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      Second star to the right and straight on till morning....

      fabricated misrepresentation

      Running through these patterns of circular motion in my mind........
      Axis fractured, molecular structure withdrew..suddenly askew.
      Worldview dominated by fabricated misrepresentation, dramatization has intsilled fear in a nation....
      Gettin told I reside in the land of the free, but behold I am controlled and pacified to be
      terrified of the chain of command, our leaders master plan....
      but don't misunderstand
      I love my country....my brethren, all of womankind
      eternally linked to this univeral mind...
      but together we must fight-revolt-unite... redefine justice, freedom, our rights.....
      "rage against the dying of the light"
      My view dominated by fabricated misrepresentation...
      dramatization has instilled my heart with false sense of elation....
      because I love the way that we fit together, how my back curves against your stomach and chest, your shoulder my headrest.... impossible to protest...
      undressed we lay in a momentless moment, temporarily comforted by false security
      purity briefly lifted from obscurity.....
      But all my paths lead to the same end, so we can pretend to forever intend to extend this dimishing devotion
      but emotion won't transcend or lend itself to amend or defend our chaotic commotion...
      It is bliss while we lie there but the feeling is fleeting..
      we reminisce in denial revealing yet deceiving - make believing
      we're peacfully content, though the problem is clouded in our minds it's evident..
      which we reinvent
      we give into our weakness......
      this bleakness we perpetually shroud over any possibility
      yet irresponsibility always seems to outweigh sensibility.......
      cause I love the way we fit together......

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      That was very good, I especially liked the fabricated misrepresentation lines, they had good rhythm.

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      Calla that was really exeptionally greatly good!!!

      It has that abstract part in it, whcih alot of people don't see as being art in itself and also a good ryming beat, good job

      Can't wait till the next one, pm it my way if you do another k
      n00bs i love you
      Sig pic made by aquanina
      wuv ya



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