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      Designing a dream based marching band show, need your help.

      In less than a few years I plan on being a high school band director. Iím currently in my 5th year as a music education major, and have been teaching high school band ever since I graduated high school on a part time basis, so I have experience. I also write marching band shows that I plan to do with my own high school band eventually. I do a lot of arranging other pieces for marching band performance, as well as write some drill. I have been arranging for years now, so that aspect won't be a problem.

      While many marching bands do feed to the stereotype that all marching bands are boring, perform hokey music, and do less than impress, some are actually quite good. Many marching band shows deal with esoteric themes, with lots of thought put into a show, with no detail overlooked. Still however, many bands do nothing more than throw four songs together, add some drill, and call it a show.

      Many modern marching bands have become very innovative and very creative with show concepts, ideas, and themes, and less traditional. It has become an art form, raising the bar from year to year, and stretching the boundaries of originality and pageantry.

      So hereís where Iím going with thisÖ
      I want to design a marching band show based on dreams, exploring many concepts of dreaming, and delving into lucidity, nightmares, etc. I want lots of creative input on this project, and in a few years when I actually perform this show, I will give credit to anyone who has helped me with this project. I need ideas for the design concept of the show, what music to use, such as themes from dream related movies, nightmare sequences, etc. Even music that came to you in a dream is fair game for this show. I could even throw in a B6 chord, and dabble around it, for some musical effect with a double meaning. I just need ideas for the show, for the music, for source music, for flags, body movement, drill ideas, you name it. Also, I need ideas for what to call the show. You donít even have to have experience with band, or music at all, just be creative. Anyone who arranges music is welcome to help me arrange the actual music itself also.

      Many marching bands are corny and hokey. Cornyness and hokeyness is bad, so Iím trying to stray away from that. Like I said, marching bands are stereotyped as dorky for a reason, most of them are. So, any design ideas are welcome.
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      Re: Designing a dream based marching band show, need your he

      (BTW, this is Amethyst Star but my account is malfunctioning) I'm no show designer, but this is kind of what I'd picture a dream-like show being. How many pieces were you thinking of putting into this show?

      Originally posted by DrumCorpsAlum

      I want to design a marching band show based on dreams, exploring many concepts of dreaming, and delving into lucidity, nightmares, etc.
      You could start out simply. A soft, sweet, flowing, kind of short tune that may (for a short time) seem to lull the audience into a dream-like state and have the band move slowly, maybe stepping half as fast as the music. Have the flags with silver/gray flags that may represent the fogginess that is often associated with dreaming, and also have them moving slowly and deliberately. Maybe include some easy pass-throughs among the sections as well. I personally envision the music getting faster and louder in a major key. Then you can have it reach the climax of the first tune near the end before a decrescendo.

      The second piece can be the nightmare-ish scene and possibly at one point have some/all of the members run around screaming in an seemingly random way until they reach their spots, probably while the drum-line is playing or low brass. At that time the flag line's choreography becomes quick, defined, etc. If you have the resources, maybe a change in the flag's color from silvery to a bold red. I'm not sure what the music would sound like, but I'm thinking a good bass platform with definite accents on down-beats. Paint a picture of a villan and victim with the music that the band is playing and possibly at the climax of that piece possibly include some atonal chords.

      The next piece can be like a false awakening where the "waker" thinks they're okay but then possibly the villan returns with more of the ominous music. Then they realize that they're dreaming (have the band come to a halt), and the flagline's movements can help convey this. Then maybe have music reflecting their taking control of the dream and "setting things right".

      I don't know. As I said, I'm no composer but that's kind of what I'd envision a scene something like this. And, as kind of an "inside joke" you could even call the show "Dream Views" or "Views of the Dream" or something along those lines. You could ask icedawg if he'd let you use the name but I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem. Good luck with your show!!!



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