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      poems written by a ghost

      To see the writings of Patience Worth, a spirit who communicated through a ouija board go to


      post your thoughts and opinions!

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      Here is a poem from Patience Worth. Now, some people believe that when playing with a ouija board, what you are actually communicating with is a demon disguising as a spirit. If we assume that these are indeed demons, then we can consider the biblical definition of what a demon is: a fallen angel who tried to take over heaven, but was cast out of heaven and condemned to hell. So a demon, although suffering in hell, still can imagine the sweet taste of victory if they succeeded in their plot to overtake heaven.
      With that, consider this poem. If this poem was indeed written by a demon, how would you interpret it? To me, it can be interpreted as a demon's furious desire to break out of hell, charge upward to heaven's gate, break through its lock, and once again stand in heaven, if only for an instant.


      Lo, like a rider on and on,
      Lashing his steed, my fancy goes.
      Each pulse-beat marks the way
      And fiery sparks belight the dimlit way.

      Make on, my steed. Charge upward
      Through the vasty arch of night,
      Climbing the stars unto the spot
      Where the pearly moon stands guard
      At heaven's gate. Charge on, my steed,
      Unfettered. Let me with my lance,
      Holy point of faith, shatter
      The lock and for one instant stand!

      Is that a controversial interpretation to a poem, or what?

      Let the opinion sharing begin!

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      Ooh... I like that poem... I'm going to the site now...
      These are the tears that I dream about...

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      Here's another poem that I'd like to make an interpretation of. Again, I'll use the same controversial assumption that it was written by a demon , as defined in the Bible.


      I am not awed, the agony of the universe
      Doth not appall me! The sun may crumble,
      And sift through the star-mesh, onward
      In motes to the utmost of chaos.
      The moon may become mold,
      Stifled by the cold embrace of Eternity,
      And the stars burn, till they float like whits of ash.
      Earth may become an emblazoned sphere,
      Staggering drunkenly amid the dead universes.

      None of these giveth rise to wonderment---
      What of the torment of matter, if in
      The eons of decay and destruction---
      His promise is fulfilled---and I be!

      OK, first, I looked up a few of the words used in this poem. By this, I found that the first line could be interpreted as this:

      "I am not struck by fear, the agony of the universe does not weaken me!"

      I'm thinking that "agony of the universe" refers to the passing of time. Since he mentions, "the sun may crumble...mood may become mold...etc." it sounds like he's referring to things that would happen in the universe over a looooong period of time. Millions of years. With these being the destruction of things in space, he refers to it as "agony of the universe"

      So it could be seen as "time does not weaken me".

      With the line "torment of matter" I feel that he is refering again to the universe, and its getting old over time. "Matter" refers to atoms, which everything in our universe is made of.

      "His promise is fulfilled-and I be!" I feel that he is refering to God's promise to condemn him to eternal damnation.
      So I think this poem can be interpreted as saying, "Time doesn't weaken me. The sun could burn out. The moon could waste away. The stars could burn out. The earth could burn away. No matter how much time passes, if God fulfills his promise-I'll still be here!"

      Does this make sense to anyone else? I could be crazy, but I do like how these poems have some kinda vibe to all of them.


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