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      Another (Short) Story

      Well, it seems everybody likes posting their story work. Here's one of mine. I made it up on the fly (ie: just now), so don't expect anything good. I was going to do a space theme, but for some reason the story ended up being a bit of a "hacker story".

      \"No intrusions found. 2 warnings.\"

      Alex sighed. Being stuck in the same, dead end job. Press a few buttons on a keyboard, get the same message every time. \"No intrusions, 2 warnings.\" The only reason a program didn't have this job was because AviDex were security paranoid. They wanted a human for the job.

      AviDex was a huge, sprawling company that pretty much monopolized the electronics industry. Ever since their brute force takeover of Microsoft in 2010, they had taken over the market with AviDex laptops, AviDex MP3 Portable Players, AviDex Hologram Machines, AviDex Robots, and AviDex Computerized Storage Systems. You name anything remotely electronic, espcially computers, and they had them.

      There were no other choices. All you had was AviDex. There were no other electronics companies- no BUSH televisons, only AviDex. No SONY radios, only AviDex. No Intel cpus, only Avidex. Inevitably, this had made some people paranoid, and they subsequently threw out all their AviDex electronics, and built their own from parts out of old computers, and from their local landfill. These people were all dubbed the \"Rouges\". Of course, their homemade inventions were not anywhere near as fast as AviDex's, but they did the job.

      Alex typed in the command again: \"CHECK FOR BREACHES\". He didn't even bother checking the screen- it had never failed in saying \"No instrusions found, 2 warnings\". He had often wondered what the 2 warnings were- he had never bothered reporting them, though. That's just how lazy Alex was.

      He picked up his book, and was just about to read it again when he noticed something. The screen was different. It read:

      \"134 critical security breaches (press I for more information), 784 warnings.\"
      \"Send message to System Adminstrator (y/n/i)?:\"

      Alex decided to press \"n\". It would serve AviDex right if they were being hacked. He couldn't care less. The screen suddenly blinked again:

      \"You have received a message from <unknown IP>. No viruses detected in mail. Open now? (y/n/i)?\"

      That was odd. Nobody ever sent him messages. The only message he had ever received was his first day at AviDex. It had been your usual, bog standard welcome message, sent out to all new employees by a mindless program. He opened the message, out of curiousity.

      FROM: <unknown>
      SUBJ: Important attachment, please open

      Please open the submitted attachment. Upon start, leave the AviDex
      complex within 15 minutes. Failure to do so will result in your death. Do
      not attempt to report this message. Your communications ports have
      been plugged from the second you opened this e-mail. If you do not
      open the attachment in the next minute, you will be dead. Do as we
      say, and you will not.

      open.exe (1GB, No Viruses Found) -- Key A Opens This Attachment\"

      Bah, a prank e-mail. Better check the spam filters, Alex thought. But there was an attachment. His curiousity got the better of him, and he opened it.

      \"[prgm] Running program open.exe
      [prgm] open.exe started

      [open.exe] You have 15 minutes. Leave the building.
      [open.exe] We will be waiting for you outside.
      [open.exe] run program remote.exe -sysadmincrack.exe
      [prgm] Running remote.exe -sysadmincrack.exe
      [prgm] remote.exe completed run
      [open.exe] sysadmincrack.exe > start
      [sysadmincrack.exe] complete
      [open.exe] sysadmincrack.exe > detonate 15:00
      [sysadmincrack.exe] done, terminated
      [open.exe] Terminated all process. shutdown.\"

      The screen blanked out. This time, Alex was scared. Could it just be a prank? It sounded so real though. Should he report it? He could get a payrise. But the mystery mailer had threatned with death if he didn't leave.

      Before he could continue this train of thought, an alarm siren blared out, followed by a message over the intercom:

      \"Detonation process activated. 15 minutes to detonation. All doors closing and locked.\"

      Alex could hear the sound of doors being closed automatically and locked by the computer all down the corridor- except his. So it was real. He couldn't wait any longer. He sprinted down the corridor, making use of the way doors opened when he went towards them, and closed again when he walked away.

      Down corridor 4E, right past the security booth, through another door...down the stairwell...Alex's heart was pounding.

      He had just made it out when the AviDex complex exploded. A huge, nuclear explosion. Suddenly, he was knocked out. That was all he remembered.

      * * *

      \"Sir, I beg you to calm yourself.\"

      The director of AviDex pounded his fists on the table. \"CALM MYSELF? THE ENTIRE OF AVIDEX, IT'S EXPERIMENTS, THE PLAN, ALL DOWN THE DRAIN! YOU...YOU...\"

      Followed were 15 minutes of profanity not to be printed in such a respectable book like this.

      \"Sir. We have a backup plan.\"
      \"WE DO?!\", the still frustated Director shouted at his Vice President.

      \"Oh yes, sir. We certainly do.\"
      A smile crept over the Vice President's ratlike features.

      * * *

      Alex suddenly sat bolt upright, in a dark room. It reminded him of one of his dreams, the one where he was attacked by monsters, and couldn't escape.[/b]
      Uhh, make up the rest.

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      the ocean...
      thats pretty good. it was kind of exciting, establish the character of 'Alex' just a small amount more! but oh well, im no english major, so what the hell

      its good
      ps. when YOU finish it, let me know!

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