Was just going through my old song book from a few years ago and came across some scribblings of random thoughts I had here and there.

Thought I'd post some here, in no particular order.

Mind Escape (to be said/chanted with an almost tribal rhythm)
I hear whistles, bell-like whistles…
Itching, tingling, tangling, twitches.
I hear whistles, itching whistles…
Calling me closer to the land of thistles.

Dark and grey and cold and wet,
This land is all that I have left.
Barren dessert, barren sand,
Barren hillsides is this land.

Paranoid Paradise
I often wonder if I'm alright.
My toe twitches; my hair itches.
The wind burns; the thoughts sting.
I wonder if I'm alright.
What the hell is wrong with me?

I feel it coming…
The angry sea churns faster.
I feel it coming…
I can take no more.
I feel it coming…
My heart beats rapid.

Oh God,
Why me?

Old Man
Old Man, don't lie to me anymore.
Old Man, ring your bell and call the faithful.
Old Man, your time has gone.
Old Man, don't tell me how to live my life.

Forgive me Old Man, but your time has come.
You're at the end… end of your road.
Old Man, it's time to say goodbye.
Old Man, it's time you must die.

Forgive me Old Man, for what I must do.
Old Man, I was once your son.
Old Man, you must die now.
Toll your bell and call your faithful near.
Tell them their savior is nothing but a lie.

Old Man, don't lie to me anymore.
Now it's time to say goodbye, Old Man.
Old Man, I'm sorry but I had to do it.
Don't lie to me anymore.

About the Birds
When I was a little boy, our yard was always filled with birds. Now the birds are all gone.
Some say they never really existed, but I say they never really went away.