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    1. Kissing Clones (DILD)

      by , Today at 09:46 PM
      My brother and I were visiting my mom in the new house she was buying (no basis in WL). He was somewhere getting ready to leave—he was going to drive home for a day to take care of something and then come back on Wednesday. Currently it was Monday night.

      I followed my mom as she showed me around the house. Although it was very spacious, and beautiful from the outside, it was becoming apparent that a lot of things needed repair. She mentioned water damage as we entered the kitchen, and I saw that a number of floorboards in front of the sink were a different color, evidence that they had been replaced. When she turned on the faucet a lot of water immediately started flooding out from underneath the sink cabinet, so evidently the problem had not yet been solved.

      I noticed that all around the sides and back of the sink area was a kind of moat: the floorboards had been cut away to reveal an open area full of water. I remembered our little dog that had drowned in the cistern under the kitchen floor many years ago, and worried this might be a hazard to our current pets. If one of the cats fell in, would they be able to get out? The prospects didn't look good.

      "We'll have to cover this up." As we left the kitchen, I noticed that below the floorboards that had been cut away, I could see down to the basement, where thin wooden columns were spaced widely at intervals. "It's unnerving to see how little is holding up the floor we're walking on," I commented. It was even more unnerving when I saw how many posts were missing, as though they had rotted away. Repairs were going to be expensive. I was almost relieved to remember that I wouldn't be living here, but I thought I should do something to help my mom. Would $500 be a good donation to the repair fund? It probably wouldn't go far, though, given everything that needed to be done.

      Mom wanted to show me the attic, which was accessed by climbing a ladder through a disturbingly narrow shaft. She went up first, and as I followed I had to push back a rising feeling of claustrophobia at how tight the space was. I'm not normally claustrophobic but this was as narrow as a chimney... I felt hemmed in on all sides, and was afraid of getting stuck. I reminded myself that my mom had already gone up so I should be fine, and kept climbing until I had squeezed through.

      The attic was surprisingly nice given how difficult it was to access. It was a finished space with white walls and built-in bookshelves. Books were scattered all over the floor, but from the titles—throwaway pop culture stuff—I thought they must have beened abandoned by the previous owner. More bookshelves were always a plus, though we would have to make sure to shelve things up here that we didn't need to use very often.

      Then I noticed the washer and dryer, and my heart sank. You've got to be kidding me. "This is seriously where we have to do the laundry?" My voice rose with indignant disbelief. If I could barely fit through the shaft to climb up, how was I ever going to manage with a basket or an armful of clothes? And who thought it was a good idea to route the plumbing all the way up here? "We'll need to install some kind of dumbwaiter," was the best suggestion I could come up with.

      I explored far side of the attic room. Just past the washer and dryer was a small, irregularly shaped door in the wall, only a few feet high. I've always loved the strange little doors you sometimes find in old houses. I wonder where this one leads? I opened the door and behind it was a second door, identical to the first. That's odd... why would that... wait a minute! I am stunned by a sudden recollection. I have seen this kind of thing before! The door behind a door... that's something that happens in dreams! Could I really be dreaming? It still feels unlikely, but I look down at my right hand, palm facing up. For the most part it looks normal, but the top joint of my little finger is missing. It is round and smooth like an ordinary finger, but with only one joint rather than the normal two. And the ridge of the fingernail poking up past the truncated digit is long and blue. I keep my fingernails short and never color them. This is definitely not my proper hand.

      I'm still dumbfounded to realize that I was dreaming... often I have a vague dream awareness even in my NLDs, but this time there had not even been a trace of it. I might never have discovered it at all if it had not been for that glitch with the door.

      When did the dream begin? I try to think back. I was visiting my mom at her new house and then... wait... was that a different house, or was it this house? I realize that the only way I'll know when the dream started is to figure out when I went to sleep. I realize that I don't remember going to sleep at all. I was so tired, I must have just dropped off. But where? I was visiting the house for the first time, I wasn't even sure I had been assigned a place to sleep yet. I decided that the most likely place was a couch where I remembered sitting earlier.

      So had I dreamed the part about my brother visiting, or had he really been there too, and maybe I fell asleep before I could say goodbye? I tried to reconstruct the circumstances. My brother had been getting ready to leave and I had wanted to take a shower. I had already been rubbing shampoo in my hair when my mom told me that the water wasn't running, so I was stuck with shampoo in my hair and no way to get it out. Now the puzzling part... did this happen before or after I fell asleep? Might I already have been dreaming when I put the shampoo in my hair? The illogic of applying shampoo before I even undressed or got in the shower never occurred to me. Instinctively I reached up to feel my head, even though I was aware of the illogic of this gesture: even if I had been awake when I'd used the shampoo, there was no reason it couldn't manifest in the dream. My hair felt dirty but I couldn't tell if it was shampoo residue or just because it needed to be washed. In the end I couldn't figure out at which point in the evening's events I might have fallen asleep.

      [The real answer is that my memories of the evening did not include a single accurate detail from WL other than that I had gone to bed hungry, so everything I remembered had already been a part of the dream.]

      Should I keep exploring the house? Maybe, but I want to get out of this attic... not through that narrow shaft, though. There should be a better way down. I half hope for, half will into existence a set of stairs that I "discover" when I turn around. In a flash of dream logic, while I'm descending the stairs I forget it is the attic I'm leaving and momentarily think it is the basement, so it strikes me as strange that the house has a sub-basement. But by the time I reach the foot of the stairs I'm back to thinking of my new location as the second story.

      I don't want to waste the dream wandering around aimlessly, so I pause and try to think of a task. What were those new TOTMs? Plant a seed? I want to do that one, but I'd rather save it for some time when I find myself outside. Hmm... there was the one about cloning. It might be tough, given my usual difficulties summoning DCs, but I figure it is worth a try. I notice a tall mirror in the room and decide to use my reflection as the basis for the clone. The reflection looks satisfyingly accurate, and I see that I am wearing a loose ankle-length white dress. My hair is down but held back from my face with a headband. I decide that the simplicity of my appearance will make it easier to create the clone, so I simplify it further by removing the headband. I consider trying to pull my reflection out of the mirror to serve as the clone, but reason that a clone not the same thing as a reflection, so instead I focus on recreating a copy of myself in the same room. This goes surprisingly well. I turn and look expectantly to my right, and there she is!

      I take my double's left hand in my right, and side by side we start walking together. I recall the TOTM instructed that we are supposed to perform some activity together, either cooperative or competitive. Walking is an activity, I suppose, but not very interesting one, so I suggest, "Let's skip!" Hand in hand we skip along for a few paces. Then we stop and look at each other. I am fascinated by the conviction that she really does look just like me. I should check, though... maybe she has a different idea of the situation.

      "Who are you?" I inquire, watching closely to observe her response. She briefly considers the question.

      "You're here," she replies, touching her fingers to the center of her chest.

      I am touched and delighted by her confirmation of our bond, our shared identity. At the same time, I start to feel something unexpected. The longer I look at her, the more attractive I think she is... more attractive than I usually see myself. Is it strange to be attracted to your own double? Does this reflect on me in some way? Moved by growing desire, I ignore the psychological quandaries and step very close to her.

      "Can I?" I ask suggestively, letting the question trail off.

      "Like, sexually?" She seems to understand what I am hinting at, but wants confirmation.

      At my nod she indicates that she is willing, so we embrace and start kissing one another. Our desire is mutually reinforcing, and things are heating up fast. At the same time, the clinical part of my mind is reasoning that this is very odd and unexpected, on both our parts, since I am not normally someone with a strong libido. But we all know how raunchy dreams can be! Still standing, my clone and I paw and grind against one another until I orgasm and wake up.

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    2. Week 17 Notes - Conquering Procrastination

      by , Today at 07:54 PM (MasterMind's Weekly Journal)
      Alright! In my previous post:


      We established that procrastination is the biggest enemy for success. And successful people have somehow found the means to get this handled. And while most people complain, other people act!

      And the first problem of procrastination, is the delayment of just getting started.

      We say that we will do it "tomorrow" and we have excuses like "I don't feel motivated enough (do not feel like doing it)" or "I don't have enough energy (I am too tired)."

      Procrastination affects us individually both socially, physically, emotionally but even spiritually.

      But since a society only is the sum of it's parts "the people", procrastination even affects the whole society.

      I just started reading a book called "21 Tools to Stop Procrastination" and it was surprisingly good!

      In mainstream media you will read about the importance of motivation and random advice that obviosuly doesn't help.
      But in this book there was clear and practical ideas that I really resonated with and that I will share here today.

      First of all we have to realize that procrastination can't be fully eliminated, but you can get better at handing it, and that's the start.

      The key to beat procrastination is to: Reduce the pain and discomfort associated with the task

      I will share two techniques here today that we can use to GET STARTED!

      But first we need to understand why we procrastinate.

      And the reason is that we dread getting started, we just can't and sometimes we can't even explain why.
      And here is where our high school physics comes in handy.

      Newton's first law of motion:

      An object in motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless acted upon by an external force.

      Imagine yourself waking up in the morning when the alarm wakes you up. How do you feel? Do you feel like jumping out of bed and start your day, or do you feel like snoozing? Most of us feel like snoozing...

      It's the same when we consider starting with some activity that we are not currently doing, when we are in the doing though, then it is much easier to just continue doing it. Which is why getting started is so crucial.

      The Solar Flare Technique

      The technique to use as an external force on yourself to start doing something that we consider to much work, is the so called Solar flare technique. A solar flare is a small flash of brightness on a sun's surface and is often followed by a massive explosion, and to beat procrastination the same principle can be applied.

      Try this: Look for a ridiculously small first step of the task that you want to start.

      For example, if you want to go out for a run, instead of dreading the thought of running 1 mile outside and not feeling motivated or having enough energy, just focus on the goal of putting on the running shoes. Research have shown that we tend to want to finish what we start, so when you have the running shoes on it is easier to just get out and start jogging.

      I do this for my lucid dreaming practise every night, instead of dreading the thought of having to sit and sleep consciously for more than one hour (in order to get present and aware before falling asleep), I just focus on arranging my pillows in the way that I use when I practise and then it is easy to start because I have already started!

      I even do this when I want to get social in a club, instead of dreading the thought of what courage it will take to approach lots of different people and be funny etc. I just focus on walking up to one person and say "What's up" and from there it just gets easier and soon I find myself running around like a maniac partying and talking to everyone.

      Can you see the power in taking action and getting started?

      I hope you do, because it will change your life as stated before: socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually.
      And if you choose to, financially.

      So let's share one more technique:

      The 5 Minute Timer

      This one is great to eliminate the excuse of "I don't have enough time", "I don't have enough energy".
      What you do is that you tell yourself that you are just going to do the task for 5 minutes, you can even combine it with the solar flare technique. And tell yourself that when the 5 minutes have gone you can choose to stop if you want to and then do 5 minutes the next day, or if you feel like it, you can continue.

      The key here is choice.

      In the book "The Practising Mind" they distinguished the main difference between work and play. And what they said was that work was percieved as something that we are forced to do and it is boring. But when we play we have fun in the doing.
      And what this techniques allows us to do is to decrease the percieved pain in doing the task because "anyone can handle 5 minutes right?". And when we are in the doing we find that it is actually kind of fun and engaging.

      If you want to experience this first hand, I strongly recommend meditation.

      Here is what I do:

      I make my first goal each day to just place a chair in front of a wall. When I have done that I have prepared my meditation session and I think "Well I might as well do it.". Then I set a timer on 21 minutes and I sit down in the chair and stare at the wall. I start focusing on the wall with my eyes, and my breath. (For beginners I recommend starting out with 5 minutes and working yourself up, and if that is too difficult, start with 1!)

      Then I get to experience the power of process orientation. If I can make myself become happy and engaged just by staring at a blank wall, then I can do anything!

      Also check out my meditation guide here:


      And here is some motivation (although now you don't need motivation) , but just for fun.


      I hope you find this information useful (I certainly did!), and thanks for reading.

      Until next time.

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    3. Non-Lucid Nap

      by , Today at 05:50 PM
      - Doing weird stretching maneuvers alongside my Dad in a severely cramped water tank; getting scared and claustrophobic. Talking about psychological "dream tests" involving my Dad and my old step-dad, B. We're in a small, white facility with a small crew of very nice professional people.

      - At a drunk pool party at an old house with lots of people. The only person I know there is R, my old friend and coworker. Lots of insignificant stuff happens. The next morning I'm still wide awake ready to party and everyone else is either gone, passed out on couches or wandering around like hungover zombies. R wakes up and is mad at me for something I didn't actually do. She slaps me very gently, then gives me a hug. We sit down and I explain myself. She doesn't apologize for slapping me, which I think is rude. I leave and start down the road which is on a hill. I start jogging, trying to find R again now for some reason. I feel like we're playing tag or something. I suddenly realize I'm in the middle of a somber procession of sorts. There's an old man with a camera who is being very patient with me, telling me I need to leave and get out of the way in a very gentle tone. I can tell he is annoyed inside though, and rightfully so. I look at the field of grass along the road and see that there's a wedding going on. I run back up the hill and actually pass two guys riding bikes. One's a young shirtless redhead with an ugly-ish face and the other seems to be his dad. I can't help but giggle as I pass them up. The dad records this with his phone. As we top the hill, they pass me and turn left into a driveway. They go inside and I follow. I ask the dad to send the video to my phone, then remember I don't have one. I try to tell him C's number but things get confused and I never finish it.

      - Messing with a "memorial" crime scene, then realize "these are pieces of evidence, what am I doing touching them!?!?" and run off.

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    4. The Cave that Becomes a Maze

      by , Today at 03:43 PM (Kali)
      I'm in a cave and see a beautiful woman leap into the water. Her beauty in the way she moves, her silence and gracefulness. Once she enters the water others join her. They're guiding, then attempt to trap her. I jump into the water, make an attempt to follow her, the scene changes into a maze. The natural rock that was once before is no longer. She's trapped within this maze, hunted. The others are shooting an underwater arrow at her and after some observation I notice they can't see her unless the arrow touches her. Knowing what she's attempting to do I leap into her body and attempt to help her.

      Now we're both swimming. I'm urging her in various directions but after awhile there are four people in the water and the maze has become a simple square. There is no escape. I leave her for a moment to observe from the top of the square. I'm noting how calm she is given the situation, especially having shared a mind her with. She hasn't panicked or given up; she's fighting. A man arrives and leaps into the water. He grabs her and they vanish, but my perspective travels with them (?)

      He releases her in a different environment, then him and another man go to a motel for the night. The one that saved the woman is being questioned by the friend about having some sort of stature. The friend had asked something like, "Hey, aren't you one of the (Avengers)?" I remember laughing, thinking that was cheesy and while he's not an 'Avenger' he is of that stature. The man replies that yeah, he is that. The friend asks why they're staying at a motel then...implying there should be a house at the very least.

      The history plays out for me visually, as I'm wondering the same thing. Turns out the man had been attacked, house destroyed by a fire, he currently has no place to go. Both the man and the friend see the irony in the situation, yet the man makes no mention of the fire to his friend.

      I watch the pair arrive in their room. One of them mentioned the couch. Neither of them bother turning on the lights so the scene is very dark and fading. I remember thinking over the entire situation from when I first saw that woman on the side of the cliff, prior to her leap into the water--noting how she could have never known the man was coming, yet she displayed all the confidence of knowing things would turn out alright; even when threatened with her death. My thoughts drift to the man. Although he has more ability than most, he questions the meaning of his actions, seeing them as insignificant.

      I find him and the woman an odd pair.
    5. Protection & a Question

      by , Today at 03:41 PM (Kali)
      Quick notes from June 30:

      -movies, restrooms, outside, my feet are bare, search for slippers, find spider or plant slippers, decide to go barefoot.

      -Looking for someone. Watching from a car in the parking lot. Basketball courts.

      -Town. Playing a simple role until I find an Asian man. We transition into a bedroom. This part is especially vivid. I'm reclined on a king size bed, seated in the middle of it, he's absentmindedly pacing at the foot of the bed. My left arm is spread out touching the sheets; I bend each knee and the sensation of the sheets feel silky. He's providing me a vision of our future--a lecture. I see it as he tells me how we'll move from town to town, searching for others like us. He tells me I must end friendships with anyone military related as they couldn't be trusted (this was because we had a secret to keep, though I couldn't tell what exactly--the concern was the conflict of interest and he was wanting to be exceptionally safe as it concerns to our survival). He tells me we will do this so I can continue being a 'girl'. I understand him to mean he'd like to protect my innocence and privacy...so that I/we can live a normal life. I appreciate his effort but silently note the flaws in this arrangement. One of which is his lack of freedom. Though I know he's not concerned with himself, but I am.

      He walks to the side of the bed to continue talking. This is when I notice his dark hair is wrapped in a similarily dark cloth. He's a thoughtful friend, protective. I'm just not convinced I need protecting but upon more thought I realize protection can come in many forms. Being shielded from speculation is a form of protection.

      -Conversation with a very old friend. He's asking me if I'm jealous that a close friend of mine and him 'hooked up' (they had hooked up in the tonal recently). I give his question thoughtful consideration before answering honestly. I tell him that I had liked him a decade ago, in that way. However, I'm not one to push relationships and am generally guarded. I had no expectation that him and I would end up in a relationship--our trajectories were different and I saw that future. Now that my friend is in a relationship with him and I have heard her stories of the unfolding, I've seen the trajectories manifest. So while I am somewhat disapointed, I can't say I'm jealous. They are appropriate for one another and I don't desire the relationship they have with one another (they're ex-fuck buddies). He doesn't believe me (lol). I look around the room at the people in the surrounding environment (classroom from our middle school). He walks away with a slight look of both belief and disbelief. I make no effort to convince him; he'll either believe me or he won't. I'm no better or worse either way.
    6. First Day At College (DILD) 7/2/15

      by , Today at 01:29 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)

      We had just arrived at our college, and our first day of classes would be held the next day. I remember walking through what looked like a small town inside the campus, with a giant jumbotron reminding us about our first day of classes that would take place the next day.

      The scene shifted. I was now in what seemed like a large dorm building, but it was only one floor, and there could be three or four people to a room. The kitchen was in the middle of the whole dorm. We had our own bathrooms, though.

      I shared an open dorm (it wasn't fully closed off with four walls) with J, L, and Sam. I remember we were all sitting on our beds, which were side by side and across from eachother, watching the little TV that was perched on the wall to the left. L was sitting on my bed, which was the closest to the TV. Somehow, I kept hitting her in the face with my elbow or my hand. She quietly just shrugged it off. I felt really bad, so I didn't move around or talk much anymore.

      Time went forward.

      I had just woken up in my bed and looked at the clock, it was about 6 AM. Everyone was starting to stir around me. I thought I had better get up, because classes were going to start soon.

      But my heart sank. I didn't have a map or anything, and I didn't even have my class schedule printed out.

      Sam was awake. I asked her if she had a map. She told me she didn't either. I then remembered my dad saying something about using your GPS for the campus. I assumed that could work, so I didn't worry about it further. However, I was still upset about my class schedule.

      People were moving about now, taking showers, getting dressed.

      I got out of my bed, kneeled on the floor by my bed, and used my bed as a desk for my laptop. I opened my laptop, and was about to look for my class schedule.

      Suddenly, I fell asleep on my closed laptop.

      I woke up later. Apparently some people had fallen asleep again, too. All was quiet. It was still a little dark outside. I rubbed my face and wished I hadn't fallen asleep on the laptop because I might have drooled on it or something. Picking it up, however, I noticed the laptop had bent at an angle almost as easily as a piece of cardboard.

      I thought this was odd. Just in case, I RCed just to make sure. I plugged my nose and breathed in, and sure enough, I
      was dreaming! However, I never really believe the nose plug RC sometimes because the result of it feels so weird, so I did it a second time. Yep, I was dreaming!

      A thought hit me. 'Oh no, but don't I have class in a couple of hours? Maybe I'll make this quick and get my goals done...'
      (So I thought that I fell asleep and had a lucid dream there, and that I wasn't actually just dreaming the whole time)

      I got up from the floor. As soon as I did, my right sock fell off. I remembered feeling it, but I thought I would just keep walking with it off. The sensation felt odd, but it didn't bother me too much.

      I started to fast walk down our hallway. I reached an open doorway on my left that looked like it led into an empty room, and I tried to go through. But as soon as I did, a powerful force or wind that seemed to be eminating from that room knocked me back and I hit the wall behind me. It didn't hurt, but it stunned me. I decided I wouldn't go that way.

      I went back up through where I came, and turned right into a larger hallway that opened up into the kitchen. It was dark, and I was worried about seeing someone in the shadows. But I did, like I was expecting, but it didn't scare me. I saw Sim sitting on one of the kitchen counters, and E was sitting at an island chair.

      I thought about my goal of eating a chocolate bar (I heard that everything tastes a lot better sometimes in dreams).

      "Sim," I asked. "Do we have any chocolate bars in here?"

      To my surprise, she said, "No, I don't think so, I haven't seen any."

      I thought about what I should do. 'I'll just look in random cabinets, I'm bound to find something then.' I went over to the sink that was in the middle of the kitchen and bent down. I moved over to the right, and opened the cabinet on my right, with the intent of finding a chocolate bar. All I saw were toppings to put on cookies, like peanut butter M&M's, shredded peanuts, pecans, and the like, but no pure chocolate.

      So I gave up on that idea.
      (I'm surprised, I should have asked her again, or tried to summon one again) I went to the outskirts of the kitchen. I then yelled, "Boyyys!" (I have no idea where that came from) I then heard a chorus of deep hey's coming from the opposite side of the house.

      I went back to the room that ejected me earlier. Before I went in, I imagined that I could get through it, and sure enough, I did without any problems. The room was small with a small window showing light outside now. To my left looked like the front door. I opened the door and peered outside. Immediately, the song "You Ain't Nuthin' but a Hound Dog" by Elvis filled my ears. I walked out onto the very small front porch. In front of me was a hedge that led out to the main road. I could see some people walking past our dorm house.

      I was second guessing if I really was dreaming right here. If I wasn't, I didn't want to make a fool of myself by going outside and running around in my pajamas. So I did the nose plug RC again, and yep, still dreaming! The music got a bit louder, and I began to walk to the beat out into the road. I was so overcome with emotion that I began to practically dance in the road. There were little crowds of people that were scattered around the place. I really wanted to fly. I ran and jumped but nothing happened, my feet pounded the pavement as I landed back onto the ground, as if in real life.

      Then, my alarm rang.
    7. Serial Out of Body Experiences

      by , Today at 01:03 PM
      I had multiple OBEs tonight it was minimally 7 separations from physical body. I counted till fifth one, then I stopped, as I found it stupid One OBE took between 5 to 20 minutes.
      I went to my bed at about midnight. I started as usually with my autogenic training routine (weight and warmth). In unusually short time of exercise I started to feel my second body...

      I forcibly separated myself from physical body and got up. I felt something like ropes, or bonds to my legs, hands and body trying to hold me back to my physical body... and I forcibly ripped that bonds... and I was free at once. I observed my surroundings for a while. Nothing looked out of ordinary. The room was dark but I saw in that darkness well enough. I had some clothes on me... like shroud dress... white one. I stripped it down. It felt like obstacle... I was much better of naked, it felt better... Then I got back to my bed and I started to inspect my physical body. It was naked like in real world(I don't like clothes when I go sleep) and I could see every detail of skin of my physical body... I tried whether I will feel touch of astral body on physical one(I feel that more often than not), but I didn't. I tried some pretty extreme things that could be painful even during OBE but I didn't feel anything. Maybe this separation was better than many others... Then I went to observe my wife and children. They all were sleeping peacefully. I went downstairs to ground floor and after some time of observation I lost connection and was back in my body. I was still aware of second body! Therefore I continued:

      I separated from my body and again I was in clothes... for some reason I didn't want them and I stripped down again. Then I went out of my house through closest wall. I didn't feel the wall at all. It was dark outside, but street lights were shining. I got an idea to test my concentration through astral sex. Therefore I went through houses down the street trying to find suitable object to this experiment. Everybody slept. But that was not problem for me. The problem was that even attractive looking women didn't feel attractive for me at all. Not in sexual way. After maybe 15 women, I let it be. It was such state of mind... I wanted only to drift around and observe things...

      I separated from my body and I was on our local bus station 0.75 km from my house... Street lights were shining brightly. It was nice, quiet night. I felt the pull to my house, so I walked. After maybe 30m of walk I was on the crossroad and all lights went out. It was totally black darkness. I started to hear whispers and quiet voices... I felt beings around myself... I felt them with my mind, but not with astral body. Some beings were felt like dangerous ones. Others were indifferent. I felt no worries. I took key pouch from my trousers and tried to activate light torch I have on it. Of course as for many OBEs, the technology was not functioning. How typical. Then... Why I have my clothes again? Get rid of them After I was naked again, I concentrated on inner energy and produced strong aura lighting. My aura was today silvery white, sparkling. I saw something like twist of black bodies... All that beings were trying to clear area of my aura as fast as possible. I contemplated that a little, but then I started to walk home. I walked and observed my surroundings for some time till I lost connection and found myself back in my body.

      I separated again. I'm in dark void. I hear again whispers from darkness. I generated silvery aura... extremely strongly lighted sphere about 10m in diameter around myself. I got again rid of my clothes. When my light sphere expanded I saw again black bodies so I wanted to observe them closely. I tried to fly forward to the voices... But I see nothing more. Then I tried to deform my aural sphere to cylinder in one direction... for about 30-40 meters... But it didn't help. I don't see anything in darkness. But I hear the voices... I fly in darkness... Am I flying for real? I don't know, I feel it. But I don't have any reference point. Then I saw some white light sphere flying across of my flight path... I was mildly surprised and wanted to follow that anomaly, but it went and got lost in the darkness. After a while I saw next light sphere, yellowish white... It was flying nearly against myself. I adjusted my course a little and we met. Hmmm... I met something- the sphere was hollow, nobody was inside....

      And again I separated from my body... Now I was in brightly light room of some sorts. It looked like doctor's office. I was naked. There was an attractive blond woman in white coat. She told me that we are going to test my body stability... I had to rotate. I did so. I stood on one heel and did an impulse to rotate by other foot. One impulse... I started to rotate on my heel at about one rotation in 3 seconds. I rotated... and that woman observed me and wrote something down into her record book. It was strange As I rotated, my body started precession movement similar the flywheel would do. The angle was going to be extreme but it wasn't like I was going to fall down Nicely looking woman physician wrote down something more and then told me that it is enough... I didn't obey... I liked that rotation. I was losing perception of room which was slowly substituted by deep blackness of universe filled by stars and majestic planetary clouds... I observed everything... It was very nice view. I rotated minutes till I lost connection again...

      I felt that my second body is still free so why not to continue? I separated again. I was... somewhere... It was like universe... but I knew it was billions of light years away... Further than observable universe but still within universe. It was black, but I saw whole galaxies float nearby... Some spiral, some elliptic... even spherical ones... And I saw also gigantic black holes, some larger than galaxies. I felt the space... I felt the matter... I felt the gravity... I didn't have body, I was point of consciousness. I was not affected by anything. I flew very fast. Object were moving as I flew... I heard whispers from the darkness surrounding myself, but I didn't care. I observed celestial bodies... As I flew I flew through some galaxies and black holes. I saw black holes like total blackness only the sides were dimly lighted by pale light. I didn't feel a thing as I flew through objects. The flight through black hole looked like a black sphere was expanding in front of me, then short blackness and then I was out of it on the other side. I flew forward further and further observing my surrounding... till I lost connection...

      I had a few separation from which I remember only peace and void. Quietness... Existence.

      My last separation time . This was short one, maybe 5 or so subjective minutes long. I separated into my bedroom. I was naked. My naked physical body was still looking naked and dead to me. There was darkness but I saw good enough everything in my surrounding. I observed a little... my mind felt tired but was strongly concentrated on here and now like whole time. Discipline is necessary. For some reason I looked on my clocks and I saw it was about 2:15h... I got curious what time is it in real world? I went back to my body and it was about 2:18h- close enough I didn't manage further separations and I dropped asleep fast.

      I had maybe 9 to 10 separation... it is quite a lot, but I had such experiences in my younger times often.
      Forcible separation doesn't feel bad at all. It is only... It is not as naturally flowing. But it can take a lot of time to go to state where I don't feel that bonds. Time in which I can fall asleep.
      Strange how I was refusing clothes... This would be first time I actively sought to not have them. Well I knew it was not physical world. Why do I have to be clothed?
      I don't try sex too often while in LD or OBE. It doesn't come into my mind often and even less often I want to risk the shortening of experience. But I had nice OBE last week, and I had today my first... so, why not? It is good measure of my concentration level.
      Aura was spectacular. I had quite a control of it. Using aura as lighting is nice Silvery aura today... something new. Most often I have blue violet aura.
      Night projection leads for some reason to experience in night astral world... At least by me. I'm curious... Does somebody have similar experience?
      How could be somebody scared of walking out of body is beyond of me...
      Projecting into space is nice. That one is quite seldom for me.
      Projecting into void was similar to meditation, but not equal. The state of mind is much more quiet and peaceful meditation...
      As you see I don't have control as to where I'm projecting. I don't mind. Of course it would be nice to do targeted projection, but I don't know how. Destabilisation of OBE is the last thing I want.

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    8. 06/30/2015 - the very little recall day

      by , Today at 12:34 PM
      So I stupidly didn’t record my dreams as I woke up in the middle of the night, nor did I really took the time to remember them upon waking up. So all I’m left with are fragments.

      There’s a small little clip where I’m in working. I’m talking to one of my students, GRAZIELLA, and I playfully flick her hair (why would I do that?), she laughs and feigns being angry.

      Second bit features NEIL DEGRASSI TYSON, who had a radio show. He said something controversial in one of the shows and the sponsors started to pull out. His son visit him, they’re talking on Neil’s den, who tries to tell his son that it’ll be alright. It was just one sponsor. At that EXACT MOMENT, on tv we hear that Neil’s losing more sponsors.
      Tags: ndt, school, work
    9. July 1

      by , Today at 04:16 AM
      Last night wasn't a bad night for dreams.

      Went to sleep at 12:30

      Woke at 5:30, meant to write down my dream, but fell back asleep

      I forgot this dream for a while, but finally remembered it at around 9:45, with my memory of it greatly hampered.

      Essentially, this dream was based off of my current Etrian Odyssey: Untold (EOU) party. They were adventuring in some frozen land. Past that, I don't really remember too much about the dream.

      I then woke at 7:00, and had this dream

      I was browsing around Crunchyroll on my Kindle. I was looking at the description of some random anime. I decided that I wanted to watch some other anime, which I cannot recall what was. I searched for the anime, but I found out that it wasn't on Crunchyroll anymore due to it not being aired in Japan anymore. I saw some other random anime and checked to see what it was about. It was some type of si-fi romance anime with this one weird girl. after that my dream cut to some one piece scene. In short, they beat up some guy in an overly-dramatic fashion typical of the show and then calmly went back to the Going Merry. They went down to some cabin room, which was covered in feet of litter.

      I went back to sleep at 7:15 and finally woke up for the last time at 9:30, having this last dream

      I was out somewhere with a group of random people. I believe the location was based off of a local gas station the next town over. I was at some computer, looking up the details and benefits of changing a character's class in EOU. Some random guy came up to me and asked what I was looking at. As we started to leave, I told him what I was looking up. He then said something about that he would have been looking up when EO2U comes out instead. Cut to me being outside of my high school with my friend W-. We were waiting for a bus for some type of field trip. I had my New 3DS with me, which I looked at to see that my characters in EOU were only at lv 15 (lv 28 IWL), nowhere close to being able to have a class change. Some random woman was staring at me disapprovingly for some reason. After we got in the bus and sat down, W- showed me this strange book that was supposed to be special in some way. Cut to me watching through the eyes of some female adventurer. In short, she found an accursed blade, took it, was forced into a mad dash by some evil force, noticed copious amounts of blood along the dash which was there because you can't wash blood off of a sword. After a while, it cut to a third-person view of her as Maka Albarn rolling into some brick sewer type place after the chase. Two other people came and the dream ended.
    10. 06/30/2015 - the car/bathroom

      by , Today at 12:47 AM
      06/30/2015 - THE PACK FIGHT

      I don’t remember a whole lot about this particular dream. I know that there were two werewolf packs, I was a member of one of them, and these two packs were going to fight, for… whatever reason.

      They gathered in this apartment complex and they were facing each other. Before the fight started they decided to do a little warm up, as rival werewolf packs do, and started chasing each other around.

      The other pack had this one particular werewolf who was super fast, and his legs moved like Roadrunner’s. The fight never really start, because I woke up. Funny thing was, I was watching “Teen Wolf” last night and I told myself I was going to have a werewolf dream.

      06/30/2015 - THE TWI’LEK COLONY

      There was a Twi’lek colony near the beach. There was this area of the beach they couldn’t enter because it was sacred. Since I’m an asshole, apparently, I did enter the area. Of course, I got stuck in like quicksand or whatever and I needed help getting out of there.

      Election Time! Who Would You Vote For?-vasco.jpg

      Some of the Twi’leks didn’t want to help me. They talked it over for a second. Some did want to help me. The elders helped me getting out. I think I dreamed about that because of the sound of this app I’m using to help me lucid dream, I picked an ‘ocean sounds’ thing last night.

      06/30/2015 - THE CAR/BATHROOM

      Okay, this one involves poop. So if that grosses you out, get out now.


      So the dream starts with me shitting myself in this car that had a toilet. However, the car, which of course was crowded, didn’t have toilet paper. So I had to put my pants back on without wiping myself.

      I get out of the car and I’m in front of my friends’ building, but I was actually going home. LUCIANA, a colleague of mine, was with me. We went to my mother’s apartment, in the dream I had moved out recently. We were in my sister’s room and I made sure to point out that THAT wasn’t my room. Mine was a VERY manly.

      I also remember thinking that I didn’t want Luciana to get the impression that I was hitting on her, so I was trying to be super respectful.

      Then I find out there are more people in the apartment. My Godfather, my mom’s ex boyfriend from 15 years ago, some of my cousins. They were all sleeping in my mom’s bedroom, though my mother wasn’t there.

      I talked to them for a while and then I woke up.
    11. The absent dream guide, ice cream, and 'extreme poufing'

      by , Today at 12:00 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      Lucid dreams three days in a row? No wais! ...this one kinda sucked though, and there was no dream guide activity like in the last two. So once again I found myself lucid in a random house, but this time I was able to open the door and go out onto the patio. It was one of those second floor patios with a staircase going down it. I got so excited when I was able to open the door and go outside, but then... I couldn't get off the friggin patio. Figures. It was like an invisible wall was over the railing and the stairs. But when I turned back around toward the house, there was suddenly a table and two chairs where there originally was nothing. I thought about it and said "Okay, I think I know how this works. This is gonna be a regular thing then." So I sat down in one of the chairs and did my pitiful-sounding callout... and nothing. There I was, sitting at the table all alone, with no Seru to break me out of my weird prison this time. Out past the patio I could see my brother out in the alley/hallway thing, and then I woke up. So it wasn't a very long lucid, but I woke up feeling put-out like I got stood up or something. I know dream guides don't always do what you want them to do, buuutttt... I don't know. It was probably because I was only lucid for a minute or so before I woke up, so there wasn't much time for him to show up. I really wanted to ask him WHY I was always locked in the house, that was my plan. Next time, I guess. A dream deferred and all that.

      I went to a convention with Cory, in a hotel. There were a whole lot of people and booths and whatnot, and we went up to this one booth that was selling soft serve ice cream in little cups. Cory and I and some other con-goers were standing around in a circle, paying for ice cream cups, and when the lady selling them got to me, I paid her the same amount of money everyone else did. But she got pissed when I grabbed the medium-sized cup and told me I could only have a small... even though all those other douchebags got medium ones. So unfair. Cory gave me some of his, though.

      I was sitting in a classroom with other students, but the teacher was gone on an errand, so he put in a video for us to watch. It was a video about something called 'extreme poufing' that involved using shower poufs like nunchucks. (...I still totally laugh when I think about it, ha.) And then the video went into some weird tirade about how to properly use shower poufs in Battle Royale or Hunger Games situations. ANYWAY. All of the other students thought it was the stupidest shit, but I loved it. When the teacher came back he asked us if we saw it and everyone ignored him but me, and I was showing off my 'extreme poufing' skills and kept shouting "Extreme poufing!" like super loud. So anyway, after that the class met again and the teacher was showing us stuff about nature. I was looking out over a cliff onto the forest below and it freaked me out because it made me dizzy. Then we saw a person walking a dog down in the forest, and apparently we were visiting the South because one of the students, this guy in his early 20s, got all freaked out and said something like "Holy shit, people own dogs in the South? There are dogs in the South?!" I told him yes and tried to explain, since I used to live in the South and also own a dog, but he kept looking at me like I was nuts and refused to believe me. Whatever, man.

      Amy and I were walking through what looked like an old antique store, but it was actually my grandma's from my dad's side house. It was just arranged in aisles like some kind of store with stuff everywhere like a place on American Pickers. We passed through each aisle looking for something to buy, and I paused at the beginning of one aisle because I saw something I thought was cool. It was a little cast iron round table, like a child-size table, and a little cast iron chair with a round seat. In the middle of the table was a pole that stuck upwards and had an old-looking red white and blue flag on it. It wasn't a USA flag though, it looked like some kind of old quilt design. We kept walking and I started regretting not getting said table. When we got to the front of the store/house again, grandma if we wanted drinks and we said yes because we were super thirsty. Amy grabbed a water and I got a Sprite, but I choked on the Sprite a little. I started awake after that and still felt a choking feeling in my throat.
    12. can you dream whatever you want to dream at will?

      by , Yesterday at 09:38 PM
      Hi everyone,

      I have been wondering for some time now if many people could simply chose to dream something in the afternoon and when they go to bed actual dream it. If you can do this how specific of a dream can you chose to have and how much time did it take you to learn how to do this. can you do this whenever you desire or just on random nights. Thank you for your response!
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    13. Week 17 Notes - Keep It Simple

      by , Yesterday at 09:18 PM (MasterMind's Weekly Journal)
      Get ready for a ton of wisdom!

      I have been seeing patterns of certain mindsets and have had difficult in explaining them and I have had the concepts at the tip of my tongue but not always been able to express them.

      Today I read a book called "I Will Teach You How To Become Rich" and in the first chapter he summarised all "my" sticking points when it comes to lucid dreaming, doing homework, being productive, dating girls etc. I put the my in quotation marks because I have realized that the more personal the wound, the more universal the wound", we are all simple and we are all just human beings.

      But even though the answer to our problems are simple, they are not very easy for us to accept.

      For example if you want to be healthy there are only two things you need to do.

      Eat healthy and Exercise.

      But what do people do? They look up thousands of different perspectives like the GI method or the detox diet etc.

      Any why do we do so much work? It might seem contradicting, but the reason is "WE ARE LAZY".

      We would rather do nothing and look up tons of information than just getting started.

      And that is the first big idea from the book.

      Get STARTED - Do not try to be the smartest person in the room. You will just start to suffer from analysis-paralysis.
      I have felt it when I practised lucid dreaming as a newbie, I wanted to find the BEST TECHNIQUE or atleast know about all of the techniques so I then could choose. In the book "The Paradox of Choice" they explain that the more choices we have, the less willing to act we will become. Arnold Schwarzenegger explained in his book "Total Recall" how his professor in college was way smarter than him when it came to economics, but he never started so he ended up teaching, while Arnold was growing his brand and company. So do not be afraid to start, be afraid to never try.

      The second big idea is the problem of perfection.

      Perfection Ideal - It will only end with you not doing anything.
      Ok good atleast you started, but now you don't want to look bad, or you have some ideal image of how it should look like.
      This isn't based on reality and therefore it is almost impossible for you to do. It's also frankly, just a way for our brain to get an excuse to not do anything (save time and energy). We can think "Oh so it isn't as cool as I thought, well then I don't even want it." or "Meh I can never reach that level..". Instead of having this idea of perfection in your mind, realize that all you can do is to take one small step at the time. Nobody took giant leaps from the get go, you have to to climb the staircase one step at the time, and besides if you jump up to fast you will just lose your balance and fall right back down.
      (Look at some celebrities or spoiled rich kids..) And by the way, read some books from people who have already done the journey and you will see that they are just regular people just like you, and you can do it to, but you will look at it with a realistic outlook.

      The third idea is very similar to the previous one but imoportant to consider nonetheless.

      Ego - Being Sexy - The author of the book asks "Would you rather be sexy or rich? What he mean is that most people are thrilled by the fast success trends. "Lose 10 kilos in a week with this new diet.", "Get rich by buying these stocks! or ... lottery tickets.", "Get a bigger ... to get girls to like you.", "Learn this lucid dreaming technique and get lucid dreams every night!" etc. But remember, as I said, people who get up fast, get down fast, from my experience the people that lose weight fast, gains weight fast shortly after and more added. So the point is that, there are safe ways to accomplish everything listed above, but it isn't sexy, so peope ignore it. But if you read the books of t he successful people, you will see that it is very simple truths, so simple that people don't believe that it is true.

      Here is one for lucid dreaming that I have found that is again SIMPLE but NOT EASY.

      Get enough sleep and go to bed at a regular time.

      Instead we get caught up in discussing every little minutia of a technique and get stressed out over that.

      It happens with everything we do, even in politics, why? Because it feels like we are accomplishing something, when it in fact is the best way to make sure that nothing will get done at all.

      the last big idea that was new to me, but perhaps is something I should focus more on is:

      The Importance of Defining Your Exact Goal: If you don't define your goal, you will look for vague ways of knowing if you are on track or not, and you will most likely let others define your opinion and life for you aka compare yourself to others.

      Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about this as well, and this just shows the pattern of success ever so more clearly.
      He said it was easier to plan and to go from one goal to a bigger goal, than having one big goal far away and get anxious over not reaching it. One step at the time is key. It's better to do 85% right than not doing anything.

      In this post I have described how to get anything, but in essence it can be summarised with:

      Focus on longterm process and the safe tried and true route. And take ACTION.

      The difference between a successful and "lucky" man and an unsuccessful and "unlucky" man is that the successful man is an action taker and the unsuccessful man is an excuse-maker.

      So keep your truths SIMPLE and take ACTION.

      This week I will expand my thoughts on how I will apply this to lucid dreaming.


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    14. Tithe to hell

      by , Yesterday at 07:17 PM
      Two women are speaking. One of them, the only human in this dream, has made a deal to trade places with someone. But it's being explained to her now that the person she's traded places with was fated to die at a certain age; they were to be what's referred to as the tithe to hell. That's now her job. At 24, she's already past that age.

      The woman explaining this to her sounds amused at her situation, but she resents the tithe to hell itself - doesn't like having to submit to someplace else's authority. The human picks up on this resentment, and makes a suggestion. She believes that as a human, she can access the place they refer to as hell in a way that this woman can't; there's something stored there that allows that place to hold authority here. If she could reach it, there'd be no need for the tithe. It's unlikely to work, but still an intriguing offer.

      Scene change. The human's standing at the back of a line passing through a small gate in a rock tunnel. The other people here are goblin-like creatures, and she's wearing the same type of clothes as theirs for a disguise, along with an eyepatch - the eyepatch is important because the people here all bear wounds proudly. Although the guard at the gate is familiar with most of the people passing through, talking like they're old friends, he apparently isn't bothered by a stranger's presence; he waves her through without a second look.

      Listening to a song with the line, "I ran away from my vows."
    15. 7/1/15 - Deep Chasms en Español

      by , Yesterday at 06:57 PM
      I’m driving with my boss, driving a load of desktop computers to our next destination. For some reason my boss let me drive the van, even though I have no clue where I’m going. So when we get to an intersection, I don’t know which way to go. “Where am I going?” He says something, but the AC in the car is roaring too loudly for me to hear it. “What?” He doesn’t respond. I turn off the AC and ask again, but he still ignores me. I finally get to the intersection and drive straight, hoping for the best.

      My boss finally scolds me, “You were supposed to turn right!”
      “Well maybe I would’ve known that if you had spoken up!”

      We get into a bit of a heated argument. I don’t see, however, that the road I’m on takes a sharp right and turns into an entrance ramp to the interstate. To the left of the turn is a deep chasm that looks almost bottomless. It’s pitch black at the bottom, despite the sunny day that should be lighting it up. I don’t have much time to react, so I turn the wheel sharply to the right. The left two tires of the van go over the edge, and it looks like the rest of the van isn’t going to stop in time. I suddenly have an intense fear that I’m going to die. My life flashes before my eyes (if that’s possible in a dream), and I start screaming in panic. Luckily, in some miraculous act that looked like messed up video game physics, my front right tire stays at the top of the cliff and pulls the rest of the van up back to safety.

      I take a massive sigh of relief, while my boss continues to scold me for missing the turn, obviously not at all grateful to be alive. I was a little mad and confused myself. Where the heck is the guardrail? Why is there even a cliff in Florida?
      This seems weird enough to me that I quickly become lucid, but the scene is already disintegrating by this point, and I wake up in my bed. I try to DEILD back into the dream, but despite getting some strong vibrations, I can’t quite make it and decide to abort the attempt.


      I’m back at college, even though it takes place at my old high school building. The structure of my day is like it was back in high school - 8 periods of different classes with 4 minutes between each period. Basically the only thing collegiate about this dream is the difficulty of the classes.

      The only class I remember well is this higher level Spanish class. My friend talked me into taking it because it’d be easy credits. I took two years of Spanish back in high school, so I figure it can’t be that hard. The teacher hands us our first homework assignment: a 30-page excerpt from an English novel that we have to completely translate into Spanish by the next class. I quickly skim the contents of the assignment; a lot of the words are quite large, and some I don’t even know the definitions of in English. I was wrong. So horribly wrong.

      I turn to my friend who convinced me to sign up for this class. “I thought you said this was supposed to be easy!”
      “It is. I can finish this in like 5 minutes.”
      “What are you, half Mexican?”
      “Ah, quiet down, you bebé grande.”

      I stare blankly at my paper, hoping for some divine revelation to show me how to tackle this great feat. Looking around the classroom, I notice that all the students are using some big book that looks like an old White Pages directory to do their assignment. There’s one of these under my desk, so I pull it out to examine it. An English to Spanish dictionary, huh? I guess this will be pretty easy. I look back at the clock to see how much time I have left. It’s 11:30. Okay, this class gets out at 11:45, right? Wait no, today’s Friday, so classes get out at...

      The bell rings. ...11:30… I start panicking again, since this class seems way too hard to struggle through for a whole semester. Wait, it’s still the first week of classes, I can drop the class without any penalty. But then my credit hours would drop too low, and I’d lose my scholarship. So I have to find another class to replace this one. But how am I gonna find a replacement class and fill out the paperwork before 5pm when the offices close? Luckily, I don’t have to make that decision, as I wake up first.
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