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    Today 03:52 PM
     Is anarchy a good idea? How could it work?
    Thank you Voldmer, that did clear some things up. (Although I would welcome more :)) My first question reading this was whether there is money involved and if there might exist the same injustice... (725 views, 61 replies)
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    Today 03:34 PM
     Decaying homes/houses
    Ha! Interesting, I dream of ruins/decaying houses a lot! Just last night for example, but it's a different pattern in which they appear. Usually I walk along somewhere and find such a place in a... (155 views, 5 replies)
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    Today 03:19 PM
     Practicing illusory body for 30 days
    Cool. Be interested to hear how u get on. Alan wallace gives a great discussion of illusionary form and empty ness in "ğreaming yourself awake". After reading that I had a strong sense of how similar... (287 views, 4 replies)
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    Today 03:18 PM
     Do you write down every dream in detail?
    Yup! I think we're saying the same thing. Practice basically reprograms the subconscious through repetition and assigning importance. Neurons that fire together, wire together. :-) (302 views, 22 replies)
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    Today 03:06 PM
     Barry's DILD course workbook
    Oh, I understand why it's tempting. I'm not saying don't use G, I'm saying understand what it's about and how to use it responsibly. (940 views, 43 replies)
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    Today 02:53 PM
     Omnipotent lucid?
    It sounds more like flipping volitional action on and off, not lucidity. That is, do you choose your actions or allow the dream to choose your actions? Either way to me you still seem lucid. (229 views, 5 replies)
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    Today 02:03 PM
     how often should I remind myself I am in a lucid dream?
    Ah, that pesky thing, Balance. Yes, enjoyment and moving frequently from mini-goal to mini-goal seems to give the best experience, while maintaining that pearl of awareness that it's a dream. (297 views, 6 replies)
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    Today 02:00 PM
     Share your dream from last night in one sentence
    ^^ At least is wasn't Bad Horse, the Thoroughbred of Sin, who leads the Evil League of Evil with an iron hoof. Bad Horse - Horrible Wiki I just realized that I have chosen my next incubation... (196,032 views, 9,156 replies)
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    Today 01:51 PM
     I asked "Can I help you?"
    I just wanted to share the following lucid moments in the dream reality with you guys. Everything inside my dream probably represents something of my unconscious. So I thought, these dream... (28 views, 0 replies)
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    Today 01:30 PM
     Omnilucidity: Constant RC Tech, Lucid 100% of the Time?
    Any apparent contradictions I think come from again the true underlying causes being not clear. Incubation? Raised awareness? Habit/repetition? Is it the subconscious "feeling" that the... (8,025 views, 125 replies)
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    Today 01:20 PM
     Weakamon's Drawings
    Thanks. I'm still adjusting my style but I'm glad you like it. My understanding of proportions needs more improvement hence my recent anatomy drawing. (675 views, 19 replies)
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    Today 12:51 PM
     Galantamine + Choline
    Took 4mg G + 250 C 2 days ago, recorded my longest ever dreams for a single night (770 words!) and had a lucid that lasted a few seconds. Took 8mg G + 500 C last night, struggled to get to sleep,... (113,343 views, 1,072 replies)
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    Today 12:50 PM
     Healthy eating, and excercise. do they affect your dreaming?
    Yes and yes. Exercise oxygenates the brain allowing it to function to its fullest potential. I believe this is also why eating some energy-packed snack at WBTB time (e.g., apple juice, bread,... (134 views, 5 replies)
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    Today 12:40 PM
     Video Games In Dreams
    This also happens to me! (1,016 views, 19 replies)
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    Today 12:32 PM
     Why dream experience is fundamental and so very important
    Of course, provided that the earth is flat... Good news! :-P Everyone struggling to understand what Frank wanted to say all this time, finally can! Just read his post no 338! He finally... (10,958 views, 340 replies)
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    Today 12:12 PM
     Rant and Rave, Cry and Complain
    Completely missed your first post back! Welcome back! :clairity: I've been fairly absent as well. Good luck with getting off the drugs! Also plant nursery is one of my dream jobs, there's very... (386,133 views, 17,158 replies)
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    Today 11:56 AM
     RC + alarm DEILD experiment: would you join me ?
    Evidently so. I specifically said a minimum of 30 days, I'm planning to go well beyond that, unless things go drastically wrong, such as the technique making me wake up exhausted, which I doubt will... (541 views, 41 replies)
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    Today 09:42 AM
     What are peoples reactions when you tell them about Lucid Dreaming?
    I think the fundamental thing is that most people consider talking about someone else's dreams about as appetizing as giving them a proctology exam. The "lucid" notion is lost entirely and not even... (2,479 views, 77 replies)
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    Today 08:58 AM
     Fun LD After years of Dry spell
    ^^ Likewise, congratulations, and I'm very pleased that my writings helped out! Indeed, very cool dream, I'm still working on element manipulation myself so all the lightning was fun to read :). (105 views, 3 replies)
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    Today 07:33 AM
     Memory: the Forgotten Fundamental
    I don't mind, seeing as I stole it from Plato ;) (4,397 views, 173 replies)