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      You could try making stabilization your primary goal every time once becoming lucid. That has helped me with the problem, as I usually struggle with it as well.
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      Haha. A person with the same picture and context of LDing, I knew it couldn't be anyone else ^^ Nice LD count btw, looks like you're prepping for the next competition like you said!
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      Hi! I think I just randomly found you?
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      Slowly. Haven't been doing RCs as much as I'd like to admit until I made it a New Years resolution for 2016 to focus more on it. How about you?
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      Just found out it wasn't those posts. So to answer your question since I'm banned... The dream was relatively short. I had a clear awareness and knew exactly what I wanted to do, so I stabilized the dream and set out to do it. So I'd say about three minutes.
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      Did you see my new replies in your lucid dreaming post on Miiverse? I got banned again, was it because of them?! Damn... Lol
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      Lucid? Man you get to see what Pokemon look like if they were real too I bet.
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      So what are your methods for LDing? Do you keep a dream journal?
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      Yup, but at least you've done it!
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      Wow! I always browse, then saw your username, and thought it couldn't be. Guess that would have been a perfect time to reality check. I almost never do them, I always forget until its too late. But yeah it's so cool to see you are a lucid dreamer! What a small world.
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    August 2013, 8-11th

    by Jacob46719 on 05-04-2017 at 12:09 AM
    8/8/13 | Fuzzy Legs, blimeycow Cliff Jump
    I dreamt that I had the particular version of digitigrade legs (couldn’t feel them because it was a non-lucid dream) that I wanted, and I could run 3x faster than my normal speed. [New Scene] This is where it gets really weird. I don’t remember some things prior to this, but I was at some sort of outdoor education place or a camp. I looked straight up at the sky(I was on a hillside with some gravel and some grass and trees around the sides), and looked at a box with some paragliders on them. Then suddenly Jordan and Josh (blimeycow) were there. The other guy was controlling his glider and keeping it really high off the ground; I could barely see it. Then we suddenly ran up another hill, in which a bridge was anchored to. Jordan and Josh actually jumped off the 50+ft cliff next to the bridge.

    8/9/13 | OoT 3D Inside Fish as Adult

    The only part I remember was that I was playing Ocarina of Time 3D and I was in the fish as an adult. Also Link swam underwater some.

    8/10/13 (L) Value: 0 | Put Your Cups Here
    The only parts I remember were running away from loads of beehives, and using site-to-site transport to become invisible. Also, I was at a random building with someone saying, “Put your cups here!” The voice sounded like it would come from an old, cranky, abusive, female head of an orphanage. Also, while a bunch of people along with me were running north on the street, some of them picked up the hives and threw them at me and the others. Also, there was one part where I was lucid, and when I started to wake up, I rubbed my hands and spun around, and it stabilized the dream. From there, I don’t know what happened to it.
    Time: 20-40 seconds

    8/11/13 | Bike, Concrete Sign
    There was this British actor parade after I landed on someone’s moving bike and crashed into a concrete sign. Also, a model of a 19th-century ship was taken apart and flattened.

    August 2013, 1-6th

    by Jacob46719 on 05-02-2017 at 08:00 PM
    8/1/13 (L) Value: 0 | Generic Lucid 2
    I became lucid in my dream room, where I stabilized the dream. I rubbed my hands together and followed them with my eyes. That caused my real body to start to wake up, so I stopped for a second, then tried again. This time, I constantly moved around to keep the dream stabilized. I don’t remember anything after that.
    Time: 30-50 seconds

    8/2/13 | EMP, Blue Light in the Sky
    I had to eat an EMP, which was actually a stamp with a cruise ship on it. It was to stop a missile that was going to kill Sarah. When it almost exploded, I saw it dropping out of the sky. It shined a blue light for a second.

    8/6/13 (L) Value: 0 | Blue Magnetic Tornadoes, Leather Jacket, Changing the Main Male
    (L)-These magnetic tornadoes were all around a city me and my dream friends were in. A police officer drove up to the house we were taking refuge in as the blue one closed in on us. Somehow, the police car had flipped over, and the guy inside was killed by the tornado as it passed next to him. We all ran upstairs just as it hit us. When it hit us, all the metal stuff went flying, and then it dissipated. So we went back downstairs, and that is when the thought of dreaming crossed my mind. We walked out a door, and I woke up from forgetting to stabilize.

    -Dad and I walked into somewhere in a forest with shotguns and suddenly were sitting on a bench without them. The guns were now in a shed protected by a huge hornet nest barely 20ft away from it. I pulled on the rope connected to it, and ran onto the road leading out. Of course, and as usual, it’s hard to run in dreams for the most part, so when I tried to run, I was slow and floaty. Suddenly, I was wearing a leather jacket and a useless nerf gun, and I was suddenly at my house. [New Scene] I was in a video game and playing it at the same time with Ocarina of Time’s graphics. I was Link when I was playing it. When I tried to open a door, some text said, “You can’t open this door, but you can change the main male.” I went over to and talked to a Kokori dude with blue clothes, and he said something about his brothers being goofy and bringing that goofiness and irrational stuff to the kingdom.
    Time: 6-10 seconds
    lucid , non-lucid

    July 2013, 14-29th

    by Jacob46719 on 05-02-2017 at 07:55 PM
    7/14/13 (L) Value: 1 | “I’m Safe”
    There was one scene lucid, but it was a new way to fight nightmares. I can remind myself that I’m safe over and over again.
    Time: 15-30 seconds

    7/25/13 (L)x2 Value: 0 | Dream Sign: Large Animals
    I can’t remember the beginning, but the world looked similar to Minecraft. I became lucid right near the beginning, and I stabilized the dream. There was some disaster simulator. I hit the flood button, and some water came onto the beach. Then there were some giant animals running onto the land from the water. Every time I saw one, I told myself that I was lucid. I don’t remember anything after that.
    Time: 20-40 seconds

    7/29/13 | Lake Shack, Driving Off a Cliff
    Some cool stuff. West of green mountain (had this in a previous dream) there was a lake and a shack. I remember part of the road to it. It had snow, very thing, and drove the truck down. Don’t remember much here. [New Scene] Dad, Grandpa and I were driving up some cascade mountains (imaginary scenery, but amazing). As we were driving alongside a cliff, I thought to myself, “I don’t want to go off the edge.” Turned a corner at high speed, barely missed a pile of wood. Next corner, too high of a speed, and we drove straight off a cliff, with me flying into the air outside the truck, plummeting to the ground. Then I died. Dad came out and locked on to my tricorder signal. He said, “Yeah, he’s dead.” [Skip][Back at Home] I looked west, and saw smoke from a fire that I previously saw at the shack at the lake. I woke up here.
    lucid , non-lucid

    July 12, 2013 (L) Value: 1 | Attempted Wolf TF

    by Jacob46719 on 05-01-2017 at 05:59 PM
    The first thing I remember is getting into cold water and then changing into dry clothes lego-city-style(I pressed ZL). [Next Scene: Lucid] I was in what appeared to be my garage, but I was able to see both doors. I flicked the open close switch several times, trying to open the doors. Then I remembered that they would not open unless I expected them to. So then I took 3 seconds to convince myself that the left garage door would open when I flicked the switch. When I flicked it, both doors opened conveniently. (Note: This is where I made the mistake of not remembering to stabilize the dream, even though everything already looked solid and complete when I looked around.) I walked outside, and I found a blue car with the hood up with a bunch of random tools/objects, bench with random stuff, trees all around, and a glove in some webs. Since I wanted to use the glove for something, I said, “I need some supplies,” and got a random object from the car instead of just pulling the glove out of the webs like I would in real life. So, I suddenly decided that I never required the glove in the first place.

    Next, I wanted to shapeshift, but I thought that getting ‘super powers’ would assist in it. I said, “Can I have sup—okay, I wish I had super powers.” It did help quite a bit, I said slowly, “I wish I was a wolf.” (<-- I had been planning this since I was in the garage) I slowly morphed into a wolf. It didn’t complete so I will try again more slowly next time. Next, Dad came over and showed me a sculpture that induced fake memories. I said, “I wish I had a tail,” and suddenly, without warning, in no time flat, without me expecting it,
    the scene flips into a non-lucid dream where a crazy guy is transforming life forces (depicted by a 1-inch star) into alien bodies. The third time the guy attempted it, the classic cartoon fail happened—the star bounced on the metal floor and went into a slightly bigger alien body than what it was intended to go into. Then the guy said something, put an octagonal shape high on a tree, and I woke up.
    Apparent Lucid Trigger: Garage
    Time: 2-3 minutes

    January 2013, June 2013

    by Jacob46719 on 05-01-2017 at 05:53 PM
    1/28/13 (L)x2 Value: 0 | Generic Lucid 1
    -I went outside during the night, and looked into the sky. I wanted to fly, so I ran onto the street. Some boys came out of the bushes and it suddenly became daytime. Still trying to fly. Went down the street to try to fly, then woke up.
    -I was in my room and became lucid, tried to shapeshift, and woke up.

    Lucid Triggers: 10*, field*, c, digital clock

    6/29/13 | Disaster Dream
    Carter and Andy (Eureka) were in a strange, small town. Once random things started happening, such as the Majora’s Mask moon appearing over the town, everybody, including me, fled towards the barriers. They opened once we got there. Also, people were swimming in the lake that the barriers were placed over. |1st barrier: 69 mph wind; 2nd: 73 mph wind| Things started exploding.
    lucid , non-lucid