his/her power base by offering goats as sex objects to the men in a region. There is a view of a goat lying on its back in the road with its legs spread (ew).

      +(f) sitting with some people, one is a woman, her face has fox-like features: pointy eyebrows and nose. She is naked(?). She has a lot of hair on her inner thighs but none on her genitals. She also has thick hair under her arms that pokes out the front. I note her face and think it's fairly unusual.

      + Outside in a gray half-lit environment, there is a large open ice skating rink to my right. I'm sitting on the ground. I see a girl skate across the rough ground from my left to the my right and enter on to the relatively smooth surface of the rink. I'm trying to scoot myself to get up to speed, still sitting on the ground. I'm using some sharp/wide elements (like wide stiff putty knives) in both hands to push off the ice and get up to speed. I drop one of these and cut my hand/finger along its edge, it's very sharp and razor thin on the edge. Coming back towards the rink I'm about to enter the rink and want to get up to speed of doing some front/back crossovers. Two (male) skaters are zooming by me and I need to slow down to let them go by, they're moving fast and are doing crossovers around the corner of their turns. I follow their progress, they proceed to my right down the long edge of the rink and turn and do a jump, just a single turn, I think not too impressive but still very smoothly done. I get on to the ice and want to get up to speed.

      + On AH near cousins' old place. I get into my (fairly old, beat-up [FALSE]) car, and I begin manipulating the controls [DAY RESIDUE of paying more attention while driving], the car creaks and the gears grind noisily but I start driving slowly. Then I'm backing up and I go by a driveway with a chest of drawers I recognize, hey, that's OUR chest of drawers! What's it doing there? There is a carton of slides (photographs) on top and I take a look and I see [imaginary] scenes from my family's and my youth. I see myself at music camp playing [TRUE] playing the saxophone [FALSE] in a group (it's also sax I think, actually a bit too small for alto and too large for soprano), and wonder if that was one of those fun "swap your instrument" activities. I'm in this location a while and trying to think if I can just grab my stuff and go. The current "owners" are also there. A guy rolls in to the room with his legs in an elaborate structure (some sort of training device?) and he opens it and stands up. A table is over-turned and I'm looking at how it's put together.
    5. Black and white 1.5

      by , Today at 03:35 PM
      I was with Chris again, and we were in some immersive room to play videogames. I had found that there was a version of black and white here, but it was much more beautiful, with ancient god creatures and animals and such. I was looking amongst the sweeping hills at my people but did not reality check on the beautiful view. Later on we left to a small snowy town to watch a movie screening and get some food. Clamageron from brigs was there but she was a bit cuter and seemed into me, but I did not reality check on her. We entered a movie theater line after that, and I realized it was also the line to vote. I saw hillary clinton there and asked her about policy before saying it's too bad she'll get her ass shredded by trump and bernie and she became a sour old woman after that. I jumped down stairs to get in line and became the life of the party in the republican group. Two girls behind me started commmenting on how much hair I had on my neck for some reason, and when I turned around they were surprised at how sexy I was, yet I did not reality check once again.

      There was more to it but it isn't important. All my RC life depends now on views, girls, and flight. Practice Practice Practice.
    6. Young Brothers, I can fly

      by , Today at 02:35 PM (anti_nations Re-entry.)

      I was visiting friends- two brothers. They were still young, 8 and 9, but I was the age I am now. I entered through their window on the second floor. They father told them to go to bed for the night but it was only 7 or 8pm. He heard us talking and moving around and started coming up to their room. They told me to hide, because he was going to be pissed. I wasn't worried about it. I turned invisible. He burst into the room, telling them they need to go to sleep and that they had no more warnings. I tried to cling to the edges of the room to avoid him colliding with me and being exposed. In his erratic pacing, he came within inches of me as he made his way back out, shutting the door behind him.

      I uncloaked and went straight for the window (which he shut). My friends told me not to open them, that they were really loud. I didn't listen. I opened a window and popped out the screen. I handed it back to them and helped put it back in before I left. I scaled around the house, climbing nimbly. I almost climbed right out in front of the dad who was sitting on the second floor porch in a lawn chair. Thankfully he didn't see me.
      I jumped off the side of the house and began flying through the air. I propelled myself by throwing my arms back behind me, like rowing through the air. I glided quite gently, but I wanted to go faster. I swung my arms back and forth frantically, picking up speed. I soared over houses and stores and ended up landing about a block away

      I was on a narrow concrete pathway surrounded by overgrown bushes and plants. Dan, Jenna, and Zach were there. I don't remember much else from that situation. I remember thinking it was still really early in the night and I had a whole bunch of time left to dream. I woke up and saw I was only 3 minutes away from my alarm.
    7. 5/25/16

      by , Today at 01:07 PM
      Nothing. I can't remember anything.
    8. Leaving Work for Home

      by , Today at 12:42 PM
      May 25, 2016: #2 of 3: I am in an office setting along with numerous dream characters who play the role of my office mates or colleagues. It is evidently time to go home and everyone is in a hurry to leave. One of the dream characters is an African American woman about the age of 30 with short hair. She is naked from the waist down. I get the impression that we have just finished having sex. Despite this I ask her if she would like to have sex. She says no.

      The dream characters hastily leave for home. Alone, I walk about the office which now has more of the appearance of a nicely appointed home than an office. In my wanderings I discover that there are three bathrooms. One of the bathrooms appears to be off of a master bedroom. I enter this bathroom, urinate, then leave.

      The scene shifts and I am outside driving in my car. My task apparently is to bring home a bottle of wine pursuant to the request of my wife L. I am driving on a road apparently northbound towards route ***. As I reached the intersection I realize that the road conditions are icy and snowy. I apply the brakes but nonetheless slide (uneventfully) into the intersection. No accident occurs but the occurrence is frightening nonetheless. I turn left on route *** headed towards B*** & B*** even though that wasn't the liquor store that L. had specified as the store to purchase the wine. I wake. 2:53 AM.
    9. There's Going to be a Test

      by , Today at 12:36 PM
      May 25, 2016: #3 of 3: I am walking down the hall of a school. I am headed towards the classroom in which I'm going to be taking an examination. I am with L. Just prior to entering the room I noticed there are several gadgets on the floor just outside the door (down and to my right) which apparently had been confiscated by the teacher and not permitted into the exam room. One of them looks like an REM Dreamer. My pants legs are rolled up to demonstrate that I have nothing hidden on my ankles although there does seem to be an REM Dreamer strapped to my leg.

      We entered the classroom and there are numerous previously seated dream characters. There are several unoccupied wooden desks in the classroom. I am interested in taking a seat at a large pine table. The teacher/proctor is Sean Connery. As I take my seat the large table appears to have spontaneously divided into two smaller tables. The teacher turns the narrow end of one of the tables towards me and I take my seat. L. is seated behind me and to my right at a "normal" classroom desk. She seems to know all about the subject matter of the test. I grow suddenly concerned I might not be fully prepared for the exam. I am surprised to learn that not only is there an academic part of the test but also a test of my physical strength as well. I wake. 5:54 AM.
      Tags: classroom, test
    10. #245 - 'insert dream title'

      by , Today at 10:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I'm travelling outside with a friend, there's sabretooth tiger cubs in the distance, 1 big snow white one. They're up a bit on the hill. It's turning into winter, a snow storm is coming from the mountains. They're getting closer now, they were playing together but they fought a bit with snow white sabre. We try moving in the opposite direction and come near a line of trees. There's a huge bear here, damn. I can sense a sabretooth tiger coming up behind me so I sprint at the bear, barrel roll as the tiger pounces and cause the bear and tiger to fight. Badass?? Absolutely.
      I arrive in place where my daughter is staying(?) or a shelter by a mountain. There's a room, I remember my friend Mat staying here and I had seen him on a video recording where he was splayed out on the couch super tired. I think I let him stay at the place since he was travelling. I can't remember when it happened but I'm a little gingerbread sized plastic man who has lost his memory as well, like some kind of evil curse. It's a really deep and sad story (in the dream plot) which I'm also watching. There's a loading bar that shows it's a movie which is halfway through, about 25 minutes. My daughter doesn't know where her uncle is (which is me, since we apparently lied and said I was her uncle and not her dad) and now she believes she doesn't have a dad.. It's because I'm away working and can't be with her to watch her grow up, so she doesn't really know what a is. I can't remember that I'm her dad though (because of the curse) and everything is sad. I remember thinking that I really wanted to watch until the end of the movie, because it's just such a beautiful story. I know how it ends, the father (me) manages to break the curse and turn back to normal, my daughter is super happy to finally have her uncle back, but I decide to tell her the truth that I'm her dad. It makes her so happy to have a dad, and we're both so happy to be together finally.
      I don't get to see the story unfold though, because I start becoming more aware. I'm lucid in a way, the dream visuals fade but I don't wake up. Then I'm back in the room with my mom, not really remembering the previous plot as I'm doing other stuff. At some point she leaves and I see my friend in these tight jeans, nice . I'm horny so I hook up with her. I try taking off her pants but there's dream lag, and my imagination is 'broken', like it can't remember how to materialize certain features and is in a state of buffering. I understood something at this point about dream lag too, that stability is linked to the rate at which we expand the dream world around us. In an unstable dream we can't load too much or it will crash, but the more stable the dream the greater the load it can handle. This sounds pretty obvious, but it wasn't something I'd ever truly practiced. I'm always moving in my lucids, never just stopping. Usually this is because if I stop then I lose lucidity >_<...

      Also, I've had a lot of intensely vivid dreams lately, probably because I've just started working.
    11. Blood pressure meters.

      by , Today at 08:45 AM (JunaDreamer)
      Blood pressure meter
      I am in my mothers house, she is in a bed in a room that I do not know or remember.
      I stand there and realize the hospital has attached a couple of blood pressure meters to my body, in different places. On my arm, leg, belly. And an EEG device is attached to my head with electrodes and so on, and my heart rate is measured as well. I am full of medical devices that are measuring. I look completely silly, but I do not mind, I am happy about it because it will help the neurologist to understand what he can do to help me.
      I say something to my mother, and then suddenly the blood pressure cuffs everywhere start to inflate into balloon like sizes, they start measuring how I am doing. There are so much like balloons, that they lift me up into midair. Its really odd but I try to relax anyway, its just devices measuring, no big deal.
      My mother does not see me floating around, so I say 'mum look! look!'. I am sure she will be surprised by seeing me float around in midair, but instead she is not surprised at all. There is no response, she looks at me for a second and then watches other things instead. That makes me feel a bit sad or something, I guess I instantly feel lonely.

      (English is not my language, so sorry if there are mistakes )

      Updated Today at 08:52 AM by 90803

    12. Long lucid with few details, a nice city and mountain vista and a night stroll

      by , Today at 05:41 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This seems to have been a very long completely lucid dream, in fact once more I was utterly incapable of remembering the while thing from the beginning, despite thinking about it immediately after waking up. The order of things might be slightly messed up.

      The first thing I clearly remembered was having a small asphalt road in front of me, a small or maybe medium sized city behind, behind that a large mountain and a castle on the far end of the mountain. It was a beautiful day and an awesome vista, the sky was slightly cloudy I think. I wanted to get to the castle, and instead of going the entire way I looked away, and when I looked back it was a lot closer and different than before. I'm not sure how I then actually got there.

      I was in the castle in some tower and a toilet room, though the details are fuzzy. Some time later I was in my current home town [K] it was night and I was talking to myself for stability, which worked for quite a long time.

      And... since I was too busy and lazy to write this up immediately some details have gone missing. I really need to make a habit of writing down everything within 24 hours...
    13. #149: Waterball

      by , Today at 04:19 AM
      I moved halfway across the world just a few days ago, so my routine at the moment is very much non existent.

      I don't remember a single thing about the setting of this dream. All I remember is that I felt the need to perform an rc. I decide to push my fingers through my palm. It works! I waste no time getting to work. I'm expecting to destabilise soon, so I immediately try to win the bet I have with werty52 of creating a waterball. I think I close my eyes while attempting this. I stretch out my arms, placing my hands close to each other in front of me. I put massive effort into it and I remember something happening, though I can't say for sure that I did it.

      I don't think it's a very good sign that I was expecting to destabilise quickly (though that does happen nearly every time I'm lucid).
      Tags: waterball
    14. European Town Night Drive

      by , Today at 01:30 AM
      I'm in the back of a cap with S heading down a very steep hill in a car which appears to be a cab; we have a driver and the man is wearing a rimmed cap. We're having a conversation about different relatives who live in Europe. I look at her as my awareness breaks through, and in a very collected, nonchalant manner I tell her how awesome it is that this is all a dream. I look around the cab and take in the vivid colors of dark red of the seats that have a slight glow in the dark of the night. I then follow up by saying that it is a DILD we are in actually, and explain to her that it is because I became aware of the dream as it was occurring. I say this with an interested smile of satisfaction. I look to either side of the very narrow road we are traveling down in the dead of night. Closely packed building, roughly 3 stories high, stand crammed next to eachother. The architecture resembles that of 19th century Europe in a city area. Archways over windows and doors are intricately formed into the cement foundation of the structures. The row of buildings - which appear to be living quarters are dark goldden yellow. A couple groups of two to three people begin makin their way up the narrow sidewalk as we make our descent; they are dressed in very old clothing resembling 17th-18th century western Europe. The dresses are gray, and the hats are black. S's face is different as I look back, and it appears to be a different DC altogether. The DC gives an expression as though it is cognitively impaired - not processing any information I'm saying. I still ask the DC to help me stabilize, and follow up by stating I want to see how a DC would do. I then decide to fly up and out of the car to the bottom of the hill, where the street meets another street at an intersection. I turn left and see a group of three people. I fly forward rapidly to see their faces, yet they all vanish into wisps of smoke as I get near. I raise up into the air turning left and gaze town to the two story building which has a small ledge outside the second floor. I decide to stay in this area as I feel this will keep the dream stable for now. I fly toward this white colored second level, and begin thinking about dream flying dynamics, and how the dream space is all just existing in my mind. I make a bit of progress, then quickly enter a void and simultaneously ramp up my awareness in order to maintain the dream. I tell myself that I'm goign to hold awareness no matter what. I hold for about 15 seconds, then feel the interesting transiton back into my physical body. I hold perfectly still for a couple minutes attempting a DEILD.
    15. Saving a friend from voodoo

      by , Yesterday at 11:55 PM
      *Saving a friend from voodoo. This Egyptian lady appeared and said is that all black people are remembered for is slavery.
      *I was in a pre Christian temple. The design of the place was very usual something I have never seen. Lama Surya Das was sitting at the top on some kind of a throne.
      Also the Dalai Lama was there.
      *I was making out with this beautiful girl. I felt I was falling in love.
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