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      Musical Experiment with Lucidity...

      Hi, this is more or less a topic where I'd like some feedback on my new track, but I also realized that this track might be able to force lucidity.
      This is the sort of track that makes you relaxed, and because of its repetetive and monotone nature I think it might be able to produce the kind of brainwaves that will send you in a deep and relaxed state if you focus on the sounds, the sort of state you'd want for a WILD, but hey, who knows.
      Anyhow, it could be a nice experiment... and while you're at it, please comment the track and DO post something if you have any luck experiencing lucidity by listening to it

      Right click and "save as"...

      http://home.no.net/alienweb/Exploration.mp3 (5 MB)

      Thanks in advance for any comments and feedback

      Btw, this track will be featured on my album Spiritual Exploration along with "Dreamscape", which i posted in another topic called "Feedback and Opinions on my new track "
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      I could definately sleep to that.....it's a bit dark, so my dreams may start out quite dramatic.
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