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    1. Blurry Semi-lucid Dream in a Field, Resturant and Road

      by , Today at 12:38 AM
      I realize that I'm in a field stretching out into every direction. The grass is weak and looks like its dying. Suddenly I realize that there is a large building in-front of me. It seems to be a power plant and has metal towers surrounding a square plot which is bordered by about a 3-inch tall concrete mini-wall. The inside of the plot has the same grass from the rest of the field and I feel uneasy about walking on it because it seems like there could be some sort of dangerous material hidden underneath it (bi-product of the power plant). I hear an elderly ladys voice calling me and telling me to cross the power plant plot. So I comply -blurry- My father is standing beside me. He asks me what I'm doing in this field when the gate is going to close. I tell him that I know. We rush across the power plant plot and I look back to the metal towers to see that in between some of the metal beams I can see a portal with stars on the other side. The sky is really blue. I look at the front of the power plant again and my dad turns me around to face a large brick building with double doors in the center of it. I realize that I need to run towards the door because it's a portal and it will close! I prepare to run but my dad stops me and points towards another smaller door on the left side of the building. He says "go to that one with the human imprints" I rush towards it and suddenly I'm flying above a grey road covered by a tunnel of trees. As I fly along I see my dad is flying beside me. He explains to me why there are black dots flying through the trees. (I forget what he said) Then I remember that by walking backwards you can change the scenery. So I do so and find myself beside another brick building. There is a restaurant there that my family owns. (We don't actually own a restaurant) I have many memories from this place. (false memory) Then I start making a tunnel of glass into the sky and the dream ends.
    2. I Melt With You

      by , Today at 12:13 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #237: I Melt with You
      I'm standing high up on a viewing platform, looking over a view of the sparkling ocean below. Wife and my son E are standing nearby, looking silently out over the water. I realize that this is a dream.

      I look back and E has disappeared. Wife doesn't react, and I tell her, "Don't worry. This is a dream."

      She nods, smiling slightly. "Mm-hmm..."

      I look out at the ocean again, resting my hands on the metal railing, which is cold to the touch. The sand of the beach down below has been replaced by a formless gray. I look back. Wife is still there, but a big chunk of the ocean is missing now.

      I move toward Wife, cutting my eyes around the scene, more and more pieces falling into gray. Even the platform goes to gray. Soon there's nothing left but Wife and a vertical strip of ocean and sky to her left.

      I wrap my arms around Wife and start intensely kissing her. Before long my vision goes entirely gray but I can still feel the sensation of kissing her. I run the fingers of my right hand through her hair, following the moment through until
      the end of the dream.
      Tags: child e, kiss, ocean, void, wife
    3. Chrome

      by , Yesterday at 11:55 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #236: Chrome

      I'm standing outside in a grassy field. I'm in front of a car that looks like a blue 50s Chevrolet. I'm marvelling at the chrome bumpers when I realize that I'm dreaming.

      I take in the details of the Chevy for a moment. It's a beautiful car and looks either completely new or freshly restored. I rest my hand on the hood and to my surprise it crumples like paper, leaving a large indentation.

      I rub my hand on top of the indentation, trying to bend it back into place. This works, but it sends ripples of motion throughout the car's hood. The car starts to move, and I step back as it rears up onto its tires as if they were hind legs! Now the car's standing over me. The front grille and headlights stare down at me like a face. The chrome bumper is turned up in a half-smile.

      "What are you?" I ask. No answer, so I continue: "What do you represent?"

      The Chevy moves its lips as if to speak, but no words come out.

      "Are you Dad?" More movement from the bumper, but no more words before
      the dream ends.
      Tags: car, dad
    4. Plush

      by , Yesterday at 11:46 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #235: Plush

      I'm walking through an opulent hotel room, excitedly considering the idea of lucid dreaming. I take a moment to consider the idea that I'm having a lucid dream right now… and realize that I am!

      I'm standing on a fancy rug, looking through the marble-floored living room out of a picture window that offers a view of the sky. There's another hallway further on and I see a couple of DCs milling about. I want to see what's outside of the room, though, so I open the door to the hallway outside of the room.

      Before stepping through, I think to get myself really pulled into the scene by plunging my fingers into the plush rug. I love the way that it feels on my hands, so I dive into it face first and give it an experimental lick.

      I crawl out into the hallway on my hands and knees, and the carpeting out here is just as plush and and nice as the rug. There's a group of children playing out here, all of them in the 6- to 8-year-old range. "I'm having a lucid dream!" I explain. One of the girls giggles.

      I turn away from the kids and crawl down the hall, delighting in the feel of the carpet. I faceplant again and enjoy the feeling of my tongue on the carpet as I move forward like a snowplow.

      I hear the kids laughing behind me and I get up, turning to look. All of the children are trying to imitate me, crawling along on the carpet feeling it with their hands or licking it. I say something like, "You don't really have to do that in a lucid dream." I wonder if I'm teaching them to emphasize the wrong stuff in their own lucid dreams. I move away from them down the hall and
      the dream ends.
    5. Magic Spell - Rigoperro

      by , Yesterday at 10:18 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Magic Spell - Rigoperro (Non-lucid)


      I was at my house and it seems that my wife was practicing magic, Harry Potter's style. She had a wand as well and she was trying to make one spell that fixed things to work.

      I figured that since I am psychic and I can channel, I can could cast the spell as well if I asked for help to my spirit guides. I knew from hearing the spell that I had to chant "rigoperro"
      (No idea what that even means... but lol...)

      I went to a mirror that has a dented edge and I tried to fix it. As I chanted "rigoperro" fire came out from my hand and burnt the mirror. My wife told me that my hands were always warm and I could not do that spell.

      I wanted to look for my selenite wand:


      But it was buried in some drawer and I could not find it. I wanted to find it and master that spell.

      After this, something with a girl who came out of nowhere and then a false awakening.
      Tags: fire, magic, spell, wand
    6. #74

      by , Yesterday at 08:58 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I haven't been journaling and this has hurt my dreaming. I also have not been cycling. This obviously hurts my lucids.


      I was with some girl. I ended up at some point being with a twin of hers at the same time. Both were in wife-beaters. I realized I was lucid and decided to rip open the first girls shirt. I never actually saw any boobs. They ended up being these little token kind of nub things.

      The dream ended here. I was just glad to go lucid. Maybe it will prime the pump and I'll get back into it.
    7. Simple Thieving

      by , Yesterday at 08:11 PM (Kali)
      -Thieving again. This time it was opportunistic and menial. Leads to being questioned by a man I recognize (in the dream) as the leader of the Sicilian Mafia (movie reference-True Romance ).

      We converse over his missing goods (which I'm decently sure are the same items I've taken) but the fact that I've just passed over an obvious theft in front of us gives him the impression I'm not a thief; if I were, I'd have taken the other more valuable items in front of us. He appreciates my honesty (heh) and has one of his men bring me food items. I decline the gift but upon his insisting, I figure it best to accept.

      -Nearby I find a vehicle with the trunk open. There's a model airplane hanging out. I study it a moment, trying to understand how it works. It's an emergency deployment system on a commercial airline but it doesn't make sense to me. The way the model is designed, the passengers are to fall out of the rear of the plane, along with generous amounts of water, before falling into rafts. Where does the water come from? How is it stored? Is this in the event of a water landing or any landing? I turn the plane upside down and repeat the process. I question what I'm missing.

      -I'm with two celebrities in a hotel. It takes me a while to recognize them both. I know I should be star struck but they're just people. People who do popular things in front of an audience. I'm finally able to recall a name for the woman, Beyonce. The second person, a man, should be obviously familiar but I can't place the name. They're talking about needing to leave but I encourage them to stay a moment; I'd really like to recall the name of the man but also possibly conversate with them. The moment escapes me and I give up, finally waking up.

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    8. Lake in the Mountains

      by , Yesterday at 05:59 PM
      In a lake doing stuff. There were tall mountains around us. Suddenly, a bunch of water started coming out at the top of the mountain. At first we ignored it but then more came out and it came down on top of us. There was a ton so we had to get out. I had this string thing and it let me fly. I used it to fly away. I flew over the town and just floated around. Finally, I just came down to the ground to meet up with my friends. I asked Peyton if he wanted to fly up to the top of the mountain with me. At this point, I started to become more aware and realized I was dreaming. I got down and looked at the grass and noticed how realistic it seemed. Then I decided to do a couple goals. I started making weird faces and sounds. All of the DCs has a horrified look on their face and seemed pretty confused. I did this for a little bit then was going to try shape shifting but then I woke up. I wanted to get a better reaction from them like screaming or something.
    9. Dream fragments from last night

      by , Yesterday at 05:47 PM
      A demonic version of my grandmother Gaggy kept attacking me we were in the living room. And then my soulmate Damon came and fought her off and put his sister behind the refrigerator to save her from his parents. Then I talked with my mom about Gaggy attacking me and we tried to avoid falling asleep because that was when Gaggy attacked (we were both in the dream though). This was the second time I had a demonic nightmare about Gaggy in real life I love her and I hope she didn't really become a demon I hope she is lovely and is in heaven.

      Earlier in the night i dreamed i was doing bicep curls with 45 pounds in one hand easily (I didn't realize it was a dream because I wanted to believe I could really lift that much), in real life I can only do bicep curls with 25 sometimes 30 pounds and a man was lifting much heavier weights and said what you're lifting is pretty heavy when i told him i wish i could lift as much as he could. I kept thinking "I want to leave to lift weights" even though I was already doing that, and a pretty girl who was sitting down told me, "Stay here and lift weights here." and so I stayed and continued to lift the 45 lb weight.

      And at some point I might have been in a path near a field or garden and was lost, but I don't remember maybe I wasn't.

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      dream fragment
    10. 9-8-14 "Yeah, it felt good, man!"

      by , Yesterday at 05:43 PM
      A young man got fed up with his girlfriend, murdered her in her sleep, and vlogged about the experience. They were the proverbial "cute couple", very affectionate. They looked sort of like hipsters. They lived in like a hotel that didn't have any doors. You had to climb into your room through the window via a ladder. The man must have been unemployed.

      One day, the man just got tired of her. Maybe she annoyed him or he just didn't like her anymore. So he settled on the obvious solution to his problem: to kill her. Before she got home from her job or whatever, he drenched her side of the bed in some sort of toxic liquid that her skin would absorb.

      She came home. She was obviously utterly in love with him, and she was sooo happy. She loved him more than anything. After they had talked for a while, they went to bed together. In the morning, she was dead. He started making videos about what it was like to kill someone. He seemed really happy and excited. I remember him saying something like, "Yeah, it felt good, man!"
    11. 8-19-14 "I always knew I'd look terrible bald..."

      by , Yesterday at 05:40 PM
      My father died recently, so I go to a grief support group. I dreamed I was at one of my group meetings. I asked my group if any of them had any experience lucid dreaming. I asked them if seeing their dead parents was a lucid dream trigger. No one seemed to know what lucid dreaming was, except our facilitator. I keep slapping myself for not doing a reality check. Stupid me.

      I dreamed it was the fourth of July. I was at my grandparent's house. My sister was building this elaborate construction out of wooden blocks. I messed part of it up, and it infuriated her.

      Grandpa kept his car in the basement for some reason. The front window was covered with ice. He was scraping it off so we could go to an air show. It was like the Fourth of July/Christmas time. I was playing with these weird Christmas decorations, singing Christmas songs. The inside of the car was filled with snow.

      Then we got to the air show. There was only one airplane there, and I was to fly it. So I flew it all around in crazy circles. It was fun.

      Then I dreamed I saw myself in the mirror. My face was the same, but I was almost entirely bald, except for little rough patches of bloody hair. My scalp was covered with these huge awful oozing sores, and my ears had been like ripped off. I could see into my brain. And I said to myself, "I always knew I'd look terrible bald. I need to invest in a hat." It didn't scare me in the slightest.
    12. 8-11-14 Art heist!!

      by , Yesterday at 05:32 PM
      I was a popular artist, and some high-end museum had commissioned some work. I was going to take some tree roots and cover them with paper mache. But somehow all the supplies for my artwork ended up in this black guy's car. He started driving off with them. So I hopped into my car and chased him. I followed him all night. Finally he stopped for gas at a convenience store. As he was inside paying, I hastily piled all the stuff from his car into mine and then got in my car and floored it back to my studio. Then I wrote a letter to a friend, telling her what happened.
    13. 8-9-14 The housebreaker

      by , Yesterday at 05:29 PM
      My mother and I were home alone. It was completely dark outside except for our porch light. We had heard reports that a scary man was running loose in the area. He broke into houses at night and stood in people's rooms and watched them sleep. I was fumbling with our door, trying to get it to lock. Suddenly, our porch light went out. I went into the kitchen and started talking with my mom. I said something like I hated how some people think it's funny to break into someone else's home. Then our porch light turned back on. I suddenly got really scared, thinking about the man. I started hyperventilating, and I woke up.
    14. Apocalyptic danger zone

      by , Yesterday at 02:51 PM (Adventures in Dreamland)
      I'm posting this from my phone bc I didn't have time to post it from my laptop before I left home.

      I had one decently sized dream, i was too lazy to write it down at first but I remember some of it. It was some abandoned city and everyone was killing/stabbing each other and it was almost like a video game. The houses were large and mostly made out of wood. I remember one part of the dream some guy was trying to buy a house from me that I was occupying. That's about all from the dream that I can remember right now
    15. Kidney Health Video Game, Super Fun Hotel Party, and Overflowing Garbage

      by , Yesterday at 02:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was playing a game that looked like it was on a handheld system. It had 8 or 16 bit graphics, I can't remember which, but they reminded me of Gameboy graphics. It was a League of Legends-type game. You'd walk around and kill other players, but your health bar at the top was also tracking the health of your kidneys. It would randomly go up or down and show a percentage off the the side as well, showing how healthy your kidneys were. If you got hit while your kidneys were at low health, you would die. My character had low kidney health the first game, and the health bar kept dropping. There was someone playing with me, walking next to me. I think their kidneys were in better health than mine. I think my character lost their life because of the low kidney health, though I can't recall for sure. I played more than once. I remember encountering enemies and seeing their attacks affect my health and retreating, though even after my retreat, my health still went down. I remember having just a tiny bit left at one point.


      I was in a bar with some friends. We had stopped there on the way to a hotel. I was going to have a party at the hotel. At the bar, I thought I saw my mom, but she looked a little different and was a bit taller. I made note to tell my mom I saw her "twin". When I saw her from the side, she looked substantially different.

      More people started to show up to the bar, David from my old job, Sara from high school, and Sarah from my old job being the ones I remember. Sarah had bought some weed on the way there. I looked in my purse, unzipped the inside pocket, and saw it in there. This was gonna be an awesome party!

      We were then in the hotel room, which had two beds, partying it up. There were lots of people there. Sara was making everyone laugh as she so often did in high school. Sarah was in a blue strapless dress like the one she recently wore at a wedding IWL. I don't know where David was anymore. Anyway, we were playing video games as well. It was a lot of fun. I also smoked weed at some point. I also saw an above-view of the party at one point, almost as if I was viewing the scene from a security camera. I saw some girls that are good friends with Sarah, A and K. I saw that K was walking with silver, metal prosthetic legs. At first I wasn't sure if that's what I was seeing or not, and kept watching her. Sure enough. they were metal legs. I wondered what had happened, but I knew it hadn't happened long ago, and was amazed at how quickly she had recovered and learned to walk with prosthesis. I then saw her walking into the bathroom, one of her legs being kind of wobbly. I had a feeling it would fall off. I then saw her walking out of the bathroom holding the leg. I saw the stump where her real leg had been.

      Then, at some point, my mom showed up. I don't know why, but she did. I didn't want to hear her lecture me as she is so good at doing. I think she did, though I'm not sure what it was about. I don't remember much about this part.

      Then, it was the next day. There were few people around now, as most had gone home. I was wondering whether I still had the weed in my purse. I checked, and there it was. I thought about how Sarah had probably only bought a little for the party, but would buy a lot for herself. I then was wondering if I still had a piece the smoke out of or not. I knew Sarah had taken the piece we were using the night before. I didn't think I had anything but one that was old and broken. I thought about rolling it up in small pieces of printer paper and smoking it. I then thought about how I had already smoked the night before, and how I had just kissed almost two years of sobriety goodbye. I didn't feel an overwhelming urge to smoke though, which was good I suppose. I guess I felt like I could take it or leave it, but I still wanted to take it. I dunno, hard to explain.


      I was in a kitchen, throwing things away in the overflowing trashcan. There were plates and bowls in there that looked like Dallas and I's waking life plates and bowls. They were at the top. They were stacked there because there was no room to put them in the sink either.

      I then saw that my cat had fleas, and was itching like crazy. She had a balding spot on her back from all the scratching. I knew it was time to get her a flea treatment. I needed help giving it to her though, so I went to go ask Cherie' to help me. I walked up to Cherie' and told her I was going to get Ziggy some flea meds (Ziggy was a cat I had years ago IWL; my current cat's name is Belle). We were in a weird place that looked like it was outside also, by the intersection that was close to our IWL apartment. I then told her something about her insurance, and I was getting these letters from it saying they needed something from her, money probably. She asked me why I hadn't told her about that before. I don't remember my response. The insurance stuff had something to do with the overflowing trashcan in the kitchen, though I can't remember what.
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