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      coffee and cigarettes

      dougdrums posted something on this movie a little while ago... alas, it's past midnight and i've been up since 4 this mourning... and i'm lazy... so i didn't run a search. but yeah, the point is i just saw the movie and i kind of liked it. i won't spoil it but the movie itself is just a lot of encounters that people have while... you guessed it... smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. the first half of the movie drags on a bit but it had a nice ending and suggested (or at least i think) some of the beauties of addiction... the way we should just live our lives and be happy. p.s. bill murry is in it and he's a god in his own right.

      so yeah if you see that this is playing in any theaters near you it's a fun way to spend an hour and 36 minutes...

      and yes, afterwards i went out for coffee and cigarettes... it feels like my lungs are going to collapse but i guess that's what you get after 2 double shot espressos and 20 cigarettes. ... the espressos have long since worn off... due to a game of dodge ball in the hunting section at walmart... and now i'm rambling and should shut up. emphasis on should. blah diddy blah diddy blah. ohhh and i saw bad santa too... good movie... i give it two very unenthusiastic thumbs up. those stupid thumbs would be enthusiastic but they're tired and worn and want a break... i told the little bitches to cowboy up and stop they're bitchn' but you can't make them be enthusiastic if they don't want to. i feel that the thumbs have really been dragging ass lately... they're sitting here watching me type all these things about them but they're too damn lazy to do anything. yeah that's right thumbs... what now bitches? who's in charge? who's yo daddy?

      ohh my god the thumbs are revolting... aaarrrrrrrggggggg... gg.

      hey these are jake's underappreciated thumbs talking! we'd like to dispel any rumors that we might be lazy good for nothing lumps of meat. we work hard for our keep and we feel that "the man" is trying to keep us down. we've formed a union and are going on strike until jake can get off his ass and wrap us around a nice pair of boobies. he's been on a dry spell for the past month and us... the thumbs are getting the brunt of the boobie drought. bastard... he doesn't know what it's like to be a thumb in a man's world! inconsiderate bastard.

      mmmmmm de ganja is goooooooooood.
      clear eyes. strong hands.

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      ^^ adidas here demonstrating some of the beauties of addiction
      In this crazy world if they don't consider you mad, then you have no confirmation of your own sanity, do you?
      Imagine if this crazy world thought you were sane?! Oh my God, worst nightmare!
      -David Icke

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      Are you sure you didn't slip down a few beers too?

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      .... all that from ciggies and coffee??? O_o


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