This is the summary of the novel I'm writing. I'm about 3k words into it so far and the story hasn't even begun to heat up. It will be a decent sized novel. I may post chapter by chapter up here but who knows. I'd like to hear any ideas or suggestions. Credit will be given!

Levitica: The Creation

Evan and Ian have always been exactly opposite even though they are mirror twins. Things take a hard turn for the two when their father gets murdered outside of a local bar down the street from their house, even more so on Evan since he witnessed it. Two years later Evan has an incidental lucid dream and visits the fabricated world of Levitica which has been thrown into turmoil. Levitica becomes so much more than a fabrication when Ian, the skeptical brother, gets trapped in the dream with Evan. Together, the two must embark on a mysterious and epic journey through their own subconscious minds to help the world of Levitica. However, the value of Levitica may not be what's at stake if they fail...

Chris Kahler 2007-