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    1. Spellbee's Spooky comp night 10

      by , Today at 04:19 AM
      I woke up from a dream that became lucid but it didn't go well w/ my dream recall. I found out an old friend of mine's mother died & I've been trying to figure out how & if it's possible for me to travel the 6 hours for November the 4th. The funeral had to be postponed for my friends daughter to make it into town. Anyway I got obviously side tracked so this is my entry. Life comes before dreams.
      Tags: side note
      side notes
    2. Oddities

      by , Today at 01:36 AM
      This entry will contain several dream fragments occurring in no particular order.

      In this dream I'm hanging out D. in a coffee shop which is quite fancy with all the commodities one would expect from an upscale cafe. I go to some device which is labeled "espresso" and I push a button to bring out the liquid. As the liquid is poured into my cup, the liquid solidifies into a brownie. Next, I bring the brownie to one the tables and begin to eat it.

      I'm in some sort of auditorium which to my mind seems like some sort of training area. There were computers all around the area with DC's sitting in front of them. I can't really remember anything that stands out in this area.

      I'm dreaming of in this run down house with a family. The house itself seems dilapidated with a musty feel to the furniture. There's one bed in the area. One of the family member's is making whiskey in this wooden tub-like structure(?). I'm in a first person perspective inside the structure. Another family member (possibly a woman) then complains that they're doing it wrong it wrong (something to do with the "mash").

      I'm chilling in the backyard which looks very similar to the one in waking life. I spin around to stabilize the dream area and to my delight everything seems so... coherent. This excited me to see the dream area remain the same no matter where I looked. I entered the door which goes to my basement. Things kind of get murky their and I suddenly remember I'm in some control room. There are DC's all over the area and I can't quite remember anything else.

      I'm in the my living room and being hurt by some roach biting my toes.

      I'm being tortured by some boorish looking character along with some other DC's. I take their first perspective as their being tortured.

      For some reason, I'm walking with my family and some other DC's and we come to some blue colored restaurant. My mother made a comment on how this restaurant will have burgers and stuff. There area seems to be some kind of resort/town area with walkways and beautiful vistas.

      I command a DC to give me an MDMA pill. The pill itself was yellow colored and as I ingested it nothing happened. The next subsequent dream, I was at my living room couch which surprisingly I was sleeping in waking life. I (sort of?) have a false awakening and I conjure up an MDMA pill. Now when I swallowed it I experienced some profound effects. I felt to my mind some very clean euphoria while having some doubts whether it would live up to the real thing (I haven't tried it in waking life). Suddenly, I flew outside the window to my right and the outside world looked tremendously beautiful. Interestingly, there was a glass like rectangular structure flying around toward me which gave the surrounding area a rainbow like haze.
    3. Who cares if the traffic light is red?

      by , Yesterday at 08:24 PM
      I was taking a stroll through a city for no good reason. I passed by a friend who said that last night's party was great but that he won't have time to host one in the next time. I couldn't remember a party but I didn't give it a deeper thought. He wouldn't make up a party, right? So I walked on hearing how he said goodbye to other people from the party. For some reason I felt like I should get suspicious and what a good instinct that was!

      I thought "Okay, where was I before I went on the stroll?"
      The last thing I remembered was going to bed and then there is nothing. This had to be a dream for sure! I don't know how I got here, something I would never forget under normal circumstances. Just to be sure I made a jump and it instantly turned into a super jump. Allright, this time I had to finish up a competition task for once! The easiest thing that came to my mind was super speed. So I started to slowly pick up speed until I was runing with normal speed. On the way I noticed a dog and a puppy walking around alone. Usually I have bad experiences with dogs in dreams. Most of the time they just walk up to me looking trustworthy and bite me then. It is never painful but just a weird sensation of pressure. Those dogs were 100% peaceful though. Seems that I was lucky today.

      Time to accelerate to actual super speed! I reached a bigger road and some cars were driving on it. Right now they still passed me but that would change soon. Instead of getting the speed from the movement of my legs I accelerated myself with telekinesis basically. I applied a mental force on me that gave me speed. Suddenly my body felt so light. I was breathing heavily but I didn't feel exhausted, I felt my legs working but they didn't get heavy. How awesome. Now I started to easily pass the cars on the road and I shouted "YEAH!" while doing so. Suddenly I got aware of a traffic light in front of me. It went red just in that moment. Well, why would I slow down? It's not like anyone here cared. The dream ended soon after.
    4. Found a bag of food

      by , Yesterday at 08:18 PM
      *I came across I bag of food. Then I ran into my Grandfather we talked for a while and were very kind to each other.

      *Someone saw my swiping on tinder. I made a comment on how awesome it was. I remember looking at a picture of me in front this huge house as if it were mine.
    5. BBT and The Big Bat

      by , Yesterday at 08:01 PM
      So this dream was funny and weird at the same time. Lets just begein. The first thing i rememeber is being outside a apartment building, it was in the morning, i kinda just picked up my phone and called a random number, it was rining and then Leonard (from big bang theory) picked up. "Hello?" he said. "Leonard! Hey its Alma!" I said back. "Alma! Its been a while, how've you been?" He asked. "Im good, so anyway i have to cut to the case, i need your help. Well yours and Sheldon's help. You think i can come over and stay a few nights over?" I responded. I heard him talk with sheldon on the phone. "Sure, sheldon said yes," he continued, "and penny said you can stay in her apartment, but right now shes at an audition so you can come to our apartment til she gets back." "Okay awesome well im already here.. soo ill be up in a few! bye!" i said quickly. I ran up the stairs with Nilah shrinked down to pocket size hiding. When i came to their door i made sure i was in my disguise, i let out a deep breath and knocked on the door. Two seconds later, Leonard opened the door, "Hello!" i said before giving him a hug. "Its good to see you again." he said while hugging me back. Behind him i see Sheldon drinking tea, "Well isn't this a pleasant surprise?" Sheldon said. "Sheldon!" I yelled while running towards him. He put his hand up as if you say 'no i dont do touching'. Then he saw how sad my face looked and sighed. "who can say no to that face," he opened his arms, "come here you" i smiled and have him a big hug. "you know your one of the few people he doesn't mind hugging." Leonard said. "Really? I'm honoured" i said with a bit of sarcasm. "well you should be, cause its me." Sheldon said as he took a sip of tea. i laughed and then Leonard asked, "So you said you needed our help, what happened?" (I went with the flow came up with something on the spot) "Okay well. i need to tell you something and you can not freak out, well i don't think you'll believe me but i need you to keep an open mind, got it?" i explained. "Well i used to live with my mother, the religious nut, so my mind cant get anymore open." Sheldon said. I smiled and rolled my eyes, "Well where do i begin?" i continued "Okay so lets just say what if there is another uh universe that has real superheros and everything you see in comics and such." They just kept staring at me, so i continued, "okay? so like Uhh Batman right? he's real, and he needs someone's helps to fix a piece of alien technology to save his son and i told him that i knew you two and that you could help him and if you can, i can take you there." i finished. It was silence for a couple of minutes. Sheldon raised his hand. "Yes sheldon?" I asked. "You forgot to say, 'Bazinga'." he said. I sighed. "This isn't a joke, look ill show you." I took off my ring that gave me my disguise, and turned back into my real self, and in my uniform. They were in shock but then started to look around frantically. "What are you two doing?" I asked. "Looking for camras cause we're obviously on a prank show." Leonard replied. "Guys this isnt a joke, its real! Here look for your self!" I said while tossing my ring at leonard. He caught it and started to analyze it, he hesitated but put the ring on his finger. He quickly changed into a different looking person. Sheldon took a step back in amazement, "Fascinating!" He said. I watched Leonard take off and put on the ring over and overs and Sheldon watching him like a little child. I snatched back my ring and put it back on. "Guys! Hello? Do y'all believe me now?" I yelled. Sheldon was the first to speak up. "No, but your toys are fun to play with." He said. I sighed. Leonard took a step foward, "I kinda believe you, but its just seem so far fetched, like come on, we're scientist, its kinda hard to believe." Leonard finished. 'Let me try my other powers to convince them.' i thought. I smiled, "Hey Sheldon would you like some more tea?" I asked. He looked down at his empty cup, "Why of course i would." He responded. He reached out to give me the cup. I put up my hand, "No, its alright i got it" i said with a smirk. With a few movements with my hands and body, using waterbending, the tea from the pot that was sitting on the stove, came out of the pot and made its way to Sheldon's cup. "Would you like some sugar?" I asked, i used my powers to levitate the spoon full of sugar to Sheldon's cup. After i was done they look even more shocked. "Do you believe me now?" I asked them. They both nodded slowly. "Now will you come with me to gotham to help Batman?" I asked again. They thought for a while and then Leonard spoke up, "Its still kinda hard to believe but we'll go with you, do you know where it is? Ill drive." I let out a little laugh, "Oh we're not driving, didnt i say it was another universe?" I continued, "uhh do you have anything in here very valuable? Cause this will be kinda windy." With that i stretched out one of my hands, and kinda mumbled, "DC universe, Gotham city, Bruce Wayne manor" and then a blackish portal formed in front of all of us. I turned to Leonard and Sheldon, "Okay you both need to hold onto me and do not let go." I said in a serious tone. They both nodded, Leonard held onto my left arm. And we were waiting for Sheldon but he just stood back, "Sheldon! What are you doing?" Leonard asked. "I changed my mind, im not going." He responded. They started to bicker. I rolled my eyes, "Sheldon!" I yelled, he looked at me. "Batman needs you, the batman! Dont you want to be a hero to a hero?" I finished. "Me? A hero? ... Im coming Batman!" He yelled as he grabbed onto my right arm. I laughed, "alright lets go!" I yelled and we all stepped into my portal. (In my dream i was kinda worried the portal wouldnt work, since i barley try it) The next thing i know we step out of the portal and Leonard and Sheldon are yelling beside me as we step out. "Shut up!" I yelled, "We're here." 'Yay, it worked!' I thought. I looked at the big gate of Bruce's mansion, i was smiling watching both leonard and sheldon compare the building to the movies and comics they saw in their universe. I walked up to the intercom and pressed the button. *Bzz* "Hello? Wayne residents." I heard a british accent say. "Alfred! Its Alma, could you open the gate?" I said happily. "Miss Alma, come in." He responded. With that the huge gates started to open. We three walked passed the gates, both Leonard and Sheldon looked shocked but yet happy. "Okay so guys, things you should know about Bruce is, dont metion two things, his parents deaths, or Jason Todd." I said quietly. "Well of course they're sore subjects, under all that amor and mean act, Batman is a sensitive guy." Sheldon said. I laughed. "Dont tell him that." I said. We approached the doors to the mansion when Alfred opened them for us and we entered. Alfred was smiling at us as we entered, "Alfred!" I yelled as giving him a big hug, which he returned gladly. "Miss Alma, how are you doing?" he asked. "I'm doing fine, let me introduce you the two geniuses I mentioned over the phone earlier." I said, Leonard and Sheldon stood closer, "This is Dr. Leonard Hofstader, and Dr. Sheldon Cooper, my friends from another universe." I finished. They said their hellos and such, "So Alfred, why is it so quiet? Where's Bruce, Dick and Damian?" I asked. Alfred looked at me with sadness in his eyes, "Well Master Damian is missing, Master Dick is on his night patrol and looking for clues, and Master Bruce is not doing well either, he's in his office right now." Alfred finished. "That's good, that's - wait what?" I yelled, "What do you mean Damian's gone?? What happened?" "He's been gone for about a week, days after that alien technology showed up in lawn, Master Bruce and Damian where on their night patrol and then a flash oh light hit them and master Damian was gone, So I was told by master Bruce." Alfred finished with a sigh. "This is the fourth Robin we're talking about, correct? Damian Wayne, legitimate son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al-ghul?" Sheldon interrupted. Alfred just stared at him. "Sorry, in their universe they have movies and comics about this universe, so they know everything." I said to Alfred with a chuckle. "Oh, so they are, um, what did master Dick say before, nerds?" he said. I started to laugh. "Yup, exactly the right word!" I said. Leonard cough, "So can we meet Mr. Wayne?" Leonard spoke up. Alfred nodded, "Come this way." We walked until we came to Bruce's office. Alfred knocked on the door, "Master Bruce, miss Alma and her guest have arrived." There was a moment of silence before we all heard, "Come in." We all entered the room and i saw Bruce standing by his desk smiling at me. I smiled huge, "Bruce!" I yelled before running to give him and hug, "I heard what happened, dont worry ill help you find him." I said while hugging him, he hugged me back tightly. When we both let go, i introduced Bruce to Leonard and Sheldon. "Bruce, these are my friends, Dr. Leonard Hofstader and Dr. Sheldon Cooper, from another universe." I said. "It's an honor to meet you sir Batman, i mean bruce, sir bruce, bruce sir." Leonard studdered. I laughed a bit. Sheldon was a bit quiet, "So how was it loosing your parents in thay ally way?" Sheldon asked. "Sheldon!!" Both Leonard and i yelled in sync. He looked at both of us, "What?" Sheldon said. I rolled my eyes and turned to Bruce while Leonard talked to Sheldon. "Sorry about that Bruce, on their universe they know everything about this universe and Sheldon has no filter." I said. Bruce smiled, "Its alright, since they already know everything, lets go to the cave." He said. The scene changed to the cave, Sheldon, Leonard and Bruce talked among themselfs while working on the piece of technology. The piece of technology looked too complicated for me so i wondered around the mansion, i came to Damian's room. 'I should probably try to find some clues or something' i thought to myself. I entered the room and grabbed a hoodie that Damian used to wear, "Nilah could you come out please?" I said quietly. I felt movement in my side bag, Nilah popped her head out yawning, i smiled at her because she looked so cute as a tiny armadillo tiger. She jumped out and grew as she stretched on the floor, "Alright Nilah, i need you to change and help me find Damian." I said to her, she nodded her head and started to change into a Shinru(a creature hybrid known for their sense of smell) I reached out my hand that had Damian's hoodie, "Come on, Nilah. Do your thing." I said. She sniffed the hoodie and started to search around with her nose. She stopped and shook her head, and laid down putting her paws on her nose. "Does that mean he doesnt exist?' I asked my self. I sigh and pat Nilah on the head, "Just keep trying girl, tell me of you get anything." I saod to her. I walked out of Damian's room and walked downstairs, i was lost in though when i heard someone yelling my name, "Allllmmmaa!" I heard. I turned to see Dick(Nightwing) running towards me. I smiled big. "Dick!" I yelled as he picked me up in a big hug and started to spin me around. "Its good to see you back!" He continued, "No one told me you were coming back!" I laughed, "yeah i just got here, i brought my two friends from another universe to help Bruce." I looked down sad, "Did you find anything about Damian?" I asked. He put a hand on my shoulder, "No, but dont worry, he's tough." He said. I smiled and that's when Nilah jumped on me, she was still a Shinru, she was using her body to point in a direction, "She found his scent!" I said. Dick and i ran to the batcave where Leonard, Sheldon, and Bruce where talking and working on the alien tech. "Bruce!" I yelled. He pickes up his hand, "Not now." He said. "But Bruce!" I said again walking closer. "Not now." He said more sternly. "Just listen, I-" i said while reaching to touch his shoulder, "Shut up! Cant you see im trying to get my son back! The only kid who actually has my blood in him, not just another take in?! Your getting in the way!" He yelled as he slapped my hand away. I held my hand in front of my chest while i looked at Bruce shocked. Everyone one looked at me, i felt so angry, "I just came to tell you that Nilah had Damian's scent." I said calmy, i turned around and walked away with out turning back. (It went to third person point of veiw since i left the cave) "Alma!" Dick yelled as he went after me. Leonard and sheldon, stodd there watch the scene happen. "Awkward.." Sheldon mumbled in Leonard's ear. Bruce slammed his head on the table, "Master Bruce." Alfred sternly said. "I know, Alfred, i know." Bruce mumbled. (Back in my point of veiw) I walked quickly out of the cave. "Alma wait up!" I heard behind me. I sighed and continue to walk away, "Leave me alone Dick." I said. I took off my ring as i got to the library, where Nilah was waiting for me. "Alma!" Dick grabbed onto my arm. I looked at him, "What?" I said. "Don't take what Bruce said seriously, he doesnt mean it, he isnt him self right now." He said. "He didnt have to yell at me in front of everyone!" I said back. He looked at me like he didnt know what to say. "Never mind, im going to follow my lead." I said as i looked at Nilah, "Lets go, lead the way." I told her. "Alma wait!" I heard Dick say as we both flew out of the mansion. It was already night, i followed Nilah into the city od Gotham. We came to a park. It looked deserted, well the whole city looked deserted. I wondered around to try to find clues. "Stupid Bruce, embarrassing me in front of everyone, i was just trying to help." I muttered to myself. While i was lost in though, and loud sound and a bright light hovered above me. I looked up and saw some sort of ship? A white beam surrounded me and i heard a voice talking to me in my head. "Interesting girl, think ill take you to, like i took your little friend" a dark voice said. I lit my hands in fire, "Wheres Damian?!" I yelled at the ship. "He's part of my collection, as you'll be." It said. I couldnt move my body, I felt like the light restrained me from getting away, it laughed "Dont even try to escape, the light surrounding you would tear you to shreds if you pass through it, not like you could, no one can." It finished. I concentrated on trying to escape. I quickly push through, and saw shred of clothes. I fell into a bush. "Awh i told you, you'd be shred up to dust if you tey to leave, what a shame, you were so intresting." It said. 'It didnt see me fall in the bush?' I thought to my self as i hid in the bush. 'I need to quickly leave.' I thought. That's when i heard the sound of a car engine approaching the park. It was Bruce's Lamborghini, it came to a stop on the grass, i watched him get out of his car in a rush. "Alma! Where are you?!" He yelled. The ship turned in his direction. "What is that idiot thinking?!" I mumbed. "Oh? Whos this? Your not intresing at all." The voice said out loud. "There's no need for you, ill get rid of you." Bruce looked at the ship, "You! Wheres Alma? And you have my son as well?!" He yelled. "That girl is no more, and your son? Oh hes mine now." The voice said in a mocking voice. Bruce kinda slumped to the floor, he looked like he was thinking to him self, he had a face of guilt. The ship took out some sort of ray and pointed it at Bruce. 'Move Bruce move!' I thought to myself. But he didnt, the ray started to fire, and i did the only thing i could think of at that moment, was try to stop it. I ran quickly and as the ray was about to hit Bruce i jumped in front of it.(it all happened so quickly) It hit me and when the smoked cleared a bit i stood there with arms open wide, i looked up and saw Bruce's shocked face then i fell foward. (For some reason it went to third person point of veiw) i saw my body on the floor in front of bruce. 'Whats happening?' i thought. Bruce grabbed my body and just started at me shocked and scared. "Alma?" He said shaking. "How did she escape my white beam? Interesting. Oh, well now shes dead, and so shall you be." The voice said. It loaded the ray agaim but before it could shoot Bruce again, a loud jet sound happened and the ship exploded. I looked towards the ship to see Superman, 'He destroyed the ship!' I thought. Superman flew down to where my body and Bruce were. "What happened?" Superman said. Bruce couldnt speak, Superman looked at my body. "Shit, her heart isnt beating, she isnt breathing! Bruce what happened?" Superman yelled as he took my body and started to preform CPR.(it was really werid, felt like i was watching a tv show) Bruce just kept looking at the floor. Thats when a motorcycle appeared, it was Nightwing, he hopped off his bike and saw the scene before him. "What the hell?" He said. It only took him a few seconds to grasp the situation. He ran to Superman, "Move!" He yelled as he took out his electric twin rods. Once superman moved, Nightwing charged up his rods and pressed it on my chest. My body jumped and i felt this weird tingle. "Still no pulse" Superman said. Nightwing cursed and brought his rods to my chest again. "Damit, wake up!" Nightwing yelled. He tried one more time and thats when i went to third person back into my first person point of veiw.(weird lol) I saw Nightwing and superman looking at me while laying down. "Shes awake!" Superman said. I turned my head to Bruce, "Sorry, i got in your way again." I said. He lookwd at me with tears in his eyes. I felt something warm on the side of my stomach. "My stomach" i mumbled. They both looked down at my stomach, and just by the look on thier faces it was bad. "Fly her to a hospital!" Dick said to Superman. "I can't, shes loosing too much blood." Superman continued. "Im sorry, this is going to hurt." He said. I was about to say 'what' until superman started to lazer my stomach. I scream loud because even though it was a dream i felt a strong pain on my stomach. "Stop! Please!" I yelled. "Almost done" superman said. After that the scene changed to me being in a bedroom. Like if i was waking up but in the dream. I got up quickly and walked to the bedroom door, before i could open the door, Bruce opened it. He looked at me shocked, "Your awake!" He said. I smiled big and leaned in for a hug, but before i could even touch Bruce, behind me Nilah jumped past me and attacted Bruce, she wasn't biting him or anything but just on top of him growling alot while Bruce kept his hands up in surrender. "Nilah what are you doing?! Thats Bruce!" I yelled. But she ignored me. Im guessing this scene was heard over the mansion cause Clark, Dick, Alfred, Leonard and Sheldon, came to where we were. Dick was the first to speak up. "Whats wrong with her?" He asked. "I dont know, Nilah, please dont make me say it" i said, but she didnt move, i sighed and then said in a serious tone. "Nilah. This is an order feom your master, stand down now." Nilah's ears flinched and she shook her head and still continue to growl at Bruce. I was shocked, "shes suppose to listen to me, the only reason she wont listen to me is cause she feels like im in danger." I mumbled. "She blames Bruce for what happened to you." Dick finished. I sighed and steped back, "no one can get through to her, not even me, she wont stop unless theres a safe distance between Bruce and i." I finished. I walked back to the bed and sat down, "Nilah im fine, can you please stop?" I said in a sad voice. She got off of Bruce and sat next to me growling in Bruce's direction. Clark helped up Bruce and before i even had a chance to say anythikg Bruce walked away, i got up to go after him but Nilah stood in my way, "Nilah move! It wasnt his fault, im fine now!" I yelled but she didnt move. "Nilah please!" I yelled then i felt pain on my stomach side, i gave out a little yell and Dick made me sit back down on the bed. It was silent until Alfred spoke up. "Master Bruce just need some time to get his thoughts together." Alfred said sighing. "Well he had two days to get his thoughts together while Alma was unconscious, which does happen to be his fault in the first place!" Dick yelled. I looked at Dick surprised, hes never angry in my dreams, always the 'puns' making guy lol "It wasnt his fault, i jumped in to save him, he wasnt being himself thats all." I quietly said. Dick grabbed both of my shoulders and looked me in the eyes, "Alma! You were dead! No pulse, no breathing! Flat line! Bruce should have been the one to protect you!" He said. I sighed, "I know but im alive right? Thanks to you and clark! And ill heal my self with my waterbending!" I said trying to lighten the mood, but dick let go and just walked out of the room. "Hes mad at me now..." I said pouting. "No, master Dick just worrys about you, your like a little sister to him." Alfred said smiling. I smiled and then turned to Leonard and Sheldon remembering that they're not even from this universe, "Guy's what have yall two been doing while i was out?" I asked. "Nothing just working on the tech and geeking about how were in the DC universe," Leonard laughed, "Did you know The Joker is real?" I couldnt help but laugh, "Hey wont youe friends back at your universe worry about y'all?" Clark asked. "I already took care of that!" Sheldon said. "You did?" Both Leonard and i said in sync. For some reason i was in 3rd person point of veiw and the scene changed back into Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Penny knocks and opens their door, "Helloo guys? Alma? Are y'all here?" Penny said. She walks in and sees a paper sitting on Sheldon's spot, ahe picks it up and reads out loud. "Dear Penny. Alma, Leonard, and I have gone to another universe to help out Batman. Will be back as soon as possible. - Sheldon. P.s. Ive changed the WiFi password to 'Batman's hero' all lower case no spaces." She stays silent until she mutters the word, "Nerds." The scene goes back to normal and im back in 1st person point of veiw. I kinda just think to myself, 'This is such a weird ass dream' i think. Im talking to clark on how i know where Damian is and the alien tech is actually a portal to their prision where that alien keeps his "collection." But then i felt my self waking up slowly cause my body was getting hard to move, "Awwh no not now!" I yelled. "Miss Alma whats wrong?" Alfred asked. But i couldnt speak my voice wouldnt come out so i knew that i was already to wake up. And i know for me personally once i wake up its rare to have the same dream twice. I remember sitting on the floor, smiling sadly waving goodbye to the people in my dream and then waking up. Well this was a funny, weird, emotional but yet fun dream. Sadly i never got to save Damian or talk with Bruce or Dick and such but i guess ill have to day dream what happened next lol You can do the same thing if you want, well until next dream, bye~
    6. [25-10-2016: Diablo, Short DILD]

      by , Yesterday at 06:26 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in some medieval city, wandering around streets protected by tall castle walls. I went down a downward ramp to an archway, but something wasn't right. There was Diablo - Lord of Terror waiting for me there. He looked somehow weirdly undetailed and kinda blurry compared to everything around. I noticed a health and energy bar appearing on left bottom corner of my vision. The demon shot a powerful wave of flames and thunders at me. I unleashed a blizzard at it, but eventually my power has ran dry and Diablo killed me. I respawned close to the ramp and archway. I moved down there and faced Lord of Terror once again. This time however I opened up menu with my equipment whenever my health and energy ran low. In the equipment I could see my clothes - a white shirt, jeans trousers and some shoes. I also had loads of potions named by their colours. I only used blue that restored energy and red that restored health. This time again we used wave of flames and thunders and blizzard. I managed to beat Diablo and instantly got teleported to my house. It looked like it was before renovation, with old furniture. It was dark, only some spotlight coming from nowhere lit up center of the room. I realised that it was a dream. I spotted my younger sister standing in the spotlight. I noticed that her eyes were strange - they had no pupils, only an iris that was shrinked. She had a devillish grin on her face and was tilting her head to the sides. I came closer and she said "I've been possessed by the demon from Annabelle doll!" I thought to myself "It's a dream, I can banish that demon" and waved my hand at her head saying "Begone!". Her eyes instantly turned back to normal and then I felt a presence behind my back that made me uneasy. I thought "Damn, I spawned that demon and it's behind me." Before I fully turned back, I felt a strange sensation of touch on my back and then I lost lucidity and woke up.
    7. Fraternizing with the Enemies

      by , Yesterday at 06:15 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was Roy Greenhilt, from Order of the Stick. I was being interrogated by Redcloak, who had put me on a circle. With each push of the button more spikes protrude from it, around me, like I'm on a knife throwing wheel except the knives come from the back. He seemed unwilling to actually hurt me, though. I didn't actually know the answer he wanted and I convinced him that. Someone I also talked him into letting me go. We left what appeared to be a Mayan pyramid.

      My dream transitioned to me in a library. It was a small library. Supposedly I am in my accommodation's library (I was trying to contact the librarian in WL) but the surrounding suggested that I was in my elementary boarding school.
    8. Outside My Head

      by , Yesterday at 05:36 PM
      Had a lucid dream this morning. I was at my old elementary school when I realized that this must be a dream. I walked out to the parking lot and did this spin technique to teleport back to my house because I wanted to complete a dream task: finding my dream guide. I made it back to my house and walked outside to see it raining extremely heavily and I noticed I had no shoes on. Now I'm thinking, "I don't want to spend the majority of my lucid dream trying to walk to through rain and mud". So I decide that I am going to go into my backyard and climb over my fence to find the dream character I am looking for.

      I mean, I understood that dreams function off of expectation. My expectation was to find my dream guide at the park which was a bit of a long walk from my house. However, it was raining so heavily so I changed my expectation to find my dream character in the house that was behind mine so I only had to get over the fence and travel a shorter distance to find her. Dream ended unfortunately.

      This isn't the first time an obstacle has stopped me from finding my dream guide. The first time it was this heavy wind that blew me away as I was trying to make my way down to the park.

      Now how did I induce this DILD? It could have been several factors. For starters, I was more awake and active during my longer WBTB period. I mean I had turned on lights and written in my dream journal to the point where I had trouble going back to sleep. Secondly, I did my method of "Ambience Induced Lucid Dream" which involved me lying in bed and attempting to meditate, quiet my mind, and be aware of the ambient space of the room. In other words, suppose you had to navigate a room with your eyes closed. What senses would you need to focus more to get an idea of the space around you? I would say this is in a similar vein to SSILD that has you shift awareness to each of the major senses of Sight, Hearing and Touch. Other factors could have been my intense motivation to have a lucid dream; motivation being a big trigger for lucid dreams as explained in ETWOLD.

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    9. Spells Fall Comp Nights 7 8 9 10 11

      by , Yesterday at 04:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Night 7:

      I was with family and friends, supposedly vacationing somewhere in southern China. (Though we drove there from the states by car...?) We were checking into a hotel, a ~5 story white concrete building looking over a sandy beach cove near the ocean with no other buildings nearby. In the distance I can see a large city with heavy industrial buildings and office high rises though, and further inland, I see large mountains. I am looking at the beach (ahem... dream sign... ahem.) and thinking about how I might not want to swim in the water with those polluting factories nearby.

      Somehow, during the process of unloading the luggage, my maternal aunt manages to dislocate/break her hip. Family members begin to panic and I go inside the hotel to call for a doctor. The lobby is cramped inside, all white, with potted palm trees in red clay pots everywhere. Weirdly, there is a doctor on standby with a medical bed and all the equipment you would expect in a side room of the lobby. Though, the language barrier proves tricky because everybody only speaks Chinese. (Actually, I don't remember any non family member dream characters speaking at all.)

      Eventually we did manage to get the doctor to help her.

      Night 8:

      I remember this full dream in excruciating detail but its very dull, so here is the cliffnotes version: Temporal dissonance to my first week of college. I am in a location that is somewhat reminiscent of my elementary school cafeteria but larger and roofless, along with many other students. They are talking about playing tag, but we aren't allowed to run. So we play tag walking around.

      A boy who looked like sort of a fusion of Jack and Jonathan (Jackathan?, He had the black hair and eyes of Jonathan, but Jack's face and expressions, and a mix of their two body types. He even seemed like a mixture of their two personalities.) Was playing with us. Wether he was walking or jogging around to tag us was questionable. But what goes around comes around and from going too fast he slipped on something and fell into a girls boobs. * (What is this, an anime?) Playing to the cliche he completely lost his composure and ran off to us.

      The game of tag ended and he told everyone to sit back down at the table. He said he needed help figuring out how to apologize to the girl, and even go beyond that he realized he had a crush on her and wanted to get to know her. Everyone at the table started coaching him and giving him advice and after awhile he managed to work up the nerve to go talk to her, and somehow managed to successfully ask her out on a date.

      I'm then led by Jackathan on a tour of this swimming pool complex. There are swimming pools of all shapes, sizes and depths, and presumably different water temperatures. I think there is even one with a water slide. He spends several minutes explaining each pool and its intended purpose, but I want to get away from the character and go back to my dorm room.

      Night 9:

      With the exact cast of Night 7's dream, checking into another hotel, this time one presumably closer to home. This hotel is low to the ground and has a log cabin/wilderness vibe to it, despite being in a commercial district.

      My father is having trouble with luggage, as he often does in real life, he packed far too much for what was needed on the trip. He asks that I check us into the room. I tell him I don't know what to do, he says to figure it out on my own since I'm an adult now. I go up into the lobby where there is a long line of people checking into rooms. I wait my turn and when I do, there is a problem with my credit card, and I have to get out of line to go get my father to ask him for cash so that I can pay that way. He is upset that I wasn't able to check in for us on my own.

      I go down the elevator to the first floor/basement of the hotel. It is like a parking garage and there is some sort of Harry Potter themed convention here. I see people wearing costumes. I am then greeted by an aged up version of a girl from my fifth grade class who I know she had a crush on me, but I didn't reciprocate the feelings. She proceeded to remove her top, though I ignored not finding her very attractive, even aged up.

      Meanwhile one of her friends was attempting to convince me to eat these (they kind of looked like chocolate rice crispy treats, supposedly a recreation of some magical food from Harry Potter.)

      Also a dream fragment: Something about a multi-layered city made entirely of metal. Up top the buildings were stylized very art deco, while lower down were more utilitarian and minimalistic.

      Night 10: No recall.

      Night 11: I was at a gas station waiting for my dad to register for some kind of trailer licence. He had to register his old van, and the trailer we use to move our canoe. When he got the bill, he was upset that it was costing him $1305 rather than $805 or $905 like he had calculated. There were a bunch of pictures on the registration of the trailer, it was printed on like a piece of computer paper.

      Manei came into the store wearing a black swimsuit and threw water balloons at me. I just ignored it since we were going to a beach anyway and I didn't care if I was wet. But a security guy at the gas station made her leave for attacking customers. **

      Mom: Did you know that girl?

      Me: Yeah. It's just my dream guide.

      I carried on nonlucid.

      * I want someone who knows a lot of anime to make a compliation of every time in an anime that a guy's face falls into a girls boobs, and set it to the finale of the 1812 overture, and put it on youtube.

      ** Brownie points to Manei, thanks for trying to get me lucid even when I'm in a terrible mental place to LD right now. (At least that's what I assume she was trying to do.)

      So Night 7 1 nld
      Night 8 1 nld
      Night 9 1 nld, 1 frag
      Night 10 null
      Night 11 1 nld

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    10. roman tactics and the obscure

      by , Yesterday at 04:22 PM
      I watched a long war draw out between two ancient forces. The tactics were brilliant and borrowed from the romans, and when the smaller force came out on top I left for a new land. I found myself at the old farmhouse, and in the distance I could see a large commotion. Iron man was in the field fighting some monsters. I hear a voice say, "truly, Iron Man is weak". Suddenly I was a new character, a superhero that does not exist. He was like Iron man, with a less powerful suit but more skill. Think bat man, played by brad pitt. Suddenly I was this guy, and flew off in my suit directly at Iron man. I attached a small tracking device to him that scanned his eyes, and then cybernetic eye implants in my brad pitt body allowed me to gain access to his computer system, where I shut off the suit and he died in battle. I now reigned supreme. I woke up.

      Later on I had another dream that was just so strange. I was stewie griffin, and I was in a world where cartoons and fictional weirdos had come together. There was a monster eating someone around every corner, and no matter what I did I could not figure out what was going on. Bright coloured fleshy balls were gyrating everywhere and my companions were powerless midget fairies.
    11. Bad timing / Breakfast conversation / Infiltration observation / Honey map / Staying with my in-laws

      by , Yesterday at 02:19 PM
      Bed @ 2230
      Woke @ 0015 /w no recall
      BTB @ 0020 /w water
      Woke @ 0340

      Bad timing
      I'm in my bathroom in the middle of the night taking galantamine and choline. I'm having trouble swallowing them; I put a pill in my mouth, take some water, swallow the water, but just can't get the pill down. After a couple of tries, I can start to taste the pill and realize it's already dissolving in my mouth. Eventually I just give up and chew up the pill and hope that it won't mess with it. I chew up the galantamines but manage to swallow the choline (which I think is ironic given how much larger the choline is), but then I notice there's still a galantamine on the counter; I could have sworn I chewed up both of them, but oh well. I go ahead and take the one I "forgot." As I'm finishing with the pills I start to hear my wife moving around. I assume she's just woken up to use the bathroom, so I head out so she can use it; but as I leave the bathroom I'm shocked to find that it's 6:58, only two minutes before I'm supposed to get up to go to work! There's no way I can sleep and dream in two minutes, and not only did I just waste a dose, but it'll be another four days before I can try again! Arg! I can't understand how I could have done something like that.

      Now I'm helping my wife by collecting laundry from our room. Clothing, along with a few blankets, is scattered on every surface in the room. As I'm trying to figure out what to do with my daughter's quilt, she comes in and takes it from me. As she's leaving I look out into the hallway and notice the baby gate at the top of the stairs: it has only its top and bottom bars left, with nothing in-between, and I can't imagine how it could do anything at all to stop my toddler from going up or down the stairs.

      Breakfast conversation
      I'm eating breakfast with Steve B. He asks how I'm doing with my Bible reading, and I confess that I'm actually not doing so well. He's concerned and asks why, and I tell him that when I'm trying to read it my mind feels like it's getting pulled in a hundred directions and it takes a white-knuckled grip to stay focused, and it's just really exhausting. He says I might want to consider reading other good books to build up my spiritual reading muscles and suggests a couple. One of them I've heard of, and I ask him about the other one. He explains it's a biography of <someone who did something.> As we're talking, I'm getting more breakfast. There's some kind of cooked banana dish, and there's some kind of bread-based casserole. Both are pretty tasty, though the bread one is starting to get soggy.

      Infiltration observation
      It's night. I'm 'hovering' behind a youth as he sneaks along some narrow walkways above water. I'm not concerned about his seeing me - I'm somehow 'present' without actually being here physically. I stay fairly close to him, hanging back far enough to watch what he's doing. He's pretty spry, hopping over locked gates with some fairly slick moves. Eventually he reaches doors to go inside somewhere and passes through, unaware that a lady (with dark skin and black clothes) is now following right behind him. As I pass through the doors behind them, she actually holds the door for me and looks straight at me. She's wearing a lot of fancy spy gear and must be able to 'see' me, or at least sense my presence. She gives me a 'so you thought you could pull one over on me, huh?' wry smile before continuing off behind the boy.

      Honey map
      I'm holding a wooden honey dipper and trying to place small dots of honey on a map where I believe the final battle of a campaign was fought. I know that the map will alert me when I've gotten the right spot, but despite putting dots in a number of places I thought were likely candidates, nothing's happened. Finally a 'touch here for a hint' button appears and I press it with the tip of the dipper, but nothing shows up. For a moment I wonder if it's broken, but then I realize I'm zoomed in so far that the battle sites aren't visible. I zoom out and try again, but the honey is nearly gone and I'm having trouble getting any to drip. I end up spinning the dipper, thinking that maybe centrifugal force will help honey get to the edge so it can drip down.

      Now I'm 'hovering' over the roads I just saw in the map. Both sides of the road are packed with booths selling many different things. I can see little icons hovering above people, and I know that they indicate that the person is going to do something important, even if I don't know exactly what each of the icons is trying to represent. In a larger booth, I see two people with icons, and I somehow know that talking to one of them will cause a quest to succeed while talking to the other will fail the quest.

      BTB @ 0405 /w 8mg galantamine
      Woke @ 0520

      Staying with my in-laws
      I'm standing on the driveway at my in-law's house. My wife is loading our car, and my mother-in-law is getting into her car. I really need to use the bathroom, so I tell them I'll be right back and jog up the driveway to the house. The garage doors are already closed, so I call back to ask one of them to use the remote. Both of them try, but the garage door won't go up. We're all confused, and both of them try again, but still nothing. I look back at the door and see that it's open a couple of feet (though now it's become a single-piece garage door, so it's opened by tilting). I ask them to stop using the remotes so I can crawl under the door and not worry about being crushed.

      Now I'm in bed in their guest bedroom, and I know that I'm dreaming. My wife is still asleep next to me, so I gently scoot down towards the foot of the bed. As I'm trying to stand up, my movement feels "off," and my arms are leaden. I have trouble getting off the bed and end up face-planting on the floor. I take a moment to pull myself together and get up, and I can move around OK now. I head down the hallway and out the front door and look around. With the house at my back, I'm looking down a (beautifully manicured) sloped lawn. The rest of the neighborhood stretches out below me, and trees surround the property. I remember my personal goal of flying above the treetops and jump as hard as I can. I go shooting up into the air and get at least fifty feet in the air, well above the nearest trees. Success! I look around and thrill at being so high, though I have a brief moment of confusion as I find that I'm still not above the roof. Oh well, dreams are weird. I try to go higher, but I'm not able to; instead, I start to fall. At first, I'm falling slowly, but I quickly build speed until I finally slam into the ground, feet first, with a tremendous thump.

      That was fun! I look forward to doing more flying in the future, but I decide to try out other stuff now. I remember my 3-step goals and that my intended narrative was to summon my cell phone, use it, then disband it. I normally wear my cell phone on my belt, though it's not there now. Without looking, I reach down to my belt, to where I usually wear it, intending to grab it; but my hand comes back empty. I try again, and this time I come back with an Insteon module. Huh? Oh well, at least I summoned something ... I head back inside looking for something electronic to mess with to complete step two. I enter the kitchen and go to the dishwasher which I see has some kind of electronic display. I mess with the buttons on the control panel and manage to change what the display is showing; I end up in some kind of menu and manage to change a setting.

      Now I decide to hunt for a bathroom - I want to see if I can use a mirror to change my physical appearance. I go down one short hallway, but all the doors are closed and I don't want to barge in on my in-laws. I try another one and, once again, the doors are closed; but I remember this is a dream and it doesn't matter. I decide to go through the door I'm at, but I'm surprised to see that it has only a deadbolt. I decide that, since this is a dream, that's not going to stop me and that I'm going to phase through the door. I make some progress, but there's resistance, and before I make it more than a couple of inches through the door bursts open. I'm a bit disappointed, but oh well. Whatever's behind the door, it's not a bathroom. I try a couple more doors before finally finding what seems to be a dressing room with a large wall mirror. *I stand in front of the mirror and manage to alter a couple of physical characteristics. Unfortunately, my rib cage looks emaciated, and I can't seem to do anything about it.*

      Now I'm walking on a wide sidewalk next to a park. A tall, well-dressed woman is walking towards me, and *I order her to stop. She does, standing completely still, with eyes staring straight ahead. It's actually a bit creepy.

      At one point, I hear something I assume is my wife's alarm. I steel myself, trying to stay in the dream. Once it stops, I assume I'll have five minutes before it goes off again.

      Many times through the dream I lose sight. I rub my hands until it comes back.

      BTB @ 0545 - though I never actually get back to sleep
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    12. 10/24/16

      by , Yesterday at 01:45 PM
      I remembered 1 dream:

      I was at one of the largest corn mazes I have seen and it was sunset. I was chasing after these familiar people, but I couldn't catch them. I didn't know who they were, and every once in a while, they would look back and laugh at me. I tripped on a stick, and fell face-first into the dirt. Then I had a false awakening, and I was in my bedroom. One second later, I fell asleep in that dream, and right after that I woke up.
    13. Spooky Competition Night 11 (10/25/16)

      by , Yesterday at 12:28 PM
      2 Fragments + 3 dreams recalled

      Fragment 1
      I see someone familiar (brother's friend?)

      Fragment 2
      In the cafeteria in school I see Emily. She looked really pretty.

      Dream 1
      I am in the cafeteria at lunch sitting with my friends. There are still 3-4 more seats open at the table. Then, those guys in the other gym class come and sit at our table and I was happy about that. Then I see Shan (guy who goes to a different school) standing up in front of our table smiling/laughing about something. Some other folks in the room look at Shan because he looked like a big guy with a big beard. I also stand up and we go throw our food trash away in the trash can. And I could tell there were eyes on us. He comes and sits down next to me and we talk. I ask him "Are the students in Cosby as tall as or the same in this school?" He replies saying they are about same like this. Then, when the table gets empty soon, I see Robert sitting with 2 other guys and go join them and greet them. Connor looks at me and I ask him "how are you doing" and he says "good."

      Dream 2
      I am in Physics class and some guys came in our school to talk about some physics test that colleges look at (psat for physics?). Then after that I am sitting in the back of the room next to Bradley and we are working on an assignment out of the textbook. Two of the textbook page assignments that were very similar involved drawing some diagram. Then one of the pages in the book showed a rubik's cube which reminded me of something. I had a rubik's cube so I took it out and started playing with the speedcube. Bradley asked me "can you solve that thing?" and I said yes. So now, I was more focused on the rubik's cube than my work. Then Mr. Peters comes near us. To make it seem like I am doing my work and focused I ask him a question about the assignment and he answers. Then later, I am standing up with the rubik's cube in my hand. I am almost done solving the cube using a trick method when Katie Fanz walks by. I try to finish solving crazily fast to impress her. The cube gets stuck somewhere there, and dream ends.

      Dream 3
      I am walking toward the bus loop when I see my bus not in its slot again which made me a little mad. So I just stood there and then soon there were a ton of other people there. I see Peyton who looks at me. I look behind me and see some other guy standing there. Then I also see Katie McCrum standing there and we make a quick eye contact. When our bus came, we all rushed to get inside. The bus seats got full in seconds and I moved near the back and luckily found a completely empty seat and sat there. I tried to look for _______ and saw someone in the middle of the bus that might be that person.
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    14. Smiler's Contract

      by , Yesterday at 11:12 AM
      Medium LD before 1.20am
      The first part of the dream repeated several times.

      It is night time, extremely dark except for a few lights in the distance. I am hiding in an alleyway. A car filled with gangsters drives by. They open fire with automatic weapons, spraying the bulding next to the alley - a bar/pub? I duck for cover behind some bins.

      More gunmen start running up the alley. Crouched low to avoid the gunfire, I flee. The alley leads to a field of tall grass. In the distance is a strange machine. It looks a bit like a tractor, sounds like one, but has a long thin section at the front. It seems yellow in the moonlight. I hide from the tractor, but realise the driver is not part of the gang. The gangsters following me eventually give up and leave.

      Then I look back and see a man dressed in blue walking slowly towards where I am hidden. As if he knows exactly where I am. He is not rushing. I break cover and run. The man doesn't speed up. He continues walking at a steady pace, following me wherever I go. Beyond the field are small village streets.

      Everytime I look back, the man is there still following me. The closest building is a restaurant or bar of some kind. I run inside and my awareness rises - noticing the feeling of panic and realising this is not real. The man has appeared in the doorway. He reminds me of Khylen from Killjoys - that same air of superiority, the self-assuredness that he can't be hurt. He looks to be late forties, early fifties maybe. Grey hair, pale eyes.

      I'm not going to run anymore. I summon a weapon - a meat cleaver - and attack. He dodges all the attacks with apparent ease, but gets driven back towards the wall. Well, this isn't working... I point at him and command him to "sit" like a dog. Obediently, he perches on a chair. It seems to amuse rather than annoy him.
      "You're not going to chase me anymore." I tell him, as calmly as possible.
      He shakes his head. "Already accepted the contract from 'Smiler'" He replies.
      Who the hell is 'smiler'?
      "Fine. Chase me if you want. But I don't ever want to see you again. You will always be just over the horizon. Out of sight. You cannot kill me."
      He nods. "Okay. I left my rifle in the car. You will not see me again."

      The comment about the rifle makes me think my suggestion didn't work. Maybe he's just going to shoot me in the back. Unsure as to where this leaves us, I step out of the room. I decide to try and salvage the lucid by getting off this planet for a while. I take off and go straight up at rocket speed. Within a few seconds I am really high, among thin clouds. Then I am floating in space looking down at the Earth. I recall my first 3-step is to teleport, and focusing my thoughts on going back to Talis, start to spin, but wake up instead.
    15. 10/25/16- The VOICE is Back-New Power

      by , Yesterday at 10:44 AM
      I walk into this white room yet it feels outdoorsy, I was looking around for a door to go through curious as to where it would lead when I started thinking about what I wanted to do with this room. I just stood there thinking what a relaxed feeling I had and wanted to soak it in for a moment before I tried to use any control. I always have a feeling when I use too much control that I may be missing out on something special. After that thought, the VOICE said "Are you here for your lesson"? He startled me because I haven't heard him since I wished my husband could see my dreams. I was thinking how excited I was to have him back because he has always been there for me, like a teacher. He sounded direct and to the point. He said it was time I was given my next power but he was not going to reveal what this power is or what it does, he put this glowing ball in my hand that was larger than a softball but seemed it should be much heavier, I was in awe looking at it, it had a green glow to it and it looked to be a glass ball with a world inside spinning around slowly counterclockwise as if it was in some kind of fluid. Very delicate looking glass. The thought ran through my head that this was not going to last long in my hands because I am a klutz. Then he told me that I was to be very careful and to not force the power, the power would come to me when I was one with it. You must become one with it, I think he said that three times. Of course my mind was thinking one with it? What does that mean? This part is hard to explain in words...I was standing there with this glowing ball in my hands and I could feel it, I raised my hand and started doing some kind of oriental dance of some kind like karate or something like that but very fluid and smooth, all while I must have been split in two because lucid me was watching from a short distance away wondering how I am doing this and watching myself holding this glowing ball. It was like half of me was serious and taking it all in and going with it while the other half of me was watching and questioning everything as a curious mind. Like the real me was watching the dreaming me?!?! Loved this one! I woke up happy even though I only slept 4 hours.

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