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    1. wheelchair

      by , Today at 12:40 AM
      I have had snippets of 2 dreams in the last 2 days about a man in a wheelchair. He has medium length grey hair, cut nicely not at all untidy. I guess he is about 55 to 60 years old. He seems kind and kind of like he is trying to show me something, but I wake up as soon as I see him. Im wondering if this is a DG. I have felt before that a man with similar description was trying to show me around in a dream, kind of a wised old friend as I recall. hmmmm
    2. April 18, 2014

      by , Yesterday at 11:30 PM
      I was friends with the characters from MI-5/Spooks. I don't remember much of the plot, only that I enjoyed being around everyone.
    3. suddenly sexual, trapped by Miley Cyrus, my soulmate, and a break in

      by , Yesterday at 06:13 PM
      someone was telling me a story or something, and then it turned totally and unexpected sexual. It was nice too. And then they explained to me that it was like a joke of sorts, or satire, but that the sudden change was trying to make a point about something from the past that had been said about them

      I'm in the place and suddenly feel like I'm about to be caught/trapped, so I started busting through windows as the quickest way out. I go through several, and then, I see a change sweep through the room, and that tells me that I've been surrounded by another dimension, and that busting through the windows won't do me any good -- I'm trapped. The person who comes out to see me, who trapped me it seems, is Miley Cyrus. She seems to be there to actually tell me something about my friends, as a help/warning/alarm.

      I have scenes where Jason is a character. He's never manifest present, but I feel like he's all around, and that we are together. I was very nice.

      I'm talking to this group of people, I guess we're all like dead, and I'm saying that the nice thing about emotional pains is that you have a certain element of control. I guess I'm smiling as I say this, and this female is like, why are you smiling, that's some sick twisted shit, like back in the day. I say I guess I'm smiling over the control, the good part, not that one has a problem that needs controlling. She tells me about a problem she has, and my face turns somber -- I point out that I'm not smiling over that.

      This guy is trying to break into some place. He's about to come up this pipe that is jammed open. I want to make the pipe go back down, but it's lodged on some stairs, so it won't go down. Apparently earlier he had done something tricky, and like, gone down the pipe but not all the way, so that when the pipe was raised, it was raised more than it should be since he didn't descend the whole way -- something like that -- which ended up resulting in the jam. He comes up through the pipe and I'm the only one there. He goes over to this pool of water and just absorbs right into it. I think I'm going to follow him, and the water looks ominous, but I do go in and absorb into the water too.

      There are these people being "attended to" by "doctors", though a lot of this seems fairly coerced. The docs are putting this thing down the patients throats, and then it kinda spins and they pull it out, and as it comes out it's not kinda bristly and spirally, like a vacuum brush. It spins very very quickly on the exit, like a drill. I start to get the feeling that this is not good, and I sense that others sense the same thing, and that there is about to be a battle of wills as the patients begin to refuse "treatment"
    4. nightmares in a nap

      by , Yesterday at 05:34 PM
      went to sleep for an hour or so. maybe less. I lied in bed satisfied until i lost consciousness. had a very hard time waking up from this one. did not feel rested at all. only increasingly tired.
      can not remember the dreams until about the end where i woke myself up from very negative thought-patterns. insecure self-hatred. insecurity towards other people. a song played during this all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHP4VbhtGJ4
      as soon as i realized and felt bad for the negativity. and gotten more lucid before waking up , tis song played;

      it said : "I want to be.. Part of ur worldd... "
    5. the angel and music

      by , Yesterday at 05:09 PM
      i am sitting on the stairs in this unknown house. there is a beautiful white angel sitting with me. i am stunned. she gives me a violin. but i give it back to her. she takes the violin with her beautiful hands and starts playing it.
      the melody is so relaxing and beautiful. i put my arm around her shoulder. after she is finished. i summon a gun behind my back, then i try to shoot the window in front of me. only bubbles come out of it and it has no sound.
      i try again but it doesnt work. i throw the gun away. then i talk to her. she looks at me in the eye. then it ends.
      i wish i could kiss her.
      lucid , memorable
    6. the house in the forest

      by , Yesterday at 04:47 PM
      i am lucid. i am in a forest. i look to right and i see the blue sky. i want to fly but i am scared. i just walk through the forest. i see a house, it looks like it is haunted. i walk around it when suddenly everything starts to get
      DARK. i shout LET THERE BE LIGHT!! it doesnt work MAKE IT DAY nope. i go in the house. now it is so dark that i cant see anything at all. suddenly i see a white eyes in the dark. something in the dark grabs my leg and drags me, me. i scream and scream. then it changes into another dream scene.
      this could be a ghost story.
      lucid , nightmare
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    7. Flying with DC's!!

      by , Yesterday at 04:45 PM
      *I remember jumping in this field check if I was dreaming. I flew up high and recognized that indeed I was dreaming. Basically this dream was me practicing my flying control. I realized that when I relaxed I had a lot of control over my flying. At some point I felt complete mastery over my flight. Then I walked up to a crowd of DC's instead of showing off like a usually do, I thought I would ask them to fly with me. Some of them didn't know how so I gave a basic fly course . It was an awesome dream.
    8. Morning - April 18 2014

      by , Yesterday at 04:08 PM
      MAN. It's been a while, right?

      I'm still kinda sick and it bums me out 'cause I'm tired of feeling constantly run-down, but on the bright side it's given me the motivation I need to sleep more than usual and hopefully work off that sleep debt.

      I think what's gotten me to write this entry right now is ... simply the unusual nature of the dream and how vivid it was. And I think I can remember quite a few details, though maybe not exactly. WORTH A SHOT.

      Dream 1 - Amalgam
      I think one thing I remember is observing Lelouch from Code Geass. His art style was anime, though I think his surroundings were still normal. I'm not sure exactly what he was doing, but he seemed to be manipulating someone in order to advance his plans. His emotions on that matter seemed to range from complete control and a lack of remorse while he was manipulating them, to a sort of rueful rumination on what he'd done afterwards. Mostly he seemed to feel it was entirely necessary no matter how unsavory it was. And I'm pretty sure he was manipulating Euphemia. Sociopath Lelouch.

      Next bit I remember is bein' in a room with Hannibal from the current TV Show, and a kid who's an online friend of mine. Super nice kid. I think they were trying to help me understand that I'd injured both my arms very badly from playing legions, but I also remember a little before this. Mostly that the room had been the setting for some time, and it was quite dark and a bit messy and seemed deserted. And there was something about National Geographic.

      Anyway Hannibal managed to point out to me that my arms were fricking banged up, and I finally got my shirt off to take a look. The first thing I noticed was some kinda weird, green dead skin on my chest, which I peeled off. I sort of expected that my arms would have the same problem. What I saw instead was that my arms were frickin' covered in bruises and irritated redness. The bruises were an odd sort of star-shape, dark-purple in color but looking sort of like very large asterisks. * And the next thing I noticed was the pain.

      So I was just sort of staring down at my arms, watching my hands tremble and turning my arms over for a better look, while Hannibal explained that the damage was from my tendency to fly up to people in Legions and midair them point-blank. Apparently this sort of kamikaze approach to battle had been dealing damage to my arms with every rocket blast for a while now, unbeknownst to me. U tryna tell me somethin brain? Ur gonna have to speak up.

      At this point my view on the matter went from "haha what injured I am not injured" to "HOLY FRICK I AM SO INJURED I hope you guys feel bad about this" or y'know "pity me!" or whatever. Also my arms fricking hurt. And I was looking to them to help me out, but Hannibal was doing his typical "you know what let's take this fixable thing and allow it to get worse for giggles" routine. This did not go over well with my internet friend, who was after all right there in the room, and who started demanding that Hannibal give me medical attention right then. Hannibal did not concede, of course, and I occupied myself with gingerly holding my arms and/or examining them and/or somehow managing to get a turtleneck sleeve onto my left arm, which got in the way of me seeing how bad it was. I woke up soon after that, still with the belief that my arms were totally damaged, and was rather relieved to find that moving didn't hurt.

      But see what I like about dreams is that chance to be in the position of freaking out over very detailed, injured arms, complete with pain and trembling, but without the long-term life consequences, such as a month in the hospital. Is that weird? That's probably weird.

      Dream 2 - SnailFrog
      Anyway then another thing that happened was that I was outside with somebody like maybe my dad or somethin', and we found this snail thing. It was actually a very hungry small frog but it looked like a snail. Dad and I took it outside to some swampy place and set it down, and I found a grasshopper and considered lifting it by one delicate antenna (detail!) but got the feeling that the grasshopper (which was brightly colored and odd-looking) would manage to flick itself onto my hand and bite me or something. So I left that one alone and meanwhile the snail had turned into a small adorable red-ish frog with a translucent, slimy underbelly reminiscent of a snail, and he'd spied a small tan, safe-looking grasshopper. And then he went for it at incredible speeds, twisting around to try to keep up with its hopping and rolling all over the underbrush, and managed to eat it. And then he went for another one and caught it as well, after another incredible chase, though this time he ended up with a mouthful of large twigs that seemed to contradict his mouth size.


      So I'm not quite sure what else happened. I feel like tons of things occurred but LIKE WHAT? IDK.

      - - - - - - -

      Hm I can kinda remember what my dreams lately have been like. I think the night before this one I dreamed about playing legions, interspersed with crime scenes that were my doing. This is 'cause my main occupation lately has been playing Legions and watching Hannibal. And maybe thinking about sociopaths. None of those things feel like excellent uses of my time and now it's showing up in my dreams which shows that they're all I've been focusing on and arggghhhhh.

      I was wondering when I'd start writing down dreams again. They seem like such a perfect way to track my mental state and get a handle on how my life's going. I think being sick borked it up after almost a solid month of recording, so hopefully this time my streak will be even longer. Feels good to be writing about 'em again~ I think this is one of my best hobbies :33
      Tags: pain
    9. Melbourne Tsunami Disaster

      by , Yesterday at 03:52 PM
      Recalling from a week ago: Standing in a rectangular shaped hotel room, two floor to ceiling windows showed the view of the skyline and the ocean behind it. We were in Melbourne because I recall Docklands (suburb) was just to my right where one of my friends live. I saw the giant waves topple over the skyscraper buildings but receding before it hit the tower we were in, however, everyone in the tower was panicking/recieving treatment/on phone to loved ones etc. I was with my friend inside the hotel room, we were talking but I do not recall what about.

      We stepped out of our hotel room, where there was a rather large lobby area where people were receiving treatment, getting bandaged up etc.

      This is the second time this dream has happened, I only recall the giant waves over the building twice though.
    10. Meteor Crashing

      by , Yesterday at 03:46 PM
      Recalling from a week ago: Sitting on the veranda of a house, I saw this massive red meteor heading for the Earth and crashing off in the far distance.

      I remember getting ready to go to the airport prior to the meteor, I was questioned about if I was still going to the Airport (Melbourne?) and I said yes, vaguely recall driving a car towards the meteor/airport.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. My teacher shot me down!

      by , Yesterday at 03:03 PM
      I'm in my primary school. There is a lot of wind and my teacher does not want us to go out in the break.
      My friends and I try to convince her, but nothing, so we decide to play a weird game, sitting in the ground.
      We have to remove the tiles from the paving and eat them without hiccupping (because it is sure you start to hiccup when you eat rocks! hahaha).
      Someone starts to feel sick, as you have to swallow the tiles without chew them.
      And every time someone starts to hiccup, we have to take him/her and throw them out the window.
      At the end we remain just two. And we decide that the winner will be decided with a shot put.
      The object to put is obviously a tile.
      I know my friend is going to win, as he is taller and stronger than me.
      So my teacher gives us some tiles, then holds a gun for the start, but she looks at me and shoot me down.
    12. the past in the present

      by , Yesterday at 03:00 PM
      i am in my old living house with my dad and a woman i know. i am happy i am back with my family again (false memory). i walk to my dad and talk to him (idk what it was about). suddenly it hit me, i was dreaming.
      me: I AM DREAMING, I AM DREAMING. it changes into a new dream scene.
      the house is a dream sign.
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. Copilot

      by , Yesterday at 02:11 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #201: Copilot

      I’m standing in a brightly lit cafe near the serving counter. There’s a row of three toilets placed directly next to a huge window that looks out onto a shopping mall. In spite of the people passing by just a couple feet away from the window, I decide that I need to sit down on one of these toilets.

      As I’m sitting there I realize that I don’t really need to go after all. I wonder why I am even sitting on this toilet publicly embarrassing myself. Some kid, a boy of about 9 or 10, sits on the toilet next to me and starts talking to me about something. I don’t relish the idea of having a conversation while seated this way so I get up to leave (not having “accomplished” anything.) The kid gets up as well and I see that he’s left a horrible, putrid mess in his toilet.

      He points to the awfulness he left in the toilet and tells me, “Eww, you did that!” I sputter with indignation and outrage until
      it occurs to me that this has to be a dream.

      The kid disappears and I spend a moment taking in the scene. From behind the cafe’s counter, a guy in a paper chef hat stares back at me. I look to the left and see a staircase leading down, with a man in his early 40s standing at the bottom.

      I decide to try teleporting by taking over the man’s perspective and it works almost instantly! Now I’m viewing the same scene from the bottom of the stairs. I run up, wondering if I’ll see another version of myself or the man I switched with, but there’s nobody there now.

      I see my 4-year-old son E standing nearby at a table and walk up to him. “Hey, buddy!” I say, and walk with him out into the mall. We’re on the second floor walkway and across a sort of interior courtyard I see an atrium with a beautiful skylight. Daylight pours in through the glass and I think it looks like a great flying spot.

      I scoop E up in my arms and he feels realistically heavy. He drapes his hands around my neck more lightly than he would in waking life but the grip seems firm enough to get started. I take to the air, flying with him over the balcony railing. The flight feels very floaty, like something that’d happen in zero gravity. E’s legs float out to the side and I realize that I’ve lost the feeling of his weight.

      For some reason we’re drifting away from the skylight toward another section of the mall. I make a hard right turn, dragging E behind me, and we begin to travel down a darker, previously unseen corridor. Before we make it very far this way,
      the dream ends.
    14. Interesting weird dream

      by , Yesterday at 01:51 PM
      This dream was quite long as it had 3 different themes.

      So the dream starts off in a massive hall, most of my school was in there.
      We're doing this quiz thing, where there's two teams against eachother,
      So it's my team against the other, we have to sit at the front tables.
      The girl next to me (who I know in real life) starts coming onto me and being flirty.

      Then the dream changes, this time I'm in like a shop with my friends, then my minecraft brain takes over and I say I've found diamonds. So I say to Sam (my friend), to get a basket so I can put all the diamonds in, as he's doing this i meet this creepy old guy, who clearly wants to get the diamonds, he try's to take one from the shop counter but I push his hand away.

      And then the last theme takes place. It looks like I'm in a hotel but I'm not sure, again I'm with my friends. We seem to be playing football and when we win, we celebrate like crazy, I turn around and there's people staring at us, looking at us like we are crazy... Around the corridor I meet another school friend who wants to practice with me.

      So that's all i can remember of my weird long insteresting dream, I seem to see my school friends very often in dreams. Although it can't be a dream sign as I see them very often in real life too!
    15. I can't believe I am in Japan!

      by , Yesterday at 12:53 PM
      *There a Tibetan Buddhist teacher who I can't remember at the moment talking about the important of daily purification of negative karma.

      *I was in Japan with my brother Gavin. I said I can't I get to go explore this amazing city. I thought about all the awesome I would be able to do. I told my brother dude let me take a picture of me in Japan post it in Facebook. I wanted to show everyone who I fulfilled my dreams. Then we ended up in this apartment in Japan that we seemed to be sharing with other Japanese people. The apartment felt dirty and chaotic.
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