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    1. 4/15/2014

      by , Today at 04:58 AM

      I was on a ship filled with people when someone threw a homemade bomb into the crowd. The bomb got tossed around like if it was a "hot potato" and it finally blew up on some guy. He went flying and we thought he was dead but he slowly got up and started running off the ship. His head was blown open and I could see his brain. While he was running off me and a girl chased after him, especially the girl but I realized he was too wounded. I said "That guy is wolf food now..." We were then in an island and as we were getting back into a bus, I started fighting people. I beat up a lot of them but then I got thrown off the bus. I was locked out but some girls that were in the bus were nice enough to hand me a few bottles of water. I told the girls I'd be back to help them. I went into a big house that looked more like a motel on the inside. There was a TV playing music and as I walked towards it, I said "I haven't had a sad dream in a while." A fat lady was walking towards me and I asked her "If this were a dream, would I be able to change the song to a song from Tangled?" The replied
      Yes, but it would play before the current song" That confused me but all the talk about dreams made me do a reality check. I started counting my fingers and noticed I had a lot of them. I realized I was dreaming.
      I looked around the house and there were a lot of stuff on the counters. I noticed my dream blurring and getting disoriented so I rubbed my hands and then looked at them to stabilize the dream. I faced the TV and tried to make fireballs but the only results were sparks or embers coming out of my fingers. I thought about maybe taking a pill that would give me the ability to use fireballs but didn't. I flicked my index, middle finger, and thumb, which caused a glowing crescent to come out and fly towards what I pointed. The crescent curved in the way my palm faced. I tried different positions of my palm and the crescent would react to how my hand was. I turned around and went down some stairs into a dark room. I flipped a light switch and a few lights started to go on. I yelled while raising my hands "Let there be light!" and the room lit up. I looked at stuff on the counter and then decided to go back upstairs and into another room where I heard Blacksher calling out to L. Hernandez. The place looked like Denise's room. I saw Desirae on a counter laying down. I asked her why she was there and she said she was sick to her stomach. I asked with what and she said with Vygil or something. She looked really pale. I then went to Blacksher and she was saying something and I wanted her to shut up so ducktape replaced her mouth. She was trying to talk and had green skin. I let her have her mouth again and left towards Desirae. All 3 cats were there and I wanted Lucy to turn into a tiger. I pointed to Bugaloo but realized it was Bugaloo. I saw Lucy and flicked a crescent on her and she started turning into a tiger.

      I believe in this dream my lucidity was low, since it didn't feel as real as previous lucid dreams. I could still control myself, though. As for the Glowing Crescents, I'm going to use that as a way to point to things that I want to change, like I did with Lucy. If I want to change, for example, a tv into a radio, I'll use a Glowing Crescent on it while. I think this will help me with changing stuff.
    2. Miracle Chocolate

      by , Today at 04:56 AM
      After recovering a large metal tank that fell from the sky, and driving it to the lab, I monitor a pressure gauge as I adjust the oxygen valve, trying to maintain 1 atmosphere of pressure inside the container. I suspect the gauge is faulty, due to a big lag time in response, and in the wild swings from high to low pressure. A smart man from India tells me that the pressure is really determined by the temperature. I think he's just being a jerk, but can't think of any good comebacks based on PV=nRT, given that the volume is a constant, and I already mentioned the pressure.
      Done with the experiment, he starts to wrap up some empty crates to ship back to the warehouse. I go to grab a rope to tie them all together, cut off 4 arm spans worth of it, and return to see he already wrapped it using shrink wrap. Happy that I tried to help, despite disagreeing with him, I walk up the road to relax a bit.

      I find a corner to a room, with shelves meeting the wall. It is designated as the "Hollywood Corner" I am surprised that it doesn't smell like alcohol. In fact it smells very clean. It even looks clean. How strange! I tell my friend who is with me that "it's the hollywood corner, and it doesn't smell like beer!" I see some clean boxes of caffeine free soda neatly on the shelf. She is uninterested, but I think this is amazing and tell her friend who is behind her, "You'll never believe this, the Hollywood Corner doesn't smell at all like alcohol!" She is shocked, so I tell her again.
      Before I can finish saying it again, my friend starts tickling me. It tickles so much, normally I would have to pee, but I don't. So I give in to being tickled, and don't fight it. She enjoys this and tickles me more!

      The tickling gets so intense, that it reaches a whole new level of tickle. Hard to describe. But as a result of being tickled, my mind encompasses my surroundings, and spontaneously manifests itself as chocolate bars, chocolate Easter bunnies, and chocolate eggs, all nicely wrapped. As the tickle intensity further increases, so do the chocolates that appear everywhere around us, on the floor, on the shelf, on the wall. I don't like chocolate, but my friend does

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    3. 4/15/2014

      by , Today at 04:03 AM
      I was underwater and did a reality check of my hand. My hand looked normal and it looked like I had 5 fingers but upon counting them, I had 6 fingers. I became lucid for a few seconds.

      In my other dream, I was at a school campus and was getting some food at the cafeteria there was a very long line of people I recognized. After I ate, I went to a football field. It was nighttime and it was very foggy. Some little girls were there and I said "Looks scary, doesn't it?" I was gonna take a video of the fog but the girls got in the way. The camera was laggy. I also remember seeing P. Foy and M. Padilla talking.
    4. 4/12/2014

      by , Today at 03:57 AM
      I was with a group of people and some guy was having us go through obstacles. Whoever made it to the finish first would live. We were digging through some dirt to find something for the guy's wife. I found it and started running towards the next place. Suddenly some samurais started running towards us. I used a sword to kill one of them. One of the samurai caught up to me and said he's "Here to help". The man is a male in his 40s with Asian decent. He had balding hair. I wondered if he was my dream guide.
    5. 4/9/2014

      by , Today at 03:52 AM
      I was in a suburban neighborhood and when I got home, I was looking for someone. The house was getting broken into by the neighbors and I ran to get my rifles. I grabbed my AR15 and started shooting the guys. It was a crazy firefight and I ran out of ammo so I ran to get another rifle. It was dark and I couldn't see very well but I felt the weapon and realized it was my AK. The firefight kept going and I went to the neighbor's house to kill him. Suddenly, monsters started appearing and attacking me. I shot at them but was running out of ammo again. A girl appeared and started helping me. A boss monster appeared and we managed to almost kill it.
    6. 3/23/14 Crime Investigation of the Cruise

      by , Today at 03:48 AM
      Ok so I believe I did a WILD to get into this dream but I'm not 100% sure since when I got into the dream initially I wasn't trying to stabilize it or anything.

      The dream took place on a cruise ship where there was criminals that we had to find and kill.

      The cruise ship was massive and either not moving at all, or moving very slowly, since I never felt the boat rocking and stuff. The boat was interesting because it had a beach on it, with real sand and palm trees and the sand went all the way under the ocean water so you could swim in the ream sea if you wanted to. There was a main area with a bar and stuff, then there was a slightly narrower place with tables near the walls that lead into a eating area with what I think was another bar, there was also a nightclub opposite the eating area, after that was alot of stairs and stuff that I didn't focus on sadly.

      The whole mission I was on was pretty short lived, we basically got our guns, shot at some people and started a little fight in which we ended up ending and just talking to the guys. Then I lost my gun after that.

      After the ship I somehow got teleported into a parking lot where I was walking with my friends uncle and he found a pearl ring which he then showed to me.
      I lost lucidicity here since I couldn't determine what the pearl would look like and that took all of my thought.
    7. Lucid Nightmare

      by , Today at 02:46 AM
      So today I had my worse kind of LD nightmare. It started out at the mall. I somehow realized I was dreaming and started flying around and doing some really crazy stuff at the mall(fliping, tricks and stuff). But in few seconds I woke up back at my friends car and thought I was dreaming about that. We crashed and I jumped into next dream. Same friends but now I was hallucinating and had no balance over my body. I thought I'm triping some sort of LSD/shrooms. I was so confused and my dream kept changing every minute. I found myself in really different situations which in most I felt like really drunk or extremely hallucinating from some kind of drugs. I was tottering around every dream I was in. At one point I realized I'm dreaming, I somehow got back to the first dream where it all started(at the mall). I was kinda happy and excited about it. So I tried to fly out of the mall but I couldn't. I had no power over gravity. I was flying around the mall but I couldn't make it through the walls. Next up I was trapped again in hallucinations, tottering and no gravity. Again my dreams where changing every minute, but now I knew I'm only dreaming. Every time I thought I woke up, I was trapped in new dream. I lost the hallucinations but I had no gravity. Something was pulling me in random directions. I tried to woke myself up but I ended up waking yet again in new dream but no in my bed... I woke up in my bed for a second(still in dream) and boom back to the craziness. Finally near the end I tried to turn on the lights and stand up from my bed but I couldn't. I was paralyzed and couldn't move. So I used all my power to move and I was on the ground next to my bed. I tried to wake up and again I woke up in my own bed. Then I tried to scream for my mother as loud as I could but my felt like someone is muting my voice. At some point I wasn't able to yell, second after I was. So my mother ran into my room but the second he stepped into my room I knew I'm still in a dream. He ran to my bed and took my hands asking me if I'm okay. This for some reason scared me and I finally woke up into reality. I was sweating all over my body, I felt like I peed myself. This is I think third time this happened to me. I've never had nightmares before I moved into my new place about a year ago.
    8. The Night Sky

      by , Today at 02:11 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Ok I'm going to keep this short but I want to note a micro DILD I had after an unusual WBTB. I was stoked about the lunar eclipse this morning and made about a 45min WBTB out of it all. When I got back to bed I tried for WILD but it was keeping me too awake. I changed positions and decided on SSILD but I'm not sure I actually did any cycles.

      The next thing I recall is being outside waiting for "the otherside" of the eclipse. I breifly see a glowing ring in the sky like a solar eclipse and wonder if that was real. My dad is ranting about end times prophecy and I follow him into a house. I older daughter shouts at him that it's just science. I have some disagreeing words with him and go back outside.

      I search for the moon but I all I see is darkness. As I realize I am lost in the void I shout out, "I am dreaming!" It's too late to try to salvage the dream so I go into DEILD mode.

      Unfortunately, I lost lucidity and find myself walking on the street in downtown New York with my wife. She text a friend that lives in the state about our surprise visit but she doesnt seem to care or want to see us. Suddenly we are in a canoe floating down a street of water. I think of Vience and wonder how this happed here. I turn and my wife's boss in the canoe. We have some converstation until the alam wakes me.
    9. My lazy ass

      by , Today at 01:38 AM
      I woke up last night partially remembering a dream, but I was too lazy to record it. I forgot it now. Now I feel bad.
    10. Randomness

      by , Yesterday at 07:32 PM
      I was in a high school with a group of people I knew. I was on a team for soccerball (basketball / soccer) Itís a game that you play with a ball you toss it around and you kick it into the goal but the ball can never touch the ground and you canít move with the ball. My team was doing good as I called out different plays and movements and they listened. After the game I got away as there was some drama. I left and was driving down a highway and as I was driving this man was talking to me. He said he was going to try and send me something and would be sending it near a tank I tell him I would try and look for the item he is sending but I donít see the ball he said he was sending. I go down a 2 track and look for the ball and go driving around the tight corners. After a few minutes of not finding it I think to myself that I should probably turn around as it couldnít of gone this far. I turn back around and pull out onto a main road and head towards a lake. I stop at a red light and see this lady across from me at the light and she seems to be my mother. She is sad and upset and wonít stop crying and I realize itís because she feels alone and her cancer is going to try and kill her. I tell her that everything is going to be okay and that I am here for her and I know her pains because if it wasnít for people I wouldnít be alive as I would feel alone in the world. She takes off still crying as the light turns green and I get upset and drive the car into the lake. I get out and see my fiancť is there with me I begin to get upset with her and ask her why she drove the jeep into the lake. She didnít have an answer because I was the one driving and I decided I would just try and build a ramp and drive the jeep out as it was barely in the water. I swam around in the crystal clear water and pick up several rocks and put them on top of each other making a ramp like thing and then I begin to grab clay from the bottom water and I patch it between the rocks. I turned around and saw that the jeep was now sinking as it rolled further into the lake. I looked out and saw my mom and dad in their yellow jeep but saw they were also trying to help somebody else. I started to swim towards my jeep and I heard a splash and saw my dad dive under towards my jeep. I looked up and saw two helicopters pull up ahead and lowered two cables towards me. I grabbed them and took a deep breath and went under water I swam and swam opening my eyes to see where I was going. Finally in the distance I could see my jeep and my dad next to it waiting for the cable. I hand him a cable and we put them onto the jeep one on the front one on the back. We surface and signal to the helicopters to lift and they did. They pulled the jeep to dry land and then as I was unhooking one of the cables I noticed that one cable was wrapped around and stuck in the back propeller of one of the helicopters. I waved and pointed and signaled that I was going to pull the cable and try and get it unstuck and wrapped around the tail end. The Pilot cut the engine and it began to fall towards me as I pulled and pulled on the cable I got it to loop around but it was still stuck. I signaled to pulled back up and try it again he started up again and got higher and then cut the power again as he began to fall I pulled and pulled but it was coming off. At the last second I pulled one last time harder than before and the cable came loose and came flying off. The pilot quickly tried to start the engine again and powered up the propellers and took off just as he was hitting the water. I signaled good job to them and then a giant robotic arm machine came flying at me and hit me on both sides of my chest. I could feel the pressure of it as it shoved me into the water and holding me there. I got away and swam in the water and noticed something strange ahead. There was some kind of museum and there was a bunch of wax looking statues under water but there was air bubbles coming from their nose and mouths. It was a bunch of famous you tubers. I swam around them bubbles of air coming from my mouth as well as I looked at each one of them to see if they were real.

      I was in a western place as the landscape was that of a desert. There was a giant metal structure in front of me and the group of people I was with. We were savaging around looking for different items to take with us that we could possibly use. The few people in our group grabbed these two giant yellow beams that had black cameras on it. I looked around and looked to see if we could take the ladder type object that was bolted to the frame but didnít have the right tools with me so I couldnít pry them off. I looked around at the ground and saw a big unfolded cardboard box and thought I should take that with us because we might have some kind of use for it. I picked it up and my hands got all wet as I noticed the box was all soggy. I pulled the box up and stuck it under my arm and then looked around some more. I noticed a giant granola bar that had chocolate chips in it and different kinds of nuts. I grabbed it and began to look around some more. I came across a pile of shoes around 6 in total all different styles and looking very old and dirty. But in the state we were in anything could be of use. I picked them up putting the ropes around my shoulder. As I was picking up the last few pairs a man came up and began to talk to me. He had a thick head of white hair and a white mustache. He had lots of wrinkles over his face and was not the to big or to small in weight. He pulled his cigar out of his mouth while puffing a small white cloud of smoke. Hey do you mind if I take those bottles of v8 and ketchup? I look over to my left and notice the bottles. No you can have them. Are you sure you donít want them? No its okay I donít really want those you can have them you could even make yourself some bloody Maryís with it. He smirked and put his cigar back into his mouth and said thank you. He puffed another cloud of smoke and grabbed the containers. Say you better hurry up donít you think? You might not be able to find your group if you donít hurry. Iím not too worried I think I know where they are going. Oh? So are you a pretty good guesser then? Iím one of the best guessers. I grabbed the last shoe and turned around and began to run off into the direction my group went. I arrive at the town I was heading to and as I got closer I saw a basketball come bouncing my way I quickly stopped it and rolled it back to the person playing and went under a glass garage door that he had opened. I stood up and brushed off and looked around it was a team of people that looked like they were practicing for a movie / show where they were going to sing and dance while playing basketball. I walked past them and got closer to some other random Dcís and found myself conversing with them. But as I did the scene became different as I was now in a third person view. A girl began talking to the dc that was me and ask if I am this celebrity person and I tell her no no that cant be me. She then said I was him because of my voice and how it matched perfectly. My person went through a portal and ended up on top of a the big stone wall that was next to them and was now on a unicorn. He walked about on the unicorn at the top of the ridge and headed off into the distance as he went towards a thick vegetation world. He got off the unicorn and jumped in and began eating different kinds of candy plants that were in there and began to transform. A voice began talking to me and telling me how I have to be careful as I donít want to overdose on the items otherwise I wont be able to get out. He then sent me an image of Winnie the pooh as he was floating around dipping his hand in some honey and eating it. He then told me how there has only been two people to get out that have eaten the amount I have so far and that I need to get out quick as im at 20% consumption and nobody has gotten out past 22% . The dream shifted and I was now at a house I could tell it was my buddies house and went upstairs to try and settle in. As I did I looked across the hall and saw a mustard stain on some metal that was on his parents room floor below the door. I pushed the door open and thought wow they never cleaned that stain from me before? I went down stairs and then went back up and was about to clean the stain when a maid began to harass me asking me what I was doing. She pulled out a gun and motioned for me to go back down stairs I told her I was looking for a phone charger and she began to explain how there was one downstairs and I said no Iím looking for my charger I left it up here. She didnít believe the story and pointed the gun at me more aggressively. I went down stairs and she brought me to the door. But as I was about to leave the door opened and my friend came in with 5 or so other people. The maid backed off after he explained my charger was upstairs in his room on his desk.

      Dream Fragment. I was running on a path and cars were coming and going. It was all wet and slushy and the path got smaller as the mountain hill got steeper. I eventually got to a spot and I couldnít go any further as it was private property. I went along the path the best I could and went past a couple. They began to try and question me why I was there what spot I owned because if I didnít I didnít belong there.

      Dream fragment. I was in a hotel with a girl and we had sexy time. Eventually another guy came and slept in bed with us.
      Dream Fragment. I was with different pro gamers and one of them was getting a hand job from a fan girl that had a big rack and was really good looking.
      Dream Fragment. I was playing golf / baseball in a banquet room of a hotel but there was no gravity in the room. A person kept throwing balls to me and I would hit them back. There was person that came in with a group of people and she kept acting like she was 2 or three people by changing her voice and was answering her own voice. But eventually the voices were changing and didnít match up anymore. So I asked her if she thought she was fooling us by trying to do that or what was going on.
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    11. Stockings and Suspenders and flower cars

      by , Yesterday at 06:36 PM
      I had a light sleep last night, many visions coming to me, even a dose of hypnagogic jerks and visions for about an hour, my first jerk signalled to me that i was almost asleep, then i saw all these geometrics and bright flashes, and another jerk which woke me up.

      I remained motionless and recited my mantra again, and soon went back to slumber.

      Then sometime in my sleep i dream about laying on a bed, it appears to be my brothers bed at my parents house, in his bedroom. So, i am just laying there and i notice a small crack in the walls, very weird, cant remember these, i think to myself, and the crack gets bigger and wider.

      I then notice movement in the next room, which would be my parents room. I then see the back of someone, wearing just white suspender belt and white stockings, and suddenly i realize i am seeing my mum through a crack in the wall in her underwear!

      This abruptly shifts the dream to me being outside on the playing field looking back at the house, and i notice that all the gardens have no dividing walls or fences, a car passes by in front of me, and i notice no one is driving it, there are flowers inside the car, but no driver, as the car passes me i smell the sweet scent of flowers.
    12. Last nights Dreams Could Have Been Better

      by , Yesterday at 06:29 PM
      I don't remember the first dream. All I remember is I was talking to a person in a room about something about dreams and it ended. I woke up at three thirty i think and went back to bed.
      At that time I had a dream I was in my house but than suddenly it started to flood. So I ran out the house and appeared outside where there was stores and a big parking lot. To my side I could see a guy and a girl walking with a gun. So I ran all the way to the bus stop. There were people around and I asked a little girl which way was back. She told me to wait on the other side so i did.
      I took the bus but when I got out i appeared in this room. There were two men standing and a lady in a pink performer costume balancing herself on the guys shoulders on a platform above. But part of the building began to collapse and they fell. Suddenly a guy with a gun came out. I guessed he was a bad guy so i tried to throw some small golden rocks i saw. But I missed and he shot me in the shoulder. I decided to try again and he shot me two times in the same spot...on my left shoulder and i fell onto the ground. It didn't hurt but i felt pretty stupid. That's when I woke up.
      I thought about how those dreams sucked and tried to fall back to sleep. I did eventually and had a dream I was inside my house. I saw people playing a game like super smash bros brawl. I wanted to draw so i went to my brothers room and found a sketch pad and a sharpened pencil. But my brother yelled at me for taking his stuff. So I got mad and yelled at him and his friend. Than I left and saw my lil bro eating something. I got mad out of no where and started yelling about how i wanted food and that that was my food or something like that.[I've been having lots of dreams where i yell for food...I need to stop that...-w-]
      Anyways I left the house and found myself outside. A pizza appeared in my hand and i took a few bites. A lady and her son who was a child came out and threw something in the garbage. I decided to throw the pizza away so i did. Than when I turned I saw a dark skinned old man walk out the back and walk past me. I asked the lady. Is that a ghost?[I don't believe in ghosts] She said no. I walked up to the open gate and closed it. After that i walked back to the lady. A random person walked up to us[I think it was the dark skinned old man] and said that people need to recycle more and need to start caring about what they do. Be more neat stuff like that. I was like yeah..Than I woke up. : P
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    13. Nirvana or U2

      by , Yesterday at 04:06 PM
      I'm in a music shop, looking for a old vinyl disc of my dad.
      My mother accidentally sold it and now I'm angry that I have to re-buy it double price.
      As I'm still looking for it, a girl comes and I see she is interested in the disc I was looking for.
      I approach her, but she hides the disc behind the back and she does not want to hear any reason, as she found it and the disc is hers!
      I'm desperate and as last try I tell her that I have the first cd of Nirvana. She is a lot interested, but still does not want give me the beloved old disc.
      St once she asks me to ask her out. I don't like her, but I do and she says 'okay, but you will pay my drinks'! I laugh.
      We go out, without paying anything, and the owner of the shop closes it up and comes with us.
      We go to a Nirvana concert but we sing U2 songs and everyone looks at us soooo weird! But we don't care at all.
      I buy some tea drinks, but it tastes like milk and I wake up.
    14. 15/April/2014: Escape the Universe? and Kurt Cobain in a Sonic The Hedgehog costume.

      by , Yesterday at 04:02 PM
      There are more dreams which were had this day but here are those that are shared here:

      Prior to dreaming I was thinking of turning into Rainbow Dash.

      I was seeing stuff in a river and was fishing for something, Something I was fishing for went by and then I went down the river where it went and swam back. Meanwhile I saw lava as if it was in Minecraft by the water, Making its hissing noise not turning into Obsidian but into something else.

      I came back to the fishing area and there was green stuff on the river on top of the water and so the fishing area was not as big. Then (If looking at the river) I went to the right and looked up, Saw a room above me and used a grappling hook like in Zelda: OoT to get up there.

      I went into a room (Minus walls and ceiling) and there were two gates on each side, That were doorways with iron bars that would come down to close them. They both closed with me inside and things or creatures came either inside through these closed doors or they came up to the doors and the room reset.

      Bing! I was now Twilight Sparkle.

      In the same room with the gates again (And there were computers in it) Princess Luna and Princess Celestia came up, One at each gate; Princess Luna came from the gate I came from which is now on my left and Princess Celestia from my right. Princess Luna said something like "Follow me and I'll give you fame/money/etc" and I (As if I were playing Team Fortress 2 on PC) hit a few buttons on the keyboard to say "No." I then faced Princess Celestia and she said "Find a way to escape the universe." And I said "Yes." The feeling is enlightening.

      How does one escape the universe?


      Later on I also dreamed of Kurt Cobain in a Sonic The Hedgehog costume in a building, Then he died and his body fell on its face and someone picked it up and tried to make it seem as if he wasn't dead but it just fell over again.
    15. 14th April - LucidJordan's Dream Journal | Unexpected lucidity & increased physical/hearing senses

      by , Yesterday at 03:57 PM
      It's been a while since I last put a Dream Journal entry in, I've been out and about with friends playing music! I've been putting a lot of my focus on tantra also, since I had some sort of euphoric sensation overcome my entire body a couple of nights ago and I was wondering what on earth it was, it led me to tantra!

      11th April -

      Dream 1
      Walking through a motorway type stone tunnel with a bunch of people, it turned into a busy stone hall but much tighter packed. I'm walking in the same direction as a lot of people, others are busily walking in our direction too. There was this guy who was walking next to me at the same time as this group of charity collectors pass me going the other way. The main collector asks me if I want to donate as he passes but I immediately tell him I have nothing to give, and he shoves me (I'm always charitable when I've got it, so this kind of behaviour annoys me). He keeps going, but the other guy who I mentioned was next to me says something offensive as a passive response to my having no money as to imply I'm tight, and I told him to fuck off or something long those lines. Further down the hall I'm walking into an open market type place, there are boxes of random toys and things on the floor and I have to step over them as I look around. Suddenly I turn around and the guy I told to fuck off before has the most insane keyboard in his hands, it's strapped on to him and he's holding it like a guitar, it was like a meter long black beast of an instrument, and he was playing some notes. He shouts to me that he's having it and there''s nothing I can do about it. Then the dream fades.

      I was sleeping on a couch and woke up about 6 hours into my sleep and recalled that last dream. The light was coming through the living room window and there were buses loudly stopping and starting outside, it was quite noisy. I was quite uncomfortable too, the couch wasn't big enough to allow lying down fully stretched, so I was in the fetal position. It took me a while to get back asleep, my eyes were closed though, I was determined to get back to sleep even though I didn't feel too sleepy, and after 20 minutes I started to see some imagery appearing before me in the darkness, then I suddenly and very unexpectedly transitioned straight into a lucid dream, I was in a blurry room and it there was purple electricity flowing over half the stuff in the room. I didn't feel like I woke up in a dream and had to regain consciousness, I felt like I had literally just been lying on the couch trying to sleep and then all of a sudden I was in this room. I unfortunately came straight out of this dream anyway, and I was on the couch again.

      So I tried again, I rested patiently for about 20 minutes, this time it seemed a lot longer to happen and I was getting a little disappointed until the imagery started appearing, then I knew it was game on. By imagery I'm talking about colourful neon type patterns swirling, which sometimes briefly transform into vivid objects. I've been practising dream schemas, thinking about what the patterns I'm seeing look most like, and therefore convincing my brain that that is what I'm seeing.

      Anyway I went back into a new room, it was the same again - a transition with no loss of consciousness. This time I was sat on a bed and knew instantly I was dreaming, and I was calm. I looked around the room and it was more vivid than any lucidity I've had so far. There was a washing line sort of thing hung across the room with a football attached to it, and as soon as I looked at it I calmly thought about how I could change it into something. I decided to change it to a star, but looking at it and thinking I wanted it to change to a star did nothing. I looked away and repeated the thought, I wanted the ball to become a star, and when I looked back it was still a football. Then I woke up again.

      With the two lucids I was trying to "open" my eyes as the imagery started coming to me. By open them I was not actually trying to physically open my eyes whilst keeping them closed, rather it was more of an embrace of all the imagery, as if I was accepting I was in a 3 dimensional space.

      So that was annoying, that I couldn't change the football into a star. How will I fly if I can't even do that? I think the problem was that I was only thinking I wanted it to change, with little expectation of it actually happening. I didn't visualize it happening, I just wanted it to happen. Next time I'll have to "see" it change, and maybe it will.

      13th April -

      Dream 1
      I was in a religion class with some old friends, they were all sitting about and smoking joints/playing games. The religion classroom transitioned into a bedroom without me noticing. I remember talking to a friend who used to body build but he looked really young again, like he did before his body-building days, and we talked about how it's a waste of time if you can't afford a good diet.

      Dream 2
      My dream log simply says "Dan spelling cat and" (I must have been very tired). I can vaguely remember a funny situation where my friend Dan was in a position of spelling something, and I was taking the piss out of him spelling the simple words cat and dog for him in a patronizing (but banterish) way.

      Dream 3
      I don't know what happened in this dream, except I know that there was a scene where I vividly heard words inside a dream for the first time. I was lazy in my logging efforts and have now forgotten them, in fact if I wasn't so sure right now about how I felt after I woke up that I heard vivid voices, then I would be convinced that I just feel like I have. Anyway this was unusual for me, usually I can remember being part of conversations in dreams but not actually hearing the words clearly, rather just remembering them. This time it was different, but I've forgotten the words so basically it doesn't even matter now haha.

      The other sensation I felt in a dream for the first time was physical pain. I was unwrapping a bandage that was around my wrist, I think I had burned it or something, and I can vividly remember the feeling of the bandage being peeled off my raw skin and the stringing sensation of it. I hope it isn't possible to feel super physical pain in dreams, because if that happened to me with the mind I've got, I'd be fucked.
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