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      A Masters Devotion

      "One of my best proses"

      First one, then another of my dark and old wooden medicine chests you watch, your eyes reflecting on tear-strewn cheeks that I warn you to not wipe away, for those tears belong to me I created them and I will be the one that deals with them, Close your eyes and relax. The pain reassures you that you are living a full life and that you have been fulfilled by a massive amount of Passion; a Love so Divine.

      While your saturated lashes matte against your soaked cheeks, an unguent of restoration, again a Love so Divine, is compounded Husbandry's Love: the giving and the taking away, of pleasure, of pain, of Sunlight and of Reign. Then you become aware of the soothing, softening, relieving feeling that is spreading like nightfall over and into your tortured body bringing quiet to the throbbing and bleeding agonies of yon fleshly abode of your soul that is mine. The ways that I have of application of the substance enhances it's effects considerably so that you would become aroused if the exhaustion and your injuries were not so great "forgive me, Master" you whisper "for I fail you as a woman. I am too small, too weak.”

      Hushing you with a kiss I tell you that you are mine, that you are injured that I am deeply involved in mending you back together at the moment not dissecting you with critical comments, and that you must always be in accord with Me and now is a time for you to participate in this healing and moreover criticizing my property is my prerogative no one else's certainly not your prerogative, you are a mere slave suddenly I squeeze your hand, hard enough to slightly injure it, to make the point clear for the future,” all influences upon you are my prerogative, not yours!" This will include belittlement and praise you have no ego nor any guilt except by my choosing that you have them by then my unguent for damaged feminine genitalia has been working upon you, and you are deeply relaxed then I give you a dip in warm water rinsing off the thick-set results of our passion: blood, tears and much more I dried you and carried you to bed, where I left you, a porcelain doll that had been played with quite vigorously..

      Closing... the door onto the night….
      -When we dream we live.. When we die we awake.-

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      that was amazing!...
      I'm at a loss for words with this one...
      so sexaul, so sentual, the dominance, the control, humiliation, objectification, psychologicaly moving...
      I read that one 3 times and had my jaw dropped every time...
      kudos!,bravo,oncore (any other great praise u can think of)

      KEEP IT COMING!....

      Truth, Peace, Love, Revolution, and Unity
      -Raised by OpheliaBlue-


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