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    1. #2 High school crush

      by , Today at 12:56 PM
      I slept some more and went to work and back before writing this entry, so I suppose not too much of my dream is still with me. What I vividly remember is being at my grandmother's large house, sleeping over in a large group of old high school friends and classmates. For some reason a girl I liked for a while back then came on to me. I asked the imaginary girl in my head whether it was okay to do things, and she said yes (when I woke up she said she didn't remember anything from the dream.). Lewd things happened for what felt like five seconds, before I felt like my privates were scratched and my lip bitten. It hurt like hell, and the high school crush ran out of the room as the other people in the room yelled at her. I ran after her after a few seconds, and after that things get too hazy to remember.

      Another high quality dream.
    2. Saul Rubinek and the Airplane Crash

      by , Today at 08:57 AM
      Keep forgetting to do reality checks..-tumblr_inline_np1u65eilz1scgtcc_400.jpg

      Morning of May 28, 2015. Thursday.

      Saul Rubinek, regardless of the significant ethic difference, reminds me of my older brother Jim (deceased), especially in speech patterns and body language and manner.

      In this dream, I am living with my wife and children in, I believe, Brisbane, in a more populated area and where the houses seem closer together. Over time, there is vague concern over some sort of military conflict.

      I notice a Cessna (possibly a 172 Skyhawk, though it also seems part of a military airplane composite and with a few clearer 1950s features) flying around above the neighborhood. For some reason, I sense that it will crash, possibly onto our house. It does eventually crash after we hear a bomb go off above, but on a nearby neighbor’s house. Looking closely, I see that the right wing of the airplane (which is facing where I and my wife are standing) has a large somewhat trapezoidal hole around the central area, with some thin wiry metal about the perimeter of the hole. This seems to be the only damage to the airplane at this point, the other wing being whole.

      I soon notice that Saul Rubinek (as he appears in “Warehouse 13”, the science-fiction television series which began in 2009) is being held and led away by possibly federal agents in blue, all younger, and all of the men having just been on the airplane and then just walking casually away from the crash without the slightest injury or sign of stress. Apparently, Saul had caused the bomb to go off and damage the plane.

      I immediately recognize the actor and wave and make a mention to the spectators near the crash site. He looks back at us and smiles and waves and seems cheerful regarding his situation and yet this does not seem to be relevant to a movie or television show being filmed. Apparently, he actually did set off the “real” bomb on the plane even though he is allowed to pause for a moment now and then to say hello to a spectator as if he was presently in a role.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Week 12 Notes - I am Iron Man!

      by , Today at 07:35 AM (MasterMind's Weekly Journal)
      Exploding match?-24-flying-ironman-illustration-artworks.jpg

      I usually don' watch many movies so I was very late and I saw the Iron Man movie for the first time yesterday.
      Loved Tony Stark's attitude haha. Anyway his way of flying was a way that suited me very well, because it was easier to understand than just lifting off like superman.

      Tonight I had a dream where I talked to my neighbour abour presence and being in the now, and as I demonstrated just becoming aware of everything by just looking and feeling I became lucid. It was funny because I described feeling not only with the senses but with the awareness, a concept I have pondered while awake as well. What do I really mean by it? I do not know, it's difficult to explain, but I guess I mean that when the mind is quiet and when you are so relaxed that you no longer feel the breath, so it feels like you are holding it, then you are fully aware.

      Last night I sat up against the wall and meditated, but I babystepped this so as soon as I felt uncomfortable I just switched posture to lay on my back. I remember thinking to myself "Ok meditation with conscious breath, enjoy being aware and in control as I breathe in ......... and out ahhhhh.."

      In this dream I was lucid long enough to practise my newly observered flying technique, and I could navigate with ease.
      It was fun, but then the dream faded into a non-lucid dream, still vivid and interesting but I don't feel like writing it down.

      When I woke up I thought about noting all this on a paper, and I did, or so I thought.. I imagined doing it and it became so vivid that I actually thought I did it. But it was just a false awakening.

      Until next time.

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    4. Satan vs the Pew Pew Laser-Cat

      by , Today at 06:21 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      In a crowded section of New York City, flames erupt from the sewers as Satan himself rises from hell and bursts through the pavement of the road ahead of me, sending cars flying through the air and people running and screaming in all directions. He has a gang of demons around him, all made of flames, forming a painful looking perimeter of death and destruction around the Devil.

      I am holding a dark gray cat, almost black, with white on its face and some of its paws I don't remember picking it up, but it seems to like being held. I cradle it on its back like a baby in my left arm, against my side, and hold its tail out in front of me like a cannon. I aim it at the Devil and make my best "Pew Pew!" noises. Almost like a "pshhyeeeoo!!!" As I make my very best laser noises, bright blue laser beams shoot out of the cats tail. They move through the air at about the speed of a jogger, so Satan easily dodges them.

      I run toward Satan, aiming the cat's tail a few paces ahead of him and with "Pew Pew Pew Pew!" shoot four slow moving lasers out of the cat's tail into Satan's path. I almost got him this time! With great enthusiasm I go wild with my best "Pew Pew!" noises, filling the streets and alleys with blue lasers. 'If I shoot lasers everywhere, I can't miss.' I tell myself.

      Satan dives behind a sky scraper and out of sight. I pre-fire a few laser blasts from the cat's tail down the next street in case he tries to run for it, and then run down the alley to cut him off before he can get away. He gave me the slip somehow, and I haven't got a clue where to find him now. I find myself at a busy intersection, looking every which way as traffic flows through. Next to me is a fire fighter and a cop. They look at me, then at the cat I'm cradling in my arm, and then at how I'm holding the cat's tail out in front of me with my other hand, and then look back to me.
      "Check this out" I tell them as I aim the cat's tail in a harmless direction and say "Pew Pew Pew!" sending three bright blue laser beams slowly through the air.
      "That's pretty cool" they tell me.
      "I know, right?!"
      "Aren't you going to film it or take a picture or something?" The firefighter asks me.
      "No, I don't think anyone really needs to know about this. Plus I've gotta get Satan"
      They both give me an understanding nod, and I start walking away as I think about where to look.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Lucid Dreams

      by , Today at 06:01 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I got home early, before everyone else got up, and rather than go up to my room, I decide to nap downstairs on the couch. The stairs are loud, and I don't want to wake the dog and have the dog wake everyone. It's just an hour and a half before everyone normally gets up, so I'll just nap on the couch until I hear someone, then I'll go to my room and go back to bed. That's my plan.

      I find myself walking down a hallway, and come to an opening where I stand with a big group of people around a fountain or some other centerpiece. It occurs to me that I was just asleep on my couch, so I am definitely dreaming right now. Everyone looks at me. I look at everyone. The DCs look oddly familiar, but all just wait for me to do something. Rather than do anything, I just generate a loving feeling toward all of them. Then I make it stronger. I look at each DC again and feel a blissful tingling all through my body. It's like the more I love them, the stronger it gets. I enjoy this feeling for a while, then wake up.

      Well that was nice, but I'm still tired, and it's still early, I think I'll close my eyes and rest until I hear someone again.

      Now I'm standing up in my living room, and my sister (who is out of state) comes in, but 10 years younger than she is now. She's really upset at me for some reason. I'm not sure why. But I am sure that I was just laying down, and that she's older now, so I am definitely dreaming. I let her yell at me as I enjoy the relaxing peace of being in a dream where there is no reason to be offended, upset, or defensive about anything. I generate some love in my mind for my sister, and make it stronger and stronger until everything feels just amazing. She calms down, stops yelling, and I wake up again.

      I hear someone in waking life this time, and get up to move to my hammock in my room. I wonder if my plan to get up and move when I heard someone was the main reason I had these lucid dreams, or if it was just due to the easy circumstances within the dreams themselves such as remembering I was just laying on the couch and now I'm not, or that my sister is in fact older than a toddler now. Maybe the plan to wake up at the first sign of noise put me in a lighter state of sleep that is more conducive for lucid dreams. I don't know.
    6. #89 - Recap since my last DJ

      by , Today at 05:43 AM (werty52's Dream Journal)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      I've had a few stress related lucid dreams this past week, I still haven't given up on lucid dreaming but I haven't done anything to assist myself in developing it...

      Dream 1 - A girl who I don't actually like
      I realize that I'm in a dream, something just clicked and I knew, but before me was a kind of pretty woman who I kind of knew. She resembled a friends love interest who I swear I've never had an interest in, but nevertheless cave-man mode took over and I just found myself embracing her. I ran my hand along her back and realized that the dreamworld was a bit twisted, her skin was all bumpy to touch (honestly really disgusting to touch *gag*) and I look over her shoulder to see why, I could see band-aids and cuts, bumps and hairs, grossed me out...
      I stop right there and push her away gently, then shake my head at her.
      I seemed to wake up at this point.

      Dream 2 - Languages and sugar
      Not long after waking from the last lucid, I thought I would try slip into another... This proved to be pretty darn easy. Seconds later I find myself lucid, but the only thing I see is a bag of white sugar (the brand was 'pams' if you're interested). This bag of sugar was so cool, because everytime I read the writing on it, it would change language. From english to spanish, italian, chinese, etc. I woke up and just laughed

      Dream 3 - The evolution of caveman mode
      I had a weird moment during the day where I was incredibly aware of the sense of touch on my upper arms, just near my shoulder, which later helped me achieve a lucid dream. I was in a modern looking house and I just touched my arm, the smoothness and sense of realism settled and I kind of just knew I was dreaming. Next thing that happened was caveman mode (I think I get caveman mode as result of not being prepared with goals or not trying to get lucid), I approach a beautiful brunette and uhhh... Things got sexual although it was like I was suddenly stupid, like I knew what I wanted but I couldn't remember how to do it haha... I was able to blink in this dream without losing lucidity too, and the skin of the sexy lady was smooth and she didn't morph into a monster - probably the most successful sex-type dream I've had.

      I think I had another lucid dream but I can't remember it... I've had quite a lot of dream that I remember but I haven't written them down despite how awesome some of them were ^_^
      Tags: sex, sugar
    7. Supernatural Djinn Attack

      by , Today at 05:43 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I'm scaling a steep cliff on the side of a mountain fortress with a large group of medieval soldiers seeking to take over the castle up ahead. It is a difficult climb, and all progress is halted as the defenders unleash a massive deluge of boiling hot oil that spashes down the cliff. Fortunately, it's steep enough that we just press ourselves flat into the rock, and the oil flows just over us all, missing us by just a few feet. Then some sort of god flies out of the castle and levitates above the stone walls as he laughs at us. He thinks it is barely worth his concern, but nevertheless throws a few fire balls at us. Several people are killed instantly.

      He looks over at me, and now seems threatened somewhat. With a spin, he disappears from sight, and I am immediately teleported to a small town inside the castle walls. Somehow we breached the castle and there is utter chaos as people are running everywhere. It turns out everyone is running because there is an army of Djinns (the kind from the show 'Supernatural') - a kind of genie that puts people to sleep, fulfilling all their wishes in their dreams while draining their blood and killing them in the process. Just one is scary, but there are over a hundred here.

      I am immediately surrounded by about a dozen of them. I'm not quite sure what to do about this. Before I come up with a plan, one of the female Djinns (and quite an attractive one I may add) tells the others to step aside and watch. She holds out her hand and uses telekinesis to spin my body around. I want to fight it, but just go limp as all my muscles relax. She softly lays my body on the packed dirt ground and closes my eyes all with telekinesis. This is the part where the nice dream is supposed to start. I'm given a moment to choose, but can't decide what to dream about.

      The moment is gone, and there will be no pleasant dreams for me apparently. Since the Djinns are psychic, they know that I'm awake in my body, even though my eyes are closed and I cannot move it. I can still feel everything. They take delight in knowing that I'll be able to feel all the pain of being slowly drained of blood until I die, with nothing I can do about it. I feel a sharp stabbing pain as a large gauge needle is roughly stabbed into my arm.

      Rather than languish in pain as I am slowly killed, I imagine that I'm someone else. Someone very alive, and experiencing blissfully pleasant feelings. I know it's not real, but I decide to believe it anyway because the more I do, the more real it becomes, and the more this excruciating painful death seems like a distant memory than a current reality.

      Right before I fully switch to being someone else, I wake up.
    8. Missiles Flying In

      by , Today at 03:52 AM (One Up Seeker)
      1. I was inside of my house and all of the lights were off, but it wasn't completely dark though. Outside, the sky was overcast but was light enough were you could still see well inside. I walked out of my room and went downstairs. As I walk into the living room I see my dad sitting in his recliner chair watching T.V. The news is on. I watch the broadcast and on the screen it says "BREAKING NEWS" and a female reporter says, "There is an HC-18 missile flying right at Dallas right now, it will touch down at any moment!". Holy crap. I am stunned. I watch the screen carefully as the missile approaches the ground. Suddenly it hits the ground but somehow gets deflected and bounces off of the concrete without exploding. "Holy shit" I think to myself, "That was a close one".
      "This just in, another HC-18 missile is headed for Houston!" the reporter says. I am pretty scared at this point and I walk out my front door to see what is going on. I see the city not far from my house since it is covering at least 1/3 of the skyline. I look up and I spot the missile. It is high up in the sky at the moment, but it is approaching quickly. There is an orange trail behind the missile. I keep my eye on it and suddenly the next thing I know the missile flies over our house and I know that it is going to make landfall soon. My dad is behind me watching. "Dad, I am going to get my most important stuff real quick and then I am taking my car and leaving" I tell him in a frantic voice. "No, we are all going in one vehicle together" he tells me. Damn, I didn't want to lose my car, but oh well.
      I run inside and run upstairs to my room grabbing the most important things to me. I grab my phone and charger, a toothbrush, toothpaste, some books(specifically about astral projection and lucid dreaming) and The Bible. I then sprint downstairs and run outside. I then realize that I forgot my comb. Now my hair is going to look like crap wherever I go. I rush back inside to hurry everyone else up and as I do so I see the T.V. screen and it is following the missile headed for my city. "This is the end" I thought, "God forgive me for my sins" I think to myself. I truly was scared now. I didn't know the blast radius of this missile, but I knew that it was big enough for us to be in it. Just then the missile strikes the ground, and just like the last missile in Dallas, it bounces off of the ground without exploding. I then let out probably the biggest sigh of relief I have ever let out before. I felt so thankful for being alive.
    9. Car battery runs out

      by , Today at 03:07 AM
      I'm driving on a highway with a lot of curves and exit ramps. I don't seem to know where I'm going and I'm driving so fast I can't really comprehend everything I'm passing. Then I'm driving out in the country near where we turn to go to my mother in law's house. The car's battery runs out and the car just slows down and splutters to a halt on the side of the road. I have our huge yellow flashlight we save for emergencies with me and am walking along the road; it's nighttime. Some old man with gray hair and a beard is out walking his dog. He tries to get me to make out with him and I decline. I say that I'm sick and cough for good measure. He asks me why I'm out and I say the car battery died. I turn back to the car and it is Barbie car-sized. I think I insert some toy sized batteries in it and put my right hand on top rolling the Prius back and forth like I'm playing in a sandbox.
    10. Craaazy

      , Today at 02:50 AM
      I'm smoking weed with a few of my friends & for some reason they let a little annoying kid who rides my bus & goes to my high school smoke with us. This kid takes like 3 or 4 hits and I'm finally fed up trying to like snatch the blunt from him. My best friend Seth was sitting next to me and he was telling me to chill tf out. I said "This kid's stupid. He takes like a shit ton of hits and he's going to pass the roach." Seth is telling me "Maa-an this kid does take a lot of hits but his hits are like mouse hits." So the leader figure of the Stoner group in my dream says something like "That's one brave kid to be taking a bunch of hits of that. That's some guh-ud shit." I wanted a couple hits tho but I had one hit earlier and I was starting to feel it.

      I went to class & I was no longer high. These girls started picking on me. Eventually, I hooked up with one girl named Shari. I always thought of Shari as a friend but in all honesty, she rejected me last year when I hit her up on Facebook. So anyways, we're at a restaurant and she starts talking to me and talking about getting married (moving a bit fast aren't we?) so I'm not sure if I like the idea so much. I get up from the table to just walk around and think for a second but I realize that she's like one of those movie woman where they're like bat shit and I have to do what she says or she'll kill me or cut off my penis or my hands or some other sick shit. She followed me to the water fountain (which is where I walked to ) and asked me if I'd propose one day. I obviously said yes. I woke up after another dream that I can't quite remember all the details about but in this dream I was riding my friend's dog for some reason.
    11. The Chosen One (28.5.15)

      by , Today at 12:49 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Chosen One
      Im on a beach and I can see a old style ship. It's decent sized, estimating at around 20x10. They seem old school in the way they operated the ship. It was all powered by man power. Two men were rowing at the front side of ship, and the controller was around the middle. Majority looked of Asian descent. I must have got there attention. I had a talk with someone on the ship about something.

      I'm now with another male, being lead by a female. We reach a house and I'm chosen out of the two of us. I'm unsure what's going on at this point, but start to realize that I may be able to have sex with her. We're in the bathroom and I really need to have a poo in the toilet. Eventually she leaves the bathroom and I get to business. I make sure I spray near the toilet as it smells pretty bad.

      I'm walking towards the lounge room, where I see her on the couch, I've gotta mention that she's pretty good looking and I want to please. I begin doubt my performance, and panic that I may blow my load too quickly. I see her with a blanket over the top of her and decide to start from the bottom to the top. I'm naked at this point and begin to suck her toes, but I seem to have trouble doing so. I seem to be rubbing my face on her foot instead of sucking on her toes. Some sucking and some face rubbing going on. I think about mounting her and tease her a little.

      I see either another female or the same one i was with, not sure. It seems that another scenario, like the one I was in where 1 was chosen, except both guys were chosen by the looks of it. They seemed pretty happy guys.

      Side Notes
      Even though I only remembered 2 dream last night, I deeply and completely accept myself, and i remember all my dreams tonight

      Even though I forgot to recall majority my dreams upon awakening, I deeply and completely accept myself, and I recall my dreams upon awakening tonight

      I think I need to simplify these mantras in a different way, but will continue with them for a while.

      Had a massive anxiety attack when waking up throughout night. Also felt as I was going to choke when I swollowed. I did some EFT which took the edge off the anxiety.
    12. Dream Fragments 1

      by , Yesterday at 09:31 PM
      All I remember are strange water pools where the water flowed in a circle in each pool before going to the next pool. I could tell the water did this because there were fallen brown leaves in the water. The water was dark blue at the edges of the pool, but cyan near the center. On the outsides of the pool, there was nothing grass on light brown dirt.

      One name stands out in my memory of my dream. The name is "Maeriberi Han". I think she had a prominent role in my dream.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. Grain in the sea

      by , Yesterday at 06:42 PM
      I was entering a palace standing atop an enormous cliff. I went from the road, looking at the sea from the edge of cliff, and went straight an old wooden bridge into the palace. It was rich, built with white marble, dark yellow rock, and decorated with silver ornaments.

      It was in really good state. It looked like it was just built, but there was nothing inside. It was empty. I went from the main chamber to the side hall, and entered side chambers. I saw students gathering, and teacher told me to do something with audio equipment.

      I went to the chamber where the equipment was placed, and saw some classmates there. They were hostile, but let me do my thing and go away. I returned to the bridge, and started to climb down the cliffs. I saw some people runnig on the beach.

      Suddenly a a tractor with gigantic load of bags filled with grain appeared. I tried to climb up the bags, to reach the top of highest cliff, but suddenly the bags opened and I've fallen into the water. I went back to the shore, gathered people and equipment, and started to take grain out of water with shovels.
    14. Little fangs

      by , Yesterday at 06:13 PM
      In some small early 20th century village, I'm the youngest in a family of three sons, and for years now it's been expected that I'll marry the neighbor's youngest daughter when we grow up - we've always been good friends. In the previous scene we'd all been sitting around my family's dinner table; now I've gone to meet her down by the river, which is so full of plants it gives the impression you could walk across them like a bridge. The girl's here waiting, but before I go to meet her, I'm distracted by another girl, a stranger, standing in the center of the river. The observer side of me thinks, I have to remember this.

      Her hair is probably blonde, but it's so matted and dirty that it's hard to tell. She's dressed in old-fashioned men's clothes, a shapeless and colorless coat over a blue velvet waistcoat with a pattern of rosebuds. Then I realize that while I've been focusing on remembering the details of her appearance, I've been missing the conversation the character side of me is having with her. I drop back to focus on what the character side of me is doing.

      Years later, but near that same river. One of my brothers is handing me a silver pocket watch that belongs to our father, and telling me that he's in Madrid - they've known this all along, apparently. My brothers got me to come back here on the pretense that our father's missing - I'm annoyed but not surprised to find that was a lie. There's a woman here, somehow connected to that girl in the river but not the same person, and something about biting down on a chain, and her little fangs.

      I'm carrying one end of a wooden box through what looks like an abandoned house, with that woman holding the other end - it's not particularly large or heavy, just large enough to be awkward for one person. I'm looking at our hands on the box, close enough to be nearly touching. Her nails look thick and discolored, greyish; there's blood ingrained around the nail, but I'm thinking that the blood's not what's causing the dark greyish appearance, since there's blood all over my hands too.

      That woman is kissing me and holding me in place, not letting me turn my head to see what's going on, telling me not to move when I try to. Something is very wrong. There's other people here; the observer side of me recognizes this moment and I switch to third person to avoid it. The scene still continues in front of me, they kill her, but I don't see much of it, focusing on remembering the earlier scenes.

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    15. Saw his truck but not him?

      by , Yesterday at 05:00 PM
      I can't get this guy out of my head in my waking life.

      I saw his truck in my dream last night but i did not see him driving. There was nobody driving but the truck was moving...
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