Silent, Bleeding, Insanity.

Through the mirror you’ll see my world.
Rather dark,
A little on the cold side,
Dreary weather outside the window pane.
Scraps of my life everywhere,
Like a book ripped and scattered in room,
To place it in order would take too long.
So I sit,
Silently in a spot near the wall.
A faint glow from a candle in the opposite room,
All that lights my face,
And an overturned chair.
Papers rustle and the candle flickers,
From a breeze in the room.
The room you are resting in,
So perfect.
A tear runs from my eye,
As I stand now in the threshold,
Watching over you.
The rusty bed frame creaks as you shift position,
Still Sleeping, always dreaming.
The covers have fallen from you again,
And again I wrap you within their warmth.
The floor boards groan as I step to the kitchen,
I run some water from the faucet,
Cold as always.
I cup the water in my hands,
Splashing it ‘pon my face,
A shocking feeling sending chills down my spine.
I draw my tattered robe closer to me,
Wishing for something warmer.
I step to the window in the first room,
Looking out side is pleasing but uneventful,
A leafless tree battered around by the wind,
And pounded by the rain.
I start at a creak behind me,
And your arms wrap ‘round me,
“Come to bed, get some sleep,” you whisper,
“And don’t be so jumpy.”
I turn and smile slightly with a nod.
I take your hand,
Walk you to the bed,
Cover you once more with a kiss,
And fall asleep at your side.

††C.Laskey II††

It is weird not being able to center this..... Most of my stuff I center and it looks out of place like this ^.^