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    1. Tour de France (NLD)

      by , Today at 04:07 AM
      I was participating in the Tour de France, except there were no bicycles involved. At first I was swimming in a river. There were other people swimming around me, including little babies and their mothers. The babies were eligible for a special award if they could swim well on their own, but in one case we noticed the mother secretly helping her infant by supporting it from under the water, so it was disqualified.

      I didn't like being stuck in a group of people, so I exerted some effort to swim ahead of them and find my own space. It made me think about the huge variation in human athletic ability. In a long distance race like this, some people were already hours ahead. I figured I was probably somewhere in the middle, and I was sure that there would still be people hours behind me. I didn't feel any pressure to compete against others or try to finish the race quickly; it felt like the sort of event that one could complete at one's own speed.

      Under the water I could see seaweed in a form that resembled bundles of thick green ropes, stretching endlessly in the direction the river flowed. They looked like they were flowing along too, so I grabbed them to see if I could catch a ride, but they were moving slower than I could swim on my own so I let go again. The race course led me out of the river and now I was running on land down a quiet little house-lined street, like a small village.

      I was still thinking about that strange ropy seaweed. It had reminded me of thick cables of the sort that might carry electricity or another kind of signal. What would it be like if our society used biological materials like this for our technological infrastructure? I decided to try out the material, so I manifested a hand made out of the same stuff as the seaweed. It resembled a human hand in shape but was not connected to a body, and was light green in color. Mischievously, I made the hand crawl up the porch of the nearest house and pull the string of the bell that hung on the doorframe.

      The door opened, and inside I was surprised to see that the one who opened it was not a human but a chicken, an ordinary-looking hen. She must have been a Plymouth Rock, judging from her black and white barred plumage. It reminded me of a silly line I'd heard somewhere, so I joked, "There's nobody here but us chickens!" She didn't make any responseómaybe she didn't know that one?óand I was still running so I soon passed by.
    2. June 15, 2014

      by , Today at 02:43 AM

      Dreamt about a West coast beach and told the person I was walking down the boardwalk with that it was just like where I used to live in Vegas. Really, itís a reoccurring dreamscape. You walk down a boardwalk, turn right, and enter a beach with cliffs in the distance.
      The person with me is my best friend and we go to a Chinese restaurant. Iíve also dreamed about this location before. Nothing good happens here. We sit down at the only empty seats that she feels comfortable at. The setting in front of me still has someoneís old noodles. As we sit she explains that we canít date because Iím just a friend. She is gorgeous and dressed prettily and I feel like itís a date anyway and that Iíd like to change her mind. As she talks and I try to think of what to do I start picking at the noodles. Then I realize what Iím doing and ask, ďHow did these get here?Ē She says, ďEww, those were someone elseís. Did you eat those?Ē I spit what was in my mouth into a napkin and tried to act calm but I felt disgusted and said, ďI want to barf, it was an accident.Ē She said, ďThatís good, it means that hanging out with me has made you less germophobic!Ē I thought to myself, ďNo, itís just made me a nervous wreck!Ē
      The waitress comes and says they are out of sushi and noodles and Iím upset because I really wanted lo mien. After a while of looking over the menu and feeling rushed and unsure I get rice and a salad instead.

      Also had a dream about woodworking.

      Dream Signs:
      -Reoccurring dreamscapes
      -Losing memory
      -Doing something gross
      -Wanting to date my friend
    3. June 9, 2014

      by , Today at 02:33 AM

      Took a nap:

      The neighbors were having a party and I wanted to go but I couldn't stand because my thighs burned from fatigue and I also had blurred vision.

      I awoke to the neighbors talking loudly (about pizza?) and so I think I had been half awake.
      Tags: half awake, nap, party
    4. June 8, 2014

      by , Today at 02:29 AM

      I was in a casino in Vegas trying to sneak around because I was doing something I shouldn't and didn't want to be caught by Mee-Maw. I think I was drinking and I think I got caught at the elevator... not sure on either.

      Dream Signs:
      -No longer live in Vegas
    5. 10/20/14 - Fall Into Darkness

      by , Today at 02:19 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Note: It has been a long time since I have posted a dream. I have been having some serious issues with depression and I have been unable to remember most of my dreams and mostly not cared about the ones I have remembered. I think I am breaking out of the darkness of depression now and I will try to post dreams more often again.

      Fall Into Darkness
      I am somewhere I donít recognize, but I donít really care about that. I feel awful. I hurt inside, my depression is giving me serious problems right now. I donít really notice anything going on around me, just the pain inside. I finally pull myself to my feet and I look around. The room Iím in looks abandoned. It looks like whoever had been here left in a bit of chaos. It looks like it used to be an office of some kind but now it is trashed. There is some broken computer equipment lying by a desk that is almost broken in half, papers are strewn everywhere, and none of the lights are working, leaving the room only illuminated by a street light outside the window. I donít pay too much attention to the setting, however, I walk over to the window and look out.

      The window has been broken and I am able to step right out onto the ledge. I see there is a city outside, but there arenít many lights on even though it is night time. I look down and see I am a long way up in what must be a skyscraper. There are people way down there, though there is something odd about the way theyíre moving. Because of how I am feeling, however, I donít pay too much attention to the people down below. I am just hurting so much inside. I know things will never get any better. Iím no good to anyone, and Iím no good to myself, there is only one way to escape such pain. So with absolutely no hope in my broken and dying heart I step off of the ledge and feel myself falling into the comforting embrace of deathÖ

      But noÖ that doesnít happen. I fall for a bit and then I feel I am being lifted back up into the air. It feels almost like flying, which is an exhilarating feeling compared to the crushing depression I felt just seconds before. I notice that someone has put their arms around me. Someone has snatched me right out of the air, taking me into a strong and comforting embraceÖ and we are flying! Or it certainly feels like flyingÖ maybe it was just a really high jump because the next thing I notice is that my rescuer and I land safely on the roof of a building next to the one I jumped from. My rescuer sets me down and now I am able to turn around and see who it is. I turn around and find myself staring directly into the blue eyes of Alex Mercer from Prototype.

      From the look in his eyes it appears Alex is a mix of concerned and annoyed. He asks what I was thinking when I did something that foolish, do I want to die? I tell him that was the general idea. I tell him there really is no reason for me to continue. He looks at me for a bit longer and then asks if I even realize that Iím dreaming. He says he knows I canít really die in a dream, but do I really want to? I stop for a bit and look at him, trying to comprehend the idea that I am just dreaming now. The pain inside has faded a lot now that I am here with Alex. He takes me into his arms and says he would love for me to be able to come to the dream state permanently so we could be together more, but not like that. He said he only wants that to happen when it is my time, he doesnít want to see my life end like that, there is still too much that I can do in my current home world. I tell him there isnít any hope. I tell him I canít do it alone. I canít face all that is against me all alone. He said I am never really alone, he is right here with me. And so is AltaÔrÖ and HetfieldÖ and everyone else that is in my inner world. And even in the physical world I have my friends and my mom. I tell him that everything just feels so hopeless. He said he can help me with thatÖ and heíll no longer take Ďnoí for an answer. He pulls me back into his arms and holds me there, it feels comforting. I donít even realize that heís actually consuming me until everything around me fades to black and then I wake up feeling at peace.
    6. June 7, 2014

      by , Today at 12:53 AM
      All Non-Lucid Dream

      Layer 1 - Mind Games

      I was observing as one man told another that "You should take off that costume. It's not professional," because we were at work and he was wearing a viking costume. The accused man was deeply offended and said that without the costume he didn't know who he was. Now both men were dressed in costume and a battle ensued. They each threw down many weapons into a pile and picked up their choice. Each just chose one of his own that was his favorite. They then commenced fighting. This fight was also not real, like the outfits, but they acted as though it were. Another man in a shiny black car said, "What have we become if we need games to tell us how we feel." The other two ignored him and continued battling but I agreed with his sentiment. All of this took place in a hilly clearing in a wooded area. There were other characters wandering around in the background.

      Layer 2 - Being Babied

      Everybody went out of their way to accommodate me, mostly because I was sick but also because they liked me. There was a restaurant in a cave by the ocean and the waves came into it strong on high tide. The water would come up and splash down on you. Everyone else thought it was funny but I was nervous. The restaurant itself is gorgeous with lots of rich, brown wood and shiny, blue glass/crystal in the architecture. My friends wanted to go out on the lake behind it in their little boat/raft. The water was muddy brown and shallow. I never actually saw the ocean. They got off the raft and wanted to do something dangerous and I didn't so they used a remote control to lift me in the raft up high by the outside sky bar of the ocean cave restaurant. I wanted to get onto the bar area but I was too high and too far away. They laughed and thought it was funny so I just sat and was silent and slightly pouty knowing they would bring me down soon and probably apologize.

      Dream Signs:
      -Dream characters acting bizarre
      -Reoccurring ocean cave restaurant
      -Reoccurring river rafting dream
      -Being afraid of heights
    7. June 4, 2014

      by , Today at 12:29 AM
      Dreamt about things that happened or were talked about at work. Counting money. Bugs, especially cockroaches. (Don't worry, I was not working at the restaurant then! I was working at a store where we were selling a lot of bug kill that day.)
    8. June 3, 2014

      by , Today at 12:26 AM
      Sleep was too restless for dreams.
    9. Poor recall again

      by , Today at 12:01 AM
      My recall sucks again cause I didn't write it down in the morning.
      I remember that first when I started to fall asleep I heard and saw something about germany going against the U.S and becoming a world power. Than fell asleep and woke up not remembering what I dreamt about.

      After I went back to sleep though I recall being with a old friend I think...He was protecting me from something in the dream...Maybe from a monster that wanted my blood.Than at some point we were in my house and I was showing him some drawings and he was showing me his. But the drawings were all in jumbled small pieces of papers so I said it would be best to throw it out. But he told me not to because they were really good and I worked hard to draw it. I agreed and decided not to throw it out. Than something else happened and at the end I was at my house and I was mad at my cousins so I told them to move so I can eat cake at the table. They moved and fixed the table for me so I could eat. Than I woke up.

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Temporal disruption complete!

      by , Yesterday at 11:45 PM
      All non lucid of course ....Had a great dream early on so only the latter part I can mind ... In an attic, it was huge. there were soldiers or people in uniforms anyway ahead of me. I crawled along a floorboard and then the attic opened out into a huge well lit area, so well lit it looked like it was outside. There was even earth on the floor! There were various structures and objects against the walls but I forget. Ahead were three Chaffinch. I wondered how they had got in. A woman said we should close the windows until I told her that that would prevent the chaffinch getting in and out.

      I woke up, and tried to store the dream away in my head and promptly fell asleep.

      In my next dream I remembered the attic dream and was desperate to write it sown. Think I was at an airport. There was a comic on a big table and I found a space on it I could write. As I was about to do so a narrator said -
      'The Bunty is the 25th most expensive comic on the planet. That's £1.25 of your money'
      I dinny think I've ever had a narrator before (apart from when its a TV related dream)
      Anyway, I tried to write 'In an attic' on the comic, but turns out it was made of plastic and my pen wouldn't work.

      Next dream, me and my wife went to a room, there was a strange drop on the far side and we sat beside it. The sprinklers were going and we were absolutely drookit! A fat man in a grey suit came in and jabbered something in a foreign tongue. My wife asked if he spoke English and he said 'These sprinklers play up a lot'

      Me , the wife and bairn in a hotel corridor. I said 'Theres a monster in the cupboard' I opened the cupboard, it went back maybe 20feet and the monster started pushing its way towards us. It was a ginger and white cat! It leapt and clung to my arm.
      I then said to myself 'We'll skip this part' which we did , - that's never happened to me before!
      The monster cat was ready to pounce. I looked up the corridor, the room at the top had its door open and a man I recognised was manhandling a dead naked body for some reason. I pulled the cupboard door open so it blocked the corridor and the monster ate the man I presume, he didnae sound happy anyway. The monster then appeared at a crack by the door. He had glowing eyes which burnt out and he started purring. I had a narrator again who said 'He is satisfied for the moment'

      Boring work stuff where a Ned and his bairn came bursting into the shop demanding a kilt hire just as I was away to close.

      Quite an interesting night...
    11. #40 - dream fragment

      by , Yesterday at 11:30 PM (werty52's Dream Journal)
      I remember pretty much nothing about my dreams last night, I think there was a guitar at some point, a nice electric.

      Tried FILD and SSILD simultaneously, but nothing really came of it.
      Tags: guitar
      dream fragment
    12. 3 Lucids, My House, Another House, and Haunted House

      by , Yesterday at 10:52 PM (One Up Seeker)
      1. I was outside of my house at the front of my driveway with a few of my friends. We were just hanging out when suddenly we saw a Koenigsegg Cop car. This stunned me, I never expected to see one in my driveway before. There was one thing that I didn't like about this car though, it was dented and really messed up in the back. The car started moving forward and I thought that the cop was about to leave. When I saw through the windshield I saw that the driver inside was no cop, it was a random black dude, and he was hostile too. We got in the way of his car and started talking to him. I forgot the conversation but something made the guy mad and he pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot us.
      I backed up, my friends stayed right in front of the car. "If you don't get out of the way right now I'm going to shoot you!" He yelled at us. My friends continued standing in his way for another 30 seconds, the black dude was still yelling at them. I figured I had enough time to help out the situation a bit, so I went back up to his car where my friends were standing and looked at his license plate. I don't remember the exact numbers, but I think his license number was "2G3WW5" or something really close to that. I stood there for a second making sure I memorized his license plate, because I had nothing to write it down on. Once I memorized it I ran to my front door, opened it up, and went inside. Immediately as I got inside of my house I became lucid. I walked into my livingroom and saw my mom,dad, and my sister all sitting down on either the couch or the recliner. My dad was on the recliner and my mom and sister were on the green couch.
      Something was weird though, my vision was sort of messed up. It was as though my glasses were halfway off of my face, so I was seeing two versions of everything, one clear and one blurry. I pushed up my glasses thinking that that would fix it, but as soon as I let go of the frame the glasses would slide back down. I was not about to go an entire lucid dream with messed up vision, so I threw off my glasses. As I did so I expected my vision to be perfect, but it was exactly like it was in waking life when I had my glasses off, everything was blurry. Slowly my vision started to correct itself and everything became almost perfect. I looked at my parents who were just watching t.v motionless like robots and everything looked crystal clear! It was like the Dream World was actually real, everything looked SO real(maybe because it is, haha).
      I then remember walking into my foyer, looking around, and then walking into my laundry room where the trashcan also is and throwing something away. Then I woke up.

      2. I was inside of some random house, and I was with 4 people that I didn't know, and a dog. At first we were all in a room together, doing nothing. Then, I figured out that these four people were actually two couples together. At one point, one of the couples walked out into the hallway and started making out. The couple that stayed in the room with my started having intercourse. They told me to keep watch and make sure the other couple didn't come back. I looked out in the hallway and kept watch. I saw the other couple making out furiously, and it looked kind of weird honestly. I looked back in the room at the couple that was banging and thought of how I could be banging the dudes chick.
      Suddenly the other couple started walking back towards the room. I told the couple inside of the room that they were coming back, and as I did the dude literally shoved his penis back into his pants, with no problem at all. It was like his penis was flaccid the entire time. I felt a bit sorry for him. Out of no where I became lucid. The other couple that had been furiously making out in the hallway finally made it back into the room, and the girl that was getting intercourse from her boyfriend was still naked, but the other couple didn't even care. I knew what I was going to do.
      I walked over to the dudes girlfriend that was already naked, and I put her in the doggy style position. I pulled down my pants and was about to go to work when I suddenly felt myself waking up. "Stay in the dream" I told myself repeatedly, but I knew saying that wouldnt work if my emotions werent stabilized, and I couldn't stabilize them at the time anyway because there was a naked girl in front of me, and my adrenaline was running.
      Eventually I woke up.

      3. I was with my friends inside of my friends Ryan's car. Trey was with me, and a few others. I was sitting in the back left seat, just enjoying the ride. "We'll be there in a few minutes guys" Ryan told us. A few minutes passed and we made it to the haunted house. We all got out of the car and went inside. It was daytime while we were outside, but immediately as we got inside it turned nighttime. Of course though before we got inside we had to wait in a short line, but we only waited for maybe a minute or two and then got in.
      When we got in, I noticed that this haunted house was just a normal house, but made now to where it was haunted. A lady led us all upstairs and started talking to us a little bit about the house. Suddenly the house went dark. All of the lights were now off in the house, but surprisingly I could still see well. I stayed in a group with all of my friends, and we just stood in the room and waited for something to happen. Out of no where somebody in a really scary costume came out of the corner and started chasing after us. Suddenly I became lucid. I left my group of friends and walked around the house by myself. I was amazed at how real everything was, and the clarity of everything was stunning.
      I stayed upstairs for a little bit, and while I did I walked into a really dark room that no one was in. I walked around inside and something jumped out at me. It was a small rattling worm dog toy,colored blue and a transparent white, and it was alive. It would chase me around and touch my leg and try to grab onto it. I left this room and went into the room where we began and inside of this room was the scary costume guy that I thought was chasing everyone. He was just standing in the corner, motionless. I decided I was going to walk into the room, just to see what he would do. I wasnt scared because the atmosphere in the house felt more play-like because of all of my friends screaming(they sounded like they were having fun, not actual screaming).
      I walked into the room, and after two or three steps inside the scary costume guy jump scared me and started chasing after me. At this point I ran downstairs and looked around
      . Later on I remember leaving the haunted house and then coming back for a 2nd time, but the 2nd time we didn't get there on time so we just left and didn't go inside. As we drove back home we drove over a huge opening in the road with only white rope covering it. Ryan's car gripped onto the rope and drove over the opening.
    13. June 2, 2014

      by , Yesterday at 10:26 PM
      All Non-Lucid Dream

      Layer 1 - Cliffhanger

      I am climbing on cliffs with a friend to get to a house but two large, vicious, black and gray dogs are blocking us. She says the way Iím going is wrong because I canít run fast enough to make it once Iím off the cliffs. I start to go the other way like she says. I think I get mad because I feel like the dogs will get me either way so I think I hurt them and tell her they arenít a problem now.

      Layer 2 - Sleep Party

      I am a woman being woken up by a man. We both say another womanís eyes are as blue as sandalwood. This is a bright blue wildflower in my dream. I am ashamed and scared that I have talked in such a way about a higher ranking woman. He doesnít care; he is astonished that we said the same thing and says he has sandalwood wine. I am now Jennifer Aniston at this manís evening party and I am dressed in a beautiful, shimmering, blue dress. I have bergamot wine which represents the color red and I have drank some. I walk around sharing it with others. I walk to the kitchen and find the sandalwood wine. I drink just a sip and pass out and see myself lying on the floor. Other party goers wake me up and think I have drank a whole bottle of wine and that Iím drunk. I try to argue that I only had a sip. I wake up.

      Fell back asleep and finished the dream:

      I try to argue that I am not drunk but I get a splitting headache. I tell them that they woke me up too soon and the headache grows in intensity until I pass out again. This time I do not see myself passed out but instead enter a new dream. In my "dream within a dream" I am a handsome man and I like this. I am in an empty place and a voice from everywhere above says, ďWilliam/Eamon, to thine own self be true.Ē

      Dream Signs:
      -Feeling trapped/chased
      -Frightening animals/monster like animals
      -Being someone else
      -Being woman/dressing as woman

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      memorable , non-lucid
    14. 10-25-14 Wes Anderson cultists

      by , Yesterday at 10:24 PM
      There was a satanic cult that operated in a small rural community close to where I live. Their order of ceremonies insisted that at each service the members of the society must watch Wes Anderson's film "Fantastic Mr. Fox". It was a requirement. Not a single service went by without a screening of it. I remember thinking to myself, "This should make some awesome trivia on the movie's page on IMDb. Those cultists must know that movie inside and out! I wonder why it's so important to them."

      This blond-haired boy gymnast was hanging upside down by his feet in a gym. He was wearing some tight-fitting athletic garb that looked sort of like a speedo. Then this girl came up to him and started kissing him. She also kissed him in some of his more private places. It was embarrassing.

      Then I was sitting in possibly the coolest room I've ever been in in a dream. It had an extremely low ceiling, so that I had to bend over even when I was sitting cross legged on the floor. Everything was made of wood and painted black. The only light came from the ceiling which was covered in these glowing, multicolored geometric designs. They looked sort of like Indian henna art, and it covered the whole ceiling and sort of swirled around.

      Then that same girl that had kissed the blond boy came in through a trap door in the floor. She sort of started flirting with me. She mentioned that sweethearts like to lie on their backs together and watch the ceiling as the designs swirled around. She also mentioned several times that she just wanted to "eat me up".

      I was driving down a busy interstate at about 80 mph very late at night. I was going around a big turn in the road. I was passing people right and left, so I was having to swerve a lot. Nobody's tail lights seemed to be working, so I just had to guess at where they were. It was freaky.

      My family and I were shopping at Walmart. My mom forbade me to ever use DreamViews again. I protested that it helped me in learning how to lucid dream and I had a dream journal there. But she forbade it. So I left a notice on the site that I wouldn't be posting anymore, and deleted my account.

      Hagrid from Harry Potter was standing by what looked like a laundry or garbage shoot. He shouted, "All aboard for Hogwarts!" Then Professor McGonagall appeared carrying about five little kids in her arms. They all yelled in delight, "Yaaay!! YaaaaY!!! We're all going to HOGWARTS!!!" Then she shoved them down the shoot. She started laughing and said, "oh, they're so cute! Bless them! They wanted to go to Hogwarts, and we sent them there!"
    15. June 1, 2014

      by , Yesterday at 10:09 PM
      All Non-Lucid Dream

      Any reference to women's body types is purely based on my personal preferences alone and should not affect how any woman feels about her own body!!! In an attempt to enforce this I have kept what I think is "large" and "perfect" undefined. These are arbitrary terms that have meaning only to me in this specific context.

      "Layer" references either a separate dream in the same night or a scene change within the same dream. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish the two.

      Layer 1 - Dadís Trailer

      I was in the trailer at the front of the yard but it looked different. I asked Dad if I could look around but he didnít seem to like it. He kept following me and interrupting me. I asked why it looked bigger but he said it wasnít. I stood in the hall and tried to measure how big it was with my eyes but he said it hadnít changed. I walked into a room that had a table with two chairs and behind it on the wall were lots of drawings kind of like cave drawings. I think I asked what they were but I canít remember if he gave an answer. The room was dark and dingy and everything was gray wood. I went to another room but canít remember anymore.

      Layer 2 - Car Chase

      Leahís husband and Kenneth were chasing me and Mom after Mom made them crash. Were they in a bus/van/limo? Did we go to a mall or eat with them first? We were in a limo and Mom was driving and I was in the back as her passenger. I felt confused and didnít like that she had made them crash but felt it was too late and I had to trust her and deal with it. We tried to get away and hide the car so they couldnít find us but they did so we drove away and hid again. They found us again and we realized they had us bugged. We tried to run a third time and I wanted to throw possible bugs out the window but Mom didnít want to. I threw out a dented, metal, orange ball anyway but felt bad because I realized it might be important to Mom. It turned out they had bugged the car itself anyway so we were never able to lose them. They admitted this when we got out and confronted them about being bugged and I threatened to press charges for invasion of privacy. They said we couldnít but Mom said we didnít need to, we had a right to hear what was on the tapes. I got really excited and vindictive and said that it was the law that if we were recorded they had to let us listen. We knew that somehow what they said would have been recorded as well. They were really upset and felt beat. That layer ended here I think.

      Layer 3 - Laundry

      I needed to do laundry and I had my dirty clothes in a basket in the back yard on the steps. I was upset because the washer and dryer werenít working. I think I also had lost an item. I feel like I was digging through looking for it and couldnít find it. I think it was a sports top. Mom said that we needed to go somewhere and I put my clothes in a backpack. Mom took the backpack and Nina and I started following her down the driveway. When we got to the end of the driveway I told Mom I would carry the backpack. I felt bad that she was carrying my stuff and I felt that I had to be the one to do it. I felt this was the manly thing to do. Mom gave it to me and it was really heavy. It weighed me down a lot and made it hard to walk. Mom walked ahead and I tried to keep Nina (who was a child in my dream) safe from traffic. I felt concerned that Mom was so far ahead and I couldnít tell her I needed help. When I caught up to Mom she was looking for a button on the ground. There was one but she said there were supposed to be two and it was supposed to be some kind of marker for where we were going. An old man tried to stop and help us but he was creepy and kept hitting on Mom and saying lude things to her. I really didnít like this and he made me uncomfortable. I feel like Mom resolved the button issue and the dream changed here to the next layer.

      Layer 4 - Locker Room

      When we got to where we were going we needed to use the bathroom and change clothes. I wanted to go into the menís room so we all did. (I really want to call it a locker room although I didnít see lockers, there were benches.) I was trying to use a toilet but there were flimsy clear shower curtains to cover the stalls instead of doors. I thought I might be able to make it work by suction cupping them closed but they left one side open and werenít long or tall enough. I felt very exposed and realized I would be seen sitting instead of standing if I tried to use the bathroom. I decided to walk out of the ďstallĒ but was worried this might look weird too as they would know I spent a long time setting it up and didnít go. I walked towards the mirrors and sinks where Mom was brushing Ninaís hair and realized I must have pulled my pants down because my lady parts were showing. I was horrified and tried to cover myself but I couldnít figure out how. I thought I was covered and saw it happened again so I sat down and covered myself with my shirt. I tried to see if anyone had noticed but couldnít tell. I started messing with my hair and trying to look calm and masculine. I admired the way my hair looked manly. Nina came over to me and tried to say something but I donít remember. The whole time we were here there were about five rows of about three to four men each not moving and staring straight ahead. They were old, fat and ugly. They were like some kind of unmoving audience. I didnít realize how strange it was then but now it creeps me out.

      Layer 5 - Football Game

      I think that we left the bathroom/locker room and were in a football stadium. We had front row seats and the game was being set up. There was a blue and white team which were the Panthers and a green and gold team whose mascot is unknown. Two men, one in each uniform, were talking to an announcer. It was some kind of interview and they were talking really loudly and excitedly and boastfully into a microphone. The Panther was like a bobble head for some reason. I remember staring at him because his head was really big and funny looking. I didnít pay much attention to what they were saying because the cheerleaders were near by. I was disappointed that they were rather large women but I enjoyed their big breasts and there was one that was gorgeous with a perfect body. The cheerleaders had only been practicing at first but were now performing. I felt a little self conscious that I might be staring too hard but I couldnít help it. The one with the nice body came out to do a solo in the middle of the performance and she started pulling her shirt open to show her cleavage and she seemed really close to me and I was really horny for her.

      Layer 6 - Storm

      This part is a blur but I feel like I became the pretty cheerleader and I was swept away onto the top of a big battery cell tower. The tower came crashing down and the sky was dark and stormy and I thought I would be electrocuted by the tower itself as it broke. I wasnít though and somehow I felt the tower was bad. There were two men in and adjacent tower that the cell tower crashed into and somehow I felt they were bad guys who were trying to destroy or take over the world with their towers. I think people cheered when it crashed and I was ok, as if I saved them. Here I woke up.

      Dream Signs:
      -High school characters
      -Being chased
      -Feeling lost or left
      -Need to prove masculinity
      -Anxiety over bathroom
      -Changing clothes in public
      -Being naked in public
      -Becoming new person
      -Being girl/wearing girl's clothes
      -Bizarre conspiracy theory

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