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    April 12
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    Been hopping in and out of the lucid dreaming circle for a few years now. I don't consider myself a professional in any sense, but I do know my way around a lucid dream if I ever induce one.

    My strongest suits are my access to my long-term and short-term memory in my dreams. My weaknesses are that I get various mental blocks (Some realistically disturbing and some just plain ridiculous) that often scare me into not doing crazy things in LDs. When I have something on my mind or when I have a certain goal, 99.9% of the time I'll remember it.
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    United States
    Video game design, drawing and creating characters, lucid dreaming, traditional/digital art
    In school (That counts, right?)
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    Looking up WILD tutorials when I came across CrazyInsane's CanWILD tutorial.


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    Knees Weak, Arms Not Heavy, and Vomiting Up Mom's Spaghetti

    by Jdoggad on 12-14-2017 at 04:00 AM
    Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

    Woke up at: 6:00 AM

    Fell back asleep at: 6:00 AM

    Woke up,again, at: 7:00 AM


    I'm in my room, reading notes on this particular bug that, if ingested, could cause a slow and painful death. The scientists shown on the paper are Albert Einstein and Michio Kako for some reason, though both aren't exactly biologists. They both have opposing viewpoints: With Einstein's being grim and Kako's being optimistic.

    I'm drinking out of a cup of water and there I eat it. I accidentally swallowed the nightmarish bug, causing my body to slowly go limp. I inch out of my bedroom and make my way over to the restroom. I can barely stand on my own two feet, and slowly approaching death's bed.

    I look in the mirror, a foggy one. The whole room was humid. Someone probably took a shower before me. Anyway, I wipe off the fog from the mirror and see myself, barely keeping my head up above the sink, with droopy eyelids that show the tissue behind them.

    Then I wake up.


    1. A very vivid dream. I remember waking up with a sense of dread today and it took a few hours for it to wear off.

    Annoying Classmates

    by Jdoggad on 12-09-2017 at 01:25 PM
    Fell asleep at: 1:00 AM

    Woke up at: 5:00 AM


    I'm in my Chemistry class. My teacher is sitting at his computer, you'll find out what that entails in a second.

    My old friend-turned-acquaintance JJ is sitting to my right, incessantly complaining about....something. He's alsonot doing the assignment at hand, instead making one of those paper fortune-telling things. He directs his ire over to the teacher and doesn't. Shut. UP.

    I HAVE to tell him something.

    I tell him something along the lines of "Dude, shut the hell up. That's the FIFTH fucking time you said that. Be quiet, show some respect, and do your freaking work." Oddly enough, the class doesn't respond, but he sure does. He says something like, "How can I respect a teacher that can't freaking teach? Playin' games n' shit, damn..." See, in real life, my Chemistry teacher is, well, kind of a shy, bumbling newbie. During the course of his time at the school, everybody's been giving him crap. This carried over quite spectacularly into the dream.

    Anyway, this sent me over the edge, but I know better than to act on emotion or instinct. I tell him, "It doesn't matter. He's the teacher, you're the student, so let him teach."

    And just after I say that, my brother walks inside the classroom and hands me some car keys. I don't know exactly why he did this, and the dream ended shortly after that, but that wasn't what was important.


    1. The same thing happened today during class. My classmates were actively taunting the teacher, one of them got especially unreasonable, and I told her off. No, I didn't cuss to such an extent as here. God, they're annoying.... Er, sorry, rant mode.

    2. I think this is one of the few times I ever completely acted like myself in the dream. To be honest, this dream was kind of therapeutic. I don't even know if I was lucid or not, it was that accurate.

    Updated 12-09-2017 at 02:08 PM by Jdoggad

    non-lucid , memorable , side notes

    Another Zombie Apocalypse Dream

    by Jdoggad on 11-26-2017 at 11:08 AM

    Okay, so I had just rescued two new puppies about a few days ago. Yeah, sure, they're adorable and all that, but I don't think my mind has gotten used to them apparently. They pee and poop just around every square foot of my house in between when I take them outside to relieve themselves (Which is one every hour or two), and that stress of having to clean up after them directly ties into the dreams I've been having. Interesting stuff indeed.

    Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

    Woke up at: 10:00 AM


    I'm at a house in the countryside. The sky is red and the clouds are black, indicating a sunset. Me and some people I know take refuge in the first floor of the building. The second floor is filled to the brim with bats, so we can't go there. I don't exactly know what happened while I was there, but I begin to have a flashback to when the apocalypse first began.

    It started during a normal school day. The flashback starts off with me and my friend, Eloy, running through the halls with a bunch of other panicked schoolkids. We discuss where or what class we should hole up in. I'm on my way to my Biology teacher, and he's on his way somewhere else. Funnily enough I was also moving in a chair with wheels while this is happening.

    I lose track of Eloy, and I'm stuck, alone, in a barren hallway. I lost my way and I cannot find my Biology teacher. Immediately I start bolting it, running away as fast as I can from the hordes of zombies headed my way. I have never run so fast in my entire life.

    "The past is dead, your fate is sealed."

    Music plays in my head, highlighting the intense situation I am placed in. It sounds like the Biolizard theme from SA2 but with rewritten lyrics (That quote above is from that dream song).

    I find the employee break room. There are a bunch of distressed, depressed teachers who have given up on survival and are waiting it out. I look through a box of appliances. I try looking for a knife to stab any zombies in the head in case one ever came by.

    Instead I find a pizza cutter and some cookie cutters.

    The dream ends not long after that, but I distinctly remember recalling my previous nightmare and how I couldn't punch or fight properly in that dream. It's possible I could have been on the cusp of lucidity.

    Updated 11-26-2017 at 07:45 PM by Jdoggad

    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    Morte hominis

    by Jdoggad on 11-23-2017 at 12:08 AM
    Fell asleep at: 1:00 PM

    Woke up at: 3:00 PM


    The dream starts off with me and my family driving home. It's a bright, sunny day, nothing could go wrong, could it? Then all of a sudden my brother screams in terror. "It's a giant hand!!" He says. I look around for a couple seconds and see a huge, white hand pick up a car and crush it in its hands. It then seems to pummel the ground before it, sending us all into a deep panic.

    "This is it, this is the end. No. No, no, no, no, no, this can't be real!" I think to myself, utterly frozen as to what's going on.

    My mother swerves into another lane, cutting through some grass and to a less crowded lane. My mom floors it, but not before a strange, oddly polygonal being floats in with a plume of dust surrounding it. I don't quite remember what it did, but it killed more people in the dream. It was oddly ethereal in appearance.

    But, due to all the surrounding chaos, my mom crashes the car into a large rock. Flames erupt around us, and the polygonal monster is back, surrounding us in a dust devil. A large, slimy monster with a million eyes starts trying to bust into our car, towards my mother and sister. I think, "Maybe this is a dream! Monsters, you have no power over me!", but to no avail. This slimy, green monster with a million eyes starts closing in on me and my family.

    In a feat of rage, fright, and courage, I decide to kill it with my own two hands. I try punching it, but my punches felt weak, as if something were holding me down. I then do the most logical thing, and try gouging its eyes out. It's a disgusting display, but I wrap my hands around one of its eyes and smoosh it out of existence. I yell right in front of it as I try to inflict massive damage on this giant enemy slime.

    Then the dream ended. It--it felt so REAL! As if I were to die at any moment! It was quite surreal, and I was more than ecstatic to have woken up and to be reminded it was all just a bad dream.


    1. This was my first nightmare I've had in months. Maybe stress? I mean, I did think the supervolcano erupted today (Don't worry, people were just burning sugarcane behind my house).

    2. I remember my arms felt weak during my "fight" with the Blogg (That's what I'm calling it). Another tell-tale dream sign to many people.

    3. I think I tried to get lucid, but due to the monsters overriding my power I wasn't able to get very far.

    REM Rebound

    by Jdoggad on 11-19-2017 at 05:54 PM
    Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

    Woke up at: 5:00 AM

    Fell asleep again at: 6:00 AM

    Woke up AGAIN at: 10:00 AM

    Old Macdonald Had A Farm

    I remember I'm on the farm in my backyard. I'm sitting inside the fence that blocks the outside perimeter of the farm, yet in the waking world there's no fence to speak of. I think I remember taunting and messing with some of my friends and acquaintances inside the farm who, again, aren't even farmers and don't correlate to my real world understanding of them.

    I think I remember talking to a couple of my friends in the farm, but I'm drawing a blank. Then someone I know (Let's call her Carla) comes up to me and...sits on me. Uh huh. She's trying to sit down it seems, but she's really clumsy at doing so. I see up her shirt, and she's oddly chubby compared to real life.

    I scoot over so that she may sit down, and two more friends (An effeminate male named David and someone else I forgot) sit down with her. I don't bother talking with them, as I was... Well, too "flustered" to have a normal conversation after that.

    Damn Dirty Apes

    This dream I don't remember that well. It turns out I own a whole bunch of little monster things and I had to raise them akin to a pet. I hurriedly run around the house looking for something for them to eat, and I eventually find a book that covers just that.

    I open the book, it's a yellow hardcover book with instructions on how to raise those little cretins. As I read find the 'Creatures' Diet' page. Turns out they eat glitter. In disbelief, I read on, not fully convinced anything can eat glitter. As I do so however, one of the gorilla-like monsters escapes. I cower in fear, scared of the possibility of the ape coming back to, I don't know, kill me or something.

    I go to one of the windows and find an orangutan just chilling there. Suddenly it gets pulled away by a large black ape, and my panicked state increases ever more. I hide behind a couch by another set of windows. Suddenly the ape escapes the premises, and I read the cookbook again. The ingredients for monster food are as such:





    Mix these up and cook em' like a pancake and BAM! Monster food. Probably doesn't taste very good though.


    1. I had watched a lucid dreaming subliminal video not long before I went to sleep. So that might've had an effect on the vividness of these dreams or their premises in general.

    2. This is the first time I've been able to recall a dream in days, so progress i definitely being made.

    Updated 11-19-2017 at 06:01 PM by Jdoggad

    non-lucid , side notes