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    Thread: Dark Meteor [Supernatural Thriller]

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      Dark Meteor [Supernatural Thriller]

      In an alternate world of Dark Meteor, where Jennifer Daulph is enrolled in college with her friend Jude. They both live in Atlanta of Georgia and the college they’re enrolling has a sudden change in the community. Where people spot sightings of UFOs during nighttime around the college, plus for that some students end up mysteriously missing. They eventually work together in classes and courses, but find themselves challenging against the mystery that deludes the school’s exchange of myths. Noise spout through the internet that the school is haunted for its interdimensional conspiracy, and that Jennifer and Jude’s college may supposebly have made contact in corners of beings beyond the world they live in.
      Jennifer Daulph is a 24-year old young lady who was bestowed a supernatural gift that allows her to switch to an alternate reality [A power called 'Mind Jump', allowing her to transfer her mind to a new reality]. A parallel world where her new life are similar to her old one. She received this supernatural power from a portal that made the great “White Shift” which particularly happened in 2020. Now that she has the powers, she was in a furious fight with sinister interdimensional forces (aliens) who want to capture her for their own motives.

      Dark Meteor's Cast [Team Psi]

      Main Internet Alias: "Psi"
      Real Name: Jennifer Daulph
      Gender: Female
      Age: 24
      Real Life Appearance: 5'4 feet tall, long straight brown hair, hazel eyes, often wears a dark tunic shirt.
      Favorite Color: Lavender
      Favorite Song: SOU [Music Box] by AVTechNO!
      Favorite Video Game: Pokemon Light/Shadow
      Favorite Pokemon: Mewtwo, Espeon
      Supernatural Ability: "Mind Jumping" - the ability to transition into another new alternate or parallel reality of her own. Psi is unable to return back into her old reality, and stays in the new reality until she chooses to transition without knowing where she ends up.

      Main Internet Alias: "Memory"
      Gender: Female
      Age: 24
      Favorite Color: Sea Green
      Favorite Song: Hear Our Prayer by Yuki Kajiura
      Favorite Video Game: Pokemon Light/Shadow
      Favorite Pokemon: Togetic
      Supernatural Ability: "Reality Tapping" - the ability to tap for a certain extraction of information from the realities or circumstances/events to see the underlying truth. It is often tapped and a brief footage in the mind is shown to Memory until she is able to interpret it in a very surreal sequence.

      Main Internet Alias: "Kazuya"
      Real Name: Jude Metizen
      Age: 26
      Gender: Male
      Favorite Color: Red
      Favorite Song: Predestination by JAM Project Feat. Masami Okui
      Favorite Video Game: Castlevania: SOTN
      Favorite Pokemon: Houndoom
      Supernatural Ability: "Time Skipping" - the ability to jolt a couple of minutes or up to hours ahead of time, but mainly to shuffle into the right timeline despite of certain obstacles in the original timeline. Rather than full-on out transitioning to a completely new reality like Psi's Mind Jumping, Kazuya can stay in the right reality but sacrifice the length of time (thus making missing time).

      Main Internet Alias: "Ada" (redwidow)
      Gender: Female
      Age: 27
      Favorite Color: Yellow
      Favorite Song: Out of Limits by SHOW-YA
      Favorite Video Game: Resident Evil 4
      Favorite Pokemon: Shaymin
      Supernatural Ability: "Memory Wiping" - the ability to cleanse another's and group's certain framework of memory related to her or her friends, or even wiping memory related to something that she requires to be forgotten. Ada can wipe memory no matter where their reality is or where the person is located, as long she's informed of the idea of who or what they are.

      Main Internet Alias: "Neko" (NekoManiac)
      Gender: Male
      Age: 22
      Favorite Color: Yellow
      Favorite Song: Meltdown by Kagamine Rin
      Favorite Video Game: Pokemon Series/Mission Eternity Series
      Favorite Pokemon: Electivire
      Supernatural Ability: "Screen Relaying" - the ability to relay visions or dreams onto another person, no matter who or where they are. Neko is able to link up other people's visions and make them see what happens in other realities. He could not tap the past like Memory can, but he is able to help others focus on the present moment of each other's perspectives.
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