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There are some mistakes that I am too lazy to fix now.

Love and hate.
Get your priorities straight.
As for this day the sun comes late.
You must accept fate.

The ending draws near, lost in your own fear.
What you'll seek is truth, my dear…

It can only be true.
As for you,
What can you do?

All that we have gain,
will only drive us insane.
That can remain, is there
any way we can contain?

This may not make sense;
But no offence
not trying to be against,
don't get so tense.

Loosen all your ties
with the likes of them.
Acting so surprise will
only make you look more dim.

The few that can sub stain your lies
runs now after your kin.
They can see through all of your sins.

Call together the elements,
animals with wings and fins
will also help defend.

I also will be there to lend
a helping hand.
Guided by the free wind,
He will help us understand.

Raise more of your defense.
Hurry now, so you can heighten your senses.
Human Reason can give us confidence.

This is the only way to repent
…for are sins.
And the only path to see our family and our friends.

Our enemies will come in different
sizes and shapes.
Many will come to rape
us of our true nature.

All can be powerful in their
own evil ways.
Here they come only to stir
driven in our own craze.

Trapping, they will, in a maze
of the lonely past.
It will thereafter leave
you in a daze.

It draws even closer now.
Don't try to raise one brow…in question.
It's them that have the hunger…the growl.

Is everything have to have a meaning?
Oh what a web we weave!
Only a dream that keeps on seaming…
In the night you'll here people screaming.

What you may,
Is to say….though you'll know…
What is to happen at the end of the day?

You can't stop the age…from coming.
Soon it'll find a way to freedom out of its cage.
Try through gaps, it slithers and gone to slumming.

My words you must heed,
A quest is afoot indeed.
I shall follow as you will lead.

It quenches not only for thirst as water is
not thick like your blood.
They will drown out your first born…through a flood.

Hatred conquers because of your scorn.
That will then be time when torn…Between
your love of darkness and kind heart in light.

Destroy me when the time comes.
So you wont give into darkness.
If you to want be any better than him….

You must promise to battle…to fight.
Day will forever more, only be night.
Collect your strengths, so you'll have good sight.

I've told you all I could.
You will make us all proud.
All surround you, in a crowd.

I will meet you in heaven…..
If not then I say this now

I am sorry for not being there for the very end….
High it is up in the sky.
But instead my love I shall send.

The ending draws near, lost in your own fear.
What you'll seek is truth, my dear.

Shed now your last tear.
Go home.
This was my warning…
never a poem.

[Authors Note: This was written because I had the feeling of
inspiration to write about the apocalypse.I hope you
enjoyed it like I had writing it. HEED MY WORDS CHILD!!!!!!
Other Information:
When: 2:21 p.m.
Age: (currently) 17
Date: Aug. 18th, 2007