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    1. An earth like planet and other stuff

      by , Today at 02:40 PM ([DJ Title Goes Here])
      The frag that I recall most vividly was one of a planet. I was once more getting a cosmic tour from an outside entity, but this one was unusual as we were focused in on a single planet rather than learning the arrangement of stars and planets.
      The planet looked something like this, with large craters, but an earth-like surface, and no polar ice. Yesterday, I just so happened to doodle that looked a lot like the planet that I saw in the dream. (Day residue?) It was because of the familiarity to this one that I became ever so slightly lucid in this dream.
      After teaching me a bunch of facts about the planet, the entity put me into orbit around it. I seemed to be able to look around, and I orbited the planet rather quickly, completing an orbit in about a minute. I was orbiting rather far from the planet, if I were in a my body, I would have been able to block it out with both hands. The planet orbited a single star or a very close multi-star system and as far as I could tell, had no moons.
      The imagery was very vivid, particularly the sun. I wish I could say more but nothing really happened. I just orbited the planet and felt very peaceful for awhile.

      Something about high school. Cannot recall what.

      Something about walking around my new college campus. I walked to the edge and found this prefab home.
      The door was wide open. I walked in and found Manei. The dream blurred out and I woke up.

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    2. Spiders and Webs, Softball with My Old Supervisor, and Weird Tomodachi Life Scene

      by , Today at 01:01 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was looking into my room at the house I grew up in. It was full of spider webs. There were also 4 huge spiders in the webs, one closer to the doorway and three off to the left. There was no way I was going in there. There was then a guy standing next to me. He said what he would do if he felt a spider crawling on him, (when he said that he crawled his fingers on my shoulder), he would just let it crawl until it started to make a web, then he'd take it off, letting the string of web carry the spider somewhere else. I pictured myself freaking out if there was a spider on me, like I've done before. Yeah, no spiders are gonna crawl on me for that long if I can help it.

      There was more to this dream, something about a wedding ceremony. I think it was Dallas and I's wedding, even though we were already married. It was like something to make it more "official", even though we were already legally married. There were many people. I thought about my name changing. I feel like we were outside in the daytime.


      I was with my old supervisor, Laura. We were wandering around to different places. We were playing softball in one of the places. She was telling me about how in high school everyone thought she was dumb, and she didn't really have many friends. I then thought about this. I wondered about her boyfriend in high school. I pictured her in high school walking on a softball field. I said something to her about how I used to play softball, but she said she knew I didn't play for school, because she was on the school softball team and I wasn't. No, I didn't play for school, that was correct, but I don't think I said anything back to her after that.

      Then, we were somewhere else, in some building. My nephew, Gary, came up to us and asked if we'd take him to the bathroom. I asked someone who was there with him if that was ok, and they said yes. We then went to take him in the bathroom. I asked him if he had to pee or poop, and he said poop. The "bathroom" was just a wooden room with a wooden seat with a hole cut out, There was no drain or water or anything; the waste would just go onto the floor. I started to tell him maybe he shouldn't go there, but it was too late. He was pooping. I saw it on the floor. Another kid had done it close to us too, a little to the back left of us, so I guess it would be fine.

      Then, it was like I was playing Nintendo Nightmare, only with much better graphics due to a setting on there that I or someone else had turned on. It was like I was playing it in an arcade. I was in the Legend of Zelda world the whole time I was playing. I gathered some rupees and killed some enemies.


      It was like I was playing Tomodachi Life. It was like viewing one of the islander's drams. There was a pickle and a banana standing on a grey concrete brick surface beside a lava pit. I said to them
      "Pickle, you're a dork! That's why you and banana get to have lunch."
      I guess "get to have lunch" meant "jump in the lava". It could have gone more than one way. They could have jumped over the lava pit or into it, but it was randomized which one would occur.

      My alarm then went off and woke me up.

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    3. Flight to the Sun: Cancelled.

      by , Today at 11:43 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Flight to the Sun: Cancelled. (DILD)


      I had a False Awakening in my room and I was recalling an interesting dream. As I tried to look for my Dream Journal, I could not find it on my night table, but I was able to find the alarm clock. I tried to lit the light from the alarm clock to find the DJ and write the dream down. But the little light did not work.

      I sat on the edge of my bed trying to focus and try to realize what it was going on. I realized it was impossible that the light was out already, as I could hear the sound of the clock, hence having juice in the batteries.
      I realized it was a dream and upon checking my hands, I was able to confirm it.

      I took of and flew to a big city. As I was flying, I recalled another Dare, which was to fly to the sun and through it. I saw one of those shuttles that go to space to board to space station.

      However, the shuttle had no roof, it was like one of those tour buses, but it was going to space. This shuttle in particular, was going to trip to Mercury to stay there for a few days. I figured it would be easy to just get driven to mercury and from there, fly myself to the Sun, as in other lucids I have been able to get to the moon, but never to the Sun.

      I boarded the shuttle and I believe it was free, as I did not have to pay. I had a few scientists around me and then a family of three including a baby.

      As we were about to take up, I heard to voice of my wife calling me and the dream started to fade.
      My wife woke me up (false awakening) and said she needed some water. I wondered why the heck she did not just drink water herself (she never wakes me up at night as she knows I do LDing.) And I told her she blew up my chance to travel to the sun. Then I woke up for real.
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    4. Weird job interview

      by , Today at 11:42 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Weird job interview (Non-lucid)


      For some reason, I had the opportunity to meet at a job interview for an Electronic store. I wondered why, if I already had my own successful business, but I figured I could combine both maybe. It seems that my wife was going to get interviewed as well, after me.

      As my name was called, I met with a female interviewer, but I felt she was attracted to me and tried to flirt with me. She told me that it was a full-time job paying $4 and hour and that I had to work 170 hours a month. She said that I would get paid $540 a month. I told her that it was less than $4 and hour but she told me that I had to work some free hours, but if I satisfied her sexually I would get paid more. She hired me, even though I was not sure if to sign or not.

      We went together to the parking lot, apparently, I was in a shopping mall and upon finding her car, I noticed that her husband was there as well as her mother in law and a baby chair. I had to seat next to the baby chair, even though I did not fit. I just wanted to leave.
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    5. The Quintuple Rainbow (*Lucid)

      by , Today at 11:24 AM
      Monday,1st September 2014

      Moon Cycle: 38% illuminated moving from Scorpio to Saggitarius

      Tarot Card of the Day: King of Cups

      Mayan Day: White Resonant Worldbridger


      After WBTB from 07:20--->08:49

      I find myself in a Dutch style house on a cliff face overlooking the dark green choppy sea.
      The weather is gloomy outside and several greyish black clouds lie overhead.
      In the room with me is my cousin,Jared.
      I sit reading an article in the local newspaper which reports on a visionary artist getting credit for her dance floor decorations at BOOM festival in Portugal.
      The picture in the article has many blue-indigo/purple fractal psychedelic backdrops with omnipresent 3rd eyes decorating the the stretchy material that the artist painted on. She stands next to her work smiling proudly.
      I recognize a beautiful tall blonde tribal looking girl in the photo standing next to her.(false memory)

      "Hey Jared, isn't this Mandy in the photo here?"I ask,as he comes over to check.
      "Yep that's her,she's living at my house right now with Kim in the extra bedroom!",he replies excitedly.
      "Wow that's awesome, she's such a gorgeous tantric goddess" I say, surprised by his statement,and hiding my streak of envy.

      We decide that we want to go for a walk, but can't seem to make up our minds where to.
      I suggest we go up to the caves on the cliff face as they are't too far away.
      I open the front door and notice the grey clouds have turned black. There's a slight drizzle and looks as though it may turn into a full blown thunderstorm any minute.

      "Hey man,it's raining outside...we can't go!"I shout through the door as he is still inside.
      "No way!"he bellows back at me.
      I feel kind of relieved as i wasn't to keen on the hike anyway.

      Upon entering the house I cast my gaze through the glass sliding room door at the back of the house and see something absolutely amazing.

      "Look outside! Its some kind of super rainbow!",I exclaim.
      We both both gaze with mouths agape in wonder at the mutant rainbow. It looked as though 5 rainbows where alchemically squashed into one.The color spectrum was abnormally pronounced.

      And that's when it struck me...Am i dreaming?
      For some reason I chose a unorthodox reality check, and one i never use, trying to reaching out and grab the rainbow like Mr Stretch. I was successful and my arm stretched out of the suede green button up jacket that I wore, toward the quintuple rainbow.

      The rush of lucid hit me and everything seemed to be fading quickly.
      I began to rub my hands frantically and shout "Clarity now",although no enhancement was evident.
      I also noticed that I could barely feel my hands, and it was if they where dead.
      As all began to fade to black i decided to go for my last resort.I remember reading somewhere that falling backward can transport you to a new dreamscape. I did so, and I immediately plunged into darkness.
      It felt as if my astral body was slammed back into my real body and felt as though i was lying in bed.
      I kept my eyes closed and soon came to the realization it could be a false awakening.And it was indeed.

      I felt as though I was being dragged by my legs while lying on my back and sensed a presence in the room with me.
      I kept my eyes shut, fearing I would wake up if I opened them,and maintained a calm awareness on the bodily sensations which now turned from dragging/pulling to a vibration with accompanied loud sound.
      The sensations started to fade so i decided to slowly opened my eyes.
      Then something weird happened.
      It was as if i opened my eyes to a brand new dreamscape,but only caught a small glimpse of it.
      I can barely recall what it looked like, just a quick flash.

      Then another "set" of eyes opened and i found myself in my bed lying on my left hand side back in my bedroom in waking reality. (I think...forgot to perform another reality check haha )
    6. 02 sep 2014

      by , Today at 11:14 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • There is an Arab bride hiding a surprise in the building. I try to take a picture with my cell phone, but the phone won't let me because I've taken too many pictures already and this one will "look stupid". I wave the bride off enthusiastically and hopefully.
      • Real life issue: Gentrification of the local city is visible as the nearby "Hooters" restaurant becomes a toy store.
    7. Disabled Seminar, Rangebank Choir, Box of Protein LD#41 (2.9.14)

      by , Today at 11:11 AM (CHiLLEN's Whacky Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      Some guy giving seminar in a wheelchair. He tells everyone to stand up, making fun of himself. Everyone laughs, and i stand up as If I didn't get the joke at first. The man in wheelchair stands up. He talks about his arse, and what it looks like since he's been in a wheelchair. He makes his arse blow up outwards to about the size of a head.

      I'm playing a video game with Daryl. It's FIFA. We are taking shots for goal from free kicks. Daryl hasn't really figured out how to shoot properly.

      Dream 2

      I'm with Daryl and we're at our primary school. We are walking passed library when I see Soyer. He's sitting in the drivers seat of a car where the new portables are.

      Daryl and I are now at the preps toilets. I see a crowd of people singing where the gym is. I avoid going that way due to having to get involved. I see Troy Ost and one of his mates, maybe Hobs?
      Daryl is looking at a 20c coin and I happen to think that his face is on the coin, but soon after realise that's silly, and wouldn't be the case.
      Harley walks towards us and I jokingly tell him that anyone that sings in the choir can't be friends with us. He doesn't crack and smile, and I tell him he doesn't look too well. He agrees with me, and kneels down and farts. He now cracks a little smile. It's a silent but deadly one. It smells like diarrhea. Daryl walks over towards Harley and I tell him to not go too close cause he smells like he shat his pants.

      Dream 3 - DILD - 9:05AM

      I'm in a car with Josh Alford and a couple others, maybe my other mates? We're talking and I'm kinda avoiding getting in a convocation with Josh A. We pull up at the bottle-o near the settlement. It seems to be a protein powder store. We walk over and the boys get their stuff. I'm thinking of buying some, but only if it's pure protein and not with the junk additives they usually put in. I grab a box without telling anyone, and drag it around the store. I eventually put it back under the table where the rest of the supplements were. I see a row of what looked like glass pineapples.
      I walk out of the store and I see John Rickard on the foot path. John has something or is about to buy something. As I pass him I say "hi john" but he doesn't respond back.
      I walk over he road where the old Reece plumbing shop is, except it looks different to RL. I start to become aware that it's a dream. Not sure if I reality check considering I just knew it was a dream. I rub my hands together as the dream seems faded or fading, which doesn't help. I brace myself for a DEILD as the blackness takes over my vision.

      I visualise the last thing I saw which brings on a false awakening in my room. I do a reality check and realise I'm dreaming again. I get out of the bed and decide to do the spinning technique with my eyes closed hoping that a random dream scene appears and not my room for a change. I begin to think what if this isn't a dream and I start banging into walls while spinning, which would probably wake people up. I open my eyes and I'm slumped against the wall in my room. Dream fades again and decide to DEILD again. Same thing happens, end up in my bed. I do a reality check and my hands are blurring as I move them. I struggle to get out of bed, and feel half in and half out of the dream. The waking body wins the was and I awaken for real
    8. Fortune Cookie and Putting on Shoes

      by , Today at 07:59 AM
      I'm standing in a strange room, not really sure where, and realize I'm dreaming. I feel a bit mentally tired for some reason, so I decide to mostly just go with the flow of the dream rather than change it a lot. There is an army general looking guy in front of me, like the Russian guy from November Man. At least that's the role he's playing in my dream. Since I'm dreaming, I hit him across the face a few times to teach him not to be so evil. He just sits there and doesn't do anything, then gets up and motions for me to follow him. He walks over to a door, and opens it to a black void and steps through, disappearing out of the room.

      I tell him to, "wait, I just need to find a fortune cookie" as I remember one of the Tasks. I reach into my right pocket expectantly, but its empty. I try my left pocket - empty. I reach into my back pockets, and they are empty too. I notice a shelf on the wall, full of bags of chips. "There's always fortune cookies stashed away on the back of shelves like this" I tell myself as I reach far back. I have to stand on my tip toes to reach back to the end, and I push all the chips over to the right as I feel around back there. Then I feel it - "A'ha!" I'm excited to see what it has to say. Before I open it, I wish that whatever wisdom I receive from this cookie, that it is beneficial for everyone and helps me as well in profound ways. I unwrap it, break it open, and scarf down half of it as I pull the tiny paper out. I notice that it tastes just like a regular fortune cookie.

      I look at the fortune, and everything starts to get really blurry and the room starts to spin, everything starts fading as well. It seems like I'm about to wake up. I tell myself that, "I'm in control here, I can do what I want!" and remind myself that I'm dreaming, I have a dream body, and I'm standing in this dream room, about to read a fortune cookie. I'm holding the fortune upside down, so I rotate it right side up. As I do so, the lettering all changes to become very cryptic. I remember from looking at it upside down that it said something to the effect of, "It's godly to have no delusions, but look in your garden" I want to get a more accurate impression of the punctuation, spelling and so forth, but the more I look at the fortune, the more cryptic it becomes until it's just dots and commas, maybe a y and a j on there, but the message has completely changed. I look away and look back, but it is still losing clarity - mark by mark on the tiny paper.

      I decide that I've milked that task for all I can so far, and remember the shoe task. I sit down at the table in the same room, and put a shoe on each foot. They just spontaneously appeared in front of me as I sat down, and my feet were just wearing socks, so it was really smooth. They even fit! Just regular running shoes. The room spins a little, and I'm now standing in a hallway, walking through a dorm building to my room. I really have to go to the bathroom, but I again remind myself that I'm dreaming, focus on my body, and my environment, and some sort of plan. That's it, a plan! What was I doing? I remember the shoes task again, but am not really sure I ever tied my shoes.

      I walk into my room, the middle of which is a shower, surrounded by bunk beds. I don't see anyone else in the room. The lighting is rather dim, and I'm dressed like I'm about to take a shower (well, not dressed at all it turns out). The water turns on by itself, and the whole room seems to have become a shower. As the water pours down on me, I enjoy how warm and relaxing it feels. Now for the shoes. I normally wouldn't put shoes on in this situation, but I'm not satisfied with how it went earlier. Bending over, shoes again appear next to my feet. Some sort of running shoes again. I put them on, and tie a granny knot on each shoe - now soaked through and through from the shower.

      Having to go pee really bad, I question just going in the dream, but don't want to wet myself IRL, so I hold it. Holy crap it burns I have to go so bad though. I remember drinking a 1/2 gallon of water just before bed, so it's probably an accurate signal.

      I lose lucidity, and find myself on a boat, being excommunicated from my town, sent south along a river to Mexico or somewhere. Basically anywhere but where I was. It is a nice day, and I enjoy the sun as my room mates and I are floating down stream. I ask where they think we're going, and they don't know. Then my room mate RZ grabs onto a rope, and opens a sail, then jumps off our boat onto a raft. Pulling at the rope, he builds up some tension, then leaps off the raft and flies through the air, leaving us all behind to watch him fly away.

      Then I wake up, having to pee, but not that bad.
    9. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-09-02 plane landing, crazy racquetball, superman extorting small business

      by , Today at 07:28 AM
      00:00 Tuesday 2014-09-02
      00:20 pre-bedtime: day memory review, set intention to recall dreams and to be lucid
      long time falling asleep, wife comes to bed later keeping me awake.

      remee on

      05:00? remee goes off in the middle of a dream, I (partially?) wake up, I know exactly what is happening, this is remee, is it still part of the dream or am I totally awake? I wait for the lights to finish, see if I can go back into the dream, can't recall the dream, remee goes off again in a few minutes, I turn it off and go back to sleep


      Airplane/landing/video arcade/restaurant sequence

      + Sitting on an airplane, I suddenly feel several strong gravity-related events, like the plane is plunging down suddenly and I've become weightless due to this. I'm concerned, I think this has happened before on this flight. I see water/land approaching, WHERE'S THE AIRPORT!? It looks like we're going to crash, we're almost on the ground, suddenly a thin runway appears ahead through thick tall trees, the plane must weave several times avoiding the trees, I think the pilot's earning his salary on this landing. (I have the pilot's view for this part). There's an announcement that the runway is very short. An announcement comes on to prepare our things for landing, I'm back in my seat, gather my sandals, I don't really have much else with me. I'm amazed that I haven't gone to the bathroom for the entire trip, or maybe I went once? I take off my seat belt but we're not done taxiing, I put it back on, I think people should not start gathering their stuff yet because we haven't stopped at the gate yet.

      At the front of the plane it stopped right up against the end of the runway, that was a close call, how will the plane get off the runway to make way for the next plane? The plane is slightly rocking forwards and backwards a few feet. Walking through the plane I see a seat section through a glass wall, the head rests are strange plastic patterns.

      In the (planes?) video arcade: game systems are arranged in rows and columns, about 6 rows of 3-4 systems. There are game console controls and game steering wheels connected to the screen, the steering wheels must be for driving games, I turn one of the wheels to the side and let go, it snaps back strongly to the center position, I imagine there are some really strong springs in there.

      I'm sitting in one of the consoles and see some young people come in to the arcade. There are two cute girls, they're sitting down in front of me and I'm checking out their rears. They are slightly fuzzy/out-of-focus for some reason. A guy comes in and comments to me "good time to be in the arcade!" (referencing the cute girls), I sort of acknowledge him as correct, he leaves and goes and puts something into a wall of lockers outside of the arcade, (he's a pilot?), I think I should not have acknowledged him, it might be risky.

      Approaching a restaurant, in a large open floor plan like a mall, I approach one table and sit down, I have to sort of climb over the very thick seat cushion that runs around this circular table, there are young women seated across from me and to my left and are already eating. At a table across the room a waitress has brought an immense circular cauldron (1 meter in diameter at least, and about 1-2 feet tall) of some salad dish and is serving it to a person there, I look for and see the tray table that it must have been brought on, nearby. The waitress comes to me and I'm not sure if I should serve myself or let her serve me, I'm undecided for a while then she serves me and I'm not happy with the portion size (too small) and she hasn't given me the "best bits." I imagine this is a fixed-menu lunch and the other dishes will be brought around later. The woman sitting next to me has plate full of other stuff like brown curly pasta and olives and other things.

      + crazy racquetball: I'm in a racquetball court preparing to serve, I look back at my opponent and he's an old guy with a walker. Well that won't be very fun for either of us, how will he possibly play? He starts running after the ball without his walker and I think about shouting out to him to be careful but don't. He serves the ball and he doesn't bounce it first on the ground. His serves go long sometimes. I tell him he must bounce the ball on the ground first when serving. I play several points against him, he gets lucky unreturnable bounces off the back and front walls, at one point I'm running after one shot and my body/legs can't go fast enough and I can't reach it in time.

      Now I'm playing against 2 former colleagues (BI from L, one other guy from L), we've been in the court a long time, the lights go out, one colleague unplugs a cord from a power strip on the floor, turns the plug around 180 degrees, and plugs it back in, I think this is "hacking" the light system and the lights come back on. A gym employee briefly looks in through the door at us and leaves, I think he's checking up on us. I see out the high windows on the back wall that CRT computer monitors are sitting there on a high shelf.

      We play several points: I'm serving, and they both bunch towards the left side of the court: easy, I think, I move to the left side of the service box and launch a serve aimed towards the right corner, but the serve goes long. At one point they serve, and I call "short! second serve!" and then they serve and hit the side wall first, I call "double fault" (and think it's a triple fault because hitting the side wall is a double fault and they already are on the second serve). I tell them hitting any other wall than the front wall on a serve is a double fault. They ask can you otherwise get the ball to move sideways on the serve? I say hit towards the side of the front wall.

      The guys are now on the middle of the floor of the court surrounded by boxes and are assembling Sun Microsystem computer systems. Sun went out of business, I wonder how many of these systems are left. The guys are very fast and efficient at assembly, One of the guys is quickly tearing off paper labels from a sheet of labels. I'm amazed and say so, they say they have lots of practice doing this. They both get close up in my face to say this, one guy right up against me so I can feel his breath, egads, is he going to kiss me?

      + I'm cleaning my tooth (lower front just to the right) with a very thin straight dental pick, I'm picking deep down at the root and scraping the sides. I think that superman can chew rocks if he wants to and not worry about breaking his teeth or his fillings.

      + I see a young man I know to be superman sitting outside a small office in a hallway, he's giving a sort of sales pitch. I know it to be a shake-down: he's warning them that they must properly maintain their typewriters, but he's actually going to break some of the keys on the typewriter if they don't pay him, and the keys will start sticking.

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    10. 08-30-14 Dad Appeared, Gave him a demonstration.

      by , Today at 06:50 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I had been lucid and spaced off. I noticed a pretty gold tropical fish swimming slowly about 2 feet off the ground. I became lucid again and standing behind the fish is my father or an astral entity (the young man from the last dream?) acting as if it was my dad (how died 2 years ago). I gave him a small demonstration of my current skills. I pointed at two small saplings and caused them to whip towards each other (to show fine control) and then I pointed off screen and an image appears of 4 heavy chairs. I cause the chairs to lift up off the ground and slap back against the ground. The chairs were each moving at a different rate creating a cam shaft sort of motion.
      Dad is pleased (I feel it.) I showed a cool method of floating. I stepped up on to the air as if it were solid and floating one foot up (I stepped up), I gently fell over backward and drifted into a reclined position about 2 feet from the ground. I then said I could control the weather. I reached my open hand into the sky and imagined a storm would crash when I made a magical gesture. I made the gesture and a strong breeze starts up and leaves blow around. Hmmm, not what I hoped for, just pretend it is still going to happen. Rain sprinkled down on my face and shoulders. I looked at the entity (dad?) and suggested that I could do more with the storm if I just took a moment. The entity smiled and shook their head no. I stopped demonstrating and the dream drifted into odd stuff I have trouble recalling clearly.
    11. 08/30/14 Learn new trick- become fluid.

      by , Today at 06:26 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I ran into an astral being who appeared to me as a young human male. We spent a little time demonstrating what I could do so far as far as floating/flying. I showed him that I could lay on my back and steer myself in any direction, even up over and down, feet first or head first.

      He politely watched and seemed satisfied with my ability. He showed me a new method of travel in the astral or dreams. He became a wave of something between liquid and electricity and sound waves. I was able to copy him and transformed like I would to become an octopus but I became an energy wave and shot forward fluidly. It was something like the way the front edge of water pouring out of a bucket as it moves across the floor. It is hard to explain.
    12. Trails of Breadcrumbs (brief WILD + 2 DILDS)

      by , Today at 12:37 AM
      After several promising WILD attempts failed for no good reason over the last couple weeks, I was afraid I was headed into another dry spell. Then last night, when I wasn't planning to lucid dream at all—having only seven hours to sleep before getting up early for a busy day—I had spontaneous lucids all night during the few short periods I managed to sleep at all, and had to sacrifice even more sleep writing up my notes promptly (as a matter of principle). I should have known better to drink that big mug of coffee before bed on a night when I was likely to be prone to anxiety anyway, but now I can report that caffeine + anxiety make a great lucid trigger!

      I went to bed at 12:30am. Knew I needed to wake at 7:30 and intended to go to bed earlier, but I never find it easy to go to bed before midnight unless I'm sick or already exhausted. Woke at 2:30am and realized that the coffee was a mistake: I was now wide awake. To counter the insomnia I started doing counting and deep breathing, basically just like my WILD practice but without the intention to LD. I counted to fifty, one number for each full breath cycle, then left off counting and did the breathing only. I'm not sure how much I actually slept—it felt like I spent a long time in a transitional state—but it was 3:45am when I woke up fully again, this time after slipping spontaneously into the very briefest of WILDs.

      Brief WILD: The transition was really interesting, because there must have been a point when I was already asleep, but I still thought I was awake. I know I was confused about this because I was under the impression that while lying in bed I was selecting and leafing through fantasy-game themed magazines from a low shelf that was just to my right, apparently in the bed with me. Of course in waking life there is no such shelf set up in my bed nor any magazines of this kind within arm's reach, distinct evidence that I had dreamed the whole thing. But as I was flipping through through the magazines, I was also well aware that I was in the process of trying to fall asleep, and I even noticed a curious phenomenon: when I closed my eyes, I could still make out blurry forms and colored shapes corresponding to the content printed on the pages I was reading. This made me think that reading through closed eyelids might be a great technique for encouraging REM onset, because it was stimulating pictures to form in my mind. A great technique indeed if you can do it while you're already dreaming! But I didn't realize that at the time.

      Eventually I felt the onset of that bodily dislocation that suggested I was close to a WILD transition, and encouraged it. Sometimes I levitate, sometimes I rock or rotate, but this time sinking felt more natural, so I let the sinking sensation grow while thinking, "Down, down," until I felt that the transition was complete. Then I easily "got up" out of bed. However, I still didn't have much control of the dream body, so I discovered that I couldn't stand or walk yet. Instead I collapsed face down on the floor and had to crawl. This didn't alarm me, because I often lack full motor coordination right after the transition. The environment was recognizable as my bedroom but still very murky. My mind felt incredibly active and clear, by contrast—probably because I was barely asleep.

      I remember thinking distinctly, "Oh good, I haven't lost it"—meaning the ability to WILD, given that my last few attempts have gone nowhere. I crawled toward the bedroom door and remembered my task, "Fairy tales." Then I paused, realizing that I would need to improve my integration before trying to leave the room, as my WILDs tend to destabilize if I try to rush things. I thought, "Time for some clean-up"—but alas, there was no time, as I woke promptly at this.

      Such a disruption was not unusual, as my early WILDs are normally strung together by multiple DEILD chains (for some reason this seems to be almost the only time I can successfully and instinctively DEILD, so I've never even counted those DEILDS as distinct dreams; instead they end up seeming more like segments of the same chained WILD). Unfortunately, I could tell at once that this time I had woken up too fully to DEILD, and even though I held very still and sought a way back into the dream, I could feel that I had surfaced past the point of re-entry, so I got up to write this. A bit disappointing, but not overly so as I have to get up insanely early tomorrow for a full day of activity, so no time to write more without cutting into sleep.

      5:50am: up and writing again after two more DILDs. Both times I thought at first that I was awake in the house, but instinctively realized that I was dreaming.

      DILD#1: As soon as I realized I was dreaming, I remembered my task, still determined to carry out my "Hansel and Gretel" experiment. I was already deep enough in dream to feel well-coordinated, so after getting lucid I went immediately to the kitchen and grabbed some bread from the counter. It was the end of a baguette. Last time I tried this the dream destabilized shortly after I left the house and started dropping crumbs, so this time I decided to begin more cautiously by starting the trail of bread crumbs while I was still inside the house. I walked from the kitchen to the living room, tearing off pieces of bread and dropping them on the floor. Meanwhile I was thinking to myself with amusement, "Oh man, I'd better really be dreaming. If we wake up tomorrow and it turns out I've left bread all over the floor, my husband is going to say this lucid dreaming thing has to stop!"

      But I was sure I was dreaming, despite the stability and lifelikeness of the environment, so I asked myself how I could tell. I thought it would be a good moment to test the differences in self-perception between dream and the waking state. No sooner did I turn my attention to my body than I felt it—yes—that subtle tingling in the limbs that I have always associated with dream. The sensation used to be extremely prominent, especially earlier in life when lucid dreams occurred only rarely and spontaneously, but now I hardly ever notice it unless I pay deliberate attention. Unfortunately, this re-orientation of focus on my physical senses meant that I began to notice something I was hearing as well: the sound of my husband's breathing in the bed next to me. This reminded me of my body asleep in the bed, which promptly woke me up.

      Upon waking, I could still hear the breathing just as I had in the dream, but with one peculiar difference: in the dream, the sound was distinctly coming from my right, but when I woke up I remembered, of course, he is sleeping to my left. Perhaps the discrepancy can be explained if I was sleeping on my left side with my left ear against the pillow so only my right ear could hear clearly? I forgot to take note of my position when I awoke.

      DILD#2: After going back to sleep, once again I was doing stuff around the house under the impression that I was awake when I noticed once again: am I dreaming? Yep, pretty sure I am. Okay, well, back to work then. I remembered that I had taken the bread from the counter in the last dream, briefly worried that I might not find any more, but casually "expected" to find another loaf and sure enough it was there. I started dropping crumbs while I was still inside the house again, then went out the door to the back patio. I was still anxious about destabilization (I have tried this task several times before and haven't gotten very far, and tonight's previous episodes demonstrated that waking up abruptly was indeed a hazard) I so thought, okay, I'll just walk around the pool in circles and continue dropping crumbs until the dream shows some receptivity.

      So I began circling the pool counterclockwise, dropping crumbs as I walked. When I reached the area just behind the pool I noticed the place where I had encountered "Boneface" in a previous dream and wondered if anyone would be waiting there, but no DCs were visible. However, the dream was starting to respond: already I was no longer circling the pool but on a path, walking through an environment that no longer resembled any place I know in waking life. The path led me through a dense suburban neighborhood, but I saw trees in the distance and figured a forest must be out there somewhere. I needed to reach the forest to proceed with the "Hansel and Gretel" plot.

      I continued dropping breadcrumbs as I walked along the path, but then I remembered—hang on, if I'm doing "Hansel and Gretel," then obviously I can be Gretel, but I'll need a Hansel! I tried to summon him, calling out "Hans! Hans!" and "Little brother!" The dream responded promptly but unexpectedly: a little dog showed up, with long wavy fur in brown and white patches, and started trotting along with me. It looked just like a toy spaniel, but smaller, about the size of a chihuahua. I shrugged and figured, "Okay, good enough." Maybe he would turn into a boy later on, or if not, whatever. (I've always been able to summon animals easily, but have less success with human DCs, so the results weren't that surprising.)

      To get more into the spirit of things, as we continued to walk along the path I started singing a song about our journey—how we had left our parents' house because there wasn't enough food, and hoped to find some in the forest. (I just realized a discrepancy in the story: if food is so scarce that they have to leave home lest the family starve, why are they wasting bread by dropping it on the ground? Or is that why mom wants to kick them out, the flagrant bread wasters!)

      The dream felt very stable but I knew I couldn't be in very deep because I was having trouble with the song: rhymes weren't coming easily, like they do in deeper dream, and my melody was very simple (The Hobbit was on TV last night, and my song ended up with a similar tune and rhythm to the "goblin town" song from the movie, though naturally with very different words). When I got to the end of a line and couldn't find a rhyme, or even a suitable word, I just sort of hummed over the blank spot and kept going. Improvise! So I sang a number of stanzas in this haphazard way, dropping the bread in smaller and smaller crumbs since I was getting near the end of the loaf, while little Hans the dog trotted beside me on his tiny legs.

      Finally we made it to the edge of town, and there it was ahead of us! The forest! Would we go in and find a gingerbread house, a threatening witch? I was looking forward to what we might discover. But I felt sorry for Hans and wondered if he might prefer to be carried. I picked him up and put him on my right shoulder (he was so small). No sooner had I perched him there then at once I clearly and distinctly heard a voice saying my name in my right ear—it was my RL name, and it woke me up. This happened immediately after I put the dog on my shoulder so I had the impression that he had been the one speaking, but the voice was clearly a woman's and, as far as I could make out, it sounded like my own voice.

      Anyway, that woke me up past DEILD recovery so I got up and wrote again. It's now after 6am. Nothing like a short night before a busy day in which I have absolutely no time to spare for dreaming to really bring on the LDs, eh?

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    13. unlimited rice pudding

      by , Yesterday at 10:07 PM
      non lucid x 4

      A lassie I kent fae school walked up to me. She had beige/stone jeans on. Her face had what I presume was meant to be makeup but was a big greasy yellow mess. I greeted her and said I hadn't seen her for a while. She agreed. I said there was something?? she should go to, and she said she would.

      I had just bought a wee loch. I was away to visit it. As I walked down a path I was thinking it would probably be flooded out coz I had just cleared out the burn that runs into it. Once there I met a vague friend I know IRL. He was either standing or in a boat, not sure. He said further down was a quagmire. I asked for another friend, she was 'further up' but wanted money for some new fishing gear! To my left,, there were big glass screens, I thought there should be water there, but instead there were some birds - Chestnut Mannikins. I thought to myself, wheres the water??? I took a wee walk back along the path with my friend who commented that the path was more hilly than he thought.

      A fragment where a man I know was standing beside me with a bucket.

      Another fragment where I was reading a two page spread about Duck Billed Platypus - it said under no circumstances should you touch their bills.

      In a hall selling nothing but old books. they were stacked on huge tables. There were even more under the tables. I spied a heap of 'Broons books' (I collect them IRL) I picked them up, think there were six. I remember thinking I would have them all, but turned out I needed them all! The covers were bland and very shiny. There was also a 'Topper' annual from '73 which had the distinctive Broons spine. I called my wife over and asked if I could have them. I opned them up and in a big white circular sticker on the inside page it turned out they were 3 each. The wife said that would be ok but I would have no money left. I picke dthem all up with the intent to buy and carried them to a wee wifie who was sitting down. I think there was a queue. As I stood there I took another look at the Toper book and thought that I had the '73 edition. I then thought - ach well it must be another year I have.

      Lots of thinking and near misses for lucidity there I think. However..

      Earlier in the night I couldn't sleep so thought id be as well to practise a WILD - I know its borderline a waste of time when you first go to bed but I've been struggling to find a good position. I just lay there nice and still, no mantra because I wasn't bothered if I fell asleep. After a while I look at my eyelids and could discern blobby shapes. Suddenly

      I handed a bokk to a woman, she opened it and inside were letters in my handwriting and also my mums. I reached for them and it all clicked 'Wait a minute this is a -'

      and that was it. From what I gather from this forum, that's probably about the most substantial dream I was going to get at that time of night anyway! - Pretty chuffed with that though!
    14. The Sexy Time Traveler

      by , Yesterday at 09:32 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #359 - ?

      I forgot most of this one as since FA got me. I need to make more effort doing an RC before I enter dream notes upon waking.

      I am not sure how I got lucid but I recall being in my living room. I try to do the Patronus spell again. I shout the spell really loud. I am overly aware how loud I am and hear my foot steps on the hardwood. The floor boards creak loudly and for some reason I worry that I am actually making noise. I worry that I will wake up my wife and kids.

      I have a FA and enter the dream into my DJ but I have difficulty seeing and typing.

      #360 - DILD - 5:30AM

      I have a feeling that I never really woke up from the last dream, but I am not sure of how much time had passed since. I go ahead and get out of bed like I had done a WILD.

      I feel extremely weak and have to crawly my way out of the bedroom. I give the floor a good like to help stabilize and crawl some more. I pause and wait a moment. The view of the hardwood up close looks so real that I question if I am really dreaming or not, but at that moment I see my vision become wavy and slightly unfocused like trying to see underwater. I recognize that as typical dream vision and crawl some more. I have a moment when my face is on the floor that I can also feel the back of my head resting on a pillow. I try not to think about this. I have a thought that I need more "cosmic energy" and I focus on absorbing some from someplace above me. This seems helpful and I am able to stand up.

      The room is really dark so I try light switches. No luck. I go ahead and head out the front door. I notice I have been chewing something like flavorless gum and my jaws feel a little tired from it. When I step outside, I take the gum out and examine it in the moonlight. It's just a wad of pink bubble gum. As I am looking at it, I notice that I am still chewing the same piece. Another dream glitch. I put the gum back in my mouth but stop chewing as I forget about it.

      I am now in the street. I see a car with one headlight make a left turn. This reminds me of my DeLorean goal. The dream darkens and I stop to focus for a seconds. I begin running and the dream comes back into focus with better lighting than before though it's still nighttime. I begin expectedly searching for a DeLorean and soon a silver car comes rolling up. It's not quite right. It looks sort of like the time machine but more like a Jeep Liberty with a Mr. Fusion on the back. I decide this will do and I walk around to the driver side. The car looks a lot more like the DeLorean now. I call out, "Doc?" as I slide up the driver side door. A light-skinned woman that looks like a plus size model in black underwear and bra steps out. She's very attractive with beautiful black hair. I find myself completely dumbfounded and aroused. She picks up a jean jacket and drapes it over her shoulders. She seems to be a little uncomfortable being so under-dressed. She's saying something about looking for her lost cat but I can't seem to follow.

      I have sexual thoughts and the dream breaks down to something like an imaginary fantasy of having her bent over next to the car. I realize that is starting to happen and I pull away, trying to focus, but the dream quickly collapses.

      I am now non-lucid and I find myself hovering over a small kitchen full of several DV members. I am looking for Dreamer. I feel that I need to tell her something urgent about her dream interpretation. I feel that she really needs to take a break from things. and I am really worried about her. ( I have no idea why)

      I slightly wake and try to reach for my DJ but can't move. I decide to DEILD and enter vibrations. The sensation feels unpleasant compared to how I have been WILDing lately that I can't seem to get anywhere with it. I wake up after a few seconds.
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    15. Vampires, Skeletons, and Pirates

      by , Yesterday at 09:13 PM
      So last night I drempt that I was in a sunken submarine with my friend. I don't know how long we were down there but our oxygen tank was running low. We were loosing all hope and we were accepting death as we released our last bit of oxygen in the sub. Up above us from the glass domed roof we saw a light shine and a loud horn, it was another ship at the top of the ocean. I looked at her and said we could not survive the swim up but it was our only chance. We opened the hatch and started swimming. Against all odds we made it to the top and alerted the crew of our presence, they threw down a ladder and we boarded their ship to explain the details. After a couple hours of watching the water crashing against the boat I realized something. Those sailors weren't who they said they were. Those sailors were vampire pirates and were going to bite our necks at any given time. I rushed to get my friend and tell her what was going on.

      This is when I woke up, I wanted to try and go back because it was a nice detailed dream. I don't remember those too often.

      I went back to sleep and I was on an island with my friend, we had somehow escaped the vampire pirates and made it to an island already with a house and her parents for whatever reason. We needed food quick it has been a long time since we or her parents had eaten anything and I knew I had to do something. I took my friend and her dog and we ventured off to climb a mountain to get the food on top. The dog and I had no problem getting up about halfway but my friend was lagging behind quite a bit. She was unable to climb it and I could not lend her a hand. She said she was going to go back down and get her climbing gear to help her ascend the mountain and meet us at the top. The dog and I continued to climb and we were nearing the top before we decided to take a break and wait for my friend so we could get to the top together. After much longer than it should have been, we realized something must have went wrong. She was taking so much longer than she should have. We rushed down the mountain through the forest to get to the house as quick as we could. We opened the door to a crying friend and room of blood and dismembered body parts. The house had been attacked my bounty skeleton sent by the vampire pirates while we were away. We spent the rest of the week keeping watch for any sort of new help while she fished and I defended the house from rouge skeletons. For the rest of my dream we survived on fish and I piled up skeleton skulls for her to pulverize.
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