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    1. Ducks!

      by , Today at 10:30 PM
      So I've been obsessed with disney ducks lately..

      This is gonna be more of a sparknotes version of my dream, but uh..

      I'm in this vacation house, coming out of the shower into my private room. On the other side of one of the walls is the porch. I see through the windows that Darkwing Duck and someone else are sitting on the porch with their backs to me, talking. They're talking about me! I don't remember exactly what they were talking about, but it was negative. I feel bad, but decide not to confront them about it. We've all talked badly about someone when they're not around, and anyway, I feel like they're right about whatever it was they were saying.

      Sometime later, I'm in the foyer of the house. Darkwing and that other person is there. I briefly become lucid for a reason I don't remember. I hold my nose closed and breathe through it to make sure. I see Darkwing, and remember that before I went to sleep I had hoped to dream about Fenton Crackshell. I summon him, then lose lucidity pretty quickly.

      The rest of this part of the dream is just disappointing Fenton. I think we might have been trying to go on a date? (..sorry im like this.) But i kept doing things i shouldnt have or going somewhere and coming back way later than i should have.

      At some point i gain the ability to fly... At the climax of all the BS I've put fenton through, he comes out on the porch to confront me, but i don't want to face him, so i just say, "I'm sorry, Fenton," (or maybe "I'm so sorry," or something) and then fly up into the sky as fast as I can. Then i fly around up high for a while feeling bad.

      Later darkwing's tiny planes get taken by tiny bad people and i call a popular blogger i follow (who inexplicably lives in canada in my dream) and ask her to call for the canadian version of darkwing duck's flight division, but apparently i got the name wrong and asked her to call in the actual canadian airforce, so she was incredulous.

      Later i find out about a disney ducks show i didnt know about (but the charavters were real and in the city i was in), where a crew of spacefaring ducks from the future somehow gets trapped in our time.

      Theres something to do with rearranging the structure of the living room, scrooge is mentioned to live with us, we have a new baby, i see an alligator and a shark that are both contorted strangely and biting themselves and swimming in circles and im told it's because they're gravid with eggs. Something about arranging some numbers to make a picture of a cat for my mom, something about flying around a city as a bird (owl?) hoping to lead some other birds to a safe place from some danger?, something about being trapped in a city of ogres in a video game and i keep respawning in the same tavern and getting killed.

      Lastly i'm at some kind of fair/expo inside a home depot. I look at some expensive clay pots and cups with animals painted on them, and other things made from the same material ("soft clay"?). I look at some other stuff too but i cant remember. My mom comes up to me and asks if i want to play a game with her and her friend in the game room since they need at least three people. She mentions that the game group we were part of, the redshirts, had already started playing, so it was too late for that. I say they're sure to start a new game soon, but she disagrees.

      I look at some other vendors, then see there are tanks of fish. She gets impatient with me and says she's going. I say I'll come as soon as i look at the fish. Once i get down the row of fish, i see that they have reptiles too, which I'm much more excited about. Snapping turtles, geckos, vipers, and more. There's a walking stick there too. Someone near me is talking to a vendor, explaining that they thought since they won a raffle, it meant they could pick any reptile they wanted to take home, and the vendor was explaining that no, he couldn't take home any of the reptiles for free.

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    2. Meeting death

      by , Today at 10:13 PM
      I was at my aunts house with my cousin my boyfriend and someone else. My bf wont in the room with us but i knew he was there. Me and the unknown person was playing the game and when we got ready to lay down we turned on Netflix. While we were playing the game a notification on the tv had popped up and said 911 was dialed on the house phone. (My aunts got a really expensive alarm system). So i had clicked the red button on the phone. And continued to play cause the notification went away. Well time went on and When we had went to lay down (it was on the couch but all of us fit comfortably like it was a king Size bed) my bf had walked into the living room and hopped on with us and we had kinda got into little dispute nothing big just petty. But the notification of 911 being dialed popped up on the tv again. The phone was stuck in the couch cushion and i had dug it out to press the end button again. But this time it didnt go through a code had popped up that i had to type in for it to be canceled. But there were symbols that wont on the keyboard i had to type in. Us being afraid the alarm would go off. I had went to check and see if my aunt abled it before she went to sleep. (They have 2 little boxes to set and disable the alarm. One upstairs by their room and another in the game room) i went to the game room to to check the box and before i opened the door I noticed that the garage doors were open outside and i was going to click the button to shut them to. (the game room has a door to the outside of the house and right across the drive way is a separate garage building). When I unlocked and opened the door I noticed the door to outside was wide open to. When i walked in the door i looked to my right and there was a person in a black cloak standing facing the wall. At first i thought it was someone trying to be funny a prank i guess and told him to scat it wont funny. And then he turned around and in my head i had realized it was death or the grim reaper i guess. He didnt have his rod/knife thing though. He had no face either. And i went to scream for my bf but when i opened my mouth nothing came out. I couldnt scream or talk. I looked at death and i mouthed please just let me go say bye. I knew that i was going to dye and i just wanted to let them know i loved them. But death held out his hand to me. His skin was an ugly gray tone and his hand was long and slender. And At first i was captivated it felt like and went to place my hand in his but all of a sudden its like realization hit me and I snatched back quickly. When i did this its like i pissed him off and he curled his fingers and i felt my heart stop. Like i really felt my heart stop. And then i woke up my heart felt heavy i had chills and my room was freezing.
    3. Blah

      by , Today at 08:48 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I keep getting woken too quickly. My daughter's been popping in my room every morning... the puppy wakes me with his barking every afternoon.

      Tidbits I've recalled have been of having a failing pregnancy. Either the fetus isn't doing well and I loses it (only for it to come back stronger), or it gets stronger on its own.
      I never have a "pregnant" belly, but I can still feel it move and I push on it to encourage activity.

      Other tidbits have been standard zombie and building dreams.

      Yet others, are just hints of dreams: space, wormholes, agricultural and terraforming. Those are the dreams I wish I had remembered the most.
    4. October 19, 2017

      by , Today at 04:23 AM
      Во сне я оказался на празднике. In a dream, I was at a party.

      Я сидел за столом. I was sitting at the table.

      На столе было много еды. There was a lot of food on the table.

      Мужик напротив разрезал жареного карпа ножом. The man opposite cut the fried carp with a knife.
    5. Squirrels, Dinners, and Mars

      by , Yesterday at 07:25 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-18

      Squirrels, Dinners, and Mars

      I am outside in the desert. It is someplace in my own yard. I am looking around at some interesting rocks, and I spot looks like the body of a small ground squirrel. I find that sad, but I donít want our dog to find it and eat it. That sounds gross. So I go over and gently pick it up. To my surprise, when I touch it, it moves. It is not dead. I am thinking it is probably dehydrated from the heat weíve been having lately. So I gently pick up the animal, and I carry it over to a shady place. Thereís a fountain there, and it is overflowing here so that the animals can drink from it. I carefully drip some water on the squirrelís face. That seems to revive it some, and then it starts drinking. Perhaps thatís all needed. I have my phone with me, and I decide that this cute little squirrel would be good to have a photo of. So I lie it down on some leaves near the puddle made by the fountain, and I take a picture. It comes out very cute. My friend Alicia comes over to find out what Iím doing. She sees the animal, and asks what happened? I tell her the squirrel just needed some water. She says how cute it is. I go to my phone to show her the photo, but the photo is not there. It didnít save. That gets me pissed off. Alicia says just take another picture, but the lighting is off now and I canít get a good one.

      Alicia leaves to go home, and I go inside the house where we are having dinner with some friends. My mother is there, and so is my dead grandmother. Two ther people here seem to be a couple from Germany. Or at least thatís what their accent sounds like. My momĎs friend Donna is here as well. Donna has arrived late, but she brought cake. She has several different kinds of cake that all look yummy. She goes around the table and dishes out the portion of each cake for each person. So I now have a bowl full of several kinds of cake in front of me. My mother takes it away, however, saying that is for dessert. This is dinner. We eat the dinner and dessert seems get forgotten. We go outside and get in cars. I donít remember where we were going, but Donna keeps trying to signal me. I think she is trying to tell me not to trust the German man. But I donít see any reason not to. I am riding in a car with the German man. It seems like it is a hard task for him to not drive on the wrong side of the street. I wonder if that is because heís from Germany? I canít think whether or not they drive on the right side or the left side in Germany. I ask him if he is more used to driving on the left side of the street? He doesnít answer, but seems frustrated.

      German man turns into a parking lot. We drive through the garage into a large building. Except on the other side we are not in a building. It looks a lot like Mars. The man gives me a helmet to put on, saying thereís not enough oxygen for me to breathe here. The bad thing is that my helmet is attached to an oxygen tank that the man is carrying, so I canít go very far away. Then I hear them talking about using energy. One of them says something about using dark energy, but still itís energy. So I wonder if I can access that energy. I move a little bit away from the man, but he doesnít pay any attention. He thinks I canít go far enough sense I couldnít breathe. I take a deep breath and then I take my helmet off. Thatís surprises him. Heís trying to get it back on me. For some reason he doesnít want me dead. For bit I am having trouble getting air, but then I focus kind of a cloud of energy around me. And then I can breathe without any difficulty. This clearly surprises the guy. He sits there and stares at me for a bit. For some reason I think they have my mother. I ask him where she is. He says they donít have her. He says they never wanted my mother, they were after me. But he is confused as to how Iím breathing. He will just have to stay confused, because it is here that I wake up.
    6. October 18, 2017

      by , Yesterday at 08:02 AM
      Сегодня мне приснился сон про вампира. Today I had a dream about a vampire.

      Вампир был лет 60. The vampire was about 60 years old.

      Он укусил мужика в моём дворе. He bit a man in my yard.

      Я пошёл искать помощь. I went to seek help.

      Нашёл толпу цыган. I Found a crowd of gypsies.

      Один цыган пошёл со мной. One gypsy came with me.

      У него был пистолет. He had a gun.

      Он мне ещё ответил, что вампира можно убить обычным пистолетом без серебряных пуль.

      He told me yet that a vampire can be killed with an ordinary pistol without silver bullets.

      Мы пришли во двор. We came into the yard.

      Укушенный ранее мужик пил кровь у голубя. A man who was bitten earlier drank blood from a pigeon.

      Чуть подальше в палисаднике валялась дохлая кошка.
      A little further away in the front garden lay a dead cat.

      Цыган застрелил мужика. The gypsy shot the man.

      Настоящий же вампир скрылся. The real vampire disappeared.
    7. Mzzkc's Mind Games - Some News

      by , Yesterday at 05:09 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Hi everyone!

      It's been....awhile. x.x;

      Sadly, I think this particular journal is retired for good--it just doesn't fit my lifestyle anymore.


      For those of you still keen on following my dreaming exploits (and keeping in touch), I've started up a discord-based dream journal (https://discord.gg/4xuKtZj) which has greatly streamlined my journaling process.

      Feel free to swing by, say hello, start a discussion, ask me any questions, etc.

      I may not be super active here anymore, but I'm pretty much always accessible there if you need me for anything. <3

      Love y'all,
      side notes
    8. Log 900 - The Sampling Extravaganza and Other Assorted Stories

      by , Yesterday at 03:08 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 16 October 2017

      Got a few non-lucid dreams and a DEILD to note, along with a fragment. There was more to the non-LD portions that I've since forgotten by now.

      Dream 1 - School Lunch Buffet Brawl

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was waiting in line in a buffet-styled outdoor school cafeteria. Instead of trays, each student was given round, sturdy paper plates. Items were already running low when I reached the serving area. Macaroni and cheese seemed to be among the most popular choice, so I scooped what I could before that ran out. I tried some, and found it to be extra cheesy. Following that, I poured in some soup broth (wha...?), and finally, a handful of steamed sausages.

      I turned away momentarily, only to see that everything in my plate (sans broth) had been stolen. Angered, I rewinded time to discover the culprit. Turned out to be some tanned skinned punk, whose hand I found on my plate. I rewinded again to interpose, and yet, he'd the nerve to nab my stuff anyway. More time travel, this time to deliver a sucker punch. But, it seemed I got myself into a losing bout, the bully forcing me into the defensive. What's more, some other guy with curtained hair taunted me for my setback. In thoughtless rage, I went back to sneak attack the both of them, only to get into an even more embarrassingly lopsided fight.

      Not much else occurred before the dream ended.

      Dream 2 - Market Psycho Wave

      Scene 1 - Supermarket Food Samples
      The visuals were mostly clear. I was browsing around a supermarket at nighttime. Thanks to semi-awareness, I effortlessly floated around the aisles, if just to go around and sample snack foods. When I reached the meat aisle, I tore out some steaks and sausages from their packages, then used magic fire to cook these instantly.

      Unknown transition.

      Scene 2 - Law and Order - Paranormal Investigations
      The visuals were a bit blurred. This depicted an episode of Law and Order. During prepping, exec ADA McCoy was pressuring an unnerved witness to speak truthfully, but he realized someone had since coerced them into silence.

      Cut to McCoy in bed, where he's rudely awakened by police. Much to his disbelief, they showed up to arrest him for murdering someone and leaving their body out in a grassfield. Prime evidence included blood-laden muddy shoes found by the cops in Jack's home.

      But, it seemed the police knew this was all part of a much greater conspiracy. It so happened that an evil psychic kid has been hypnotizing people into committing murders in their sleep, to which McCoy became an unwitting puppet. Despite knowing as much, the cops had no way of arresting the boy for doing such, let alone finding him...

      Later on, both cops and lawyers agreed to a risky gambit: setting McCoy free without cause in hopes of somehow luring the kid. Around this point, I manifest as an incorporeal figure. Through telepathy, I instructed McCoy to go to a suburbs, to which he reluctantly complied. It was then that the evil kid probed Jack's mind again. This time, Jack was one step ahead, for he somehow figured out how to mentally shield himself in short notice. As he did, I locked on to the kid's telepathy, which in turn let McCoy figure out the helloin's whereabouts.

      Unknown transition.

      Scene 3 - Lake Waves
      The visuals were blurred. I was swimming at the center of a park lake during twilight. Various other familiar figures were there with me, though I don't recall specifics. Not long into this, huge waves formed, and battered everyone out to dry land. I was steadily catching on to this absurdity, but not before larger tides literally knocked me back into reality.

      Scrap Group 1
      Attack on Titan related dream.
      Spoiler for major spoilers:
      Colt conspired with Eren to kill Zeke, of all things. What's more, Colt reveals his,being of the Fritz bloodline. Cut to a battlefield in a plains. Eren, as the Attack Titanm uses his Coordinate to have a wave of pure Titans assault Zeke's Beast Titan form.

      Dream 3 - The Sampling Extravaganza

      The visuals were mostly clear. I was browsing the very same supermarket from before. Soon, I overheared my Aunt Karin and Uncle Able joking about off-brand cereal, though they quickly rescinded their words. I then see bags of such foods on a rack nearby. One interesting variety had chunks of chocolate and normal (off-brand) Rice Krispies Treats. This somehow grants awareness instantly. I tried some, finding it tasted as good as expected, though, as with food in other dreams, it melted and vanished much too quickly. Indeed, this was true for cookies, chips, and other snack items I sampled.

      After some careless flying throughout the aisles, I went directly to the meat cuttery for some protein. Behind the counter was a man who looked extraordinarily similar to James Avery (aka "Uncle Phil"). There were black plates nearby, which stored what seemed to be beef nigiri. I ate some, when I discovered this was actually shellfish. 'Mr. Avery' wasn't unhappy that I touched something without permission. "Oh sure", he complained, "just take whatever you want."

      To patch things up, I tried summoning a copy of what I ate. But, whether gesturing, staring, or through command words, nothing of the sort occurred. I then tried feeling things out on the plate. As it so happened, this was the surface of a hotplate. What's more, that mere tap caused it to short-out in dazzling sparks. Despite the jolt, I was completely unharmed. "Heh, no summoning.", I comment. "But hey, at least I'm invincible."

      Next, I held onto exposed diodes, electrifying me further, and creating an more spectacular, iridescent display of electric orbs. I stared at those that fell on the plate, when I realized these had formed a single word: wish. Anxious seconds were spent trying to think of something, but I resigned myself to whatever came in mind. "Mechaz0r!", I shout. Not sure why I thought of Duelyst, having not considered it in a while, but oh well.

      Suddenly, the structure begins rumbling, while a familiar tune sounded in the background. The title song for Power Ranger's, to be exact. For extra amusement, I had it seamlessly switch to the Broforce theme. This, in turn, caused a huge karaoke screen to rise up behind the meatcutter's counter, though tiny, illegible text rendered that terminal moot save for the extravagence of it all. As I prepared to sing, a number of other patrons (mostly college/university-aged kids) flocked in to chant along with me. Despite many of us being off-tempo, it was a whimsical moment all the same.

      The tune got about halfway before I awakened abruptly.

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    9. She called again + weird dream memory + burglars

      by , 10-17-2017 at 10:16 PM (Devil's Trill)
      I was sitting outside infront of my house and talked with my parents, then my phone rang. It was N , she called me on my phone even though she doesnt know my number. I didn't get lucid. I couldnt pick it up becuase I was talking to my parents and I didnt want them to hear me speaking english, I'm kinda shy.
      Then she called me again but I couldnt pick up the phone for the same reason.

      After that another girl called, and then it popped in my mind, I remember her. She's that black haired girl I used to hang out often , sometimes flirt, she is aloof, kinda cold ,detached , but still a funny girl and we often would hang out and talk about stuff.
      Now heres the rub; she doesnt exist. Actually I never met her or anyone like her. Shes just a dreamcharacter , but somehow I still remembered her, through my "dream memory".

      I dont know why but its often that when I am in a dream , I can access memories of previous dreams , what happened before and stuff like that. Like if I live a second life when I go to sleep all night. Pretty weird.

      So I picked up the phone and spoke with her, asked whatsup , its been a long time ,etc.
      And the dream ends here.

      In another dream I dreamt of burglars breaking into my house after the lights go out in the middle of hte night. We were kinda freaked out, but I grabbed a bat and beat the burglars out of the house with all my might . I think I killed one.
    10. Remembering In A Dream

      by , 10-17-2017 at 05:23 PM
      I was inside my dad's house surrounded by a group of strange guys. One of them gave me 3 small flowers with the stem almost dry. He than lit a candle and told me to let the flowers touch the flame. I let them touch and suddenly a orange closed box appeared floating in mid air next to my brother. "Now the box will over flood with blood". I watched as the outer appearance changed to blood than pondered if it was representing my brother's future. But than I felt like it was to see what level of fear I had around blood.

      Fast Forward and the dream had shifted to a apartment where I was married to a guy. A three yr old whom looked like a child I had seen before was present and I was helping him get his jacket on. He felt like my child though. But as I was doing such, a random person approached trying to touch me. I tried pushing them away till I became aware it was a dream.

      The dream than shifted and I was on my bed near a wall covered in decorations,writing and colored paper. My five year old self was in a yellow dress asleep next to me facing the ceiling. I than turned to the t.v. and saw a power puff girl show on. The power puff girl was fused wearing a outfit like the crocodile hunter. A voice of a narrorator than shouted " for martyr's dream!"

      Dream #2

      I was on a moving wagon with my dad and another crowd of people. We were holding on tight on the outside of it and trying to get ice cream from a dispenser within the wagon roof. I managed to get out vanilla with chocolate chips in a cup and asked my dad if he wanted it. Knowing he preferred chocolate I was willing to change it but he told me to eat it.

      I than focused on the street and became semi lucid.
      There was a string attached to me so I jumped out and let it pull me to the end of it. When I reached it the end was attached to a lady's back.She was tall, tan and average, with black wavy hair in a pony tail. She was wearing a short salmon colored spring dress.

      I followed her till she met with a group of guy friends near a skate park. A random person tried jumping to touch me again but I made them leave. I than went another way and saw a D.C. who called me over. He showed me through a narrow place and told me to pay attention to what I was about to see.I made a joke when he said that though and his response was "are you really saying that to me?Ha". I said yes than asked him about Eye. He said Eye couldn't appear now though.
      Afterwards we ended up in place where people were in a line. I didn't know what to make of it other than that the people's personalitys were made apparent through their actions.I left the place and ended up in a mall next, where a guy asked if I knew how to make allesana. I said yes, than he asked if I could join their group since they needed a good cook.

      The dream than shifted and I was in a nursing facility for old rich people. Still semi lucid it felt like they were dreamers too.I floated through the place looking at a dining room filled with home made sweets prepared by the old woman getting ready for a party. The cookies than reminded me of a cookie I use to eat a long time ago that taste like gingerbread cookie. I had forgotten about its existence. I than flew away and went through the wall. I ended up warping above some gold/pearl stairs though.I continued looking around but I forget what happened next.

      I just remembered the name of the cookie!I feel like buying them now...>.< They're called windmill cookies.

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    11. Coyote Kiss Waves

      by , 10-17-2017 at 04:25 PM
      Iíve just awoken from a night alone sleeping on the sand at a public beach, by a tree line at the far end away from the entrance. There are only a few people in the distance at the other side. It is the first full day of my vacation, and I feel at peace and excited at the open-ended possibilities of what is to come in the weeks that follow. I decide that the water is warm enough for a morning swim, and I scroll through the music in my phone for the perfect soundtrack. I settle on ďBlack CatĒ by Coyote Kisses, and with a freshly cracked beer in hand I walk into the waves.
    12. Shorty

      by , 10-17-2017 at 04:22 PM
      Realized I was dreaming when I was trying to get into my car and escape a zombie. It wouldn't start so I willed the car to start.

      "Oh, I must be dreaming. Better not think too much or the dream will end. "
    13. Shorty

      by , 10-17-2017 at 04:22 PM
      Realized I was dreaming when I was trying to get into my car and escape a zombie. It wouldn't start so I willed the car to start.

      "Oh, I must be dreaming. Better not think too much or the dream will end. "
    14. Rain and Purple Larkspurs

      by , 10-17-2017 at 10:28 AM
      Morning of October 17, 2017. Tuesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we appear now are living in the Cubitis house. There is a gentle rain. I am aware that our oldest son will be returning from his job (same job as in real life despite the erroneous 1978 setting of Florida rather than here in Australia). I contemplate if one of us should go and get him so that he will not get wet walking back in the rain. Zsuzsanna says that she will when the time comes.

      I am in the living room with Zsuzsanna. I look out the windows into the Cubitis backyard (it seems to be late morning but still raining) and notice a row of tall purple larkspurs that are close to the windows, under the awnings, and parallel to the entire east side of the house. They are not yet in full bloom. I think about asking Zsuzsanna when she planted them (perhaps very early on the previous morning), as I do not recall when she could have done this, which puzzles me slightly as I consider how wonderfully industrious and sedulous she is.

      In an area near the center of the large backyard are a few weeds where there is otherwise mostly short grass, but I also see about three or four potato plants in a couple random spots. It is raining, so I will pull out the weeds later. There is a vivid sense of love and peace.

      Zsuzsanna tells me that our oldest son will probably be off work about an hour early, as people do not usually shop there when it is raining. (This turned out to be prescient curiously enough, and it has not happened in this way before. I fail to see why people would stay home from shopping just because it is raining, but I guess I forgot that some people are ďdepressedĒ by rainy weather, whereas I am not.)

      I have been a devoted dream journalist all my life (and I even married my literal dream girl) and yet have never held any interest or belief in ďinterpretationĒ, mainly because my dreams, other than literally prescient threads, naturally decode themselves prior to fully waking, revealing their origins and manner of synthesis, but also because my dreams have held the same basic components and patterns, especially variations of waking symbolism and the same RAS triggers (such as emergent alertness to real environmental noise) since early childhood.

      Look closely at the threads that are accurate and those that have no basis for accuracy.

      My personified subconscious (dream self) is aware that I am happily married to Zsuzsanna, yet we are living in a house in America (Florida), where Zsuzsanna (and our children) have never been and I have not been since 1978 when I was only seventeen. (Zsuzsanna and our children have always lived in Australia.) This is not even the house in Wisconsin I was living in years before Zsuzsanna and I first began writing to each other.

      My dream self is aware that it is raining in real life at our present location (and in fact, this dream began within seconds of falling asleep again) and (again, as in the above paragraph) I am in a different house in my dream, also aware that it is raining, yet without the awareness of where I am in time and space (and how interesting is that?).

      I am aware that our oldest son has a job and even the exact location of where he works, and yet again, there is no conflict between the impossible contrast of living in Cubitis (an isolated rural area through which only a small highway intersected) and in an urban area in a different country. (My dream self usually does not find the implication of either bilocation or mixed-up composites, which are very common in my dreams, as unusual in any way.)

      I am aware that there are weeds in our backyard in real life (it has been raining continuously for a few days), yet (again) this is rendered into the backyard of an incorrect setting.

      Despite the otherwise fictional nature of this scenario, there are a few real-life factors, and even a typical thread of prescience (which I have always experienced on a day-to-day basis, yet do not always go into detail about as my entries are often already very long).

    15. Under pressure

      by , 10-17-2017 at 08:16 AM
      D1 - Rehearsing for a music performance, I am not really looking forward to it. Then I decide I could be a star performer and start getting really into it, I want a costume like everyone else. I get someone in to film and advertise my work Oo. Strange grey hats like a bishop with a white lightning strike mark down middle, worn so I can't see.

      D2 - Escaping from a castle. I am the king and have an escape route, off a small island (very) surrounded by dark waters. I have to dig a lot to find it and imagine in my minds eye all the soldiers with their long spears and grey green armour, at the castle gates. Eventually I wiggle into an escape passage and shoot down a tunnel to safety. I spend a lot of time hoping some of my men will follow without giving the game away where I am.
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