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    1. Death and roses, out of the past, froggy trees, broken wrists

      by , Today at 07:59 PM
      I'm walking in the garden, mentally composing a letter. When I'm ready to start putting it down, I go to where I've left my portable writing desk. There are a few bees hovering around it, interested in the vine I left it under. I'm thinking about moving it somewhere I won't disturb the bees, but then I see an envelope that's been left on top of it.

      The letter inside is written in classical Chinese. I have no difficulty understanding it, but rather than actually reading the letter, I'm thinking about the woman who sent it - even without seeing her name, there's only one person who writes to me in this language. I'm seeing a mental image of the two of us walking through a rough stone tunnel next to water, with light reflecting off the water, rippling patterns reflected on our faces.

      That was a memory, but the next image I see is the present, through her eyes, something that can sometimes happen when I'm thinking about her. She's looking at a painting of a woman I think of as a saint, with an image of a dragon behind her; then her vision moves up to the ceiling, as if she's falling back. I see an image of a pile of roses turning to ash, and my connection to her is gone - not just this vision, but the connection of our blood is gone. She's dead.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a man who's been sent back in time, and now several other people who've gone back to rescue him. He'd been involved with the woman leading the rescue team. They've just met up now, and very nearly attacked each other - both of them sneaking around a fortress, trying to avoid being seen. Having sorted it out, it seems he's working together on a mission with a woman from this era, and fallen in love, and has no interest in going back to his original time period. He's just broken her out of a cell in this fortress. The woman who came back to rescue him is thinking it was foolish to chase his spirit into the past when she had his (something) in the present.

      The scene transitions to a modern-day park; that man was brought back to the present against his wishes, but so was that woman from the past. They're spending time in the park with their infant son, distracted and unhappy.

      My attention shifts to other people in the park, a group discussing magic, specifically one man mentioning a "listen and learn" spell with leaves, as a second step for those just starting to work with trees. He describes trees in general as "a bit froggy, though."

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A private performance of a show based on Frankenstein. The 'bride' character speaks beautifully; the 'creation' character is silent, and his hands are bent backwards at the wrist as if they've been broken. When he'd been alive, he'd been the doctor's student or lover or something close.
    2. Attempting to Address the Dream Itself

      by , Today at 07:20 PM
      Good morning, I just woke up, got my Timmies, and now listening to Krokus, preparing to dream journal. Yeah, I’m a Krokus fan, I’ve got all 13 of their best albums off iTunes! Yup, I even got my leopard skin spandex on (Joking!) Anyway, I’ve often heard about people talking to the dream itself. This was my attempt last night to communicate with the consciousness, if there is such a thing, behind the dream. It’s all part of my quest for no violence or bad behavior while lucid.

      I was involved in another ½ hour long lucid dream where I was on a huge space station, probably because I’m all 'wrapped up' in the ‘The 100’ series on Netflix. I did drop out of the lucid dream momentarily about 3 or 4 times, but I just stayed still and calm, and focussed on the dream, and then I immediately went right back in where I left off.

      Okay, back to what I’m trying to describe. There are these 3 dream figures standing there in a room, and they all know I’m lucid, because they were just watching me practice forward, and backward summersault flying tricks. I talked to them momentarily about the fact that I was Lucid, and I was probing them for information about what this lucid dream world is really about. Actually, I’m pretty sure I already know, but it’s my own theory based off my observations and experiences. They were very interested in me querying them, but they were unable to give me any details, but it was obvious they knew. I then turned, and put my back to them, and stared at the space station wall and said, “Consciousness behind the dream, please tell me why there’s violence and bad behavior in my dreams.” I waited, a second, and there was no reply. I could hear the 3 guys behind me giggling. I turned around to face them, and they spun their backs to me, and they started to giggle even louder. I said to them, “Hey, wait a minute, there is a consciousness behind the dream, and I’ve heard its voice before.” They looked a little more serious, and then faced me again. I think they did this because they were a little scared of me, and it was not so much an understanding. I put my backs to them and addressed the dream itself again, “Consciousness behind the dream, why is there violence and bad behavior in my dreams? I do not want that.” Well the three dream figures behind me started to laugh again. I turned and faced them. I told them, “You guys have me at a bit of disadvantage here, please do tell?” They looked at each other and one fellow said, “Let’s send a space probe down to Earth, and examine this guy a little further.” I then retorted, “What, you’re going to give me anal space probe?” He didn’t like that comment too much, and said, “We’re going shut off you lucid dreaming abilities.” I blasted back at him, “I’m too smart for that to work, and you’ve tried before, and it didn’t work!” He got angry at that point, and his facial features faded to almost nothing (no nose or lips), and his eyes turned black. He looked at the other guys, and said, “Give him a pill.” I then created a jar of strawberry hard candies in my hand, held it up to him, and then I popped a couple in my mouth, and said, “Ohhhh, I love pills!” They were not at all impressed. They then turned and walked away, and stupid me, I followed! They led to a room with three wrinkly, dark skinned, 7 foot tall, alien type beings. I haven’t seen anything like it before, but I was not scared, just fascinated. All of sudden, the lights go out, and one of these giant aliens grab me, and stuffs what feels like a baby octopus in my mouth. It was latched onto my tongue, and trying to go down my throat. I grabbed onto the little bastard with my right hand and pulled for all I was worth. I thought my tongue was going to rip out of my mouth. The creature finally let go, and I threw it on the ground and immediately woke myself up. Thinking back on the dream, I seem to be the problem, not the dream figures. The dream answered my question about bad behavior. I have some personal problems that I need to work through in order to improve my lucid experience.

      Here are a couple of highlights from the same lucid dream:

      1) I was in the space station storage area for pets. There were all these beautiful dogs, and one cat (my dream sign). I was kneeling on the ground petting them all. There had to be at least 25 dogs. I was buried up to my neck in jumping, licking dogs. Tails all wagging. It was real fun.
      2) I called for my daughter to join me. She went running past me full speed, down a space station corridor with two friends, and I chased after them, but they were too fast for me to catch. That was odd, because I have unlimited speed when lucid.
      3) I found an empty space station utility room, and went inside and closed the door, to get away from the crowd, so I could maybe meet with my daughter in peace. The door opened and my boss from work walked in. He was smiling, and I grabbed him by his arms and lifted him up onto a counter. He looked shocked that I would do such a thing. I felt I was being somehow tricked; perhaps I was a bit paranoid. I apologized and said, “Let’s have a beer!” He said, “Sure!” and he pulled two beers out of his suit jacket. The beer tasted so damn good! We got half way through the beers, while having a good chat, and then the door opened and a stranger walked in. My boss went invisible, but his beer didn’t, and his beer was moving around the room. It looked like it was floating. I said, “I can still see your beer.” Then his beer vanished. Well, invisible dream figures? That’s new.
      4) There was a small, control office building at the space craft docking bay. I was practicing jumping from the ground onto the roof, and then forward summersaulting back to the ground. During the first few tries I was face planting, or landing on my butt, but I finally got it right!
      5) As I mentioned earlier, I did momentarily wake a few times during this ½ hour long, lucid dream, and during one momentary waking, I heard my daughter scream at me for some reason. It was like she wanted me back in the dream, or she was giving me crap for my bad behavior, so I quickly went back into the space station, lucid dream, and tried again!

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    3. Doomsday war

      by , Today at 05:18 PM
      I was watching across a river at a large wall of fire coming my way. There were a lot of other people around me. I asked if the fire would reach us, and some guy that looked like Indiana jones said, 'No it would die off befor it got to us.' Then I went to a store to prepare for a war. While I was there everyone was really calm and normal. As I was putting a flashlight in my cart some friends came over to me. They handed me a peice of paper and said it was a saftey slip. I'm not share with what I did with it, but I eventually ended up at a strangers hours. Then I figured out that I was dropping off my brother for a birthday party. Someone asked if I wanted to stay. I said no. Soon I got to my house where I pulled out the yellow slip I got, but now it was a lime green color.
    4. Two Opportunities Untaken...

      by , Today at 04:51 PM
      While I'm very busy irl, I've not been giving much thought to LDing at all, but yesterday something spectacular happened - just for two seconds, unfortunately.

      I got lucid when the relatively vague normal "dream-scape" suddenly exploded at me into a real place.
      Full sensory immersion, like my very first adult lucid, such tangibility and mental clarity as well.
      But I got over-excited, that didn't happen for a long while actually, but usually I have to "work" on getting the dream truly realistic, and I almost never fully succeed - so this overwhelmed me.
      Nothing special in terms of scenery - me on a summer meadow.

      Then this night again, I noticed an inconsistency, but couldn't vocalize to a DC, I wanted to tell it to.
      Optics were rather vague and I made a stupid mistake - I tried to open my dream-eyes a bit wider - bam - seeing my room, wide awake.

      Maybe now with journalling I'm a bit more prepared for if it comes again tonight.

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    5. Quickie Frags

      by , Today at 02:29 PM (Lucid Time!)
      All of my teeth were falling out dream. I started to become lucid and I woke up.

      I found a crayon that had the name of my old high school crush on it. I 'remembered' that she had a set of crayons with her name printed on them; they were a special present from someone. I was trying to figure out if I should keep it or send it to her.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. First real AP

      by , Today at 01:54 PM
      I don't know where to start, heh. Tiny little bit of sleep deprivation cus of skipping a night earlier but i did take some rest last night i just felt i wasn't fully rested but i didn't feel like sleeping i had plenty and enough energy for the day. Slept at around 3-4 AM.

      Took around 60mg~ Ketamine and lied down meditating on body warmth. I skipped it because at first I got a weird scary audial hallucination. A bit later I kept sinking in my bed and I got an electric pulse in my hips that was so strong that my hip jolted upwards. Quite painful. I stopped trying and went outside and decided to sleep later.

      @ sleep I had nightmares for 2.5 hours. In the sense that these dreams had a force that overruled my own. I was suprisingly lucid and I was able to take control but it took about 30 minutes each time for me to overcome it. The nightmares involved somewhat of an inability to use my voice and a "Demon" or presence of sorts that kind of manhandled me. It felt a lot like sleep paralysis in the dream. It took a lot of force to find my force but I found that being able to finally use a voice could abolish the nightmare. I can't remember much details except having (someone who was sleeping over, a friend) lay behind me in bed while I was paralysed and sort of strangled me. Not literally but I felt strangled on my entire body. I kept waking up falsely.

      I woke up falsely went to (I live with "guardians" you know professional psychiatrists.. I really don't need them at all though, Never really did) these guys for help with what I was experiencing (this strangling nightmare).. There where 3 people sitting there. One of them looked like a typical psychiatrist in an armchair. He came across as... well... not very nice. As I think of most psychiatrists. He talked about a similar "patient" which he said had similar symptons to me. Who was in a hallucinatory state and delusional and said he thought he was a pink rabbit or something. He ended up concluding that this patient was not human and he refused to help him. It pissed me off that he said he was not human and I looked him in the eyes and told him that.. I felt like I dominated the conversation and got my point across then I woke up. Falsely, I believe. But I thought it was real and still saw him. I felt like he was really somewhere and I was still communcating with him in a sense.

      I dreamed again. Got strangled. Got to use my voice and felt free. I walked around me room, thought of going behind the PC but said no. I am dreaming I am flying out. I fly out the appartment building and as I looked behind the appartment complex was different. Like I ended up in a parallel universe, my flat was still witnessed but way in the back there where new buildings in front of it and I end up with a bunch of student-looking very handsome fellas. Messing around with each other. Having conversations. What suprised and fascinated me was the fact that it was hyperintelligent. More intelligent than ur average human, more playful than ur average student. And suprisingly heartwarming. I could really appreciate this. I had no body and felt like they where not aware of my presence. I followed them into a house. There was a woman there. And she talked to me and I asked her if she knew who I was. She said Heck no, and it was like she was just used to talking to strangers about personal things. Then I looked at her and she started shaking in her throat sort of like epilsepsy. I thought it was my fould because normally I get these symptons while in altered state and felt like they where channeling out to her. I thought having sex with her right there would clear things up. A voice guided me and said I could do whatever I want and have sex in whichever way I want and that she would enjoy it anyway, of the sorts. I definetely felt a tantric presence. We had sex on the bed but the sex felt.. Well... I had no body. So it was different. More like pure tantric energy. Anyway, I believe it relieved some of the symptons. I came. In a false awakening. Which is fucked up, I didn't want to lose the dream. Then my friend who was sleeping over began shouting about this dream he had but I was in intense pain. This orgasm became very painful. And persisted. Probably because (un)consciously I didn't want this orgasm at all. I coulden't use my voice again because I was strangled but I told him to shut up. As he got angry I told him that I would smack the living shit out of him. He got pissed but I was paralysed so i coulden't do shit. I got fearful as he approahed my room with a 16kg weight ready to smash my head in and i coulden't protect myself. I partly begged and partly commanded him to drop the weapon. Which he did as the dream ended. The fear never materialized... So and so.. I had a very wet orgasm. In the false awakening (thought it was real) and woke up... I was like.. Oh wait a minute!!! Felt my pants and as I expected. There was absolutely nothing there.. Fascinating. I decided to wake up for a minute and not go for another run before I recall all the moments of this night. Something of this dream in the way it transpired leads me to conclude that all the people in my dream are/where actually non-human entities perceived as humans by my brain/mind-filter. It was fascinating how lively and vibrant everything was. And teh fact that I was basically being in multiple dreams within dreams all the time. Glad I wrote this down. I feel like the voice technique is a genuine AP technique. And that Sleep Paralysis is the scariest shit that can probably happen to a person. But also teh best way to travel out of body.

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    7. 2014-11-23 EPIC! beauty/bed, barfing sister, squash valley, child stealers; LDs #84, 85 TOTM

      by , Today at 01:24 PM
      + summary: EPIC!: closing window against rain, comforting hot girl in bed, chatting with her vomiting little sister in bathroom, vivid squash valley, chess concert, they're stealing our children, suicide slave, the doomed teen loves the queen, discovering a new cleanser

      Over 30 minutes of amazing vivd "I'm there" dreaming action. The swirling water valley gorge was absolutely stunning.

      Closing window against rain:
      I'm in a room and it's dark and pouring rain outside. There's a small window that is open and the rain is really coming in. I think I'm on a ship and this could sink the ship. I go to examine and close the window, there are two sliding rectangular panes of glass (it's a small window) at first I try sliding the front one shut but water is still coming in, then I see the back one has a screen on it and also moves so I close the screen to the left then the front pane and it seems to have worked.

      Something about a cat in the hallway?

      Comforting hot girl in bed:
      I'm in a room (sister's bedroom of childhood home) in a twin bed lying on my left side. There's a beautiful girl there lying on the next bed or next to me on mine, she was upset about something and I put my right arm across her to comfort her. At some point I decide to bring my arm under the covers, I maneuver my right arm under the covers and place it across her naked torso/chest just below and pressing up into her breasts, it feels fantastic . She does not complain. Across the room lying on the floor underneath a desk in darkness is another girl and I think my wife. The girl on the ground disapproves of my actions. I think this is a bit risque pushing into her boobs so I run my hand/arm down her tummy and rest my hand on her left hip. She thinks I'm going for the "special place" and objects, "Don't touch me there!" I say I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it. She's now getting really into me and I think my wife is faking sleep to spy on me. I look over at her in the darkness and think I see the gleam like the reflected eye of an animal at night (day reside from WL walk in park at night, saw animals' reflective eyes), so I'm getting nervous. At some point I say to her in a seductive voice "do you like this?" and she indicates yes, and I feel quite naughty and tell her in a seductive slow voice, "I like it, too!" Girl I'm lying with gets bold and makes some risqué comment out loud about what we should do, and I instantly say "SSSshhhhhh!!!!!" so that my wife won't hear. The girl has fairly dark skin.

      Barfing little sister:
      I'm out of bed and looking for the girl I was just lying with, I think she's in the next room, I go into to bathroom (also in retrospect the upstairs bathroom of my childhood home), there is a long multi-colored shiny (like tinsel) dress looking thing lying on the floor with part of it in the open toilet. I reach down and lift up the part in the toilet and there's a girl in the dress! Her head was in the toilet. She's the little sister of the girl I was just in bed with, she has dark blonde long permed hair and fair skin, she's been vomiting in the toilet. She turns over and is lying face up on the ground with her body propped against the toilet, she puts her right arm up over her head and apologizes for her stinky pits. I note she doesn't shave there and has a small growth of light hair. I do indeed clearly detect an unpleasant odor, but it is neither vomit nor body odor, I can't place it. Some large matronly woman comes in and is cleaning about, and taking things out on a small cart down the hallway to my parent's room.

      Squash valley:
      Some kids enthusiastically lead me to see the view. We're in some ship/building? We come up to a large open window (no lower pane you could just step/fall out) up high and we're overlooking a stunning view down a wide, steep hillside, one side of a very deep and wide gorge, at the bottom of the gorge is a violently swirling body of water, and cliffs rise up on the other side. (This image is the closest match I could find of my perspective, but my side had more of the hillside on it and the vegetation was much farther away/shorter)

      I have a strong feeling I should step out and flly/glide over this amazing view, but don't. Some children and adults climb down and walk among the greenery. My wife is admiring the vegetation and thinks it's edible, my son also agrees that it looks quite delicious. I say "are you crazy? Who knows what those plants are? I look closely at them and they seem more like wild palms than lettuce plants. But I keep looking to the right and the ground seems to be more cultivated in rows, more like a lettuce plant, and then as my gaze keeps panning to the right I see a large area of tall plants with what appear to be giant yellow squash growing there. I say to my wife, "Now look there, there's some squash!" She ways "where?" I say "there! there!" (this goes on for a while). I think about harvesting these squashes which are about the size of a man, and I wonder if the pirates on our ship will eat them at all? I look to the right in the room and see one pirate seated at a counter facing me eating, and I see nothing but big hunks of meat on his plate.

      I decide I *really* want to fly over that scene so I take a few running steps towards the window and start to dive out but am blocked, somebody has put up a big screen over the window, I'm bummed by this (DARN that would have been an awesome flight!).

      I move to a window on the other side of the ship/building and look out another window, I see the people walking back up the hill who had climbed down earlier. There is a group of royalty unrelated to us blocking the way, and they consider taking our people hostage. The scene transitions into:

      Chess Concert:
      I'm walking in a large open room/theater, and I come across two <my instruments> lying on the ground, and recognize them and say "Hey, <my instrument>s!" I see the players: one is sitting on a bench (the principal) and one is standing (the 2nd). I offer my hand to both of them and say I'm a <my instrument> player, too! The first is slow to take my hand and the second one leaves me hanging, I don't like that. I talk about my instrument is a <manufacturer>, sort of a high end student instrument / low end professional, how it has beautiful tone, but that the F# trill key on the right hand doesn't work right, and demonstrate by flicking my finger in the air a bit, then realize, OOPs, no, it's the C# trill key hole ring on my right hand that doesn't work. I ask the principal what make his instrument is and it's the same as mine. The show is about to start up so I have to move on, I walk across the room and up the bleachers to the exit at the top, walking past lots of little kids with chess sets out. This is some sort of chess concert where they discuss a chess lesson and the audience plays along on their own boards. The lesson today is "bishop battle": two nights against bishops? There is some short visual of chess pieces all mixing together.

      Child stealers:
      I'm standing outside on a remote wooded road with a group of adults including my wife, there's some activity going on, they're loading the children into a truck whose canopy/trailer is entirely made from opaque green cheap plastic, a bit brighter green that army green. Everyone is happy and looking forward to the activities. I get a terrible suspicion as the parents and the children are about to be moved to the destination location: who are these guys with the truck? Where are they taking the kids? We may never see them again! I jump on to left outside and hold on to a round tube as the truck takes off. My wife looks scared and runs after the truck too, I help her up to the other side. There is a guard at the back of the truck and I'm sure he sees me doing this but he takes no action. We move through a compound of theirs and through a check point, and some group of guards calls to the truck to come up and eat with them. I think they see us but our guard indicates to them not to raise any alarm. I'm wondering why and he mentions some sort of large pay off I will need to make to him.

      Slave suicide:
      Our truck pulls up to the destination compound where children are slaves, there is a large outdoor area filled with what looks like shiny wooden coffins. Something about the "PhD fields" (!?). I move to see where one very talented slave girl, dark skin and dark eyes, is being forced to read a scrolling text on a screen and compose a rap song to go along with it. She's very talented but is struggling, there is an overseer and a "teacher" sitting with her goading her on. Her performance is not perfect, and there's some mention of her wanting to "push the button," the overseer disagrees but she goes ahead, she picks up (it's hanging around her neck?) a short sharp thing like a dagger and plunges it into her jugular vein, and bleeds and dies. I think it's sort of a nasty sight. But it was her escape.

      The doomed teen loves the queen:
      (DO) In a large outdoor stadium, football field sized, rectangular with vertical walls, we're up high on the walls, the "field" is far below. At my back (along the short "endzone" side of the field) is a row of the royalty including the queen. I drift forwards along the left long wall, and there is a long line of condemned prisoners each bound to a holding contraption. As I get close I notice the deception: their arms are in fact bound inside long black cloth tubes [like a straight jacket], and fake stuffed arms in white are hanging down: they are in fact bound, not with loose arms, like the crowd thinks they are from the view, with bound arms the have no chance to save themselves.

      There is a young man at the end of the long row, he loves the lonely queen, he wants to call out to her (maybe she will pardon them?), his position shifts around the corner and on to the short wall opposite the field from the queen. I look back towards the queen and she can't hear him, her position is shifting down the long wall towards us.

      Discovery of a new cleanser:
      Back on the boat (space ship?) where the dream began, I'm inspecting up close a very intricate combo jacuzzi/shower with lots of jets and drains, I'm tracing with my finger one drain that has an area that has become "whiter than white," it is totally new and clean, I'm brushing aside the residue of the cleaning there are lots of soap bubbles around, though. I'm holding in my hand a very complicated looking jet mechanism roughly the shape of a cube, and it looks shining white and new. It's because of the secret cleanser that was used, I hear the ship's crew discussing whether they should tell anybody about about this discovery. (It's an alcoholic drink?) Dream closes with me singing an advertising jingle, "Iiiiitt's liiiike aiiiiirplaaaane fuuuuuel..." (my WL phrase for bad/cheap alcohol).

      ----------------end of dream-----------

      Awake, amazed as the scenes from the above dream came in one by one. There was earlier recall but the above epic totally overwrote earlier minor recall.

      I feel like there's some more dreaming left in me, there's an appointment to get to but since I didn't sleep half the prior night, my wife said I should just rest today, so that's what I do, I can *feel* the lucid in me, just waiting for another sleep session to pop out. It's not easy getting back to sleep, I change positions a number of different times, do breathing relaxation, see lots of dreamlets, and finally get a short actual dream:

      + OS class teacher at his desk, I'm looking at my coin collection
      A man is sitting at a desk, he's JoSv my OS teacher from college, he's taking some questions. I want to show him something, I'm holding my coin collection (false memory) in my hand and inspecting a particularly interesting coin, he's calling for final questions, some other guy gets in to talk. I figure "oh well" and put down the box with my coin collection on the desk and think that's where it belongs. I have my special coin in my hand and look at it and walk away.

      I know I have more dreaming in me and relax and fall asleep...

      + summary: (lucid #84 TOTM leaves) get lucid, try to gather leaves, fail, fly looking for leaves, bounce off of some guy's bald head, find leaves, fly/jump through pile, guy wants me to clean it up, kids in a cage, I deny writing on the wall, lose the dream when I realize kids are another TOTM and go back to ask them the question

      I'm flying a large UFO vehicle and land with a hard crash on the street outside my childhood home. I'm walking through my childhood home talking to my parents: the dining room, the living room, and out the front door. I call to my parents that I need to pick up the UFO I flew in on. I slowly get lucid as I'm running up the front steps to the street, I know my UFO is shaped like a gigantic motor home and there it is just as I'd imagined. I gesture towards it with my left hand, I want it to collapse into a tiny package and fly into my hand. At first nothing, then it collapses into a small thing, and I will it to fly into my hand, and it does, it's the shape of a coin. At this point I think TOTM leaves, and look around on the street and on the pathways to our neighbor's houses. There are a few leaves scattered on the M's walkway, and a few on the G's driveway, but not nearly enough for a pile and I don't want to jump on to just a few leaves on top of bricks. So I close my lucid eyes [never done this before!] and summon a large pile of leaves, nothing. Then I imagine using my "lucid power" to gather up with the wind all the leaves in the area into a pile and make whooshing gestures with my arms, but nothing happens. OK, I'll go flying to find a pile of leaves. I have to be careful though to stay lucid and remember to land again. I jump up into the air, and there's a white plastic platform hovering about 15 feet up, which I grab with my arms and use to catapult myself higher into the sky.

      I fly over the G's house, and I'm then in a false location, there's a bald (hispanic?) man walking along a tall fence who asks me for directions to something, I ignore his question and want to ask him (or ask him telepathically) where a pile of leaves is. I don't wait for an answer I'm hovering right over him, I use my hands and push off his bald head with my feet to change direction and keep on flying, I feel a little bit bad about this .

      I soon land and "remember" (an actual false memory, not a pretend one) that there are lots of piles of leaves around here (in WL my neighborhood and the park are full of them now). I see a wooded dirt area in front of a house across the street and know there are piles of leaves there, I see them, and get a running start and launch myself superman style into one of the piles. I bash into it and out the other side and fall to the ground. I look back at it and notice that it must be a biology experiment because there is steam rising up from the decapitated mountain of leaves. The man who is the owner of the yard asks me to put the "XYZ" back. He then walks by me from left to right and I notice there's a small metal cage with two kids in it, a boy and a girl, the man opens the cage and leaves. I'm amazed not that the kids are in the cage, but that he would leave a stranger with his kids. Kids come out and they mostly are little girls. I get deja vu at this point and think I was here in a dream before. They accuse me of being the one who wrote on the column, I deny it (I don't want to be determined to have been the one who was here before), they insist I did, I look at it and say I didn't, but I clearly see my initials in cursive in my handwriting next to one of the number "7"s written on the column, I say "I didn't write that pink seven" (but I think I did).

      I get up then and say "I need to fix the pile" and go there to do so, then I stop in my tracks and think "KIDS! The other TOTM, argh, I missed it" and turn around to go back worried about the dream ending, which of course then it does.

      I don't want to give up. I'm (in bed? The void?) rubbing my hands vigorously to return to the dream. I feel the friction, I feel the heat.

      + summary: (lucid #85 TOTM) back in a dream, people walking on street, find a teen girl, ask her what's it like to be a DC in my dream, she pulls away and says "go away"[/COLOR]

      (lucid #85 TOTM) And then I'm back in a dream. I'm on some random street with people walking around busy doing their thing. I go across the street and say/will people to tell me where some kids are, but I instantly see one of the people is a teen girl, I reach for her to turn her to me, she pulls away against my grip, I start to ask her how old she is but see she's about 14, so I ask her "What's it like to be a DC in my dream?" And she answers something like "Mmmpph!" or "Go away!" and the dream fades.

      I'm "in bed" vigorously rubbing my hands again. I'm lying in the same position where I last fell asleep (on my right side), I'm rubbing my hands vigorously, I so clearly feel the friction, feel the heat, I have some small thought in the back of my head that this is not quite the position I was in when I fell asleep, this may in fact be a dream, but I'm so intent on the rubbing that I don't even think to do a simple nose pinch. It was probably a FA and I missed it.

      But another dream arises:

      + summary: in a gym, lying on ground, checking out hot girl in spandex, banter with young black guys, locker's open, letter from mother, standing confused in front of mirror with shorts on yet naked

      I'm in a crowded room, it's like a gym, fairly small. There's a wall length mirror on one wall, and a wall made up of lockers on the other. At some point I find myself lying down on the floor looking up, just as a beautiful girl, sweating profusely from exercise and waving her arms around, comes up (to look in the mirror?), I think "woohoo by chance I chose the right spot!" and I'm looking up at her, a bit self-conscious but I want to check her out.

      Then I'm standing and chatting with a group of young black guys, they're talking about a scam method of theirs where they answer someone's question and they coerce/trick the mark into paying them money, they ask me how I / if I do that too, and I answer is, "Nah, man, I'm 'hood!" To which they respond with beat box, "Bow Chi Bow, 'Get out Da Waaaay!'" and I respond by rapping "Get out Da Waaaay!" as I turn towards the lockers and do a little dance and imagine they'll make fun of my poor white man dance moves.

      I go to my locker and feel all of a sudden like I haven't locked it because I didn't lock it. There in big giant numbers on my locker are the numbers X-Y-Z arranged vertically, my WL code for my gym locker. I open it and it's not locked, and I look through I see a backpack and white athletic shoes, it could have all been stolen but nothing appears to have been stolen.

      I'm putting a large envelope into the locker, it's from "MiSe" (whiny female colleague from company "3") and my mother, there's a handwritten note and something that looks like a plastic embossed card (like a credit card), it's something important.

      I'm standing in front of the mirror looking at the full body view of myself. Then I realize to my amazement that I'm naked from the waist down! How could this be? I'm wearing shorts, but my shorts start at around my chest and only cover down to my navel, how'd that happen? I reach down and "adjust" the shorts sideways and that somehow covers up my stuff.

      I've never gotten lucid from a mirror, despite ALWAYS doing an RC whenever I look into one in WL, and today was no exception. Sorry for any typos, I was typing at top speed for like 1.5 hours to get this all down.

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    8. Oh, Helllo

      by , Today at 09:44 AM
      Nothing remembered on Friday night.

      Just scraps on Saturday....

      1) Telling someone that I don't drink anymore.

      2) My son hitting a drumstick off his mums stomach.

      3) The end of a dream where I was looking at pictures in a magazine. Hard to put into words but one of them was a mouse in a playroom and the caption said 'He lived eighteen months and never saw another face'

      4) Noticing a lad with a tattoo, and saying 'My God, I thought you were in an accident?' He said 'Nah, not me, it was (somebody) Dalton who had died' I then had a flashback to a young lad lying on the road with a sad face.

      5) My wife standing in front of me wearing an odd assortment of clothes.

      6) In my shop (again) Looking up at where the ladies boots are kept. There was a big pile in the corner of about 20 pair. there were all a size '20' which suggest my brain got confused a bit there...
    9. Thanks, subconscious.

      by , Today at 07:17 AM
      I don't recall much now. I remember traveling in a van with my boyfriend and a few other people, it was outfitted for the impending apocalypse. We stopped at a gas station and we met with some people who were also in a survival group. One of them was a country man, tall with reddish hair under a dirty cowboy hat, a red plaid shirt and grimy jeans. I went into a different room of the gas station, a living area. I'd been trying to get the man's attention. At the beginning of the dream he seemed like another person from far away. Strong. Charismatic. He's seated at a small round table, I approach him. His accent is distinctly unappealing, it makes him sound uneducated. And his teeth are all fucked up. The teeth are jagged, uneven and brown. I'm pretty sure he was chewing tobacco, too.
      He propositions me. For just a moment I start to go along with it, he gives me a smug look and comes over to me. I'd been getting in his personal space all day, like I'd been asking for it.
      I wonder what the hell I'm doing, since my boyfriend is in the other room sleeping. We haven't had sex in a long time though and the lack has left me wound tight.

      I decide I'm being a moron and tell the man it's a bad idea to do this. He molds his body against my back. I'm short, so my shoulder blades are against his abdomen. For a moment I am lust-stricken. Why? Because my subconscious is jerk and any DC that even shares one feature of Liam's (in this case, the red...ish hair and his height) makes me want to jump his bones. He whispers something in my ear, asking me if I'm sure I want to walk away. I think about his gross mouth, and wonder if it would be rude to tell him not to kiss me on mine, then my restraint kicks in and I step away.
      "You know where I am, if you change your mind." He says. Eeeeeeeeeee.

      There was something about a person giving me a spray bottle full of liquid, but if I pulled the trigger the contents would spray out wet, but dry instantly as a thin layer of snow. I was really amused, and showed everyone I came across, "Hey guys, look at this neat thing I found!" there was also a pen that did the same thing.

      Something about rushing back to the van and closing the doors, and how the back part of the van was all thick metal, like a vault, and that we had outfitted the thing to provide us with oxygen. Some calamity had deprived the world of air. Fun.
    10. It's Alright

      by , Today at 01:44 AM (A Peek Inside My Twisted Mind)
      I say this every time but I haven't posted in forever. I've been having really vivid dreams lately and I think it's from the new vertigo med I'm on. I'm really enjoying them, although they can be a bit strange. And I can never remember them when I wake up. So I'm just going to post this one since it was.. umm... yeah.

      don't remember the beginning of this one. All I remember was walking into the bathroom and finding an old friend in the bathtub trying to drown herself. I ran towards her as fast as I could but it was like slow motion. I jumped in the tub and pulled her out and put my arms around her. She was crying. "It's alright," I kept saying. I yelled for x friend to tell friend in bathtub's mom and I think she did. Sometime after that she was feeling better and we were hanging out doing something I can't remember. Eventually her mom came.

      well I suppose I'll post another one from last night. I was in Walmart searching for Christmas presents for everyone. I found a bunch of cheap Knick Knacks for TPLSG goodie bags and a fish book for my dad. Then there was a race starting for people to pick up things for a dollar, which was mostly candy. The race started and I got a huge bag of m&ms for that price. It was a steal. The end.
    11. 11/22/14 I Can't Believe This Is Not A Dream! Many RC's, DILD

      by , Yesterday at 10:38 PM
      11/22/14 I will see if I can do a written DJ entry in a quick way...trying to find a good balance. This "meditating" on my previous dreams seems to bring much more of my immediate waking life into the coming dreams somehow but it's only been three nights in a row so it's hard to tell if it could be some other cause and hardly conclusive. Leaving out some non-lucids should help speed it up.

      I am on the couch with my wife and we are cuddling and getting more frisky and we have a blanket and while I wasn't looking she removed all her clothes and I knew what was next. The visuals and the vividness are quite good with very enjoyable sensations. <snip********************************************* ************************************************** ***************************>. Next we hear the keys in the front door lock and my wife rushes to get up and brings the blanket with her and runs around to the hall to hide leaving me with just my hands to cover up. I find my underwear and put them on. My son comes through the front door. As I greet him I hear a hair dryer going in the back corner room which, in hindsight, the layout seems most like my childhood home. The sound is coming from the bathroom in the master bedroom and no one should be in there. I ask my son if he knows why there would be a hair dryer going in there, did he use the hair dryer in there but that wouldn't make sense why would it come on by itself as this whole situation seems more supernatural...I get the thought that I can't believe this is not a dream. As I carefully head that way to see if there is an intruder or ghosts or what, my mother in law comes out of the bathroom and it is explained supposedly. I wonder what she is doing here though. I decide to do some state checks as we all head to an eat-in kitchen area that is in the place where the wall used to be between our kitchen and living room. I try to float and it feels like I'm doing it a little bit but I start to doubt...could I just be imagining the sensation really well right now. I do finger into my palm and my palm is solid but I know that many times the dream will create that scenario and decide to push my finger harder and I am amazed as I can see the skin on the back of my hand pushing out in the shape of my finger. But then again I wonder have I ever pushed this hard...can I actually see the shape of my finger on the other side of my hand if I do it this hard in waking life? I then decide to do a floating back flip and this convinces me enough to say OK then I can remove my underwear this is definitely a dream. I look over at my son who has a normal waking life reaction like "you are crazy what are you doing" but then I look at my wife and she has a "go ahead, whatever" look on her face and that is all the confirmation I would ever need! Unfortunately all this buildup, and then full confirmation in my mind, kind of felt like a strong emotional moment and I think it woke me up or I was just coming to the end of REM anyway.

      I had several lucid just before waking moments after this that I won't count. 236
    12. Gooey Gray Monster Thing/ Trying To Call Marcus

      by , Yesterday at 10:37 PM
      Dream 1

      I was in a huge building with my dad and I think I was taking my mom's bag of Candy somewhere. I somehow ended up at my living room though and my brother pulled out a sock like tube thing. He asked me if I thought it was cool.Than a small gooey gray monster thing with one huge eye popped its head out of it. I told my brother that thing was ugly and to get it away from me. But my brother insisted and told me to look into it's eye. It than jumped out and started to chase me. I kept telling my brother to stop it but he just told me to write what I liked about it.

      It stopped chasing me though when I stomped on it.It splattered into lots of blobs and died. I than appeared in my brother's room downstairs. There were like 3 other DCs next to me. One of them showed me a cool book that could play a animation test page. I said it was awesome and than he started talking about how his wife divorced him because she didn't like him talking to imaginary beings. The other guy laughed than comforted him and I said it was a good thing to have a imagination.But than someone on the phone called and I had to answer it. It was my uncle's wife complaining about something.

      Dream 2

      As I was falling asleep I started seeing a image of a snow setting and someone shoveling. But at some point I appeared in a room where there was a little girl. She was whispering to me as I lay on the bed.I think she was trying to scare me. I just pushed her aside though and went to look for Dawn. I remember running into a little trouble in the dream but eventually resolved it. I was now walking upstairs looking for a phone. I wanted to give a shot at calling Jade's other dream guide Marcus.

      I found a phone and started thinking of Marcus as I pressed the call button. A guy on the phone answered " Hi. This is Marcus your guide into the spirit realm or past life. How may I help you?". I asked him If I could see him in person and he said " O.k. prepare to be transported from the dream in 3...2...1..." As he was counting a green screen with a clock sound and Jade's avatar in the middle of the screen appeared than I was lifted and transported into a room with a portal.

      When I appeared in the room I was sitting down on a chair and was surrounded by lots of random people. They were trying to scare me with their ghost like features and a headless man even appeared in front of me, rotating and moaning. At first I closed my eyes but than opened them and shouted that I wasn't afraid. I stared at them all eye to eye. Than a loud party popper went off and everyone started to cheer. The room got brighter and someone sat me near a T.V of my mom making my brother(Who was like 3 or 5 in the video) tortillas.

      I said that I had a feeling that could have been a real memory but than decided to just forget about it. I than walked up to a few guy DCs who showed me the cute morphed pets they had. My favorite was the yellow and black stripped fluffy dear thing that came up to me in the window. I petted it and it felt like I was petting my dog Max. But suddenly another animal that looked like ram came up to me. I was about to pet it but one of the guy DCs told me not to. It bit me in my leg and ripped a piece of my flesh.

      The guy laughed a bit and said the animal wasn't friendly with humans and that I should be careful. I looked as another guy DC pushed the violent animal back into the yard and threw fire at it. It burned but didn't seem dead. It just was moving around in a calmer manner. I got up than asked where Marcus was. The guy DC laughed and said " Marcus didn't come. You know how kinky humans get around others." I was like "Seriously!? I'm going to call him again." I started looking for a phone and ended up outside in a place packed with lots of people.

      A boy who looked somewhat italian came up to me and grabbed my hand as if he was going to show me something. As we were walking I could feel the vividness increasing and asked him something. But he dissapeared as soon as I let got of his hand. I decided to continue looking for the phone after that.

      I pressed call, thought of Marcus and supposedly he answered." Why didn't you come?I had another question to ask you!" Marcus replied saying " Oh, you did? Sorry about that. What was it you wanted to ask me?" I thought about it more and asked him what he thought about human connections or something like that.There was no answer though."Hello?" I said trying to bring him back but there was no response. I assumed he hanged up and found my question stupid. I kept walking through the city and found a cute yellow parrot near a barber shop. I was going to pet it but woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. House of Dream Signs (NLD)

      by , Yesterday at 09:06 PM
      I was in a small shop when blood dripping from overhead stained the white shirt I was wearing. I looked up and I could see small circles of blood pooling and dripping down from from the ceiling in two separate places. Where could it be coming from? The explanation that seemed most likely was that the vampires were leaving their victims on the roof again. If so, I was going to be very annoyed, because sometimes it was days before anyone found them and by then they were going bad. I wondered if I should go up and check, but remembered that there was somewhere I needed to be shortly so I would have to hurry home to shower and change my shirt.

      Back home, I had sufficient awareness to notice that the place looked unfamiliar (like most of my dream places, it resembled nowhere I've been in RL), but then I remembered that we had just moved here. I walked around admiring the new house: it was much more spacious than the last one, and had great atmosphere. For instance, in my room there were places where tree roots were growing down over the wall, creating beautiful lattice patterns and giving the room a pleasant rustic feel. I remembered my last landlord was always paranoid about tree roots growing near the house, but in this case their growth had been shaped in such a way that they formed a wonderful symbiosis with the architecture. There was a shallow pond my room too, unless I'm remembering a different room, and some kind of fish or crustaceans living in the pond.

      I found my mother in the yard just behind the house. She was engaged in some kind of task, using a tree stump as a base to scrub the blue pigment off of some pieces of paper (as far as I could make out) and wanted me to come help. I also noticed a little pool or pond in the backyard that I thought I should take a closer look at when I had more time. But it was already 11am and I needed to be at my next engagement by 11:30, which barely left me time to take a shower. My brother came out to help my mom instead, so I excused myself and went back inside the house.

      I passed a room that was entirely filled with an inground swimming pool, leaving just enough floorspace to walk around the edges. I gazed down into the water and was surprised how deep it was. I think my dad was in the room; I remember asking about the depth and then noticing the large black numbers marked on the side of the pool that confirmed his answer: eighteen feet. I reached down to touch the water and was delighted by how warm it was. This was much better than an outdoor pool because we could use it year round! And it was the third body of water I'd seen in the house so far. "I'm really starting to like this house!"

      There was more but my recall gets vague after that. One thing to note, though: this dream was little more than a concatenation of dream signs! Mother, father, brother, unfamiliar house, no less than three bodies of water—somehow I went from one to another in a state of total obliviousness, and yet the dream kept throwing them at me as if to say, "Erm, excuse me. Hey. Hey! Notice anything?"
    14. The Book, A Principle, Shocked

      by , Yesterday at 08:28 PM (One Up Seeker)
      1. It was almost nighttime and the sun was setting. I was wandering on a snowy mountain by myself, and snow was falling pretty heavily. The mountain wasn't to steep, so I didn't have to climb anything, it was just as though I was walking up a really steep hill. As I continued walking, I saw some sort of campsite, some sort of base it seemed where alot of people were sitting around. Around the perimeter of this base there were many armored guards. Their armor was black and it had to be heavy for sure. I took a look at each one of these guards, and they looked as tough as stone. None of them would move unless they had too.
      I approached the guards casually, as though I belonged to their camp. As I got closer to them, I looked inside the camp to get a better look and I saw some men inside that looked like they had alot of power. Almost everyone inside the camp was wearing armor of some sort, but the ones that really stood out to me where the ones that had a glowing aurora around them, as if they had some sort of magical power or something. Contrary to what I expected, the guards actually let me inside of the camp without any problems at all. Immediately as I entered the camp I got the vibe that all of these guys were evil. I looked to my right and not too far away was the bonfire that I had seen before I entered, I walked over to it and talked to the guys that were there.
      There were about 5 or 6 guys here that were just talking, and one of them had a glowing purple aurora. As I was talking to these guys I noticed that behind the guy with the aurora there was a big book. The book was black and had intricate designs all over it, and it was glowing red. Suddenly my friend Caitlin appeared behind me, and she walked up to my side and started talking to the guys. I asked the powerful guy, "Whats that book for?". "I'll just tell you that its a powerful book, and I'm here to guard it" he replied. Caitlin then whispered in my ear, "Steal it from him".
      Somehow the guy with the aurora heard her and said, "Steal it, I dare you." Now all the guys around the bonfire had their eyes on me. Caitlin broke the silence and started talking to all of the guys. She got them all so interested that she made the guy with the aurora get closer to her, leaving his guard post with the book unguarded. I saw he was distracted and I silently but quickly ran and grabbed the book. As I picked up the book a screen popped up in my field of vision, "Press A to pick up" and I did so, but it was real, it didn't even seem like a video game at all, it was odd. Once I had the book in my hands I felt a surge of power rush through me.
      Immediately, all of the guys at the bonfire noticed and started running after me. The guy that was glowing started shooting at me with a silver staff that also had intricate designs all over it. When he shot at me with his staff, glowing red streaks of light would come out. As I continued running I could hear those beams of light flying past me, some even as close to me as my ear. I looked back at one point and I saw an entire group of about 50 men break through a wall at the base, and they started fighting the guys that had the black armor.
      The men that broke through the wall were wearing animal fur and had torches, swords, and all kind of medieval weapons. I returned my focus to just running away, but I knew it would be a while until that because at the bottom of the mountain there was another camp, much bigger than the one that was behind me, and a battle was going on. Half of the base was engulfed in flames, but that didn't stop the fighting. I had no weapon on me, but once I made it into the camp at the bottom I made my way through it. I found out that the men with animal fur as their armor were on my side.
      After some time of fighting, we won. I walked out of the base and found myself on an open plain, covered in snow. It was cold, and the sky was overcast. Suddenly the entire environment around me changed, and I now found myself on a highway that was somehow in the middle of a forest. Of course, I became Lucid now. I looked around me, everything was so crystal clear. The sky was a light blue and partly cloudy. There was a nice breeze flowing around me. I flew up into the air and hovered a few hundred feet up. Not far away from me I spotted a military helicopter flying towards me.
      Within seconds it was right on me, I boarded the chopper and sat down in the back where the passenger seats were. Already in the back was a man who looked like he was in the military, and then a blonde lady that was fine. She looked in her late 20's but that was no problem to me(Honestly, I rarely go for sex in my LDs anywhere near as much, I only bang chicks when they show up themselves lol). Now, since it had been a while since I had done anything intimate in a Lucid dream, I decided to break that streak, so I got closer to the blonde.
      "Hey, wanna bang?" I asked quite casually. Immediately as I asked this the military guy next to me grabbed me by my shirt and said, "This isn't your Lucid Dream, so you can't do whatever you want!". He then threw me out of the helicopter. I tried flying to soften my landing, but for some reason I had now lost my ability to fly. I hit the ground at full force. I didn't feel any pain, but I did feel alot of pressure as I landed on my right shoulder.
      I got up of of the ground, pretty shocked at what had just happened. I started thinking about what the military guy had said. "What does that mean?" I thought to myself. I started walking around on the highway. I noticed one thing though, The closer that that chopper got to me before I got onto it, I could feel myself getting weaker. And whenever the chopper was flying away from me I got stronger and returned to my original state of power.
      This is where my memory goes blank, I know for a fact that the dream felt as though as if it were a day long, but I dont remember what happened in the middle. I remember at the end of the dream I was on my street in my neighborhood and the helicopter came back out of no where, next thing I knew It somehow woke me up.
    15. Skid Marks on the Carpet? (LD #140)

      by , Yesterday at 07:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      There was a long and deep discussion about lucid dreaming, astral projection and the fourth dimension. I cannot recall any of the specific points. I was getting visuals of outer space while it took place.

      Something to do with Team Fortress.

      Something to do with helping a group of DCs infiltrate an island base and rescue herds of animals from being poached by an illegal faction of criminals. I recall I was at this electrical terminal on a balcony by the side of a dramatic cliff. There were security forces zip-lining down to me and I was protecting some engineer/hacker from them. The engineer was planning to hack the circuits to shut down the island's laser defense system so that a submarine could deploy a team of navy seals.
      I recall at one point I cut one of the ziplines, and saw a guy fall to his doom. Then the leader of the security force ziplined in. I picked up a gun that had belonged to one of his men and fired at him, but he must have been wearing a bullet-proof vest. He got in close and pulled out a handgun to kill the engineer. I kicked it out of his hand and it fell down the cliff. He pulled a knife and I grabbed one off of the body of a dead guard.
      There was a short knife fight with the guy, who was much bigger than me. I utilized some of what I have learned in my Taekwondo class to disarm him and then kick him off the side of the cliff.
      We were ultimately successful and saved the herd of animals. We allowed them to roam free on the island. For some reason they were all minecraft animals.

      I was inside the base at some point. It had been converted into some kind of place of zen where people went to meditate and practice martial arts. The bases' minimalist military aesthetic had been totally redone with all of these beautiful oriental elements. The reason behind it was somehow connected to the fact that I had defeated the head security guard with my taekwondo techniques.
      I recall being invited into the meditation room by this old wise man. I was scared to go in because I felt like we might disturb the people who are meditating.
      I did my best to be quiet. The man had a mat set up for me and everything and he told me that he wanted me to quietly meditate so that his students could learn about me through my energy. Supposedly his students were seers who could see oras and the likes. I was still afraid of disturbing someone. I go and sit down on the mat as quietly as possible.
      Just then, a male teenager DC bursts in, about my age, but taller and with spiky hair. "HAYA, GUYS! WHAT ARE ALL YOU LAME-O'S DOING IN HERE! WE SHOULD BE OUTSIDE LEARNING KUNG FU!!!" He then proceeds to take a couple of fake fighting stances.

      He then proceeds to walk into the corner of the room and bang on a large gong as hard as he can, scaring all of the monks who are meditating.
      The master has a couple of guards escort him out, but now, his students that have gone through hours of mental preparation to read my energy are scrambled because of the loud noise and needed to refocus through more meditation. He told me I could wait a couple of hours.
      The master and I were walking along the balcony, the same place where I had been fighting the zip-lining security forces in the earlier dream. The balcony was totally re-done with a wooden railing and a waterfall running down the dramatic cliff-face.
      The master told me that he was upset; frustrated by how most kids these days don't see the good in having a moment of quiet; they are always about the loud; boisterous and aggressive aspects of life and don't take the time for a moment of calm.
      I told him that my philosophy is to seek balance, rather than just have one or the other. You can have your fun in the loud and crazy moments, but you should be ready for things to get quiet or serious at a moment's notice. If you just do one or the other you will find that your life is out of balance. The master told me that I am smart to walk my own path and form my own beliefs, but that I should be careful that not many people appreciate it when someone chooses to do this.

      I was at a movie theater with my friend S. There was a long dream here about seeing a crappy movie and we sat in the hot tub with this older Asian couple and got into a splashing fight.

      I was being chased through was was supposed to be downtown NYC but it didn't look like it. It just looked like any old random city. I was on my bike and a couple of my family/friends were there but I can't recall exactly who.
      We were being chased through the city by these destructive alien cyborg monsters. They were tall, bluish-black humanoids with armored lower limbs and torsos, and most of them carried futuristic energy blade weapons. Although they were easily capable of catching us on foot, Optimus Prime and a couple of other transformers were there trying to fight them off... because reasons I suppose. The plot of what was happening now had something to do with the previous dream involving saving the minecraft animals.
      The chase went on for quite awhile. The DCs that I was with broke off from me trying to lose monsters by us all going separate ways. Optimus prime made some joke about the cyborg monsters not having penises.
      For those of you who believe in shared dreaming, I might have crossed with Miachel Bay by accident.
      I was being chased by one of the monsters. I felt like my bike was just going faster and faster and the adrenaline was flowing. I rode up a drive and into the front door of a hotel/condo in an attempt to lose the monster. Inside was all white decor and I rode through three or four rooms. When I got into the rearmost room; a bedroom I came in on a woman who was putting on her makeup.
      I came screeching to a halt and turned around. I apologized to the woman and walked my bike out of the room only to be blocked by this huge Russian man.
      He asked me why I was riding my bike through his house. I told him that I was being chased by bullies on my bike. (Though in hindsight, saying that I was being chased by a five-story alien cyborg with a battleaxe wouldn't have been any more convincing of an argument.) I apologized for coming in on his wife.
      The man pointed out that my tire had left skid marks on the carpet. I told him that if he got me the proper cleaning supplies I would be happy to clean up the skid marks. He accepted my apology and told me to follow him to his closet where he kept the cleaning supplies. But for some reason, we go into his closet; it is this huge room, like a gymnasium. Everyone I knew was in there; my parents, my friends, even Manei and Marcus, and they were all p*ssed at me for making a skid mark on this guy's carpet.
      I tried to explain to everyone that it was cool and that I had apologized and was going to clean up. Even the big russian guy took my side, but everyone still seemed mad for some reason.
      I false awoke. My room was dark and I had a sinking feeling that something bad was going to happen.
      I nose pinched and became partially lucid.
      "Is someone there?"
      Foxy from Five nights at Freddys (Good god! I watch my friend play this game for half an hour and it comes into my dreams!) Jumps up from the side of my bed and screams. I go barreling off the opposite side. He bites at the bed where I was a moment ago.
      I jump at him and grab him. He's big, about seven feet tall and strong. I jump onto him and grapple with his head. He tries to bite down on my arm but he comes down where his teeth are broken. His broken tooth still cuts me though. I feel around inside his mouth, and grab hold of some wires and pull.
      I yank on the wires and his eyes get pulled in through the sockets and out the mouth. I jump clear as the robot goes berserk and malfunctions. Foxy eventually falls into my desk, destroying it, and a small electrical fire start in his head.
      My arm was bandaged and this felt like part of the same dream. I made my way outside into the night and saw a huge brown planet in the sky, easily 20 or 30 times wider than the moon.
      I went back inside and did a nose pinch. I could breathe out of one nostril. I got a little confused by this thinking that I was somehow in some in-between state of waking life and dreaming. But then I realized that I must just be sleeping on my side or something.
      I also flicked the light-switch in the kitchen. It did not work.
      I wanted to go back and clean that guy's carpet. I started to make a scene change when Manei manifested behind me. She was a cat again for some reason.
      "No! You don't deserve the chance!"
      " I'm trying to do a good deed. It will take me all of five seconds. I will look at his carpet, look away, and look back. All of the damage will be gone."
      "You should think about the horrible things you have done!"
      " Okay first of all, you shouldn't be stopping me from trying to do something good! Second of all, I did that while non-lucid, and while endangered, and you can't judge someone based on their subconscious behaviors especially when they are endangered. Third, it was just a dark mark on his carpet! Would you make such a big deal out of such a trivial thing?"
      *No response
      "So what? I get no chance to redeem myself? I just have to feel bad about this and have you be mad at me?"
      "This was supposed to be a test... I guess I didn't think-

      -Le wake up-

      Manei is really starting to lose the dream guide vibe. I need to find out why.

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