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      Portfolio Help

      I've been tossing around ideas for a comic book in my head for a while now. mainly i want to do a stick figure comic about superheroes, the plot will be like south park style of humor but using superheroes to critique and satirize everything I feel like.
      And I was wondering a couple of things... it's going to be in blue, black, red, and green ink and I'll have samples soon, I'm still ironing out the story details before I begin.
      1. What do I need to make a professional looking portfolio? (ie folders? cds? type of paper? length? websites with useful info?)
      2. what are good websites to upload my drawings to for critiques and exposure? and what formats would be best? JPEGs? what resolution settings are best for uploading? I have a mac if that affects any of the tech settings.
      3. what's a good resolution setting for scanning off regular printing paper? or what type of paper is best for scanning drawings?
      4. anything I may have missed?

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      What are you looking to achieve by making this comic? A job? Education acceptance? Let me know and I can help.


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