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    1. 05.03.2016

      by , Today at 04:03 PM

      We have had a lot of rain in my city recently, which resulted in flooding in many areas. Some people were without power for 2 weeks. There is an area of the city that will not be free of the flood water for at least 2 more weeks. April was our wettest month since 1989.

      I also have been experiencing a number of roadblocks at work. I am on an impossible project..so to say I am discouraged is an understatement.

      I haven't been sleeping very well. I've been distracted by a number of things, so I have not felt very in control.

      DR 1

      I was in a home or apartment, with someone, I don't recognize him or his face. Everything in the dwelling is white. I tell him I am leaving for work. I get into a small white car and I begin my drive to work. The sky is gloomy, and its raining. I notice the roads are starting to flood. I get to the frontage road to enter the freeway, and there is water that appears to be waist deep. I make a u-turn to go back home, and I yell and wave at the people behind me, to warn them, to tell them to go back. Not far away from the flooding, I find a parking lot and leave the car.

      I don't remember that it was raining as I walk in, and I don't feel the rain. I realize I am a little wet, but not soaked. I start down a hall way, and there appear to be classes. Again, everything is white- white floors, white doors, white walls. Classrooms are on either side- with windows so that I can peer in. I notice a girl with dark hair, pulled into a pony. She is very short. She is sitting lopsided, off to the side in one of the desks and I notice that she has what looks like legos clipped to her tights at her hips. She seems to have a deformity, or maybe a type of sclerosis? Anyway, the legos make a clicking sound, which sound like rhythms to me. The class turns out to be a kind of music class, using lego blocks to make noise. Someone would say a phrase, and a student would click the blocks to the rhythm of the syllables. The lopsided girl was really good, and I equate the use of her blocks to zills.
      (I may be thinking a bit too much about dancing with zills...https://youtu.be/3kdrY9q_gwg)

      I remember that I need to go back and secure the car, because the parking lot may be too low, subjecting the car to water.
      Tags: flood, lego, white, zills
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. It`ll get better

      by , Today at 01:33 PM (DawnEye's Dreams)
      Last night I had depressing thoughts that kept me awake for a while. I went to bed at 8pm and slept for an hour. But after I woke up I ended up falling asleep around 2am or maybe it was around 1:30am. I had a dream where I killed a wild parakeet because it kept eating soap. :/
    3. College Fly Away. (#294)

      by , Today at 01:05 PM (Lucid Time!)

      I'm on campus, pretty, clear spring day. There are signups for summer classes (they start tomorrow) but there are also, more fun and pointless activities. I remember the author of Harry Potter was on campus and she was going to assign people to one of four dorms in the dorms that I stayed in last year, only they had been renamed to be the four Hogwarts houses. (Gryphindoor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin) This was supposedly a part of a role-play type thing to make college more fun. Also, if you signed up to live in these dorms, you could be a part of a quidditch team.

      IWL or in dream, I've never been a huge fan of Harry Potter. (You may have noticed some butchered spellings.) But in dream there were a lot of HP fanboys and fangirls hanging around the table waiting. Don't remember why I was waiting there, I think I had some friends who were interested in signing up for the HP dorms.

      I remember I got bored. There was a tree nearby so I figured I would climb it. A few other students were trying to climb it so they could sit on the branches and pretend they were flying on broomsticks. I betted that I could climb the tree easily. I ran up the trunk a couple steps and grabbed a low hanging branch, then pulled myself up gracefully to the top of the branch. The students were pretty impressed with my feat. (I wasn't even lucid) But a security guard showed up and told me to get down. So I jumped down.

      I think one of the students asked what spell I was using. I was curious until I looked down and saw that I was floating about 3in off the ground.
      This caused me to RC and become lucid. I started flying off. At first I was flying really low, only a few feet off the ground. (Though it was still faster and more fun than walking.) I began making my way around campus when I noticed strong winds disrupting my flying. A few of them blew me into the sides of buildings. I remember at one point the wind blew me face first into a brick wall. It was the brick wall that broke and not my skull fortunately. My head was now sticking out of the wall of what looked like my high schools gymnasium, and there was a cheerleading class going on. Everyone looked on surprised and confused.


      I figured if I could get higher, then I wouldn't have to worry about the winds blowing me into buildings. At this point I was flying down a narrow alley. I heard someone yell "Freeze" and saw the campus security guard along with several others. A mecha walked in behind them, pretty small and probably unmanned, but I still don't see why Campus Security needs a battle mech.

      Spoiler for Mech looked like this, but painted white with police siren.:

      I don't know what these guys want so I just figured I'd fly away. I tried to fly down the alley, but I saw Jack (OMG I thought you had left my dreams) with a giant fan that was creating the winds. Apparently he was a junior officer on Campus Security and he wanted to get me in trouble.

      I finally managed to fly upward. I heard shooting but tried to ignore it, hoping that the dream would drop the plot of security trying to stop my LD. I managed to get away, flying in a spiral around a large skyscraper-ified version of the language building. I kept having to say "Faster, Faster, Come on!" As I got up, I saw a city (not there IWL). On the left were several rocket launch pads. Each one had one of these odd space shuttle looking craft on it. (I think the space shuttles had extended noses or something.) There was also a Washington monument type thing in the middle of a big hexagonal park and a huge cluster of tall buildings.

      I decided to go and investigate the space shuttle pads. I remember it looked sort of like a cargo shipping dock. There were these big robot arms on tank tracks that would lift boxes of cargo into the shuttles, and they would take off and fly into space. There was also a giant field full of parked shuttles. Someone started explaining to me that "The Professor" had designed these for easy space travel. Now he was working on a space ambulance version that looked exactly the same, but with a red medical cross painted on it. He said that he wanted to do a space fire truck version but he couldn't because there was no oxygen for fires to happen in space.

      Lost the dream and woke up.

      Side Notes: Last night I made a goal of Manifesting Manei. Became lucid and seemingly completely forgotten about. I've gotten very good at this, becoming lucid and forgetting my goals. I need to figure out ways of better remembering my goals and staying focused.

      My lucidity is almost to 1/night. Some nights I have two or three, balancing out the nights where I have none. (At least how its been for the past 3 weeks.) I think I've figured out how to have an acceptable quantity of LDs. Now it becomes about having good LD quality...

      Not complaining about flying LD though.

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    4. 4.5.16 - A night full of dreams.

      by , Today at 12:02 PM
      Once again, I went on another paranormal investigation with the crew from the famous tv show ghost adventures. It was like some forest type place. It seemed to have a 10 story block each time going deeper and deeper. When I was inside this place no paranormal activity was being placed but the outside was loud with unexplained noises. On the last bit zack doesn't want to go in because everyone gets scared so I go back outside with him, he tells me to be quiet and shows me the sound of something unexplained loud and clear! I didn't know what to say.

      There was a zombie apocalypse, not many humans where alive, there was an ex girlfriend that was just sitting there acting like the zombies won't get her, trying to be all rude and trying to use me.I decide to run and hide from the zombies, she follows me. I'm trying to get away from her, so I come up to this street, I do a right, then I do a left then I end up in this alley way so I just hide beneath the binbags.

      I was with old friends and it seemed like college, and we had to sit there doing something form college, we had to write out paragraphs for a subject, for me, it was something called "execute" but In the end it sounded like "exesus". I only to found out that it had something to do with the PlayStation 3. I didn't know what to write so I decided to look it up, I tried to copy but I really couldnt put it into my own words. I leave my friends and go into some building where i could write it up in pc, I was debating with myself whether I should use paper or on the computer, I chose on the computer because it's faster for me and will be much more tidier. I now remember that I'm in the group singing a song about exesus that I have no clue about.

      I suddenly went into some little weird world, where I was not wanted, it was weird, there was very small rock, and there was like 5 people hiding behind it. I would sneak behind the rock and try to kill them without being noticed, it worked at times but at times it didn't. Instead from escaping from the world I stayed in the world and talked.

      I notice how I see my ex again and this time im walking down a road with her, there is a man behind us which is setting cockroaches to fire, he does it once and we just hear it squeeling and going crunch on the floor, I looked behind me and he has got lots of them in his hand, they are just jumping out his hand one by one. He tries to set them on fire but theyre too quick for him. They come flying near us then I wake up.

      I was with Ben, sitting in his room, casually talking, I ask him why his other t.v. is no longer working, I don't get a reply. I want to order something to eat from pizza lane but I struggle to ask him for some reason. I didn't know whether his dad would let me. We are out in some place, a place full I new technology, I didn't know what to do there I was with Ben, and we seen his dad, we got talking and he asked about my flat, I told him my current situation he didn't seem to get it so I had to explain further until he fully understood. Me and Ben prank call the man who was previously fixing a very old computer then put it down, the man looked fed up with his job. I end up back at Ben's and it looks like I can't order from pizza lane because his family has already made me something to eat. I'm with Hannah now on the streets just casually walking and i see and very old friend who I really despise, he looks at me, I get really iritated so I go over and asks what he wants, he doesn't reply so I start a fight and start kicking his ass, I walk away and i see another old friend, we didn't really get in iwl but he seems nice in the dream. We just get talking about how many fights I had with the Same person In high school, it was 7. He mentions how I told him get to outside the art classroom so I could kick his ass, but I remember it differently and tell him it was different but In the end I just go along with it. I see the other guy again asking for a fight, he is only doing that because he is with his friends now, acting all big. I start to go toward him but I know His friend will jump in so I back away. Hannah starts to laugh and like callum and i get jealous so I tell her to fuckoff and that I hate her, then she cried and dissapears, i hear lots of ambulances and i knew it was her ringing them, I knew it was pointless her ringing them. Me and callum walk past the ambulance and head straight to his, we are outside, and he says thats my bike that's just sitting there, it looked my bike but had been upgraded. Ben's sister open the door, and asks if I have been crying, I come up with an excuse and she tells me to bring the bike inside. I do and as i got upstairs a white shitzue comes and chases me and bites me, I come back down and show callum, he tells me how it's down and he makes the clock have arrows with smoke, it was weird. A taxi entered the close, I knew it was Hannah so callum went and helped her, I got jealous again so Ben took me to his room, I had no socks in so I hid my feet because I don't like them. I hear a knock im the door and its Hannah, I let her in and Ben's sister tells me that she's moving away and i start crying, she tells me that she has 15 minutes till she leaves. I try to force a another tear but it never worked and i woke up.

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    5. Weird Sims 2 (1 NLD) + "Dream Perspective"

      by , Today at 11:24 AM (My Dream Goals)
      After the dream began with me seemingly scrolling through some sort of texting timeline, my perspective faded back to the dream world. I looked around and saw some DC's watching TV. The TV screen quickly changed to something else as my perspective switched to it. It was some weird version of The Sims 2 where you select choices from a dropdown menu and the game judges your choices before the Sims do them. I remember a DC directing one in-game boy to tell another in-game boy a secret. The boy just whispered "secret" to the other boy over and over. Then I was woken up by my alarm.


      Dream Goals

      Beginner Goals:
      Remember 3 Dreams in one night.
      Remember at least 1 dream/night 7 nights in a row. (2/7)
      Have a Lucid Dream.

      Intermediate Goals:
      Meet my dream guide.

      Advanced Goals:
      Get a Job In-Dream
      Make a Meal In-Dream
      Use a non-physical superpower


      In dreams, I have something called "Dream Perspective". If I'm looking that a picture or screen and I concentrate on it, it will morph to fill my entire field of vision until I want to look at/do something else. So yeah.
    6. 2016-05-04 an odd mix, mostly fragments

      by , Today at 10:39 AM
      +(f) meeting TZ, no sure of reception, we shake hands, not sure I want to or what rest of family will think, he gives (instructions?) for the things that follow

      +(f) moving with group down hill, I step out from hill and begin flying, I wonder what they'll think of that, I think I can control my destination by focusing on it

      +(f) in area with people I see little beads/peppercorns I'm inspecting them, a guy comes by who has them interspersed in between his fingers and is rolling them around I think this will take a long time to learn

      +(f) in open area an announcement comes on about how job applicants are being assigned to do something (take out the garbage?) I don't hear it well I'm confused I ask people what it said
    7. DJ#163: Trains and Tests

      by , Today at 10:03 AM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Dream 1: There were nonstop maths tests at uni, as soon as I finished one the tutor came past and gave me another one.

      Dream 2: I was catching a train into the city. There was a problem with my ticket butI managed to get it fixed before I arrived. When I got off at the platform I saw a group of Chinese tourists on a guided tour.

      Dream 3: There was a british comedian guy interviewing Rowan Atkinson, however they were both in character. They were on a boat and paddling along when it started to flood and monstrous waves swamped them.

      Dream 4: I was on a minecraft server, There was a huge city which I flyed around, after a while I saw an arena so flew over to there. I saw it was aweird, made of curves rather than blocky stuff.
      Tags: non - lucid
    8. Vivid Hospital Scene

      by , Today at 09:29 AM
      This was a very vivid hospital scene where I was waiting for my anesthetic before an endoscopy. An endoscopy involves quite a lot of hospital tech including the usual blood pressure and pulse, anesthetic plus the machine to do the investigation into the stomach. It is a long tube which goes in the mouth and has a camera on the end. There are also devices for taking samples. I was on the hospital bed and one of the team a lady in her late 40s perhaps who seemed very kind but I knew was just doing here job. I said to her that I usually get a heavy anesthetic because I can be troublesome and reject the scope. She said "Oh yes I remember you from years ago. That is no problem.". They would normally never say something that impolite so I was a bit shocked by that. Anyhow she placed what i thought would be the usual stuff in my mouth but it felt different it was small but I trusted the process. She said to the team that she was going to administer the anesthetic. As she did I started to feel the effects of it and instead of going completely out and then waking up after in the recovery bed I just woke up at home this morning

      In another dream before this I met some good friends from the past. They were happy and alert as usual. We were at a retreat and were gathering around the table. I was bringing a friend with me who I forget who it was. This was not the normal retreat setting but it was very kind and warm atmosphere.

      In the dream before that I met an old friend of mine who is best friends of my brother in law. He was wondering what I was up to these days. We were in the City chatting and he was asking me how many rooms were in my house. He was happy that I was doing well. The city was looking dark and rainy but with plenty of activity. It was noisy.
    9. [05-04-2016]

      by , Today at 08:13 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was on a crowded street, in front of a bar. Just as I wanted to enter, a car accident happened. I ran to help people and tried to enter that bar, bit whenever I did - car accidents happened and I had to save people. This happened six times, and then I was able to enter. I told barkeep that story and ordered some vodka. After I drank, I went to suburbs to house, and told that story to father and his pal. That pal, a dark haired, stocky man, said that I should still look to find what I want.

      Second dream

      I was in my backyard, there were lots of people from school gathered in my garden. There was some kind of grand academy, but I didn't watched it. Instead I was wandering around the house, experimenting with bugs that were some kind of a project that teacher told me to do. He was doing some parts of it on his own, while the rest was left to me. The academy took to late night hours. I decided to take the dog out for a walk, and people were still coming back. I noticed a strange old man wearing a robe. He looked at my dog and said "By the light of Lord!" And ran away in panic. I looked at my dog, confused. Lights gathered around the dog and burst wildly as she turned into a gigantic dragon and flown away, into some ruins.

      Third dream

      I was in some ruins. Strange gargoyles composed of rotten flesh and bones tried to kill me. I was shooting them down with some kind of wands.

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    10. NapTime in the Library

      by , Today at 05:09 AM (One Up Seeker)
      I was in Accounting class, and it looked really really similar to the way it does in waking life. The carpet and walls were the same as well as the general set up of the room. There were still 4 main rows of connecting desks with computers on them and Mr. Wittenberg's desk was still in the same middle spot in front of the class. I wasn't sitting in my normal seat though. I was sitting one seat to the right of my normal seat, where my friend Nathan sits. I remember the whole class was playing some sort of game. The game was to try to get as many tickets as possible by doing something, and I assumed whoever got the most tickets got some sort of reward or something. I somehow quickly racked up tickets and soon there were tickets scattered all over my desk. I somehow counted them and came to conclude that I had a little over 500 tickets. I looked around to see how many tickets everyone else had, and no one else had anywhere near as many as I did. I knew for sure I had the most.
      I got the attention of Mr. Wittenberg, who was standing next to the printer to the almost immediate right of me. He was standing there waiting for the winner. "Mr. Wittenberg, you have a winner" I told him as I gestured towards all of the tickets scattered on my desk. "How many do you have Cory?" he asked. "About 500, but they're scattered everywhere. Can I just give you one ticket and you can right the number 500 on the ticket so I won't have to give you all of these tickets?" I asked. "Sure" he said. I picked up one ticket off of my desk and handed it to him. Just as I gave it to him he was about to write down the number 500 on it, but he stopped just before his red pen touched the surface of the ticket and gave the ticket back to me. "What? Why didn't you write on it?" I asked. By the look on his face, his was messing with me and had never actually planned to write 500 on it. "I'm not writing 500 on it" he said with no explanation as to why.
      I then realized at that point that it was pointless to keep trying to get him to do so, as I knew I was getting no reward for having the most tickets in the class. Suddenly the entire layout of the classroom changed and all of the 4 rows of desks had been turned to the right 90 degrees, so now everyone was facing where the printers were at. I was also sitting in a different seat now, and the lights in the classroom seemed about 50% dimmer than they were before. I looked to my right and saw that Ava was sitting right next to me. In waking life Ava sits in the desk directly to the left of me. All of the computers on the row I was on were on and the screens were on the desktop. They all had the same desktop layout, a blue sky background with the Windows logo on it. I reached down to my backpack and unzipped it to get something. While doing this I realized how close Ava's chair was to mine. As I felt around in my backpack for whatever I was looking for, I suddenly got a strong feeling that Ava was looking at me.
      I stop feeling around in my backpack and sit upright once more. The feeling is still there. I look over at Ava just to see if she is looking at me, and she is. She's giving me a deep look; the kind of look someone gives you when they're deeply in love with you. I look into her eyes. Her eyes are a vivid blue and it looks as though she has entire galaxies inside of them. I am struck in awe and we end up looking into each others eyes for several seconds. I get this intense feeling of love when suddenly I find myself in a library. In this library, the floor is covered with a brownish-tan carpet and the walls are an even lighter tan. All around the library there are books(shocker) and the books are inside of nice polished wooden bookshelves. All throughout the library there are also all types of furnishings such as desks, tables, chairs, and all that other stuff of the same polished wooden style. It looked really nice and really gave the library a genuinely calm and solitude-like atmosphere and vibe to it.
      I walk towards the back of the library. Not far in front of me I can see a few rows of brown desks and behind these rows of desks are brown tables with matching chairs. As I approach the rows of desks I see a teacher. "Ah, you decided to show up to retake your test huh. Maybe this time you won't plagiarize and get a zero again" the teacher says. The teacher has short brown curly hair and is wearing old lady shaped glasses. She looks to be in her late 40s or early 50s. This teacher reminds me of my reading teacher from 5th grade; I can't remember her name at the moment, but I think it was Mrs. Galownia? I then "remember" that I was in fact supposed to retake a test. The test was over Italy. I was supposed to label at least 3 cities on a blank map of Italy. "Ah shit, I was supposed to study before retaking this, but I never even cheated on this test" I thought to myself as I approached the teacher. "Sit down in one of the desks and I'll give you the test shortly" she said. To the left of the teacher I saw a huge blank map of Italy. I had a feeling that I was going to do good on this test retake as I know a fair amount about Italy.
      I sit down in the first row of desks. To my right are 2 or 3 students already in the process of retaking the test. Only seconds after sitting down the teacher says "You know what, never mind. You're not retaking the test today. If you want to retake the test come back sometime this week wearing the tuxedo you'll be wearing to prom". "What the fuck" I thought to myself as I let out a sigh, "I want to get this shit over with now". I didn't think of how odd it was that I had to wear my tuxedo to be retaking a test, but nonetheless I accepted it. I then got up and started making my way out of the library. About halfway to the door I stop and think. "I'm going to prove to her that I didn't cheat or plagiarize on the test. This makes no sense. If they want to give me a zero and say I cheated, they're going to have to prove it" I thought to myself. I turn around and walk back to the teacher. "I didn't cheat on the test" I tell her. "Talk about that with your AP" she said "He's over in that office" she continued as she pointed to an office to the right of us.
      Just then a man opened the office door, came out, locked it behind him, and started walking away. "Shit, he must be off now" I said under my breath. This AP had short black hair, but was far into his balding stage. He was wearing a fully blue shirt with the OakRidge symbol on it and was also wearing light blue regular fitted jeans and black work shoes. Suddenly I hear a voice from behind me "Cory get him and tell him you didn't cheat on the test". I instantly recognize the voice; it's Thomas. I start walking towards the AP and he starts walking faster. "Sir" I yell out to him. He just ignores me. I call to him a few more times and he still ignores me. The AP then walks out of the library and starts talking with a group of people in the middle of the hallway. I realize that this group of people are all of the APs in the school. I notice Mr. Que first out of all of them. As they talk I overhear the word "nigga" at least 7 or 8 times in their conversation. As the AP from the library first talked to them Mr. Que said "What's up my nigga". The AP from the library then said "Not much my nigga Que", and the rest of their conversation continued with "nigga" for the rest of the time I listened.
      After that I turned around and saw Thomas standing there. I gave him the "Oh well, I tried" look and shrugged. Thomas and I then walked back behind the 3 rows of desks where I was sitting earlier. We came the area where all of the round wooden tables were. Thomas went and sat on the opposite side of the table nearest to us. Instead of sitting, I crouched down next to my friend Spencer on the opposite side from Thomas. I hadn't seen Spencer in years; since 8th grade to be exact. "Dude I haven't seen you in forever" I told him. "Yeah it's been a while" he replied. He seemed really tired, and it looked like he was about to take a nap right there in his seat. Just then I looked around at all of the other tables around us. Each table was filled with students, and there were even students laying on the ground. I then realized that all of these students were sleeping, and I figured it was nap time or something. Each student had a tan blanket(the same one's from my dream yesterday) and were soundly asleep.
      On the walls surrounding this area we were all in, there were small night lights that glowed orange in color. I didn't see a purpose for them seeing that the lights were still on in the library. I focus back on the table I'm crouched next too. I notice how quite it is now. Suddenly my friend Austin comes and sits down to the left of Thomas. Thomas, Austin, and I started talking. I kept talking to Spencer, ignoring the fact that he was trying to sleep. Every minute or so I would say something to him and it would wake him up just as he was on the verge of sleep. Suddenly Austin and Thomas started talking really loud. They were talking so loud that some of the students around us woke up and were Shhhhhing them. At one point they got even louder and I eventually told them "Shhhhhh" with a lot of emphasis behind it so they'd finally be quiet. After that we sat in silence for a minute or so, just listening. Suddenly we heard a sound from outside.
      The sound was very ambient as though as it was coming from far in the distance, and it sounded like a pig squealing very loudly as though it was in distress. Austin and Thomas looked at me with wide eyes. "Dude, they're slaughtering pigs out there!" Austin said in a loud whisper. "They probably are" I agreed. I then "remembered" how the "hotel" that we were all in had gotten really bad reviews online and how I even saw a documentary about all of the bad things this hotel does to animals(I have no idea how I went from knowing I was in a school to suddenly "remembering" I was in a hotel because I was still in the school). Thomas then started talking about this girl he's had a crush on for about a week or two now. I remember being annoyed because he never stops talking about her and it seems like she's the only thing he literally ever talks about.
    11. Been in the ER all day

      by , Today at 04:29 AM
      Nothing to write today. Got woke up & had to take one of my daughters to the ER. She's 5 weeks pregnant & was bleeding. They say we won't know if she lost the baby for 3 days because they need to run another test then due to her only being 5 weeks along. I only got on here to log this.
    12. School electrician and a beautiful advert.

      by , Today at 01:44 AM
      I found myself in my old primary school, although the corridors were far grander in size and decoration than the real version. What happened at the beginning in the dream, I am not sure. I was working on fixing a tv for three of my teachers (who were all gathered in one room for some reason). The Tv only needed to be plugged in. Whilst moving to perform this task, lucidity hit me and, as a test of my dream control I decided to turn on the TV without plugging it in, by willing the current from the socket into the Tv. This worked and, satisfied, I left the teachers to watch what I believe was news.

      Walking down the corridors, I came across two beautiful women in long, flowing, blue dresses who were apparently shooting an advert, despite the lack of cameras. Entranced by their beauty, I verbally beckoned one of them over and we both came the simultaneous realisation that we should have sex. This we did, but I woke up midway through.
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    13. At Night With S

      by , Yesterday at 11:03 PM
      I'm standing with [S] in the hallway talking about lucid dreaming. I look at my hands and realize I'm dreaming. I look up and take in how convincing S's face is. I ask her, "Why didn't you tell me I was dreaming?". She gives me a big grin, and turns her face to her left. We walk together down the hallway toward the far end. We are in my childhood home. I take the opportunity to ask her very specific questions we've been talking about in waking life. First, I ask "What is your main passion?". Next, I ask "What is the best way for me to become lucid". Finally, I ask "What's your favorite food?" (Not all that epic). We continue to walk down the hallway, and finally enter a room on the far end resembling my brother's. I look to the cabinet against the wall; it is 3 shelves wide with many glass windows. The cabinet contains many different interesting bottles with contents that seem equally as interesting. At one point I think something along the lines of 'wow... this is very realistic/stable. I consider going for one of the opaque creamy looking bottles to see what it is. I get a vague notion that it may help me with lucidity. I decide not to drink it, however. I don't see S for a short period and consider heading out of the window, yet she reappears in my vision very soon. I give her a kiss. The dream becomes a bit blurry, but I rub my dream body with strong intent and stabilize. I look on the bed and see a very small pile with some of her clothes. The dream ends shortly after and I wake up.

      *I don't clearly remember her responses to the three questions due to moving my head a couple inches upon waking.

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    14. The Hallway

      by , Yesterday at 10:52 PM
      I'm in the hallway at my childhood house. My hands come out in front of we while in the hallway and I notice six fingers. I become lucid. I begin to walk down the hallway to where my parents' bedroom is located. I decide not to enter the room as I get the impression that interaction with them would possibly wake me. I head down to the other end of the hallway towards where my brother's room is located. Once in the room a gaze toward the window, and become very interested in heading through the window due to the surreal appearance. The dream begins to fade, yet my awareness increases a bit and I stay in a void state. I resolve that I will maintain awareness until another dream forms. This goes on for about a minute.

      *There is a period of time before the next lucid which I cannot fully account for. Shifting upon waking from the second LD caused much of the memory from the first to get jumbled.

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    15. Last Night's Dreams

      by , Yesterday at 09:17 PM
      - I was with an old friend that I had a falling out with as a teenager. Someone began making fun of him for having a small penis, and he was deeply offended at it. He started getting depressed about it. We hadn't gotten along, and he kept being a complete jerk about it, mocking and teasing him. I had no issue with this guy making fun of him about that, and I thought it was good. I told my Mom about what happened. She had a very different view of it. She said that if it was me that was making fun of him, she wouldn't still be talking to me now. She said she'd have abandoned me and had nothing to do with me. I found this outrageous, but she stood strong in this, insisting that she would have had nothing to do with me and cut me out of her life.

      - I went back to college, but it was just for a brief time. I walked around for a bit, excited about things. My parents were following me around, but I had the option to just go. I didn't though, until later on. Then, I began to realize this was merely a dream. I found some thing there that weren't there in real life, and I knew it was a dream. I went to this place where there were several girls from there. I attempted to have sex in this lucid dream, but my Mom was standing around...... and obviously the dream basically didn't let me, as she was just standing around. Later on, I wasn't really as lucid anymore. I was going to go to a symposium for something at school. A girl that I really liked from there was there. However, she had ditched me in real life. In this dream, I didn't even get a chance to talk to her, although other people were talking to her. Later on, there was a demon that was chasing me. Oddly enough, the energy of me began to shift from the demon and back. It was odd, like a cycle of possession and non-possession. At times, "I" was the demon. At other times, and then the demon became what used to be me. It was very strange, yet it almost illustrated that there was no demon. Instead, the demon always was what was different. Still, this was a very frightening dream.
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