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    1. Emergency Party Line (Reoccurring Dream Sequence)

      by , Yesterday at 09:15 PM
      Sunday night dream: It was Christmas time. I'm working an emergency party line. I'm familiar w/ this reoccurring dream. I become lucid. I can teleport easily in this dream when I get a msg on my board. It looks like a map with schematics of sorts. There is an old yellow phone on the wall of a hallway. I jump in & out of Christmas parties letting them know there is an upcoming catastrophic event about to happen. Tornado's is the event all night. Mike appears by a phone in one of the parties & I tell him about how I do this in my dream. I explain that this is a reoccurring dream & he thinks this whole thing is really cool of course, lol. I am calm & take him w/ me on a call. Each place I go to also has a phone there to relay my msg there & recieve msgs. His second ex-wife is there. She's still batshit crazy as in real life. I tell her what I'm doing & then realize, wtf am I doing & I make her not crazy & then just make her disappear to not deal w/ her in my dream. Meesha Cat wakes me up.

      D2: Chained. Back into the dream again. I see a tornado this time & go through protocol again. This time I remember that last time it was Halloween the last time & it's Christmas in these last 2 dreams which is different. I then wake up & need to go feed Meesha who is staring at me IRL of course, lol.
    2. The Book of Secrets

      by , Yesterday at 09:13 PM
      27 Feb

      I'm in a room with lots of DCs. Some of them are leaving for an event. There are different kinds of chocolate boxes at a nearby counter. The DCs go to get chocolate, leaving a bit of a mess. I take couple of chocolates as well and consume them slowly. There's a particular idleness in my mind. I recall I was trying to fall asleep. Something tells me I can already act as if in the dream. I look around - indeed it's a dream. In still somewhat clouded awareness I recall about totm.

      This is now incorporated in the dream - there's a room where people do the current totm. It then changes to totm suggestions written on the door. Spellbee has suggested that we do programming def functions which appear on the door.

      My awareness increases and I now have greater clarity. I decide to leave this place and look for a window or door. I opt for the nearest door though a bit afraid I may end up in a labyrinth inside a building rather than outdoors. There's an unappealing old corridor with worn out walls. Luckily, after I reach its end is another door leading outside.

      I'm now walking near a wall, wondering what will be on the other side once I glance at it. A couple of blocks like those in my hometown appear. I stop to contemplate briefly on this entire process. How and why did these blocks appear, from all the possible items and images that could have been assembled. Did I think them up? Why precisely these objects and not something else. I stare in the distance ahead, thinking that I am not seeing images. What I am seeing are endless possibilities of what could be there.

      After the feeling of amazement has subsided a bit, I decide to get back to the totms. I am now on top of the wall and think about summoning the book of secrets from the basic task. To do so, I cover the top of the surface with my palm, moving it slowly to reveal the book behind. A red leather book promptly appears underneath with to my suprise the title Book of Secrets. It has relatively few pages and they are all leather. On the first browse there's a list of words with positive qualities or goals. One of the words is "innocent". I try to memorize two more words but forget them after wake. The entire book has a rather medieval appearance. The rest of the pages contain portraits of figures of importance like cardinals or archdukes. I browse one last time to find pictures of weird experiments that were done at the time. Some sort of medieval type of scientific research.

      Memory gap. There were several moments of the dream thinning out and me back to bed and back to dream, ruining coherent recall.

      The next scene I remember, I am still lucid and inside a room talking to a DC. I want to continue with totms and the task I recall next is the advanced one to change the weather. I confidently ask the DC for help - "There's something you can help me with. I know you can do this!" We are near a window and I can see the outside ground. It's not too evident which season it is - just bare ground, but I need it to be definitely winter.

      I turn my back so that I don't see the outside world but face the DC. She is looking outside and waves her hands around as if she is painting the snow. I then turn around and look again - now everything is covered with snow! Alright, now we need for spring or summer to come. I turn myself around and let the DC do her magic again. I look back and the snow-covered ground is now green grass. There's a weird bird resembling a toucan but much larger walking on the grass. Its beak is very unusual - a shiny green color. A closer look reveals that its beak is actually a purely reflective mirror-like surface and the green is just the grass being mirrored. Now there are several of these birds with shiny green beaks, black feathers with strangely warped structures. I am amazed at the kinds of stuff dreams can come up with.

      I take one last look at the weather transformation - despite the season change, it's still a bit dark and cloudy. To let the sunshine in, decide to get rid of the clouds. First, I stretch my arm and literally pick a few clouds from the sky as if they were nearby objects. Moreover, I get the sudden desire to try to blow the rest of the clouds away. I do it and it actually works! Now the scene is much brighter.

      The dream soon thins out and I feel my body once again. I fall asleep almost immediately and end up in another room. I feel this dream idleness which makes me realize I am still dreaming. I come up with a funny song and start dancing around while DCs stare at me.
      Pretty fast this time, the dream disappears, I feel my body once again and wake up.

      Updated Yesterday at 09:20 PM by 61764

      lucid , false awakening , memorable , task of the month
    3. Unspeakable things!

      by , Yesterday at 08:54 PM
      Saturday night Dream 1: I was somewhere in the early 1800's in an outside market of some kind. Some creepy guy took one of my grand daughters. He was doing unspeakable things to her. I was outraged of course which turned me all lucid & angry. Then an evil man tried to say it was my fault that I let this happen yet he wouldn't give her back to me. I woke up, thx Meesha Cat .

      Saturday D2: Chained right back into the dream angry & hell bent on revenge & very lucid! I went back to sleep & went back into the dream. I then had to sneak in to where she was being helped & took her back. Everything was made of weathered wood. I ran at superspeed & had great strength so I sent the men flying like rag dolls. It was very detailed for the era. We then escaped & I then woke myself up.

      My other daughters kids were staying with me this weekend & her 2 yr old was acting strange. (These are not my grand kids I normally refer to. These are my other daughters kids.) She lives with her dad's father & her father who have made her afraid of other ppl so when she stays the night she always wants her father. He's a manipulative prick. Some how I ended up with this horrific nightmare. I don't necessarily think this kind of thing is happening yet it does represent my concerns as a whole. I went back into this dream to rid myself of anger which was therapeutic..... I was able to help my grand daughter to not feel scared to be at my house which made me feel better also. Her & her brother have never been okay sleeping in the kids room w/o me before until now. He fell asleep & I stayed w/in earshot & went in periodically to soothe her & to reassure her that I will always be just a few feet away & can hear her. They went to sleep the next night w/o incident at all! I told my daughter about all of this when she came by. Hopefully soon she will get her new job schedule & daycare fixed to get my grand kids back w/ her, her new baby & new baby daddy soon! What a mess.

    4. blue lightning

      by , Yesterday at 06:49 PM
      In my dream there was someone who really messed up my plans, so I shot at them I think. Then I kind of exploded them. There was still some of them left so I used my powers to conjure up blue lightning (which seemed to be some kind of antimatter annihilation thing). There was nothing left.
      But I felt a certain amount of remorse so I used my powers to materialise them none worse for wear.
      Tags: blue
    5. Tons of False Awakenings

      by , Yesterday at 06:21 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      If I had any dreams prior, I wouldn't remember them. I woke up in the middle of the night, felt rested and figured I should get up and check the time and stay up if it was 5am or somewhere around that time. I must've fallen asleep, because after getting up and checking the time, I noticeed that my room was fitted with an air conditioning unit. I tried to remember whether or not I had an air conditioner, when I woke up again in bed. I tried to get up again, this time in my normal bedroom. I turned on the light and looked at my fingers, and saw that there were four, which made me realize that I was dreaming. I woke up again, and when I got up the air conditioner was back, I struggled a little again to remember whether my room had an air conditioner before figuring out that it ddid not. I decided to get outside my room and stabilize my dream before I woke up again, but then I woke up for good.
      Tags: home
      lucid , false awakening , memorable
    6. Lucid and an FA

      by , Yesterday at 02:37 PM

      Asleep: 12:50
      WBTB: 4:30, 6:11, sometime around 7:15
      Awake: 8:20
      NLDs: 1 + 1 fragment
      Lucids: 1

      1. My auto-snooze alarm wakes me up. My eyes briefly open but I don't move. I'm laying on my side but in a weird position. I lay there relaxed. It feels like my legs are sinking physically, as if I was in a weird position and they were relaxing into a more comfortable position. I wonder if this will affect my attempt, but I don't worry about it. Eventually, I feel vibrations and the "deepening" physical sensation I've felt before. Also there was a wave of energy. Not much in the way of auditory or visual hallucinations. Eventually, I knew I was sleeping. I got up and did a nose-plug RC. I could breathe and was lucid. I was in my normal bed room. I got up out of bed and patted my body down from chest to lower legs. Then I slowly spun around in a circle to fill in my environment. Everything looked relatively normal. I walked to the door and went into the hallway. There were spots of water and footsteps as if someone had just gotten out of the shower and was walking around. I walked down the hall way. I woke up, possibly due to the uncomfortable position of my body.

      2. Fragment - I'm traveling with two female friends. We are in some house on the 2nd floor. There are a couple guys around us, and one of them is hitting on my friend. He's being weird about it though; he's not talking to her. He's just standing really close. He keeps making these fighting gestures, not really towards me but just in general. It's like a "mating dance" to show her that he's worthy. There's 2 other guys near us who are "play" fighting similarly with themselves. I think it's amusing.

      3. (FA) I wake up in bed. I lean over to T's side of the bed, because there is something on her nightstand. It's a large, green basket-type thing without a bottom. Inside are a box of large chocolates in unique shapes. I think how weird it is that earlier in the night I was able to turn down our white noise machine, even though this huge basket is in the way.

      Notes - Can't believe I missed that FA! I need to get back in the habit of more regular RCs, especially when in bed and waking up in the middle of the night. Again an indication of heightened awareness because I knew that earlier in the night I had turned down our white noise machine, and I realized that it was weird that I hadn't noticed that large basket there. I'm very happy with the CAN-WILD. I don't always wake up to that alarm, but when I do, it's usually subtle enough that I don't move which gives me the opportunity for a CAN-WILD. I woke up to it 1 other time and didn't move last night, but I wasn't able to slip right back to sleep.
    7. 2/27/17-Conversation with My Brother (Haven't Heard from Him in 33 Years)

      by , Yesterday at 11:54 AM
      We were all young but nothing added up so I was aware it was a dream but interested because of the years that have passed since I have seen or heard from my little brother. The dream was early in the evening so I did get up and write it down. There were some interesting feelings and strange things happening and I felt somewhat lucid but so calm and relaxed. My little brother B was about 18 and we were sitting around a table having a great conversation (that never happened) so I was truly enjoying the feeling of how things could have been. Then my brother starts telling me about this rare gene he has and he needs to have a procedure done but he was waiting to hear from dad to find out if his birth mom (my moms sister, we adopted him from her because she was only 16 and didn't want him) was going to help pay for it. He brought over a plate of skinny straight fruit that looked like bars and he said they were called "incarcide". I looked at the plate that was now square and not round anymore and I laughed to myself. Yes that is appropriate, he spent most of his adult life incarcerated. Then I actually in the dream started to wonder if he was again? If this is a message from him that something is wrong? But I continued on, as my father (who passed away 33 years ago) called me on the phone and asked if I was with my brother B. I looked and it was 5:00 in the evening. I said yes he's here. My father never said another word and hung up. He then called my brother B and did the same thing. Then he called my brother M who called me (again a brother I rarely hear from or see) to ask if we heard from my father because he called to see if he was with us and then hung up. He thought that was strange. We all seemed a bit confused. Then he called my brother B back and said my Aunt K is going to pay for all of his procedure. Next scene is me getting out of a bed somewhere and laying on the floor with my dog Charlie? (No way I am sleeping on the floor if there is a bed). Then I am going to grocery store at night and there is cars everywhere and hard to get in the parking lot. I got out and there are tables everywhere with people doing their taxes (Mine are done) I felt I was in and out of lucidity.
    8. Closing the Game

      by , Yesterday at 08:04 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Dark, Diablo-like RPG world. I was just a disembodied observer, watching my brother play. It looked like Diablo based on the UI, but there were some changes. The dungeons and quests were not familiar. You could change your class in the inventory screen. There were colored buttons for Hunter, Necromancer and Legion. Only these were visible because my brother had some gear for each class. When you clicked one of the classes, the game automatically equipped the proper gear and skills if you had them. It didn't work perfectly.

      My brother was in a dungeon killing a ton of skeletons while he had a buff active. The buff improved loot for a short time. When it was ending, a golden skeleton spawned and dropped a ton of good stuff. My brother had trouble managing his inventory and unequipped his gear by accident. He was playing Hunter and Necromancer. The button for Legion was red so I assume it was a warrior-type class. I did not see it in action though.

      My brother teleported to a statue inside a cave. The statue was like a dragon's head. It started glowing and speaking. It told my brother about a magical tree. My brother wanted to cut the tree down, because he knew what would happen if he did. I hadn't gotten to this point in the game and didn't want spoilers. I tried to close the game. First attempt just made me jump back in time. I tried again, focusing on pressing Esc that didn't exist. The game slowly closed. A windows desktop was revealed. It was full of shortcuts. Bunch of black and red icons in the middle. Video files, for youtube maybe? This desktop was not familiar. I woke up shortly after. I think this is the first time I've closed a game in a dream. I have paused the dream before, believing I was watching a video on my computer and jumped out of the dream that way. I guess that's pretty close.
      Tags: games, monsters
    9. 17-02-25 Sith Girl Redux, Night Flight Over Los Santos

      by , Yesterday at 02:44 AM
      Now it gets weird. I was in 'reality' (or so I thought), and I was watching yesterday's dream about helping the red-headed Sith girl on TV. I was dumbfounded, and for a second I was convinced I had predicted the future, as I remembered last night's dream in the dream... amazing.

      I was in Los Santos, GTA's version of Los Angeles. There was a slightly older guy, a pilot, who wanted to take me along for a little night flight in a small but fast single-engine prop plane. For some reason I did not feel like I was 'in' the plane, but rather 'hanging onto it'. Bizarre. Anyway, he flew really, really fast. You wouldn't think a prop plane can do that fast (it can't), it was really jetfighter fast. He said that flying this fast and this low was illegal and you couldn't get away with it during the day. I enjoyed the view from up there. The colorful display of the city lights below me. He 'landed' near a food stand somewhere he was just suddenly standing there) but I was still attached to him via a rope. I expected to hit the ground at speed, but my 'natural anti-gravity system' kicked in again and broke my fall. I even kept floating a bit. I told him Los Santos looked beautiful at night, much better than Liberty City or [insert other city from non-GTA game]. He confirmed this.
    10. 17-02-24 Sith Girl, Dry Riverbed

      by , Yesterday at 02:30 AM
      I had visions of a red-headed young woman, who was a Sith. Darth Vader's apprentice. She was hurt while on assignment. Later on, I found her (not the all-knowing observer anymore, but as my own character). I still knew what she was, though. I think I helped her up, and wanted to get her out of there. I told her "Lord Vader won't be pleased". I knew her Sith career was finished. The Sith do not tolerate failure. I doubted whether helping a Sith was a good idea. She could hurt me, if she wanted.

      I was sitting in the grass, next to a dried out riverbed overgrown with grass. It used to be a big river, reinforced with concrete, and it used to have ships going up and down its length. It looked somewhat post-apocalyptic. I had a little house on the grassy hill next to the river. My mother was there, and told me "they" (the government?) would start working on restoring the river, which would cause quite a bit of noise for weeks/months. I thought to myself that I didn't mind, I rented the place and could leave whenever I wished.
    11. 17-02-23 Alien, Red Horizon

      by , Yesterday at 02:12 AM
      I was inside a wreck of sorts... it looked like the inside of a passenger airplane's fuselage, but larger. Much larger. It also looked like it'd been there for a while. At some point, I ran into the Alien again. I couldn't believe my bad luck.

      I looked out of a large window, and saw that the ground near the horizon was bright red for some reason. It was so red, the sky itself reflected that color, giving the horizon a very eerie, alien red glow. Red weed?
      Tags: alien, red sky, wreck
    12. 17-02-17 Private Jet Crash, Lynn

      by , Yesterday at 02:05 AM
      I was on board of a private jet, along with someone I knew from waaay back in school, when I was 6-8 years old (Mercedes). The plane was on fire, and we were definitely going down. I could barely stand, with all the shaking of the plane. One thing I noticed was that I wasn't scared. In real life, I really hate flying. It gives me horrific anxiety. So I should have been mortified if we were crashing, but I felt like nothing could possibly happen to me. I decided to abandon the plane, so I jumped out. We were already flying really low, so it was a relatively short fall to the grassy hills below. My fall was possibly slowed by the usual gravitational weirdness. Mercedes somehow also got out fine. Not sure how, I didn't see her jump. The plane carried on in the distance, a trail of fire and smoke behind it. Of the two pilots (a man and a woman, both black like Mercedes), the woman jumped. But she got tangled in some rope from the plane as she fell, and she was horrifically hung in mid-air, snapping her neck... The plane dragged her behind it, and presumably crashed in the distance. Anyway, I left the area and entered a big city. It seemed completely abandoned, and I felt like I was watched. I felt an evil presence in the area. Like something was 'wrong' but I couldn't say what. After a while, I found a group of guys, about my age. They reminded me of REDACTED. I entered a large building, perhaps a opera house? I had stuff to do there, a "mission". It was very dark, but there were guards patrolling the area. The rest of the dream was in the style of "Splinter Cell", the game. I hid in a shadow, and had a guard in a choke hold from behind. Another guard came very close, and would have discovered me. I think I was left with no choice but to shoot him with my suppressed pistol.

      I was sitting on the back of Lynn, a girl I used to have a massive crush on back when I was between the ages of 9-11, as she was flying. Weird, I know... She landed somewhere, and we talked a bit. I think there was a bit of confusion for a second, as she thought I was still into her, or something like that. I'm not. She was nice to me, surprisingly. Friendly.
    13. car toty - lucid 2017 DJ 34 LD #43

      by , 02-26-2017 at 09:42 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)

      I become lucid. I am in a car with a DC who I do not know. The figure is female, and teaches me a lucid dreaming technique. "Relax your eyes... YES that is right. Now, make everything orange."
      I succeed. "Good! See, the key is to relax your eyes."

      Somewhere along the trip, I remember the TOTY and stop the car. I remove the engine and wheels, and it starts moving again.
    14. Alien Abduction Warning & Lucid Fragment

      by , 02-26-2017 at 06:18 PM
      I am investigating an area on earth where there has been recent alien activity reported. There is a huge Chinese or Korean space satellite floating above me in the sky. I am in a quiet village that has become a ghost town, going from home to home and looking in the windows. It is night and the homes are all dark and empty. There are stickers on the outside window panes of the houses that warn of recent alien abductions in the area. I come across one sticker that has a photo of a famous actor who has recently disappeared. It is assumed this actor was abducted by aliens. As I go from home to home reading the stickers, I look out over a field (the village park) and see a luminescent, glowing butterfly which flutters to the ground and slowly transforms into a human figure. The human figure stands up in the distance, glowing with neon radiance. As it walks through the dark park, I can see through its body transparently: the creature's muscular and skeletal systems are fully visible with incandescent lime-green bones and electric orange-neon muscle. It is a beautiful, surreal sight to withhold. I transfix on it as it strides through the park. I am not afraid. While watching it, I suddenly become lucid, check my hands, and discover I am dreaming. But the intensity of the dream is such, that I am totally paralyzed by the awesomeness of the sight and cannot move. My recall fades shortly thereafter. Dreamt 1/27/2017
      non-lucid , dream fragment , lucid
    15. water way

      by , 02-26-2017 at 06:07 PM
      On holiday I see a load of old kids from school, they are hanging out at the swimming baths all day playing football and stuff.
      Next i'm at the seaside with my sisters and i'm looking out at a long stretch of unexplored beach, which is quite rocky but non the less inviting. There is a long almost wall of glass we are looking out of.
      Tags: glass, holiday, water
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