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    1. Dream energy work

      by , Today at 05:46 PM
      Was at a cabin in the mountains with my parents, my dad's relatives, and some random people. My dad demanded that I clean all the dogs that were there. I guess that made me a little bit lucid because I grabbed some random DC lady and dragged her downstairs for some fun time. Then I became a little more lucid and remembered what I wanted to do. I dropped the DC lady like a bag of luggage and stared into a mirror. I looked normal. I began the energy work, feeling it flow through the ground, up through my body, my spine, and out my head. I guess I expected to see some visual representation of it but I didn't. It started out very weak feeling too. I noticed my head was missing in the mirror. I decided to go walk through the winter forest outside. As I stepped outside I said that it would not be cold, but it would be warm. The snow was slightly warm and the temperature was probably 75F with a cool breeze. Was a really strange sensation, feeling warm snow beneath my feet with that familiar crunch that happens when stepping on it. I kept doing the energy work as I walked through the forest, amplifying it. I started to feel compassion swell up in my chest, at this point I saw little rainbows appear all over. Heh. They disappeared after a few seconds but the snow began sparkling with several different colors. I kept amplifying the feeling as I walked down towards a frozen lake, felt wonderful. I woke up, was determined to DEILD even though I felt like jumping out of bed and running a marathon. I patiently waited for the next dream to start.

      I was at my parents' house and I said, "that was quicker than I had expected". I walked outside with a big smile on my little dream face, I still felt the afterglow of the energy work. I tried to walk through a fence. Struggled a little bit but then I imagined I was transparent and I slipped right through. Woke up again. DEILD'd same thing.

      I was now a child at an elementary school cafeteria, hanging out with childhood friends. Some angry bully came along and tried to mess with them so I got up and gave him a big hug filled with love and he walked away with a smile on his face. I sat there for a couple minutes, half listening to them talk about taking actual measurements of the brain's activity during deep meditation. I was really just enjoying the feeling of contentment and joy that I was experiencing. I suddenly saw the recurring dream girl DC that I always seem to love. I walked over to her and touched her face. I remembered her face this time when I woke up. Sort of. I really want to do this again.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Earthquake

      by , Today at 04:31 PM
      At about 6:30 to 7:30 am.
      dream of a HUGE earthquake here in So Cal. It was at least a 7 on the R.scale. I was swaying in my hallway and grabbed the door jam to stay upright. I yelled out for my kids and told them "hold on, this is a big one". Looking back now that I am awake, this could have been an oobe. Not my usual experience. Very vivid and the movement was accurate for a very large earthquake.
    3. April 23rd, 2014 AM - Circular Hotel School

      by , Today at 03:41 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream was long and detailed but when I woke up it fragmented and I find it hard to describe some of the things I saw and experienced, even though I can still "see" it in my mind. There were two parts to this dream. (Possible Trigger Warning for some people near the end of these dreams.)

      First part:
      Hotel on top of the Mountain.
      A short, corpulant man with short dark hair, who looks like Danny DeVito (so I will call him Danny though he was unnamed in the dream) invites me to his room in a highly populated hotel on top of a steep mountain for sex. Though it is a large, lavish hotel, people live in the rooms like apartments rather then rent them. I agree but he then insist on taking me to a privacy room, called a Sky Room, so we can get it on in peace without people listening in. The rooms are very close together and very small, all with a light yellow colour scheme (walls, sheets, carpet, all light yellow coloured) and it's easy to hear your neighbours.

      From the outside the hotel looks like an ancient European castle of dark grey stone, but inside the layout is not square but cylindrical. In the center of the hotel is a large shaft called the "Elevator" which goes up to individual themed rooms for rent that exist high in the sky and supposedly offer the hotel residence some privacy for a few hours (hence why they are called "Sky Rooms"). To get to the hotel on top of the mountain, people must take a large ski lift (called the "tram" in the dream) from a valley far below. The journey is long and dangerous because sometimes the wind blows the tram right off the wires and people die plummeting hundreds of feet to the ground below. After learning about the dangers of the tram I understand why people decide to stay and live in the hotel rather than risk coming and going on the tram.

      Danny and I look around for one for rent but they are all occupied and the next one won't become free for two hours. I see a timer slowly counting down the time. The countdown time 1:31:00 sticks in my mind for some reason, after I see it on Danny's countdown clock. Danny and I sit in silence in his hotel room, occasionally smiling at each other, but our passion for sex quickly fading as the time slowly ticks away. I vaguely recall being in one of the Sky Rooms and hearing people in one below ours having sex and thinking "These are not as private as advertised." Despite remembering thinking that in the dream Danny and I never actually rented a Sky Room because none became free before we both lost interest in each other and went our separate ways.

      I woke up and laid awake for a few minutes, contemplating getting on DV to record this, but I was too tired and decided to go back to sleep. I am surprised I remembered as much of the first part upon awakening as I did, but maybe because the second part was similar in some ways.

      Second part:
      Space Military School
      The same circular hotel with the large elevator in the middle still exists, but now it is located in orbit around earth. The hotel rooms are now classrooms or training rooms and not living residences. Some students and faculty members do live there if they are rich and can afford to, but most of the students are poor and live down on the Earth, and have to use the Elevator everyday to get to class. The base of the Elevator is located in a thick, dark temperate forest and it's shaft reaches all the way into space.

      I am waiting for the Elevator car to arrive and I wander behind the shaft and see a two-storey log cabin with many windows. Through the windows I can see dozens and dozens of owls and they all seems to be flapping against the windows in an attempt to get out. The owls looks like snowy owls, but most are all different sizes and there are a few color variations other than white and brown. I notice one very small owl that is colored bright red with golden tips on it's wings and tail. I can't see anyone inside the building and I can't stay to help the owls as the elevator car arrives and I have to get on it or I will miss my class.

      The school is run with very strict rules and poor students are treated with less regard than wealthy ones. The Principle is a Commander from the Earth based Military and treats all students of all levels and background as soldiers in training. He dislikes being the school master and dreams of the glories of war. The Principle is a handsome man who shows interest in marrying me for some reason and one night he kidnaps me after class and takes me to his quarters. He leaves me in the care of three of his male subordinates with strict instructions that I am not to be harmed. I am imprisoned in a white room and not allowed to leave until I agree to marry the Principle. While I am locked in the room the Principle organizes the students and uses them as soldiers to attack facilities on the earth. The subordinates in charge of watching me hear about the attacks and get drunk to celebrate. The three of them become so inebriated they forget about the command that I am not to be harmed and I am viciously and repeatedly gang raped. When the Principle returns he is furious that I am bruised and bleeding and emotionally detached because of the rape and he violently kills the drunken guards one by one with his own hands. The dream ends with the Principle trying to comfort me but I just gaze out the window looking into space without responding to him.
    4. Catastrophe and horse

      by , Today at 03:40 PM
      I'm in the courtyard of my primary school.
      Someone is saying that something bad happened in the interstellar space and everyone is scared.
      I come in the school looking for a tv, but it seems communications broke after this catastrophe.
      It comes to my mind that my sister is alone home, so I start to run towards home, but roads are very crowded and I need to jump on cars and trucks and junks in order to go on.
      Finally I'm in the last part of the route to reach my home but Sun is darken and it starts to be very cold.
      So I stop to a shop to buy some duvets but the owner is gone, so I decide to take his place and make people pay, instead of just stealing clothes.
      As I'm trying to write an invoice for a man buying a bearskin, my sister came and says that train is leaving so again we have to speed up.
      She has the keys of a yellow car, but when we sit in, it's clear that it's a horse and I'm worried as in the station there is not a park for horse.
    5. Skate Session

      by , Today at 03:23 PM
      *I remember staking at this office building area. Every trick I attempt to do was a fail. I thought I completely lost all of my skills but in no time I will have then back. I tried to kick flip, 360, and something else. I was also skating with my brother who managed to pull off a 360 shove it.

      *I was at the dharma center when Lama Dorjee asked me if I was doing to ok? I said Yes confidently. Then he asked me again and I said a responds basically implying that because of my meditation practice I have came such a long way. This expression of confidence in meditation caused all the people surrounding me to smile.
    6. Dreaming Of Sleep Paralysis

      by , Today at 03:08 PM
      So last night I went to sleep at around 11pm and set my alarm for 4:30am. I woke up, got a snack and reset my alarm to 6am and went back to bed. I had attempted to keep my mind active and let my body sleep with hopes of going into paralysis but something strange happened. My mind went to sleep and I drempt that I never did. In my dream I was lying on my bed with my computer on my chest turned onto Omegle.com. ( It's a peer to peer website that matches your webcam up with another randomly and you chat) Just as I drempt of entering paralysis my best friend came up on the screen with her friend and didn't notice it was me she was looking at. Her appearance was slightly different with a blue streak in her hair and I thought it was a little strange but I went with it. I tried breaking out and saying "Hi" but I couldn't talk and she skipped me.
      memorable , side notes
    7. Morning - April 23 2014

      by , Today at 01:35 PM
      Well then.

      Last night was uneventful and it's hard to remember stuff. I feel markedly distant from the occurrences. But I get the feeling SOME intriguing things happened, so I'll just write out whatever fragments come to mind.

      Fragment 1 - Magix
      I remember being with a group on a quest, though I'm not sure what the quest was or who the members of the group were. One thing I do recall is that we ended up underwater somehow. I and another magic-user began to expand psychic shields underwater, sort of like bubbles that wouldn't pop. Our group could poke their heads in to get some air, or even chill entirely inside one, but the water pressure around the shield didn't crush or distort it.

      Fragment 2 - Exam Cram
      Dreamed I was trying to get ready for an exam in the morning that had been announced the day before @_____@ or something like that

      The teacher gave us a computer game that would walk us through everything we needed to know. There were actually about six to eight different scenarios, and I think I only got close to mastering one. The game itself involved looking at my character and the level map from a top-down perspective, and sneaking into a fortress by sneaking up on the guards and choking them out from behind. Was pretty tricky.
    8. Past Life Regression attempt/Regular Dream

      by , Today at 01:29 PM
      6:15 am ish
      This is following a past life regression session fail. My son kept rolling over onto me when I was relaxing. Turned it off and thought about Stonehenge. Fell asleep. I remember a guy cutting a tree down. I was in a SMALL area of trees and he gave me his hatchet. I began to hack away at a tree that had been previously notched. I remember being very unskilled with the hatchet. Then I realized how old and brittle the tree was. Now I am pushing it over. I take notice to the rest of the trees and they look like they are decaying, brittle, falling apart and dying. I push a bunch of them over. They are all pretty small. Now I see two pretty and healthy ash. In my mind I don't want to cut them down at all. Instead I end up walking over to the trees to look at them and admiring. A girl on a patio chair cusses me out and tells me to leave them alone. I agree and walk away and circle back around. Half way through this I see a group of people playing what looks to be dodgeball or something. Some girl talks to me and I keep going. I end back where the trees were. The guy who had me cut them is now saying how he has claim to a bunch more on someones property and he wants to cut them down without anyone even knowing. This is NOT something I want to partake in. I jump over the fence into an alley.

      Dream continues? I am walking down a dirt path next to a wooded hill on one side and a river on the other. I am coming up to a parked van and I see a beautiful little green or red parrot flying around. As I approach the van it flies right up to me. I sort of cover my head and close my eyes and then this parakeet sized parrot talons onto my hand. It didn't hurt, but I could feel it. I enjoy this and he gets into my hair like its a nest or something. This is very pleasurable. The bird is so cute and VERY I think green! I yell at my friend Nate to come back and look. He does but doesn't think much of it. Now I keep walking and he is with me. I see a VERY tall wooden fence and I 3 point jump it. When I get to the other side I look back to see if Nate makes it. I see that he maybe kicked up about 1 time onto the fence but when he goes to grab the top he misses and falls back to the ground. OMG! I now see a grizzly appearing right where he was. It is standing up and is taller than the fence noticing me on the other side. HE IS HUGE! I see him lunge down at Nate. I push the bottom of the fence panel back and his head is looking right at me. I panic! Now I am running and feel like I am in a compound of fenced in areas and doors. I make it to a door, look back, see the grizzly coming for me 100%, then open and slam the door closed behind me. Now I am inside and there is an area with two doors. I run to one and turn back to the other. When I'm opening that door the grizzly is coming in the previous. I can feel my blood pumping. I go through and slam the door shut. Now I remember doing this one more time without the grizzly and the fear is gone. Now I am in a room and there are a few people around. I relax a bit and a young girl comes out looking at me like she has something to say. She then says something on the line of thank you or something and I sense it's for my service I did in the Marine Corps. I think I was like.. "oh... not a big deal." Then parents seem to come in and I think I recognize them from yoga. Again I feel like I'm back at the beginning of that maze area where the grizzly is now AGAIN coming at me. I went through the same process. Fear.. doors don't seem to latch. I get away anyhow and now am in a room where I feel like I'm in monk robes and I can see the girl and her family plus some people outside of some LARGE windows in this room. Now I am leaving this room and am outside somewhere. I see some people on a skidloader and one guy is being unsafe and almost gets hurt. I hesitate to say anything then I tell him that I have been doing this for 10 years and that he needs a hardhat on. The young kid half ass listens to me. Then the operator agrees and said that he almost lost his arm. Now the kid complies. I fade off into dreamland at this point.

      cut trees/brittle dying trees/new ash/didn't want to cut/girl yells at me/I circle around/ppl playing??volleyball??dodgeball?? girl talks to me/I keep going/jump fence/claima
      miniature green or red parrot in my hair/van/nate/jumped fence/nate didn't make/grizzly maul/run/doors/got away/talk to little girl/thank for marine/maze again/grizzly/monk clothes/window w ppl/wrong exit? skidloader kids no hardhat/talk to them/I say 10 years experience/fade away

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    9. Dog Blood Everywhere

      by , Today at 12:41 PM
      April 23, 2014: I am rummaging through an attic filled with a multitude of stacked cardboard boxes and plastic bins of various shapes and sizes. They are sloppily and haphazardly stacked, and there are no markings to indicate their contents. I am looking for something, but I don’t know what. I am finding all manner of worthless things, such as used crumpled tissues.

      Now I am outside on the front lawn of my ancestral home in *********, not far from the driveway leading to the garage. I can see that past the driveway, a little way onto the lawn on the other side of the driveway. There is what appears to be a wounded or dead squirrel. A bit further away, there is an adult male golden retriever standing placidly. The squirrel is face down with its legs splayed and is not moving. A blackbird or crow lands right next to it and pecks at it a couple of times. The squirrel immediately comes alive and goes crazy. It runs around frantically, in a panic, and ends up biting the golden retriever severely in its right groin area and penis, and the dog begins to bleed profusely. Blood gets distributed all over the lawn as the dog runs on the property.

      The dog ends up on the front lawn, and Lynne appears. She puts two fingers on the dogs right femoral artery and the horrendous, abnormally excessive arterial bleeding stops. Now there is a small dressing on the wound, and no apparent blood on the dog or the dressing, which is white and taped in place. Lynne builds a tent around the dog to shade and protect it. The dog is weak from anemia. The dogs owners (a man and a woman) walk up to us from the direction of ****** ***** Road. We tell them what happened and they disappear.

      My dead (IRL) father is on the front lawn, very close to the house. Lynne, the dog, the tent and I are close to the street. A lawn sprinkler system comes on, but instead of water, it is spraying arcs of blood from the dog which has evidently seeped through the soil into the system of pipes. Dog blood is being sprayed everywhere by the gallon every second. I get sprayed with blood and am grossed out. I yell to my father to shut off the sprinkler system. In opening my mouth to yell, I get a small quantity of aerosolized blood in my mouth, enough to taste it. I wake.
      Tags: blood, dog
    10. 23 apr 2014

      by , Today at 10:36 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • Some monks are asked how much it will cost to expel a demon. There is a very worn/chipped wooden door in the dream.
    11. Apr 23:

      by , Today at 05:28 AM
      Date: Apr 23
      Sleep Length: 7h
      Techniques: DILD
      Dream Summary:
      (1) I'm in class, sitting next to li, I'm getting along with her extraordinarily good, her laughter looks stupid though, I can remember seeing her face which means it was fairly vivid, the teacher said she doesn't know what the bell sounds like, and I exchanged with some student (AG) sheets/candy, the sheets were from a test and he failed
      (2) at home, I look at my scars on my shoulder and I'm angry coz it doesn't heal faster, I'm in front of a cupboard, changing my plasters, then I'm in the living room and my mothr tries to call the grandparents (with a wrong number). Then they're suddenly there because I was thinking of them (I guess), and when I tried to find their number in my address book they saw stuff they weren't supposed to see. then my mother showed me a "report" in front of my room. It was folded like a letter, apparently it was for raspberry syrup and it was written in black capitals. She told me this is what a report is supposed to look like. I assume the words were gibberish
      (3) I was with (LR) and we went through an underpass and met a bunch of girls who were going to a party or something. we knew some of them, those I didn't know resembled other people I know (which made me think "Something isn't right", but sadly I didn't go lucid)
      (4) I was kinda watching a movie but I was also somehow part of it. We were in the forest (family) and we were playing around and we got to a pond. when we went there the second time it was suddenly kinda blurred and strange and I thought it was because of a nuke or some weird bomb. I was looking for my family (thought they died, strangely emotion was indifferent/curious), I found my siblings playing on a meadow and looking through a hole in a rock, on the other side was a red light which looked like fire. The meadow was cold, the grass was bluish, it looked like an autumn day/dusk
      Vividness (1-15), Awareness (1-10): 6/5
      Emotions: don't remember
      Tags: in class, next to li, teacher: bell, AG: exchange sheets, candy;; at home, scars, number from grandparents, report (syrup, capslock, folded like a letter);; underpass, group of girls, party, almost lucid;; movie, lake, atomic bomb

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    12. Ozone

      by , Today at 04:56 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #204: Ozone

      I’m sitting at a craft table with three other people: a guy in his late 20s (“Guy”), a woman in her 30s (“Lady”), and a crazy-looking woman in her mid-40s (“Crazy Lady”). Crazy Lady keeps talking to herself and acting disturbed as she works on her project.

      Lady gets the bright idea to tell Crazy Lady that Guy has a prize for her. “If you get all your work done, maybe he’ll give it to you.” Crazy Lady keeps asking what the prize is, becoming more and more fixated on this prize until she gets out of her chair and approaches Guy. I have a feeling that something awful’s going to happen but that I can’t stop it.

      Spoiler for Unpleasantness:
      I see a pair of dirty scissors flash in Crazy Lady’s hand. She gouges them into the side of Guy’s neck and then grinds the thick, dull blade across his throat. Blood everywhere. Guy collapses to the ground.

      Crazy Lady disappears from the scene as Lady and I rush to help Guy. Now I’m on the phone with emergency services begging them to come help us. They sound very unhurried and tell me that the wait will be “about 30 minutes”. I’m stressed out that they’re going to take so long but I hope they know what they’re doing. I nose pinch reality check in the hope that this isn’t real, and when I blow throuigh I think, No way am I so lucky that this is all a dream. I confirm with a second nose pinch, that
      yes, I’m dreaming!

      Guy and Lady both disappear from the scene and I’m left along in an empty classroom. I wander outside into a misty nighttime street scene. I feel happiness and contentment to have escaped a nightmare and I peacefully explore the environment.

      The bricks on the side of the building fascinate me first, and I bring my vision right up close to them. No matter how close I get, my eyes never lose focus. I seem to be able to look further and further in, zooming into every crack and imperfection. My fingers explore the moist bricks and it’s like I can sense each individual drop of moisture with my fingertips.

      I suddenly give the wall a huge sniff. It feels invigorating and seems to bring the scene even more fully to life. I sense moisture and a sharp whiff of ozone when I do this, just like what you might smell after heavy rain.

      There are a few DCs hanging around nearby, talking softly about something I can’t make out. I approach one of them, a brown-haired guy that’s facing away from me, and examine his hair and scalp up close. I’m fascinated how I can see down to the individual hairs on his head. The DCs’ conversation ceases as I do this and it feels like I hit pause on what they were saying.

      I take another huge sniff, this time of the guy’s scalp. It just smells like a bunch of hair. I laugh self-consciously at what a creepy thing this is to do. Fortunately the DC doesn’t react. I walk onward now through the misty night toward a short stone bridge that runs over some unknown river or creek. Before I cross it,
      the dream ends.
    13. WAY woo many video games

      by , Today at 03:26 AM
      This next dream started me out inside of a space ship much like the video game called Dead Space©. It was a giant square shaped room made of heavy metal. I was standing on top of a small walkway that had a ladder leading to the rest of the room to the right of me. Two men were battling a strange alien like creature wearing suits from the above mentioned video game.{EVA suits to be exact} But they were failing miserably. The creature was an assortment of tentacles leading into the back of a head that resembled a t-rex. the head had a huge mouth with pointed teeth. I held in my hands a line gun for the lower attachment and on the top of the gun a grenade launcher{Play the game you'll see what I mean} I fired at the monster with the grenade launcher but wasn't damagin it enough. I pushed a small lever on the side of my gun and my vision zoomed close to the creature. Upon doing this I noticed that one of the tentacles was bright orange and glowed. I fired my line gun and my vision followed the shot in slow motion. It connected and the tentacle severed and the creature shriveled up and died. I went down the ladder and healed the two soldiers with small healing packs from my item screen.{Just like from the game} I awoke after I watched they're rigs fill into the blue area
    14. Too many video games

      by , Today at 03:23 AM
      This dream started me out in an alley way in a big city and my vision was in third person view. I took control of a man dressed in all black that resembled the main character named Max Payne© from a video game{Haven't played it in a while though}. I walked into the blackness at the end of the alley and it was like I changed worlds. I stepped out of the blackness with a flashlight on and saw enormous blotches of blood smeared all over this strange gray tiled room. The tiles looked like the inside of a ventilator shaft. While the walls were small white square tiles. A demonic whisper blew into my ears telling me strange things about my father and was insulting me in a taunting manner. I walked through a small doorway into an actual lit room and saw two strange flesh colored tentacles protruding from the wall near the floor. I shot at it with a pistol but then got agitated, then stomped on it angrily until it severed. It writhed and squirmed on the floor with blood spilling out it until I awoke. Scary huh?
    15. 4/22/2014

      by , Today at 02:57 AM
      I remember becoming aware for a few seconds in one of my dreams.

      I was in a huge cafeteria and with a lot of people. Some dude wanted to fight me but I don't remember what happened I was then taking a dump in a bathroom that I think was very dirty

      I went underwater into a beautiful reef that was enclosed on all sides. I saw 2 little fish-like things. One with 1 fin and another with 2 fins. The one I wanted to talk to was the one with 2. We swam around jellyfish and I warned the fish with 2 fins, who was a girl, not totouch the tentacles, only the caps of the jellyfish. The jellyfish were floating upwards and created a beautiful square wall with their tentacles. I took my phone out and took a picture of the jellyfish wall. The fish with 2 fins then turned into a mermaid and we kept talking and even took pictures together.
      I was then on some bed in an apartment and the mermaid had grown legs. She started giving my apparent roommate a massage and I was mad because she was mine but not really because I never asked her out. I was still jelly. She left and she suddenly turned into Christa and would talk all retarded. I got disgusted and left to some karate place where the teacher/instructor was testing us on how to make origami out of popcorn bags. I didn't know what I was doing but Chenn from drill helped me while the professor wasn't looking.
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