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      I think you really have some talent with you imagination. I was really enjoying reading some of your journal entries. Nice construct.
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    Log 871 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 16

    by FireFlyMan on 09-17-2017 at 05:20 PM
    Got a few scraps and a briefly lucid dream to note.

    WBTB, where I spent 10 minutes meditating before drifting off.

    Scrap Group 1
    Memory of a lucid dream gone kaput. I could barely remember Dragon Ball characters or other media figures being involved.

    Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 16 - Part

    The visuals were clear. I was a crewman in a civilian submarine. This was a large, dome-like vessel, equipped with 360 degree pivotable propellers and supported by underwater surveilance drones as part of her navigation system. Besides me, at least seven others serviced the craft, of which an older, stern blonde haired woman was its captain.

    We descended to the depths of an illuminated ocean. I'd random thoughts on comparing this sub to Batman's submarine, when I gained awareness. I crossed my fingers, and hoped I'd find my guide, E, floating around. Soon, one of the remote drones caught sight of a massive figure. This was indeed my guide in the form of a pale, colossal mermaid, or more appropriately, "whale-maid", given her tail's horizontal orientation and lack of scales. My fellow crewmembers scrambled to open communications via said drone, and were genuinely surprised at being able to have a conversation with my guide. After a talk, all parties agreed to meet at some location.

    I got too engrossed in this story, and lost awareness. Anyway, the crew and I eventually arrive at the ocean floor, where we find an entire functional contemporary town, of all things. Despite all the neon signs and buildings, the place looked unusually barren. E was similarly nowhere in sight. Again, we spoke remotely, during which she clarified her dwelling in mountains so as to not frighten the local populace.

    Once at the correct location, I finally spotted my guide's silhouetted form within eyesight. Even past the shadows, she appeared unusually haggard. Still, I (unconsciously) corrected her appearance when she approached us. It seemed E was very intrigued with the sub. Perhaps too much, as she took to innocently mishandling random components. Such curiosity risked harm to my crew, especially at those depths. We had no choice but to use the ship's (then revealed) electroshock-weaponry to release ourselves from her grasp.

    Don't recall much else until the dream ended.

    Scrap Group 2
    Another WBTB where I meditated for a bit. Dreamlets transitioned to various dreams unconsciously.

    Walking around my neighborhood at daytime. Fallen trees and other debris hindered my stroll.

    Updated Yesterday at 03:23 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Log 870 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 15

    by FireFlyMan on 09-16-2017 at 09:01 PM
    Got two DILDs to note, along with a fragment.

    Spoiler for If brevity is the soul of wit...:

    Scrap Group 1
    Browsing an arcade, where I see one of the classic Mortal Kombat games. Next, I went outside to a cityscape at night time. Someone nearby lit fireworks, which, spectacularly enough, took the shape of a dragon. Very similar to that one scene in the LOTR - Fellowship of the Rings.

    15 minutes of meditation as part of a WBTB. I made sure not to concentrate enough to the point of complete clarity. Lost awareness during a WILD attempt, though I got a DILD.

    Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 15 - Part 1

    The visuals were a slightly dim and blurred. I falsely awaken in the king-sized bed of an unfamiliar large room. A glance out the nearest window revealed a night sky. No lights were on, yet the place was kinda illuminated. This was likely what granted me awareness seconds later.

    I got up to look around. Aside from the room's size, there wasn't much spectacular about it, just a slightly messy bedroom. I then searched for my guide, E, and indeed, I could sense she wasn't far, yet I couldn't see her. Coulda spend all night looking, so I imagined her appearing on a countertop nearby. She was summoned in record time, appearing in her human form and dressed in a gold-colored sleeping gown. However, she wasn't conscious and barely present. I picked her up in "bridal carry" fashion, and concentrated. Within seconds, she manifested entirely and with full vitality. I then set my guide upright on the floor.

    "You didn't have to help me, you know?", she complained.

    "Heh, yeah", I blurted". "I just wanted to show off." E rolled her eyes and smiled.

    I look to the white wall nearby, which reminded me of the competition. "Shall we?" I offered my hand to my guide, and she reciprocates. First up was phasing. I pushed my free hand through the wall with ease, then barged in along with E. Wooden beams and supports were readily visible. Actually, it was a bit roomier than I'd expected. Anyway, we continued outside.

    I then try teleporting to any random location. Things fade into a void, to which I responded with hand rubbing for a while. When I come to, I found myself back in the aforementioned bed. I take a moment to recall what occurred, only to lose awareness. False memories of the fragments above form. This includes clips of a supposed 2-player co-op mode in one of the classic Mortal Kombats. Cage and one of the ninjas fought Reptile, and later, Goro. After that, a preview of Dragon Ball FighterZ, a battle between Krillin and Adult Gohan. The former paralyzes his opponent with a Solar Flare, to which Gohan let's out a hilarious squeal.

    This ended soon afterwards.

    30-minute WBTB, half to write notes, and half to stretch and meditate. As above, I intended a WILD, drifted off, and got a DILD instead.

    Dream 2 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 15 - Part 2

    Scene 1 - Vaporous Embrace
    Dreamlet unwittingly transitioned to dream. The visuals were slightly blurred. I was walking around the neighborhood on a bright, partly cloudy day. When near the school, I see a kid shouting insults at someone from the fence. The latter was someone I knew, one of my brothers' perhaps? Anyway, in vengeance, this acquaintance transforms a cloud into a large fist, and has it slam the brat down onto the pavement. This amuses me enough to gain awareness.

    Using that spectacle as inspiration, I try morphing the biggest cloud in sight into the likeness of my guide. To better control things, I narrated what I expected for the next few minutes, from which the clouds roiling into E' figure were the immediate results. Next, I commanded E to descend for a closer look, only to be reminded of how truly gigantic a cloud actually is; even at hundreds of feet above, I couldn't see my guide in her entirety. I then hitched a ride on her palm, and, remembering the TOTM, asked her for a hug. She pressed me a bit hard upon herself, enough so that I soon found myself engulfed within her vaporous mass. In awe, I flew around in such fog for half a minute. Cue transition.

    Scene 2 - Tick, Tick, Boom.
    The visuals were a bit dim. I was entering home during twilight. Still aware. While passing the downstairs bedroom, I spotted Justin playing a computer game, and overheard him saying crummy things about me. Got kinda sore about that, but I lightened up when I found caramel-cream cakes in the kitchen and dining room. I tasted some of the icing, which was about as sweet as expected. There was momentary concern about dirtying the food, and I thought to warp time just for that sake, but I recollected myself. Still, I (literally) rewinded time anyway.

    I stopped at the room's door, where I planned getting even with my (in-dream) jerkass bro. First, I telekinetically moved random junk around, but that didn't get his attention. I then had the keyboard smack his face a few times, yet he still was unresponsive. Taking drastic measures, I focused on the computer's monitor, and, after having it tick and beep for a few seconds, caused it to detonate in a small, fiery explosion. Justin was finally bewildered with rage, while I walked away chortling.


    Scene 3 - Red Card Death Penalty
    The visuals were brighter. I was in my adolescent years, out playing soccer in teams of two with some unknown kids. I was aware, yet, despite having unfavorable opinions of the sport, I went along with such. My dislike was reflected by my clumsy play, where I kicked the ball out-of-bounds or directly to the opponent far too many times. One of said opponents, a scrawny, light-brown haired kid, ridiculed my mistakes with highly irritating laughter. I tried going super-speed to get an opportune goal, but couldn't manage anything remarkable.

    One further mistake later, and that annoying kid finally struck my last nerve. I rushed up to him, and gave him a flying headbutt right below the chin. My intention was to send him flying to the horizon. Instead, it was only his head that rocketed straight up in a stream of blood. Still, I was entertained enough to laugh as he did to such misfortune. I even had half a mind to kick the severed head into the goal when it landed, though the others' horrified reaction kinda threw me off.

    Don't recall much else until the dream ended.

    Updated 09-17-2017 at 04:07 AM by FireFlyMan

    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment , task of the month

    Log 869 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 14

    by FireFlyMan on 09-16-2017 at 03:51 AM
    Just got a bunch of scraps to note. Quite a shame, as I was sure I got lucid at some points.

    Scrap Group 1

    WBTB initially unintended due to insomnia.

    A series of forgotten dreams, part of which I'm quite sure I was lucid. There was something about a fire, or a similar disaster.

    At home. One of my uncles and his wife make a surprise visit, much to my annoyance.

    At a pool party. Magical events occurred.

    Wandering in a mansion?

    At home watching TV with my sister and mom. I tune in on a science show about plausible alien lifeforms. On screen were CGI of disgusting phallic creatures. In fact, said alien figures were noted to be from Rick and Morty.

    Unwitting dream transition. I travel around in a grey realm for a while, then warp to some temple ruins. There, I spoke with an ancient-world priest. He claimed mastery over demonurgy, and spent his life translating the words of six spirits with which he'd formed pacts. This reminds me of the Demon roguelike, and also gives me false memories of possessing such creatures of my own. I'm fairly certain I was lucid at one point.

    Updated 09-16-2017 at 03:56 AM by FireFlyMan

    non-lucid , false awakening

    Log 868 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 13

    by FireFlyMan on 09-15-2017 at 02:39 AM
    Got a clear but brief DILD to note.

    15 minunte WBTB during which I meditated and stretched. It took a while for me to experience hypnagogia/dreamlets, during which I'd unwittingly transitioned.

    Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 13

    Dreamlet transitioned to dream. The visuals were clear. I was driving an SUV, riding around a suburban town at daytime. My brother, Jordan was there with me as a passenger. We continue along for a few minutes, before ariviving at a dead end in the form of a pit blocked by foliage and a traffic barrier. By then, I'd gained awareness, and declared as much. I claimed I could drive us at a direct course through the trees unharmed. And indeed, the vehicle, my brother and I phased through those thickets, trees trunks, and even traffic rails. I expected to drop down the incline, only to continue on a straight line in mid-air and over to another road. "Alright", I shouted to Jordan, "we're gonna fly this thing to Vegas!" Another like dead end was ahead, to which I intentionally flew past while driving.

    Things then quickly deteriorated before I could react.

    Updated 09-15-2017 at 03:26 AM by FireFlyMan


    Log 867 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 12

    by FireFlyMan on 09-14-2017 at 02:15 AM
    Just got a dream and a fragment to note.

    Scrap Group 1
    Wandering around town with family. Some time was spent in an airport. We return home, only to find that most of our vehicle's were missing. What's more, the place was unusually messy inside. Robbery, no doubt.

    Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 11 - Part 1

    The visuals were slightly dimmed and blurred. I was in a ballroom built of laminated wood. There was a party going on, in which guests were mostly people in their late teens/early twenties. A college break party, perhaps? Some insufferable "toughguys" start making trouble for the rest of us. The masses don't speak out against such, while I, of course, alienated myself from festivities.

    Later on, I start flying around for no particular reason. This caught the attention of the meekest among the crowd, whom sought asylum after bearing woes from those ruffians. And indeed, this got so out of hand, the entire place had since devolved into bowing to mistreatment, if not joining in such misconduct. I wouldn't have cared either way, that is, if those bullies hadn't thrown junk at me, likely due to perceiving me as a threat. Oh, it's on now.

    Up near the ceiling, I formed a ball of toxic plasma, which I dropped and detonated on the crowd. Those who took part in such mischief were knocked unconscious, and, in the case of the original instigators, killed outright; everyone else were completely unharmed. I snuck off, and let everyone there sort out the mess.

    I creeped through some hallways, when I encountered one of the earliest belligerents, a tall, tanned skinned guy with shaved light brown hair. Up until then, I hadn't realized he'd ever left the room, and yet, he was still privy of my previous assault. Cue fistfight. The guy had a decent grasp of combat basics, and actually landed a few good hits. This overwhelmed me enough to keep from using flashy powers. Still, I could manage a simple dazing ability, allowing me time to place a chokehold from behind.

    Can't recall much else until the dream ended.

    Updated 09-14-2017 at 03:14 AM by FireFlyMan (proof-editing)

    dream fragment , non-lucid