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      Outside of reality looking in...

      Not Just Any Hero

      Life is cold and empty without him
      I feel like the only person in the world
      The air around me feels heavy yet thin
      White-knuckled fingers anxiously curled

      He's not just any hero, he's my Gothlark
      And I love him more than existence itself
      I barely remember the first spark
      I'd probably be dead or dying without his help

      I miss him for a mere picosecond
      Even just when he goes AFK
      So on this bleak cold morning I reckon
      I'll be inconsolable 'cuz he's MIA

      Not even the proverbial Godly might
      Can convey just how much I love him
      In the end, everything will probably be all right
      And he'll make all the pain vanish on an empathetic whim

      I worry about you every second, my honey
      After so many hours, I fear you'd been slain
      When I don't see you, though it may be sunny
      Deep in my heart there is gloom and rain

      Come back to me, my sweet, true love
      Bring me that joy only you can bring
      Melt away the frost of your absence, my dove
      With the warmth of your pure heart, like spring

      Come back to me, Brett...
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      I'm speechless.

      That's a very beautiful poem with a lot of emotion. So lone, so desperate, but there's still hope in it. Combined with your avatar and sig it makes very contradictory feeling.

      I think I'll let the poem do the talking. It's great.
      Don't think about those damn kangaroos.


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