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      You could try making stabilization your primary goal every time once becoming lucid. That has helped me with the problem, as I usually struggle with it as well.
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      Haha. A person with the same picture and context of LDing, I knew it couldn't be anyone else ^^ Nice LD count btw, looks like you're prepping for the next competition like you said!
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      Hi! I think I just randomly found you?
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      Slowly. Haven't been doing RCs as much as I'd like to admit until I made it a New Years resolution for 2016 to focus more on it. How about you?
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      Just found out it wasn't those posts. So to answer your question since I'm banned... The dream was relatively short. I had a clear awareness and knew exactly what I wanted to do, so I stabilized the dream and set out to do it. So I'd say about three minutes.
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      Did you see my new replies in your lucid dreaming post on Miiverse? I got banned again, was it because of them?! Damn... Lol
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      Lucid? Man you get to see what Pokemon look like if they were real too I bet.
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      So what are your methods for LDing? Do you keep a dream journal?
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      Yup, but at least you've done it!
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      Wow! I always browse, then saw your username, and thought it couldn't be. Guess that would have been a perfect time to reality check. I almost never do them, I always forget until its too late. But yeah it's so cool to see you are a lucid dreamer! What a small world.
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    August 15, 2014 | Fruitlick Beef, Weird Game

    by Jacob46719 on Today at 05:03 AM
    -1-A portal opened up next to me with a woman on the other side. The environment on that side was covered in snow. It appeared at first to take place in the Middle Ages, however I had thought that it could prove wrong later. She said,
    “Can’t you hear the fireworks? They’ve been incredibly noisy.” I said,
    “No, they haven’t been heard in this dimension.” After a little more dialogue, I entered her world, and she said,
    “You’re in another dimension.”
    Me: “Yeah, I got that from the portal opening.” I can’t remember exactly what she said, but later, she said something about “fruitlick beef” or something. In the dream, I was then suddenly eating at a table with her. There were people all around at other tables eating food. I got out a notebook so I could write down all the wacky food I may come across in that universe.

    -2-A game where you were this blue thing that had that had the shape of a portion of a sphere, and you had to ground-pound your spot to keep every one of the other things out. You would have to repeatedly pound to kill all the remaining enemies. In this dream, I had a false awakening, where I was irritated because my lamp had failed to turn on so that I could write down a bunch of stuff in this dream journal.

    Updated Today at 05:34 AM by Jacob46719

    non-lucid , memorable

    July 1-7, 2014 | Canada, 1994, Snow, Wind, Tornado

    by Jacob46719 on 07-20-2017 at 11:18 PM
    July 1
    -1-I went back in time to around 1994 in SE Canada, where I walked towards a house on the side of the road. When I got inside, I found the windows on the south side open with strong wind coming in. I shut one, but that allowed a pile of snow to appear. It tasted sweet and looked like sunscreen.
    -2-I was being hunted by someone. I ended up in a building, using my camcorder to zoom in on snipers in the far distance. Also, there was a guy that knew some of the area there and we were walking somewhere, through piles of leaves on the way.

    July 7
    I was running around to find shelter somewhere during an F2 tornado. Then I ran around trying to find shelter during a tan, F4 tornado on a farm with a bunch of empty buildings, none of which were satisfactory. Sometime earlier, my brother and I looked for cereal. I also landed a plane, played some Mario Party, and talked illogically about Starfox.

    February 16, 2014 (L) Layer 2M | Beaten by a little girl

    by Jacob46719 on 07-18-2017 at 02:20 AM
    People leaving, Repeat body slamming
    It started out in my room with ridiculous detail and feel. Before I did a RC, I told myself that I would go outside. So I did a RC and became lucid and slowly went out, minding how real the dream felt. When I opened the window, some cars drove by. [Timeskip] it suddenly became daytime and people were leaving for some reason. [Timeskip] I was inside a building shooting a DC. Then, another DC turned the lights off, and a female DC produced very uncomfortable sensations. (She repeatedly slammed my whole body on the ground.) I bore them long enough that the DC told me that she was “Something that affects you in a weird way.”
    Time: 3-4 minutes

    January 17-23, 2014 (L)x5 | Charizard TF, Aperture Science, Top Gear

    by Jacob46719 on 07-11-2017 at 03:36 AM
    1/17/14 | Charizard TF
    I was watching my older sister draw some sackgirl with a super long electric tail. Next, I was in my room on a Sunday morning. [TF Start] Two bony structures grew from the back of my head as I observed them. Later, wings formed as my skin turned orange and my clothes ripped off. My legs started to resemble those of a Charizard. This was about as far as the TF progressed, because I didn’t remember what the full anatomy of a Charizard was at the time.

    1/20/14 (L)x3 L2(x3) | Aperture | DILDx3
    1,2,3 – forgotten.
    4—Starting with playing Portal-style game. I could take two paths, one into another chamber, another going outside. I got outside by momentum. later, I had to wear a certain type of glasses so I would remain undetected when I went back into the building to retrieve stuff. Later, someone killed GLaDOS.
    Time: 15-60 seconds

    1/22/14 (L)x2 L1- L1 | Evil Cop, Walmart, Driving, Shoelaces | DEILDx2
    -3-Some evil cop guy was trying to follow me and arrest me for nothing, so I ran as fast as I could (hey, I could properly this time) into the woods. I ran at top speed for about 60 seconds before I emerged on the other side, to the left of a Walmart. The police guy showed up in the car again. Upon seeing him, I quickly hid behind what should have been a freeway divider. When he gave up and left, I entered a room inside Walmart with a Pavlov ASR to protect a group of people on a staircase.
    [New Scene]
    I was learning how to drive. Everything was messed up and against me, so it was incredibly difficult to even stay on the road period. Next, I looped back to the beginning; this time in third-person. The speedometer reading showed values that were 180°b of what they should have been.
    [New Scene]
    I was in a very very short race on roller skates down that same road. Strangely, 90% of the racers crashed into each other and ended up 8ft off the ground, all hanging from their shoelaces.

    -I won a launch PS3 from a youtuber. Interestingly, I was replaying TP on it.
    Time: 10-40 seconds

    1/23/14 (L) L1+ DILD | Top Gear, Movie, Bomb
    -1-First, Top Gear was on. They were in a special, and Hammond said something along the of “James, what are you doing?” Later, narrator Clarkson said something like, “We looked at the values and first decided to travel 44°N and 75°W. However, this location was over 9,000 miles away, so we figured it was an elevation marker. I was lucid for a few moments.
    -2-Dad and I watched inaccurate 2x speed replays of me walking about my grandparents' house. A few seconds in, it transitioned into a movie. Some guys brought explosives to blow up a floating building. While the 3 mean were escaping, <cliché>one of them stopped to stare at the bombs for 2-3 seconds. </cliché>
    Time: 10-30 seconds

    Updated 07-11-2017 at 03:38 AM by Jacob46719

    lucid , non-lucid

    October 15-24, 2013 | Lightning, Zelda WWHD, Secret Place

    by Jacob46719 on 07-07-2017 at 02:50 PM
    10/15/13 | Waterspout, Lightning, Motorcycle
    So when I saw that waterspout-looking cloud on the lake, I grabbed my camcorder but it was dead, so I got my other camera and took a picture. Next, I went outside and saw cloud-to-cloud lightning that was really close. Next, a slow bolt started at the ground, slowly started, climbing, and sounded really big because it was in the middle of the street. Two more happened, the first with a plane, the second with an anti-gravity motorcycle that was hit.

    10/23/13 | WWHD, Glitched Islands, Gold Armor, Iron Knuckles, Space
    It began with me played WWHD. I said that I got everything in the game until my older sister notified me that I hadn’t gotten the gold armor yet. (Gold Armor allows me to eliminate an iron knuckle in two hits). Also, it was day time on the island, and the Great Sea looped with glitched islands. I then dropped inside the hole at the top of the island. First, I saw and killed a white Iron Knuckle. Next, I walked into the next room where I had to guide these blue text boxes across the far wall. Then I suddenly acquired the gold armor, and I killed an Iron Knuckle in two hits. I went back outside during the night and I saw several galaxies in the sky.
    [New Scene]
    I was playing GalCiv2, but on the scale of the observable universe. Thousands of galaxies on screen. I looked inside a few to find some planets, but found none until SEB? 5???, which housed several.

    10/24/13 | Secret Underground Place, Nature-themed, Dark and Green
    First, I had found an awesome place that I wanted to keep secret, but I failed in that. Some girl spotted me running towards the entrance and followed me there. I knew the place was dark, so I went to get a flashlight. The flashlights were on the floor inside a building. I held the PS4 controller that was next to them and it was perfect. Then, I walked into a heavily modified version of my house. The interior east side had windows xp and 95 set up side-by-side. [Timeskip] Mom turned evil, and attempted to catch me, so me and a couple of girls that followed me quickly entered the secret place via hole and jumped in. This time, it was a short tunnel. Climbing through it, I got to the other side…which was a FA.